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Chapter 4: Secrets of both worlds are revealed! (Part 2)

"And with that… comes the end of Penny Polendina's chapter in The World, and now comes a new one upon her return to Remnant." Jinn narrates that the scene shows Penny being teleported from The World, thanks to the help of all her friends, back to Remnant, specifically in her father's research room, where the two happily embrace as they are reunited again.

"This followed Penny readjusting her life back home." The scene shows Penny readjusting herself to her old life in Atlas as a small montage of the gynoid being given the title of Protector of Mantle and her numerous duties, such as protecting the people and eliminating the Grimm.

The scene then changes to the reunion of Penny and Ruby's group, showing the viewers what they already know until the events of the confession to the gynoid.

"And with this comes the end of the current life story of Penny Polendina." Jinn finishes as the scene fades out with a bright light.

Penny blinked a couple of times before looking around, realising she was back in her room with everyone else. She also realised that they were back in her room and noticed that the Lamp of Knowledge was on the floor in its shrunken form.

Penny walked up to it and took the Relic in her hands, then looked up at her friends with a big smile.

"So that's my secret! Did you enjoy the show?" Penny asked and received countless positive feedbacks from them.

From the start of the viewing, the group was awed and amazed that Penny was sent to a digital world called The World, an online multiplayer video game that was far advanced to them, even by Remnant standards. Ruby, Yang, Jaune and Nora are amazed to see such a game exists and that Penny gets to be a part of it, especially the gynoid's transformation, which would be called Job Extend in the future.

But they discovered that The World was not all fun games. They learned about the AI: Aura, Skeith and its fellow Cursed Waves, the comatose victims, Cubia, and so much more.

When they learned about the Cursed Waves and their immortal status, they were shocked to learn that such invincible monsters exist, and the consequences of being PKed by them led the players to become comatose in the real world. But they were glad to learn that Aura gave Kite a way to defeat them, which gave the Remnantians hope to find a way to beat Salem.

But what scared them the most was Cubia, the anti-existence. The sight of it was enough for all the Remnantians to shudder in fear, maybe even more than Salem.

It was a lot to take for the Remnantians, but they were glad that Penny had friends such as Kite and BlackRose and her fellow members, the .hackers. Ruby loved seeing their weapons, especially the Twilight Bracelet capable of Data Drain but was saddened that it was destroyed but understood the reason since it was the only way to defeat Cubia.

At the final battle against the last Wave, Corbenik, they all saw an epic battle against the immortal monster. The battle was long and hard, but they won at a high cost. The Remnantians, especially Ruby, were horrified to see that Penny sacrificed herself to protect Kite from a fatal blow. This nearly made Ruby panic at seeing a familiar sight at the end of the Fall of Beacon, but Penny assured and comforted her that she was safe and well, which later calmed her down the young reaper.

Later, the Remnantians were shocked that Penny had survived but had been transported to a newly updated version of The World called The World R:2. They later learned that the .hackers had worked hard for years to bring her back.

There, a new journey for the gynoid began, and it was more epic and dramatic than the last journey.

Her first encounter with Tri-Edge and being Data Drained by him asking her to go back from scratch, meeting and befriending Silabus and Gaspard, learning the things in R:2, the fated meeting with Haseo, meeting and joining G.U., learning about AIDA, Epithet Users and Avatars, meeting new friends and reuniting with old ones and the countless epic battles Penny had participated and the conclusion of it all.

The Remnantians could only watch in awe, learning so much and being inspired by it all. Above all, they now understand how Penny is so mature and how well she can handle herself just fine in Remnant.

"That. Was. Amazing!" Nora cheered as she jumped up and down in glee. "Who would have thought a video game would be so epic!"

"I know right!" Jaune smirked, amazed at what kind of journey Penny had gone through.

"I miss your old clothing, though." Yang commented she liked all the fashioned clothing of the characters from The World, and she bets that Coco would love most of them.

