Chapter 2: Hello again, Remnant and friends!

More than a year and a half have passed in Remnant.

For Penny, it was eight years in The World. A revelation that greatly shocked the gynoid. In one part, she was glad that much time did not pass, while the other wondered how that was possible. The only conclusion was that both timelines of the two different worlds move differently than the other. She wanted to question it more but decided not to for her sanity's sake and that she was finally home.

After her revival, her father quickly informed her after the Fall of Beacon, which broke her heart to learn about the tragedy after her death. During the chaos, General Ironwood's men were able to collect her remains, which also contained her main core. With it, she can be restored, although the process took time due to her father adding new modifications to her new body, such as recent updates to her system, reinforced body structure so that her body would not be destroyed like last time, new jet boots that gave her flight capabilities and additionally, she now has longer hair.

After being confirmed to be one hundred per cent operative, she was informed to meet with the General immediately after he learned of her return from her father, which she complied to do so. Along the way towards Atlas Academy, escorted by a pair of Atlesian Knights via Airship, she debated sharing everything she had experienced and witnessed from her time in The World and all the valuable knowledge she had gathered from Earth to share towards Remnant.

But while thinking, she noticed how much Atlas and Mantle had changed.

She noticed how much more security was added in Mantle and that the people were either scared or angry at these changes. The most significant change was the extensive formation of the Atlas Fleet around the Kingdom of Atlas as if they were expecting an attack. This greatly concerned the gynoid; she figured that the events after the Fall would lead to consequences around Remnant, but she didn't think the situation would look that bad in her home kingdom.

She was guided to the General's office when she finally arrived at Atlas Academy. As she was headed there, she passed by numerous students who looked surprised to see the supposed dead robot girl was there and alive. Some whispered behind her back, and some gave looks of disapproval. No doubt they don't consider her one of them due to being a gynoid, but that didn't affect Penny as she chose to ignore all that. Honestly, it does not affect her that badly after her time in R:2. During her time in The World, her secret was once forcibly revealed by a certain AIDA-infected lunatic. She was scorned and looked down upon with indifference, but she could move on from all that, thanks to Haseo and the others. Thanks to Yata and Pi's influence, they were able to divert the information with a cover story to protect her, which led her to accept who and what she is proud to be regardless of what anyone thinks of her.

As she finally reaches the General's office, she reunites with two familiar people besides her father.

Specialist Winter Schnee. General Ironwood's top Specialist and considered righthand. However, Penny does not know much about her besides being Weiss's older sister. They rarely interacted much due to the gynoid's secrecy, but seeing the situation, secrecy was no longer needed.

And as for General James Ironwood. The only description Penny could mentally think of him was… tired. She did not want to be rude or suspicious, so she presented herself in a way that the two were primarily familiar with. Being the cheerful and obedient girl, she was before The Fall.

After receiving the greeting from the two and the heartfelt apology from Ironwood for how the gynoid ended back in Vytal, Penny could see how sincere he was and forgave him while saying that she was back, in more ways anyone in Remnant could understand.

It was then that Penny was explained the whole situation after her demise. She was debriefed on the truth regarding Ozpin, Salem, the Relics, the Maidens and the entire Shadow War. Granted, Penny was surprised by this revelation back in her time in The World. She did discuss how Remnant was not in a time of peace due to Ironwood telling her that. Granted, the gynoid was not fully informed back then, but Penny and her friends made a lot of theories regarding what the General said and a possible connection to her death. But she never thought it was a magical war that continued for centuries.

If it weren't for her time in The World, she would have been more surprised by that revelation, so she just pretended to be surprised not to add any suspicion.

She learned that the Ace-Ops had also been informed and added to James's inner-circle due to Ozpin's absences and decided to take matters into his own hands. He planned to reveal the existence of Salem to the world and, by doing so, was to turn Vytal into a CCT Tower and show how the very symbol of the floating island can impact the world.

