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Harry Potter returns to 4 Privet Drive a broken boy. He's seen another boy callously cut down in front of him, he's been forced to duel Voldemort, seen the ghosts of his parents and been told how proud they are of him. Then Dumbledore makes him return to Durzkaban, instead of spending the Summer with Sirius. Harry is emotionally exhausted.

It was June 27th 1995 and Harry Potter was on the Hogwart's Express going back to his relatives for another summer of humiliation and chores. He called it Durzkaban after the Wizarding Prison of Azkaban. He had been looking forward to spending his summer with his on-the-run godfather Sirius Orion Black.

Now, Harry James Potter was a wizard, a fact he'd only found out on 1 August 1991, a day after his eleventh birthday from a half-giant named Rubeus Hagrid. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that had been founded back in 997 AD, when Bernica had been part of Engaland. Hogsmeade, the village near Hogwarts was in magical Scotland and magical Scotland was not part of magical Britain nor part of the International Confederation of Wizards (ICW).

Harry had two friends at Hogwarts. They were Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. He'd met a Luna Lovegood, a Ravenclaw, who had people in her house stealing her stuff. She'd been walking around with two left shoes. Harry had dealt with that bullying. He did allow himself to wonder why Flitwick had done nothing to prevent it and why the perpetrators were Ravenclaw Prefects. There was also Neville Longbottom, whom Harry would have liked to get to know better, but Ron was always dragging him away and insulting Longbottom.

Harry had made sure he had had a really good breakfast that morning. Not only was there no lunch provided on the 8-hour journey, but he probably would not get any food at the Dursleys. He'd review his life that evening. He chatted aimlessly with those in his carriage. That included Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age and that was saying something. She knew something was 'up' with Harry. Ron didn't notice. Hermione had said that Ron Weasley had the emotional range of a teaspoon. Harry now thought that was grossly insulting to a teaspoon. The other members of their carriage were Susan Bones – Ron stared at the poor girl's tits the whole journey – Hanah Abbott and Daphne Greengrass. Ron had been about to start on letting a Slytherin ride in the same carriage as them, but was silenced by a single stare from Hermione.

Harry hadn't said a single word to any of the three girls for the four years he'd been at Hogwarts. His replies to their questions comprised single words. The three girls concluded that there was something seriously wrong with Harry. Quite what that was, they did not know. They did know that they would be exchanging owls about it all summer.

The Hogwarts Express pulled into King's Cross Station at 7pm on platform nine and three quarters and 280 pupils poured through the separation wall, much to the consternation of muggles in the station. Harry mused that one-day people would photograph pupils half in the wall and half out and that would be the secret of wizarding kind blown wide-open. Harry found himself not caring.

Hermione gave Harry a quick peck on the check before hurrying off to her parents. Unfortunately for Harry, his Uncle Vernon saw her do that. Vernon Dursley was a walrus sized man - Harry wondered if the Dursley family had any silkie in them. Vernon Dursley said,

"Let the owl go, get in the car and don't say a word." Harry did. He put his trunk on the back seat alongside him. The journey of one and a half hours was made in total silence. By 9pm, Harry was locked in his room, which had an iron grate on its window. He'd been fed nothing. He'd been made to leave his trunk in the cupboard under the stairs that had been his bedroom since he'd been left on their doorstep overnight on 1 November 1981 until the first of two dozen Hogwarts acceptance letters had arrived 24 July 1991.

Harry changed into his bedclothes. His pyjamas. Dumbledore had told him that he needed time alone to heal from seeing Cedric die. From that he deduced that letters from his friends would not contain any information and that Dumbledore would seek to control Sirius and Hermione. This, Harry would not allow.

Harry called for Dobby.

"The great and kind Harry Potter, sir, calls for Dobby." Dobby started bouncing up and down.

"Dobby, please sit and be quiet for a moment whilst I speak." Dobby obeyed.

"You remember when you cast a hover charm and I got a warning note from Mafalda Hopkirk, can you block the Ministry tracking device?"

"Dobby can." The house-elf began to shift between his left and right feet.

"What do I have to do?"

"Great Master Harry has to take Dobby as his personnel elf."

"How do I do that? I know nothing about the wizarding world."