"I miss them too, but I'm happy with the clothing my father gave me." Penny admitted.

"I loved all the weapons The World has to offer, especially Haseo's!" Ruby cheered. She completely geeked out when she saw all the unique weapons The World showed, especially R:2's and the growing weaponry of the Terror of Death.

"I'm more amazed that such technological advancements were possible in the world you came from." Weiss comments, seeing how far advanced The World is for a game.

"I like the fact that your entire experience is like a storybook all on itself." Blake admitted she liked how epic and dramatic the whole thing was, especially Kite and Haseo, feeling like they were the heroes in their own stories.

"Really? I suppose it would be." Penny said she never thought of it that way.

"I learned a lot from that experience." Ren said, especially about AIDA. He couldn't help but shudder at what horrors they could do if left unchecked, especially what it did to Penny and her friends when infected.

"And here I thought the things happening here were crazy enough." Qrow says, feeling like he should drink, but fortunately, he stopped enticing the idea.

"Yeah…" Oscar said, still in awe at everything he had seen. He thought about how, at first of all, the things he had learned in Remnant, but learning about The World and everything in it despite being a game? The current incarnation of Ozma couldn't help but be amazed by it all! And yet, despite it all, he couldn't feel any reaction from Ozpin. Perhaps it's for the better, seeing that he acknowledged that he and his other friends don't need him now, just as Penny said.

Before any more discussions, a huge yawn made them turn to the source.

Ruby rubbed her eyes drowsily before noticing the looks around her, making her blush in embarrassment. "Hihi… sorry."

Penny giggled before turning to her friends. "I suppose it is getting late. About time it should take you to your dorms." The gynoid said as she walked up to her door, unlocked it, and opened it.

Yang yawned while she stretched her arms out. "About time, I could use some shuteye."

A thing everyone agreed on, as they all followed the gynoid as she guided them out of her room.

After a few minutes, she guided the group to three reserved rooms for visiting students—one room for RWBY, one for JNR and Oscar, and the last for Qrow himself, each with necessities for their stay.

After sending them to their room and greeting them goodnight, she sends Ruby last to her team's room.

"Goodnight, Ruby." Penny says while Ruby nods back with a tired smile.

"Goodnight Penny." The reaper said before turning to her but paused before hugging Penny, slightly surprising the gynoid but returning in kind.

"Thank you, Penny, for everything," Ruby says as she lets go of her.

"Thank you for putting your trust in me." Penny replies as Ruby happily nods before she finally enters her room. She closes it, leaving the gynoid to her lonesome.

The gynoid quietly stared at the door before taking a light breath, then turned to walk back to her room with plenty to think about in her head with everything she had recently learned from Ruby.

'Things are much more complicated than I thought…' Penny thought as she quietly walked back to her room. 'Here I thought everything that happened in The World was complicated…'

Penny finally reached her room, entered and sat in her seat as she pondered what to do next. 'I promised Ruby I won't tell anyone only when she is ready. But still… I need to do something for them.'

As Penny pondered, she quickly called General Ironwood, knowing he should still be up at these late hours.

Penny quickly pulled out her Scroll, called the General and waited for a reply. Not long it was answered.

"Miss Polendina?" The General said as the picture of his face was shown.

"General Ironwood. I'm just informing you that Ruby and the rest have been properly toured around the academy and are currently resting in their designated dorm rooms." Penny answered.

"Very good. I trust there were no issues at all." The General asked.

"None at all, sir. Our new arrivals are just exhausted, is all." Penny answered while keeping out about the secrets they were keeping.

"That's good to hear. They will need plenty of rest for the coming events tomorrow." James sends as he mutters things outside the Scrolls range for Penny to hear.

"If I may ask, sir, what are your plans for them tomorrow?" Penny asked out of curiosity.

The General took a moment before answering. "For starters, our allies will be provided with new equipment, armour and weapon upgrades under their request. Atlas will provide them with needs free of charge; of course, your father will see to that. While they adjust in our Kingdom, I will see that they will be given the proper identifications. Ruby and the rest will be given the new Huntsman License and the training they need to improve themselves further."

"That's great to hear, General!" Penny says in delight while also surprised that the General is providing so much for her friends, but then again, in times like these, they need all the manpower to be in their top form.

"Apologies, Penny, but I need to go now. I have a lot to prepare for in the morning." James bluntly said, but Penny understood how busy she was and was satisfied.

"Thank you, General Ironwood." Penny said before hanging up the call and taking a deep breath. "Welp, better get some rest myself. Got a lot to do in the morning myself."

Penny then got off her chair, walked up to her pod, and began typing in some things, such as setting an alarm clock. As the Protector of Mantle, she even requires some time to rest.

As she finished typing in some sequences, she opened her pod and stepped right in before it closed. She then shuts her eyes before she can feel power charging her as she sets herself into sleep mode.

'Goodnight, everyone.' The gynoid mentally said before dosing off, happy to know that things will improve in Atlas and Mantle, knowing that Ruby and her friends are finally here to help but unaware that a few unwanted arrivals are plotting in the shadows and specific events that will forever change the fate of the Kingdom.

The next day arrived, and Penny was already in Mantle early in the morning by flight. As the protector, she must be as ready as possible. She thought of waking Ruby and her friends but decided against it since they had the right to rest as much as possible.

But before doing her duties, she quickly visited her father's place.

She flew right in front of his doorstep and greeted herself inside.

"Father? Are you awake?" Penny called out before hearing a scuffle from another room. She turned in that direction, knowing it was her father's lab.

Her father came out of the room, along with her mechanical walking chair, as he approached his daughter. "Penny? Good morning! I wasn't expecting you to arrive this early."

"Good morning, father. I was just checking up on you and was curious about the latest update on Ruby and her friends' equipment." Penny said as she hugged her father, who returned in kind.

"Did the General tell you? Well, I'm pleased to say that all their weapons and equipment are ready for them and are ready to be delivered to them." Pietro says with a proud smile but quietly yawned. Penny giggled, seeing that her father was up late working, but she knew how swift he was at work and was glad he could finally rest.

"How did you know about what to give them, though?" Penny asked, curious about how her father knew what to do.

"After you left, the General called and explained the situation to me." Pietro explained as he recalled the events last night. "He told me that he had returned all the confiscated Scrolls and given new ones to those who don't have any to your friends in their room while adding a message on each Scroll explaining that they will send me what they needed, such as weapon upgrades and all a soon as I received their request, I contacted the General to give me the necessary materials to have everything ready."

"I see." Penny said, glad that the General had prepared beforehand and was now ready for her friends, but then an idea occurred to her. "Father, can I ask for a request from you?"

"Of course, darling, what do you need?" Pietro said, willing and curious to listen to what request his daughter has in mind.

"Can you add a private communications channel for Ruby and the other Scrolls and connect them to me? In case we lose local communications or a possible communications lockdown." Penny requested, getting a surprised reaction from her father.

"I… can do that. May I ask why?" Pietro said, wondering why Penny would request such a thing.

"Well… let me explain from the top." Penny explained that Ruby and her friends knew about her secret about being sent to The World but didn't say anything about the other secret for Ruby's sake.

Pietro was surprised that her secret was revealed but was glad that it was someone his daughter could trust, and he now understood the reason for the favour. "I see. I'll have it ready as soon as I can. You'll notice a notification about it later."

"Thank you, father! Oh! But keep it a secret from them. I want to make it into a surprise." Penny said, getting a chuckle from her father before nodding in approval.

"Right! Better go now, father. Mantle can't protect itself without its protector!" Penny declared as she put both her fists on her hips while posing.

"I'm sure they do, darling. Take care!" Pietro smiled as he waved off his daughter. She left and closed the door, not before hearing the engines outside indicating that she had just taken flight. "That's my girl…"

"Was that your daughter?" Pietro's chair turned around to see Maria entering the room and looking at the door.

