This is a crossover between Harry Potter and the Star Wars universe. I accept the three original Star Wars films, some of the prequels and most of Legends. The First Order and the three sequels are aberrations that will eventually be eradicated. This version of the story is mine, as are any OCs, I create, and is AUish. There's not much of Harry Potter in the story. I certainly don't own Harry Potter or the Star Wars Universe. They are the creations of JK Rowling and George Lucas, respectively.

Harry James Potter was a very unhappy seven-year-old boy. He lived, if that was the right word, with his Aunt, Uncle and his whale of a cousin. Their names were Petunia, Vernon and Dudley. Harry hadn't known his name wasn't 'freak' or 'boy' until he went to school aged 5. His parents had been unemployed layabouts who had died in a car crash that had left him with a lightning bolt scar. Harry had tried to argue that unemployed layabouts would not have been able to afford a car, but had been beaten by Vernon and starved and forced to stay in his cupboard under the stairs for a week without food or water. He owned nothing. He didn't have anything of his parents. Harry was sure he had to have something from them. They hadn't had Wills, though Vernon and Petunia had looked guilty, when he'd asked them about the Wills. He'd been punished, for asking about them.

Harry was a bright boy. He had complained a lot to police and county officials. When he went back to check up on their progress, they did not even recognize him. Harry quickly lost all respect for adults. His teachers were the same. Dudley and his four friends were bullies and engaged in Harry Hunting. The Headmaster of Little Whinging Primary School was a golfing buddy of Vernon's. The Deputy Headmistress was a stupid bint who accused Harry of turning her hair blue. As if? Harry had thought.

Harry did all the cooking for the Dursleys, that was their family name, and got his hands burned, if he made any mistakes. Sometimes Petunia hit him with the frying pan. He did the gardening and shopping, too. Harry did all the cleaning, too.

Harry had brought school cards last year and this year that had been so much better than Dudley. Vernon had beaten him last year and Harry was convinced he'd killed him, this year. Harry hadn't gone anywhere, because this was Hell. People who thought bad things went to Hell, according to the local priest. Harry thought bad things about all three of the Dursleys all the time. He'd lost count of the number of times he'd thought about poisoning them, only to discount that idea, because he ate the same food, just not very much of it.

He knew he'd been in hospital. He'd recognised the white coats of the doctors. He'd no idea how he'd got there and no idea how he'd got back. His relatives had not taken him there, as they'd fled on holiday as soon as his beating had finished. It was a week later and Harry was feverish and in delirium. He'd sneaked a watch of the three star wars movies on the prize VHS player. He'd done his best to put everything back the way it had been or he'd get another beating.

Harry was lying in his heavily soiled mattress in his cupboard that stank of stale urine and other faecal matter thinking he wished he was a Force user and that he was in a galaxy far, far away. He wished it so hard. He wished to be somewhere safe with all his and his parents' possessions that were in the property of 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.

Harry became aware of a number of things stopping him from travelling. The first was something in his head that was linked to six other items. The second felt like it was in the garden. The third was what felt like bands of force restricting what he could do. Harry started on what felt like bindings. He increased the power of what he was doing, wishing the bindings were gone. Harry had help and then they were gone. Next Harry concentrated on the parasite in his scar. Well, shoot him, that's what it felt like. Destroy. That command was the one he sent out. He felt each of the six items disintegrate under his relentless attack. Then the presence in his skull was gone. He forced his energy at the garden source and then stopped. It felt like that one was absorbing his power. He tried absorbing it. That worked a lot better. Harry began to pulse. He was unaware of this.

