"Ruby!" was the last word Yang said before she fell.

Her mind was completely blank as she watched her sister go over the edge, falling towards the black void underneath. She absent mindedly noticed Blake screaming and crying as she attempted to catch Yang with Gambol Shroud, Weiss watched numbly in shock.

Her sister, Yang.

Was gone.

Just like her mother.

She didn't want to be alone. The only family she would have left w-would be her father.

She didn't want that.

Nobody would want that.

Jaune honestly thought he was doing pretty good evacuating the citizens, he was keeping the children calm and he was helping the elderly slowly waddle over to the portals. The people were mostly sullen as they left their homes behind, children and adults alike frowning and crying. It hurt Jaune to see them like this, so he tried to be as positive as he could. After all, he was following the advice dad always gave him, confidence was all you need.

Maybe he should get some better advice-

Civilians began rushing back through the portals, screaming as they nearly trampled over eachother to try escape whatever was happening. Jaune felt panic rise up in him but pushed it down and grabbed the shoulder of someone running by.

"What's happening?! Did a Grimm go through the portals?!" Jaune asked, as that seemed like the most likely scenario. But even if a Grimm did manage to get through, it'd be torn to shreds by Ruby and her team.

The fear addled man quickly stammered out a response.

"There's some crazy fire lady causing explosions!" He quickly said before trying to wiggle out of Jaune's grip, shoving Jaune in the process -Jaune wasn't moved a single step- before running off screaming.

Jaune frowned. There weren't many people who could be described as crazy fire lady. He felt trepidation, worry, anger, and a myriad of other emotions fill him.

He forced them all down.


Jaune was a leader. So that meant he was always preparing for everything. Preparing for the worst case scenarios, preparing for the things he hoped would never happen, preparing for those situations where another letter would be ticked off of what used to be JNPR. He had to make the best of the worst situations and he had to make the hard decisions.

He was always crunching the numbers, seeing which decision would have the least horrible outcome. So he had prepared for the worst scenario, Cinder appearing unannounced and ruining something, just like when she ruined Beacon, just like when she ruined the Vytal Festival. When she ruined Pyrrha.

So Jaune had prepared a backpack filled with high purity Explosive Fire Dust crystals for these scenarios where another one of his friends might be in danger. He had asked Weiss for the frankly, stupid amount of Fire Dust. Very high purity too. And while she had denied him at first, wondering what someone would do with so much of the same Dust type, she had given it to him after he saved her at Haven.

He had hoped he would never have to use it if he was going to be honest, he still had so much to live for.

His friends…

Ruby, his best buddy. Nobody really knew but they always met up to talk about leadership, but it usually just devolved into them talking about their favorite comics, playing video games or just… being around each other.

Ren and Nora, they both came as a package. If your friends with Nora your friends with Ren, and vice versa. Nora would always cause an insane amount of trouble, but it honestly just reminded him of all of his sisters squeezed into one petite package. And Ren was always there to balance her out, pull her out of the unbelievable situations she would end up in. He was always the one who was the calm voice in during dire situations.

Weiss, or Snow Angel as he still called her in his head. She had become much more amiable after he had saved her at Haven, sometimes it was even her that started the conversations now.

Yang and Blake, even though they hadn't spoken much, Jaune still considered them his friends. After all, anyone related to Ruby was probably an amazing person. And Blake was Ruby's friend so the same logic applied.

His seven sisters all pranking him, but also helping him whenever he need help. Protecting him from bullies, helping him with homework, teaching him how to cook, how to play guitar. They would always try to cheer him up whenever he was upset at not being able to train or fail to do something.

He imagined his father, always too busy to train him. But when his father had the chance, he would always try his best to spend his time with Jaune, playing video games with him and even wanted to train him as a Huntsman but work always got in the way.

His mother who would always try and take care of him and his sisters, always smiling. She was the one who had given him Crocea Mors in the diner room, the middle of the night… with tears in her eyes, begging him to come back safe.

A single tear trailed down Jaune's face.

Pyrrha had sacrificed herself to save him, it was about time he paid the favor back and sacrificed himself to save Team RWBY. Jaune knew that he was important, but Team RWBY would be the ones to save the world and he would gladly put himself on the line to save the ones who would save the world even if they weren't his friends. He really hoped everyone would understand.

Jaune put the back-pack on, and tightened his grip on Crocea Mors.

"No regrets."

Blake watched in horror as Yang fell, feeling her world shatter as Gambol Shroud just barely missed her. She was going to lose Yang

Her friend.

Her teammate.

Her partner.

And... maybe even more than just her partner.

She was about to lose the Y of RWBY.

Team RWY wouldn't work.

Weiss watched numbly, instinctively pushing her emotions down just as her father would always tell them. Because emotions were often weakness, and that a Schnee should always be in control of herself.

She couldn't lose focus now.