"Yes. You just missed her." Pietro said while Maria just shrugged before walking away.

"If you excuse me, I'm gonna have some breakfast now." Maria said as she walked towards the kitchen, leaving the scientist to himself. Thinking about it, breakfast does sound good, and he decided to follow his current house guest.

Hours have passed after Penny did her usual routine around Mantle. She would use her access to live security footage to see any suspicious activity, killing any Grimm entering the area and helping civilians who needed it.

Later, while resting on one of Mantle's buildings, she learned a couple of hours ago that Ruby had sent her a message that she and her team and friends are currently being ordered to secure an abandoned SDC Dust Mine where a Petra Gigas was seen. They were sent to eliminate all Grimm inside. She even sent her pictures of their new appearances, which she liked.

Penny recognised which mine her best friend was talking about. It was the mine she learned that was abandoned due to unsafe working hazards and the loss of Faunus life inside, which was forced to be shut down due to the risk of a hazardous Dust explosion. Ironically, that explosion was needed for Amity Communication Tower to be up and running, so the mine must be secured.

In one way, that was a tremendous loss of Dust, but at least Penny can safely say it can be used for the greater good of Remnant.

While Penny was glad her friend was given such a critical mission, she decided to go back to review late-night security feeds that she might have missed.

Then, she noticed that one particular video was slightly distorted.

That alone was enough to get her on high alert.

In the past, she noticed one glitchy video. She brushed it off as a system error, but to her horror, she was later informed that the locals discovered a corpse in that very location where the camera was placed. She scolded herself that she could not save that life and try to do better next time. On the second time, she later learned again that there was another corpse in Mantle. Penny looked through the security footage at the location and discovered that the video was also glitchy, showing no signs of activity. That alone was enough for red flags. She reported this to Ironwood and her father, both showing deep concern for this.

It didn't help that when the doctors analysed the corpses. They learned that they were killed via stab or cut wounds, which would be enough to match a weapon closely, classifying the case as murder. It didn't help that these two people were followers of Robyn Hill's group.

Back then, the General ordered to keep this classified and to be carefully investigated while Penny was instructed to keep watch in Mantle as much as possible.

Penny jumped off the building without a second thought and quickly used her jets to head towards where the video glitched. Along the way, she just hoped that it was not another dead body when she reached there.

Her hopes were dashed. She found another body lying on the ground, face first on the ground, hidden in an alleyway. Getting a closer look, she carefully did her best not to disturb any possible crime scene evidence. She gently kneeled towards the corpse to have a closer look at the victim's face, and the moment she saw their face, she gasped and looked away in sadness as she recognised the victim.

She quickly stood up and immediately contacted the General with her Scroll.

And in a few seconds, it was answered.

"Miss Polendina?" The General answered.

"It happened again, General." Penny immediately replied with seriousness and sadness in her tone.

"…I see." Ironwood simply said, knowing full of what the gynoid was talking about. "I will send a team to your location. Keep the area clear from any civilians."

"Yes, sir!" Penny answered before hanging up and looking down at the corpse in sadness. "I'm so sorry, Forrest…"

After a few minutes, a team arrived sent by the General as they started investigating the crime scene. Penny watches from the distance as she takes one final look at Forrest's body being zipped in a body bag.

The gynoid sighed as she walked out of the alleyway, seeing that there were curious civilians behind the yellow tapes.

Just about she was about to leave, she accidentally overhears a couple talking thanks to her cybernetic enhanced hearing.

"Hey, was that… Forrest!?" The person said, getting a shocked expression from his friend.

"What!? You serious?" The second man asked, getting a nod from him.

"C'mon, we need to tell this to Robyn." As soon as they left, Penny could only grimace. The General did say that there was a possibility that Robyn Hill would not like the fact that her followers were being killed off, and no doubt that he would be blamed for it.