One moment, Harry was in the Hell of his relatives' house and the next he was safe, in a galaxy far, far away. Harry was also passed out. A young adult who came out of his house, jumped in his skimmer and hit the accelerator to discover what the loud noise had been. He arrived to find a young boy who was naked except for an ill-fitting pair of glasses. Glasses? How lower class? If truth be told, the young adult had been wishing for a brother. He'd had one, a decade ago before the new Diktat, Maken San Solo had decided to revive the monarchy and sent his troops against the estates of those who opposed him. The Bel-Iblis noble house had almost died out that day. All but Garm had died. He'd been not much older than the young boy he was rescuing. There were a couple of trunks with the boy and some papers. Garm did not recognise the writing. He used grav units to load everything onto his skimmer and headed off back to his mansion.

He gave the boy over to his medical droids. The boy was short for his age, malnourished and nearly every bone in his body had been broken and reset, about as well as a primitive world could. At least, that was Garm's reaction.

It was 32 years before the battle of Yavin. Sheev Palpatine was busy murdering Hego Damask, which was why he missed the disturbance in the Force that was Harry's arrival. At least, Palpatine thought he was murdering Damask. The Sith Law of Two was like that. The Apprentice killed the Master. Some 35 years earlier, on his accession, Damask had declared the Law of Two over. Palpatine was more of a traditionalist. He'd already recruited as his apprentice, Count Dooku who had been a Jedi Master trained by Grandmaster Yoda, no less. The Count was disgusted by the corruption he saw in both the Senate and the Jedi Order.

Palpatine had, as his goal, the destruction of the Jedi Order, except those who could be turned, of course. He would become Supreme Chancellor of the Republic by using Naboo, the planet he represented in the Senate of the Galactic Republic. He'd be using up his current apprentice, a Zabrak from Dathomir, Darth Maul. Maul just did not know it, yet. Naboo had not elected the candidate for Queen whom he had expected. Instead, they had elected a young idealist named Padme Amidala. Idealists could be manipulated much easier than experienced politicians. She was 14 and Palpatine would enjoy corrupting her: If she survived the attack by the Trade Federation, which did not seem likely. He'd seen her survive, in a Force vision, which either meant something or it did not.

How had Palapatine manoeuvred the Trade Federation into attacking Naboo? First, he had lodged a fake mineral survey in the office where he knew they had eyes. Second, he had sponsored a Bill in the Senate that had been passed into an Act that raised the taxes they paid. In truth, he had proposed they lose the tax breaks they'd had, when being formed some 420 years previously.

The new Diktat of Correllia, Shyla Merricope showed up to talk to Garm, whilst Harry was in the bacta tank. Corellian Diktats were selected once every twenty years by the Council made up of 20 Corporations and representatives from the 20 largest cities. Shyla wanted Garm, as the hero of the recent successful rebellion against Maken Solo, to become the Corellian Sector's Senator. Naturally, Garm agreed and Shyla left him the Procedures of the Galactic Senate, Orders of the Galactic Republic and the Motions to be brought before the Galactic Republic and its committees and commissions.

Harry was dressed by protocol droids. He felt distinctly uneasy. His first sight was of an older boy with unkempt raven black hair and green eyes. Harry was not aware that he had an older brother. He did not understand what the boy was saying to him. He spoke, equally without successful communication taking place. English was not one of the many millions of languages in which any of the droids was fluent. Harry was delighted to learn that he no-longer needed glasses.

Harry got to learn Basic the same way everyone else did. His reading material was the same load that Garm had on the Galactic Senate. That was not usually what children read. Harry was a quick learner. Garm explained to Harry that he had adopted him into the family as his brother Hydrus. Hydrus had actually been killed, when Solo's men had raided the estate. Hydrus had been deposited naked on the Bel-Iblis estate for Garm to find as a warning – Garm was taking it as such. He was talking it up as such and Harry needed to be on board. Harry learnt about his fake id and backstory.

Harry was also learning to be a wizard from his parents trunk and what was in them. Garm said he had to know about his family, where he came from, the power that they wielded. The system of Corellia had been created by the Celestials about 25000 years before. The Bel-Iblis family came from Coruscant and were made nobles. They had been nobles ever since. Family lore claimed them to be the only such family in the Corellian system.