Dobby lead Harry through the ritual bonding. Harry performed that ritual. Dobby then just snapped his fingers and the Ministry trace on the property was done and gone. Harry then had Dobby bring up his trunk from the cupboard. For his next task, Harry had Dobby summon the trunks belonging to his parents. Dobby told him he brought them from the attic above him. That shocked Harry. No wonder he'd never been allowed up there.

Harry sent Dobby off with a note to Sirius. He told Sirius to resign from any organisation that had Dumbledore as its head and not to co-operate with the man who had left him to rot in Azkaban. He also suggested he get Kreacher to clean the house for the month he was going to spend as Snuffles, living with Harry from 1 July 1995 and to bring a couple of hundred pounds with him. Harry suggested he find a member of the Black family Kreacher liked and get him to clean the house in the manner they would have wanted. Harry thought Kreacher had been the house-elf's name that Sirius had told him and that Sirius had not called him Creature.

Whilst Dobby was off visiting with Sirius, Harry wrote Hermione a letter. He told her to go on holiday, immediately, with her family. Abroad. With Voldemort returned she and her family had nasty targets on their backs, because of her friendship with him. Harry told her that Dumbledore thought the best thing for him was to stay on his own. He'd probably try to control what she could tell him. Hermione had to tell her parents exactly what had happened over the four years at Hogwarts. They deserved to know.

Dobby returned with news that his dogfather agreed to his plans. Harry was pleased. Harry sent Dobby off to give the letter to Hermione. Dobby looked like he wanted to tell Harry something. It would have to wait, at least until the house-elf returned.

In the half-hour it took for Dobby to return, Harry opened his mother's trunk and found a letter.

My darling Son,

The worst has happened. James has insisted that our property be protected by a Fidelius Charm. Dumbledore performed it late last night 24 October 1981. I cannot shake the feeling that we are trapped here. Sirius is not our secret keeper.

We've completed the Wills. We did them last time Sirius was up, at our Solicitors - McAllister & Sons, in Godric's Hollow. The Rat and Dumbles witnessed them and Sirius is our Executor. You've got the two originals. The Ministry and Goblins have copies.

I've arranged for our trunks, including our wands, to be taken to the last place on earth anyone would look for them. I've had our house-elf take them to the attic of my sister Petunia's house. The House-elf will return to Potter Manor and the company of your grandfather Fleamont and grandmother Euphemia. I hope you will meet them.

Sirius, your godfather is our first choice for magical guardian and stand in parental figure. I'd have preferred that you and Neville Longbottom would be brought up together, by which ever family wasn't killed by that madman.

I keep telling James that Dumbledore took the Potter heirloom Invisibility Cloak. James says he's sure Albus has a good reason. I think that reason is to get us killed. I can't persuade James to put the Potter House Grimoire into the trunks. Your father is so stubborn.

Your birth certificate is in my trunk. Take it along to the solicitors, when you visit them. I think your father has included a spell to remove the trace from your wand. He and Sirius used it to remove the one on theirs in fifth year.

I love you so much, Henry.

Lily Potter.

My name is Henry? How come nobody ever told me? Harry was very confused. Remus Lupin called him Harry. Would he have known that Harry was in fact Henry? Despite all the people who knew his parents, Harry knew so very little about them. All he had was that collection of photos their friends from Hagrid who never visited Harry.

Just who was he? Harry had been told that his family was an old family. That hadn't helped him much. As plentiful as the gold had been in his vault, it didn't say old family. He didn't have his vault key. Mrs Weasley had borrowed it last year to do his shopping for him and had not given it him back. That would be Dobby's next task.

Dobby did return. He swayed a bit.

"The Great Master Harry Potter, Sir's, Grangy used a spell on him to stop him reading A History of Hogwarts and A History of Magic outside of school work. Whiskers has a load of devices linked to Harry Potter, Sir. There's a blood ward on this property that drains Harry Potter's magic to power itself. Hogwarts wards drain harry Potter's magic, Sir, if it's more than 20% at term start."

"Hpw do you know this, Dobby?"

"Dobby will iron his hands, so he will."

"There will be no ironing of hands, Dobby."

