Discoveries - A Wizard of Waverly Place Fanfiction...

A/N - This idea came to me after re-watching the show lately. This is set after Alex vs. Alex. I just felt like some plot holes for Max weren't answered between the series and the special. So this idea came into my head, and I had to write; I couldn't stop once I started. Writing took me two days, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place...

But I do support the idea of Max Russo being gay :)

Warnings: Gay pairings (obviously), signs of depression and cutting, reactions to coming out, and fluffy adorable gay romance!

Word Count: 5,899 (this is the longest one-shot I've ever written!) (I originally posted this on AO3 Fanfiction, so I decided to post it here. Enjoy!)


The first time Max Russo knew he was gay was when he was seventeen. Of course, there had been previous signs, but Max, the young, naive boy he was, didn't even know what "being gay" was until this age. After things didn't work out with his first girlfriend, Nancy Lucky, Max swore off dating for a while. Dating girls was hard, and the older he got, the more he realized how much he didn't find girls attractive. But by the time he was sixteen, he was dating Talia Robison to keep up with appearances and hope that he would end up liking girls.

Yet again, his relationship with Talia was a failure. She was too controlling, and he didn't want to be with her because of that. Sitting on the couch in his family's living room, Max sighed. Their Family Wizards Competition happened last week, and Max was no longer a wizard due to losing it. Out of him and his siblings, he was the only one who didn't get to keep his powers. Alex won and became the family wizard, while Professor Crumbs gave Justin powers to become headmaster of Wiztech. At first, Max was alright with it; gaining ownership of the substation and having Talia, he figured he could get through it. But now, with Talia no longer with him, Max wished he still had powers. Max decided he wasn't in the mood for television and turned it off.

Since his breakup, Max had been in a slump, not having much energy to do anything. Although the evil Alex incident had gotten his mind off things, he had even fallen in love with a beautiful girl. That was until he learned Francesca had been his cousin; after that, he felt like an idiot and, once more, swore off girls forever. Was this his destiny? To end up alone? Maybe he was the family failure… Shaking his head, Max frowned as he sighed, trying to get those thoughts out again. They had been creeping in since his break up and the family competition.

"Max, are you okay? The tv isn't even on."

Max turned to see his father, who had come up from his shift at the substation. Since the competition and his breakup, his parents have been trying to be supportive, which was unusual for them, but he appreciated their attempt. Nodding, Max stood up, not saying a word, and went to the fridge for water. One thing that changed about him since both events, he hadn't been as talkative, just wanting to be left alone. At this action, his father frowned and pressed on.

"Look, things are hard now, but it'll be okay. You'll get used to having no powers, and as for Talia…." Mr. Russo went quiet, seeing his soon stop and look down at his hands. He sighs, "...It's her loss; you'll find someone who'll treat you right and love you for you."

Nodding again, Max smiled at his father before grabbing his bottle of water and heading upstairs, doing all he could to escape the conversation. Sighing, Max got ready for his shift at the substation; he was working the dinner rush tonight. Going into his room, Max locked his bedroom door and went over to his desk, rolling up his left sleeve. Max frowned at the scars and recent cuts that lined his wrist. He didn't tell anyone, but he cut frequently. He made sure not to cut too deep and waited for the current cuts to heal before doing it again. After all, his family didn't notice, and he didn't want to explain his reasonings either.

After ensuring his cuts weren't infected, Max rolled down from his sleep and grabbed his work apron. Work was the distraction he needed, and he's been picking up many shifts recently to help keep himself busy besides School. Heading downstairs, he joins his mother, who was helping a customer exchange cash to pay for their meal.

Seeing her youngest son, Mrs. Russo smiles, "Hey Maxie, can you take over the register for me? I need to use the bathroom real quick. Then, when I get back, talk about what's next…"

Agreeing, Max took over for his mother to give her a few minutes. Surprisingly there was a line for customers ready to pay and leave. The last customer finally came up after getting through a few of them. Looking up, the two smiled at one another, and Max was surprised at who it was. Before him, Jared Reeder stood ready to pay for his sandwich. Jared was in Max's grade; the two didn't talk much in School but had occasionally crossed paths. Even though Jared was famous, he always ensured his clang didn't pick on Max like they often tried to, and Max always appreciated him for it. He exchanged Jared's change.

"Thanks, Russo, I'll uh…see you around?" Jared questioned as he grinned while handing Max his check.

"You're welcome, and yeah, I'll see you at school," Max stated with a smile as he took the check.

Nodding, Jared blushed, "Oh well….I was hoping to see you sooner. I mean, if you want, of course. Take a look at the check, will you? I left something for you. See you later."

With that, Jared left and only made Max stare in confusion. Once Jared was out the door, Max opened the check, and what he saw inside shocked him. On the bottom, it said, " I think you're cute, Russo; wanna go out sometime? If yes, here's my number, and give me a call… At this, Max blushed as he read the number. Was Jared into guys? And he thought Max was cute? Not sure what to think, Max stuffed the check in his back pocket, and he would deal with this when he was alone. He has never been hit on by a guy before and would have to think about things.

Just then, his mother returned and saw Max cared for the customers well. The two then got to work and finished through the dinner rush. Once he was finished for the night, Max went upstairs and helped get dinner ready. The three eat in silence, making only small talk, and once dinner is done, Max excuses himself and goes upstairs, wanting to look at the check-in back pocket again. Letting him go, Mr. and Mrs. Russo cleaned up the table.

Entering his room, Max closed the door but didn't lock it this time. Instead, he turned the lights on and took the check out of his pocket to read it. There it was, the words he had read earlier. It was his imagination; Jared had been hitting on him and asking him out. Inside, Max was freaking out, not knowing what to think or how to react. On the outside, he blushed deeply as he re-read the note repeatedly. Until now, Max had never even considered dating guys, only girls. But maybe this was why things didn't work out with women; he wasn't into them. It would make sense; Max never fit in as it was, and this happening to him wouldn't surprise him.

The more he thought about going out with Jared, the more the idea excited him. So, he went to his desk and opened his laptop, and began researching guys dating guys. While researching, Max learned that guys with guys were called "gay" and that most of society wasn't thrilled with the idea. But one thing he also learned was the word "Pride" and how people were fighting for the right to be accepted just the way they were. The more Max dove into it, the more Max found that calling himself "gay" didn't phase him, and Max embraced it. Of course, he couldn't label himself yet and hadn't even been with a guy. After all, he was still exploring…

With a sigh seeing the time, Max closed his laptop and got ready for bed. Lying down, he thought about Jared, and he found himself blushing. Still confused about this whole thing, being recently broken up with Talia, Max thought about asking for advice. But he didn't know who to go to or trust. He could talk to his older brother Justin, but he was scared of Justin's reactions, and besides, Justin was busy being headmaster. There was Alex, but she would find it disgusting or squeal at the face he thought about dating a guy; he didn't want to deal with that. Finally, there were his parents, but during his research, he learned about gays being kicked out of their homes and their families reacting badly. Max didn't want that from his mom and dad; they already thought he was useless and a lost cause. Deciding he would call Jared tomorrow and agree to a date, Max felt like it didn't hurt to try before he claimed anything. After all, if it went well, awesome; if it didn't, no one had to know anyway. With that last thought in mind, Max fell asleep with a smile on his face for the first time in almost two weeks…


The next day, Max got ahold of Jared around eleven am; Max had slept in later than planned. Their School was out for the summer, and he was off for the substation, so he didn't have to get up. So once he was awake, Max called Jared with shaking hands, suddenly feeling slightly nervous. What if he didn't answer? What if Jared was messing with Max? Max almost hung up as he felt himself starting to sweat as the phone rang. But before he could, a voice answered happily.

"Hey, Max! You called…" Jared greeted instantly, and Max almost saw the other boy's grin.