The founder worlds were Alderaan, Alsakan, Anaxes, Axum, Bezha Two, Brentaal, Caamas, Chandrila, Corellia, Coruscant, Duro, Esseles, Humbarine, Kuat, Rendili, Rhinnal, Shawken, Tepasi, Corulag and Kaikielius. Twenty worlds and the twenty noble families of Corellia. The Corellian sector had 20 systems in it, until another 8 were settled by the noble families. Not the Bel-Iblis, mind, they, we, stayed on Corellia. Alone of all the noble families, we created no subsidiary houses on any of the other 8,742 systems settled by Corellians. Harry loved the way his new brother spoke, evoking pride in the accomplishments of the family of Bel-Iblis.

As Harry, no, he was now Hydrus and he'd better think of himself in those terms, looked through the business of the Senate, he noticed one name stood out: Sheev Palpatine.

"Garm," he said a couple of weeks after coming out of the bacta tank, "There's one name that's on about 40% of these items."

"Who's that?" Garm asked.

"Sheev Palpatine, Senator for Naboo," Harry answered.

Garm looked through the items Hydrus had pulled. "He's certainly a busy Senator. He's the one that sponsored the Bill removing the Tax Breaks the Trade Federation. Don't know why. The Trade Federation doesn't impact Naboo in any way. If this is passed, the Trade Federation will take it out on Naboo."

"The Bill has made it this far. That says he's got the votes."

"This Palpatine is involved in all sorts of things no mid-Rim Senator has any business being involved with."

"So he's looking to use the Naboo Incident to move for the Supreme Chancellorship?"

"Yes, Hydrus, I think he is."

"Can you drop me off on Naboo with recording equipment?" Harry asked. "En route to Coruscant?"

"A detour will be just what my Corvette needs," Garm laughed. Garm had been no older, when war had come to his front door.

One thing that Garm did was to check Harry's midichlorian level. His father had taken it off a couple of Jedi trying to check his family. Under 10000 and the Jedi weren't interested. Above 30000 and the Jedi didn't know what the fuck someone was. The testing kit had been dropped on the floor a few times. Garm grimaced, when he saw that, according to this kit, Hydrus' midichlorian level was 50000. Garm figured the thing was broken.

Garm outfitted Hydrus with typical mid-Rimware and the hidden recording devices. Harry used his father's wand to transfigure his mother's wand into a spare button he sewed onto his outfit. Harry used the trip to Naboo to familiarise himself with its history and current political set up. They elected teenagers as their Queen and those Queens ruled for a maximum of two terms of 4 years. It seemed to work for Naboo.

Harry researched Naboo. Part of the Chommel Sector. Population 4.5 billion sentients on Naboo. There were 27% humans. 72% Gungans (amphibians/aquatic) and 1% Elders, a reptilian race. Harry thought the reptilian species was worthy of future study. The only war of note was that of over a century before between the Gungans and Humans. That had allegedly ended in a human victory. To Harry's eyes, it did not look like it. The Kingdom of Naboo was a successor state to the militarised regime that had preceded it and ruled around half of the humans on the planet. The other half were split into much smaller units that did not have names recorded. Humans had light artillery and light armour. There were between 50000 and 80000 troops and police in Naboo. There were a couple of dozen N1 fighters that had to be exercised in space. A dozen royal H1 Nubian Space Yachts and around the same number of J1 Nubian traders. Naboo was no match for even a single Lucrehulk Battleship and its 135000 battle droids. The command crew numbered around 120 humanoid Neimoidians. At over 3000 metres, the ship was in clear violation of the 600-metre limit made law at the time of the Ruusan Reformation.

Garm was impressed with how quickly Hydrus picked things up. He dropped Hydrus outside Theed, the capital city. He didn't exactly ask permission. Harry slipped into the city under cover of darkness. He was having an adventure. There were actually guided tours of the Royal Palace. Garm had given him some Republican script. Sure enough, mid-morning, the Trade Federation arrived. There was little in the way on organised resistance as the battle droids took over the city. Harry made sure he was in the throne room when the self-styled Viceroy of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray, demanded the Queen sign a Treaty of surrender of Naboo and turn rule of Naboo over to him. The Republic governor, Sio Bibble, made some inane protests. The Queen refused to sign. Harry was recording everything. Nute ordered the group to be taken away to 'enjoy new accommodation'.