Everyone was amazed by that revelation while Penny found the idea appealing, but a part of her was not that impressed, not that she showed it, ever since she learned about Earth's satellites in comparison. The only reason Remnant could not achieve that was due to the lack of power because Dust was useless when they left Remnant's atmosphere. But thanks to learning about alternative energy, there was a chance she could help aid in its construction, maybe make it better even. She would later inform her father of it since he was assisting in its construction.

Ironwood explained that they would primarily be focused on all Dust and manpower towards the construction of Vytal. However, this consequently gave Mantle a lack of resources, and due to the hole (Penny found it suspicious how it happened, and there was no investigation of it, which baffled her but did not voice it at the time) on the wall of Mantle people have shown negative emotions causing Grimm activity to spike. It didn't help that Atlas only sent their Knights and not their soldiers or Specialists. And with the heavy laws being added, it didn't paint an excellent picture to Atlas or the General, but the General said it was a sacrifice worth risking.

And there was Penny's assignment. At that moment, Ironwood had assigned the gynoid as Mantle's protector.

Penny gladly took the responsibility but was informed that no one else would assist her in protecting Mantle due to the focus of Vytal. Still, the gynoid did not let that deter her from taking such a responsibility. With all the hardship and experience she has gone through in The World, she will do everything she can to make things right for her home kingdom.

Time has passed, and the Cyber Angel was currently sitting on the edge of one of the buildings of Mantle as she gazed down the city. A part of her thought that Mantle was very similar to the Net Slums. The only difference? How miserable most of the citizens are due to the current situation in the kingdom.

She knew that Mantle had its hardships, but now it looked like it was at its breaking point. The only reason Mantle hasn't fallen apart is thanks to her part in protecting it despite the mixed feelings from the people. Some called her 'Ironwood's robot slave' or other hurtful comments, but that never stopped the girl from protecting her home. She had even met the Happy Huntresses, but not Robyn herself. She knew that they wanted what was best for Mantle, but it didn't help that they didn't have much trust towards her or Ironwood, seeing that their secrecy was giving them a wrong impression, and it was starting to take a toll on her, but that didn't stop her from doing her job.

While doing her duties as protector, she told her secret to Pietro. She had debated not to tell Ironwood or anyone else besides her father, at least for the time being. Granted, he was in complete disbelief of what he had learned from his daughter, but like the good man the doctor is, he believed her and additionally showed her memories via video of all the time she was in The World. At least, he was in complete awe that his daughter was in a virtual reality game and how different Earth is from Remnant. Thanks to that, The World greatly inspired him, its game mechanics, and what Earth's knowledge can offer, which helped speed Vytal significantly. Thanks to his love for her daughter, he respected her wishes and decided to keep her secret his own. He even upgraded her old weapon, Floating Array, to Floating Array R:2, much to her joy.

The gynoid sighed, both slightly exhausted and depressed, as she brought her knees to her chest and her chin resting atop them.

"How much longer does this have to go?" Penny sighed as she wondered how long until all this would blow over. She knew that Vytal was a higher priority, but she was starting to get depressed, not with being Mantle's protector. What made her depressed was the lack of people fighting by her side. She had grown accustomed to fighting together with so many people back in The World, specifically with Haseo and Kite. Oh, how she misses them and wishes to have that feeling back again.

Penny sighed again as she let go of her legs, fell flat on the ground and gazed up towards the late-night sky, looking at the stars. "I wonder how Ruby is doing?"

The funny thing is she would usually add 'Friend' after the name of her close friends, but after years in The World, she has grown without the need to say that anymore—her way of maturing of sorts.

While thinking about her first best friends, she was immediately alerted by a notification on her hub.

'Alert! Unauthorised aircraft have illegally landed in Mantle territory. Requesting immediate investigation and apprehension of all pilots and passengers.'

"An unauthorised landing?" Penny says out loud as she stands back up, looking into this information in her hub for additional details. "Well, I better–"

But before she finished her sentence, another notification appeared in her hub, which concerned her greatly.

