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Chapter 1 Contrary to popular belief


It is described that in the bible that hell was a place where all bad people go when they die, to have their souls suffer for all time for the sins commited in life until the end of days.

It is also said that the earth started a paradise.

But... that can't be any further from the truth.

On the contrary, the earth did not start as a paradise, and as for Hell.

For if you would ask any densien in the pride ring, it would be no different from a life in the land of the living. It just had the added benefit of booze, drugs, and sex in ridiculous amounts of excess. All completely legal and encourged by any of those both in and out of pride. in short, anything that was illegal in life is legal in hell.

But that, like everything else in the land of the living, comes with a price... a terrible price.

To which is what the scene we can currently see right now.

The streets of the New york Styled City of Pentagram were empty, save for the lumps of meat, and formerly the shape of various demons. Right now, it was a literal demilitarised zone with rivers of blood flowing down all the way down into the sewers.

Actually, that would be something you would see in a place like hell.

This years annual's cleanse is just coming to a close. once again, the exocists had decended from heaven, and yet again, they had claimed the lives of numerous demons, both natural hellborne and immortal sinner alike, littering its pavements and roads like the biblical plague.

Again, can not be further from the truth.

Lucifer, Ruler of Pride and King of Hell, has always said that this event was nessacary to deal with the overpopulation problem ever present in his personal Circus.

Suspicious, that the demons ever needed help in killing themselves anyway! what with the higher level demons capable of laying waste to entire cities in moments, either through magic or technology l, Divine intervention be damned.

But no matter the opinion, Heaven has always hosted this cleanse on New Year's Eve on the dot. Whether it was needed or not. but this year, was off by a day or two.

As soon as the Anti Christ herself lets off a bright flare in prides red sky, the densiens in hiding pop right out of their hiding spots. Every business suddenly came to life, Shops opened up and started right back to what they had been doing again.

Acting as if not such a horrible event had just occurred.

From first glance, It may seem that the people down here dont care what happens to themselves and each other, but on the contrary, they , from the highest Lucifer to the lowest hellhound, were very capable of thought and emotion.

Many were even capable of love, lust anger and revenge. It's just that the majority was so used to the wild west styled landscape crafted over a few thousand years, that it made them all but desensitised to any sort of wrongdoing as anyone thought it was par for the course.

But as everyone wandered into the post cleanse streets and indulged a bit of turf warfare following in the aftermath, in another part of the ring, a life or death situation was going on in manor of a dysfunctional royal family.

Octavia Goetia, Demon princess of Ars goeta and Cautionary Heir to the bloodline, looks crestfallen, having gotten back not 15 minutes ago after having one of the worst moments of her life.

A moment that no teenager should ever go through. Having been caught in a literal shitstorm of death and destruction, she had narrowly escaped death, but not by the hands of another demon no, but by the aid of a living, breathing, human of all things.

It was rare the sight was, ones she normally saw were the Sinners as they were souls of the former human race turned demons from their sin.

But this one? This one she met is not only alive but apparently strong enough to dispatch an impressive total 20 exocists in one sitting.

But unfortunately not strong enough to fend off fatal wounds.

The tall Owl girl sat herself against a wall outside the family living room, having it been converted into a makeshift operating theatre by her father to heal him up.

Time is crucial now.

They have to take immediate action now theres no time to get him to a hospital in the sloth ring and no way that her father was going to risk and long waiting period on a bunch of ibreveated idiots.

It had been a curse that the human had lasted this long thanks to the youngest of the Goetia family the proof of her part?Her own beanie stained in blood. She had used it to keep her human from bleeding out. from the wound inflicted from the exorcists' blessed weapon, if he dies to these wounds, then he will cease to exist he won,t be going to heaven nor hell. it was a fate worse than death, not something she wished happen to him.

As time passes her by, she hopes Satan that the human was going to be okay as she recounts the moments that occured as she had gotten back.


"Human? human? just stay with me! dont die. im going to get you help, I promise!"

All of it happened so fast for the young Goetia one moment she was in her families limo on the way to the chopping mall via her own personal driver the next? the siren for the yearly cleanse sounded off throughout the town, even the alert on the phone went off.

"Attention, this years cleanse had been moved up to an earlier date. Anyone still outside, please clear the streets immediately and wait for further instructions. Sorry for the inconvenience,oh didn't take long for Octavia to be ambushe. The driver immediately got skewered through the sunroof, the angelic blade going through to the base of the skull into his brain, killing him.

Octavia screamed, a full-blown massacre was underway, the demons still out in the street was taken off guard as the smiling monsters with wings decended down to maim and murder.

Mountains of demons came running past the limo with several climbing over it, ignoring the occupant within.

She was defensless, Octavia thought.

