Theldar's day started as it usually did. Wake up, do some light stretches and light training, take a shower, eat breakfast, and finally, go to school. He arrived at the gates earlier than others, but some early risers were already at the school.
Those people were Yaoyorozu Momo, Todoroki Shoto, and Iida Tenya. Momo's greeting was quiet but casually formal. Tenya was overly formal, his hands chopping the air like a knife. And Shoto just stared.

Theldar wasn't sure why Todoroki was so quiet, but his mind didn't dwell on it for long. He pulled out his sketchbook and went away making some drawings other than armor and weapon designs. This time he planned to make a drawing of his class in hero costumes, but because Hero Classes are in the afternoon, he started with the general body shapes for his classmates. The background, he planned, would be an urban setting, with some destroyed buildings and defeated villains. The outline for Shoji was the biggest, with the addition of his height and his dupli-arms making the outline gigantic when compared to an average like Midoriya.

The drawing made the surrounding world pass by like a blur, his focused attention and some quiet words of frustration drawing some glances. When classes started he finally packed his drawing tools back into his bag and focused on the teacher. The first half of the day passed without so much of an explosion, considering Bakugo was grumbling about 'hero classes' and 'beat up Deku'.
Lunch went by normally, well, as normal as a hero school is. He ate his lunch with his classmates, with Mina and Kirishima talking about something he ignored, or the muttering voice of Izuku talking about Lunch Rush and their other teachers.

With their stomach full of food they like, their long-awaited Foundational Hero Studies had arrived.

"I AM..." The door burst open with a gust of wind. "...COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!" Theldar looked at All Might with a wide grin, his excitement booming through his chest like a hammer.
"Is that his Silver Age costume!?" Kirishima shouted over the cacophony of loud classmates.

All Might took his place behind the podium, striking a pose and flexing at the same time. "I shall be teaching Foundational Hero Studies for the first-year classes! Through multiple trials, you shall build your heroic foundation!" All Might reached behind him, bringing his hand out in a flourishing manner. "Battle trials! And to include in your first battle..." A set of shelves slid out of the wall, showcasing suitcases with numbers on them. "...Your hero costumes! The school went ahead and prepared your costumes based on the forms we had you send in!"

The class erupted into cheers, with most of them clamoring atop each other to get to their costumes faster. Theldar stayed in the back, holding himself to not bulldoze through the mob to get his case out.
When he finally had the chance, he rushed to the changing rooms to get donned in his armor.
"Whoa, man! That looks like a heavy set of armor there!"

Theldar didn't just make a costume, no, no. He made a set of artistic battle armor!
The helmet had a jutting set of metallic horns lined with gold, its shape similar to that of an 'F'. The helmet itself covered a large part of his head and a part of his nose, all lined with engravings. Theldar's beard was braided with four golden rings, two in the middle and the other two separating the beard, making it have three sectors. His chestplate was mostly golden with some amount of leather and other metals visible from under the plates. The legs had a patch of blue cloth covering the metal under it. The knees had a plate of strong-looking metal covering with the edges covered with more gold, with the legs in heavy, thick boots. The shoulder plates were very eye-catching, with the shape of a head covered in a helmet and a beard. The grieves looked even heavier, as it was like a metal cone attached to Theldar's hands, with a set of metallic fingers finishing the hands.
Then there was the leather cape, with a lining of fur. The blue-colored cape had patterns akin to chains and hammers, with some shapes looking like double-edged axes.

(WindRose: Warfront cover for reference)
"Aye, this armor was designed by me. But what would a set of armor be without a weapon?"

Then came the biggest hammer that the boys had ever seen.
It was big, with the handle being taller than Theldar and the head looking like a gigantic rock. But it had even more details.
There was even more gold lining the edges and highlits. The shiniest piece is the center, with a green crystal surrounded by a mountain-shaped gold. "This...will be my weapon until a later date."

"Students, from here on out you are not just normal students in this school! You are all officially heroes in training!"

From Theldar's suit to Momo's revealing outfit, class 1-A was ready for their first Hero Studies.
"Wait for me!" Well except for the green-clad Midoriya.
At first glance, his costume resembled that of a bunny, but when you get to know how much he adores All Might, the similarities start to come out.

The wide grin-like expression, two tufts of large 'ears' and two smaller ones just behind. With such an interesting design it was no wonder that some snickered at the goofiness.
All Might himself was a bit surprised at it, but kept his laugh in to not embarrass the kid.

