Unwanted Love - A Wizards of Waverly Place Fanfiction…

A/N - This idea came to me, and I wrote it out. This is set between season 4 and Alex vs Alex Unique. So if you have not seen season 4 of WOWP, I suggest you watch it before you read this; otherwise, you might be confused about where I'm coming from with this idea. So basically, this is my version of why Max and Talia were no longer together by the unique Alex vs Alex. Kind of a filler for a plot hole that was left unwritten on the show. So, let me know what you think. Sorry the ending is lame, I couldn't think of how else to end the one-shot, and it was getting lengthy. Anyway, enjoy, and as always, any feedback is welcomed.

Trigger warning(s): Abusive relationships (you have been warned)

Disclaimer: I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place

Summary: Max and Talia seem like a happy couple, but only Max knows how controlling Talia is, but when things get too far, Max breaks up with Talia, but how does it all end?
Max! Whump - (Max/Talia) (Warnings: Abusive Relationship) (AU of what happened to Max/Talia on the show)

Unwanted Love
By: DisneyGirl24

Sixteen-year-old Max Russo whimpered as he looked at himself in the mirror. Touching his face, Max winced in pain as he ran his fingers over the discolored look of his left eye. The black and blue formation was taking place, no doubt going to be visible to his family if Max went home with it looking like that.

Sighing, Max splashed cold water on his face to help calm his nerves. Unfortunately for the young wizard in training, the cold water didn't help as much as Max wanted it to. Drying his face off with a hand towel, Max flushed the toilet so the sound echoed through the room.

Max Russo didn't want his current girlfriend, Talia Robison, to be suspicious of how long he'd been in the bathroom. It would undoubtedly lead to another argument and another possible outcome that Max didn't want to witness again. Getting slapped across the face (and hard, too) once was enough. Max frowned and nervously bit his bottom lip as he exited the bathroom and entered his girlfriends-connected bedroom.

At the moment, Max was at Talia's house, but right now, he wanted to be anywhere but there. Taking a glance at his girlfriend, Max watches her movements nervously while he starts grabbing his things. However, that was a wrong move; for the moment Max grabbed his jacket, Talia stood up from her bed and stood in front of the doorway in an attempt to block him in.

"Leaving so soon?" Talia wondered in such an innocent voice that it made Max shiver in fear. Crossing her arms, Talia eyed him with a cold-serious stare, "I didn't say you could leave, did I?"

Swallowing nervously, making sure to tip-toe around his words so as not to piss her off again, Max shook his head and sighed. Max had already tried to say no to her once tonight, which resulted in a black eye; not wanting to relive the moment, Max apologized and stayed longer than he wanted to. Max could only leave when it hit nine pm, and he reminded Talia of his parents "being home by the ten pm" rule. Not wanting Max to get grounded, Talia let him leave, thankfully without an argument. Max practically rushed out of Talia's house and allowed himself to take time walking home, trying to figure out how he would possibly explain his now-sporting black eye to his family.

Thankfully one of Max's life skills was lying and manipulating. Max could easily lie, thanks to the family dynamic he grew up in, but the fear of getting caught in his lie was what scared him. Max only thought about lying because he was scared of how Talia would react if she found that Max had told his family about the argument and her hitting him. Sighing, Max turned onto Waverly Place and entered his family's apartment complex through their yellow door that led into the orange-decorated living area.

Taking his coat off, Max hung it up on the coat rack before surveying the area, only to realize that, to his luck, no one was around. It was almost as if it was too easy, but Max wasn't complaining; he could hide his issues and get away with it. Heading upstairs as fast as he could, Max noticed that the upstairs was empty too, meaning his parents must be in the sub shop, which led to Max thinking that his sister was out somewhere with their family friend, Harper Finkle, or her werewolf boyfriend, Mason Greyback. Max's older brother had been out with another family friend, Zeke, that week at some nerd camp Max never bothered to learn the name of.

Thanking the gods that he was alone, Max went to the shared bathroom and found what he was looking for concealer. Sure, it was his sister Alex's makeup, but Max knew it would come in handy to hide the black eye he was supporting. After applying the concealer and ensuring it was dry, Max deemed himself okay to return downstairs for the night. All Max did that night was watch TV and interact with his family when they all appeared individually for the time being. Finally, it was bedtime, and Max excused himself upstairs for the night. But first, Max had to remove the concealer, and he did. Afterward, he went to bed and allowed himself to sleep….

