The boy known as Theldar Mountainback was a strange inclusion in Musutafu's everyday life. The boy had come from a small family where the father was from Scandinavia and the mother was Japanese. Theldar was shorter than his peers, but his musculature was significantly bulkier than others. His quirk made this difference.

The day was quiet for the most part, there were some stray clouds in the sky occasionally blocking out the rays of sunlight. In the backyard of one particular home was a boy that looked to be ten years old. But in reality, this is Theldar digging with his family shovel.

"Theldar! What the hell are 'ye doing with de' shovel?" Theldar's father, Odin, shouted from the door.

"I smell rocks and stones, some gold 'ere!" He shouted back, digging down to the stone beneath the dirt. He was fascinated by the earth beneath his feet, always trying to dig down and get riches out.

His day had been dull for the most part, being a fourteen-year-old made him a student at the local school, Aldera Junior High. The school was not extraordinary for the most part except for the explosive school bully, Katsuki Bakugo, or as his mother would say, Bakugo Katsuki. The boy was loud, had a quirk similar to his loudness, and was bold as all hell. His personality annoyed Theldar on occasion, but the fact that the teachers were letting him beat up another student was worse. Midoriya Izuku, the quirkless of the school, the laughing stock of many, and an aspiring hero. Theldar was impressed by the tenacity and willingness to put himself in danger for others, even if those others did nothing to pay the selflessness back.

Theldar himself was going to the top hero school, U.A., to become a hero himself. But the fact that Midoriya's class had laughed about it had been worse. The explosion that Theldar heard indicated that Bakugo had used his quirk to blast the other boy, possibly bruising him badly as a result.
When classes ended and students were let out of school, Theldar wanted to check on the boy to see if he needed any help. But when he searched for Midoriya he was nowhere to be seen, as if he had vanished into the city.

Theldar walked down the street towards the shopping district to get some of his favorite sweets, Red Shugar Crystals. The local candy shop was his regular visiting spot after school, Red Shugar was his favorite as it was sweet, had a nice crunch to it when biting down on it, and it had a structural strength similar to stone, and stone was Theldar's usual chewing toy.
As he walked down the street with a grin, there was a scream and suddenly explosions appeared from an alleyway, making the nearby wood on buildings catch fire and start spreading.

Theldar paused walking and took a moment to listen to the screams of nearby a passerby. "Villain! Do we have any heroes nearby?"
The person next to the man looked around for any noticeable heroes. "No heroes that I can see! We should call the police and fire department!" The ensuing chaos was deafening with explosions and some screams as panic and confusion spread.

Theldar watched as people ran and called for help on phones, his face hardened with determination as his grin faded into a straight line, his musculature bulging as adrenaline filled his being. Ready for action, he sprung forward and helped people get away from the danger as the fire spread further and further. His eyes scanned the immediate area for a fast source of water, spotting a fire hydrant and an old trash can with a removable metal lid, he took the lid and walked to the fire hydrant looking for a way to open it without destroying the whole thing.
Seeing a metal plug that presumably held the water in, Theldar removed it with a strong pull, opening the way for water to flow out and explode upwards into the sky. Theldar held the trash lid in both of his hands and angled it just right to reflect the water into the fires that stopped spreading. The water doused many of the fires as some civilians were in the background looking at the schoolboy use the surroundings to his advantage.

When the first police cars arrived a safety perimeter was made around the alleyway to block out non-authorised people from entering.
A cop ran next to Theldar and shouted over the explosions and flowing water, "Young man! What is the situation?"
Theldar looked at him for a moment before focusing back on his improvised fire extinguisher. "Explosion' and screams! Get some heroes here to help!" He shouted back to the cop.

"Alright, keep the water flowing so that we can see the situation!" The man shouted before running back to the superior officer next to a radio.
The chaos drowned out everything else to Theldar, the only thing he was focusing on was aiming the water toward fires that either spread too far or were just made.
'The best hero for this situation would be Backdraft, his quirk would be better for these fires.'

Theldar looked around him, seeing if any heroes have arrived yet. Just then Kamui Woods rounded a corner at the end of the street, swinging fast towards the chaos that was happening.
As soon as he landed he ran to the nearby police force to get information and assess the situation. Woods' eyes landed on Theldar as he aimed some water at a bigger fire that had been made by a big explosion.
The hero nodded, giving respect towards a young man like Theldar, who wants to help in any way that they can without dangering their life.
'The boy could become a great hero.' Kamui then looked to the alleyway and saw the multiple fires that littered the walls and ground, 'Yeah this situation became different for me.' He thought, grimacing at another explosion. He took out his phone, scrolled down the lines of numbers, and found the hero that could help him. 'Alright Backdraft, please be available.' The ringing went on for a few more seconds until it was picked up.

"Backdraft speaking, what is your emergency?"

"Backdraft! Kamui Woods here, we need help in firefighting! Sending coordinates now." Kamui then hung up the phone just as quickly and texted the nearest address that he could find. The next minutes of the emergency went by like a blur, as the firefighters and Backdraft soon arrived and took the load off Theldar.
Theldar was sitting on a bench relaxing his arms, as they felt numb and painful from the amount of strength used. "Good job young man, you helped us before we arrived by suppressing the fires from spreading." Theldar looked up and saw an old-looking firefighter without his helmet. "It's what an aspiring hero like me woulda' done!" He responded with a toothy grin, making the man smile a bit himself. "How's da' situation? I saw Death Arms arrive, so something must be amiss with de' situation." Theldar asked as his grin was replaced by a small frown.
"It was discovered that the villain in question is made of sludge and has a hostage who has an explosion quirk." The man responded grimly. He sat down and sighed as he leaned back and looked at the clear sky. "Death Arms says that the villain is too slippery for him to grab onto him effectively, there are too many fires for Kamui Woods to get up close and Backdraft is occupied by the fires. In short, the situation is complicated and the heroes won't risk it to save the hostage."
"...Bunch of cowards, that's what they are," Theldar answered with a small growl, making the firefighter look at him with an eyebrow quirked, "Not risking their lives is a part of the hero work, looking for fame is a plus of being in the spotlight, but truly saving someone by risking your wellbeing makes you more popular as a byproduct." Theldar stood back up and walked away, seeing as his duty as a helping hand is done. "There needs to be more honest heroes, who will fight for the protection of people."

The aftermath of the Sludge Villain Incident was seen by Theldar on TV. He was impressed by the bravery of Midoriya, who managed to stall for time until All Might arrived and blasted the villain away and changed the weather at the same time.

The evening was filled with Theldar's dad praising his son for helping in the incident and his mother asking if everything was okay. "I'm okay ma! I need to train more if I want to become a powerful hero, and truly save someone by defeating villains!" His reassurance made her happy, as she knew his sometimes muscle-headed thinking was his way of telling people that he learned something new to train himself on.
"Son, you ought to become a great hero! Or else this old man here will come by and beat you down to the ground!" Odin shouted at Theldar, making him grin and raise his fist to the air, screaming: