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Chapter One: Should Have Seen It Coming


Sango turned to see why her friend wasn't beside her anymore and then she saw him. Miroku was holding the hands of some random girl, who had suprisingly enough not slapped him yet.

"Who's that?" the girl asked, looking over his shoulder at Sango.

"She's just my-"


Sango walked back to him, hands stuffed into her jacket pockets and shaking her head. "What is it with women these days," he asked while rubbing his pink cheek and watching the girl walk off in a huff.

"You're just asking for it any time you call a girl a 'fair lady'," she commented. She was use to his shameless flirting and groping of innocent girls. Miroku stared at her, with a look of mock shock on his face. "You can't tell me you don't enjoy being called a fair lady! Or a fair beauty even," he said while smiling widely at her. Sango just rolled her eyes and walked away muttering. Miroku followed, rubbing his cheek a little.

"What's so special that we have to come all the way over here so early on our first day off from school," Sango asked, still mumbling. Miroku's hands found their way into his pockets. "Dunno," he replied. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and smiled down at her. "But it's a pleasure being with you!" Sango blushed slightly.

It was autum and they were on fall break from school. Kagome had called them both early in the morning and had invited them over to a nice restaurant near her house. Sango was decked out in a maroon jacket and nice fitting jeans. Her hair was up in a messy pony tail since she had just woke up. Miroku was wearing his usual attire, a dark purple T-shirt with his lettermen jacket. He hadn't bothered to do anything with his hair either, and it was full of tangles. Needless to say, neither one of them were too keen on getting up at ten in the morning on vacation.

As they turned onto the right street, they heard someone calling for them. "Oi, it's about time you two lazy asses got here!" It was Inuyasha, their very dear childhood friend. They both shot him glares as they reached him and Kagome. Sango yawned and asked, "So what's so important that you had to drag us all the over here?"

"We'll tell you inside," Kagome chirped happily and skipped inside. Sango and Miroku rose their eyebrows as Inuyasha quickly followed her. They were quickly seated at a booth, Kagome and Inuyasha on one side and Sango and Miroku on the other. As their waiter placed the appetizers on the table, Kagome cleared her throat. Inuyasha became very interested in the chips and dip. "Me and Inuyasha have something to tell you," Kagome said, stating the obvious. Inuyasha cleared his throat rather loudly. Sango cast him a suspicious look as she and Miroku spoke in unison. "As we've heard."

"Well," Kagome began. She glanced at the passing waiter. She leaned in toward Sango. Miroku leaned in toward the pair of girls. Inuyasha stayed where he was seated. "Inuyasha and I are now officially a couple," she said matter-o'-factly and sat back. She smiled warmly at her boyfriend and Sango and Miroku sat silently, not really processing what was going on. "Since when," Miroku finally asked, as he couldn't think of anything else to say.

Kagome held Inuyasha's hand under the table. "Since yesterday," she answered and smiled again. Sango and Miroku blinked at the same exact time. Kagome frowned and looked at them. "Aren't you happy for us," she asked, placing her hands on the table. Sango blinked once again and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

"Of course we are, Kagome," shereplied and embraced the girl across the table. Miroku looked rather awkward but managed to compliment Inuyasha anyway. "Nice catch," he said and ended up laughing nervously. Inuyasha merely arched an eyebrow.

"So, you guys wanna do something," Inuyasha asked, breaking the silence.

They left without ordering anything and headed towards the movie theater. As they walked, Sango and Miroku stared at the couples hands twined together. They weren't use to seeing them so... together. Miroku glanced at Sango's hand as Sango had JUST did his. He shook his head and looked ahead.

The groupdecided they were going to see The Darkness when they got there. They paid, got their popcorn and headed into the dark theater. Sitting down, they were in a different order than usual. Sango didn't like it one bit. Inu Yasha sat at the end, Kagome to hisright, Miroku to her right and then Sango sat at Miroku's right. Usually the two girls sat together and the guys sat together. Sango scowled ceased paying attention half way through the previews.

After the movie was over, Kagome declared it was time for her to go home. Inuyasha followed her and the two groups parted ways. Most of the way home, Sango and Miroku were lost deep in thought. They were both thinking the same thing. Now that those two are together... it's bound to screw up the "just friends" thing we have going on...

"How the hell did that happen," Miroku suddenly asked.

"I was just thinking that... but truth be told, there were signs," she replied, and sighed.

"Well yeah, but still," was all Miroku could think to say.

They walked in silence for a bit longer.

"Did you like the movie,"she asked as they neared their houses.

"I wasn't paying attention,"Miroku sighed.

"Neither was I," Sango laughed a little.

"Don't worry, I heard it was stupid," Miroku said with a little laugh as well.

They said their good byes and walked into their houses, side by side.

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