A new attempt at a MHA and HP crossover. Hope you like it. As seen by the description Harry will be powerful.

Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Jaku City. Year 2244.

"I'm sorry, but both your boys are Quirkless, Mrs. Midoriya." the portly doctor proclaimed with all the care of a fast-food worker spitting on a patty, his voice conveying nothing but boredom and a hint of disgust as he leaned on his desk. His damning verdict seemingly echoing throughout the room.

Izuku immediately tensed up so hard one might think he was imitating stone. A rictus of a smile etched onto his face, green eyes already gathering tears. The All Might figurine fell out of his tiny hands in shock, clattering on the sterile floor.

"Oh, dear. Doctor, do you really think there is something wrong then?!" Inko asked hopefully with a hand on Izuku's shoulder, trying her utmost to not kill the spirit of her twins. She was much too focussed on Izuku's distress right now to notice Hari's dispassionate and suspicious glare directed at the medical professional. "Most of their peers have began to shown signs already. Maybe they're late bloomers?" she suggested with a mix of hope and desperation.

The doctor sighed as if summoning the strength to go on, leaning back in his chair. "My documents say you're a 4th generation Quirk-user. What powers do you and the boys' father have?"

"Nothing too special." she began, left hand on her cheek as her right started to wave, summing the figure on the floor. "I can float small objects towards me and my husband breathes fire." the plastic doll arrived in her hand once she finished explaining.

"They should've already manifested one of their parents' Quirks or a combination of them, but after reviewing their X-rays I don't think they're going to." the doctor further explained, pointing towards two X-ray pictures pinned to a wall behind him. "You see, when superpowers first began appearing there were many studies conducted. Doctors found a link between the bones in a person's foot and the likelihood of them developing a Quirk." he rolled backwards with his medical chair and pointed towards the smallest toe on the picture. "People with powers have always only one joint in the pinky toes. Their bodies have evolved into a more streamlined version of the human form. Your twins have two joints, like roughly 20 percent of the population these days. Based on the research that is available, I think it is safe to say your sons aren't going to develop any Quirks."

"What about Hari's eyes?" Inko questioned, pointing towards her second son's eyes. While Izuku had entirely normal green eyes, Hari's viridian ones were almond-shaped and flecked with drops of deepest crimson. As if a jeweller had set miniscule rubies into a big emerald, or painter sprinkled red colour onto a green canvas. That wasn't the only difference between the fraternal twins, however. Where Izuku's fluffy hair was a dark green that stuck up at odd angles, Hari's was as black as night and a mess of lazy curls. Izuku had freckles and Hari did not. Even in height they were different, with Hari showing signs of becoming taller than Izuku later in life.

Dr. Tsubasa shrugged and sighed once more. "It's a simple mutation, but not a mutant-type Quirk. Most people nowadays have them in one form or another. Be it simple horns on one's head with no purpose, or resistance to fire and heat as to enable the use of a Quirk without injury."

That finished their fateful visit to Dr. Tsubasa in Jaku Hospital.

Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture, Musutafu City. Year 2244.

After a long train ride from the Kyoto prefecture, the remaining distance driven in the car was spent in complete silence and the darkness of night. Only interrupted by the sniffling of Izuku, who slowly drifted off to sleep in exhaustion. Hari on the other hand wasn't much changed or affected by the visit. Instead consoling his brother as best he could with hugs and his presence.

'What a strange world.' Hari Midoriya mused, known once by Harry James Potter in a previous life.

It had been four years since he was reborn as Hari Midoriya, in Japan of all places. After a relatively long life of about sixty years, he had died peacefully in his sleep at home in England. His body too tired and injured from his adventures and work as an Auror to keep going. Only to gain consciousness once more just as he was about to be born. Not an experience he'd want to repeat or could recommend, to be honest.

Quirks existed here; strange abilities that had popped up about 8 generations ago. It presumably started in China, where a baby that emitted light was born. Following that the phenomenon slowly spread all over the world, with people slowly manifesting different kind of Meta abilities. While the cause of this phenomenon is still unknown, it had been theorized that it was caused by the spread of a previously unknown virus carried by mice, while others theorized that it was actually a natural evolution of the human race. However, to date, there was no hard evidence to support any of these theories.

'It does seem like that is the same world as my own, though. Just a few centuries in the future.' he thought, looking outside the window as strange people under street lights sped past. There were all kinds of weird physical features, ranging from people with minor bestial attributes to anthropomorphic animals. Then came those with extra appendages or those that seemed like they had been subjected to incomplete transfigurations into inanimate objects. All of them fell under the umbrella of Heteromorphs.

