The Queen of Games

The Pyramid of Light

Chapter 1

Daisuke's POV

My name is Daisuke Motomiya. You may not know this, but I'm the leader of a second generation of Digi Destined. A lot has changed for me. Taking on the bad guys, saving the world, there's never been an ordinary day for me. But it all changed the day I received a package in the mail. Inside was a bracelet, but not just any bracelet. The Millennium Bracelet. This bracelet was rumored to have housed the spirit of an ancient High Priestess named Hitomi who help the Pharaoh named Yami saved the world from the terror of the shadow games. The moment I put the bracelet on, I knew my life would be forever changed. It was as though Hitomi and I connected, and from there, a new adventure would begin. Of course, it wasn't long before I got another package in the mail. This time it contained a dueling glove along a couple of star chips and a videotape. Now according to who was on the videotape, the man introduced himself as Maxamillion Pegasus. Turns it out he wanted to challenge me to a game of Duel Monsters. Now, to be honest I never even heard of Duel Monsters, but I had to learn as I go as Pegasus transported the 2 of us to the Shadow Realm, and the only way to escape was to duel. So, with no other choice, I accepted it. As the clock started to count down from 15 minutes, I noticed that Pegasus was eerily calm. Like he wasn't even worried. Little did I know, my suspicions would later soon turn out to be true, because it seemed that Pegasus was able to counter the cards that I played on the field, so I went for a different approach and it worked until the timer ran out and before Pegasus could leave, he revealed something I never thought I would see, another Millennium Item called the Millennium Eye. And with its power he took my older sister, Jun Motomiya. Looking at the other items that came with the videotape, it turns out Pegasus was inviting me to a Duel Monsters Tournament, and I knew that's where he was hiding my sister's soul.

After packing my stuff, Pegasus sent a car to pick me up to take me to the docks where a cruise ship would be waiting to take me along with many other duelists to the tournament which was on island called Duelist Kingdom. That was where I met Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, and Tea Gardner. It turns out Pegasus took Yugi's grandfather, and he was invited to the tournament as well. I also noticed that Yugi had a Millennium Item called the Millennium Puzzle which was said to house the spirit of the Pharaoh Yami. Joey tagged along because he received a video message from his little sister, Serenity telling him that she was losing her eyesight. So, Joey decided to enter the tournament as well, seeing that he had one star chip. Upon arriving at Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus explained that in order to enter the castle we need a dueling glove and 10-star chips in order to gain entry. So, it was clear what we needed to do. We met some various characters along the way when we got to the tournament including Weevil Underwood, Rex Raptor (who I dueled and won his Red Eyes Black Dragon, but I gave it to Joey to help him advance through the tournament), Mai Valentine (who can be very annoying at times, but deep down she's a good person at heart), Mako Tsunami, Miyako Sahoma (who tried to flirt with Yugi, but I wasn't having it), Bakura (who carries the Millennium Ring which housed an evil spirit that was after my bracelet and Yugi's puzzle, and the 5 other Millennium Items. I don't know what he wanted with them, but I know it wasn't good), the Paradox Brothers (who Yugi and I had to beat in a double duel in order to escape after we got trapped in the caves by Bandit Keith, after Joey won his duel against his lackey, Bonz).

After escaping the caves, and making our way up to the castle, we were confronted by Seto Kaiba who was quick to challenge me to a duel. I didn't know why, but I soon found out that Kaiba was challenging me because Pegasus took his little brother, Mokuba (who I met right after Joey beat Mai). Kaiba was dueling so methodically, that he knew exactly what was at stake. After a few intense turns, including a powerful virus that crippled my deck, Kaiba was able to combine his 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons to create the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. It felt as though things were hopeless, but with some encouragement from Yugi and the others and with the help of my deck, I was able to overcome Kaiba and his dragon, until he pulled a near suicide move that forced me to surrender. What drove me to surrender was Hitomi willing to do whatever it takes to win, even she almost killed Kaiba as well. It was thanks to Tea and Mai, that I was able to gain my confidence back. As we entered the castle, we were treated to a duel between Kaiba and Pegasus. It seemed that Pegasus was employing the same tactics he used on me, but what threw me for a loop was when he played a card called Toon World. Seeing that it was never meant for distribution, Pegasus was the only one who had it. Those toons Pegasus had in his deck proved to be unstoppable, but it thanks to his deck, Kaiba was able to gain an upper hand on Pegasus, until he pulled a last-minute trick out of his hat and took control of Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon and he even utilized Kaiba's Crush Card to destroy his deck. If losing wasn't enough for Kaiba, Pegasus used his Millennium Eye to take his soul. Having had enough of Pegasus and his crimes, I vowed I would do whatever it takes to stop him.

Later that evening, as we were having dinner, Croquet (Pegasus' right-hand man) revealed the next wrong of the tournament. We each received a letter to determine who will be dueling who. I had the letter A, Mai had the letter B, Bandit Keith had the letter C, Joey had the letter D, and Yugi had the letter E. So, Croquet revealed how the matchups were going to be. I would duel Mai in the first round. Joey would face Bandit Keith in the second round. Yugi would face the winner of Joey and Keith's duel, and whoever wins the duel of the third round would face the winner of the duel from the first round in a match to decide who faces Pegasus.

That night, I was called out by Jun's spirit who told me to trust the spirit of the Millennium Bracelet, but I wasn't too sure, considering what happened to between me and Kaiba on the rooftop.