Immediately, she got out of the car and ran. She didn't even have a plan to actually survive as soon, several exocists gave chase to the fleeing girl. She had never been in a situation like this before, and her Dad had no idea where she was

before she knew it, she was at a dead end, nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide. "They" were now closing in looking to carve a girl up so bad that even Jack the Ripper would be sick.

Knowing that this was it, She muttered words of apology to her parents, to her father, to her friends, to her father. She then realised her that mum had been rather distant, nothing really to apologise there.

But just as her death was all but certain.




one of the heads of the angels blew up, leaving the other two completely horrified, and Octavia completely baffled as angelic blood stained the alleyway

"what the?"

suddenly, in the corner of her eye, the shadow of what seems to be a bloodstained janitor could be seen on a rooftop with a rifle in hand. he was about to shoot again, nothing happened, followed by a loud click.

The other Angels sensing opportunity rushed at him at full force, their masks leds turning into a nightmarish scowl, as they tried to kill the being who thought he could get away with killing one of their own. They were pissed.

But this janitor was not out of options. He somehow magicly bulked up, lept high into the air to dodge their attacks, and as he decended, landed on the back of one of them nearly brought the exocist crashing down to the ground

foul demon, get off me!

A sharp pain then shot through her back as she felt her wings suddenly being torn from it.


Another scream pierced the air, and as soon her wings were pulled, the janitor spring boarded himself off of her into her sister to keep airborne The remaining Exocist rose her spear to block the fast approaching assailant but was met with a hard rifle to the face, disorienting her

all the while, Octavia was shocked at what was being witnessed the fight was one sided but she didn't mind though it was weird seeing someone actually helping someone else in hell since the worst aspects of people were encourged

when the fight was finished, the remaining Exocist lay impaled on her on spear, and the one with her wings clipped crawled on her belly, trying to get away from the manic.

where do you think you're going? he snarled

the angel was now held down in place as her helmet was violently ripped off, revealing her face to him.

she looked rather alien. Unlike the angels in fiction, they looked like grey aliens, no ears, or hair were present save for eyebrows.

when she looked in his eyes, under the baseball cap he was wearing, she looked in disbelieving at the realisation that had hit her.

You're no demon, "she cried.

Suddenly, he firmly grasped the object in hand as he burgeons her death with it, her own helmet, a piece made specifically as armour was being use crude weapon on her head. every blow became more visous than the last and soon her face was reduced to bloody hamburger

"And you are no angel!" he responded in kind

when it was finished, the youngest of the Goetia got a good like at her saviour's face as he took the baseball cap off to wipe the sweat from his brow

you alright? he asked

she didnt know what to say, He was a human, how did he do this? Why?

I...yes yes I am, thank you, but why?"

it's not right doesn't matter if you're a demon you're still a person if

look out! soon more exocists came by wanting a piece of the human since he looked fun for them to kill. The next 12 hours was a blood soaked romp through hell. The duo of Octavia and her new human friend were going through wave after wave of angelic murderers, seeking to get back home.

The scene brought to the mind of that of the plot of the warriors where a whole city's worth of gang members and police officers were hunting the titular characters ruthlessly

by the end of it twenty of heaven exocist were the ones to be cleansed but not before one managed to gravely wound Octavias companion

and now standing at the door her human in tow.

Dad, come on, open the door,

Octavia franticly banged on the front door. the owlet had to get the human indoors. He was not doing too well and he reflected his state, his brown hair was wet and messy with blood some his and some exorcist, his skin was a deathly pale white, and the wounds afflicted on him appeared on his sides as a rather painful gash.

"Via? is that you? "

The door had finially opened, revealing another Goetia only this one older male!

"im okay, Driver is dead, but im okay.

"Starfire? Who is that?" stolas looked at the guest on his daughters wing,

"Not sure, but this human saved me from the exocists. He took blows meant for me and now he's dying!"

Stolas twin sets of eyes grew suspicious, a living human here? Of course, he's happy to shake the hand of the one who would risk their life and limb for his daughter but a human? How was it possible? Did Blitzy have something to do with this? He thought, making a note to have a chat later.

"So can you fix him?" Via asked,

Stolas being the supportive parent didnt need much motivation to help the young man, of course normally he be sceptical of doing these sorts of requests for random strangers, but this was his daughter, unlike her mother who was cruel and seemly heartless, Octavia was kind and treated him like like he mattered despite her weird and unusual tastes in taxidermy. wasting no time he ordered his sevants that were mainly made up of imps to help them get inside proper.

"Thanks, Dad." Octavia smiled.

"Anything for you, Via. i just hope your mother doesn't do anything rash. You know how she gets"

Said stella was in the living room on the sofa chatting on the phone with her high society friends sipping tea, The woman, if anyone could ever call her that, was a polar opposite of her daughter. Where her daughter wouldve been fine wearing plebian clothes, Syella wore the most expensive and most current fashion money could buy and had a real short temper too, if you so much had one penny less than her you were considered a peasant and mistreated as such. So typicaly, when servants came suddenly barging in through the door carrying a sickly looking human and tossed him right into the sofa like a salad, stella was quick overract and jumped back as he landed in her lap. Face first

"What the? Stolass? Who the fuck is this? Stolas?"

