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Harry Potter returns to 4 Privet Drive a broken boy. He's seen another boy callously cut down in front of him, he's been forced to duel Voldemort, seen the ghosts of his parents and been told how proud they are of him. Then Dumbledore makes him return to Durzkaban, instead of spending the Summer with Sirius. Harry is emotionally exhausted.

The day after the extraordinary Wizengamot meeting various parties took stock.

For Harry Potter, Death had given him a starting point. The Rappaport Act of 1790 had lasted until 1965 and been fully repealed in 1985. Harry suspected there were still Hit Wizards who would not like any Muggles knowing about Wizarding life or the products of magical and non-magical. They probably would not believe that Harry was the product of a marriage of magicals, especially the survivors of those who had tried to attack him before 1985. They would be watching for him.

Harry was pleased that he'd killed Pettigrew. He was less sure about the Weasleys. What had they known? What was their real goal? Did they have more than one goal? Harry, in his other timeline, had had no interaction with William or Bill Weasley. He knew that Bill worked for Gringotts in the gold retrieval department as they stole gold from Egyptian pyramids, surviving curses to do that. That Bill was willing to endure those risks rather than live at home with his parents spoke volumes as to Molly Weasley's maternal instincts. He knew that Charlie had left for Romania to tame dragons rather than stay home. He could not understand about how a rulebook following asslicker like Percy had ever been sorted into Gryffindor. His father, James, had been one of those gifted souls who did not need to study to secure top grades. His mother was not quite as lucky in that regard. The Weasley twins had the Marauder Map at the end of their first year. They had to know who Scabbers really was, but had chosen to stay silent. They had rescued him from the Dursleys, yet Harry had never told them where he lived. How did they know? Their pranks were not funny. They used what they were taught for their own ends. This demonstrated that Hogwarts had zero impact on ones career. Purebloods entered the Ministry and could expect after years of service to head up a department, even if, like Arthur Weasley they were totally useless. He had heard that he was much older and had been the son of a Knight of Walpurgis, one of Gellert's followers. Harry had Gellert's manuscript to go through later.

Harry's older self was warning him against Ron and Ginny Weasley. Ron had obviously lied about all the other compartments being full. He had Scabbers. Did that mean he was automatically untrustworthy? Perhaps Draco had been on the level. Harry thought he'd give Draco a chance. Ginny was a fan girl, stalker. What did it say about a family as poor as the Weasleys made sure that Ginny had all the young Harry Potter adventures? Ulterior motive.

Hermione had been trying to pass a message to him. She had ended by repairing his glasses. Had she been telling him to see things clearly? She had talked about three books in which h she had read about him. Hermione researched everything. There would have been more than three books that she read. He would have to read very carefully what those three books said about him. She said she wanted to go into Gryffindor, because it was Dumbledore's House. Or was she telling him that she was going to be in Gryffindor because Dumbledore wished it so. And he wished it so for Harry.

Then there was Snape's three questions. Hermione confirmed that they were not his usual questions. Yes, Harry could see that it was code for 'I regret Lily's death', but as the portraits of his parents confirmed, that regret was not enough to save him from death, if Harry called the Life debt due. What were the clues? The Draught of the Living Death. Someone was in a place alive, but seemingly dead. They had consumed a bezoar to be safe from death by poisoning and would be brought back by a portion of aconite. That left the question as to who and where was the body. It had to have been a Potter and one by birth not marriage. That made it Charlus or Fleamont. The body had to be on Potter land, like, say, the house that Snape rented from Harry in Cokeworth.

Snape had likely rigged his house with traps, so Harry needed a cursebreaker. Harry could hire William Weasley and get a measure of the man. The whole Philosopher's Stone had left Harry with an interest in Alchemy. He wondered if he should contact Nicholas Flamel. Snape had said he could stopple death. Was there a link between the two men?

Harry wished his older self had been more explicit over the deaths he had to save. Harry knew only of Cedric's. Who else had he returned to save? Sirius? Sirius was already free and had his family around him. He had to save Luna's mother. How had he forgotten about her and the Blacks?