"Welcome to Ground Beta! Here we shall be doing our first Heroics class!" All Might spread his huge hands, making the students take in the sight of Ground Beta.

"Sir! Are we going to be fighting against robots like in the entrance exams?!" Iida's voice came out of the suit, his hands doing chopping moves like the robot he looks like.
"That was originally planned! But today we will be taking two steps into the darker side by doing indoor battles! Most of the battles you see go on out in the open, but the truly intelligent villains hide and plan in the shadows! So today we will learn how to shine our light into the dark shadows!" His grandiose speech made a few cheers, their excitement starting to burn their insides.

"For this test, you will all be divided into 'Villain' and 'Hero' groups. For a two-on-two team battle! But with the number of students in this class being 21, we need someone to go twice to even out the odds, one time in the Hero team and one Villain! Who shall be the volunteer?" Silence permeated the area for many moments, but a lone person walked forward.

"I shall go twice." Theldar was very serious about learning heroics, so he needed to play the part of the Hero and Villain teams to fully learn the tactics.
"Very well young man! Then let us begin with the class!"

There were questions right after flying at All Might, his face scrunching up in concentration. "Quiet down! I can't hear you all!"
His gigantic hand went to a back pocket, fishing out a small piece of paper. "For this lesson, we'll be having the villains defending a nuclear weapon they intend on activating! The heroes must stop them before the time runs out! The heroes must either capture the villains or make contact with the weapon before detonation, they win! But if the villains manage to defend the weapon or capture the heroes, the win goes to them!

"Teams will be chosen through drawing lots!" A box appeared in his hands, surprising the more wise-minded.
"Why will we decide by lots?" Iida questioned with a raised hand. Midoriya was the one to answer his question, "Well, in the field heroes react to the closest crisis, so it will be always random with whoever you team up with."

"Ah! Sorry for the sudden question!" Iida bowed deeply, again. "No worries! Anyway, let's draw!"

Team A: Midoriya Izuku; Uraraka Ochaco

Team B: Todoroki Shoto; Shoji Mezo

Team C: Yaoyorozu Momo; Mineta Minoru

Team D: Bakugo Katsuki; Iida Tenya

Team E: Aoyama Yuga; Ashido Mina

Team F: Sato Rikido; Koda Koji

Team G: Kaminari Denki; Jiro Kyoka; Theldar Mountainback

Team H: Tokoyami Fumikage; Asui Tsuyu; Theldar Mountainback

Team I: Ojiro Mashirao; Hagakuro Toru

Team J: Kirishima Eijiro; Sero Hanta

"With the teams chosen, the first battle shall be between teams...A and D!" Midoriya froze in place, his head slowly turning toward Bakugo. The maniacal grin on his face made the green boy sigh, already accepting his fate.

A large portion of the class was gobsmacked at the amount of destruction that was shown between teams A and D. Midoriya, with the sacrifice of an arm, blew a hole into the building and managed to secure victory with the help of Uraraka.

But the MVP was given to Iida Tenya by Yaoyorozu Momo, with the help of a lengthy explanation.

With the first battle done, the second one was done in a flash. Literally.
Todoroki's ice froze the whole building over, trapping Ojiro and Hagakure in place. Team B took a swift victory.

The third battle consisted of Team H versus Team J. Tokoyami, Asui, and Theldar versus Kirishima and Sero.

"How will we beat Kirishima and Sero, ribbit?" Asui asked with a tilt of her head, and a finger to her chin. "While we do have the superior numbers, Kirishima seems to have enhanced durability that Theldar might not beat." That comment got a frown out of Theldar, his mind going over the information that he got from observing his classmates the day before. Kirishima was physically fit, and his quirk enhanced his already stupid amount of durability. "I can take down Kirishima by tiring him out and getting in some counterattacks. He might have superior durability, but his attacking power is not overly enhanced like me." With his two-handed hammer on his shoulder, he picked up a piece of concrete off the ground. The size was about the same as Kirishima's head, with the concrete itself showcasing the similar amount of hardness his quirk makes.
With a flex of his muscles, the piece of concrete was reduced to fine dust.

Asui looked at the dust in Theldar's hand for a second before nodding, "Then we will leave Kirishima to you, Theldar. Tokoyami and I can take down Sero or capture the bomb." With a general plan done, the bell rang.