"Um, yeah, I thought about things last night, and you said to call, so I did. What's up?" Max questioned so nonchalantly that Jared laughed a little on the other end, and Max felt his cheeks turn red at Jared's laugh.

"Wow, you are as funny as everyone says you are," Jared stated with a smile, making Max blush deeper. Jared clears his throat and says, "Well, as the note says, I like you, Max. I don't know if you're into guys, but I thought we could date. Maybe I can help you get your mind off Talia. I know you guys recently split, so I understand if you're not ready to move on and date, but I thought you could use some good times." Jared explained.

Nodding his head again, Max felt himself grinning from ear to ear. "Yeah! I mean, uh, yeah…I would be down for some good times. Maybe a date too." Max explained with excitement.

With a chuckle, Jared replies, "Alright, well, are you buying today? How does this afternoon sound? I can pick you up at two, and we can do a lunch/dinner thing."

After a final agreement, Max hung up and jumped up and down in excitement, realizing he had a date. Sure, it might've not been with a girl, but it was still a date. But then he stopped and sighed, realizing he couldn't share his excitement with anyone. At one point, he thought about telling Alex but then decided against it. Sighing, Max decided he would see how this "date" with Jared went before getting too ahead of himself. Just then, his father entered the living room; seeing him, Max went over and smiled.

"Hey, Dad, can I ask you something?" Max questioned as his father started making lunch.

Mr. Russo nods and smiles at his son, "Sure, what's up?"

Biting his lip, Max says nervously. "Is it okay if I miss the afternoon shift today?"

"What? Why?"

"Oh, um…I got a date." Max began as he smiled at his father; he didn't tell him the whole story, but if he did say date, he knew his chances of getting it off were higher. He had been right, for his father looked up and smiled at him.

Patting Max on the shoulder, Mr. Russo smiles. "That a boy! See, I told you it would be okay. But sure, you can have this afternoon off. You'll have to let me know how the date goes. How did you meet her?" Mr. Russo states as he raises his eyebrow, wanting to know.

Max blushes, "Thanks, and she was a customer at the shop."

Mr. Russo nods and finishes making lunch, and they eat. Part of Max felt guilty for lying to his father, but honestly, he wasn't lying. Max did have a date, but it wasn't a "she," and Max made sure to put the "he" detail out in case of reactions. Max made sure to eat light since his date was at two, and he didn't want to be too full, so he could eat while he was with Jared. Around one pm, he was in his room picking outfits out and researching what to wear for a date with a guy. Once he finally found the right outfit, Max sprayed some of his favorite cologne and went to the substation. His parents wished him luck on his way out, and Max found himself waiting outside for Jared. Right at two, Jared rounded the corner onto Waverly Place and saw Max sitting on the doorstep of the Russo's apartment.

"Hey, Max, ready to go?" Jared asked, blushing at how handsome Max looked in his outfit.

While standing, Max grinned. "Hey Jared, yeah, I'm so ready," Max stated happily.

Together, the two walked down Waverly Place to their destination, ready for an afternoon of fun…


Max smiled as he returned home late that evening. The date had gone well, and Max felt floating on a cloud. The two had an early dinner, and Jared, the gentleman he is, paid for the meal, even after Max tried to offer. They then went to Coney Island and rode the Ferris Wheel, where at the top, Jared pulled Max into a kiss when it stopped. Kissing a guy had been diffrent from kissing a girl, but Max still enjoyed it and determined that Jared was a good kisser. After their ride and being at Coney Island for a while, Jared decided to get Max home once the sun started falling. Before he entered the substation, he and Jared promised to do this again; all while Jared asked Max to be his boyfriend, and Max said yes. It had been the perfect night, and Max was in such a good mood when he got upstairs he didn't even notice Alex and Harper sitting on the couch watching tv.

"Where were you all afternoon Maxie?"

The question caused Max to look over and see that Alex had asked that. Going to the fridge, Max grabbed a bottle of water, closed the fridge, and leaned against the counter. "Nowhere…You know….just out and about."