What did Harry know? He knew that Voldemort would return. He would still return even with Pettigrew dead. Barty Crouch Junior was still alive. Unfortunately, he'd have to stay that way. Harry had seen the look of triumph in Dumbledore's eyes when he had told him about Voldemort having a new body using his blood. Voldemort had to have a body in order to be killed. Dumbledore was usually right. Dumbledore had an ability to predict the actions of his opponents. That made him a master manipulator. The Sorting Hat had told Harry to be cunning and ambitious. What to make of that? Harry did not know. Yet. In fairness to the Hat, it had said he would do well in Slytherin. To do that he would have had to have been cunning and ambitious. Malfoy's friend, to all intents and purposes. On the surface, only.

What of Hermione? He did keep circling back to her. Harry had no sister; unless that was another clue he needed to follow up on. He knew what he had felt, when he had seen her coming down the stairs. It wasn't brotherly love that was for sure. The three books she had steered him towards all told exactly the same story. Someone had leaked it. Harry thought it more polished than Hagrid could or would tell. Something Dumbledore might have packaged together. It meant that Dumbledore was there, probably under his Cloak and did nothing to help.

Harry thought about what he had learnt about the Killing Curse. It severed the soul of its victim from its body. Clearly it had not done that to him. It had rebounded onto Tom, himself. His soul had been severed and made its way to him. Harry shuddered at the thought of what the Rat's ritual had been preparing him for. Tom was going to become him. Tom Riddle, Lord Voldemort, Lord of Slytherin would have appeared to die that evening, only to become Harry James Potter. That meant, if Harry turned up at Hogwarts and started throwing spells around, Dumbledore would assume that Tom had taken over Harry and would act accordingly.

Who was responsible for the works of fiction that were the young Harry Potter Adventures? Roy Lock was the author and the books were published by Bumblebee Printing. Gilderoy Lockhart as the author made sense. He was a well-known writer. The bumblebee was the House symbol for Dumbledore. Harry came across a picture of one, whilst learning of the Dumbledore's role in the Gunpowder Plot. They had been taken down by Houses Potter and Black. Harry knew bees were responsible for pollination. Was Dumbledore breeding Wizarding lines? That was just gross.

The most staggering claim in Gellert's book was that Arthur Weasley had been born in 1930 and was a Knight of Walpurgis. Harry found the idea that Arthur Weasley had a personality or a backbone very funny. It was hard to imagine a more zestful, if ineffectual wizard, than Arthur Weasley. Dumbledore, the book went on to claim, had confounded young Weasley so much that he had overwritten the personality and then put him on ice, using the Draught of the Living Death and then brought him out and placed him with Molly Weasley's year. Dumbledore had confounded everyone who knew differently, except Gellert, of course. Crouch Jr had put his name in the Goblet of Fire; that was the easy part to just walk up to the goblet and put his name into it, with another school. It would have taken an expert in confounding to persuade the cup to draw it out. Gellert claimed Dumbledore had taken the Elder Wand off him, by a sneak attack. It was an article of faith that the Elder Wand could never be won, save by use of trickery. Harry conceded that a Wand of that power would have been needed to trick the Goblet of Fire into drawing a fourth Champion. Hermione had researched the Tournament's history and it had never had more than three competitors.

Dumbledore would have taught Hermione Granger the spell. Harry had never known Hermione to be unable to learn a spell. She had used it on him, Harry was certain. There had to be some reason he could only use A History of Magic for class assignments. Harry was now sure that troll had been sent to kill her. He could give her the Protection of House Potter. He could do the ritual on the train, but he'd need five Noble and Most Ancient Houses in the pentagram and they'd have to be either Heirs or Lords. Longbottom, Potter, Abbott were three. Ernie was one and Greengrass, too. Harry had only had limited interaction with Neville Longbottom – something he would rectify in this life – and none at all with the other three, in his previous timeline. Harry enjoyed his time with his cousins.

Amelia Bones was feeling very pleased with herself. She had won all her cases against the Wizengamot, making Dumbledore look foolish, in the process. She had got Sirius Black released and reinstated to the Auror corps. Her next order was for him to go spend a year at his family spa, he'd once told her about. It was somewhere in the south of France.

Amelia had Fudge and Umbridge on her back. They had both accused her of making Fudge look bad. She had, but that had not been the primary goal. It certainly was not looking good for the re-election of Cornelius Fudge as Minister in the Autumn. Amos Diggory, who had already announced himself as a candidate, was giving interviews about how Fudge had dropped the ball as Minister, just as he had with Sirius Black. Amelia was sure he'd be a better Minister, but she was not so sure about naming Arthur Weasley as his Senior Undersecretary running mate. The Weasleys were tied at the hip to Albus Dumbledore and that was no good thing as far as Amelia Bones was concerned. She believed her niece's parents, who had been in Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix, had been betrayed to the Death Eaters. She did not have any proof, though.

