Chapter 1: The fool and the king

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Authors note: I am going to start with the fight between Ulquiorra 2nd resurrection and Vasto Lord Ichigo, but prior to this various things have happened different than in cannon, specially the events before this, for one the privaron have survived, Aaroniero is not dead but he is between life and dead and unconscious, in fact the only espada that has died at this point is Zonmari, also in this timeline Uryuu is not present in the fight in any shape way of form, but Nel back in her child form is present, Aizen has already started the invasion to fake Karakura town but has sent the Espada, Gin and Tousen first while he is going to retrieve the hogyoku before going there himself, the anime filler of the Forest of Menos happened, the bount exist but the bount arc did not happen, among other things, if you see something out of order, it was intended as I needed to alter some events or at least the order of some events, another changes include that Orihime's brother was not purified as it mask regenerated too quickly and fled to hueco mundo, and grand fisher was never made an arrancar and as such was never purified

. . .

The orange haired teenager turned substitute shinigami felt bad, very bad, his head was muddy and the last thing he remembered was dying at the hands of the black haired and green eyed arrancar, then cries from his good friend Orihime Inoue calling his name in desperation and his irrefrenable wish to not die for he could still not die as he had friends to protect and could not afford to die, after that it was nothing but void until now.
Suddenly Ichigo sensed as if four hands where placed in his body and where shaking him, as if trying to wake up a sleeping person, whit his blurry vision he could only see what appeared to be a person shaped black blur and a smaller person shaped white blur.

"King! Wake up idiot!"

"Ichigo, you should wake up!"

As he heard these voices his vision returned yet his head still was muddy but he could identify who these figures where and where he was.

"Old man Zangetsu! Hollow Zangetsu!"

He identified those figures as the two inner spirits of his inner world and the place he was as his inner world as he can see sideways skyscrapers, but these skyscrapers where different than usual, as they were falling down one for one and the usual blue sky was replaced by a black and red aura, now he realized that he was indeed in his inner world and his two spirits were trying to wake him up.

"Hey king it seems you have awaken at least you freaking idiot! You almost died! No i rectify, you did die, but somehow you turned berserk and undie yourself." said the white version of the teenager.

"Ichigo you should see this" said the old man with glasses.

Then a sort of screen appeared in the inner world, it showed a demonic looking creature, no, a hollow with white skin, tribal marking, long orange hair, claws in hands and feet, red fur in wrist and ankles, a hollow hole in the torso and most terrifying the most demonic human skull like mask with blade like horns, this hollow was beating left and right the arrancar Ulquiorra Cifer, while a screaming Inoue was screaming Ichigo's name and a teal haired child arrancar was crying while shouting Itsugo.

"What the hell is that hollow! Why am i am here? What has happened" screamed in a demanding yet restless manner the boy to his other selfs.

"Ichigo, that hollow is yourself, when you died somehow you found the will to not die and transformed you in to a sort of what i assume to be a vasto lord class hollow version of yourself which allowed you to instantly regenerate and beat your opponent, but you are not in control" said the old man.

"Then who is in control? Is it you hollow Zangetsu? TRIYING TO TAKE MY BODY AGAIN?" screamed the teen to his white inner spirit.

"No king! It is not myself who is in control, and for that matter neither is the old man obviously not you, nobody is in control, not the mind, not the instincts, not the heart, it is berserk, similar to your state when you frighted me with the help of the Vizards, and this cannot continue, for as strong as you are in this form, not having any control will lead to our death, again, and I can't have that, king" said Zangetsu

The teenager quickly accepted what was happening, his head ache preventing him from questioning too much, and determination filled him 'I can't let this continue any longer' thought to himself and quickly concentrated in controlling his body, closing his eyes, moments later he opened them and was outside of his inner world and saw Ulquiorra incapacitated and at the border of death, seeing how himself was going to end his life, but before that could happened the boy did his upmost to control his body and moved his clawed hand to his face 'I can't this is too much, i can only move a bit, It is like forcing one in to a flame to move my body but i will not kill, not in this form' as he tried to remove his mask he found that he couldn't and staggered a few steps backwards as he brought his other claw in to his mask to not avail, seeing as nothing worked he blinked and was again in his inner world.

"What i am doing here again, why have you dragged me?" Shouted the teen.

"Calm down kingy, what you where going to do was stu..." tried to say to say Zangetsu when he was cut by the words of the teen.

"No! I will tear that mask off and regain control, i can feel it, those instincts you always talk about, are all screaming that i should break the mask off and that i will be in control!" Shouted the teen in a mix of desperation and delirium.

"Now be a good horse and help me, I know i can't alone, but if we all three try to control my body at the same time synchronised in doing the same thing i know it will work, i can feel it, you help me too old man, he he hee" Shouted the teen again in full delirium and laughing towards the end.