'Alert! A pack of Sabyrs have passed the gate and are causing havoc. Atlesian Knights are on the root but are quickly being dismantled. Request immediate aid!'

Penny quickly looked into the information where the Grimm was located, and her eyes widened at where they were found. Close to her father's workshop.

"Father…!" Penny mutters in concern, quickly activates her jets, and flies towards the Grimm with a determined expression. "Don't worry, father! I'm on my way."

But what little did Penny know was that she was going to have a reunion she did not expect to have.

As Penny sped through to her destination, she could see citizens running away from danger and hear alarms attached to streetlamps all red, indicating the danger going out as she grew closer. As she grew closer, she began to listen to the sounds of fighting.

Atlesian Knights fighting Grimm? It was the first thing she thought but then brushed off the idea when she heard the sounds of weapons other than guns being used since the Knights' primary weapons are only guns, so that would mean Huntsman are fighting. It couldn't be the Specialists or the Ace-Ops since they are not ordered to be in Mantle unless ordered. Was it the Happy Huntress? Penny could only make that conclusion.

But when she arrived and stopped in mid-air close enough to see her destination, her eyes widened in shock and joy at what or rather who, she witnessed fighting against the Grimm.


Ruby Rose, her team, friends, and uncle are fighting off against a pack of Sabyrs—just another day of killing Grimm, in her opinion, as well as to their eventful arrival to Atlas, but they had to land in Mantle if they dint want to get arrested for borrowing their aircraft.

After meeting with Doctor Pietro, thanks to Maria introducing him to them, the whole group fights off a pack of Sabyrs the moment the alarms start to go off. After killing a few Grimm, Ruby was confident that she and her team would win this.

However, she noticed that a Sabyr was about to pounce Blake from behind, who gasped when she turned to face it. But before Ruby was about to intervene, a green laser unexpectedly fired from the sky, slicing the Grimm in half. That didn't stop there as more lasers followed, killing all the remaining Grimm, resulting in the alarms throughout the city halting and the streetlight changing colour.

Everyone was confused at what had just happened until they saw a familiar figure fly into view. Penny Polendina arrives as she twirls in the air and slowly descends on the ground a short distance away from them with her back turned.

The gynoid was both excited and nervous when she landed. She was unsure how to address reuniting with her first best friends in Remnant, but that hesitation disappeared when she heard her father speaking to her.

"Darling, why don't you say hello to your friends?" The moment she heard those words, Penny turned to look toward her father's voice. She saw many familiar faces from Beacon, but the most familiar was Ruby Rose.

The gynoid couldn't help but gasp while her eyes shined joyfully, knowing that what she was seeing wasn't a dream. She could tell Ruby felt the same by seeing her reaction as she dismissed their weapon.

And what did Penny do at that moment?

She leans forward a little. "Sal…"

Ruby tilted her head, confused at what Penny was doing. "Huh?"

Penny lowers to one knee as a high-pitched charging noise is heard. "U…"

Ruby was now nervous, realising what her gynoid friend was about to do. "Uh…?"

Penny immediately sprinted towards Ruby at high speed with glee. So fast, the moment she passed Ruby's friends, they were slightly pushed by the force of the wind that blew past them courtesy of her jet boots. "TATIONS!"

Ruby could only panic as she desperately screamed and franticly waved her hands in a failed attempt to stop Penny's charge as the gynoid tackled the girl hard to the ground, surprising everyone around them.

Ruby groaned in pain as she lay on the ground. She tried to get up, but only for Penny to latch on her while giving her a tight hug, which was sweet but honestly starting to hurt the little reaper. "Pe–"

"I thought…" Before the reaper could say anything, she froze from the gynoid's interruption and heard a sob from her.

Penny slowly sat up straight while still holding Ruby, following the gynoid's example, but was still stunned silent, and her eyes widened the moment the gynoid let go of her and had a good look at her face. Her face showed not only the happiest smile Ruby had seen from Penny but also that she was crying tears of joy.