They may have lost Yang, but if she lost focus now they may lose more than just Yang.

Jaune rushed through the portal and his senses were immediately assaulted by noise and chaos. Civilians all ran to the exits to try and escape, screaming in the hundreds. Jaune paid them little heed as he spotted the platform she stood on, malicious and psychotic grin stretching across her face. A grin he often saw in his nightmares.

He'd get rid of that grin, even if it would cost him everything.

Jaune took a deep breath before sprinting up towards where Cinder stood, trying to quell the intense anger he felt rise within him. Jaune then saw a completely limp Yang get thrown off the platform, towards the nothingness below.

Jaune felt panic rise within him but once again, pushed it down. He gripped his shield tightly before gravity blasting himself towards Yang, barely catching her like she was a sack of potatoes and landing with a loud clunk onto one of the golden paths, letting go of Yang and nearly slipping off.

Jaune quickly pulls himself up, picking up Yang in a fireman carry and rushing forwards towards Cinder, unable to control his anger seeing Yang almost die.

Blake felt the most relief she had in her entire life, seeing Jaune save Yang from whatever mysterious fate that lay in the void. A grin stretched across her face before she quickly turned back to Neo with her grin quickly falling away and being replaced with an anger she had never felt before. Neo only seemed to grin mockingly at her.

Blake growled as she lashed out with Gambol Shroud, determined to get rid of Neo.

Ruby seemed to share that thought, though she probably didn't want to kill Neo like Blake did. Blake was so overwhelmed in her anger she didn't notice that Jaune didn't stop and pull out his sword like he usually did, instead charging towards Cinder with both hands outstretched to try and pull her into a grapple.

Ruby felt immense relief and joy, seeing Jaune save her sister. The moment was ruined by Neo lunging towards her with killing intent. Ruby frowned and shot Neo, not to hit her but to create distance between them, the recoil launching Ruby backwards.

Neo barely missed Ruby with her parasol, and Ruby swung Crescent Rose at Neo, firing off multiple shots as she swung so quickly her weapon seemed to transform into a blur. Neo flipped backwards and was about to attack when she shattered into glass after Blake darted towards her with Gambol Shroud, the sharpened sheath of Gambol Shroud would have gotten rid of a large portion of Neo's Aura if she hadn't teleported away at the last minute. Neo was about to try and fight them both when she was surrounded by glyphs from all angles, Weiss looking at her from behind Ruby with a glare as cold as ice.

Neo snarled but didn't dare fight, she was outnumbered and outmatched. She shattered like glass before disappearing. Team RWBY Minus Y smiled in relief as Neo disappeared before turning around to see Jaune, by himself try and fight Cinder. Weiss frowned deeply at his stupidity, he didn't even have his sword drawn! She respected and would thank Jaune immensely for saving Yang but she didn't think he was dumb enough to try and fight a Maiden by himself, let alone do it unarmed. It was like trying to punch a walking natural disaster!

Cinder seemed to mock Jaune, though none of them could hear what she said.

Blake quickly wrapped Cinder in Gambol Shroud, not think about how Cinder would turn it into molten slag in her adrenaline rush. Blake swung herself forward and struck a vicious kick across Cinder's face, Cinder stumbling back a single step. Ruby brandished Crescent Rose and prepared to charge forward with her Semblance.

Weiss spotted a large brown backpack on Jaune's back. Her face scrunched up in confusion, Jaune usually never fought with a backpack... and hadn't she seen it before when he asked her for Dust? When Jaune tackled Cinder off the platform with a roar, Weiss finally connected the dots and her eyes widened in shock and fear.

"Jaune's going to blow both himself and Cinder to pieces!" Weiss thought, she was about to scream for him to stop but it was too late.

Cinder dodged him effortlessly.

"Ohh, maybe I should give you the same treatment I gave your partner? You two will finally be together in the afterlife." Cinder cooed, cupping her face and feigning innocence, Jaune's snarl grew as his eyes narrowed.

Cinder then felt Gambol Shroud wrap around her tightly before Blake practically flew by and kicked her across the face, Ruby, Weiss and herself being enough to chase Neo off. Cinder's mocking grin quickly transformed into a snarl of prideful anger.

That minute distraction was enough for Jaune to tackle her off the platform into the void, shocking everyone. Cinder flew upwards instead of falling, snarling and preparing to reduce the blonde annoyance to ash, getting rid of both Pyrrha Nikos and her partner. Right as she was about to reduce him to dust, she saw his backpack glow a brilliant mix of orange and white, making her eyes widen in an emotion she hadn't felt for quite a while.


This blonde weakling was a suicide bomb.

Jaune flared his Aura and Semblance, enhancing his Aura, which seeped into the Dust Crystals, the enhanced Aura in turn enhancing the Dust and causing the explosion to be much more powerful than it should've been.

His world exploded in noise, pain and light.