"Welp, no point arguing it is an order from his majesty himself so i will obey as a good horse, but if you do not like what will happen do not try to blame me" said Zangetsu in a pseudo ironic tone only to shout one of his maniacal laughter afterwards, putting his right hand on top of the teen's right hand.

"Ichigo, I sure hope you do not regret this too much" said the old man as he put his right hand under the teen right hand, forming a sort of sandwich of right hands whit the teen's hand in the middle.

"Now kingy, try what you where trying to do again, i guaranty it will work, i can also guarantee you will not like it" said Zangetsu.

The teen ignored the various warnings the inner spirits tried to tell him, he was sure of what he had to do and will not let those two deter him, closing his eyes he was again in his Vasto Lord body, again trying to finish Ulquiorra, and again he brought his right claw to his mask, and then he applied all the force in it, all his powers, were it shinigami's hollow's or anything else that may reside in him, he forced all in to that hand which started to be surrounded in a black and red aura.

Then the teen's claws actually perfored the mask and whit all his force he tore most of it from his face... for a moment it was peaceful, it was as his head ache disappeared and he was again fully conscious and in control of his body, but then he felt as a great amount of reiatsu coming from his body was spelled outwards and then reabsorbed only to be rereleased, he felt as his soul was being remolded, as if his being was being changed, his very soul ripped apart and reattached, his very identity changed forever. 'This is painful, this hurts'

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! PAIN! AAAGGHHHH!" Screamed and cried the teen as his body glowed in a an explosion of reiatsu.

"Ichigo!" Shouted the orange haired girl when viewing his crush turn from a demon in to a tortured soul, and as such she ran towards his crush and embraced him, "Ichigo it is okay, i am here, return to your senses" cried the girl as she embraced him even if the pain she felt from being exposed to that reiatsu may even be more than the one the boy was experiencing.

"Woman, what are you doing? If you do that you are going to die, i can guarantee, that level of reiatsu will kill any human that is too near" said the badly injured green eyed male arrancar while not understanding why her was doing that and he himself not being able to do anything to stop it.

As the reiatsu ran wild, the teal haired child also approached "Itsugooo!" cried the little girl as she approached only to fall to her knees one meter apart, but enough for the monstruous flare of energy to touch her broken mask-helmet, as this reiatsu flared uncontrollably it actually instead of destroying the mask of the little arrancar more did the opposite and the mask started to slowly mend, but the same could not be said about the orange haired healer, her human body was being ripped apart by the second, it was already beyond repair and a good 10 seconds later the human body of the girl was no more, it being shed to shreds and then those shreds disintegrating by the huge amount of what reiatsu, only her naked soul whit a broken chain remained, which should have not happened but somehow happened, maybe caused by the purple flames that did appear for less than a millisecond before anyone noticed them as if responding to the wish of the boy to at lest not destroy the soul of his friend.

Then something weird started to happen, even if it was weird that the soul remained when it should have been torn to pieces at the same time as the body, it should at least be torn to pieces now that it was naked, but instead of that it started to absorb a great amount of the reiatsu, not the one that was supposed to re enter the boy but every piece of the one that was going to be wasted, by this point the mask of the teal haired arrancar just fully mended and in a puff of pink smoke appeared an adult version of this teal haired arrancar with a number 3 in its back.

As Inoue soul absorbed more and more reiatsu her chain of fate started to disintegrate by the second, it did not even try to eat itself, it just started vanishing as if to illustrate the changes that where happening to the girl's soul. This process continued by what may had been a 2 minutes but for the ones involved felt longer than 10 lifetimes, by the end of it the soul of the girl was human no more, identified by a hole on her chest, she seemed to be almost human, her shape was very humanoid for a hollow, and her reiatsu greater than any Adjuchas, indicating she was not one, she resembled like a hollowfied version of one of the fairies she summoned from her hairpins, whit a pair of white insect like wings, she donned a helmet that covered all her face serving as a sort of hollow mask, this helmet-mask had a pair of horn shaped antenna in the front and at the sides had a bigger versions of the hairpins of the girl, all made out of the same material as the rest of the hollow mask, if one noticed they where fussed to the mask as they where part of the mask. Here eyes could be seen behind the mask-helmet and while the iris where her normal color of gray the sclera was black. Overall she seemed like the hollow version of a fairy queen, with her hair visible coming our of the helmet, with this figure and power any hollow could have identified her as a vasto lord, which did not make a lot of sense as vasto lord where supposed to be amalgamations of many souls where this hollow where made out of only one soul, a possible explanation for this might have been that due to the original level of reiatsu of the soul plus the one she absorbed her level of reiatsu shot to be the same as a vasto lord so she hollowified directly on to this form, skipping the whole evolution of the menos, it could also have been that the power of the girl over existence had been so great that only this form could suit her, or it could have been the result of the purple flames that appeared for a fraction of a second. Nevertheless the result was that the human Inoue Oirihime has died and only a hollow made out of her soul remained.