"I thought I'd never see you again!" Penny says, in the gynoid's case, during her time in The World, she accepted the fact she would never see her friends or family ever again, but seeing her best friends again was enough to make the gynoid release the pent-up emotions she had held since her return to Remnant.

When she heard those words, Ruby gasped, making tears fall from her eyes. So many emotions immediately came the moment she not only saw her supposed dead friend and those words she just said after everything that had happened from the Fall and up to this very day, but the only thing Ruby could do was hug Penny back, who returned the hug.

"Penny!" Ruby cried, happy that at least one of her friends was still alive and well after everything that had happened to her. After everything, she desperately needed this.

Everyone could only watch, smiling, some whipping away a few tears, seeing such a touching reunion between two friends and that Penny was still alive.

After a moment of crying, the two finally calmed down, and they slowly stood back up while holding each other's hands.

"Penny, I… I-I thought you…" Ruby slightly sobbed, trying to finish her sentence.

"Died?" Pietro finished as he approached his daughter on his mobile chair with mechanical legs, happy that his daughter had finally reunited with her best friend, whom he had heard so much from. "I guess, in a manner of speaking, she did. But we could recover her core from Amity Arena once it had returned to Atlas. It took me some time, but…"

"I'm as good as new!" Penny proudly says as she lets go of Ruby's hands. "Better, even! And now I'm the official protector of the city!"

"That's my girl. We won't let a little ripping to shreds stop us, are we?" Her father laughed, followed by coughing a few times.

"No, sir!" The gynoid replied as she knocked on her head with a clanking sound.

Weiss was the first to break the silence among the spectators of Ruby's group. "This is…"

"Strangely wholesome." Blake added to the former Heiress's words.

"Sounds like Penny to me." Yang added.

Penny grabbed Ruby's shoulders with an excited smile. "We have so many things to catch up about. I cannot wait!" After so many years in The World, Penny could not wait to spend more time again with her very first best friend, and nothing would stop her.

Until the city's alarm hit again from a distance.

Penny held her smile, inwardly cursing at the unfortunate timing but not letting that affect her because she knew protecting Mantle was her duty.

"It seems we will have to wait." Penny says, still optimistic, before stepping back from Ruby and closing her eyes. "Please wait for a moment."

After saying that, Ruby and her friends notice Penny was just standing there with her eyes closed, doing nothing.

Ruby just raised a brow, wondering why Penny was standing there and not doing anything about the alarms. She looked between her friends, and they just shrugged.

"Um… Penny?" Ruby says to her friend, but the gynoid is unresponsive.

Seeing the confusion, Pietro steps in. "Oh, don't you all worry. Penny is no doubt just looking through live security footage throughout Mantle."

"She can do that?" Oscar asks in surprise, along with the others.

"Oh yes! It's one of her newest additional programs after her revival. Since my little girl is tasked with protecting Mantle, it's understandable for her to be connected to entire security cameras to make her job easier." Pietro explains with pride. In truth, this idea was based on the Serpent of Lore during Penny's time with G.U. She suggested being connected with all security cameras throughout Mantle to know and go where she needed to be. It's not as powerful as the Serpent of Lore since the system can record and view Avatar and AIDA activity, but it's a system she can use.

"Impressive." Ren added.

After a moment, Penny opened her eyes. "The threat is a minor pack of Grimm Sabyrs currently being engaged by a small group of Atlesian Knights. The threat is not far from here." The gynoid explained as she activated her jets and rockets, and surprisingly, she triggered her Floating Array R:2 as they spread and slightly folded into the shape of wings on her back, getting shocked and awe from the newcomers, primarily from Ruby.

"I'll be back really soon! Just give me a moment to take care of this, and we can talk more later! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures and tell you how I have been, and I am just very excited about this whole experience!" Penny quickly says as the wing-shaped Floating Array R:2 blasted jets much like her rocket boots, making her blast off to the sky towards her target with speed much faster when she tackled Ruby. It nearly even blew away everyone close to her.

