When people usually sign these infamous Waifu Catalogues, it's usually for well, the obvious: Waifus and Power.

Usually in the plural.

Usually like some creepy guy wanting his own Harem like any low-budget anime (Or almost any Isekai out there).

Usually wanting to collect said best girl of the season as if they were Pokemons.

I think I read it worded like that somewhere too. Internet is harsh, but sometimes the painfull truth is what it is.

I was well self-aware of that when I was signing it too.

See, the thing was, that The Company was like any capitalist company that has zero morals and just wants to get the money. Or in this case, slaves.
Monkey D. Luffy would be beating my ass if he knew about this.

Ironic at its finest since I was going to merge with him by signing this death trap of a contract. So maybe he will do that soon.
But before dear readers got pissed as fuck at me and got me canceled on Twitter, first you need to know the details.

I used the waifu catalog's web for their magnitude of characters and even got some obscure animes recommended. Did a couple for fun and tried hard to not think about it. Buuuut unfortunately, THE Company existed. And I got their attention.
Honestly, I blame the last teaser of the One Piece Live Action on Netflix. Got hyped for it, and decided to do one more about the series. Read some fanfics at 2 AM and here we are:
Trying to get control of my life because these eldritch slavers won't let me go and they are insisting I take a part of this.

...It wasn't helping that there were a pair or three of "Me" contracted by them already, and one of them was impulsive enough to make some serious damage inside their Company. The people recruiting me were a bit awkward trying to explain it to me but being vague on the details. What the fuck this other Me did, I may never know, but it seems he left a mark on this side of the Multiverse.

Thankfully one of their more reasonable individuals actually convinced the higher-ups to not waste such an asset aka Me over here.

Sitting in front of the desk were Te Fiti, the Goddess from Moana, and Momonga or better known as Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord.

They were taking care of some papers now that they more or less explained the situation to me in what appeared to be an librarian office room.

I sighed in exasperation. Sure I was envious of how well Iñaki acted as Luffy and sometimes wondered what could happen if I were in the anime protagonist's shoes.
Well. Sandals to be more accurate. But this doesnt feel so good and leaves a sour taste in my concience.

"So let me get straight. As a 'punishment' to me because of the actions of another Me, I will be contracted to do missions for the Company. As Luffy in his world, right?"

"These deals are not as usual as you may think, Lucas-san." The famous red glint eye of Ainz shining through his skull. Dear lord, it was so cool seeing it in anime, but in real life it was some horror movie vibe. "As you are a version of You, who already knows at least IMU exists, it's better for all of us if you went there and capture ´it´ so you could pay your debt."

"That's the main reason? The only one that matters?" I raised my eyebrow as I tried to subtly calm down my leg from my fear at him. Tafiti at least looked like an ideal Mother Nature. Although speaking of who. She was giving me a pity look and seemed worried.

"You see, not many of our branch of Contractors venture in One Piece, and even if they do, they won't go deep to be of any use. And the high bosses of The Company are very interested in capturing the King of the World from One Piece. This mission was approved because of that. If anyone asks you, please tell them this." I would call bullshit on the whole useful thing, since this anime got lots of powerful characters. But seeing as they are aiming for the top, it might may make some sense.

"...you are making it sound like it's for other reasons." I leaned in for them to show that I was paying good atention to this talk. I looked back at the Overlord. "Do I have to do something else?"
The sympathy glowed in the green plant woman, while the skeletor in robes just sighed.

"That's because we were the ones who presented the pitch idea to them in the first place. We owned this other version of You, from your kindness to respect. Te Fiti-san and I were just some beta testers for the catalogue... along the way, the other You came and free us in a way. I see this fiting for you and at least paying him back. Two birds one stone."
They paused a moment for me to take all of this in. How the hell this other version of myself got these two free!? And isn't this counterproductive by The Company policies? Then I looked at the plant Goddess in question since she looked like wanted to continue talking.

"And you are not just going to One Piece. You are going to a version of it that was doomed if we leave it be." She took a sip from her glass of wine (I think it was that or maybe blood... one never knows in the Multiverse scope). "The Luffy of that world got enslaved and was fated to die in Mariejoes. His death would have drastically changed into terrible consequences and its waves spreading quickly across the globe." Tafiti still looked really beautiful in her grimace.

"As a fan of the series, I am sure you understand the implications." Momonga continued for her. And folded his arms, the very bones cracking in the quiet room. "But nonetheless to say like factions as Whitebeard pirates, the revolutionaries, and Shanks... all suffer and their absence makes their world enter into another Dark age."

The Skeletor looked at me with more attention and expectations. We both knew what he left unsaid.

´Blackbeard was that much of a threat huh?´

"Two birds one stone indeed. Your bosses want me to capture IMU. But you all wanted to save me and that world from their hands... isn't that right?" Wonder how much these implications were manipulations or genuine concern. Don't wanna look like an optimistic, but judging by how this was going, I would be for the latter.
The powerful beings in front of me stared at me in silence till finally Momonga chuckled.

"Please keep your bright head when you merge with Luffy."

"And deal with that version of Marshall D. Teach. As soon as possible." Te Fiti confirmed what they really wanted. "He is someone that should not ever get into contact with THE Company. Bad was the last one."