The droid squad followed the Queen, one of her handmaidens and Security captain off to the dungeons. They included Harry, because he was too close to the royal party. Harry was not worried. He had his mother's wand transfigured as a button on his shirt. He could leave, anytime he wanted.

They were lead out across a courtyard and around a corner where the droids were shot by a palace guard detachment accompanied by two Jedi. The escape into the royal shipyard was easy. Harry just followed along. The royal yacht had a crew of five, 2 astromechs -squat R2 units that Harry thought looked like dustbins. The luxury accommodation was now filled with the Security Captain, Harry, the Queen, handmaiden and the two Jedi.

The Jedi sat in the pilot's seat and made the ship lift off and explode into high velocity. Harry was thrown against the restraints. Chastened he put them on. The hyperdrive was engaged and 5 seconds later an astromech shut it down. They were about 5 LY from Naboo. The Jedi examined the hyperdrive and found it had been sabotaged. The comms gear was also sabotaged. They weren't calling for help. The secondary hyperdrive was still intact, the Jedi Master announced.

"Where Master Jedi are we going?" The queen demanded.

"I've engaged the secondary hyperdrive to take us to a location the Trade Federation do not control and where we can get a spare Nubian hyperdrive." The Master Jedi seemed unwilling to say more.

"How long will it take us to reach this destination?" the Queen demanded, exasperated.

Harry decided to point out the elephant in the room. He made sure the room was secure and that no-one was listening.

"I think I need to point out the rancor in the room. Name's Hydrus by the way. I trust everyone in this room and one of the astromech's. One or more of the other people and droid on this ship tried to kill us, in particular, the Queen. We were obviously let go by the Neimoidians, just so our escape vessel could be destroyed. I expect the Queen has already been declared dead."

"I'm Security Captain Panaka of the Royal Guard and young Hydrus is right," Panaka said.

The Master Jedi looked sharply at Harry. "So, Hydrus what was someone like you doing in the throne room?"

"I was enjoying the tour of the Royal Palace and went into the throne room, by mistake, when the droids started landing and rounding everyone up." Harry lied fluently. Well, it was true from a certain point of view. He was in a situation where someone might kill him. It was just like being back with the Dursleys.

The Jedi dealt with the crew and other astromech. Their remains were sent out of the airlock. When Harry went back into the luxury suite, the Jedi padawan was holding up his History of Naboo, reading the notes Harry had made.

"Perhaps, you'd like to explain exactly what you were doing on Naboo?" the padawan asked.

"My full name is Hydrus Bel-Iblis, adopted brother of Garm Bel-Iblis, the new Senator from Corellia. He was making me learn the same things he was for his new role and we noticed the Bill to remove the tax breaks the Trade Federation had long enjoyed. We figured they would want to pay back the world of the Senator who sponsored the Bill. Your Senator, your majesty, was that Senator? I was sent to observe."

"What was Palpatine doing sponsoring such a Bill?" the handmaiden asked.

"That's something your Queen can ask him, when we get to Coruscant. I know the name of the Queen is Queen Amidala, I don't know your name, I'm afraid, handmaiden nor the names of the Jedi or what purpose they had being on Naboo."

The handmaiden laughed. "My name is Padme." The Queen also laughed.

"I am Qui-Gon Jinn, Master Jedi and my padawan over there is Obi Kenobi. What you're your observation tell you about him?"

"Judging from his age and that he is not yet a Knight, I would think he has been passed from Master to Master who do not like their shortcomings being exposed in public. You, Master Jedi, are probably viewed as a trouble maker and don't usually get padawan's assigned to you."