Amelia Bones visited the places and people Harry had named in his files. She did not detect any traces of the obliviate spell on them. They had not been imperiused, either. That left confundus, the spell of choice, she thought, of Albus too many bloody names Dumbledore. The ten people named in the reports found their memories returning and knowledge of where they had placed the files. Police, social workers and education officials worked together. They pieced together an horrendous tale of woe. They all remembered the look on Harry's little face as he walked away from them on his return visits in disbelief that they didn't know him. They all resolved to do better for Henry Potter. The social workers confirmed that Harry had the payments he should have had paid into an account in the name of Harry Evans.

The Police were of the opinion that a year at St Brutus' would cure Dudley of his anti-social behaviour. The Social Workers would call in the Dursleys for a mandatory meeting in September 1990. If they failed to attend, the Police would take action. Amelia learnt that there was also a West Sussex Police investigation into allegations filed by the Granger Dental Practice in Crawley of abuse against a child, namely Harry Potter.

Amelia could not identify any magical trace on any of the individuals. She had no case against any magical. This was slightly disappointing. Okay, a lot disappointing. Catching Dumbledore in the act was not going to be easy. Amelia would have liked to know where the Rat had been. Remus Lupin had showed up to collect his bequests. He'd confirmed that the Rat had been Peter Pettigrew. Where the Rat had been was confirmed by an unlikely source. Arthur Weasley confirmed that the Rat had been his son Charlie's pet for nearly nine years. Few common brown rats lived more than 3 years. Why had he never had the Rat checked for being magical? His response had been that they had not known how long these creatures lived. Why was Amos thinking about running with someone as thick as Arthur Weasley? Too thick to even check up on Rats.

Albus Dumbledore talked with the Governors of Hogwarts. He had never known a day like it in the nearly 50 years he had been Headmaster. The Governors from the Dark faction were relentless in their criticism. They lambasted him for running Hogwarts into the ground and providing an education that was not up to the standard they had enjoyed. Dumbledore survived the inevitable no confidence vote 9-3. The 3 being Muggleborn who now had children at the school, who feared the Dark faction.

Lord Arcturus Black was the happiest he had been in years. His grandson freed from Azkaban, despite Dumbledore's attempts to block the trial. The news that Sirius had blood adopted Harry Potter was less welcome. He had cleaned house, so to speak. He'd packed Sirius off to their Spa in the south of France to clear any lingering effects from being in close proximity to Dementors. Andromeda Tonks had been brought back into the family. She would be the Potter Proxy. Bella, for taking the Dark Mark and failing to produce heirs, had first had her marriage annulled and had then been kicked out of the family. Unbeknownst to Lord Black, he now had control of two of Tom Riddle's 6 horcrux.

Lord Black's new quest was to find his great grandson, blood adopted, by the name of Harry Potter. Dumbledore claimed that he did not know. Dumbledore looked surprised that he did not know. That convinced Arcturus that he did not know. He went to the Black informers to find the boy. They would draw a blank.

The first thing Harry did on his return was go to the Post Office and buy a book of first class stamps, writing paper and envelopes. He wrote to Somerset House asking for a Potter family tree. His second letter was to the US Veterans asking if any of his Evans relatives married US service personnel during WWII, and he had to get an airmail stamp for that. His Potter squib relatives had provided him with that address. His third letter was to said solicitors to recover rents where necessary and begin evictions to take effect end of August 1991. The proceeds were to go into his Harry Potter bank account. That currently had a fiver in it. His fourth letter applied for the Head Chef's job at the restaurant around the corner that was struggling. He recalled from his other life that it had shut down sometime during his second year.

Somerset House replied really quickly and said for £100 they would provide him with the Potter family tree. He sent them a postal order for £100. He received a reply from the restaurant and went off to an interview. He was hired. On the spot. The owner was really desperate. He would work 30 hours a week and earn £10 an hour. Harry said that he did not mind being paid cash, but that all tax and National Insurance had to be paid, properly. The owner agreed. Half his staff walked out. Harry thought he would do the same, if a ten-year-old Head Chef were hired. Harry gave a social worker a tour of the House, making sure she saw the cupboard under the stairs and knew that moving rooms was his idea.