Still, the continents were the same as he remembered, as were the countries to a large extent. Some didn't exist anymore, having either merged into something new or fallen apart during the Era of Upheaval; also known as the Century of Blood in Europe.

Europe had been the most affected by it all; with civil war breaking out regularly during those times. Not to mention the religious wars erupting at the same time, with a desperate clergy claiming those with Quirks to be demons. Done in an attempt to return to prominence after people largely abandoned religion due to the institutions being extremely corrupted at the time and not practising what they preached. That didn't even mention the other factors; like a failing economy, rampant and uncontrolled immigration that brought about parallel cultures in one country and the widespread demographic shift. All of these factors had contributed to the powder keg that was Europe at the time.

In contrast Japan, Australia and Northern America were left the most intact, predominantly due to their geographic location. They still were devastated to a large degree – even technological advancement stopped and even regressed up to a point – but not to the extent of Europe, Africa, Latin America and central Asia. Surprisingly, Africa came out of the ordeal first, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Hari even meant to remember some strange business going on in the Muggle world at the end of his life. An increase in violations against the Statute of Secrecy occurred, but the resolved ones weren't truly resolved and didn't stop. It even overlapped with the first Quirks appearing in the world at large, too.

The wizard pondered on that some more. 'Did some mutation occur with Squibs?' he wondered. After all, it was more than possible that after millennia of interbreeding not many pure Muggles remained. 'These abilities do seem magical in nature in some way. Maybe its similar to Parseltongue or Metamorphmagi in that they're inherent abilities, but ranging from having a permanently transfigured appearance to being able to use a single spell.' otherwise some of the Quirks he had seen did not make a lick of sense on a purely biological or genetic level.

'At least I still have my magic.' He thought contentedly, clearly feeling the roiling energy inside his being. 'Now that I think about it, there was also much debate going around the Magical World if genetics or our soul gives one magic.' Hari looked at his brother and sighed sadly. 'By the looks of it I'm inclined to bet on the soul or a combination of the two.'

While being Quirkless didn't mean much to Hari, it also was mitigated by him still possessing magic. While his brother Izuku didn't have a drop of magic in his whole being, from what Hari could feel. For that matter nobody he had met until now possessed magic to a degree higher than a Squib, making the wizard wonder if the Magical World still existed or if something else led to him keeping his magic. Not that Hari could truly do all that much with it, what with being now officially classified as Quirkless. Sure, he could claim to be a late bloomer, but then he wouldn't really be able to explain the sheer versatility of his abilities without arousing extreme suspicions. Neither did he have a wand to make good use of his magic.

'Besides, I'll have to wait until my eleventh birthday for it to mature.' there was a reason why eleven was the age most magical schools accepted students for practical applications. 'At least accidental magic is a nonissue right now.'

He winced suddenly, a searing pain appearing in his arms and palms. So strong it made him cramp up for the whole ride home. The young boy briefly entertained the idea of telling his mother, but decided to wait for a while. Not wanting to add to their problems with his own.

All he could think was. 'What a mess!'

Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture, Musutafu City. Year 2250.

Life resumed, as it always did. Even if – in typical fashion for him – things went downhill since he and his brother were being diagnosed as Quirkless.

It began slowly at first, but Hari could see the cracks form in his parents' marriage since then. Well, a more apt description would be that pre-existing ones widened and deepened. A year later and his father was nowhere to be found. Not that he was around much to begin with. Inko told them Hisashi went to work overseas with a brittle smile and watery eyes. It may even be true, but Hari doubted that was the whole truth. His mother crying herself to sleep more often than not behind closed doors, once she thought her sons were asleep, was proof enough of that.

The following years saw their situation deteriorate further, culminating in Divorce by Agreement; the most common type of divorce in Japan. Evidently the social shame at having not one but two Quirkless children combined with the stigma against Quirkless was too much for Hisashi. Custody of the twins was all but thrown at Inko by their father, the financial burden only somewhat mitigated by monthly payments. It barely allowed them to make ends meet with Inko working a part-time job.

Currently Hari was in his fourth year of elementary school, more specifically the Masegaki Primary School. It was a school for problematic children who had trouble respecting their peers or those older than them. He landed here for regularly beating up Izuku's so called friend, Katsuki Bakugo, who by now had an ego the size of Japan and became an abusive bully. Bakugo may possess a strong quirk, but didn't have much training with it, allowing Hari's decades of experience in combat to make the difference.

'This is pretty useless.' Hari thought bored, observing the teacher trying to control the classroom during Quirk Counselling. He was just here because it took place in the middle of the day and the teacher didn't want to isolate him. Komari Ikoma was a kind-hearted and empathetic teacher, and as such not really equipped to handle a horde of rowdy children. 'Then again, its not like they have the wrong opinion about the society they live in.' most of his classmates were precociously aware of social concerns and relationships, making him think they were just sent here to train that thinking out of them. After all, as the saying goes: "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down."