Penny could only grimace further, seeing that the General's fears were coming true. The fear wasn't that he was being blamed for it; it was more about the growing civil unrest that Penny was seeing slowly starting to grow.

Not wanting to stay longer, she immediately takes flight and returns to her duties.

After hours had passed again, Penny was alerted by Ironwood that she and her friends had completed their mission successfully and were planning to celebrate the former students of Beacon by giving them a Huntsman License.

Happy to hear that Penny double-checked Mantle's condition. Seeing that everything was safe and sound, she decided to head to the mines immediately.

With her Floating Array R:2, she could fly faster towards the mine. She was so excited to congratulate them on their mission and their next step to becoming official Huntsman that she ignored a particular aircraft with the symbol of the SDC logo on it as she passed it by.

After a few minutes, she sees the Amity Colosseum floating over the mines and Atlas soldiers surrounding the area.

She carefully scans the area and finally sees Ruby. However, she was with Qrow, Jaune and Ironwood. She turns off Floating Array's wing mode to reduce her speed while approaching the ground. Initially, she wanted to surprise them by crashing to the ground and giving them a surprise gift, but she decided to tone it down since the General was close. However, an idea came up, and she giggled as she slowly descended to the ground.

Just as James finished explaining the current situation regarding Forrest's recent murder and explaining their new roles for Ruby and his companions.

That's when the Protector of Mantle appeared.

She appeared straight from the sky and landed close to the group, startling them. As the particles of snow disappeared, the group widened their eyes, seeing Penny crouched with her right knee kneeling on the ground, her right fist on the ground, and her left arm waved up in the air behind her.

Ruby and Jaune could only stare with eyes sparkling in awe, while James and Qrow only looked bewildered at the sight. Following a few people with similar reactions, Penny appeared out of nowhere.

The gynoid could only smile in satisfaction for finally doing what she always wanted to do after seeing all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies from Earth.

The famous superhero landing from Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is her favourite character in the Marvel franchise, and seeing that there is silence around her, she can proudly say that her epic entrance worked. Penny slowly got up and straightened herself, then quickly raised her hands with a big, cheerful smile.

"Surprise!" Penny cheerfully says as the word 'CONGRATULATIONS' appears before her head. A green hologram with bright green hologram confetti spews from it with a party sound.

She grinned at Ruby and Jaune as the hologram flickered but noticed they looked confused. Much to her confusion, her smile fell along with the hologram as she dropped her arms and turned to the General.

"Uh, did we not start yet?" Penny innocently asks her superior, but before he can answer, the General's communicator beeps, and he puts his fingers to it, listening, and then his expression turns into surprise.

"What? Already? Here? No, it's fine. Let him land. I'll deal with him myself." The General finished talking and turned to the confused and concerned group.

"More Mantle problem?" Qrow questioned, getting a confused look from Penny before realising that the General was explaining the murder incident to Ruby and the others.

"No. This one's an Atlas problem." Ironwood answered.

It wasn't long after Penny realised that the aircraft that she passed by was Jacques's aircraft. She was by the General's side, along with Team RWBY, waiting on a landing pad while Team JNR and Qrow stood further back.

The ship was now descending onto the landing pad, and as soon as it landed, a ramp extended from in front of the ship's double door, which opened to reveal an angry Jacques Schnee. As soon as the doors open, he walks towards the General to confront him, ignoring the Penny next to him.

There were many times Penny had seen images and videos of the CEO of Schnee Dust Company but never in person. Seeing him up close and personal? She couldn't help but feel something familiar about this man that made the gynoid immediately… dislike him.

Yet she kept a professional stance and remained silent next to the General as the CEO approached his superior.

"So let me get this straight, James. In addition to this nonsensical embargo of yours crippling my business, you've also decided you have the authority to commandeer private property?" Jacques angrily rants and points at the General, who calmly stares at him, arms folded behind his back. "When the Council hears about this, you will never–!"

"Actually, I've already informed them." James camply cuts Jacques's ranting. "As this is now the site of a classified military operation, it didn't even require a vote."

