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Chapter 10: You will be okay

Stolas Mansion, Pride Ring

In a private bathroom, basked in the colours of the Moon and the night sky that supports it. Stolas was just finishing up on his rather relaxing bath. Those exquisite bath salts really can bring the spirits up on a big bird man.

or it would, if not the terrible possibility that he had just uncovered

Ever since Baskerville had fled the nest, so to speak, the prince had been heavily researching on the earths history of Slayers in his library. Despite his efforts, he had found that the information on the subject was incomplete. now, these bits of reading material were extensive, to say the least. They covered the individual slayers through the ages, their personalities, their skills, and their kills, all except one thing their deathshow very typical! of the watchers choosing not to document the death of their slayers even though they document everything else.

Now, Stolas, being a parent himself, understood that It may have been painful. Some of those men may have developed a bond with their slayer akin to a fathers love, but choosing not to document the deaths of their charges not only made history repeat itself but also showed the failing of the watchers as a whole.

It was fortunate, that one of his outings outside the mansion, he had managed to find a few watchers that had been sent to hell years ago when they died, their souls still alive even after countless yearly cleanses.

Based on the evidence given by those men. It was a good thing that he interrupted Baskerville when he did. It hopefully saved the vampire some trouble later.

What confused Stolas was that instead of Baskerville using his revolvers, which he knew had exorcist steel, knocked out the slayer and dumped her in front of her house after defeating her.

The sound of something landing onto his balcony brought stolas out of his own thoughts.

Baskerville had just arrived to meet up with his Sire, with his shift at Imp just finished fifteen minutes ago. from outside. He could see stolas quickly moving through to his bedroom and then towards the doorway, then eventually the balcony

The doors flew open, and out came his Sire dressed in his bathrobe and crocks

looking at his Childe, Stolas see the seriousness that was there in Baskerville's eyes. He needed answers, answers that would help him understand whatever the danger that the slayer possessed. Answers that could prove crucial to the vampires crusade against the watchers and possibly more.

Baskerville feared the worst because you don't just call your progeny not to kill his worst enemy without a good reason.

"Stolas, We need to talk." Baskerville announced

Immediately without a word, he was granted access to the mansion. The elder Goetia led Baskerville inside and brought them towards the library. when they arrived, the library was grand. It had books of every century, and every fascit of magic there was. Baskerville himself had been in this room a few times before during his stay here. the magic that's stored here was better than most of the crap on earth.

"You probably wondered why I had stopped you from killing the slayer?" Stolas asked as Baskerville takes a seat

"Well, yes," stated the vamp assassin. "I always did say that I hate the slayer and it's by this point that its no secret why I do."

"Of course, of course," Stolas agreed, cleaning up his messy desk, "and no one will blame you if you wish for revenge upon all of them. I mean, they do represent your abusive father and that group hes a part of since he was a watcher."

Barthomley B, Watcher and Baskerville's father, was the farthest thing from a dad as you can get. on first glance, he may look the part of an english gentleman with his tweed suit and pocket watch, but that was as far as it went.

The real Barthomley was a monster in all but name. Although it was unclear if the watchers knew of the man's crimes, it was a true fact that ever since 'his' son was born. He, for whatever reason, made life a never-ending nightmare for both his son and his wife.

To this day, Baskerville had no idea why he acted the way he acted because the last time that anyone had ever seen him was the day before the slayer attacked Baskervilles' home and killed his mother. the 'bastard', the name that Baskerville likes to call him, said that he was going on a trip out of the country, something work related apparently.

back to the matter of the slayer

as Sire and Childe slipped further into their conversation, the imp butler arrived with drinks straight from the princes' cellar and from the looks of it, he may have to gather the whole cellar before the night is out!

"Now, that is what I don't get! Baskerville bickered frustrated "just why in hell did you tell me not to do it when I was in the middle of doing it?"

"Because like I said, Baskerville, she would have been even worse if you did!"

"But that doesn't answer a damn thing! in what way how?"

The Prince couldn't answer. He had no idea how to tell him. for something that was only just speculation, he could not confirm it unless he was in heaven. he had to decide and decide now.