Harry did do some skull doggery. He wore Dudley's clothes and worked in Dudley's room to make 4 molotov cocktails for the houses of Dudley's gang, should they Harry hunt next school year. He would frame Big D in a perfect stitch up.

Harry was happiest when reading the spell books, annotated by his parents and their personal diaries. There was no way Harry would keep a diary. He planned on being around for his kids. Severus Snape had invented a particularly nasty spell, sectumsempra. Since it was his own spell, if Harry used it on his victims, who all deserved death, Snape would get the blame or the suspicion at any rate. Fiendfyre was another spell Harry wished he had had in Little Hangleton. He slapped his hand against his head. He had to buy a map of England and find the village. He rather liked the idea of going there, when he wasn't being involved in a ritual bringing his mortal enemy back into a body.

Harry took the Night Bus there and back. He learnt from an alive Frank Bryce that he could buy the Lordship of Riddle Manor, which included the Gaunt Shack. Harry decided to buy it. It came with the weird right to keep ducks. Harry thought it was £50 that was really well spent. It would really mess with Tom's head. Harry got a big chuckle out of that.

Previously, Harry had been weaker on Magical Theory – that had been another Hogwarts staple until Dumbledore removed it. It went the same way as Alchemy, Wizarding Etiquette, Flying, Apparition, Wards, Portkeys and Enchanting. Those subjects had all be removed by Dumbledore. That information had been in Hogwarts: A History. Muggle subjects did not get a look in. The Board of Governors kept it that way.

Harry remembered how the Professors had made a big thing about how they accepted students who had got an Exceeds Expectations at their OWLs at NEWT level. Apart from Snape who only accepted Outstandings. The Hogwarts Charter stated that pupils who secured an Exceeds Expectations at OWL level in a subject could go on to study the subject at NEWT level. How was Snape able to get away with that? Hagrid had said that Harry was a Legacy student. Legacy students, according to the Charter, were able to pick their own House and were exempt from punishment and point deductions. Wasn't that interesting? Harry really should have got hold of this Hogwarts Charter rule book first time around. Harry would have to get his copy. He hoped it had not been changed since his parents went to Hogwarts.

His solicitors wrote to him to tell him they had started the collection of back rents and the eviction process. The repairs on his property had commenced. The deeds included an attic and basement rooms that were also being renovated. Harry wondered if they really needed to tell him. He had not stayed in the property long enough to have a good look around.

He did ask his mother, when Snape killed his father, avenging his mother. That must have played well with Tom. The father was a muggle who killed a magical. Snape did not end up in Azkaban. Why? According to portrait Lily, Dumbledore came forward to keep Snape out of Azkaban. Snape had used magic to kill a Muggle. Yes, the muggle had killed a witch. That was not a good enough excuse to kill him in relation, especially not a couple of years after. That gave Harry pause. He could kill his muggle tormentors. This would raise the probability of Azkaban. Pretty much a certainty. Harry had released all the souls from Tom's wand, his parents included, after he had killed Pettigrew. They passed over. Harry had hoped that he was something or someone they had unfinished business with and so would not go. That had not happened. Harry had been a little irked. Make that a lot irked. His parents' lives boiled down to be born, have him and die. Done. That seemed so wrong. They had been so young.

Harry practiced his spells. He practiced getting the wand movements correct. The swish and flick. He had that right, now. He thought Flitwick would be very pleased.

Lucius Malfoy convened a meeting of Death Eaters at his father's home. They discussed the latest developments. Dumbledore's hold on power was the weakest it had been in the nearly half century that he had held it. They discussed various measures they would introduce to further restrict the positions Muggleborn could hold. They would use the fear of werewolves to prevent them from being able to rent property or live in wizard's property. They would support Fudge's re-election as Minister for Magic. He would be beholden to them. They noted that his Senior Undersecretary shared many of their beliefs. They could use this to their advantage. She was notably anti Creature in her stances. This would be incredibly helpful.

Dumbledore scheduled an Agenda item devoted to Harry Potter. The public reading of the Potter Wills had been very damaging to his cause. He attempted to show that it was essential for Harry Potter to be under his control. The future of magical Britain depended on it. Everything he had done had been for the Greater Good.