Qui-Gon chuckled. "And what do you think about that?"

"That Jedi who do not want to be held accountable are the ones in the wrong."

The two Jedi laughed. Harry got to do chores. Yes, just like being with his relatives. He worked alongside the R2-D2 unit. He could almost understand the warbles and whistles the droid emitted. Sometimes the handmaiden helped him. Harry noticed how soft her hands were. They were the hands of a queen. Harry kept his silence.

"Thank you for helping me," Harry said. "You don't have to."

"The Jedi want to talk to the Queen in private. They don't want me around," Padme said, miffed.

"I feel sorry for the Queen. She's only 14. All her education has been about Naboo and now she's been thrust into a mess of Galactic proportions. The Jedi are used to talking about such matters. Jedi work directly for the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. That they are here and not Investigators from the Judicial Department says that the Supreme Chancellor does not trust his Judicials."

"How is it that you know of such matters?"

"Garm lost his family when he was about my age and had to fight to defend his people's freedom. He had to grow up fast. He won and was a General at 14 and awarded the Hero of the Republic of Corellia medal at the same time. He'd rather have had his family with him still and had a normal childhood. Normally, Senators are 20 when they are chosen. Garm is 16. There will be some who seek to take advantage of his youth. They will quickly discover the wrongness of their actions."

"You are proud of him."

"Yes, I am. We both needed a brother and that's what we got." Padme hugged Harry. Harry was shocked and Padme recoiled, her eyes widening.

"It's okay," Harry said. "I could get used to that. Please give me time."

"I will, Hydrus." Padme spoke in a soft voice. Harry could see tears forming on Padme's face as she hurried away.

One day, as Harry was cleaning, he opened a hatch and out fell a sentient being.

"Stowaway," Harry yelled and then asked the stowaway what and who he was.

"Mesa Gungan, Jar Jar Binks," the sentient replied.

"It's a pleasure to see one of our Gungan friends. You're a bit far from the waters of your people and you're on board my ship. How did that come about?"

"Mesa exiled. Mesa looking for a safe place when the bombad droids came."

Harry could see the wheels tuning in Qui-Gon's mind. He was planning on having Jar Jar next to Queen Amidala, when she addressed the Senate to imply that she had Gungan support. As long as the Gungan didn't start talking that might actually work. In fact, Harry was driven round the bend by how the Gungan spoke. Where was that airlock?

The Gungan did not shut up all the way to Tatooine and was accident prone, too boot. Harry did not know anything about Tatooine. The Master Jedi was not about to share what he knew. He had been the one to choose this location for the spare part. Harry watched Obi One get put through his paces. Qui-Gon did not let up. Qui-Gon knew something about all 7 styles of lightsaber combat. Becoming a Knight was showing you could use all seven and know what you were doing. There was more, of course, Harry knew, having listened to Qui-Gon go on at length. Being slavishly obedient to the Jedi Code was really what put Harry off about becoming a Jedi. The Queen was also nonplussed. At least, with the Jedi training, she didn't get quizzed for hours on end. Harry noticed something, one afternoon.

"Master Jedi. You left yourself open on those last three moves. That's fine against someone who is defensive, but against someone who is offensive, you'd be dead," Harry said. Kenobi looked ready to defend his Master, but Qui-Gon stilled him. The Jedi Master looked at Harry, as if seeing him for the first time. With Tatooine coming up on screen, everyone got very busy and the incident was not spoken about.

Tatooine had two moons and two suns. It was a desert world. It had once had an ocean, the Dune Sea. That area was now home to the Great Pit of Carkoon, home to the Sarlacc monster. Harry shivered.

They had landed a short walk – Harry did not consider walking for two hours under a very hot desert sun to be a short walk – from Mos Espa. This territory was controlled by Gardulla the Hutt. The Hutt's were of a size that made Harry think that perhaps the Dursleys were part Hutt. Gardulla had a daughter, Decca. Her rival was Jabba who had a son named Rotta. Qui-Gon explained that Jabba had an Uncle named Ziro who believed he should be head of the Desilijic Hutt Crime family syndicate and not Jabba's father.

