This was written for wolfraven80 for the Battleship Exchange on AO3. For the record, I never played League of Legends so IDK much about Noxus.

"Just a little further to the safehouse, Cupcake," Vi said as the two of them walked through the frozen streets of Zaun. Even in the worst days of Vi's childhood, it never got this cold. It snowed across the river, and it snowed Topside, but the fumes from the mines and the factories ensured a layer of heat would remain trapped in the Undercity.

It especially wouldn't get so cold in the middle of summer, even Topside and in Piltover. Noxus was to blame for this. They had pointed a freezing weapon at Zaun as a form of revenge, and Caitlyn and Vi had been caught in the crossfire.

(And maybe, if the roles were reversed, Vi could understand them. Jinx had killed Ambessa's daughter. Maybe if someone from Noxus had killed Powder, Vi would do whatever it took to get her revenge. But Powder was Vi's sister, and Zaun had once been Vi's home. If Vi had to name a place and not a person, she would still probably consider the Undercity to be her home. Even though Jinx needed to be stopped, this wasn't the way to do it. The senseless violence needed to stop, which was why Caitlyn and Vi clashed with Powder, Chem Barons, and Enforcers alike. And now weather-disrupting terrorists from Noxus as well if Vi got her hands on them.)

"It's so c-c-cold," Caitlyn said, teeth chattering. She had doused in water, earlier, when it was still warm. Vi had laughed at the time, teasing and flirting and not knowing just how dangerous it would become.

"Want me to hold your hand?" Vi hoped her bravado covered just how worried she was.

"Yes, p-please, once you t-t-take off those gauntlets."

"These gauntlets are keeping my hands nice and warm." Still, Vi took off one of her gauntlets, clipping it magnetically to her back. It was so cold.

Holding Cait's hand was worth it. While Vi had the precision as to not crush a human hand in her gauntlet, the personal touch still wasn't there. Plus, while the HexTech protected Vi from extreme temperatures, it didn't protect Caitlyn or anyone else who touched the gauntlets with their bare skin from biting cold metal.

"I've got you, Cupcake. It's just a little further to the Firelight safehouse Ekko set up. There's a generator there, and even if that doesn't work there's a gas stove. You're gonna be okay. I promise."