"I can't tell if I completely understand what's happening or have a million questions." Nora comments as she watches Penny disappear.

While the others talked with each other about this recent event, Ruby couldn't look away from where Penny disappeared, too. A part of her was thrilled that Penny was alive and once interacted with her, but a small part noticed something different about the gynoid, and it wasn't her new appearance, mind you. It was more as if she was… mature.

While thinking about this, she and her friends were unaware of another group about to jump on them.

In another part of Mantle, a small battle was going on as a group of Knights were shooting at a charging pack of Sabyrs who desire, well, robot blood made of oil as they drew close to clashing each other.

But before that happened, multiple lasers sliced through all of the Grimm, instantly killing them.

The robots stopped shooting as they looked up, seeing Penny killed off the Grimm. But she didn't stop flying as she immediately made a U-turn from where she came from.

"Thanks for the hard work!" Penny shouted back and disappeared from the Atlesian Knights' view. Leaving at least one of them tilting their head.

"Oh, I can't wait to talk to Ruby properly this time!" Penny says in excitement as she speeds back to where she left Ruby and the others, thanks to the extra speed from her Floating Array R:2. While the gynoid was charging through, Penny wondered if she could tell her about her time in The World. She trusted Ruby to keep her secret. She was sure she could say to her about it!

"I can't wait to tell her–!" Penny was close enough to have a good view of where she had left Ruby and the others, and low and behold. She sees the Ace-Ops arresting them.

After successfully capturing the lawbreakers in Mantle, Clover Ebi, leader of the Ace-Ops, hands over the item he had just confiscated from Ruby (the Relic of Knowledge) to one of his men. "Let's move–!"

Before he could order his men, something came crashing down in the middle of their area, leaving a small dust blocking what was in front of him.

This caused Ruby and the others to look shocked at the sudden event, and Clover and his Ace-Ops immediately armed themselves and prepared for what they were facing.

But the moment the dust cleared, they slowly lowered their weapons, and they were surprised to see that Penny was kneeling on the ground as her weapons folded back on her backpack.

"Penny?!" Ruby was still bound on the ground and shouted in shock that she had returned so soon as she said.

"She's back already?" Jaune says in surprise but is relieved that one of them has returned.

Penny slowly stood and gazed at the leader of the Ace-Ops. Those who knew Penny aside from Pietro were surprised to see her look angry. Well, not full-blown mad like Yang, more like seeing Penny with narrowed eyes and a slight frown. It didn't look much, but that was the first time they'd ever seen the gynoid make such an expression, seeing that she was always joyful with a happy expression.

Penny didn't say a word as she slowly stood up from her kneeling position, then placed her hands behind her back and looked directly towards the leader of the Ace-Ops with an expression that Weiss couldn't help but notice was a bit similar to her sister when being professional.

"Specialist Clover Ebi. May I know why you and your team are present in Mantle and currently apprehending this group of Huntsmen and Huntresses under my watch?" Penny questions the Ace-Op so professionally that almost everyone present is stunned to see.

Aside from Pietro, he was proud to see how much her daughter has matured thanks to all her experience in The World, courtesy of Pi and Yata teaching her to be professional in real-world jobs.

Maria may not know much about Penny, but she was greatly interested in how this will go.

Ruby and those who knew her couldn't help but gawk at the sudden personality change. She was happy-go-lucky, and now she was all professional-like.

Even the Ace-Ops were a bit stunned at her personality. They were informed of how cheerful she was from her background, but to see her act this way was very unexpected.

Clover snaps out of his stutter and silently clears his throat. "Miss Polendina, like I have told your father, we heard a report of an unauthorized ship making an unauthorized landing, followed by an unauthorized use of weapons by unlicensed Huntsmen."