"Didn't require a vote?!" Jacques shouted in disbelief.

Penny silently observed the SDC CEO, feeling her dislike for him grow as the conversation continued. She tries to wonder why she feels that way. She knew Jacques was no saint after learning more about his questionable business methods, yet a nagging feeling deep in her head was telling her something about him.

After Jacques is lectured about Council law by the General, he glares at him. "Lately, you seem to forget who your friends are. I'm going to get that Council seat, James, and maybe then, you'll–"

He paused before he continued ranting, making the gynoid blink in confusion. It took her a moment to realise that the CEO was looking behind the General towards Weiss.

"You…" Jacques walks past Ironwood. At that moment, something in Penny snapped when she walked past the General. In pure instinct, she raised her arm and blocked Jacques's path, making him slightly to a halt, nearly bumping her arm, surprising everyone, especially the CEO.

"Wha–! What is the meaning of this?!" Jacques angrily spat as she glared at Penny's arm and then at Penny herself.

Penny seemed calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside, she was panicking at why she acted that way. So, in quick thinking, she gave out an honest answer.

"Sir, you are not permitted to pass beyond this point, and it will be considered a military offence if you do." Penny stated, getting everyone to look at her in surprise. Ruby's group again was stunned, not as stunned as Weiss seeing her father being blocked by Penny, and the General could only widen his eyes in surprise. He was about to intervene but stopped, wanting to know how this goes.

"Military offense?! Do you know who I am?!" Jacques angrily shouts at the gynoid, but Penny does not feel threatened. Her growing dislike made her overcome her confusion.

"A man wasting his time coming all the way to an abandoned mine that he publicly announced has disowned long ago due to the unanimous vote from the Council, as I recalled." Penny said, leaving everyone in stunned silence.

Everyone familiar with the tragedy did recall that due to the consideration that the Schnee Dust Company Mine #2 was now considered a safety hazard and was unanimously voted by the Council to shut it down to save time and resources, forcing Jacques to make a public announcement of shutting down the mine much to his great reluctance.

The General listening could only smirk in satisfaction recalling that fact, which is why he obtained the mine quickly.

Jacques, however, was fuming and silently berating himself for forgetting that fact and was humiliated that this machine had reminded everyone of that fact. Trying to save himself from further embarrassment, he turns his direction to the General with an angry scowl.

"James! Control your robot this instant!" This earned a slight scowl from James and Penny while the others silently glared at the CEO.

"I'm afraid that's not possible, Jacques. After all, everything Miss Polendina has stated is just as she said." James calmly says, getting an angry, disbelieving look from him. "In fact, I suggest you should leave if you know what's good for you."

The CEO was fuming in growing disbelief but still had something to say. "Be that as it may, it doesn't change the fact you've roped my missing daughter into schemes. How long has she been back in Atlas? Did Winter know about this?"

Weiss, silently listening to his father's ranting, was beginning to grow annoyed and was about to step forward and say something to him. But once again, to her and everyone's continued surprise, Penny once again stepped in.

"I'm afraid that's classified information, Mr Schnee." Penny said, getting the CEO to turn to her with confusion and growing irritation.

"What?" The CEO silently fumed, but everyone heard, yet Penny stood professionally with her arms crossed behind her back and looked him straight in the eyes, nearly making the man flinch at her intensity.

"The moment she and her companions entered the Kingdom of Atlas, the General gracefully granted them your daughter and her fellow Beacon Academy classmates a Huntsman License." Penny announced, getting a shocked expression from Jacques and the former students of Beacon as they looked at each other in disbelief.

"What…?" Jacques blinked a couple of times as he stepped back from the gynoid, earning a slight amusement and satisfaction from everyone.

Penny simply nodded and continued. "It's just as you heard, sir." The gynoid was merely satisfied that the CEO looked stunned and was begging to back off, but a slight feeling inside just wanted to continue for some reason. "To be honest, this was to be expected. After all the achievements, Weiss Schnee and her companions have proven far beyond anyone in Huntsman history for their age. I'm surprised you, as her father, did not know of this."