"Answer me stolas! Did you know how much of myself I had to restrain? The only reason I kept this bitch alive is because you said things will get bad if I did killed her. But for some reason, you refuse to elaborate how! what else could be so possibly horrible that you would deny me my pound of flesh?"

"Because I just came across the strong fucking possibility that the Slayers and the Exorcists are one and the fucking same!" Shouted Stolas.

one? and the same? Baskerville could only hear

Immediately, the prince's progeny became incredibly silent, his heart heavy, unable to communicate or respond. What had he done? What was going through Baskervilles's mind as the horrible implication rung in his ears? nobody knew, but the change did not go unnoticed with his Sire, who could tell from the blank expression on his face that this bit of news troubled him.

"Baskerville?" Stolas softly spoke, wondering if he went too far.

" one and the same?" His Childe muttered not really aware he was answering his sires call.

In ways, it's possible, during the last cleanse, all the exorcists he had come across were strangely all female, their fighting styles, although altered, seem similar to how a slayer fights.

Stolas having calmed down, goes to then explain to the fledgling vampire of the research he had been doing recently looking into the history of the slayers since he had looked into Baskerville memories about them as they seemed similar to the exorcists. This sudden interest had also stemmed from an incident that happened centuries ago when he was younger.

unknown to the prince but seeing this fatherly side of stolas made Baskerville seriously value hell. Despite all the nasty bits from its residents, it had its redeeming quailites, too.

For every stella there is a stolas for every moth pimp there is a blitz and for every legit wholesome moment or moment of sympathy that hell is able to create is another middle finger to whoever is in charge of heaven proving that hell does not deserve to be killed every year like its going out of style.

"I have no reason to lie to you, Basker, nor do I have reason to deceive you, in all honesty. what I am trying to give the most that I can for you, the same way I'm giving for Via."

Baskerville overcome with emotion hugged the big bird man. is feathers were rather soft and comforting as his sire returned the hug

he reminds me so much of my starfire as a child Stolas thought.

"Thanks, Stolas." Baskerville smiled still. to be honest, He felt rather content with showing this side of himself with friends and family, far away from the other side thats normally the ruthless slayer of entitled chosen ones and those who worship that's another thing, family, his thoughts wandered back towards Spike and Drusilla. Should he at least check up on them? Baskerville did not know. but maybe he could ask stolas on tips regarding scrying spells so he can locate them but until then, all he can do right now is make sure the world still turns and doesn't destroy itself. Speaking of which..."Stolas?""Yes, Baskerville?"

"What do you know of Lorthos?"

Hemeries Hospital, Los Angeles, California

Buffy Summers, the current slayer, had been out a full day. lying in the hospital bed in wrapped several casts, she still was nursing the wounds inflicted by that very strong masked vampire. even with buffys supernatural healing factor, it hadn't completely covered her lumps, bruises, and scrapes, and with what she witnessed, that was probably the strongest vampire she had ever seen.

was he a member of the lorthos group? Buffy wondered. No, can't be, No way that cheesy vamp lord would have someone like... Baskerville? was that his name? on their side. with what she's seen so far, it's safe to assume that the answer is no because of the state of that lair she came across had been hit...hard.

the sound of a doctor entering the room awoke the Elder Summers from her worried slumber. she darted awake. Her daughter had been attacked, and she wanted to know how?

"Buffy? are you awake?" her mother groggily asked, still half asleep.

her daughter also abit groggy replied "of course, mom, you okay?" yes, I'm fine buffy, but just what happened to you? how did you get that badly hurt? what had you been doing to get to that state?"

That is what I like to find out."

Turning their attention to the door, both summers saw the doctor coming out of the doorway towards them, dressed in a white coat grey dress pants and shoes a sweater vest underneath it was none other than buffys watcher Merrick.

Merrick, as his cover, took the job of a qualified doctor in the hospital since it would be suspicious for some random old man to galivant buffys high school unless he was a teacher or a librarian. Plus, it allowed him to find any anomalies when they turned up of the supernatural kind.

"Doctor, what happened?" Asked Buffys mother I found her badly beaten up outside our house. how did she even get there?

apparently, when your daughter came in, she seemed to be of a victim of a mugging

Buffy's mother seemed to widen her eyes at this while her daughter grew upset that not only she had been attacked by a vampire but same vampire had mugged her as insult to injury

"Mugging? oh buffy! my little girl, but then how were you able to get back home?"