Later that week, Max was with Talia again, only at school this time. It had been a few days since the incident of his black eye, and it was gone by now, which was good; Max wouldn't have to wear makeup anymore. After the black eye incident, Max said yes to anything Talia wanted. Sure, she was controlling, but Max was all for it if it meant not getting hit again. At least all her commands hadn't been severe; if they crossed that bridge, it would be an issue Max would deal with later. But right now, he just followed her like a lost dog.

Today Max was wearing the damn grey suit again due to Talia's demand, of course, she said it looked good on him, but Max felt uncomfortable in it. The suite she got him was one size too small, but when Max first tried to complain to Talia about it, she glared at him dangerously, leading Max to thank her for the gift instead. The suite wouldn't have been bad if Talia hadn't made him wear it in school. Max's friends made fun of him for it and called him a leash dog for his constant obeying Talia, but if only his friends knew how Talia was, they would understand. Max didn't dare speak about the suite again to Talia; he only wore it when she told him to.

"You look so handsome in that suit Max." Talia complimented as she always did when he wore it. She squeezed his hand more complexly than usual, ensuring her fingernails dug into his skin, "I should start making you wear it daily. Seeing you in it makes me want to rip it off you and go crazy if you get what I mean." She explained as she winked at him flirty before releasing his hand; no doubt there were marks there now.

Wincing in pain from the hand grip, Max knew what she meant, they were teens, and they both had taken sex ed lessons due to it being required in health class. Max was still a virgin, of course, waiting for the right girl, but he wasn't sure how he felt about the idea of sex with Talia. They had talked about boundaries and respect when they first dated, so hearing Talia say that to him was a little surprising. Max frowned, though; the thought of being made to wear this damn grey suit every day scared the young teen. It was already uncomfortable; being in it daily would make him suffocated and unhappy.

"I don't know about every day…." Max began to say but stopped short and swallowed his words when he saw Talia glaring at him again, and she stabbed her lunch with a fork.

"What did you say?" Talia wondered as she raised an eyebrow at him, daring Max to challenge her authority; She continued to hold the fork in her lunch.

Glancing at the others around their table, Max sighed when he realized no one was paying attention to them or they didn't notice the conversation between the two. Being at school, Max usually felt safer because he knew Talia wouldn't dare do anything to him while they were in public; at least, that's what he hoped. Flinching, Max just shook his head and ate his cafeteria food quietly, not wanting to make her mad.

"Nothing….nothing…." Max mumbled as he lowered his head in defeat.

Max didn't notice the smirk on Talia's face, as she knew she had won in victory. Of course, Max didn't need to see it to know that he would pay for his words later. Shoveling the cafeteria food into his mouth as fast as he could, the bell rang, indicating lunch to end. Getting up, Max threw his stuff away before rushing off to class before Talia could catch him. Hoping he would get through the day without any new injuries…

Unfortunately for Max, Talia found him later and practically forced him to walk her home.
During their walk home, Talia took this time to chew Max out for their conversation at lunch; of course, Max took every word she said to him. Feeling his heart break a little as Talia called him a loser and worthless, that was the last straw for Max.

Turning, Max eyed her thoughtfully and said, "That's it; I can't take this anymore!"

"What?" Talia demanded the moment it came out of Max's mouth. "Take what anymore?"

"You!" Max explained as he frowned, slightly feeling bad when he saw the sad look on her face but then remembered how she treated him; he continued. "I can't take you anymore, Talia. I thought you changed when we discussed the luchador match, but you've returned to your old ways and worsened; I can't take it anymore." Max finished as he shook while he spoke.

Talia frowned at his words and couldn't believe what she was hearing. "What are you saying?" Talia wondered as she raised an eyebrow, daring Max to challenge her.

Max frowns and takes a deep breath before saying, "I think we should see other people."

For a moment, there was silence, then before Max knew what was happening, Talia lunged at him and started aiming for his face. Max raised his arms as if to protect his face from Talia's attacks. Even though she was hitting him and clawing him, Max refused to fight back, not wanting to hit a woman. Sure, she may have been attacking him, but his parents raised him right, and Max wasn't about to stoop to her level. Instead, he took each hit until she was done.

Once Talia finally took one last kick to his side, Max whimpered to himself as he felt the tears rolling down his cheeks. Usually, Max wouldn't cry, but he couldn't help himself in a situation like this. What made the situation worse was when Talia spat on him and told him he'd regret breaking up with her before she finally stormed away in anger.

Lying in pain on the ground, Max took a lot of effort to pick himself up after calming down. That evening, Max Russo limped home, figuring out how to explain this situation to his family, knowing they would freak out when they saw him. Walking home was hard; Max flinched occasionally and had to stop, catch his breath, and keep himself from crying. It took a while, but when Max saw the street sign that said "Waverly Place," he sighed in relief.