"Dobby is sorry, sir, but Dobby has been spying on Harry Potter, Sir and those who pretend to be his friends for a long time."

"You've done very well, Dobby. You say Hermione Granger only pretends to be my friend."

"Hermione Granger is your friend. Whiskers pressures her sometimes by threatening her parents."

Can you deal with the wards here and at Hogwarts?"

"Dobby can."

"I've a couple more tasks for you. Please retrieve my Vault Key without the Weasleys knowing. Bring it back here. Then go get my and Ron's exam results first through fourth year. There were no second year exams and I didn't take exams in the fourth year as I was made to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament."

Dobby vanished. Minutes later he returned with the Vault Key. Harry asked Dobby to keep hold of it. Dobby smiled. He vanished again and returned a little later with five pages. 2 showed Harry's marks. 3 showed Ron. On two of Ron's the marks were identical to Harry's. McGonagall had written, "Cheated. Repeat the year' on both of Rons. The third showed really good marks. Dumbledore had written under McGonagall's written remarks, "Proceed to next year". Harry didn't know what to make of it. He was sure Hermione would. He'd been a little shaken to learn that Hermione had put him under a spell.

Dobby went off to deal with the wards. Fix them, he'd said. Harry got out the two books. He would power through the spell. Dobby returned to see what Harry was doing. He could see that his Master was building up force. I he had not fixed the wards, every single piece of Dumbledore's equipment would be destroyed and Professor Whiskers would know Harry was free and proceed to re-enslave him. Dobby would continue to work at Hogwarts pretending to serve Whiskers all the while protecting Harry.

Harry wanted all the bindings on him removed and kept forcing his magic against the bonds that he could feel. After an hour of struggle, Harry felt all the bonds collapse. He fell back on his bed, fast asleep. In Crawley, the backlash of her spell being broken threw Hermione against her bed. No sleep for her though. She felt the sheer power of the wizard acting. She knew it was Harry. There was no forgiveness in his action. She'd go on holiday, as she'd promised. She doubted Harry would want to see her anymore. Their friendship was over. She cried herself to sleep. She was in agony.

Harry awoke to Petunia calling him to get dressed and make breakfast. Harry smiled to himself. He was putting out a charm for the Dursleys to go on holiday as soon as they picked up Dudley from Smeltings on Friday. He really did not want the Dursleys under his feet. As usual, he did not get much to eat. He accepted this as he accepted everything else in his life. Harry had, of course, known that Dumbledore had lied to him about the nature of the protection around this property. To have it proven was just another disappointment to Harry.

Albus Dumbledore awoke to find a letter from Sirius Black declining permission for the Order to use the Black Manor House and that Sirius Orion Black was resigning from the Order of the Phoenix with immediate effect. He despatched a team to watch Harry Potter. Mad Eye Moody, Trainee Auror Tonks and Remus Lupin would go to 4 Privet Drive and make sure Harry Potter did not leave his house. Albus did not tell Remus that Sirius had resigned. Why confuse the werewolf?

Harry watched Petunia go off to her Wednesday thing. Vernon had gone off to Grunnings, where he had risen to the position of Managing Director. They made drills. Harry did not know exactly what type of drills. Harry cancelled the slight glamour to reveal a healthy plateful of full English Breakfast. For the morning he had plans.

Hermione was in the airport loos trying to fix her face. She didn't wear much makeup, normally and was not sure how much to apply. She was getting into a panic, when Dobby appeared.

"Master Harry Potter, Sir, told Dobby to come and check up on you. He remembered the backlash from Lockhart's oblviate that brought the ceiling down in the Chamber of Secrets. He wanted me to check on you to see that you were okay. Dobby can fix your makeup."

"Harry still wants to be friends?"

"Yes," Dobby said, fixed Hermione's makeup and then vanished.

Hermione's funk departed immediately. Her parents could tell the difference. Her mother owed her father a tenner for the bet they'd had over the makeup. They boarded the plane and took off. As they did, Dumbledore turned up on their doorstep and rang the bell. He waited a while and then apparated back to Hogwarts. The Grangers had done a bunk. No matter. As long as he could keep Harry and Hermione apart, it did not matter.