"Enough of that drivel, Albus," Barty Crouch said. "You told me you believed he was the Potters' Secret Keeper. I believed you, because you'd cast the Fidelius. You lied to me, because you were a witness to their Wills in which they both stated that Sirius Black was not the Secret Keeper. You caused a Travesty of Justice. Your weaselly words cannot get you out of that."

"What happened to all the letter sent to Harry Potter? How many has he received?" Regent Bones asked.

"Harry had not received any letters. IT WAS TOO DANGEROUS. He has been kept ignorant of his heritage lest he grow big headed."

"You took on the task of preparing Harry Potter for the Wizarding World. Yet you have done nothing. A typical Dumbledore action," Greg Abbott spoke to laughter.

"Big headed," Augusta Longbottom began. "You are not part of Wizarding Child Services. You are not competent to make such a declaration."

"I know for a fact that Susan, my niece, has sent Harry a card every Christmas. I have to tell her that he never received them. She will be crushed, though happy that he's not ignoring her, Regent Bones stated. Switching to being Head of the DMLE, "You will turn over every letter that has come for Harry Potter and will come, to the DMLE, immediately."

"I cannot do that," Dumbledore said.

"It was not a request, Dumbledore. Ensure any money sent is also handed over. Aurors, escort Albus Dumbledore to Azkaban." Amelia Bones had a glint in her eye that no-one had ever seen before.

"Let's not be hasty, Amelia," Dumbledore said. "It was just a misunderstanding. As of today there are 3027 letters addressed to harry Potter in my care. I cannot physically hand all of them over to you right away."

"I shall send a team of Aurors with bags to collect them after this meeting."

Dumbledore acquiesced in defeat. Worse was to follow.

"What were you doing as the head of a noble House interfering with the affairs of a Noble and Most Ancient House? Michael MacMillan wanted to know.

"It was necessary to safeguard Harry from Death Eater attacks."

"What death eater attacks. Only the Longbottoms were attacked after you told them it was safe to come out of hiding. All you had to do was hand Harry over to his godmother and explain the danger. They would have remained under the Fidelius or moved behind the Longbottom Wards, where they would have been safe." MacMillan was really laying it on with a trowel.

"I may have made some mistakes, but I acted according to the information I had at the time. I no longer know where Harry Potter is. Somebody has secured him and is working against our interests," Albus thought that should sway a few people.

"Your honeyed words, Chief Warlock, cannot obscure the harm you have done to the saviour of the wizarding world," Albert Parkinson said. "Next year, my daughter starts Hogwarts and I am very concerned about your ability to look after my daughter properly. I shall seek to be a governor to protect her."

His words were echoed by Lords Bulstrode and Greengrass. Amelia Bones noted that the Shacklebolt seat was being voted by Dumbledore. Shacklebolt was a fine Auror. His support for Dumbledore, though, was worrying. Only those half a dozen seats that had Dumbledore as proxy voted in his support. September was not proving to be a good meeting of the Wizengamot for Albus Dumbledore. Even those who normally supported Dumbledore like McGonagall abandoned him. The Dark faction lost a series of votes restricting the employment opportunities for Muggleborn and Werewolves. The usual motion of censure was passed against Dumbledore over Harry Potter. Usual for the past 5 years following Dumbledore's failure to produce the boy as required under Habeas Corpus.

The Dursleys had returned and tried to force Harry out of his new room. They failed. Petunia recognized Lily's wand. Vernon fitted bolts to the door, installed a cat flap and put bars on his window. Harry just smiled. They also tried to take money off him for his board, once they found out about Harry's job. They failed in that, too. The Dursleys did not take kindly to being evicted and required to pay back rent. Harry knew Vernon's sister was in the same boat. Harry would not discover how Snape felt about being evicted. He wouldn't have cared.

In the first week of term, Dudley and his gang tried Harry Hunting. They failed. Dudley berated the other gang members for their failure. The head and deputy head brushed the whole thing under the carpet. A member of staff complained to County Hall. This was what County Hall had been waiting for. The head and his deputy were fired. The teacher Harry had liked came back with more responsibility. There was a new Headteacher.

That night, Harry, dressed in Dudley's clothes firebombed the houses belonging to the families of Dudley's gang members. The frame-up went the way Harry wanted. Dudley got sent off to St Brutus' for the year and his gang members all moved away.