Walking into the family-owned substation, Max limped and practically almost fell against the door as he opened it; his body hurt so much. Thankfully the restaurant was closed at this time, and Max silently thanked the lords when he heard his mother and father gasp from where they were working; when they looked up to see who had entered, they were shocked to see their youngest son looking like someone had run him over with a car. Max started breaking down crying the moment the two of them ran over and pulled him into hugs.

"Mijo, what happened!?" Mrs. Russo demanded as she dragged her son into the restaurant and made him sit in a chair as she got the first aid kit to help.

Mr. Russo closed the door behind them and locked it. He came over and said thoughtfully, "Yes, tell us everything; who do I need to sue!?" Mr. Russo demanded as he held a fist up while he spoke to emphasize his point.

Max tried to hold back tears at his parent's words but flinched away when his mother tried to clean his claw marks. Unfortunately, Mrs. Russo didn't let her son steer away, and she made him let her clean his cuts. Seeing their youngest son hurt and crying made them upset, wanting to destroy whoever did this to him. Max whimpered and finally spoke one word, "T-Talia…"

Shock appeared on Mr. and Mrs. Russo's faces when Max said the name of the person who did this to him. Mr. Russo was more shocked than Mrs. Russo; for Mrs. Russo knew of her son's past troubles with his now ex-girlfriend. Theresa had to admit, she was weary of Talia when Max told her they made up for how the girl had been trying to control her son, but Mrs. Russo allowed second chances, and well….Talia wasn't getting a third, that's for sure.

Mr. Russo frowns, "Your girlfriend did this to you!? Why?" Mr. Russo wondered, confused as to why Talia would lay a hand on his son; she always seemed like a nice girl to him.

"I broke up with her, and she got mad…" Max finishes softly as he feels more tears come to his eyes. "She was too controlling; I couldn't take it anymore," Max explained as he allowed his mother to pull him into a hug. "You were right, Mom, we had nothing in common…."

Mrs. Russo frowned and suddenly felt bad for her son. All those times she kept telling Max that he and Talia had nothing in common, she was finally settling into her son, and suddenly she felt terrible about it. All Theresa Russo was trying to do was look out for her son; she never imagined that her words edged into his brain. Hugging him again, Mrs. Russo comforts her youngest son as he slowly calms down; breaking up was rough, but what Max did was even more complex. Mr. Russo made dinner for them, and as they all ate, Max finally told the truth about what had been happening between him and Talia.

Max had been nervous when he came clean about the abuse his ex-girlfriend inflicted on him, but at the same time, he felt relief; he didn't have to hide it anymore. Alex, Justin, and Harper all wanted to kick Talia's ass for hurting Max, but Max managed to get them to back off the idea with constant pleading for them not to get involved, that it would only make matters worse. Mr. Russo decided he was suing the Robison family for their daughter's actions, and Max instantly felt terrible; that was never his intention. When Max tried to talk his father out of suing the Robison family, Mr. Russo never backed down and continued with his plan, insisting it was to show others never to mess with any of the Russos again….

By the time the court date came around for the suing of Talia Robison for abuse on Max Russo, the youngest Russo had finally calmed down about his recent broken relationship. Of course, Max had mixed feelings about the course case, for he still tried to talk his father out of it, but nothing worked. Talia hated Max's guts even more, and her parents accused Max of lying and having too much imagination, believing that Talia was innocent and Max was doing this to get attention. The whole situation was messed up, and Max cursed himself for ever liking Talia in the first place; maybe things would have been different if he'd been with someone else.

The Russo's had won the court case, with the Robisons owing them five million dollars, and Talia was forced to apologize sincerely to Max during court. Talia was also going to face time in Juvnial for abuse of another human, hopefully, to teach her a lesson. Mr. and Mrs. Robison instantly despised Max after the court date and would only send glares to him but kept their mouths shut, knowing anything they said could be used against him.

Everyone was finally free to go home; Max didn't feel any better about the situation; if anything, he felt worse. Max never intended to hurt Robison but understood his father's reason for suing. It was times like this that Max was thankful to see that his family did care about him and he didn't have to hide in the background. But in times like this, Max just wanted peace and to move on from the situation. The court date made things worse and made Max wish things could've gone differently.

Finally, after months of dealing with the aftermath of the court date, Talia was let out of Juive, and she never spoke a word to any of the Russos again. Max was okay with that; he made peace with Talia while she was away, and Max finally felt happy again. Max even swore off dating for a while and started throwing himself into working more at his family's substation. Things would be okay if Max and Talia kept their distance from one another, of course…