Screwing the cap off the bottle, Max took a drink. Once he was done, Alex came over to him with her arms crossed and a grin. "Nowhere means somewhere…." Alex began as she eyed her younger brother suspiciously. "...And you have a grin and your humming!"

Max stopped himself, rats he had been humming.

Suddenly, Alex gasped and squealed, causing Max to cover his ears. "OH, MY GOD! YOU WENT ON A DATE!" Instantly Harper joined her, and the two began to squeal and jump up and down.

Max didn't go to Alex last night; she reacted this way every time he got a date, and frankly, at eighteen, Max found it annoying. He groaned and sighed in frustration as he grabbed his hair and ran his hands through it before grabbing his water bottle. With that, he started to walk away, but he didn't get far when Alex grabbed his wrist and hugged him.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry," Alex stated as she let go of Max.

"Tell us about her. Her name, what's she like? How did the date go?" Harper demanded, wanting to know just as much as Alex did.

With a smile, Max said, "Well, the date went amazing! We went to an early dinner, then to Coney Island and back here. While at Coney Island, we rode the Ferris Wheel, and when we stopped at the top, we kissed! This has seriously been one of the best nights of my life."

At this, Alex and Harper aw. Harper holds her hand over her heart and says, "That's so adorable! This girl sounds wonderful." Harper added with a grin.

Holding his arm, Alex said, "You two are gonna be together forever!" Alex stated, making Max roll his eyes lightly; Alex then said, "Okay, so what's her name?" Alex wondered, trying to press for further information, and stood there momentarily, frowning as he eyed his sister and their family friend. This was the part Max had been scared of telling his family. What if they were disgusted? What if they stopped loving him? But he knew he had to answer, and if it was anyone he could trust to tell, as odd as it sounded, he trusted Alex and Harper. Swallowing, Max eyes them nervously.

"Okay, there's something I need to tell you…."

His serious tone caught their attention, making Alex and Harper gain composure and eye him. "Oh, what is it, Maxie?" Alex was concerned; by the tone of his voice, she knew it was necessary.

Sitting on the sofa, Max sighs as he thinks about how to tell them. Harper and Alex sat back on the couch and waited patiently for him to speak. Finally, he took a deep breath and eyed them. "I didn't go on a date with a girl - " Max watched for their reactions; both mainly looked confused, thinking he was being random. But then Max continued, " - I went on a date with a boy."

There it was; he said it, and honestly, it felt good to come out and tell someone. Continuing to watch their reactions, Max frowned as realization hit Alex and Harper. Bracing himself, Max waited for them to be disgusted and yell at him and tell on him his parents. When nothing was said momentarily, Max looked at the two nervously.

"Wait a minute - " Finally, Alex spoke, breaking the silence. " - You went on a date with a boy?"

His sister was still putting the pieces together, but Harper grinned. "Max…are you gay?"

The question was out, and suddenly Alex had all the pieces, and she gasped and put a hand to her mouth. Max nodded, not knowing what this reaction meant, confirming Harper's statement. With a sigh, he continued to watch, more nervousness hitting him. But still entirely unsure if he was "gay," Max decided to explain himself, so the two were confused.

"I think so - " Max began as he thought; the two listened. " - I mean, this is the first date I went on with a guy, and beforehand it's only been girls. But, as I said, the date went amazing, and this guy makes me happy. You could say I am gay, but nothing is official; I'm "experimenting," as they called it when I did research." Max finished as he put air quotes around the word, experimenting.

There's silence between the three as the two girls seem to be taking information in. But then, the two looked at one another and jumped up, only to start squealing in excitement again. Max groaned, covering his ears again; he didn't know how to feel about this reaction; it was deftinaly not what he expected from Alex and Harper. Once the two calmed down, he removed his hands from his ears as Alex came over and sat beside him only to hug him.

"Aw, Max, we're so happy for you!" Alex stated as she rubbed the side of his arm.

