Well, time for a one-shot that I've had sitting on the backburner for a little while now. With Geats only one episode away from its finale, the season… is certainly something. I view it positively, but I'm certainly gonna need some think time on my opinions on it overall. It certainly does have some issues, but it also has good things.

I will say, in my opinion, next time Takahashi gets to write a Rider season… maybe make the Rider count a little lower… just a thought.

Anyway, one thing I will comment on that I've really become a fan of over the course of the show, the ship of Ace and Neon. Sure, some people ship Neon with Sara (Keiwa's sister), but… to me… Ace and Neon are just so much cuter and have this weirdly great synergy. Their interactions in the tag-team round early on were adorable, and then later on, it's shown how much they care about each-other. Especially with the later revelations about Neon and the sheer rage that Ace unleashed when it settled in that Beroba had done it to deliberately hurt Neon. I remember seeing this one comment following that. "Jyamato beware! Hurt his friends, if you dare!"

And, honestly, while I had doubts about it… was kind of hoping that Neon's wish for love would tie into Ace in some way. Just… wishful thinking. Would've been better than how the actual show dealt with it, but besides the point.

Another thought since we're a bit close to the end… if I had to wager guesses on what will get recycled or retooled for any kind of Geats V-Cinema… best guesses right now would be the CrossGeats suit from the movie for Michinaga or Keiwa, and then Neon getting something based on LaserBoost. …or maybe Sae can get something. *thinks, then snickers* Would be funny if they retooled Bujin Sword into something for Michinaga. *shrugs* Just spit balling.

Anyway, let's actually get onto this. So, this was meant to come out far earlier this year or late last year, but I got distracted by many things. I'm finally trying to get this done partially because Geats is almost over… and partially because… I got my very first job.

Yeah. I'm going to be having my first job soon. I'll admit that I am very nervous about the whole thing and was a bit nervous about the interview, but I did well enough that I got the offer about… twenty minutes later? Something like that. So, that means things will be slowing down. I've been struggling on motivation lately, so I hope the change of pace of a job will help.

But, yeah, that means stories are gonna be even slower to update. …that, and I need a new computer soon. So… yeah. Various things.

Anyway… back to this. This is supposed to be taking place during the events of episode 15 of Geats. The continuity around this is a little loose, given I had started to work on writing this before the episode actually aired… and I'm a little too stumped on how to go about changing this too heavily.

With all that out of the way… let's try and get this going.

Disclaimers: I do not own Kamen Rider. It belongs to Toei, Bandai, Shotaro Ishinomori, etc.

Neon stared down at the Spider Phone for a moment, genuinely stunned at the results of the previous round.

-Ukiyo Ace/Kamen Rider Geats: Retired.-

At this point, awaiting the next round, was herself, Keiwa, and Michinaga. Win's location was currently listed as 'Unknown', meaning it was possible that he may be dead as well. In spite of that, Neon's gaze was simply focused on the part that had mentioned the most recently eliminated amongst the Riders.


Neon looked up to see Keiwa was standing nearby. She simply looked at him for a moment, then returned her gaze to the Spider Phone. Keiwa opened his mouth to try to say something, but stopped himself out of uncertainty over what to say to her. He recalled her words from the last time she hadn't been having a particularly great time because of the DGP and just tried to think of what he could say to her, if anything.

The room was eventually filled with a bit of silence. Neither of them really knew what to say in the moment, and both were simply quiet.

"...you have the Magnum Buckle, right?" Neon proceeded to ask after several minutes of nothing.

Keiwa nodded and took out the Magnum Raise Buckle from one of his pockets. He seemed to get what it was Neon was getting at, then he put the Raise Buckle next to her. Keiwa then proceeded to walk away from her, letting Neon take the Raise Buckle and hold onto it.

Some time went by and Neon eventually found herself within the training room. She quickly set up some weak Pawn Jyamatos within the holographic room, and then loaded up her Driver.


As the Driver went into standby, a familiar white armor generated beside her and the text "MAGNUM" was floating nearby it. She slowly went through her poses as the artificial enemies awaited…



The armor was pulled over her as her Entry Form generated over her body. Now, she stood as Kamen Rider Na-Go, armed with the Magnum Buckle. She turned to the tablet and pressed a button to get it started, with the initial wave of conjured grunts dashing forward towards her at a slow and reasonable pace. Na-Go evaded them, taking a bit of time to get used to how the armor was making her feel.

She then took a moment to work on the timing of the part of the armor that unfolded into another set of guns that were, more or less, wrist mounted. Na-Go fired them at a bit of a slow pace, getting a feel for the fire rate and the force of the blasts.

"Okay…" Na-Go muttered. She slowly adjusted her aim in order to try to get it slightly more stable, but it was clear that she was struggling a little bit with aiming it properly.

A few minutes had passed by with Na-Go against the low level grunts. She eventually turned it up to the half-way point of the difficulty meter and started to fight them. She was doing alright enough, but it was clear that the Magnum Buckle wasn't the right fit for her as some of the artificial Jyamato were able to get some hits on her.