Penny began to piece things together. The Ace-Ops were here due to the same report she had heard not long ago, but that still doesn't explain why the Ace-Ops were here. She needed to confirm if they were ordered to come to Mantle. "I'm fully aware of the reports and was undergoing investigation until the sudden spike of Grimm activity untimely arrived, which was swiftly dealt with thanks to these courageous Huntsmen." Penny turned to Ruby and gave a light smile, and the downed girl returned, albeit a bit nervous.

Penny then turns back to Clover being professional. "What I don't know is why I was not informed of your arrival."

The Ace-Ops looked at each other, not expecting this kind of questioning of the gynoid as Clover answered her question. "Well… we had direct orders from General Ironwood to investigate the matter and apprehend the suspects and informed us not to disturb your duties of active protector to Mantle."

"Which we did without a problem." The girl with the mohawk, Harriet Bree, says with a prideful smirk.

Penny ignored the Specialist as she looked down in thought, now understanding the situation. She understands that due to the General's concerns, he didn't want to risk any possible security risks, so he ordered the Ace-Ops here to deal with the threat as soon as possible.

'What should I do…? I can't let them arrest Ruby and the others, but they'll ignore what I say since the Ace-Ops will only listen to the General's orders without question. What should I do?' Thanks to her robotic mind, Penny could think much faster than an ordinary person, which gave her plenty of time to think. She thought long and hard about what to do to save her friends. What would Haseo do in this situation?

When she remembered her brother figure, Penny's iris slightly turned red before quickly fading back to green. No one noticed the change. However, Penny did not know how or why at the time, but she felt something inside her stir, making her know what to do and speak.

Penny then looks up to Clover, ready to use her words to save her friends.

"Understood. You've done well to fulfil your duties." This shocked Ruby and the others by what Penny said, while the Ace-Ops seemed pleased with what she said, but before Clover could say anything, the gynoid continued. "Which is why I will personally escort and send them directly to the General to decide what to do with them."

Again, this came as a shock to everyone, especially towards the Ace-Ops.

"I… beg your pardon?" Clover slowly said, not sure if he heard the gynoid right.

"Did I stutter? I said I will personally send them to the General." Penny said without breaking contact.

"Now, wait just a minute!" Harriet said as she marched towards Penny. "Who do you think you are to give us orders? You may be Mantle's protector, but we were sent here by the General himself."

"Harriet!" The dog Faunus, Marrow Amin, tried to calm his fellow Ace-Op down but failed.

"These are not orders, Specialist Bree, but a fact. And out of curiosity, what are your orders from the General?" Penny turned to Harriet, who just blinked at the sudden question.

"What?" Harriet questioned as she narrowed her eyes at her.

"What are the exact words General James Ironwood ordered you to do?" Penny repeated this time, clarifying the question.

This made the Ace-Ops look at each other, confused about why she would ask that.

"The General…" The bold operative, Vine Zeki, spoke up. "Ordered us to investigate the airship that has landed her in Mantle and apprehend the intruders."

"I see." Penny nodded and turned to Ruby and her group, who looked nervous. "And you believe these Huntsmen are those intruders. Do you have evidence at all to confirm that fact?"

Ruby and the others didn't say anything as they looked at each other in fear and nervousness. However, the Ace-Ops just looked at each other as they slowly realised what was happening.

"Um… No." The barefooted woman, Elm Ederne, slowly said. "We were about to investigate until we were informed that unlicensed Huntsmen were in the area."

Penny simply nodded, then fully turned to Clover. "Then I take your mission was never to arrest them but to investigate a security risk that has infiltrated Mantle, but instead, you saw to it to focus on a minor threat while a bigger threat is still at large."

This comment made all the Ace-Ops look in shock at just how Penny told them off like that.

Ruby and the others just dropped their jaws at what they witnessed. Maria just held her mouth, doing her best not to laugh as she was enjoying the show, and Pietro just blinked a couple of times in surprise, seeing his daughter act this way.