Harry had finished his chores, by the time Dobby returned. Harry told Dobby to kidnap Susan Bones. Susan was meeting Hannah. They were going to see what they could deduce from Harry's non-answers yesterday. Susan could see Hannah. Hannah looked at her in alarm. Next moment, Susan was someplace else.

"Hello, Susan. I decided you deserved more from me than my non-answers on the train yesterday. I decided to bring you to my place of captivity. Take a seat. This may take a while.

This is the magic hating muggle home I have lived at since my being dropped off on the doorstep. I was found in the morning, by my mother's sister Petunia. I was in my toddler clothes. I had not had my nappy changed since some time on Halloween. There was a thin blanket with my name, Harry, on it. Dumbledore had left a note telling them that they had to look after me. I had spent the day before at Hogwarts having my blood removed for a vampiric ward to be placed at this home. When I asked Dumbledore about it, he said it was the fact that my aunt shared my mother's blood and there was a blood protection over this house.

No money was ever spent on me, unless they could help it. I usually wore my cousin's clothes. He looked two years older and I two years younger than our ages, so his clothes never fit me. I did not know my name was not freak or boy until I went to school. There my cousin prevented me from having any friends. He and his gang of 4 other boys had a favourite game of Harry Hunting. If they caught me, I got beaten up. I was regularly beaten and starved, here. I did all the cleaning, cooking, gardening and shopping once I was old enough to do them.

I complained frequently. It never did much good. Worse in fact. The teachers were friends of my relatives. Even they would have to be totally dense to think I'd pick on five bigger boys than me. I got left for dead aged nearly seven for having a better report card than my cousin. The police and everyone else who told me they would deal with the matter never did anything and when I went back to see them, they did not even recognize me.

I was told that was a freak, unworthy of normal people. They made me live in the cupboard under the stairs. I shall show you that later. My parents were lazy unemployed freaks who died in a car accident. That what my relatives told me day in, day out.

When I received the first Hogwarts acceptance letter, my Uncle seized it and refused to give it to me. The 24th or so was delivered by hand by Hagrid. My relatives admitted that they tried to beat my magic out of me. Hagrid took my shopping. I've never seen the Hogwarts rulebook/Charter. Hagrid admitted to me that he, Dumbledore and McGonagall had left me on doorstep. My relatives found me on the doorstep on the morning of November 2nd.

I have no idea about the role my family may have played in Wizarding history. I know nothing about wizarding etiquette or traditions. I'm sorry for never having spoken to you in our time at Hogwarts. I did not bring you here because of your very impressive chest. I need you to tell your Aunt all that I have told you, today. I'll show you my living quarters. I know what it's like to always have people staring at me."

Harry took Susan upstairs. Susan saw the locks on the outside of Harry's room and the cat flap though which he'd get fed. She saw the iron grill on the outside of his window. Susan was then shown the cupboard under the stairs. The locks on the outside and the blood on the walls inside. Susan caught a glimpse outside as she stumbled back out of the room.

"That's trainee auror Tonks. She works for my Aunt. She's about to be appointed to the auror ranks."

"Be careful not to be seen. Who else is she with?" Harry asked.

"Mad-Eye Moody and Professor Lupin. What does their being here mean?" Susan asked, confused.

"They're here to keep me in this house, orders of Albus Dumbledore." Harry could see the response shocked Susan. "You'll tell your Aunt?"

"Everything, Harry. I promise." Susan felt herself be transported back to where she had been. She was not surprised to find aurors around who took her to see her Aunt. Susan found Hannah and her father there.

"Where have you been, Susan," Amelia Bones asked. She asked not as Susan's Aunt and magical guardian, but as the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE).

Susan told her Aunt everything Harry had told and shown her. She also mentioned the people acting as Harry's gaolers.

Hannah asked Susan," How did Harry say all this information?"

"There was no emotion in his delivery," Susan answered. Amelia Bones allowed Susan and Hannah to go off for their day out. Greg Abbott tagged along. He wanted to question Susan Bones and question her, he did.

During the questions, Mr Abbott learnt what had really been going on at Hogwarts for the past four years. The girls had talked between each other and there was no block on that. That someone else was listening and asking questions had not been taken into consideration. Dumbledore had to do something quickly to prevent the spread of the true happenings at Hogwarts.