With wide eyes, Max grins. "You mean you're not disgusted by me? Or freaked out?" Max wondered as he raised an eyebrow at Alex and Harper.

Alex shakes her head, "Not at all. It's normal for kids your age to explore their options. Honestly, I'm not shocked if you're into guys, you've always been the odd one in our family, so it makes sense." Alex stated as she nudged him and smiled. " And if it makes you happy, that's all that matters. Besides, you are still you, so why does it matter?"

At this, Max smiled wide; his sister made him feel a million times better. Harper came and hugged him too, and said, "Oh, this is so adorable! I will make you a pride shirt, and now we can talk about boys with you!" Harper exclaimed as she and Alex once more squealed.

Even with the squealing, Max smiled for the rest of the night.


It had been six months since Max and Jared started dating, and Max couldn't be happier. Alex and Harper always supported Max and advised him as best as possible if he needed help with his relationship. Now, two months into School. Max came across another crisis; Jared wanted to meet Max's parents. Sure, Jared had already met Harper and Alex here and there, thanks to School, but Jared wanted to meet the rest of his family. Max finds himself panicking, for he hadn't told his parents yet that he was gay. After six months, Max fully accepted the fact that he was indeed "gay" and that he was happy with it. But this was the part that scared him, telling his parents.

Max figured his mother would be shocked initially but then supportive and questioning. But his father's reaction was what scared him the most. Mr. Russo wasn't precisely the most level-headed, reasonable man; if something out of the blue hit him the wrong way, he freaked out royalty. Having a gay son would be one of those freakouts. So, one afternoon after school, Max rushed into the apartment to see Alex sitting on the couch reading a magazine; Harper was nowhere in sight, and he was fine, tossed his bookbag on the floor, and rushed over to his sister.

"Hey, Maxie, how was school?" Alex wondered as she eyed him. She had graduated last year and was still figuring out what she wanted to do now that School was over. But since she had no idea and was the family wizard, she was still at her parent's house for the time being.

Shrugging, Max sighed as he sat on the sofa closest to the door. "Fine….Alex, I have a problem and need help." Max stated as he unzipped his overcoat.

Alex looked up at this and frowned; she eyed her brother in thought. "Oh, what kind of problem?" She wondered as she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Jared wants to come over and meet the rest of our family."

"Aw! That's so adorable!" Alex squealed, tossing her magazine to the side. She then calms herself and eyes her brother once more in confusion. "I don't see the problem with that; it means he likes you, and it sounds like things are getting serious between you two."

"Well yeah, and trust me, amazingly, they are, but - " Max explained with a faint smile; just thinking about Jared made him happy. Then he shook his head and frowned. " - But the problem is he wants to meet everyone! Even Mom, Dad, and Justin have no idea about us. How am I going to tell them!?" Max blurted out, feeling his hands shake badly at the fear.

Frowning, Alex suddenly knows why her brother is upset. She gets up and sits next to him, pulling him into a side comfort hug. "We knew this would happen sooner or later, baby bro, and you would have to come clean eventually. It'll be okay; Mom, Dad, and Justin will still love you."

"But dad - " Max began as he tried to keep the tears from forming in his eyes.

" - Dad will accept you, I promise. Initially, he might not like the idea, but he'll come around."

There's silence for a moment between the two siblings as Max tries to calm himself. Looking up, he and Alex make eye contact, and she smiles at him; it comforts him. "When should I tell them?" Max questioned as he looked at the wall across from them in thought.

Alex smiles and squeezes his shoulder lightly, and she says, "This Friday at dinner time. Justin's coming to visit from Wiztech. Mom and Dad are so excited they are preparing a special meal." Alex explains as she rolls her eyes, making Max laugh a little. She says, "All three will be in the room with us so that you can tell them all at once; Harper will be there too."

Nodding, Max sighs, "Alright…sounds good, it's official, I'll tell them Friday…."

