Welcome to Hero's of the new age a shared marvel centric fan fiction an and fan art universe created by Alaster Bonemam and Imaxmovies (imaxwebber over on da)

HOTNA takes most of its inspiration and is partly modelled after comics from the early 2000eds and mid to late 2010 of Marvel's 616 universes and the 1610 universe better known as the ultimate universe as well as marvel shows and movies such as big hero six the animated series and xmen evolution

There are also some extremely limited elements from the 928 universe (marvels 2099 range) that may be included in our HOTNA related works and existing as solely as window dressing, as elements of 'world design' in vehicles, building and other elements are motifs of retro futurism similar to works such as the fallout games.

This page should act as a brief overview and primer of the universe and our intentions with it, if you've already read it than feel free to skip to the next chapter of the fan fiction you clinked on. All going well that should be labelled chapter one and this chapter 0 or primer

What is hero's of the new age?

Hero's of the new age or HOTNA for short was created as a collaboration between the two writers named above whom bonded over a shared love of 616 marvel comics characters but also shared a common dismay towards the lack love and attention given to characters they were passionate about or felt got the short end of the stick.

Especially those pre-existing characters that were given new starts in the form of taking on legacy identity, or those characters that were birthed in what is commonly refared to the 'all new all different era' of marvel.

It is the writers hopes to use the storys and setting of marvel a world full of legendary heroes and villains to tell interesting and compelling story's in a universe that is not as beholden to returning everything to the statues que and regressing character grow or worse ignoring, after a decide of stories.

HOTNA is set in a universe that is similar to that seen in the universes mentioned above as inspiration but it is universe were most of the well know heroes we have all come to know from the comics and the MCU have passed their touches either to their descendants, side kicks or other worthy or unworthy individuals.

It is a universes were legacy maters, were characters are allowed to grow, evolve, regress and try again learning from their mistakes all the while.

This is a universe were rather than, for example Peter Parker is forever doomed to be trapped as in a will they wont they romance with MJ as wrighters string the people that care about that relationship along like a particular cruel fisherman.

Here, Peter, grew up. Here Aunt May died. Here he faced his villians, besting some, redeeming others and cutting ties with those that would always drag him down. Here he married his one true love Marry Jane and they had children.

Children that continued to hold true to the spirit of the spider. The family had has had its ups and its downs. Besides his own children others have taken up the mantle beside those that share his blood line.

It is not simply in such areas of 'legacy' and moving on were HOTNA differs form other universe.

Outside of particular and rare circumstances. Crossing over with 'other' universes outside of HONTA. Mulit verse stories will be kept to a minimum with perhaos a few rare exceptions everyone you our readers with see with in HOTNA was born here

And not just in the way that these are our takes on these characters but 'refugees' or transfers from other realities will be kept to a minimum. As a general rule we will not be moving individuals that are not 'marvel' characters into HOTNA we will also genrely will avoid combining cities in less we can avoid it

So things like, transformers or star wars, while those comic were and are made by marvel they only exist as popular franchises and pop culture artefacts with in HOTNA.

Do not expect to see optumis prime hanging out with Luke Skywalker.

The same with other franchises weather they are owned by marvel, dinesy or completing companies

The few exceptions to this are as fallows

We are going to include some form of the space knights as in ROM space knight/ dire waiths both from idw and marvel versions in the HOTNA universe. Taking the elements we like from both and combining them.

While big hero six exists as an obscure Japanese hero team with in marvel comics. The big hero six we plan to feature here is derectly taken from the movie and the excellent cartoon series up until the start of season three when that show in our obinion fell off.

We may at some point use some kind of Gwen Pool in our story but currently we have no plans for her as neather of us are big fans of meta stuff

Alaster dislikes most meta charaters.

Finally space and time stuff.

Space, rather than having cosmic characters and stories hope around a dozen different galaxies. Most if not all the tradsional marvel cosmic stuff including aliens nations are mostly restricted to the Milky Way galaxy

One of the few expectations to this is an extra galactic/ parasitic sub system which wholes the dire wraths and the sol star union (eg the space knights)


Time storys, including alternate time lines, time traval, seeing future events before they happen and dark futures are a little bit more complex.

While storys such as days of future past, the age of apocalypse and some others have occurred. Inless we bring it up in a story such as bringing a villain from one of these timeines to interact with out charaters. These timelines can largely be considered aborted as are the branching time lines that are woven into these alternative futures

However meddling in time dose have a ripple

Such as. Preventing the sentinals form subgrating earth not only prevented things like the 'hounds' and other very 90ts and early 2000eds the future sucks for mutants. Things from happening.

But doing so allowed for the 'age of apocalypse' to take its place 'fliping' the dark future on its head.

While that dose not mean every time you stop one bad future, you create another

It mearly means the things that will create a new 'dark' or bright future have not occurred yet

Think of it like removing a animal form an ecosystem, removing wolves allows, coyaites to rise up in the food chain.