Mr Abbott thought he'd try to get a full slate of governors comprised of those who were more concerned with saving Hogwarts from the Dark and the rundown state Dumbledore had plunged it into after half a century of maladministration.

The List was put into planning. Abbott, himself. Bones, MacMillan, Greengrass, Davis, Zabini, Longbottom were names he was almost certain of. Greg, as he was known to his friends, was less sure about Li, Chang, Patil, Goldstein and Corner. The five were all new families on the rise whose reception amongst the older established families had been decidedly chilly. He wanted to set up a meeting with Chief Examiner Marchbanks about how Hogwarts had fared examwise during Dumbledore's headmastership and how Hogwarts compared against its ten international challengers.

Harry Potter wanted to phone McAllisters & Sons in Godric's Hollow to arrange an appointment. Unfortunately, Petunia arrived back early. Harry had a couple of cheese 'ploughman' sandwiches and a glass of milk shoved through his cat flap, for lunch.

Harry did an inventory of his mother's trunk. Seven years of textbooks. Lily Potter had done Enchanting, Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. All her essays were there as well. His mother's notes were very detailed. There were also three years of Auror course work, again with notes and essays. Third year of training had not been taken. There were also notes and textbooks for Charms Mastery, with a full schedule of work from Professor Flitwick. The wand was one Harry had wanted to get his hands on. No trace on this wand. The Dursleys goose was cooked, if Harry could be bothered. There were four useful spells that Lily wanted Harry to cast on the House in Godric's Hollow. Sirius had said he met Hagrid at the bottom of the stairs. Harry hoped he could move straight in.

James had done the same things as Lily, except for the electives. He'd done Muggle Studies, Care of Magical Creatures and Divination. His writing was not as neat as Harry's mother's. James had also done a subject taught by tutor. That had been Estate Management. His wand felt more alien than Lily's. It was good for transfiguration, if he correctly remembered what Ollivander had said.

Harry read his parents' Wills. He read his birth certificate - Henry 'Harry' James Potter. Harry skimmed through A History of Magic, noting down everything the Potters did and which Potter did it. After his evening meal, Harry did the same for Hogwarts: a History. He then slept on what he had found out.

The following morning, he went down to make breakfast.

"We're going to go straight on holiday after picking up Dudley. We won't be having breakfast. We'll leave you £20. You'll find a list of chores on the hall table. We'll be back late July," Vernon said. He didn't look at Harry, the whole time he was talking.

Harry thought about saying something nasty, but settled for, "I hope you have a good holiday. You deserve it." That got him a strange look from Petunia.

Harry called for Dobby. Dobby took him to the House in Godric's Hollow. Harry performed the 4 spells using his mother's wand. That ended the Fidelius and cast Unplottable, Untrackable and Untraceable. His mother had noted that Post Owls, House-elves and Phoenix' could not enter. Harry looked around. A third of his House was missing. When had this happened?

Harry walked into Godric's Hollow. Dobby went off to buy some books. The three that Hermione had mentioned back on the train in first year, Most Potente Potions, a Potions cleaning kit, Keeping your Cauldron Clean and Legal, the Hogwarts Rulebook/Charter and a book that said who the Potters were and what the family had done. Dobby was also to pick up a nice new trunk. One that was Ron Weasley proof. Dobby laughed.

McAllisters & Sons were still in business. Harry entered. A senior partner, white hair and all did a double take.

"James, don't you recognize me. It's John McAllister, your Uncle."

"Good -day, Mr McAllister. I'm Harry. Everyone says I look like my father."

"Come through. We have much to discuss."

Mr McAllister had a nice office. It was very friendly.

"I've got my parents; Wills. They need to be read. They are the originals."

"Are they now? Let me have a look." Harry handed over the Wills. Mr McAllister checked them.

"Yes, these are original. I can read them for you."

"What will that cost me?"

"You parents already paid for the service."

John McAllister read the Wills. At the end, there was a glow and although Harry could not see it, 'unsealed' appeared on the copies in Gringotts and the Ministry. Harry showed John his birth certificate.

"My house is a third destroyed," Harry began.