As for the boy his appearance has actually not changed that much curiously, he was still as white as before, he still had red hair in the ankles and wrists, still a hollow hole with tribal marks coming out of him, still a very long hair and still more ripped that he usually was, the differences where that now apart from the blade of his bankai a new, white, blade rested sheathed at the left side of his waist, also the coat of his bankai has regenerated, although now it bas unbuttoned letting the hole and tribal marking be seen. The biggest change was in the head, from the demonic mask what remained was in the upper right of his face, covering his right eye a bit of the top of the head and until the ear, basically covering like 1/4 of the head, with its horn still intact, the eye under the mask has a yellow iris and a black sclera, while on the left side of the mask only the horn remained plus some extra mask around the horn, like 1cm in radius, meaning that both horns still where present, his left eye did not have the black sclera but the iris was yellow.

A most confusing aspect of both the former shinigami substitute and the former human healer was that they where taller than before and their bodies more defined, as if they had aged up to their prime, around twenty two or twenty four years old, if a certain shopkeeper with hat and clogs was there he may had explained that when hollows form they do so in their prime as adults, so even if a seven years old child was to have his chain of fate extinguished and transformed in to a hollow, he would not form a child hollow but an adult one, and that hollows with the appearance of a child are very rare, usually the result of a damaged hollow, a hollow that is actually part of another hollow or the ever so rare naturally born hollows, but for beings that turn in to hollows, they do so in the form of their prime and while it is not appreciable 99% of the time, the minds do age as well to their prime, this is not noticeable almost always since newly born hollows are bare a few exception, lower hollows that are mindless.

The former boy seemed out of it, as if the pain have been that much unbearable that it had fried his brain. The white inner spirit of his sensed this and took temporally control of the body, eager to try a few new tricks he had learned by instinct, this however was not going to be free and he will need to rest maybe forever by taking control of the body now, as he was not really in a state where he was capable of doing so like before, at least not free.

Zangetsu controlling Ichigo's new body unsheathed himself, as now he was the white blade, this white blade was truly himself he felt not like that bad copy the old man created to trick the former teen, he was actually where happy about this. As zangetsu unseated himself he brought the blade toward the moon of hueco mundo and shouted 3 incantations.

"Ordeno que todo lo ajeno sea expulsado del mundo hueco: ¡VOMITO!"

"Ordeno que todo lo propio sea devuelto al mundo hueco: ¡MANDIBULA!"

"Ordeno que se cierren las fauces del mundo hueco: ¡CANDADO!"

As he said those 3 incantations a lot of changes happened, for one in the world of the living and even in soul society a lot of weird looking gargantas opened and swallowed all and any hollow, not even the vizard where spared from this treatment and all the arrancar that where fighting in fake karakura where returned to hueco mundo, at the same time in hueco mundo a few weird gargantas opened as well, sucking all non hollows out of it and shutting them to places of great spiritual energy in the living world, meaning the real karakura, among those vomited out, all the shinigami that invaded hueco mundo, the teenager quincy and teen fullbringer and even Aizen himself where trowed out. After all of this a very big garganta became visible in the moon of hueco mundo, it was always there, it now just became visible as chains coming from the 4 cardinal directions occupied the sky and met at the garganta in the moon, closing it and forming the image of a lock. After this various espada tried to open gargantas to return only to find that while the garganta appeared it did not open no matter how much they tried, the same happened to Aizen as he tried to open a garganta by special means, it did not open, which was very worrisome to him as he sensed that his army was no more in the world of the living or soul society, and he himself was without his blade and without his magical rock, all he could do for now was to flew and occult himself.

One of the gargantas that brought the arrancar to their home happened to appear on top of where all the drama with the orange haired former teen was, this arrancar was a dark skinned blonde woman. At the same time in the world of the living Kon was in the body of Kurosaki Ichigo, when suddenly it dropped dead in the floor, after a few seconds Kon was able to move it again, as he was designed to be able to do so, but he felt as if the body now was colder and weird, so he tried to bring the hand to where the heart was and he felt nothing, it was not beating, he then realized he was not breathing, and realized that his special functions to be able to move cadavers have somehow activated, worried he ran towards the shop of a certain men with hat and clogs.

Zangetsu noticed the new Espada, the restored Nelliel and Ulquiorra that seemed to have regenerated at least to some point and was walking towards them, then he saw what remained of the human Inoue Orihime and tough 'Man... kingy is not going to like this a bit, but we warned him, so he had nobody to blame but himself, still I have to do something about these four' Suddenly a new command appeared on his head and tried it directing it towards Ulquiorra, Nelliel, Orihime and the new female Arrancar.