With a smile, Max and Alex get up and go their separate ways. Alex went back to the couch to continue reading her magazine, and Max went to his bedroom to unwind from the stress of School; he would deal with his homework later. That night Max found himself practicing how he would tell his family even though it was three days away…


By the time it was Friday, Max felt his nerves rising. Max had talked to Jared about everything between his conversation with Alex and now. Jared understood that Max wasn't out yet and didn't push him to tell his parents, but Max insisted on doing so anyway. Max had explained to Jared how his brother was coming in from "out of town" to visit, and his parents were making them all have family dinner; he had invited Jared over "just as friends," and of course, Jared accepted. Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Russo had been confused about why Max wanted Jared over for dinner, but they shrugged and accepted things when he said he wanted them to meet his close friend. So, Max found himself in the dining room helping his mother set the table while she cooked.

Alex flashed in when their mother yelled for her, and Harper exited the basement. Max checked his watch and saw that Jared would be here any minute, but Justin still needed to arrive. Starting to sweat a little from nervousness, Max tried to fan himself with his hand, and he didn't need pit stains before everyone got here. Alex must've noticed, for she pulled him aside and chewed him out for making things so obvious; Max ignored her lecture. Suddenly there was a popping noise, and everyone jumped as a bright white light showed up soon; Alex and Max's older brother Justin stood in the middle of the living room. It was official, Justin was here, and Max now had everyone he needed for his plan to come out tonight.

Just then, the doorbell rang amid everyone hugging Justin and catching up with him. Max threw himself at the door, not caring if he was receiving odd looks from his family. Reaching the door, he made his shirt wrinkle-free (Alex and Harper picked his outfit out for him tonight) and pulled the door open to reveal his boyfriend, Jared. The two smiled at each other instantly. Max moved aside to let Jared into the Russo home.

"Hey Jared, thanks for coming." Max grinned, "It's good to see you."

Jared grinned back, "It's good to see you, Max. Your welcome thanks for inviting me." He then handed Max a tin tray covered with tinfoil to keep its contents warm. "My research says never to meet the family without anything, so I brought my mom's famous Smore Cake. I thought you'd all like to try it."

Blushing as he holds the tray, Max nods, "Thanks, Jared, I'm sure we will."

The two rejoin the others, and Max introduces Jared "as his friend" to his mom, dad, and Justin. Mr. and Mrs. Russo instantly take a liking to Jared for his friendly personality and fantastic sense of humor, two of Max's favorite qualities about Jared. Once more, Jared greeted Harper and Alex, already knowing them from when they were in School before graduation. Alex had also "talked" to Jared on occasion after learning about him and Max, making sure to know if he ever hurt Max, he would regret it. Soon Everyone gathered around the table to eat. As they ate, everyone chattered and got along well.

Max started feeling nervous again, his heart racing and his palms sweating. Barely touching his food, Max sighs as he pushes the chicken on his plate to the side. His actions caught Mrs. Russo's attention. She frowns at the odd actions of her youngest, who always eats dinner and is barely touching his food. "Maxie, is everything okay?" Mrs. Russo questioned, causing the rest of the table to look at him; Blushing, Max felt the heat rise in his cheeks at being called Maxie in front of his boyfriend. Sighing, Max looked at Alex, who nodded in encouragement. Looking at everyone, he states, "Actually, no, there's something I need to tell you guys."

There is tension in the air as he says that; his parents frown, and Mrs. Russo says, "Oh, what is it, baby? You can tell us anything." Mrs. Russo explains as she squeezes his shoulder lightly.

Hesitating momentarily, Max glances around the table before his eyes land on Jared, and he smiles. Jared must've sensed his hesitation, for he held Max's hand under the table for support. Standing calmer, Max looked back at his family and deeply breathed.

"The reason I asked if Jared could come tonight was that Jared isn't just my friend…he's my boyfriend - Max began to explain with newfound confidence; his parents and Justin all stopped eating suddenly and had wide eyes at the news. Max started to frown, but he continued, " - Jared and I have been dating for six months, and I thought it was time I told you. Mom, Da,d Justin…I'm gay."