He took a look around in search for distraction and noticed a few interesting things.

One of these was a fair-skinned girl who was prone to blushing and frequently described as being cute. She had inward-tilting golden eyes with thin slit-like irises, resembling those of a cat. Her wide mouth was also rather feline, as her canines were pointed and longer than the rest of her teeth, giving her a vampiric appearance. Her hair was a pale, ash-blonde colour and styled into two messy buns, with numerous wild strands sticking out. A straight fringe and two chin-length side bangs framed her cherubic face. She currently sat by the window, observing the birds flittering about outside. A certain melancholy hung about her, reminding Harry of himself in his previous childhood.

'Himiko Toga, if I remember correctly.'

Her quirk was called Transform, enabling her to become someone else after ingesting blood from who she wanted to become. The more blood she took, the longer the transformation lasted. A powerful and useful ability, but that was not why she was in a school for troublesome children and in Quirk Counselling. That would be her absolute fascination with the sanguine liquid, which repulsed and apparently freaked people out, especially her parents. Adding to that was that she had to get naked beforehand for the disguise to not be ruined by clothes underneath. Yet, instead of guiding her the school tried to make her repress it, make her be normal. Hari knew that was futile. It was in her nature, – her very DNA – most likely brought about by her Quirk as an adaption to better function.

'What's even normal in a world with Quirks?' he thought with a growl sitting in his throat, remembering his own time at the Dursleys and their obsession with normalcy.

He then turned his gaze to the other one that caught his eye, sitting opposite of Himiko. Her name was Saiko Intelli and she was a rather pale girl of reasonable height, with thin, somewhat purple cat-like eyes decorated by thick eyelashes. Her hair was straight and reached down to her waist, with two ear-length clumps and a neat fringe framing her face in a hime cut. Its colour was somewhere between baby blue, lavender and pale grey, resulting effectively in silver. Currently she had her nose buried in a book.

Other than Himiko, Hari didn't know exactly why Saiko needed Quirk Counselling. Hers was simply named IQ, boosting her already genius intellect by drinking tea of all things. Hari suspected that she ended up here because she thought herself smarter than even her teachers and got in trouble for mouthing off. That, or Saiko's intellect let her see the flaws of Japanese society early and clearly, which led to her pointing them out. A rookie mistake, Hari knew.

"Time to make some friends." he muttered to himself with a sigh, standing up. Completely and painfully aware that his mother was concerned with him and Izuku not having any friends to speak off. The reason for Izuku's ostracisation was his Quirkless nature and the resulting timidity. For Hari it was much the same, only that he wasn't timid but instead much older than he appeared. The memories of his former life thankfully weren't attached to emotions. More in line with videos and pictures than anything else, but they still removed him from his peers.

Nonetheless he trudged over to them, both luckily sitting at the same table.

"Hello." he said, bowing to them in greeting. "Would you two like to play?"

Saiko looked up from her book with a frown, seemingly analysing and judging him. Himiko on the other hand gazed directly in his eyes and blushed profusely for some reason. Though, it apparently was normal for her so he didn't worry about it.

"Really?" the blonde asked in surprise, her cheeks coloured a vivid red. Upon his nod she said energetically. "Sure!" She was literally vibrating in her seat with a wide smile that nearly stretched from ear to ear, showing her fangs.

He turned to Saiko and leaned down, whispering in her ear. "You know the faster you show behaviour they like the faster you'll get out of here." it was probably not a good idea to foster such behaviour, but Hari didn't expect this relationship to last very long either way.

After a short while Saiko replied with a calculating glint in her eyes. "If I must. What do you have in mind?"

"How about..."

He didn't get much further before Himiko jumped up and exclaimed. "Jump rope!" the girl already hopping on the balls of her feet.

Saiko sniffed disdainfully at that, while Hari chuckled indulgently. "Sure, jump rope sounds fine. Unless Saiko has a different proposal?"

The girl in question seemed to be briefly surprised he took her opinion into account. She then nodded and began rummaging around in her bag to retrieve something. "Indeed. We can't leave anyway until break is announced in twenty minutes." she showed him a wooden box with squares imprinted on its outside, opening it revealed wooden Shogi pieces inside. "So I propose a game of Shogi until then."