She was livid. She had always been a toxic influence to her husband, tormenting him even before the incident with the imp, but ever since 'that' she went even further not even care if she has these spats in front of their own daughter.

oh it isnt bad enough that you sleep with that imp in our fucking bed but now you bring in a bloody plebeian here off the street to bleed out on the seatte? Arent you the most pathetic fucking man or what?

in a surprising turn of events, he answered back. Normally, Stolas would actually let his wife berate him and make fun of him whenever she can, even going as far as striking him.

but...this is one of the few times Stolas wasn't going to put up with his wifes BS.

"That Bloody Plebeian saved our daughter! i dont know why he did what he did, but i felt his aura. There is no ill intent in there!"

"Do you think that I care?" Stella screamed. "That thing should be grateful to serve its betters not expecting compensation for said privilege" "for what? to be denied an afterlife?" Stola asked, disbelieving the amount of cruelty that was coming out.

"it shouldn't be greedy and bleed its dirty low born guts on the furniture!"

"Why the fuck did my father ever think you were such a good choice?"

As the parents argued outside the living room, Octavia was tending to the human wounds. She gave his hand a slight squeeze to reassure him she was still there and not going away.

the owl girl heard a small voice eminate from her patient as she looked on, he's scared, trying to be brave in the face of his possible end, but his eyes told her otherwise.

"im sorry." he croaked The human had done alot of shit in his time but never once considered that he be in a place like hell, being cared for by a Tall Owllike girl who he cannot deny was beautiful. Octavia gently brought an arm around him in a hug, careful not to hurt him. she couldnt help but sympathise with her saviour.

"Me too." she sighed, l'm sorry too


After the shouting match, Stella eventually left in a huff, not wanting to suffer the human presence longer than needed. Stolas took to converting the living room into an operating theatre, hoping to avoid any issues if he was brought to one of the hosipitals in sloth.

As Octavia lounges in the hallway outside

Stolas stood by the frozen form of the human. That spell he performed was holding at least for now. Good thing too because from took a lot of the damage from the blessed weaponry it was a curse that he hadn't yet died.

"At least he has staying power," the Prince thought, letting a small smile show.

It was at times like this the grimore would come in handy right about now if only blitzy didn't need it.

The Fatherly Goetia could imagine what pain the young human was suffering right now and how if it wasn't for him, his precious Starfire would be the one here getting treatment, potentially dying by euthanasia if it was bad not knowing anything about him, Stolas knew just enough that there is good in him, as evidenced by his act. Octavia jumped out of her seat to her fathers side, worried."How bad is he? is he going to make it? Right, "well, he's stable. i had to induce a magical statis field over to stop his deterioration, but he's stable."

a temporary measure, she knew this well. It's only delaying the end to his life

It's not fair! This human sacrificed his life to save me! he should have the chance to live or at least come here a happy man not ended by a bunch of angelic psychos!

Via, you know as much as I that this is hell, stolas gestured. Heaven does not care for our alligment or struggle. If you are a demon, you will die. it's that simple.

"I know that, but i wish there was a way to save him."

But then recalling from the memories Stolas was able to gleam from the human before the stasis spell He had spent years travelling the world with two infamous vampires after an incident at the boy's family home. forcing him to flee. The closest relation that the human ever had to family was one of the Vampires themselves. A bleached blonde man with a name that Stolas Swore would more be better for a Hellhound than a bloodsucker.

Apparently, he was not like the typical Souless yet stupid vampires that plague the land of the living. This vampire had more or less maintained his more human traits, which were similar to Stolas himself in a weird way, tending to the other vamp whos insane and apparently a seer also raising the human to be part of his own family.

The human instantly grew to care for the two vampires to the point he wanted to be a vampire just like the blonde when he became an adult. However, the human knew in the back of his mind that the blonde would never let it happen.

And at that very moment, Stolas finally had a way to save his daughter's Saviour, even granting him a long, overdue wish

actually, there is a way to save him, but this method has not been done in a long time, not ever since...

When the last Pure Demon to leave the living world had mixed its blood with another

Octavia widened her eyes in shock, She had heard of some legends of this story from her tutors, but never believed that to be true. Would he want this? She asked aware what the end result would be Not to worry my owlet, he will definitely want this, Stolas reassured her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

with seemly no other option Octavia agrees to go along with risky gamble

"Do it!" Octavia Shouted

And so, thus, begins the story of one of the most deadliest beings to grace the 7 rings of hell, and the strongest, most powerful vampire on earth.

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