"Ack!" Na-Go yelled in frustration, quickly rolling out of the way of an attack and then flipping the Desire Driver.


She managed to keep rolling out of the way as the Magnum part switched to her legs. She kicked up the air, firing off a few shots towards the spawned enemies. After a moment to consider her options, she loaded in another Buckle and activated the pair.


Now armed with weapons that she was more familiar with, Na-Go began to slice through the generated enemies. She used the now ankle mounted guns to add onto some attacks, even clawing at one enemy behind her, and then shooting away at an enemy to her front. Na-Go soon saw how close she was to the end of the wave of generated enemies and moved for the finisher.


Energy charged at the tips of the claws, with the revolver on the Magnum Raise Buckle generating over them, before the claws fired off bullets at a rapid volley. All of the generated monsters ended up exploding from the attack, leaving Na-Go by herself. She made sure to shut off the simulation as quickly as she could, then she then took a moment to exhale a bit, lowering her arms, and just taking a moment to breathe.

"They weren't kidding about compatibility…" Na-Go mumbled, glancing towards the Magnum half of her Rider form before she reverted back. With that, she took her leave from the room, clutching the Magnum Buckle close.

Some hours soon went by. The group was eventually told they would be having a warm up round as preparations for the final round were still being made. All three were given a Feverslot Buckle before being deployed, and were soon in a sectioned off area in the city.

"Neon…?" Keiwa eventually spoke, getting her attention, "You… gonna be ok?"

She didn't say anything in response, her expression becoming one that indicated she didn't exactly know what to even say.

"If you miss Geats so much, then I'll make sure to win and let you reunite with him…" Michinaga stated, clearly not at all caring about Neon.

This made Neon just glare daggers at Michinaga and then walk off in a huff without another word. Keiwa was about to follow after her, but then heard the Jyamato begin to approach. Without a moment to lose, both Michinaga and Keiwa got out of the way of the initial attacks and loaded in their Raise Buckles.




Now both transformed into their Rider forms, they both dashed forward to begin the fight.

The brunette was soon on her own, trying her best to calm herself down, but it was clear that Michinaga's words had stung at least a bit. However, before she could do much else, she soon heard the noises of the Jyamato appearing. Without a moment to lose, she slapped on her Driver and got out her primary Raise Buckle.


The buckle let out a piano noise as the armor generated next to Neon, the girl standing ready.



Her Rider form quickly formed over her and she quickly went on the offensive, swinging around her guitar weapon towards the grunts, and then using some sonic blasts from parts of her shoulders to keep the pressure going.

She managed to knock through several of the Pawn Jyamato, going at a decent pace in terms of fighting, when a blast suddenly struck her in the back. Na-Go turned around to see a Rook Jyamato.

The Rook Jyamato just chuckled, then gestured for the Pawns to keep up the offensive. Na-Go attempted to keep fighting back, but the Rook was able to throw her balance off with several volleys of attacks, disappearing and reappearing as if it were a ninja of some sort. Na-Go was knocked onto the ground, but wasn't down.

"I'm not… going down…" Na-Go spoke.

Several of the Pawn Jyamatos then charged towards her, ready to go in for a coordinated assault.


"I'm not done yet!" Na-Go proclaimed, managing to stand. The Pawn Jyamato moved towards her, but she was able to knock some back with the Beat Axe before she flung it away to knock some others away from her. She then exhaled a bit and got out the Feverslot Buckle, quickly loading it into the Desire Driver.



"Please… please… please…" she mumbled. She then pulled the lever and let the roulette spin for a bit. It kept on going and going through the many options before she let it go.




The familiar white armor generated next to Na-Go before it was pulled over and attached onto her body. She looked over her form for a moment, briefly admiring the way it seemed to compliment the suit. Na-Go then quickly got the new weapon off of the holster and posed a little.


"Ace-sama… lend me your strength…" she whispered. With the weapon in hand, she then mimicked Geats' hand gun twirl, firing at the Jyamato at a rapid and stylish pace. The armor partially unfolded, adding additional arm mounted guns onto the form.

The Jyamato looked on in a bit of worry as Na-Go stood ready with a bit of newfound confidence.

"Saa… koke kara ga, highlight da!" Na-Go proclaimed, going on the offensive with the empowered form.


Both Buffa and Tycoon got the Feverslot Buckle onto their respective Desire Drivers and then let the lever go spinning. Both results ended up landing on a question mark, resulting in a purely random pick. Buffa ended up with the Armed Arrow, and Tycoon ended up with the Armed Shield.

"...ah, mou…" Tycoon muttered, proceeding to go on the offensive as best he could with the shield, bashing it over the heads of the Jyamato.

Buffa just groaned a bit and then swatted away at the Jyamato with the bow as a melee weapon with no regards for how to properly use the weapon. The stubborn bull Rider just kept on swinging and swinging…

Na-Go kept herself calm as she went on the attack, keeping an even pace as she fired the Magnum Shooter 40X, with the Pawn Jyamato going down with relative ease as she kept the calm pace going. While some were able to close the gap and land some hits, she was doing a fair bit better than earlier in practice.