"You know I will take this with a grain of salt, right? Heck, I don't think I would be powerful enough to deal with the final boss straight away? You all know that, right?"

They nodded like they understood.

"Do I get to make my own build then? Don't know how many points I got though."

They nodded once again. And we started brainstorming about it. Since I would merge with Luffy and therefore saving him in the Grand Line, that meant more points for me to use. But they reminded me that I was being 'punished' and certain stuff was locked forever from me. Like the Heritage section and Rides (because apparently the bosses said it would help me a lot, and they didn't want that, the dicks). But stuff as the Talents and Defenses was greenlighted for me.

I first worked on myself and then added things like my own pocket dimension and some perks. I had the time on my side because Luffy was kidnapped at 14 years old. A whole 3 years to train. Maybe? Then remembering that some characters of the series needed some serious help I went and yoinked them.

(Seriously Shanks, what the fuck was that with Uta? Leaving her in the same place where the demon thing was buried was such NO good idea at all, no matter if the marines were hunting you!)

Then I added a certain giant bird for me. Because that series where it came from was awesome! And if I can't take a normal ride, I will take my own Kaiju Phoenix out for a walk myself!
And in the middle of adjusting the points and thinking I got enough of spare for later, evil skeletor interjected to remind me that I needed certain requirements. And that meant... slaves/clones. I needed to buy at least one. Even if it disgusted me, it was a necessary evil. Made a mental note when I merge with the Rubber monkey that was literally the embodiment of Freedom.

Thanksly Te Fiti was kind enough to inform me that they wouldn't be brainwashed and their personalities would be as if they got out of their last world. Good then. Although Ainz busted my bubble by saying Stockholm Syndrome was a thing, I sent a mocking glare at him.

I only was allowed to use stuff till Tier 6, because I was starting with that, and thought deeply as to who to recruit.

...then I remembered I would go to a crazy water world as a guy who couldn't swim and will have to escape from Mariejoes as soon as I arrive! Yeah, the answer was simple. I needed someone who could bail me out but also able to breathe underwater. That made the list shorter. Until I bumped into one girl who could benefit from all of this.

I winced subtly for a bit.

I was sympathetic for her, because she made the mistake of acting recklessly the one time she shouldn't have. And got killed by someone who said to had feelings for her for ages. But I didn't blame her, most people would lose their shit too in her shoes.

I bought her because she deserved another shot at Life. Which I know, considering who she was, fit her like a T.

"I am ready." I grimaced at my inner excitement of becoming the protagonist. Like really mixed feelings about this. But at the end of the day, I was going to get MY own adventure.

"Good. Hope we don't meet again, Lucas-san." Ainz said like a professional.

"We would be praying for your success." Te Fiti smiled warmly at me.

I gulped as I got a shot of dizziness.
I staggered till I fall into the cold concret. I had blackout after that.

Don't know how much time passed, but I finally awake as Monkey D. Luffy.
It really worked.
The headache got worse but powered through so I could understand better my situation.


I was taking in Luffy's memories and with all of his sense of self. Combining it with my own.
The anger and patience in dealing with the Celestial Dragons as they were torturing him in front of the other slaves was very recent.


I almost got deaf for a moment when looking at my surroundings.


So many people were enslaved. Most of them starving and without any hope in their eyes. The only ones who got a bit of life just prayed for the Sun God Nika to save them.


Inner Luffy flinched at his newfound knowledge of his Devil Fruit as I regained my hearing. I turned to the side and sighed in relief when I found the girls I saved.
The others in my cell are looking at them in wonder as to how they have appeared.


The girls were sleeping. Better for it, then. If I can skip this place as a bad memory before they wake up, I can say I truly saved them.


My inner Luffy is yelling in delight at seeing Uta again. But I boinked him in my mind place, to remind him of our situation.


The sounds of footsteps were a sign of the guards coming up to where I was to know what was going on.


I will tell them what is going on alright! I put my hand in my pocket and retrieved the best thing for me to use for a jailbreak!

DrUm. dRuM. drUM. DRum.

Oh, it's good to be the King. Right, Luffy?

And then my Digivice shined like a beacon. At the rhythm of OUR Soul.

Change of POVs without Lucas/Luffy

"He was just as curious as him. Those Lucas are an intriguing bunch."

"What is it Te Fiti?"
"Should we have told him the entire story?"
"No. Better our new client fear the name of Blackbeard that himself wearing that epithet. Never forget that while he was a saint to us, he took part in the wars that almost destroyed The Company. So many realities destroyed."

"I miss him too."
"..." The Goddess sobbed in despair, while Ainz looked at the window in nostalgia.
Truly those Lucas were a reckless bunch.

Author's notes: The One Piece Live Action is hours away as I finished writing this idea since the first trailer came up.

And also saw how many others are trying to write a Si!Luffy. There are some that they are really talented at writing Luffy, but most not so much.

This is partly inspired by some fics in Fanfiction.
One Piece New Life by AncientFun
The Princess and the Prophet by Chuckling-Ghost
One Piece Mad World by Sliksick
One Piece: The Unreal Adventure by Fallen_Crown (this one in webnovel)

This fic is about another fan who gets to play Luffy's role as well. But this time with the power of the assets of The Company.
Hope you all enjoy this.