"Os comando espadas temporales que me obedezcáis y me comprendáis, VASALLAJE!"

As Zangetsu in Ichigo's body shouted that, a energy come out of him and hit the other four, this caused a picture of a blade to appear in the hand of these four, for the 2 espada and the one former espada, their number disappeared and was replaced by an additional sword, and a tattoo of a collar appeared in the necks of the four. Their eyes also lost focus and they all stopped all they were doing to stand still.

'I don't have too much time, i have to bring Ichigo with these four towards a safe place to rest and only hope that the idiotness of kingy is enough to make the 2 espada follow him' he tough assured that he had not to worry about the other 2.

"Follow me" Zangetsu commanded and the four obeyed, as he leaded them away from las noches until he notices a sort of mini forest with a cave.

"Now rest" Zangetsu commanded again as the four started to sleep in the cave.

'Now i have to go kingy, good luck... i do not know when i will .. wak... up...' Zangetsu tough as he entered a deep slumber and so did the now young man's body.

. . .

The young man found himself floating in a void, he felt another void inside him that was not there before but he did not think nobody our of it, he did not feel as if he was in a body, he felt as if he was a clump of energy but for some reason this did not seem weird to him, then he felt other four clumps of energy near, one was orange and yellow and he immediately know that clump of energy was his dear friend Inoue Orihime, then he recognized another clump, this one was teal colored and he recognized it as Nel, the young arrancar that was not actually that young and protected him against Nnoitra, she was the reason he now tough of hollows, in a totally new light, he then felt a white a green clump and he got a bit angry as he recognized that as Ulquiorra the foe that killed him once, but there was a fourth clump he did not recognize, it was yellow and blue and seemed to irradiate the same desire to protect and self sacrifice that he himself possessed. After a bit he felt as if a link formed between him and the Inoue clump, as if something was being interchanged and soon they both started to hum at the same rhythm as if they had synchronised, after that a new link grow towards Nelliel's clump and while this one needed a few seconds more that Inoue's, it soon also did the same and they started to hum at the same pace, then a new one grew towards the unidentified clump and as soon as it connected a name appeared in his mind 'Tier Harribel', in contrast to the previous two clumps this one did not start to resonate immediately or after a few seconds, it was at least 2 hours of sending it... something... which he sensed was his point of view, his emotions, if wishes, a representation of his true self, that it finally started to resonate as well, specially resonating with the wish to protect of the young man.
Only one remained, Ulquiorra's and it soon the link towards him materialized and started sending, this one was the longest, it took what felt as 20 hours, as if this one actually lacked a lot and was in need of all that was being sent, but eventually it also resonated and as the five clumps hummed at the same rhythm the young man faded in to unconsciousness.

. . .

24 hours after they did go to sleep

. . .

The horned young man finally waked up, he felt completely out of it and was still half asleep, he did not remember clearly what happened last and how he did get here, so he brought his hand towards his face as if to rub his face to wake up, when he noticed something weird in the upper right side of his face around, as if there was some kind of thing there , he followed it and it did seem to have a horn, he tried the other sided and there was also a horn although nothing around his eye, only the horn on the left, as he still was very sleepy he did not thought much of it, it was young man that he realized that his hand was kind if weird, after taking it apart from his face and having a good look at it he realized his hand now was completely white, and had claws, it was a monstruous hand. 'One moment this doesn't seem right' then he saw his other hand that was the same, only then he changed to a sort of half sited posture and had a look at his feet, which he noticed like his hands where also white and clawed, only then he noticed the red fur in the his wrists and ankles.
Finally the boy took a look at his own chest, which he realized was also white, and had tribal markings that came out of... 'wait! A hollow hole? Why do i have a hollow hole!' Now the young man started to realized his situation as his panic waked him up, then after trying to stand up he noticed that something in his left rubbed against the wall of the cave and what he saw was a blade he had not seen before, a white zanpakuto that resembled the one of his bankai but all white instead of black, without a chain and with the guard being inverted. He unsheathed the blade and got to see his own reflection in the blade, noticing the broken mask that covered 1/4 of his head, the 2 blade like horns, the yellow and black right eye and the yellow and white left eye, he also got a better look of his torso with a hollow hole.

"WHAAAAT? What is this? Why to do i have a hollow hole? why am i all white? why do i have claws? why are my eyes weird? why do i have a broken horned mask? why do i have another zanpakuto?"