The Police and Social Workers called. They took one look at the cat flap, bolts and bars and told the Dursleys to remove them. There would be regular weekly visits.

Harry could now indulge his love of knowledge for knowledge's sake. School was now fun.

Mrs Granger came to visit him during his lunchbreak on Satursay at the restaurant. She told him about the visit from McGonagall. She had been evasive about the jobs that would be open to Hermione. She had not really explained the House system, just stressed how good Gryffindor was.

Harry explained that McGonagall was Head of Gryffindor, Deputy Headmistress and a Professor. Mrs Granger looked horrified.

"Are you the Harry Potter who is the Boy-Who-Lived?"

"I am, though I'd prefer you tell Hermione that you doubt I could be that boy."


"There is a whole series of books that purport to tell everyone how I live. Hermione believes in what books say, doesn't she?"


"Have her read those. Then we'll shatter her belief in them at the same time." Harry smiled. "I can't do anything until I am 11, which is next July 31st. I can make her a protectorate of the House Potter. I'm a Legacy student. Hermione can choose the House she goes into. Officially, I do the choosing, but I will let her choose and I'd be her guardian at school. That makes my Guardian, hers."

"Will that protect her?"

"Protect her from having the Headmaster as her guardian. Let's just say that he's a tad manipulative. Try to persuade Hermione to let you read the Daily Prophet."

"Did you cook the meal I have just eaten?"

"Yes, I did," Harry answered, proudly.

"It was very good," Mrs Granger said. "You, obviously, know more about this than you are letting on. You hinted I should have Hermione tested for relationship to wizarding families. McGonagall stalled that"

"Knowing Hermione, she'll want more books to read. You'll get to take her to the Ministry again."

"The Goblins at that Bank make me nervous."

"A common experience, Mrs Granger. The Goblins like active accounts they can make money off. The Dagworth-Granger account is currently closed. Tell the Goblins that you wish to have Hermione tested for a link to that family. When you talk with the Goblins, make sure you hand over a couple of knuts. That makes them owe you 10 minutes of time without letting your account get a small payment taken out that starts at 30%."

"The knowledge that you have."

"I'm from a few years into the future. I would very much appreciate that you don't tell anyone or look any wizard or witch in the eye as they can pluck that information from your mind." Harry was not about to tell Mrs Granger, as nice as she was, that he got most of his information from his father's journal.

"You get more interesting each time I talk with you, Mr Potter. I almost believe you. Just what was Hermione to you?"

"She is my best friend."

"Would the magical guardian have access to the Dagworth-Granger account, if Hermione is proved to be part of that family?"

"Yes, the magical guardian would. The Goblins will be able to tell you, if a muggle can be regent. A muggle is what an ordinary non-magical person is called."

"That's not a pleasant word. I shall be off. We'll meet again." Mrs Granger departed. She had kept one thing from Harry. Her husband George and said, "Millie, I do not want the name Dagworth-Granger mentioned in this household again. Is that understood?" He'd been quite angry at the time, veins standing out on his neck. She could not remember a time, when he'd spoken angrily to her.

Mrs Granger took Hermione to Diagon Alley the following day, a Sunday and conducted business at Gringotts. She did mention that she wanted to have Hermione tested to see if she was a Dagworth-Granger. The Goblin teller got very interested and directed them to Panhandle, who handled the Dagworth-Granger account. Mrs Granger slid 2 knuts across to him before the meeting began. The Goblin looked interested. This woman seemed too well versed in Goblin matters to be just a Muggle. He agreed do the test for nothing. If Hermione was a Dagworth-Granger, he would more than make up the cost of the test from profits that had been held in abeyance for a very long time. The test was a pinprick of blood. Hermione was a Dagworth-Granger. Panhandle was actually nice to them, warning Mrs Granger that the Ministry might try to stop her being Hermione's Regent and that Hermione might be insulted. He felt genuinely sorry for them.

The experience at the Ministry was as bad as Panhandle had feared. The Ministry tried to stop Mrs Granger from being Regent. She had countered that the Goblins said she could. Then they tried to say that the Hogwarts staff was magical Guardian. Mrs Granger pointed out that Hermione would only start Hogwarts next September. She eventually got the test done for 20 galleons. Hermione was a Dagworth-Granger. She was called squib-spawn and Mudblood.