I didn't. buffy thought since she was tasked of keeping the world safe, she had to keep everything a secret.

"Well, from the way you described it, Mrs Summers, it most likely the mugger put your daughter there for you to find"


I'm not sure, but that's the closest guess to what happened considering the lack of evidence.

Merrick had a good idea of what had happened, considering he visited the supposed vampire lair. It was safe to assume that his slayer did not wipe out every vamp in there. what he didn't know is who could else could have done it. Buffy may be the slayer, but there were beings much stronger in the world than them.

Well, be thankful you're still alive. You worried me and your father the way, where is your husband?

He's at work,

I see,

Joyce brought her daughter forward into a bone crushing hug, Despite her problems that her daughter was clearly going through, she loved her children unconditionally and wanted only the best for them

mom, jeez, stop you're embarrassing me

"Buffy Summers, I am your mother, and it's my job to be embarrassing, but seriously, please, at least don't go out alone again, especially so late at night?"

her daughter still in the hug smiled. She wished she could tell her mother, but with Merrick and the watchers this will have to do for now, "I will Mom"

she looks over to Merrick, knowing later that she will have to give an account about last night. Despite being a watcher. He at least gave Buffy this chance some time with her family.

in the back of her mind, however, she hopes that in her near future that she, along with her family, will be okay.

Hell, IMP Office few days later

"Okay, that's done,"

Saturday morning in hell, not that much different from saturday on earth, no little hellraisers going to school, no school to keep said hellraisers prisoner and amusements can be found more a plenty to sate the selfish urges of those same little hellraisers.

but at the offices of I.M.P, it was not a prison, nor a school it was a business and it was usual if the bodies hit the floor like flecks of red rain.

Baskerville at his desk had just finished some errands relating to his last hit. An evil ringmaster/mad scientist in Iowa is running an evil carnival in a spooky cemetery.

it was pretty fun to say the least, getting to go through a gauntlet of monsterous carnies and mad men with nothing but a shotgun taken from a shooting gallery onsite, it really made feel like the basis of a video game.

the only downside was that he wished that he could have done the entire thing with Moxxie, Mille, and maybe Blitz. since it would be nice to bond with his co-workers and his boss over with something like this.

He longed to see the skills of the company in display so to find a way to synergize himself into the group so they could see him could only curse himself for not having that a good selection of social skills to make small talk. When it comes down to hunting down the slayer, getting information was easy, but normally, socially, those skills are crap How would he, a fledgling vampire with only his demonised soul, love to ask loona out on a date, but there's no way she wouldn't want to do something like this with a co-worker.

Despite the numerous interactions he's had with the furry goth girl, he realised that they may have nothing in common besides the workplace.

Loona was rather mysterious when it came to how her mind works and only had seen only glimpses of the girl when she wasn't being a literal bitch

picking up his report, he left his desk to visit blitz in his office while Millie and moxxie were having coffee in the break room. he passes by loonas desk where loona was being loona as in nothing much besides her hellhound monthly.

as he approached the tough goth girl sat down, her eyes jetted off her phone to the Greek statue in front of her. What was his deal, she thought as the vampire from hell loomed up above.

Loona? he asked gently, not to disturb loona too much.

Yeah what is it?

i know this is wierd to ask but is this all that you do all day? Baskerville asked, curious about

loona annoyed by this growled, what is he getting at? loona thought. is he implying she's lazy?" Do you have a problem with or something?"

"no, I'm just concerned, I mean, when I first arrived here, you seemed very interested in me, very smitten, honestly i found it very cute!

I"'m not cute!" loona shouted, pretty defensive at his comment. her face reddening

yes you are! all the times you look at me, I can feel puppy love radiating from your gaze, giving the love me love me vibe to me.

that's because you were so close, you know?"

and not related to being attracted to me?

what? no, no, no, it's just lust everyone gets that down here

what does any of that shit have to do with me?

"Seriously? you have not thought once about me?"

"Well smartass even if I was interested in you why would you be even interested in a bitch like me?"

because where others may see an angry, heartless cur that pisses off her colleagues. see a young, attractive woman just trying to kill the pain.