As they were walking, the handmaiden fell into step next to Harry. She saw he was deep in thought.

"A credit for your thoughts, Hydrus."

"Oh," said a startled Harry. "Our Master Jedi knows a lot about the Hutts. If he's a history with them, we could have a problem."

"I shall make sure the Queen asks him about that." Padme looked so serious that Harry laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" Padme pouted.

"You were looking so serious. It was quite adorable," Harry said. The last bit earned him a hug. He managed without flinching. They chatted amicably for the rest of the walk.

Jedi Master Jinn found the junkyard owned by the Toydarian Watto and the whole party entered. There were bits and pieces of thousands of droids around the place and spare parts that had obviously come from previously intact ships. Harry looked at the ships in the shipyard. Half a dozen YT1000s made by Corellia and a shot up YT1300 made Harry's heart stop. Corellian ships, here. That said bad things had happened to their owners. There was a Republic Customs frigate looking decidedly the worse for and the pride of the yard, a banged-up Dreadnought made by Rendili shipyards. Harry had heard the slave races of the Hutts crewed battleships. The dreadnought must have lost a run in with one. Probably the Customs ship, too.

Harry wondered back to the main group. There was a boy there with a protocol droid. The droid talked more than the Gungan. It claimed it was C3P0 and spoke more than six million languages. It was a private reconstruction project that Watto, his owner, allowed him to do in his freetime. The boy claimed he would be the first human ever to win a pod race, the Boonta Eve Classic, no less. To do that, he'd have to beat a Dug named Sebulga.

Jinn secured a deal that would free the boy, if he won the race and get the Nubian yacht hyperdrive. He wouldn't get the boy's mother, unless he had 100000 Republic credits. The boy was upset. He offered to let them all stay with them on the outskirts of town. Harry peeled off from the group to check how much Garm had given him for expenses. He had considerably more than 100000 credits. He went back to Watto and bought the woman. Watto laughed as he got the credits. Harry reckoned Garm would be angry with him. Well, he had wanted someone to rescue him and they never did. Harry got the papers and decommission bomb key. Harry and the others could stay in the property until the morning after the race. Watto said he was feeling generous. Harry told him to bet on the boy.

Back at the property, which was big enough to hold all of the party, the boy was saying,

"Tomorrow, I win my passage off planet, mother. Isn't that great?"

"That's great son, am I coming with you?"

"I'm sorry, mother, I couldn't get Watto to swing for that. I'll be back for you."

"I hope so, Anakim," the woman said. "I've been sold."

"Sold?" Master Jedi Jinn exclaimed.

"Yes, Master Jedi. You didn't have enough for me. Anakim is the important one."

There was a loud click.

"What was that?" Kenobi asked.

"That was the bomb detonator being switched off," Harry said.

"Master, I am Shmi Skywalker," Shmi said.

"I am Hydrus Bel-Iblis. Once you're off planet, you won't be a slave."

"But Hydrus, Watto said it would take 100000 Republic credits to buy her freedom," Queen Amidala said.

"Garm was generous, when it came to expenses."

"I will repay you," Shmi said.

"Oh, don't worry, it won't be you who has to pay it all back to my brother."

Everyone was eager for the following day, when Anakin would race. The R2 -D2 unit did something to Anakin's podracer before being shooed away. The race was started. Anakin had flooded the engine. He fixed that quickly and sped off. Harry saw the two Hutts. Fat slugs. He again wondered if the Dursley males were part Hutt. Was there a way to test that?

The race ended. Of the seven that started the race, only one was still alive, Anakin. Sebulga had killed himself, whilst trying to do Anakin in. There was a delighted Watto. He'd taken Harry's advice and bet heavily on Anakin. He was almost fatherly in his send off of Anakin. Anakin was free and he had C3P0 as well. Qui-Gon Jinn had the all-important hyperdrive unit. They all went back to the property Shmi had lived in since Watto had won her.