Stopping apocalypse, but not the maga corporations will create 2099 but that future is also preventable. Ultimately this is the goal of characters like cable and other time warrors to find the threads of these time lines and threds and cut them until they can reach the best possible future.

Aborted timelines cant really come back though, similar patterns and characters that repeat elements of these time lines may still rise.

For example just because the heroes stopped days of future past. Doesn't mean that no one will ever use a sentinel, a hound or create a mutant camp. Its just these elements are no longer written in stone but still most be fought against

The price of piece is enteral vigilance after all

History of HOTNA preamble

(the golden age 1940 to 50

World war two and post world war 2

Below is a short list of events that inform the world of HOTNA

Firstly the USA entered the 2ed world war sooner than our reality but rather than Japans attack on peril Harbor a massive hydra attack lunched by pro nazi and secret hydra cells hidden throughout the US was lunched to destabilised the nation. This plot was foiled by the intervention of the 'invaders' who may have not being the first superhero team. Urban legend persists of earlier bands of superhuman or impowered individuals.

However, the invaders are largely considered to be the first well documented superhero team

Due to this attack the US and allies prioritised the 'Germany first police far more than in our time. While the war largely ended the same there were two major differences

Due to the west being far more proactive in their persecution of the nazi's and hydra Germany was not spilt between communist east and capitalist west. However, the fighting within main land Asia and the pacific was far more brutal and deadly resulting in much of the leadership that would latter spur on the communists uprising of our time line would be greatly diminished and far more disorganised.

This lead to the Chinese communist party never forming in any true straight as an initially far more democratic and west leaning government formed out of the ashes.

This also lead to the war being 3 years shorter and a era of American colonism as asia and Europa rebuilt themselves

While the Vietnam and Korea wars still happened they were far briefer and less bloody affairs. Seeing these as sure sighs their permanence. The us being and short lived and ultimately ill advised era of American colonialism, this new spirit of manifest destiny would soon straw that broke the camels back

the new dark age 1960 to 1970

Seeing Asia as a lost cause the USSR went deeper into its own isolation as they sought ways to level the playing field

During 1970s the USSA and much of mainland Asia and eastern Europe reported cases of a new and deadly virus that was believed to have originated in the USSR. While no proof was ever found that the USSR was directly responsible for this virus creation, it remains a popular theory that the red death was bioweapon that escaped containment.

Weather or not the USSR were responsible the effect was the same, with its collapse seeming imminent and using the red death as an excuse.

The US acted quickly to rid themselves of what they preserved to be their only remaining rival on the world stage and under the pretence of peace keeping, securing nuclear arms before they could go rogue and bringing the creators of the red death to justice. The US, conjoled its allies to support its fool hardy plan to capture as many nuclear weapons as possible while also installing a western puppet

This predictable backed fired as these 'peace' keeping forces were exposed to the red death and those that were not left behind by their parent nations realising their foils brought the red death to every corner of the world in one way or another.

The death toll the virus would reap was staggering but possible worse was the utter lost of faith most nations had for their traditional governmental parties. Leading to global instability

While the virus ultimately burnt itself out

The devastation it left in its wake is still felt more than half a century later.

The royal family of the UK and much of its traditional aristocracy and power structure were lost or left crippled during the crisis and the nation descended into decades of civil unrest until a military dictatorship rose to turn once grate Britain into a police state. A north Korea in the west

The European union fared little better and devolved into a hot bed of conflict as states founded on many fragile political experiments in the immediate wake of the red death fell apart and petty tin dictators took their place whom themselves for the most part brought heel as the nations of Europe slowly picked themselves up. The desperate people being promised work and security in the form of 'maga' structure building projects. However these massive projects were often extremely impractical and created with out the intention of very truly being fully finished if they were even genuine to begin with. More often, than not these structures became hot bets of corruption and examples of mans hubris. Those there maga structures that were even started becoming little more than bizarre ruins and tourist traps or massive slum cities with in a few years of their construction.

The America's fared little better. The traditional governmental systems and parties of the united states were uprooted almost entirely as the blame for the red deaths spread and lose of 'America's empire' and the seeming collapse of the civilized world was blamed on the greed and hubris on the political parties that had spear headed the grape for power.

Throughout the Ramage of the red death, the US entered an era of experimentation as they rebuilt their government from starch, settling on an muilti party system that would never again allow two, parties to dominate the destiny of the great America experiment again.

While this muilt party system required much refinement over the long period of rebuilding, going from anywhere between 12 major party down to three with each party never being allowed to hold a majority government for more than three presidential terms in a role

The United was not out of hot water yet

The nation was gripped by a great deal of civil conflict that some called the 2ed American civil war but in reality this conflict was largely confined to groups of disorganised militias, paramilitary and extremist groups attempting to take territory while the government tried to rebuild.