"I'll get on with that. Your parents are buried at the local parish church. You were baptized there. Now, you took an age to come here. Why?"

"I've only just discovered this information."

"You've met your Potter Account Manager at Gringotts?"


"Taken up your Wizengamot seats?"

"No. I did win the Tri-Wizard Tournament for of age wizards and witches."

"You have to file for emancipation."

"Do you know of a wizarding firm that would do that for me?"

"I do. I'll get the processs started. I think they'll file for it, today. Summon your Head of House rings and Heir Rings as soon as you get back to wherever it is that you live."

"With my Muggle relatives."

"The ones the Wills said you were never to live."

"The very same."

"Why did Wizarding Services place you there?"

"They did not. Dumbledore did. He had the Wills sealed and had the Wizengamot make him my magical Guardian after sending Sirius Black to Azkaban without trial."

"Charlus never trusted that intellectual poseur. I shall make enquiries. I need to schedule a day with you. Next Monday. Will that be convenient? 10am?"

"Yes. I shall be here."

Harry was back at Durzkaban in time for lunch. Another delivery through the cat flap. Harry summoned all House rings to which he was eligible. The Potter Lord ring and Black Heir ring appeared around the relevant fingers. Another hurtled towards Harry. Only his seeker reflexes allowed him to catch the object. He cast a very controlled fiendfyre and there was an escape of black smoke from the item. It then fitted on his finger above the Potter ring. Harry did not know what he'd just done, apart from tried to kill himself again. He really must stop putting himself in such positions.

He collapsed onto his bed and did not wake up until midday the following day. The Dursleys were gone. Harry read the three spells his mother had written out to protect this property. Harry summoned Dobby. That is to say he tried. He realised that anti-apparation ward had been placed around the house. There were anti-magical wards also in evidence. Harry had just been in time making 4 Privet Drive protected.

Harry decided to go for a walk. He was intercepted before he'd got to the end of the street.

"Wotcha, Harry. Dumbledore says you are to stay inside at all times."

"Get out of my way, Tonks. You have placed illegal restrictions around this property and you are illegally preventing me from going about my normal business. I will see you fired."

"Now, now Harry," Moody said. "Dumbledore has you best interests at heart."

"I'm surprised you still do what he says, Moody. If you really believe that Dumbledore did not know where you were last year, you're more gullible than you look. I am surprised you can hold a wand."

"There's no need to be nasty," Moody said. Harry moved passed Moody, when he was confronted by Remus Lupin.

"You have to go back inside, Harry," Remus said.

"I have told you to get out of my way. Move or die. Move those 'anti' devices."

"Not happening, Harry," Moody said. "Go back inside!"

The three were not expecting Harry to fire off spells. Harry sent three rapid reductos and because they did not expect attack, Harry's spells hit the, Moody got hit just above the chest. Mooney got hit on his right thigh. Tonks got hit worst. She was in a bad way. Her heart was hit. Moody Apparated the two of them to St Mungo's. Mooney followed them, under his own steam.

Harry removed the 'anti' devices and continued to the shops. He had been observed. Amelia Bones had watched the whole exchange. Disillusioned, Amelia was shocked by what she had seen. She stayed in place. She would wait for Mr Potter's return.

Harry stretched his £20 as far as it would go. He had ingredients for a few days, with Sirius included. He got inside and unpacked his groceries and put them away. Harry was surprised to hear the frontdoor bell ring. Harry thought it might be the three returned to try to force him to stay inside.

Instead, Amelia Bones entered. She showed him her badge. She took a coffee with milk and two sugars.

"Lord Potter, I saw what happened with those three. I shall be having words with Dumbledore about using his private vigilantes in the Order of the Phoenix to attempt to imprison someone in their own home. Tonks looked to be in a very bad way."

"That makes me feel badly. Remus is due a payment and housing from my parents Wills. I like Tonks. Moody should have been my Professor last year."

"You've heard the Wills," Amelia Bones asked, surprised.

"Yes, I had them read. What's this Order of the Phoenix?" Harry asked.

"I would recommend that you attend the Wizengamot meeting tommorrow. The session starts at 2pm sharp."

"I've no formal clothes," Harry said.

"That will make the point that needs to be made," Amelia Bones said.