It was only then that it dawned on the horned young man, the warnings his spirits have given him when he was trying to break the mask, to arrancar the mask out of his face, the young man was not an idiot, he was in fact more intelligent than most gave him credit for, so he deduced that although the form he was before was temporal or so he presumed was temporal, he was still a vasto lord, a hollow, in that form.

'And what happens when a Vasto Lord class hollow tears his mask off?' questioned the young man to himself rhetorically 'They become Arrancar of course' did the young arrancar answer himself, now he realized what has happened and what he has become, because he braked his mask as a vasto lord, he became an arrancar, such process alters the body forever as it is reconstructed, unlike how his hollow transformations worked that only added things on his body, this transformation rebuilt and rebirth himself so it was not temporal nor reversible, he has truly become an arrancar, and as such he has truly become a hollow forever and ever until a shinigami purified him or a quincy destroyed him. The void the felt now confirmed it that he truly was a hollow now, and if that was not enough he could no longer feel the humanity in him, the breath of life on him and the link to his living body on him, by means of becoming an arrancar, a hollow, he has died as a human so he now completely realized his situation, he was dead and definitely was a hollow, an arrancar, this also explained the new blade, that must be the arrancar's zanpakuto, but what weirded him out was the he actually was clothed in the robes of his bankai and his shinigami zanpakuto was still there, in his bankai form, but when he tried to sense it, it felt weird, the blade no longer felt like a zanpakuto, in fact it felt as a new part of his body, like the horns, the mask, or the claws, he could not feel it was linked to the old man Zangetsu nor to hollow Zangetsu, the same could be said for his attire, it did not feel like clothes but more like a part of his body, like hair, although it was still the same and not made out of hair literally, he confirmed that these two things where parts of his body when he tried a new technique he had acquired by becoming an arrancar, hierro, he could apply it to his claws, or his face or his torso or all his body really, and he could also apply it to his current robes and his former zanpakuto, but he could not apply hierro to his new arrancar zanpakuto.

The young man realized then that he could actually will out of existence and back in to existence both his former zanpakuto and his robes, so he made the blade disappear to have the hand free as this one did not have a sheath but he did not made his clothes disappear for obvious reasons.

Then the young man tried to enter his inner world, and somehow he succeeded, what in actually happened is that the old man sensed it and he brought him here.
The inner world now was kind of different, the sideways skyscrapers where there as always but the sky was the same as hueco mundo's, it was night, and the buildings instead of coming out of a city came out of the sands of hueco mundo, in this world the young arrancar only saw the old mand and not the hollow.

"Hey old man zangetsu, what has happened to you why it feels as if had become a part of me?" questioned the arrancar

"Actually Ichigo, I feel i must come clear to you right now, until now i have been lying to you by omission and repressing your power so you did live as a human and not as a shinigami, but that clearly is no longer possible as you have become an arrancar, so i will be true with you" the old mand said with determination

"What do you mean zang..." the young arrancar was interrupted before he could end that name.

"I am not Zangetsu, Ichigo, I was never zangetsu, Zangetsu was and is and always will be the one you referred as your inner hollow, he is the real Zangetsu, that is his name and he was the source of your shinigami and hollow powers, I am the source of other powers in you, i should have been not the one to reveal this to you Ichigo but i feel it is not necessary, my name is Yhwach, i am but a fragment of the father of all quincies, you ichigo are a quincy and i am the representation of your quincy powers, i never wanted you to become a shinigami as i felt that I would have killed you in that case, so i repressed your shinigami powers, I make you mistake myself as your true zanpakuto spirit and i created a fake zanpakuto for you, the zangetsu you have always used is not the true zangetsu, it is a spiritual weapon, not dissimilar to a quincy bow that i created by canalizing the essence of the real zangetsu and a part of your shinigami powers trough it, creating this fake zanpakuto. That is the reason your bankai was truly underwhelming, a bankai is much more, but i was not able to replicate a true bankai, I eventually became attatched to you and that made me become disconnected from the actual yhwach but i still repressed your powers in hopes to protect you from becoming involved in dangerous conflicts, i clearly failed as shown by what you have become, the reason the fake zangetsu and the remaining of the fake bankai is part of your body is that when you where reborn as an arrancar the process mistook that as part of your body as Zangetsu stopped being the source of your shinigami powers and they became spiritless, but it still remained physically so it was converted to a sort of body part to you, it should have the same power to create getsugas and compress energy but it will no longer purify hollows or be able to perform konsos, shinigami need an azauchi to get a real zanpakuto, you never had one."

"What! Then... if you are not zangetsu where is he?" roared the young man confused

"Zangetsu is resting, after you arrancarized your mind was limp but it was still dangerous, so he forcibly took control of your body to put your safe and do a few tricks, he was not supposed to do this and as such he now is now resting, if you want to wake him up you may need to do something you truly do not want to, he now is only the source of your hollow powers, he is the spirit of your hollow zanpakuto, so if you want to restore him you will need to do as a hollows do" said yhwach with a glare.