Once the organised military was deployed most of if not all these troublemakers were sent packing, these 'bush wars' as they came to be known. Frequently Spilled over into the great white north, which had its own issues. Like its southern neighbours Canadians traditional government and infrastructure collapsed allowing a series of increasingly incompetent middle managers to make at best questionable dissections as more and more extremist elements took control as the nation become a hot bed of violence and distance for their southern neighbour, leading to brief and wasteful border skirmishes.

Seeing no other choice in the matter a now united and recovering America, regretfully invaded and annexed Canada. While this worried and concerned the few nations that had managed to remain stable or had recovered from the red death. There was little to be done.

The revolution age 1980 to 1990

With Europe, American and other formal imperial or colonial powers distracted or collapsing many of their minor former holdings declared independence and removed what loyalest elements remained, sometimes peacefully other times not.

India, was still split into two via the partisan though violence espeaily in the wake of the red death and the lose of international aid and trade became far more common place leading to massive immigration to the more stabilised western nations. Extremist elements such as the Taliban are far more prominent with in Pakistan as a result

Starved of necessary outside aid and due the drought and famine many African and south African nations there were mildly stable before the red death, collapsed. Some though very few south African nations retained apartheid or greatly privilege white upper classes until the age of victory

Australia and New Zealand due to their geographic isolation and low population and the implementation of harsh but ultimately wise quarantine laws were weather the storm of isolation and the red death better than most other former coloinal states. Though environmental catastrophes such as wild fires and droughts frequently strained Australia until trade rougts were open once again. Through out the 90s and into the heroic age Australia and New Zealand would being trading with America and the stable parts of Europe, Asia and Oceania and would upon seeing the rise of China and India as major regional players. Begin developing and forging strong alliances among pacific and Oceania nations in time created the Southern Oceania alliance

China would for a brief time become the worlds largest Nation in the world having supported or remained neutral to Americas efforts in Asia and Russia before the out brake of the red death. They were able to absorb Korea, Vietnam much of south east asia, Mongula and ever areas of Russia as part of 'peace keeping efforts' as western powers retreated in the face of the red death or collapsed in civil unrest.

However many of these rapid land graps were extremely fragile especial those into Russia.

As of the 90s and into the Heroic age While large areas of Mongla remain under Chinese rule, it is the weakest of rule and Korea and Vitname became hot beds of conflict.

It was duing this era the first of serval orbital stations would being construction,

The dawn of the super hero and the hydra and Leviathan

During the 90ts and into the heroic age, the world after a small window of recovery be shocked by the outbreak of a new and strange breed of human and a new struggle for power over a wounded world. Super humans' people of fantastic, wondrous and dangerous powers begin appearing on mass

While certain super powered agents and even groups had been known enteritis during times conflict some known examples going back to the coloinal era and the golden age of sail. Never before in recorded human history had so many appeared so quickly, or so publicly.

Mutants, magic , super soldiers from the world wars, aliens, monsters and beings that claimed to be gods, demi gods and heroes of legend gods of every religion known to man appeared in the weighing years of The revolution age. However were there were heroes there were often villains and during such an unprecedented time of change and revolution that two believed to be extinct foes from the world returned form the darkness.

Hydra and Leviathan, both secret societies had last being encountered in World War two had plotted their return to power during the intervening decides.

Leviathan quickly reiganed control of Russia and many of the former states of the USSR and pushed what Chinese 'peace' keeping forces that remained out of the super state and began stabilising and rebuilding the fractured region.

Were as Hydra were far more intent to strike back against the western nations that had humiliated it and Nazi Germany during the war and lighting off powder kegs across the world

The few nations that were able to recover from the devastation left in the wake of the 'new dark age and the revolution age', alongside the emerging super human population would spend the 1990s and the dawn of the new millennium fighting these two vast organizations however definitive victories in this new kind of war far were few and far between which allowed the conflict to drag on well into the Heroic age.

The conflict only truly ended when, the US, China and other powers pout their differences to the side and reluctantly made a peace treaty with Leviathan (the communist equivalent of Hydra though far less extreme) whom had not being as aggressive as hydra and was seen as the lessor of two evils as stated above they had spent most of their time rebuilding Russia and the USSR into a viable nation state once more.

While this turned former enemies into, 'allies' and with the whole world focused on Hydra the terrorist group stood little chance even using its unconventional tactics and soon collapsed in its entirety (though small cells and infuancual members are said to to have gone into hiding) it came at a cost of recognising Leviathan as the lergamit government of Russia and that the USSR would be recongised as it own nation once more on the world stage.

With the end of the Hydra and Leviathan, three super powers would come to shape the world for the next 50 to 60 years.

The united states whom had inhertred much of the former coloinal states as vassles or allies

China the worlds largest nation in both man power and land

And the USSR whom would come to once again dominate much of northern Europe

The age of heroes and what's in and age

Answering the later first, an age is a 20 year period of time starting at the start of say 2000 and ending on the last minnit of the last day of 2019, 2020 onwards to the start of 2040 would be another age.