Feet exploded into action, Theldar at the front and Asui just behind him with Tokoyami running behind him. The first floor was empty, with no signs of activity anywhere. The halls were empty as well, with no signs of life anywhere.
With their eyes looking for any movement, ears open for any step or crack. Their bodies were tense and ready for action: battle instincts in Theldar whispering information into his mind, Asui's breath steady as she smelled for any signs of Kirishima of Sero, and Tokoyami letting Dark Shadow feel for the surrounding darkness and relay any information to him.

Then suddenly Theldar jumped back, the ceiling collapsing over them revealing Kirishima with his hardened fists in the concrete. "Damn, thought that would work on you." His grin was big, showing the sharp teeth his smile is known for. Theldar gestured to Asui and Tokoyami to take the longer route to the stairs, his wordless command was silently accepted as the two went to the right, leaving Theldar and Kirishima to have a staring contest.

For multiple seconds their eyes didn't blink, but when a single twitch of a finger was enough to make Kirishima blink, Theldar exploded into speed.
The war hammer in his hands moved faster than its size would make you think, but Kirishima was fast enough to harden his body to take the hit. But he didn't account for the amount of force the hammer subjected on his body, with the result being that he was launched away from Theldar into a wall.

The hardened skin had cracked when Theldar struck, displaying the incredible amount of force that his dwarven body could dish out.
With the first hit done, Theldar dropped into a more defensive stance his arms holding the war hammer from the bottom and top of the handle. "Ugh, dude, that was a really good hit." Kirishima pushed himself up from the prone position he had been in. The next hit came in before he could react, the metal-covered fist slamming him back down.

When he had the chance, Theldar wrapped Kirishima up in capture tape.
When he was wrapped up, Theldar ran to the stairs to assist his teammates if possible.

"Tokoyami, Asui do you need help?" His feet kicked against the wall when he made a sharp turn. Tokoyami was the first to respond: "Sero has made traps in the 4th floor, I am unable to go any further but Asui went ahead."
Theldar looked at the letters next to the door in the stairway: 3rd floor. "Understood, I will make my way up and regroup with you."

Asui climbed under another strip of tape, the hallway filled with randomly placed tape that either made movement easy or forced her to jump across. She had been doing this for a while now, meaning that time was running out.
"Asui, where are you right now?" Theldar's deep voice almost made her jump, the gruff voice that almost always was full of confidence and bright positivity, was now a serious tone that made her feel like she was carrying a ton of steel. But when she responded her voice didn't change a bit: "I am in the straight hallway that leads to the weapon, I found that it's easier to navigate."

"Alright, Tokoyami and I are going to rip these tapes apart and catch up to you." With the ensuing silence, it was easy to hear the clang of metal on concrete, accompanied by Theldar's shouts.
She waited for a second, before continuing onward to the door she could see now.

"Hup!" With a large hop, Asui managed to clear all the tape and make it to the door.
Crouching low and listening for any sounds. There was shuffling and some muttering that her ears couldn't make out, concluding that it was Sero who was nervously walking around.

With each step he took, a wall of tape was brought down with a swing. Theldar and Tokoyami were clearing their path very fast, when they first started it looked like something that would take ages to complete, but when Dark Shadow and Theldar began ripping apart the tape, it morphed into a fast-paced cleanup.

"Hero team, WINS!" The booming voice of All Might made them pause, processing the information that was suddenly dumped on them.
"I took down Sero, he was too distracted to notice me." Theldar cracked a smile, the first smile since the match began.

"Good job Asui."
"Ribbit, call me Tsu." Theldar paused his walking at that, his dwarven brain stopping for a half-second before coming up with a response. "Copy that, Tsu."

"Good job boys and girl! You did excellent teamwork while showing your power!" All Might's boisterous voice greeted the group of four boys and one girl.

"Now may anyone tell me who the MVP was this round?" Yaoyorozu was the first to raise her hand.

"It is a tie between Asui and Theldar, with them both doing exceptionally well individually. But as a team, Theldar helped Tokoyami with clearing out the tape while Asui took out Sero. But I will call both Asui and Theldar the MVPs, as they both showed good traits in handling fights and traversing traps." Yaoyorozu took a deep breath in, managing to say all that with one breath.

"Well done! And now that the third match is done, shall we move on to the next?!" The cheers of multiple students filled the room, pumped to see more action.

"Very well! Then the next hero and villain teams shall be..." His hand rummaged around in the two boxes, "...Team G and C!"
The screen lit up behind him, showing the participants of the fourth match.

Kaminari Denki, Jiro Kyoka, Theldar Mountainback.


Yaoyorozu Momo, Mineta Minoru.

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