This earned a few chuckles from everyone at that unexpected sass. Ruby, Weiss, Nora and Yang held their mouths, trying to keep their laughter. Jaune and Qrow chuckled, and James, Blake and Ren simply grinned, seeing how Jacques stuttered in anger and humiliation as he attempted to compose himself while the former students of Beacon couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in what Penny said to them.

At that moment of distraction, Penny turned her head to look at Weiss, who composed herself and noticed the gynoid. The Protector of Mantle smiled and winked at her, giving a silent message to the former heiress, making her blink a couple of times before understanding the message. Weiss takes a deep breath and confidently steps forward to Jacques, who is more precisely near Penny.

"It's just as Penny said, father." Weiss said, making her father snap his attention to his daughter. "I am now an official Huntress just as I long decided. It was my decision to come back and my decision to leave. Or have you forgotten that? Just as you have forgotten that this mine no longer belongs to you?"

Jacques gritted his teeth at that last comment but did not back down. "If you think I'm one to forget anything, girl, then you've misjudged the man your father is."

Weiss narrowed her eyes at her father. "Believe me, I know exactly the kind of man you are."

Jacques glared at his daughter, continued defiance and began to grow angry. "How dare you speak to me that way!? I have half the mind to–!"

Before he could finish his threat, James immediately stepped in and looked at him straight in the eyes with a warning look. "Half a mind to what, Jacques?"

And to add her two cents, Penny chimed in. "I highly suggest you be more careful with your threats, Mr Schnee. Weiss maybe your daughter, but she is an official Huntress working under the General, just like Specialist Winter Schnee. I don't believe that I need to remind you how much of an offence that is now, is it regardless of your position?"

Jacques glared harshly at the gynoid but did not say anything as he angrily sighed, then adjusted his cuff links before returning to his ship. A thought occurred to him that just made him want the last word.

"You know… your mother was devasted when you left." Jacques said in mock sadness.

Penny slightly widened her eyes and then slightly turned her head to look at Weiss's face, seeing the look of sadness on her face. A painfully similar sadness she had seen before that jabbed her heart.

"Didn't leave her room for days. You know how… she gets…when she's upset." Jacques continues with a sad expression. An expression Penny could quickly know that it was a lie.

And it enraged her inside as she gripped her wrist from behind her back.

And that's when it hit her—why she instantly disliked Jacques Schnee.

This man reminded her of Sakaki.

Sakaki, a former member of Moon Tree, seemed like a kind and caring player in The World R:2 who cared about its stability. But that was all a façade to take control of Moon Tree and control The World via manipulation, charisma and deceit. He even went as far as using AIDA to infect Moon Tree and even infect Atoli and going so far as manipulating the poor girl to do his bidding. What made her hate him even more was when AIDA thoroughly infected him, he took control of the G.U. after signing a contract with CC Corp. Things went out of control in The World.

He had committed such illegal things with AIDA that nearly caused players to be in severe comas, and his constant harassment towards her friends and herself. She will never forget the day that Sakaki not only revealed the secret of Avatars to the players but also revealed her unique circumstances, which caused her to be an outcast by everyone around her. Truthfully, it nearly broke her, but thanks to Haseo and the others. She was able to endure and defeat Sakaki once and for all, and everything went back to normal thanks to the aid of Yata being reassigned to lead G.U.

Granted, Jacques is nowhere close to Sakaki's madness, but they both have in common: they are shameless and manipulative controlling leaders. Seeing him manipulating Weiss into feeling guilty out of sheer pettiness reminded her of how Atoli was being treated.

That will not stand! Never again!

"You shameless bastard!" When the gynoid said that, everything seemed to grow stunned and silent.