Fallowing are brief descriptions of the ages of leading up to and including the 'new age' were our setting for these fan fictions (for the most part) are set. And which era of comics they draw inspiration from also very brief overviews of what society has being up to.

Sadly most of the focus on societal change will be centred on the united states as of the time of this written we have only written little bits of other nations out side of big events.

The heroic age 2000 to 2010

This age most represents the classic marvel gold and sliver age with hints of the bronze/ the dark age of comics towards the end. Though there is one relatively modern 'event' we have transferred from modern comic to this era. That of the first super hero civil war and the annihilation wave, which for our story's purposes we are calling it the annihilation war Or rather the 3ed annihilation war and planet hulk.

Besides that most of the most famous and well known versions of marvels bull pen of heroes have their starts either in the later days of the 1990s or during the new millennium.

While technically most of the heroes may have had their origins in the 1990s or were born during that time they largely grew to prominence with in the heroic age.

Political speaking it is a period of rebuilding and new innovation for most nations as super tech, while being often restricted to the super heroes that invented it, see some use in larger society.

As teams such as the avengers, fantastic four, the first class of xmen and a to a lessor extent the giant sized xmen, defenders and innhumans made their Legacy's here (though in the cass of the innhumans only really became a notable force towards the end of the age. largely independent heroes such as spider man in their classic and or most well-known secret identities had their starts here.

Notable events are,

The end of the hydra / Leviathan war and the return of the ussr

The avengers assemble

The end of not only the cree/ skrull war but also the end of the 3ed annihilation war, which communicated in the mad titan Thanos seeking out the power of the infinity gems and gauntlet

The first secret war: where the god like beyond captured many of the galaxy greatest heros and villains and made them fight on battle world.

The disbandment of the first class of xmen and the foundation of the giant sized xmen

The first spiderman clone saga

The taking of genosha

The infinity quest, with many cosmic and earth heroes having learned of the mad titans quest or the power of the infanity gems. While the heros vanquished thanos they did not do so before the mad titan was able to temporarily kill half of all life. While that life was returned. Lack of unity and division among the heroes of earth and their cosmic allies is blamed for the tragedy.

This period of mistrust and division lead to three major events that would shape the next age often for the worst

Shield being largely be reorganised and refocused to monitor and police super hero activity while insuring compliance, to providing oversite for the worlds governments. the united states, China and the USSR Especially took an increasing dim view of super hero antics. While western nations were more tolerant of super human activities and communities. With in the ussr, china and elsewhere most if not all super humans were rounded up by their governments, the lucky ones would become government agents others had all their human rights ignored and often faced open persecution and dehumanisation, especially mutants.

Sword, the cosmic equivalent to shield was also founded, based out of the first human constructed orbital habitat cosmonautopolis (which had being built by the ussr) to keep an eye on alien activity both on and coming to earth

After a public and incompetent display from a team of c and d list super heroes that named the new warriors. The Us and most of its western allies lost what tastes they had for super beings and enacted the super powers registration and restrictions act (which had grown out of the much dreaded mutant registration act)

While some heroes embraced the act believing that working with the certain government restations would be better than the governments branding them all criminals (many of the figure heads of this pro act faction were in fact members of a group of heroes that had called themselves the illuminati.

The illuminarti was formed out of some of the greatest minds and most powerful members among the super hero community in the wake of The infinity quest. To guard and guide humanity's development in secret

Other heroes manly lead by captain America, believed that giving into the government's demands on this matter would only decrease their effectiveness to protect humanity and their rights would be taken away as weapons by the government

This division broke the super humanity community largely in two, however conflict broke out however when the anit registration faction learned that members of the pro registration had trapped. Bruce Banner aka the hulk in a rocket and shot him into space

The anit registration faction largely saw this as an opening shot in the first super hero civil war.

At the height of the conflict Steve rogues would be gravely wounded by the villain cross bones just as popular instrument being to turn on the registration side and its political backers face as the first avenger had produced. The laws had virtually no effect on curbing super crime nor down grading its effects as criminals had little need to adhere to one feather law when were already used to ignoring them and by shackling themselves to the bureaucracy that more often than not kept their hands tied

However with out a public face and the anit registration eather rounded up or scattering the law remained though much of the golden age of crime

The golden age of crime 2020 to 2030

This era most resembles the bronze age/ dark age of comics

Political and culturally speaking this like the new age is an era of decline as top heavy laws and restations strangle progress. Especially in regards too super tech. like our own time line it is also a highly turbulent time of political instability as the world starts to sees the effects of climate change and unchecked greed

Super corporations being to rise and exert more and more influence over people's lives, degrading both civil liberties and the environment

However the growing power of the super corporations did not go unanswered, as some governmental parties rose to challenge the growing corruption and ineptitude of their predecessors.