The next morning, it was time for the first duel of the finals, and I would be facing Mai. The others came to support me, and before we got started, Mai promise she would give me an honorable duel, and that there would be no tricks from her this time around, and for a second, I actually believed her. As the duel started, Mai sent her signature monster, Harpy Lady. And I sent out my own monster V-Pyro to attack, but it turns out, Mai had a surprise waiting for me. Her trap card, Mirror Wall was able to cut my monster's attack points in half. Even Summoned Skull, and Trance the Magic Swordsman couldn't get past it, and if it wasn't enough, Mai utilized her magic and trap cards including Harpy's Feather Duster to blow away my own cards and Shadow of Eyes to force my monsters into attack mode. But the real problem began when Mai brought out Harpy's Pet Dragon, a monster that gets 300 points for every Harpy Lady on the field. Down to 300 life points, it seemed like things were hopeless, until Mai told me to focus on the here and now, and Hitomi apologized for what happened the other day, and she promised that she would play the game the way it was meant to play. Thanks to a combination of Enemy Controller and Monster Cannon, I was able to use Mai's dragon to knock down her Mirror Wall and get her down to 850 life points. It seemed things were about to turn around for me, until Mai multiplied her Harpies. And if that wasn't enough, Mai used Monster Reborn to bring back Harpy's Pet Dragon, who's attack points went up to 2900.

Faced with near impossible odds, the only way to take down Mai was to summon a really powerful monster from my deck, but time wasn't on my side. And then, as if by some miracle, I drew the Swords of Revealing Light and used to keep Mai from attacking for 3 turns. Knowing that I needed the require the pieces to bring out the monster, I played V-Drago and powered it up with Dragon Nails. 2 turns had passed, and it was down to the wire. Would I draw the card I need to win the duel? It was thanks to the encouragement of my friends that I drew the card, Call of the Ancient Dragon. Thanks to my powered-up V-Drago, I summoned the monster that looked like Veemon's mega form, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. Everyone was shocked at what happened, and with my new monster, I was able to blow Mai's Harpies and dragon away, which also took her life points down to 0. Mai was so shocked that her monsters were gone, she was disappointed that she lost. I couldn't help but feel bad for her, but she was happy that I won, and she told me she looked forward to the next time we dueled, and I would so as well.

Now it was time for the 2nd round, Joey Vs Bandit Keith. Now, Keith would have won by disqualification, if I hadn't given Joey my Glory of the King's Hand Card for his entry. As the duel began, it was clear Keith was using a machine deck to devastate Joey, but using his trap cards, Joey was able to find a chink in Keith's deck. But the biggest upset for Keith was Joey combining his Red Eyes with Metalmorph to create the Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon to combat Keith's slot machine monster. And just when it seemed Keith was about to win, Joey pulled off a last minute save his Graverobber trap card and win the duel. As the duel concluded, Keith was exposed as a cheater and a thief for stealing Joey's entry card, but that didn't him as he demanded that Pegasus hand over the tournament money, but Pegasus pressed a button on the floor that sent him sliding through a tunnel and off the island and that was the end of Bandit Keith. Or so we thought.

Soon, it was time for Yugi and Joey to duel to see who would duel me for the right to challenge Pegasus. As the duel began, Yugi and Joey played to their best, and just when Yugi had the duel in the bag, Joey pulled out a move that brought forth a new monster called the Meteor Black Dragon. With Joey in the lead, it seemed he would win when Yugi pulled out his Dark Magician and combined it with his Magical Hats card. Now Joey had to rely on luck to find Yugi's magician. After taking out a couple of empty hats, Yugi put a card face down in one of the hats, and that go Joey even more worried. But he knew how Yugi dueled and he would expect Joey to know he laid a trap card down on the field. So, Joey went ahead and attacked and destroy the third hat, which soon triggered Yugi's trap card, Spellbinding Circle. With both monsters' attack points at 2500, it was down to who would come out on top. It was thanks to the Book of Secret Arts magic card, that Yugi's Dark Magician was able to beat the Meteor Black Dragon.

Now with his strongest monster gone, Joey knew he had to come up with something and fast, and it was with this draw, that he drew the card that would be his last chance, Baby Dragon. Yugi knew that Joey was going to try and age his dragon to its adult form, so he sent his Dark Magician to attack until Joey stopped him with his Kunai with Chain trap card. Down to the last turn, Joey drew the card that would help him win, the Time Wizard. And after landing on a time warp, Joey's dragon grew to its adult form. And as for Yugi's Dark Magician, he was reduced to a frail old man with 100 attack points. With victory just within his reach, Joey went ahead and attacked, only for Yugi to counter with Makiu, the Magical Mist. When Joey asked what happened, Yugi said that it took Dark Magician 1000 years to learn, and what Joey didn't know was that the time warp age his Dark Magician and transformed him into the Dark Sage. A powerful sorcerer that lets Yugi play a magic card during every one of his turns and every one of his opponents, and as he drew his next card, there were tears in his eyes. Yugi told Joey he fought a valiant duel, and that he was about to do would be the hardest move he ever made. He played Monster Reborn and brought the Meteor Black Dragon back from the graveyard. Joey knew that this was it, but he told Yugi to go ahead and attack. So, he did. Yugi took out Joey's Thousand Dragon and the rest of his life points, and we could see that Joey was doing his best to keep himself together. That was one of the toughest duels I ever had to watch. 2 best friends dueling each other with having something on the line. I knew it wasn't time to mourn for Joey and his loss, because now it was time to for me to duel Yugi and the winner of our duel would go on to face Pegasus. But I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but we'll save that for another chapter.

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