Harriet, who had just narrowed her eyes at Penny, was telling them off like that. "Are you kidding us?! These brats broke the law! And you're telling us that we are in the wrong?!"

"They did break the law, and you simply did your duty." Penny admitted, catching the angry Specialist off-guard. "Which is why you can leave them to my care, and I will be the one to personally escort them to the General while you continue your investigation. That way, it will save both troubles."

"B-But the law…!" Harriet gritted out, trying to come up with an excuse.

Penny was close to fully convincing the Ace-Ops to let Penny handle it from here. "Don't you worry, Specialist Bree." Penny finally gives her cheerful smile. "As the protector Mantle, I will fulfil my duty just as the Ace-Ops fulfil theirs."

There was a moment of silence, and Clover was in deep thought about what she said, and after a short while, he finally gave his answer.

"Very well, Miss Polendina." Clover said, getting shocked reactions from everyone, especially his fellow Ace-Ops. "We will leave them to your care, and you will handle the rest. I must also inform you that all of their weapons and items have been confiscated, and I will inform the General of these recent events."

Penny simply gave a small smile. "That's no problem at all, Specialist Ebi. If it simplifies things, we will use the present transportation here to get to Atlas."

"Understood." Clover nodded with a small smile before turning to his fellow Ace-Ops. "Let's move out! We still need to investigate that unauthorised airship."

The Ace-Ops split up and left the area, albeit a bit reluctant. Harriet glared at Penny, who simply smiled and tilted her head, making the Specialist click her tongue before following her leader's orders.

As the Ace-Ops finally left, Penny sighed in relief, and then she turned to two soldiers who were no doubt the pilots of transport vehicles. "Release their bindings." Penny ordered, much to their shock.

"U-Uhm, ma'am?" One of them looked at her in confusion.

"Not to worry, soldier. They'll still be transported to the General, knowing they won't do anything wrong when I am present. Or do you have something to say?" Penny said while still holding her smile, but the two soldiers couldn't help but look at each other nervously before they quickly did what they were told to do.

Maria laughed as she approached Pietro. "Well! That was something you don't see every day!"

"Indeed." Pietro replies, holding the sweet of his forehead.

As the last bolases were removed, everyone got up and stretched.

"Okay… was not expecting this to happen." Qrow mutters as he massages his wrist.

"Alright, everyone!" Penny cheerfully announced, getting their attention. "I know I'm asking a lot, but please kindly get on the transportation! I'm sure you would like to meet the General soon!"

"But Penny!" Ruby started, but Penny gave a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, Ruby! Like I said. I will personally escort you all, and it starts with me catching a ride with all of you!" Penny says as she walks up to transport and guides her arms to the back of the entrance. "And as long as I'm with you all, you are all safe! So, let's roll out!"

Penny giggled, saying half a catchphrase from one of her favourite series from Earth. Everyone couldn't help but look at each other, not knowing what to do, but Ruby smiled and was the first to get on before returning to her friend.

"Thank you, Penny." Ruby softly said with a smile while the gynoid returned.

With that, everyone followed Ruby's example, albeit reluctant, but did so anyway as everyone was already aboard. She turned to see her father and Maria and waved to them.

"Bye, father! Bye, elderly lady that I have never seen before!" This earned a snort or chuckle from the others inside the transport while Maris just gave a deadpanned look with her cybernetic eyes, giving a raised brow, while Pietro just chuckled and waved back to her.

With that done, Penny jumped inside and closed the back door, and the two elderlies watched as the transport began to lift off and flew towards the floating Kingdom of Atlas.

Maria stared at the transport until it was finally gone from her sight. Then she turned to her old friend with an impressed smirk. "That's one heck of a daughter you have, Pietro."

"Yes… Indeed she is, isn't she?" Pietro says with a proud smile, not looking away from where the transport flew off. He was delighted to know that not only had her daughter returned, but her friends from this world were finally with her again.

To be continued…