With in America and some other western nations started or restarted programmes using dialable super agents to fight the rise of the super corporations. Typically favouring semi reformed villains or anit heroes from the heroic age to do their dirty work.

The conflicts were unofficially called the 'eco' wars

With most of the previous generation of heroes either scattered, retiring or render impudent. Increasingly Violent anit heros and mercenary's rose to take their place though most of these individuals where little better than the villains they fought, frequently using questionable methods or operating under the lousiest of moral guidelines.

Toward the end of the era, restrictions started to lift and the beginnings of micro nuclear reactor/ battery being to see limited use in the civilian market and renewable/ green sources of power were widely adopted in most western nations. Making traditional fossil fuels nearly obsolete in most western nations by the time of the age of victory.

Though 'clean' and safe mini nuckclear reactors and batterys wouldn't be developed, until mid way through the age of victory

Three modernised orbital habitats which had started being constructed late heroic age would finally be completed late in the golden age of crime along side the construction of serval mining stations on the moon as well as several near by astoids which assisted in taking the strain of earths abused ecosystem.

Notable super events of this era include

Days of future past/ the dark phoenix: the xmen were warned by the time traveling super hero Cable of an impending threat from the future. The sentinels a long time tool of mutant oppression by humanity were on the verge of becoming self aware and would soon revolt against both humanity and mutant kind. He would also warn that the xmen that one of their own had become host to the cosmic god of fire and change, the Phonenix and should its host lose control of the god like being than the world would be equally doomed.

The xmen were soon confronted on two ends by sentinels both past and present as well as the decent of Jean Grey into madness as she was revealed to be the latest host of the phonenix and had being insnared by the machinations of the secret society known as the hell fire club.

Through great sacrifice the xmen were able to stop the rise of the machines and were able to convince humanity of their folly in walking this path down to the apocalypse, turning one of their long time enemy's. Senator Kelly, to their side as he saw first hand what his fear mongering would lead to and he would spend the rest of his life trying to undo the damage he had created.

Others of similar mind to him were not so easily conviced, most notable Bolviard Trask and Camron hodge and the two would scess control of the sleeping army of world end robots and turn them loss. Only to lose that control as the sentinels attacked human and mutant alike

Having fallen increasingly under the control of dark influence of the hell fire club, Jean grey would being to lose the battle against the Phonenix. Threating to in golf the world in a fire storm

With the aid of Emma Frost, former white queen of the hell fire clube and her pyonic clones the stepford cuckoos whom had realsied the error in their ways. Were able to guide the way word demi god into space were she could hurt no one. Though it cost the Cuckcoos their lifes and much of emmas power to do so.

Scout Summers, Jeans husband and the hero cyclops was devastated

With the dangers of the sentinels and Ai in general made clear to humanity. Extremely strick laws and regulations were passed that would advert the future the sentinels' promised.

However one of the future sentinels, Nimrod the most advanced of their kind, unknown to the xmen at large was able to escape the abortion of his timeline. Nimrod, Cable and another time travelling x men Bishop would hunt each other though out time line.

The sliver space knight/ secret invasion: unbeknownst to humanity at large. The earth had being infiltrated by two alien groups. The shape sifting skulls and changeling maskers of dark magic and twisted science the Dire wraths.

While the skrulls were perhaps the lessor of these two threats they along side the dire wraths would not find earth easy pickings.

The skrulls fought a shadow war with several groups most notable the secret avengers whom discovered much of the foes of the golden age of crime and heroic age could be traced to the skrulls manipulations. While the shape changers may have not being directly responsible for things like the super powers restriction act or the heros of earth turning on each other. They prolonged and exasperated conflicts all over the earth, intending to turn earth into a puppet of their failing empire and a bridge head to infiltrate and turn surrounding independent systems into vassal states as their long time enemies the cree empire was distracted with internal schism.

While the dire wraths plan and operations were of a similar van and motive to the skrulls. Their plans were even more insidious as their black hearted sorcerers had identified and traced some of their darkest proficies to earth. Like the skrulls they too were on the losing side of a long a bloody war

A cabal of their most wicked hearted scientists and soulless sorcerers having fled the drawth galaxy they and their rivals the sul star union and their valent space knights called home to reverse the course of the war in their Favor.

Their evil would be matched by the legendary ROM first if not greatest of the space knights. Whom had fallowed the Cabal for over 200 years before landing on earth. Rom would find allies among the peoples of earth and in time be joined by serval of his fellow space nights before the dire wraths plans were foiled.

However due to the secretive nature of Roms crusade, a great deal of his adventures and accomplishments and even the nature of some of his allies have being subjected to unreliable retellings. Even Roms exact disputation and moral compass are subject to some debate to any that didn't directly interact with the sliver space knight.

In the years since Rom and his fellow knights and earth bound allies are believed to have defeated the vast majority of dire wraiths. The sul star union despite its distance from earth have maintained a close relationship with earth, opening up and maintaining a embassy on the Aura space station and have had two full space knights and considerable staff posted their since the end of the dire wraith, space knight war.