The explosion was deafening and blinding, a brilliant mix of radiant white and swirling orange and the explosion was strangely smokeless. Nearly knocking everyone off the platforms, a few unfortunate souls falling with screams into the void below.

Ruby quickly stabbed Crescent Rose into the ground, grabbing Weiss who would have flown off if not for her. Blake grabbed Yang with Gambol Shroud, jumping and allowing the shockwave of the explosion to propel her onto another platform.

Both Jaune and Cinder were blown back by the explosion onto a golden path, Jaune not having let go of her through the whole ordeal.

Cinder's world was pain. Her aura was completely shattered.

Her arms and legs were filled with a horrible numbness, contrasted by the constant ringing she heard in her ears that made it hard to think. Her face and torso were the only places that weren't filled with numbness, instead feeling as if they were covered in molten glass. Her hair was singed, her elegant dress was completely charred and fused to her skin.

All of that was nothing compared to the weakness she felt, her body feeling like it could shatter any second. And on top of all that she felt the Maiden's powers slowly trickling out of her, leaving her body cold instead of the comforting and burning warmth of the Fall Maiden.

But that was impossible! She was destined to be a Maiden, she was destined for power! She was destined to rule this horrible planet! She wasn't destined to die to some blonde weakling! She deserved power! She…she doesn't want to die. It wasn't fair.

It wasn't fair…

A single tear trickled down Cinder's horribly charred face.

She then saw Ruby, push the blonde weakling off of her and Cinder realized something, if she was going to die… she'd take the blonde weakling with her.

It was horrifying.

Ruby quickly pushed Jaune off of Cinder.

The back of his knightly chest plate was completely blown open, pieces of it piercing his severely burned back. His bright yellow hair now seemed to be the color or dead grass, and his lively sapphire eyes now seemed dull and tired.

She swore she could see bone sticking out of his back.

Weiss shoved her aside in panic and saw the state of Jaune, horror etched across her face as she saw the horrific state his back was in. She had caused this, hadn't she? She should've asked him why he needed so much explosive Dust. She should've known when he stored the Dust without any containers in a simple brown backpack you could get at a thrift shop!

Blake then landed beside Weiss, holding Yang who was slowly gaining consciousness. Blake was debating putting down Yang and trying to help Jaune but there wasn't anything they could do! There was only one person who could heal injuries as severe as his and it was him!

Ruby came beside her and oh my god they didn't know what to do!

Jaune was practically half dead! Never mind that Cinder wasn't moving, Jaune was more important!

Ruby wanted to flip Jaune onto his back but his back was in horrible shape and it would only cause more trouble but if she didn't do that then she wouldn't know if Jaune was alive and what if he was dead?! None of them had seen Jaune's Aura shatter even once!

Tears streamed down Ruby's face as she stared at her first friend laying lifeless on the ground. Her first friend.

Her first friend, who tried his best to be a leader even when he was woefully under-prepared.

The friend who would always read comics with her and try and help her even when it was clear he needed help much more than herself.

The friend who would throw himself in the way of danger to save others.

Jaune's eyes slowly shifted from Ruby, to Blake and Weiss.

"Ruby, Blake... Weiss?" He slurred out, as if confused by their very presence. Ruby nearly broke out into tears in relief, a relieved grin stretching across her face.

A grin that was very quickly wiped off when Jaune was suddenly hit by a blast of fire and launched off the platform.

He didn't even scream.

Blake screamed and tried to catch him with Gambol Shroud, only to miss again.

Weiss tried to make a black glyph beneath him to catch him but he only crashed into it and slipped off the edge before falling into the blackness, completely disappearing.

Ruby tried to catch him but almost fell off the platform herself if not for Yang catching her and pulling her up, one hand holding Ruby and the other clutching her head in pain.

Ruby fell to her knees and turned her head to see the charred body of Cinder still laying on the ground, but with one shaky arm outstretched and an ear-to-ear grin across her face.

Ruby then felt herself be filled with indescribable power, suddenly being filled with warmth that contrasted with the grief, sadness and anger she felt. Ruby in her haze, saw Cinder's body turning to ash.

Jaune knew this was the end.

This was his final chapter in Ruby's story.

But when he opened his eyes and saw a clear blue sky, huge buildings in the distance and what seemed like Superheroes flying through the sky, he felt confusion in him.

"I AM HERE!" And Jaune felt even more confusion when an absolutely gigantic man smiling as if he had just completed some great achievment, with hair done up in a hairstyle that shouldn't even be physically possible and dressed in a skin tight colorful suit fell out of the sky and picked him up.

"DON'T WORRY FELLOW HERO! FOR ALL MIGHT IS HERE! I WILL BRING YOU TO A HOSPITAL IN RECORD TIME!" The giant yelled, his smile seeming even bigger up close.


Jaune slipped out of consciousness after that.

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