"When I was with stolas, I learned about the hierarchy down here. Your species seem to be even lower than imps, and those that are orphaned are placed into what I assume is similar to a dog pound"

I'm not

"please loona let me finish, I hear that all the conditions are not ideal and those who reach 18 and are not adopted are put down." Loona was speechless. How had he made an observation like this? was he just guessing? no, no way anyone would care for her like this. She is a bitch she doesn't deserve anything from this guy, this hot undead, sweet guy. pulling her head out of the gutter, she keeps her defence up.

oh please so what? bad things happen all the time down here, nobody fucking cares!

I do, I think you do too

loona having enough of the blatant emotional bullshit turns her colleague away. as Baskerville gets going to his bosses office he gazes one more time at the grumpy hellhound before breaking off.

She may have a point in what she said about nobody caring but thinking about the words of his sire, he can't give up on hope.

Blitz office

inside his Office Blitz was playing out one of his usual idle fantasies through the varoius office equipment and items that layed around his desk. this is only of just one scenario that his dirty mind Conjures up on a daily basis but when you are deprived of love and attention as much as blitz you reach for other outlets.

oh blitz, you're such a good boss! 'said' the water bird dressed as millie

yeah I really want you sir 'Said' the crude figure depicting moxxie

Great let's threeway!

as blitz was about to grind the crude interpretations of moxxie and mille into his crotch to act out the climax the door burst wide open as if a strong wind blew by.

Blitz? I finished my...

the jester imp immediately grew defensive at being caught at such a private time, trying to cover up what he was doing while trying to shoo his employee away so he get back in to feeling the love between his... 'employees,

Christ on a stick! Baskerville! knock on my door! Can't I'm in the middle of something?

Covering his eyes Baskerville apologies for the disturbance as he drops the file on the desk

I only wanted to stop by and give you my report on that Carnevil Hit last night Blitz

right thanks, thank you, you can go now

what are you even doing in here?

none of your Damn bussiness! Blitz Shouted Whatever I do in my office is mine and mine alone and has nothing to do with you! if I wanted to have a peep show I'll get the MnMs to do it!

Why would they...

don't answer that!

okay okay if anyone asks ill say you are in a private meeting

okay sure fine just let me to myself.

"Sure whatever you want Blitz, So Private meeting?"

"Private Meeting"

as Baskerville exits the office door he closes it behind him making sure Blitz had some privacy as to not be disturbed. unknown to the still green vampire both millie and moxxie were right behind the door as if they had been there this whole time.

"er baskerville is the boss okay?" Moxxie asked clearly puzzled to what had His employer in such a bad mood

yeah hes in a meeting private that's all

"oh, wait? who with?"

oh just you and your wife.


I'm just kidding Moxxie just some office equipment ment to resemble you and millie


it was Just then when his hellphone started to vibrate. somebody was sending him a text messege.

Opening up his phone he saw that the message was from Octavia. Apparently Stolas, after another shouting match with her mum wanted to take her out to a place that she had not been to ever since she had been a little bird.

Loo Loo Land

the name alone brought snickers to those who spoke the name aloud much more to those who did not know it existed.

Octavia, who really didn't want to go for some reason messaged him if he would like to go with her and stolas since it could help her cope better.

However, there was only one problem, Baskerville was still working, unless there is a hit on someone at Loo Loo Land he could not do much less to inquire the wrath of Blitz

just about to reply to Octavia message his boss loudly made an announcement through a random foghorn to which captured the attention of the whole office.

Millie, Moxxie, Baskie the bloodsucker get in here we are going to Loo Loo land!

Loo Loo land Moxxie asked as he open the door to the office.

Loo Loo Land? Mille confirmed as she crash through the glass of the office door.

Loo Loo Land!

Baskerville was last to hear as he barges through the door breaking it while having a wide eye look on his face

"Loo Loo land?"

Shut the Fuck up! Loona yelled, tired of hearing the theme parks name over and over again.

But despite the suddeness of this mission Baskerville was looking forward This was it, he thought the mission the Big teamup that he had all but waited for...was finally here.

the only problem now was, what to tell both Octavia and her father.

End of Chapter 10

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