The eco war/ extreme carnage: to curb earths downward spiral into destruction and mass extinction and to curb the growing power of super corporation. A number of government but mostly the us and a flew of its allies founded and fielded groups of both mundane paramilitary and super human task forces and strike groups to hit back at these powerful corporations while retaining a level of possible deniability.

Some of if not the most effective groups given to this task were teams and strike forces maid up of semi reformed villains, anit heros and vigilantes whom had come under the employ of their respective governments. Despite or because of the power restriction act.

One of if not the most effective team the United states deployed, Trask force V was by far its most controversial. As this task force was made up of, the former villain turned Anit hero and alien symboit Venom and its four children. Carnage, Toxin, Scream and Mania.

Though few of the public ever became aware of this fact, the Venom symboit was taken from its Host Eddie Brock early into the golden age of crime. He was then letter publicly disgraced and discretised after he attempted to get his alien partner back. Later he would redevelop the cancer that Venom hand once cured him of and die in poverty

For Venoms part, it was forceful bread to create its four offspring and those offspring were experimented on to enhance one or more of aliens offspring's talents. With Carnage's ability to shape sift, Toxins strength, screams speed and agility and Mania given mild telepathic and weak clocking abilities

While the team was highly effective for many years, towards the end of the GAOC, the all but Venom and Mania and their respective hosts. Started developing adverse personability disorders and seeming started suffering form mental brake downs and hallucinations. Carnage and his host Cletus Cassady was by far the worst effected as the trauma and abuse he had suffered at the hands of his abusive family which had largely been supressed and harnessed by task force v but never truly treated.

Grew into full grown psychosis and mental degeneracy, Cletus claiming he was in communion with god would free several unstable mutants and failed super soldiers that the task force had captured and cut a bloody swath through America in an event that would come to be known as maximum carnage. With the aid of two psychotic mutant super criminals called Shriek and Thyroid Mary, Cletus was able to incite several communities and citys he happened upon on his war path into anarchy.

While the rest of task force V, the three spider women, the young avengers, the new mutants and another vigilante group called force works. Were able to stop Cletus rampage. The civilian death toll and collateral damage was massive largely due to the lack of protection the more violent anit hero and vigilantes offered. Were the spider women, the young avengers and new mutants prioritized the civilians, these events that aidded greatly in turning turned public sentiment against the anit heros and the power restrictions act.

Total clonage: the three spider women, the spectacular spider women eg: Mayday Parker, the amazing Arana eg Anya Corazon and phantasmal Ghost spider a clone of Gwen Stacy would through out much of the golden age battle the Jackal and his ongoing attempt to replace the human race with his race of spider-human hybrid spiders man clones.

Urban decay: as stated above through out most of the golden age of crime, traditional super heroes were few and far between. Leading to vigintiles, anit heros and reformed villians to take up the slack as they were used to ignoring the law. While perhaps not a well-known vigilante outside of her home territory of kay County Massachsetts and her checkered history with the team known as 'force works' Katrina Stake otherwise known as Kraken, was one of the more infamous and effective off her breed. Though her other bloody and questionable actions and ruthless handing out of justice has made her, especially in her home town of Innsmouth a figure of great controversy.

Seemingly Katrine would disappear into thin air after her team was disbanded fallowing a attempt to intercede in an African civil war failed utterly.

Enemy of the state: though out the GAOC one of the traditional superhero groups that was ironically affected the least or rather ignored the powers restriction act the most, were the xmen as they had long prepared for the eventuality of such a law and could work around it. The Xmen and their aligned groups commitment to heroism, nobility and cooperation throughout the GAOC saw not only their popularity but largely widespread acceptance of mutant's flourish through most western nations, even in some nations that had being warry of mutants and the supposed threat to human existence they posed. Grew to appreciate the xmen and other groups of well-meaning mutants that protected the very communities that often hated and rejected them from the predations of super corporations and foreign interests.

This both angered and worried certain groups, none more so than the insidious weapon plus program who refused to believe that mutant kind was not a threat to human domination of the earth. So they alongside a number of other factions and power players set about a scheme to finally initiate the human mutant war before public opinion made such a thing impossible.

Weapon plus would capture Wolverine (whom had become leader of the xmen by this time) and reactive their control over him while hiring a number of mutant mercenaries (many if not most of whom had being assets for weapon plus at one stage or another) and have this group run false flags operations.

Openly striking at government, military and civilian targets to turn public sentiment against the xmen and mutant kind. However, distrust, old rivalries and personal ambitions soon turned weapon plus against not only itself but its allies and vice visa leading them to lost control of wolverine. Logan would repeat history and slaughtered his way to freedom, killing man members of weapon plus on his way. One of the most notable of which was David Rice the father of Zander Rice whom would become a pivotal member of the "fasility'.