Now it was Hari's turn to frown, tilting his head. "We can't play that with three people, can we?" he then turned to a devastated Himiko, gears turning in his head a mile a minute as he saw that she expected to be rejected. Swiftly he gave the blonde girl a reassuring smile. "But I think I need Himiko at my side to beat you either way." with that said he simply took Himiko's hand and sat down, pulling the blushing blonde beside him.

"How's that supposed to work?" Saiko questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Hari shrugged, smiling. "You take your turns as normal and Himiko and I alternate every turn."

After an explanation of the rules – slightly different than chess – the game was on. As it turned out, Harry's experience of losing to Ron for about fifty years combined with Himiko's unpredictability seemed to pay off.

"I lost." Saiko said dumbfounded, staring at the checkmate on the board before her in disbelief. The girl's cheeks turned red in a mix of embarrassment and fury; the telltale signs of an explosion in the making. Only to thankfully be interrupted by the bell before she could open her mouth to say something scathing.

The reincarnated boy didn't tease Saiko, or otherwise make a big deal out of it. Already seeing that she had a touchy ego, much like Ron. "Well, Saiko, two minds are better than one." he turned to Himiko, asking with a grin. "Ready for jump rope?"

"Yeah!" Himiko exclaimed, bursting at the seams with joy as she sped outside.

With no further delay the group of three made their way to the playground, swiftly acquiring a rope to enable their play. They alternated which two swung the ropes and who jumped, with Himiko first, then Saiko and lastly Hari. Of course all things didn't go smoothly.

Suddenly stones flew at the young wizard, hitting his head and making him jump too late. Legs tangled with rope in the air, causing him to fall forward and scrapping his arms on the sharp stones on the ground. Time seemed to stand still for a moment before things caught up with his two bewildered companions.

"Haha, I got that Quirkless loser!" an obnoxious voice belonging to a brat crowed, surrounded by laughter.

"What's that idiot even doing here?" another with a bird-like head shouted amongst the cacophony of jeers.

That was the cue for their teacher to appear. "Tamashiro, Sho, what do you think you're doing?!" Komari Ikoma screamed, her patience and good will for the day at an end. Both troublemakers were roughly dragged away to detention by their ears. With that the commotion ended rather pitifully, spectators dispersing.

"Are you okay?" Himiko asked, pulling him up from the ground.

Hari waved her off. "Thank you, but I'm used to it." he told her, dusting his uniform off. His first childhood filled with bullying amply prepared him for the second round. 'Just because they're more aware than usual children, doesn't mean they stop being cruel kids.' he thought with an amused grin.

Saiko, her cool voice notably lighter and purple eyes assessing the damage, shook her head. "That looked like a rather nasty fall." she took one of his hands and used it to briefly stretch out his arm, revealing a small gash on his forearm. "We should go to the nurse's office." the genius then tugged on his arm as if to lead him. She also saw the miniscule hole at the bottom of his palm, storing that information for a later time.

The wizard noted her using 'we' instead of 'you'. Though, he still took his arm back and declined, walking towards a nearby bench to sit down. "No, but thanks for your concern." the nurse would inform his mother and Inko Midoriya already had enough to worry about.

"I could kiss it better!" came the shy offer from a blushing Himiko walking alongside him, gravel crunching underfoot. "Only if you want to, of course." she added uncertainly as she and Saiko sat down on his sides, longing in her golden eyes as drool escaped the edges of her mouth.

He pondered over that for a few seconds before his curiosity won out. "Sure, why not?" he shrugged, holding his bleeding arm out to the girl with an amused smile. As a bonus it'd confirm or disprove his theory of her.

Obviously surprised by his assent, Himiko didn't waste any time and swiftly got to work. It did start with kisses like she said, growing quickly from tentative to bold and lasting longer and longer. Then her tongue was in the mix, dragging over the wound and eagerly lapping up the blood escaping from it. Himiko's long dexterous tongue had an interesting feel to it, rougher than usual, with extremely developed papillae all over it. A look of ecstasy was on the girl's face, tears of pure joy flowing freely from her golden eyes.

"You really love blood, huh?" Hari chuckled, petting her head a little.

His words brought Himiko out of her stupor, shooting up and away from him quickly as if slapped. "N..N.. No!" she stuttered and shouted all at once, shaking her head and making tears fly away. There was a vehemence in her voice now that surprised Hari and Saiko. Having noted their reaction Himiko cleaned her eyes messily before giving up and hugging herself, rocking back and forth, desperately insisting. "Normal people don't love blood and I'm normal! I'm normal!" she repeated over and over, hiccuping. Her tears now made from grief rather than joy.

The extreme reaction was as telling as it was heartbreaking. 'Whoever is responsible for that should be flogged.' he growled in the safety of his mind. Hari spared a perplexed and unsure Saiko a brief glance and took action himself, seeing that the intelligent girl didn't have the foggiest idea on what to do.

