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Chapter 1

It was the long pink stands of hair that identified the woman in the small cage, hanging above the ground. Her pale nude body was laying face up with her long hair falling through the cages metal bars, as the men who had come to free her gathered around.

"Fuck." Sasuke said softly, as he studied the dirty, bruised body of his teammate.

"Sakura!" Naruto cried out his hands gripping the bars as he attempted to shake them loose.

Kakashi slipped his hands between the bars and breathed a sigh of relief when he felt the sluggish pulse of his teammate. Together they worked to break through the chakra locks used to seal her inside the cage. An hour later they were finally able to open the cage and remove her small limp body.

Naruto had tears falling unfettered down his face as he lifted his canteen to her lips, trying to encourage her to drink.

"Sakura, we found you. Please drink." He told her when she opened her bright green eyes and only blinked at him, he kissed her temple.

A moment later they all tensed as they heard footsteps and out of the darkness a pale form emerged, Kabuto. Dressed in only a pair of pants, his pale snake like skin seemed to almost glow in the darkness as he walked toward them with no fear. Out of his stomach a white snake protruded and wrapped around his body and hissed a warning at them.

"Lord Orochimaru will not be happy if you take away his pet. I am afraid you will need to leave." He hissed at them as his snake like eyes glowed an eerie yellow in the dimly lit room.

Sasuke eyes flashed red as he drew his sword in one smooth motion. "I was hopeful that you had not slithered off into some bolt hole."

Kakashi watched as Kabuto stopped moving and began to scream, trapped in the genjutsu that Sasuke had trapped him in. Blood bubbled out of Kabuto's mouth as he bit his own tongue before he flopped onto the ground, reminding him of a fish out of water. The large white snake thrashed around and began wrapping itself around Kabuto's head in a choke hold. It took only moments before the snake stopped moving and remained deathly still. Sasuke in a blink of an eye removed his head with one swing of his sword.

Naruto removed a clean shirt from his pack and carefully pulled it over her thin frame, covering her bruised and battered body. He picked her up as though she was made of glass.

Kakashi led the way, with Naruto following with Sakura and Sasuke bringing up the rear. They travelled down the long labyrinth of hallways toward the exit, they passed by an open doorway that made them pause. The large room held a bed, a chair and a small bedside table. What had captured their attention was the large collection of photographs on the walls and ceiling above the bed.

All the photos were of Sakura, close ups of her emerald, green eyes, her hands, and feet. Nude photos of her strapped down on exam table with Orochimaru standing between her raised knees as he talked with Kabuto. Sakura being raped by Orochimaru while she appeared unconscious. Sasuke ripped some of them from the wall and crumpled them up in his fist.

"Naruto get Sakura out of this room." Kakashi ordered when he saw that she was awake and staring at photos of herself.

Naruto didn't argue but nodded and quickly left.

"She survived." Kakashi told his teammate when the flames begin to lick up the walls, burning the horror that their teammate had endured.

"Will she, Sensei?" Sasuke replied.

"We will ensure it." Kakashi told him as they followed Naruto to the exit, ignoring the black smoke now pouring down the hallways as the fire grew.

They found Naruto had made camp near a river. Fifty of his clones stood guard as he prepared some food over a fire as Sakura slept on a bedroll near the fire. Neither Kakashi nor Sasuke made a comment about the excessive show of protection.

Kakashi moved to support Sakura while Naruto slowly fed her spoonful by spoonful of the soup he had prepared. Sasuke fed her sips of water until they were all satisfied that she had taken in enough nourishment.

"She won't be the same Sakura." Kakashi warned them as he studied her after she had fallen asleep.

"I don't care. She is still ours." Naruto told them as he sat down beside her and pulled a second blanket over her when he saw her shivering.

"I want Orochimaru's head." Sasuke told them as he took out his sword and began to sharpen the blade's edge.

"Get in line bastard. We all want a piece of him." Naruto told him.

"The Hokage will try to stop us. Both Sarutobi and Tsunade have protected the bastard." Sasuke told them with a sneer.

"No way, Granny would protect him after he hurt Sakura." Naruto yelled.

"Sasuke is not wrong. Sarutobi protected Orochimaru because he held out hope that his former student would see the error of his ways and return to the village, even though he killed more than a few villagers in his experiments. Tsunade when she became Hokage also protected him by refusing to send the Anbu after him. Orochimaru was her former teammate as well and while she will hate him for what he has done to Sakura, I believe she will refrain from placing a death sentence on Orochimaru's head."

Naruto looked like he wanted to argue but stopped when he heard Sakura give a low moan as she turned in her sleep.

"So what are our plans then?" Naruto asked.

"We do what we do best. We hunt him from the shadows." Kakashi replied.

Sasuke and Naruto smiled at each other as they shared a dark look.


Naruto and Sasuke leaned against the wall as they watched Sakura's friends visit her in the hospital. Ino was crying as she clung to her friend's limp hand as she talked to her about how she was going to help her recover once she was out of the hospital.

Sasuke had always had a low opinion of the blond but felt a flicker of gratitude toward the woman when she took a hair brush out of her shinobi pack and began to slowly brush the long pink stands and then braid them without causing Sakura to awaken. He knew many would look upon his teammate with pity and some would recoil if they ever saw the extent of the scars hidden beneath the thin hospital gown she now wore. Ino appeared unaffected by the extent of the bruises and scars visible.

Naruto watched as Sakura's large group of friends came and welcomed her back. He stood beside his stoic best friend and together they stood guard as they waited for Kakashi to return. Their sensei had left with Tsunade after they had returned with Sakura. He hoped that Kakashi and Sasuke were wrong about Tsunade and that their next mission would be to bring Orochimaru to a quick end, but he had learned to trust Kakashi in these matters.

It would be late in the night that Kakashi would return. He looked grim and as he stood over Sakura's bed, he spoke. "The Hokage has ordered us to not seek out Orochimaru but wants us to stay here to rest until she has a new mission for us. Sakura is on extended leave until she is well enough to rejoin our team."

Kakashi's hands trembled as he fisted them so tightly as he tried to control his growing anger.

Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other and nodded silently in agreement.

"Officially, Orochimaru is a wanted criminal, but no teams are being sent out to capture him. Tsunade believes we are not strong enough to stop him and does not want to lose valuable shinobi." Kakashi spit out, his usual calm demeanor gone.

Naruto laid a calming hand on his Sensei's shoulder. "It changes nothing. We move ahead with our plans. We tell the Hokage that we agree and then move ahead with our plans."

"My clan owes Sakura a debt and will agree to watch over her while we are gone." Sasuke told them.

"Remember what I taught you about teamwork."

"Those that break the rules are scum but those that abandon their friends are worse than scum." Sasuke and Naruto replied in unison.