Between Logan's rampage, the disintegration of the weapons plus and the xmen Exposing many of their long-time nemesis for their involvement in the unspeakable crimes weapons plus had committed. Saw public sentiment turn almost completely in favour of mutants through out large swaths of the world.

However before weapons plus divided into three factions, "Paradise" lead by Dr Cornelius , "the purifiers" lead by William striker and the 'facility' lead by Martin Sutter and went underground. They were able to infect some of the x men with the legacy virus. Hoping to turn the xmens victory into the defeat and the extension of their species

Due to Logans long absence form the xmen, the mantal of Wolverine was officially passed to his estranged son James Hudson. Whom would carry the mantle for some time, even into the age of victory before quiting and retiring form the super hero life entirely.

Jimmy and his half older brother Akihiro (whom was going by Daken or the Dark wolverine at the time) would frequently fight over the mantal

The age of victory: 2030 to 2040

With the tide of public opinion turning against the violent vigilantes that had dominated the golden age of crime along with the short-sighted laws and corporate greed that had lead humanity nearly into extinction. An age of hope and progress would begin to slowly take the place of the despair and degradation.

Some of the most notable ways in how this was achieved, was the invention of mico nuclear reactors which was created by Roxon energy (which went along way to redeeming the super corporation in the eyes of the public. However their invention would have being useless if not dangerous if for the invention of a chemical gas by alchemax.

That could completely remove the hazardous radiation left over by nuclear reactions. These innovations Allowed nuclear power to not only be put in things as small a bike engine but to be done so cleanly and efficiently. Though the gas's themselves and their construction were controversial due adverse effects it had on humans and the environment but when compared to the degradation caused by fossil fuels and radioactive waste they effects were largely ignored

Green and renewable power sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric saw large scale improvements along side the life expectancy of batteries

Overnight the west was almost complete freed of its need for fossil fuels

The advent of clone and sythic animal food products also reduced the wests reliance on cattle and battery farms.

Stark arc reactors were also brought into the main stream though under heavy regulation out of fear of the devices being weaponised and due to its cost to construct. Genuinely such devices were ear marked for the reborn space progame

For the first time since the industrial revolution, the west was consuming less resources and generating more energy than it required to function.

Allowing the west to pour its surplus resources into the construction and completion of several orbital space stations, the development and construction of which had stalled massive during the GAOC.

However, such rapid development and shift did not came cost or complaint. Such a radical and rabid shift in technology development and resource gathering put many tens of thousands out work or forced people to take up dead end jobs in the harsh conations merely to be able to get by more over a new wave of robot automation and the pursuit of 'true' ai for the first time since the heroic age when its study and research were highly restricted if not band out right after the defeat of the android 'ultron' and threat of the sentinels were vanquished. Put many of the few jobs that could be found for honest workers at risk of being replaced by robots and made the general human population nervous at the possibility of an AI upriseing.

Feather more the US only shared its new found prosaility with a few of its remaining allys as it being to enter an era of cultural and intellectual isolation.

Large swafts of the world, Namly china, the former powers of Europe, the now fascist England and the growing power of Africa (a section of the world many of super corporations and paramilitary groups had rapidly industrialized and exploited in a new and horrifying repeat of colonialism) and south America began leveling their complaints at those that had to much and refused to share but also squabbled among themselves for the earths dwindling fussel fuel reseveses.

15 years ago before the dawn of the NEW age World War three broke out, while thankful brief and nukelar war was averted. By the end of AOV a new cold war and space race has emerged as the US continues to isolate itself. Europe falls more and more under the sway of the charismatic aXis party whom promise a return of the old Europe empires and revenge against the disobedient colonies. England continues to descend as its population reaches its braking point while China, the US and to a lesser exent the ussr play out a new and dangerous version of the space race and cold war

All the while the delicate balance is being threaten as a new generation of heros herald in the NEW AGE.

Notable super human events of the AOV:

Corporate rebrand: in the wake of the 'eco wars' many of the so called 'super corps' were forced to rebrand and refocus their brand and earn some measure of public loyalty once again lest they find themselves at war with their own customer bases. While there were and are plenty of bad seeds and shady dealing they were general kept from the public eye or weeded out. Three major things occurred that would shift the super corporate landscape forever, firstly AIM.

Whom were primarily known as a rouge think tank turned tenocradic terrorist cult. Largely fell apart during the golden age of crime and was rebuilt from the ground up to become a super corporation focusing on technological initiatives and the pursuit of robotic and cybernetic development which has been their largest concern. Since their rebrand the public have had a mixed opinion of this new AIM as fear of work place replacement via robots and the ever present danger of AI rebellion have left the general public wary of Aim. They have attempted to counter this by sponsoring a great many higher education centos (one of the most notable examples of which is the SFIT 'The San Fransokyo Institute of Technology') they also frequently use their knowledge of robotic to create drones to clean up the oceans. They have also become one of the largest developers of Africa

The second most notable occurrence was the former villain turned anit hero Morbus the living vampire (whom had being 'cured' of his false vampirism and his addition to blood during the heroic age.) Morbus has since then worked with in Alchemax and several other think thanks though mainly alchemax. To 'redeem' the worst example of super corporate greed from the bottom up. During the dieing days of the golden age of crime Morbus became the ceo of alchemax though since then has become a notable recluse and eccentric since then.