"Wh- what?" muttered the young arrancar dreading what the old man was going to say.

"You will need to consume souls, likely a vasto lord class soul, that would wake him up, if not, i do not know when he may wake up, he may be that way for millennia or forever"

"Absolutely not, I will not eat souls, i may have become a hollow, but i am aware that my classification would be vasto lord and those do not need to eat, plus as an arrancar i also have less need to eat souls, as a vasto lord arrancar there is no need at all to do so so i refuse, also how come i am a quincy my mother and my father are humans, normal humans without spiritual awareness" said angrily the strawberry.

"Then Zangetsu will sleep, but you are without a doubt a quincy, and for your information you were also a shinigami or at least had shinigami powers from birth as well, your parents must have been a pure blooded quincy and a captain class spirit world born shinigami, probably even a noble at that to explain the composition of your soul, for which parent is which i do not know, also the hollow part of you was not born in the shattered shaft as i know you think it was, it actually was always there being a part of you as your shinigami and quincy parentage, the how it was part of you i truly do not know."

The young arrancar was very surprised at the sudden revelations of his parentage and the fact that he was always, partly at least, a hollow, this weirdly enough did not affect the boy as much as he would have tough, it seems that a mix of the exposition to Nell and how he felt now as a full hollow softened his views on being a hollow, but he was truly angry with his parents for never have told about his parentage and specially with the old man for tricking him, but alas there was no point on being angry about those things now, he could be angry later.

"Please explain what Zangetsu, the real one, did while he controlled my body" ordered the young arrancar to the source of his quincy powers.

"That is something I can do, but before of that i must tell you something you will not like" said yhwach in a sad tone.

"What? i am pretty pissed off right now, what could anger more than i am right now?" shouted angrily the young mand, his apparent calm having been broken.

"I will be direct, your friend, that girl named Inoue has died, in fact it was you in a sense, that killed her" said yhwach in a very dry manner.

'Inoue... dead? becaus-cause of me?' at that moment the world of the young man started to shake as it started to rain as if it was the end of the world, quickly the sand was replaced with water and the buildings seemed to come out of a ocean instead of a desert. 'No no no, it can't be... she can no longer laugh.. se can no longer live because of me?' the young man was starting to enter a mix of depression and negation, with the void in his heart becoming bigger and bigger.

"Calm down Ichigo, she is dead, but she may still be able to laugh or to live, after all you are also dead and you are able to do so" said yhwach to try to calm the boy

"What do you mean! If she is dead she is dead there is no comm..." the young man did not end his own phrase as he realized the truth in the words of the spirit, it is true he is dead right now, yet he is alive, Inoue was human so if she died as a human, she can still live as...

"Yhwach, do you mean to say that Inoue died as a human when you say that she has died" asked the young man with a mix of worry, hope and determination.

"As perceptive as ever Ichigo, that is true, she died as a human, same as you, in fact that is not where the similarities end, as in death she became a hollow just like you, a vasto lord hollow just like you, in fact she is resting with you in that cave, the only thing unlike you is that she has yet to become an arrancar, but due to her strange birth, the possibilities of her retaining her memories and personality are very high" said the fragment of the father of the quincy trying to reassure the boy.

It was not very successful as the boy started to blame himself for turning his friend in to a soul eating monster, his racism for hollows finally showing his ugly head even if he was one right now. But then he remembered Nel, and her adult form Nelliel, and how kind she is, how emotional she is, how humanlike she is, and the boy calmed down a bit.

"I guess i can accept she is a hollow if she is a vasto lord, at least she will be rational, slightly emotional and will keep his memories and personality by the direct transformation, still I should find a way to make her an arrancar at the very least, as i realize by simply inspecting myself that an arrancar is as human as a human or a shinigami" The boy said thinking aloud.

"But zan... Yhwach if Zangetsu was supposed to be my true shinigami zanpakuto and now is my hollow zanpakuto with the shinigami one waiting to form with an azauchi, then what about you? If you are the source of my quincy powers can you form a quincy zanpakuto or something like that?" The boy asked with curiosity, wanting to change the theme of conversation as he did not want to think more about having killed his human friend and turned her in to a hollow.

"That is a good question Ichigo, the answer is that no, i will not be forming a blade to represent this side of your powers, but if you want i can forge a thing that will give you a transformation that fully utilized your quincy powers similar to a resurrección or a bankai, there will be no need for a a physical object tho, as being a quincy is in your blood, including the blood of your spiritual body, and so this blood will be the object, this transformation is called Vollständing, and normally a quincy would not be able to perform it on their own as they would need to be granted and additional piece of the soul of Yhwach, from the actual main body to be able to do it, but you are different, quincy do not have inner spirits like me, but since you were part shinigami and shinigami do have these spirits, it made it so that your quincy side condensed me, and as Yhwach i can actually grant you the right to use this technique, but not now, i will need to prepare it and that will take some time, i will tell you when, for now you will have to wait" As Yhwach's fragment ended saying this, he forced Ichigo out of the inner world and in to his spiritual body in hueco mundo.