Without hesitation he pulled her onto his lap and hugged the distraught girl, who gripped onto him with surprising strength. To calm Himiko he rubbed her back as she cried and hiccuped into his shoulder. It took about five minutes for her distress to abate and them to separate. Him holding her hand was the only contact remaining. "Better?"

As a reply he only got a bashful nod, her posture screamed shame at him. Shoulders hunched as if trying to form into a ball and hide. Eyes going everywhere but his own.

The boy took her chin with his free hand and lifted it up, looking into her eyes with his. It caused her to blush even more. "Now, why would you think you're not normal?"

"Because I drink and like blood?" she insisted meekly, her words more question than answer. Clearly not understanding why it was wrong to do so either way. Her free hand gripping her skirt tightly in worry, but the hand holding his was a vice.

He shook his head and explained. "That's just your Quirk." wiping some leftover tears away with his handkerchief, he briefly glanced at the third person there. "Isn't that right, Saiko?"

Startled, the girl in question blinked a couple of times before nodding. "Yes." her eyes flickered from him to Himiko quickly. "If you need to drink blood to use your Quirk like you explained, it is more than likely that your body has adapted to make it easier for you. In your case, a revulsion to blood would be a hindrance."

"See, you are perfectly normal." Hari told her with a lopsided smile. "If anyone is abnormal here, it is me."

Himiko countered. "But you're so nice!" showing for anyone with ears that, for some perverted reason, she equated good and nice with normal.

"Being normal has nothing to do with goodness, Himiko." while explaining he wiped the blood from her lips, having the strong suspicion – bordering on surety – that her parents were what gave her that insecurity. "I'm Quirkless and in the minority, which by definition makes me abnormal." it was a little more complex than that – what with normal also being an insult to Quirkless people – but it should hopefully suffice for Himiko.

"So you're special!" the blonde concluded with a happy grin.

He winced at that, really disliking that notion. "Not really."

Saiko opened her big mouth right after. "Yes, you are!" Most people wouldn't think so, but it was simply the truth. "Those without a Quirk are rarer than those with one, and as such special by definition. Not to mention that the 20% percentile of Quirkless people in Japan count the whole population, including the massive amount of elderly. In our generation only around 7% of people have no Quirk, according to my calculations."

"See, Saiko is never wrong with that stuff." Himiko insisted. "You're special!"

Hari simply sighed and left it at that.

As you can clearly see, Harry is the twin of Izuku in this fic. Simply named Hari.

He will still have his magic, but won't be able to get a wand for obvious reasons. Luckily, his Quirk will be Give and Take/All for One, letting him explain some of his magical abilities. Obviously Harry's Quirk manifested on the ride home from the doctor, the stinging pain in his forearms and hands the sign of it. Not that there is a convenient way to know he's got a Quirk, what with its nature only being revealed in certain, very specific circumstances. He also has no incentive to try anything, already thinking he's Quirkless and planning to rely on his magic.

Though, his Quirk will most likely have several limitations in the beginning in line with what Quirks are supposed to be. Like basically being able to take a Quirk Factor, but not necessarily being able to use them. His body lacking the mutations and adaptations to truly make use of it without injury. As such Mutant-type quirks are pretty much useless to him. (Found it a little weird how All for One could take them and the victim loses those mutations instantly, but All for One doesn't necessarily gain them.)

Maybe I could adapt the power of All for One slightly. The process of taking or giving a Quirk could take much longer, due to its invasive nature. Multiple hours at least. (All but removing its combat potential.) It also could be possible that All for One is able to encourage rapid cell growth in its victims as it injects the mRNA from Quirks into them to change their genetic code, be it removing or adding quirks. Also healing griveous injury, like missing limbs, at the same time. (It'd be a one time thing for most people due to, at max, being able to handle two Quirks.)

I'll see which version I go with, how I change it or what limitations it gets without making it too OP. Of course, once he's used his Quirk sufficiently he'll also be influenced by it to a degree. Just like Himiko desires blood, and Bakugo being presumably more irritable due to his. It'll mostly increase his desire to hoard stuff/Quirks, as well as instilling a desire to dominate.

Izuku will still get One for All, but some changes before U.A will definitely happen to make him a sufficient vessel earlier. However, I don't know if he'll get multiple Quirks through One for All. Mostly because it seemed like a cheap and fast way to increase his power. Not to mention that mastering One for All's original power should've taken all three years of his time at U.A, at the minimum. If Mirio Togata took so much time to master the Quirk he was born with, then Izuku should be unable to master seven not originally his own in a fraction of that. Quirk genius or not.