Chapter 1: The Begging.

In the year 2013, humanity and fauna experienced a shocking event that rattled the entire world to its core.

In Vale City, the atmosphere around the area was normal, and the people around were minding their own business. No one had the slightest clue of what was about to happen, as they were too engrossed in their own tasks.

Out of nowhere, a small dark orb began forming in mid-air, growing larger and eventually revealing itself in the middle of the street. The bystanders were taken aback by this occurrence, but their shock turned into horror when something emerged from the orb. To their surprise, it was a gigantic white centipede-like creature with four legs resembling those of an elephant and two ears similar to those of a rabbit. Its mouth opened to reveal a glowing yellow orb within, giving the appearance of piercing eyes.

The creature roared out, shaking the ground, as the bystanders around began to panic with fear. They started to run away from the hulking monstrosity, fleeing for their lives. However, their chances quickly diminished when another black orb opened up in a different location, and more of these creatures emerged from it. They started to attack, destroying buildings and houses, while the people and Faunas around tried to fend for themselves.

One day, a portal to another world opened up in Remnant. As a result, monsters that were even worse than Grimms emerged from it. This wasn't just happening here; it was happening all over the other kingdoms as well.

In the city of Atlas, the portals opened up and the monsters poured through. Many people fled while some Atlas soldiers tried to fight them off. However, their efforts were in vain. The same thing happened in Menagerie aswell as other kingdoms. The creatures started off a small invasion as ot became bigger and bigger.

Many Huntsman and Huntresses had tryed to fight these Beasts off. But, Sadly there efforts were in vain. As the fall of humanity happened that very day.

Broken down cities were left as the homes and buildings were taired down. The people were fearing for the worst as they had tried to get them self in safe location. They Hoped that the won't end up like there loved ones aswell as there friends who have been lost.

A child ran through the empty streets, his fox ears and red hair bouncing behind him. The Faunus child wasn't stopping; he looked back to see the white centipede creature coming towards him, its legs shaking the ground. The child didn't stop, even though his legs were giving out. He had to get away. But his luck didn't help him. His foot hit a rock, making him trip and fall to the ground. The boy got up and wanted to run, but he saw the shadow lurking above him and looked up to see the creature had reached him. It opened its jaws and went in for the kill. The child closed his eyes and accepted his fate.


He waited for the finishing blow but it never came. The Kid slowly opened his eyes and see the Creature was looking at him as it stopped. It then split into two pieces as green smoke came out of him. The one behind the kill was standing in on the fallen creature as it revealed to be a man. Clad in a what describe to be a green coat with a symbol on the arm right side written 'BORDER'. The man looked back at the child who was both assitonished and blown back by this.

However, there was hope. A few days after the attack, the world government had made a discovery that gave them the hope they needed to take their world back. They had created what was known as a trigger that enabled humans and faunuses to combat the beings who were dubbed as "Neighbors."

Now we see the Border Agents defeating their neighbors in each kingdom and area. One Border Agent summoned a yellow spear and used it to slice the neighbor's mouth in half, cutting it cleanly down the middle.

"Get the lower-level ones; they're hiding near the forest." He ordered the other agents.

"Yes Sir!" They all shouted as they followed procedure and went after the remaining neighbors.

More and more Neighbours fell as the Agents didn't stop to take down the enemies. And not soon after victory came to the people as the BORDER had won the battle.

Not long after, The Border had achieved absolute victory over the invasion and won. That day, the world had gained new heroes. After the battle, civilization turned to rebuilding a new civilization to live upon. However, the war wasn't over as the fear of neighboring enemies still lingered. Therefore, the councils of each kingdom agreed on a strategy, allowing The Border to expand even further, making defence bases and ensuring such a tragedy would not occur again.

Each Kingdom soon had Bases of Boarder made around the area as many agents stood inside the auditorium. Infront stood three people.

One was a man with Dark hair, with a mustache and beard. He also had a scar on his left eye. He wore a Black two piece suite with dark boots and a red tie around his neck. His hair was set back in style and had an aura of discipline around him.

The other was a white haired old man. He wore black round glasses and an over coat. He held a cane in his hand and a mug on the other.

The last memeber was a blond hair women with her hair tied in a bun and wore glasses over her eyes. She wore the same uniform as the man did but with a skirt.

The three looked at the agent's below as they all gave them there complete faith and dedication."Fellow Agents of Boarder. You are all gathered hear for a purpose. A purpose to stop the Neighbours from invading Remnants again. To take back and fight for our world and to show those Outsiders that what us Beings have is not to be taken lightly! You have lost many in your time as the day of Apocalypse happened. You lost your love ones. Your Friends, Family and even the ones that you could call a family. It doesn't mean your life will end hear thought. It means that you will rise up and avenge those who have fallen! You will show them that your not quitting, To show the enemy that you won't fall, we have trained for this and we won't fall to the likes of them!" He finished his speech as many raised there fist in determination.

Many years had passed as the world of Remnant changed. Because of finding Border. People had discovered many more things that had shook humanity. Clear fuel and Gas, Reliable soler power energy source and many more. It took shap of a new generation. Also, The Humans had to survive and thus they desided to coexist with the Faunus kind as to need more help. Which soon broth on the world peace declaration that both kind would coexist woth one another in harmony. Many agreed as to they have gone through much and didn't want the stupid fuid of this to continue.