Despite this, the creation of synthetic farms and the creation of the gas's used to remove radioactive from nuclear waste were largely abrupted to him. As was the attempt to create a biologic superior human race via genetic engineering that he had envisioned as a work force that would thrive with the citys that had specialised in working with his anit rad gas as well as with in other toxic environments.

This race would be cruely nicknamed scaps and they came to be know was an almost utter failure as they were sort lived and suffered form a multitude of disorders most notable aggressive cancers that reduced their effectiveness to virtual none existence. With only a hand full of 'stable' scap groups surviving through to the new age.

It is commonly believed by the general public that the failure of the scaps is what caused Morbus to retreat from the public eye and run alchemax via proxy.

Unknown to all but a few Morbus became one of the earliest backers of the splitter weapon plus faction known as the Facility and it is believed by those closest to him. That he has uses the Facility as a test bed for his own experiments and a personal wet works. In the wake of world war three he took a personal interest in the until then failed attempts to create a new wolverine, secretly backing Sarha Kinney's cloning project.

Lastly the Thunderbolts (a super her team with a frequently mirky and checkered history), while not a strictly corporate entity in of themselves. Have under the leadership of Andros Stark (tonys grandson) become so called 'for profit' superheroes. Having made loctrival and official relationships with multiple US friendly nations governments, corporations and media outlets.

While they do still fight crime and worldly threats like other less profit driven superhero teams. They many do so to generate public support and as twisted form of tax evasion. Due to their positive relationship with the media and government they have largely taken the spot light from other more genuine heroes. While the public at large are more positively inclined towards the Thunder Blots many also see them as sell outs and little better than super powered mercenaries.

With in the dawn of the new age with a new generation of impressionable young heros emerging, the thunder blots found the 'young thunder blot's both to school and keep an eye on promising young super hero.

The age of apocalypse: the xmen, most notable their newly founded team of the new mutants spend much of what remained of the golden age of crime and the early years of the AOG preventing the ancient mutant king En Sabah Nur, better known as the would mutant demigod. Apocalypse.

From recreation of his ancient empire while subjugating both humans and mutants under his twisted and eternal Rein.

While at first the new mutants and their xmen forbears believed that Apocalypse had manipulated their time adventures to prevent the rise of the sentinels to secure his own dominion, while he had manulated certain events. They found to their horror that it was simpley the nature of time travel that the pendulum of time would and had simply swung in the opposites direction.

Were as before mutants were all but extinct and machines ruled the earth, in this 'age of Apocalypse' mutants were favoured. However, it came at a cost none but the most malicious of mutants could bear.

Apocalypse proved himself a far more dangerous and cunning foe then the single-minded sentinels with a far greater grasp of the timeline and many of the xmen died before his physical form was finally destroyed, though his will opposed to the inconveniences of death.


The cradle of man: For as terrible as Apocalypse is and was

There are those that would not only seek to emulate his design

And the so called first mutant had found ways to cheat death.

In the later half of the age of victory, three beings would attempt to claim the mantal and power.

The, children of one of Apocalypse four horse man would through their skeaming parent rise to take over the forces of Apocalypse. That had become stranded in the modern day. These two would become known as the Apocalypse twins and though they had dark ambitions of their own and conquered swofts of the middle east and northern Africa. They were not as deranged as their name sake nor anywhere as powerful.

They even assisted the heroes of earth on at least one occasion in stopping a metor from slaming into earth

As such while the twins do not have a positive relationship with xmen or most of the heros of earth. They have being more or less left alone as they have become a major stablising element with in northern afica and the middle east.

Known to only a few, Apocalypse hid a number of cloning facilities with in the modern day, which the demi god had hoped to use to escape death. Once a clone worth off his essence was 'born'

Learning of this a rough faction of xmen called xforce and the Apocalypse twins entered un uneasy alliance to snuff out these clones and precent the true Apocalypse from returning.

However due to one of x forces members growing a conscience, spared the last clones life and spritied the clone. Who came to be known as Evan Sabah Nur to the xmen.

With much of the north of afica taken up by the Apocalypse twins, many super corpations begin. Colonizing and industising Africa

This lead to a muiltde of bush wars and bloody skirmishers between those nations that accepted the rule of these super corporations and those that fought against it. It also lead to the rise of 'sell sword', PMC and other mercenary groups

Two of the major compantence in this struggler was the nation of Wakanda and Rudyarda