The young man realized that Yhwach had yet to explain what Zangetsu did with his body, but was pleased to hear the old man talking to him even if he was not in his inner world

"You no longer need to come here to talk, we can talk like this, i will proceed to explain it to you, although i am not a hundred percent sure of some parts as only zangetsu might know but i will tell you my interpretation of what happened"

Then Yhwach started to explain what had happened, he explained that zangetsu used some commands to somehow order to hueco mundo to do 3 things that culminated in essentially retrieving all hollows and hollow-likes to hueco mundo for anywhere else, expulsing all non hollows from hueco mundo, and sealing hueco mundo from exit or entry, The young man was very confused of why he was able to do such things, that seemed to realms of gods, this is when Yhwach explained to him that maybe he, ichigo, was supposed to be the ruler of hueco mundo or something like that, only such a figure would be able to command a world to do these type of things, and the next command also confirmed it as it seems that Zangetsu brought the 2 espadas, hollow Orihime and Nelliel under some kind of mind control spell and brought them to this cave with him only to order all to sleep, Yhwach also explained that while they where sleeping it was like this created a link between all four and ichigo and forced them to resonate with Ichigo, Yhwach said that he better ask them once they wake up to make sure what has happened and if the 2 espada are hostile.

"Zangetsu sure did me a favour old man, not only he sealed aizen out of his army, he also sent almost all my friends to safety, and even forced hueco mundo closed, in a way that when hollow are born, the reform here instead of the world of the living, so while it is closed no hollows will exist outside of hueco mundo, effectively doing a better job defending the world of the living from wild hollows than any shinigami ever did" said ichigo to his quincy side as he actually felt grateful for what the white jerk did.

Then the young man looked to his surroundings to see the adult Nelliel sleeping to his right side and what he presumed was Orihime, although older, sleeping to his left, it was hard to say as the face was covered by the mask-helmet, but the body proportion matched, she had in the mask a version of the hairpins as part of the mask and she has the same hair. In other part of the cave he saw Ulquiorra and the woman he learned the name of in a dream, Tier, both still sleeping.

Ichigo with upmost care tried to wake up Nelliel first as he did not know how Inoue would react. He succeeded after a few tries.

"mmmh ichi... no... i wan... to sleep... more..." said a still dreamy teal beauty as she embraced the strawberry and put his face in her breasts without realizing as if he was a sleeping pillowm, the strawberry true to his name changed his body color from white to pure red, but somehow managed to calm down after a bit and speak his bit.

"Nelliel... Nel... wake up, is important, i need you to wake up" said the embarrassed arrancar to the beauty as his new species has made him more instinctual and wild and he was finding himself hard pressed to contain his animalistic desires, as now he was very attracted by the previous tercera.

Nelliel finally wake up, and looked to the quite demonic and quite attractive to her tastes looking newly born arrancar, she saw the horns, the broken mask, the hole, a new zanpakuto, the claws, the red fur, the white skin, the eyes, and each time she notices ones of those things her eyes grew bigger and bigger until she could not help herself and shouted "Ichigo! Since when did you become and arrancar? I tough you were a shinigami... D-did you maybe become one because of me-e?" The teal haired beauty stammered her last words as she became a bit red faced and she looked to the side while she joined her index fingers in a cute pose, having arrived to the wrong conclusion.

"What do you mean Nelliel? I became an arrancar because I am a fool and while i was in a vasto lord-eske transformation i has the fantastic idea of ripping the mask off, so i sort of became an arrancar" said the young man quite annoyed at his own stupidity that has caused this whole situation

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-he-he" the teal beauty starting laughing her ass off at the idea of Ichigo being an absolute moron and becoming a vasto lord arrancar... by mistake... it was pretty funny to her at least.

"Hey do not laugh Nelliel, please." did the embarrassed boy say to the female arrancar.

"Ha-ha it is just that it is too funny, and Ichi, call me Nel please, i will be calling you Ichi, and don't be down, you look a lot better now, the horns are very cute." said Nel as she stopped herself from laughing more.

"Okay, whatever, Nel, can you help me wake up Inoue" he said to the laughing beauty while he was embarrassed of being complimented of his horns, although he thought that they were more along the lines of cool or intimidating rather than cute.