Shmi was taking some foodstuffs along with her. Harry thought they were similar to some poisons that he had thought about using on the Dursleys. Since she'd be cooking for him and Garm, it was, what did those easterners call it? Korma? No, Karma. Yes, that was it. Harry was sure there was something else to her, but he could not see the pattern. He'd have to see if Garm could make sense of it all.

Shmi was not very forthcoming about Anakin's father. Qui-Gon Jinn kept on at her about Anakin's father. Harry eventually told him to stop. Shmi looked at him with thanks. There was another puzzle here. Qui-Gon Jinn's eyes had lit up on first seeing Anakin. His eyes had narrowed when Shmi had told them her name was Skywalker. Now, he wanted to know who the father was. Qui-Gon Jinn hadn't liked Harry's intervention. That was just too bad. The Jedi Master had then turned his attention to Anakin, asking him who his father was. Anakin didn't know and did not care. He didn't understand Qui-Gon Jinn's reasons for asking. Nor did the Queen, who took up a defence for Anakin. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi looked uncomfortable. Harry hoped this would diminish Anakin's wish to join the Jedi. Strangely, Shmi was encouraging her son to join them.

The following morning, they all left. The party had grown by three, C3P0 was now walking by himself. Anakin had finished the droid. As they approached the outskirts of Mos Espa, a figure on a speeder was rapidly closing on them.

Harry exclaimed. "Get everyone back to the ship. I'll hold him off." Harry raced to a parked speeder and borrowed it. He drummed it to life and set off to oppose the enemy on the speeder. Harry flew close enough to cause the enemy's speeder to buck from turbulence. Whoever the enemy was and Harry thought he might be a demon from the four small horns on his head, forgot about pursuit and chased after Harry. Harry loved flying. The speeder seemed so eager to please. He remembered how long it had taken him to persuade Garm to let him use one. If Garm could see him now, he'd have grounded him. The pair weaved in and out of buildings in their way. Someone took to filming the aerial duel. Harry had to spend the next hour and some minutes nearly getting caught.

Harry managed to do this. An hour and half later and Harry took off for the ship. His speeder was in better shape than his enemy's. The enemy did catch up with him over the Great Pit of Carkoon. Too late Harry was over its mouth, when his enemy buffeted him. Harry spiralled down in to the mouth. He regained control of the speeder and avoided the tentacles the creature was now throwing at him and his speeder. He got his wand and transfigured it back to the wand it had been. Three times "Avada Kedavra" came out of his mouth. He'd killed the monster and two other life forms he had detected. He turned the speeder and hovered close to the serried teeth the monster had possessed. He transfigured his wand back into its button, reattached said button and started up out of the now deceased Sarlac. He sensed something dropping for his head. A right hand shot up to catch it. It turned out to be a Jedi lightsaber. He turned it on and off. As he emerged back into the desert sun, he felt something become part of him. Harry was rather busy, concentrating on catching up with the enemy who had hared off chasing the rest of the group. He'd worry about the hitchhiker, later.

Harry thought about approaching stealthily on his enemy and he did. He used the Jedi lightsaber in his left hand and sliced the enemy speeder, about half way up. His enemy looked very surprised as he plummeted to the ground. Harry flew on. The ship had taken off. Harry flew into the cargo hold. The handmaiden gave Harry a hug. Harry grinned. Anakin said he was rethinking joining the Jedi Order.

"Shmi looked alarmed. Just for a second looking at her, Harry saw the shape of an alien. He did not recognize the species. He then hogged the view screen of the ship's holonetwork. Just as they were coming up on Coruscant, Harry found the species. It was a Muun. As Qui-Gon Jinn required Obi-Wan Kenobi at that screen during landing, Harry got thrown off it. Obi-Wan saw a Muun on screen and wondered why Harry would want to know about the Muun. Untrustworthy, the lot of them…