He finally said it and closed his eyes to brace himself for their reactions. When no one said anything, he squeezed Jared's hand lightly and opened his eyes. Alex side-hugged him from her seat since she sat next to him. Max watched as the three exchanged looks.

"Your gay?" Mr. Russo questioned as he frowned at his youngest son; he never saw this coming, which threw him off. Eyeing Max, Mr. Russo sighed as he breathed deeply to calm himself. "Your gay and you're now just telling us?"

Eyeing his father, Max felt his body tense in fear and stated, "I had to make sure I knew I was before I told you."

"Excuse me…" Mr. Russo says, "...I need to leave." With that, he did so, and Max frowned, looking at his hands, trying not to cry. Almost scared, he looks up at Justin and his mother, worried they would react the same. His voice cracks as he says, "M-Mom?..."

Mrs. Russo sighs but then smiles at Max, which comforts him. She says, "Well, this is certainly a shock to us…." Mrs. Russo explains as she wipes her mouth with her napkin, then nods to Max and Jared. "...But you are still our son, and we love you no matter what. Jared seems like a wonderful guy, I can see why you like him, and if he makes you happy, that's all that matters. This news will take me some time to get used to."

A grin appears on his face, and Max suddenly feels ten times better. But then he frowns and says, "But dad - " He begins before going quiet.

" - Don't worry about your father; he'll come around. I'll talk to him after dinner."

His shoulders relax as Jared side hugs him this time, squeezing his hand gently. So far, it didn't turn out as bad, he thought; there was one more person he was worried about, and looking up at Justin, the youngest, Russo frowned, trying to read his older brother's expression, but it was hard to tell when Justin was thinking. Justin is looking back and forth between Max and Jared, no doubt trying to find the logic in all of this, but even then, he can feel his baby brother's look and smile only at the two. Alex and Harper just sat, continuing to eat and watch everything unravel, for they already knew about Max six months prior.

"If he makes you happy, that's all that matters," Justin explains as he picks up his fork to continue eating.

"Really?" Max questioned as he raised an eyebrow at Justin.

Justin grins, "Of course, your still my baby brother, and being gay isn't going to change that. I will warn Jared, though, if he hurts your, makes you upset, or makes you cry, I will not hesitate to help Alex kick his ass." Justin finished as he threateningly pointed his fork at Jared.

Max, Alex, and Harper laughed as Jared chuckled nervously. "I never plan to do that to Max, and I love him too much." Jared declared, making Max blush.

Alex and Harper were awed, only to smirk and turn to their mom, "Look at that; our family just gets weirder by the day." Alex states that Mrs. Russo, Harper, Justin, Max, and Jared all eye her, oddly unsure what to make of her comment.

Mrs. Russo says thoughtfully, "Alex, honey, don't be rude to your brother and his boyfriend." Mrs. Russo states as she shudders at the word "boyfriend."

Rolling her eyes, Alex grins, "Let's just face it; we're a family full of misfits." Alex adds, only for Max to frown before she continues, "But I never said it was a bad thing…."

Just like that, Max had a smile on his face, and they all finished eating. After dinner, Mrs. Russo went to find Mr. Russo to talk to him about Max. Alex, Harper, Justin, Max, and Jared all hung out in the living room and enjoyed their time together. That night, when Jared left, Max sighed, feeling his heart sad without his boyfriend. But then, as he was watching tv, his father came to talk to him. Turning the tv off, the two talked about what had happened at dinner. Mr. Russo apologized to Max for his reaction and explained that getting used to the idea would take him time. But what touched Max the most was that his father accepted him, still loved him for him, and was happy to have a son like him. Everything was right for Max now that he found Jared, and he slowly understood why it never worked out with girls. Max didn't even care that he wasn't a wizard anymore; it was one less thing he had to hide from Jared. The two could now live the American dream, even if it were in secret from the rest of the world. All that mattered to Max was that he had found what was hopefully his happy ending…