The city become brand new as the buildings were like skyscrapers and the houses were now different as they were separated into blocks type houses. The people both human and Faunus were now living in peace as the trategy had left an impact that made many think. Thus peace between them finally came.

Children played with each other not caring for which kind they are aswell as the people working and living together with Faunus. The Faunus were free to show there animal triats in the open and finally be who they are and not be criticised for it. As many have come to accept the new world living.

[Year 2018- Vale city]

At the Vale Boarder Base. The Two heads of the Base were right now in a fears battle of minds. The Chess match.

"It looks to me that I have the upper hand hear." Ozpin stated as he took his Knight and put near the Bishop. Thus also winning the final game."I won again."

"That you have. For now that is." Ironwood stated as he had his stotic expression on his face."You are good in the game of minds. I say you have mastered it since the beginning then."

"Nothing like that James. I had this talent passed down to me since birth. Theres nothing new to that." Ozpin waved it off.

"Coming from the one who had renewed talent since each birth. And has an addition to coffee, Mostly Black coffee." Ironwood stated as he gave him a critical eye."Each begging and each fall. You had many talents in your mind. But you never used them precisely in the outer life. Never used the right tool to go against to solve the problem."

"... I can't wrong you there. I was a mear fallower of something that I thought was a right attention. But I never bothered to get my self away from even finding the true nature." Ozpin said as she got up from the seat and went towards the window to look outside."I thought I was doing the right thing."

"We all thought that, We all had our fair share of mistakes that we didn't want to let out. But it seems that the mistakes them self haven't given us a improvement." Ironwood told as he got up and went towards him."You are bothered by something aren't you."

"I thought, The age of Huntsman would go on. As to the future it be know. But it all fell."He had a solem look." But, It has now been know as simple history."

"The Fall, It left a heavy impact on many. It changed the people when the first Grimm attack happened. The Huntsman weren't strong enough to save the day. They were send to there deaths. Unprepared, Untrained and most of all. They never had the idea of what was coming. Like middles sheep send to be slaughtered." Ironwood clarified as he looked outside with him. "It seemed like yesterday that the world of Remnant had the one problem with Grimms. As I thought they were humanity greatest enemy. Oh how wrong I was as they showed up and opened my eyes to the possibility of outer world threat. One that was unpredictable... But, We rise up and had achieved the ability to stop the Neighbours. All thanks to those who helped us in the war."

"Yes," He muttered under his breath as he was then lost in his own thoughts. "Do you think that she's plotting something against us?" Ironwood asked out of the blue. Ozpin took his time to think and pondered over the possible answers. "Maybe, maybe not. She's in no state to come at us now. Her creatures of Darkness aren't that much of a threat to us now; she had her retreat in our last 'meeting.'"

Ironwood put hand where the scar was as he remembered the past incounter with the man's wife."Do you think, That he may come back to aid us in this new up incoming war. The Neighbours won't stop as they keep on coming more and more and they are adapting to the environment. They won't stay a one trick pony forever."

"No one is that stupid James. They are coming in heavy weights and they are bringing in the big class. That is why we are preparing our next generation of worriers to help stop this. And this time I won't be making the same mistake in lossing the lives of innocent." He said in determination as he promised this." So, Have you gotten any contact with the search party?"

"Crow and Winter haven't reported back yet as they have been in update so far in the Neighborhood Country. We will advise a root for there return soon after, When they give us the signal." Ironwood answered to him."In the mean time we be going in picking up new recruits for this. How is the progress of recruitment from other kingdoms so far?"

"We've had a heavy load recently. The newcomers we've seen so far are quite impressive, as many of them have shown great potential. Some have even managed to reach B-Rank within a few days." Ozpin reminded him off the report.

Ironwood didn't break his demur."Potential is good. But it won't show progress if you can't guide it to the right path. Those show promise need to have discipline and skills. Without skills and knowledge. The potential is waisted." He told as he headed out of the room. As he was going he stopped in his tracks. "Oh and by the way. I got the file you gave me on the people with potential. I had Clover and Jin on the look out for the possible candidate. If he's found and if his in the Boarder Data bank then we may have an ace in the whole."

Ozpin smiled."Thank you James. You can go now." He looked back at the window as he heard the door open and close. He was then left woth his own thoughts.'Hm, How much long till you make your move now.'

Meanwhile outside of the city. On a tall building roof. A lone figure stood there looking at the scenery of the new vale. He wasn't alone as something floated beside him as they looked at together at the scenery.

"So, This is our stop. Wonder were to go next." The figure said as the voice was young and was male type."Hey, Replica. Are we going to the base now or not?"

"Not yet Yuma, We have to not get in there raider for now. Remember, Our kind isn't well know around hear." A robotic voice spoke as it belonged to the flying object."First we have to blend in and find someone to that will help us in this endeavour."

"Got it then. Get help and then go to the people told to go to." Yuma stated as he looked front.

"Don't cause a scene please. We don't want to get on the people law informents hear." Replica warned.

"Are they a threat to us?"

"No, We are to them. So we need to keep our heads below."

"Got it. No starting fights with random people. Only do when needed." He simply said not getting his partner point. But they both go with it.

So its a RWBY x World Trigger crossover.

Its not going in another world but the world coming to them type of story as I will put in many characters from both series in this. So Hope you like this. Like and Comment. As I'll update more later on.