Weiss blinked a couple of times before snapping out of her sadness, then snapped her neck to Penny before gasping, never seeing such a glare from her robotic friend and upon closer look, she could have sworn she had seen red in the outline of her the gynoid's iris.

Jacques blinked a couple, snapping out his act before slowly glaring at the gynoid who dared to swear at him, him! "…WHAT?!"

"You heard me, you sonavubitch!" Penny spat, earning a scandalous gasp from the girls, especially from Ruby, as she covered her mouth. Never in a million years had she heard her gynoid friend swearing. Heck, even Ironwood's eyes widened like saucers never before hearing her swear with such a language.

"W-Wha–!" Penny didn't allow the CEO to speak as she defiantly marched up to him. She took a page from Haseo and recalled how he verbally bashed the two PKers who PKed him when he first played in The World R:2.

"Your scum! All you ever care about is your twisted sense of self-satisfaction that you would shamefully do anything to get the last laugh, such as hurting your daughter mentally!" Penny stopped in front of Jacques, who was rooted in place. It was as if this was the first time he had no idea what to do.

"You're pathetic! When things don't go your way, you whine and complain about things that aren't going your way and take out all your frustration on those who are only doing what they can to live their lives! You're a coward! You would shamefully use your family! Your Family! As an excuse to hide the fact that you're at fault for the actions that you've done and too cowardly ever to fix it or because it's too damn expensive! And above all else, you're manipulative! Right here! Right now! You just used Weiss's mother to hurt her when you can't do it physically or in public! What's wrong with you?! No self-respecting father or husband would ever! Do something so disgusting! You are a failure of a father, a failure as a husband, a failure of a leader, and a failure of a HUMAN BEING!"

Penny panted after her final spat towards the now-shaking CEO, who couldn't say a single word back to her, never before being bombarded with such insults that a few deeply affected him, but with his pride, he refused to show it. The rest could only watch in utter silence. All in shock and awe, seeing how Penny stood up against Weiss's father like that.

After calming down, she took a calming breath and stood professionally with a look of disinterest at him. "I believe it's time for you to leave, Mr Schnee and I strongly suggest that you never bother Weiss and her real family again."

Weiss silently gasped as she placed her hands in her mouth, and her eyes became moist. She never felt happier; not only was Penny defending her, but she was also saying such touching words.

She felt a hand touching her shoulder and saw her best friend Ruby, the one she smiled lovingly to, then turned to see that Blake and Yang were next with the same smiles. Penny was right. She is with her real family. She then holds hands with Blake and gives her father a look of defiance, no longer being affected by his words.

"I suggest you listen to the Protector of Mantle, father. You've overstayed your welcome." The former heiress said confidently, making the CEO snap at her and her friends and then back at Penny, who still looked at him with disinterest. Much to his ire and growing hate for the gynoid.

The CEO seethed as he glared at Penny. "I won't forget this."

"Famous last words." Penny couldn't help but snip back at him, making the CEO grind his teeth before snapping back to his ship as everyone watched him enter and prepare to leave. They all watched it drift off. On the other hand, Penny walked towards Weiss, who took a deep, calming breath and yelped when the gynoid suddenly hugged her.

"Don't worry, Weiss. I won't let my friends suffer when they hear in Atlas." Penny whispered, but everyone heard, making them smile at her.

Weiss hugged the gynoid with so much love and happiness that she nearly cried, feeling much warmer than ever in her home. "Thank you… Penny."

The rest of Team RWBY smiled, happy for Weiss, JNR, and Qrow. Ironwood was still surprised by Penny's sudden outburst but marked it off as her growing up, but he won't deny that it was utterly satisfying seeing Jacques being put in his place like that.

They were so in the moment they didn't notice Winter arriving as she got off from the side door of the truck and peeked out at the ship as it returned to Atlas. She then turns to the group before looking in confusion, seeing Penny hugging her sister, and everyone just watches with a smile.

"Did I miss something important?" Was all Winter asked, not realising she had just missed something very impactful.

To be continued…


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