"Okay okay, Ichi, she is the orange haired woman you came to rescue right?" said Nel as she looked where Ichigo was pointing only to find what seemed to be a sleeping female vasto lord, a normal one at that, not an arrancar. "Ichi why are you pointing at a non-arrancar vasto lord if you are talking about your human friend?"

"Well, Nell" he suspired "It seems i was not the only one to become a hollow in this ordeal, it seems that she hugged me while i was transforming, killing her human body and leaving her soul in that state..." said the young man suspiring again.

Nelliel was surprised to hear this, in fact she was already quite surprised about her new crush becoming like her, but for her crush friend which was a human girl to become a hollow as well was quite new, she knew he was already part hollow as she saw the mask he donned from time to time, and now she remembered a bit about when he transformed in a to a vasto lord like form, but his friend was a pure human, with spiritual powers but human none the less, she tough that ichigo's transformation has had to be pretty potent to give enough residual reiatsu to turn a spiritually enhanced human in to a vasto lord in one go, it was then that she realized that the reiatsu she was feeling from ichigo in this normal state was greater than the primera espada gave off in his resurrección and by quite the wide margin. Then she remembered how it was his spiritual energy that he released when transforming that actually healed her mask and returned he in a permanent manner to her adult form.

"Okay Ichi, understood, i will help you wake up her" Nel said with a devious smile as she proceded to jump to Orihime and ram her with a hug like a quarterback of american football while screaming "GOOD MORNING INOUE-SAN" practically to her ear.

"What happened, what hour it is? Why do i feel weird? What is this emptiness?" stammered the newly born vasto lord as she wake up in an unrefined manner and inspected herself, realizing she now had a hole in her belly and she seemed to be protected by some kind of white looking armor, she also felt on her back extra limbs and when she tried to touch her face she could not.

"What has happened" screamed Inoue not knowing what fate has fallen to her.

"Before we explain you that, do you remember who you are? do you remember who am i? do you know what you are?" asked ichigo

"mmmm... I don't know why you are asking me those things but i will answer kuraski-kun, I am Inoue Orihime, a human with spiritual powers and your friend, you are kurosaki ichigo, a substitute shinig..." It was then that she had a better look at her crush and saw a big hole in his chest, white skin, tribal markings and the remains of masks with horns and the weird eyes. "What happened to you Ichigo?" said a worried orihime as she forgot to call him by the second name with honorifics as she used to do.

"Well, let's say that i kind of became an arrancar, but that is not important, what is important is what has happened to you, at least you seem to still be you, but you were wrong in saying that you are a human, because like me you no longer are, all because of me, i am sorry" said ichigo while he clenched his fists and closed his eyes.

"What do you mean?" said a confused inoue

It was then that Nel explained her what she has become and the involvement ichigo had with it, at least to the best of her abilities, as Ichigo seemed quite indisposed to explain that right now for he was sulking.

"So i have become a hollow? One of those scary vasto lord at that? do i now have to eat souls?" asked a worried orihime.

"Yes you are now a vasto lord, but you do not really need to eat souls, it is not necessary to vasto lords, although you might feel hunger for it, it should be at a manageable level, we may even become able to turn you in to an arrancar like us so you no longer even feel that hunger and regain more humanity" explained Nel in a comforting tone trying to calm her down.

"So now kurosaki-kun and I are hollows? does that mean that we are now dead" Asked the orange haired girl.

"The answer is yes, i do not know about ichigo, but your human body is now ashes, and ichigo's should have died from a cardiac arrest the moment he turned in to a true hollow" replied Nelliel.

The orange haired horned young arrancar ended his sulking and said to his companions "Now girls we have to wake up those two" as he pointed towards where Tier and Ulquiorra where sleeping.

In a stroke of genius he tough of a effective way to wake up those two at the same time, so he raised his reiatsu in a big spike, lowering back down again, which worked wonders as both quickly wake up and entered a position to respond to any attack, whit their blades up, after that they looked around until the saw Ichigo in his full arrancar glory, and after a few moments they did something that ichigo really did not expect, they both kneed like a knight in front of him and said at the same time "We greet the Gran Rey Cero"

EDIT NOTE: I changed some stuff, basically while writing the next chapter that deals in romance it hit me that ichigo and orihime at this point are 16 years old, which I usually forget as they behave and look like frigging 24 years old, but still it felt uncomfortable to me to deal with them specially when pairing with Nelliel and Tier that are probably a couple hundred years old and even if hollow ages are weird are certainly adults, so i decided to add the whole 'If you become a hollow you become a 24 years old in body and mind' bit and replaced the parts where i refereed to ichigo post transformation as a teen to referring to him as a young man, so now Ichigo and Orihime are in both their bodies, their hormones and their equivalent to their 24 years old selfs as I am far more confortable working with romance between adults