However, some Jyamato were able to get up close and ambush her. Na-Go then tumbled backwards, but managed to quickly morph it into a reverse somersault as she evaded the attacks. She then used the wrist mounted guns to shoot herself a little higher into the air…


The armor rotated around, so now the Beat half was once more at the top, and the Magnum half was now at the bottom. She gave a grin under her helmet and then summoned forth her own weapon.



Na-Go managed to rapidly fling out volleys of fireballs, then used the ankle mounted guns to cause them to expand further.


The fireballs then exploded outwards, managing to off several of the Pawns all in one swoop. Na-Go silently cheered, then kept on the attack.


Buffa took aim with the bow, it charging with purple energy at the tips, before he pulled the trigger. The resulting energy blast flew toward, then exploded outwards. It seemed to dissolve the Jyamato as if the blast was made of some sort of fast acting corrosive material.


With that notification echoing, Buffa got out his Spider Phone to check the current positioning. He had managed to surpass Tycoon to get into second place, but Na-Go was ahead by a couple thousand points. Buffa just scoffed in irritation at this, then looked over to Tycoon.


Tycoon raised up the shield from his arm, with green energy surrounding it, as the Pawn Jyamato rushed towards him. The green energy then condensed into a shuriken shape and he flung the shield forward. It effortlessly sliced through the Pawn Jyamato before returning to Tycoon's side.


Buffa glanced down towards the Spider Phone, then breathed easily as he saw that Tycoon's score was still below his own.


Na-Go evaded another series of attacks from the Jyamato, now back with the Magnum half at the top of her form and the Beat half at the bottom of her form, then quickly readied herself for a finisher.



The Magnum Shooter 40X began to charge up with energy as Na-Go took aim, with light green energy condensing into the shape of the claws that the buckle would grant.


The blast then fired off, the energy dashing around the battlefield and slicing right through multiple of the Pawn Jyamato. The forces had gone down in numbers considerably, leaving just about a dozen or so left. Na-Go then holstered the gun, then readied herself for yet another finishing attack.


Golden energy quickly flowed through Na-Go's legs before she leaped up into the air. Energy then emitted outwards from the speakers at her legs, stunning the remaining Jyamato, which allowed her to effortlessly Rider Kick her way through them as she soared back down to the ground.

The finisher managed to wipe out a decent number of the Pawn Jyamato, alongside the leading Rook Jyamato, allowing Na-Go a moment to try to catch her breath a little. She glanced around to see that the final boss had still not appeared yet, meaning another wave of grunts would be sure to appear.


'This is… a mess…' she thought, not even caring about her current placement, before managing to press forward.

The final round eventually arrived and calling it a disaster would be a bit of an understatement. Tycoon and Na-Go both were overwhelmed by the sheer power of the Jyamato Rider that had been unleashed, and Michinaga ended up dying to the final boss.

Luckily, thanks to a loophole that Ace had managed to exploit, he was allowed to get back into the game. He had regained the Boost Buckle and was getting ready to head out.

"So, which one of you has my Magnum?" Ace soon asked the group, with Keiwa quickly gesturing over to Neon.

"Here," Neon said, handing it back over to the rightful owner.

"At least I know it was in the hands of someone I could trust. Hope you treated it well," Ace responded before he headed off.

Neon was quiet, though she soon had a faint blush over her face and she began to smile. She eventually sat down and got out a tablet to watch Ace in action, "Saa… koko kara ga… highlight da… (Now… here comes… the highlight…)"

I will go ahead and say… not exactly the greatest thing in the world. I certainly struggled a bit with flow and trying to think of the right way to get the action scenes to play out. I'll admit that I'm not exactly fully content with this, but I think it's good enough to go ahead and get posted.

I will say one thing… Geats has some great suits, and I did make several edits of them. Heck, all of the suits depicted in this one-shot, I've at least made an edit of so you can visually see what I was going for. The finishers were a fair bit spur of the moment, but I think they came out well.

Side note, it'd be the most obvious death flag in the universe if Michinaga ever got to use that bow in canon. Just a thought is all.

Anyway, I will say, having Na-Go fighting in this combined style was a fair bit of fun. Just trying to imagine how she'd mix the styles together was interesting to imagine, and I think I did something fairly decent with the limited combat that was shown… even if it's not amazing. And the ending bit of her admiring Ace was just cute.

Guess, for favorite part, it's kinda gotta be Na-Go fighting off the Jyamato in that mixed style. I think, in spite of her difficulty mastering Ace's primary weapon, she was able to flow through it and get to a victory that was earned enough.

Sorry that this wasn't exactly the best. I'll admit that I did struggle a bit with some areas of this, but I hope that you did enjoy it regardless. And, I'll be honest, not a clue when the next thing I'm gonna post is even going to be. Considering the whole work thing and how much I'm going to need to adapt my schedule a fair bit, it's bit of an uncertainty. I'm not stopping writing, just… don't know when the next thing is going to be.

Wish me luck with the new job.

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