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General Sparda: While that is true and he isn't suicidal, it's just that seeing Cinder probably dug up a lot of trauma. And this wasn't really driven by his want to die or anything, I think it's more because of his anger at Cinder and his want to protect everyone before anything happened. She had almost killed another one of his friends –Yang– and I imagine that terrified Jaune and angered him in equal measure. And Jaune also didn't want to take any chances because he knows that anyone could die instantly, and he would rather finish her off immediately than take risks.

Zenhope: Thanks! But I won't place the translations next to the Japanese dialogue as that seriously ruins the immersion. You're gonna have to bear through it.

Gizzit: Yea same to be honest, it's just that I don't see anyway Jaune would be let go if they tried to completely verify him. He'd look insanely suspicious. (No documents, no birth registration, doesn't know Japanese while in Japan, and doesn't have a Provisional Hero License or anything like that and the thing that would put the final nail in the coffin is the unregistered weapons he's got.) So I kinda had to just ignore some of the realism to keep the plot going. Sorry about that though.

Anyways, the Hero names that I'm liking are just Chevelier d'or, Arc Knight (Though it seems a bit too on the nose), and Sir Arcaladin.

Especially Sir Arcaladin, since it pretty much has everything that Jaune would like about a name, it's relatively simple, he's a leader so the Sir part works, Arc + Paladin, and I imagine Jaune knows what a Paladin is so I think he'd realistically go with something along the lines of Sir Arcaladin.

While there were a couple names that sounded nice like White Knight, Archangel and Guardian, they all have a couple problems.

White Knight sounds unoriginal and sounds like it'd be already taken by a pervious Hero, no offense.

Archangel sounds too pretentious for Jaune to like, and even when his mental health was great, he isn't overconfident and is humble at best, self-depreciating and suicidal at worst, so he wouldn't pick a name like that.

Guardian sounds good but also sounds like it'd already be taken. Same goes for Knight, Paladin and Amp.

Guardian Hero Paladin is too long and is a mouthful to say.

Also, sorry for taking so long, it's mainly because I couldn't bring myself to write when I had so many other things to do.

Anyways, without further ado, I present you Chapter Three.

Birds chirped, cars honked, trees rustled and people talked. Teenagers laughed as they walked in pairs, each group having a mundane conversation. Irritated white collars sat in their cars and honked their horns, annoyed with the unusually slow traffic. A cat sat on a tree branch, a grandmother trying and failing to get her to come down.

Amongst the city bustle, in an abandoned underpass, deep blue, tired and bloodshot eyes slowly blinked open in slight annoyance. Jaune closed his eyes to try and get just a few more minutes of sleep but knew it was ultimately futile. Vale, Atlas and Mistral had a lot less traffic.

He sighed. He'd been doing that a lot lately.

Jaune frowned and crawled out of his sleeping bag, bags under his eyes from not being to have proper and restful sleep, paired with his clothes being dusty and dirty from sleeping on the floors. He folded up the blue sleeping bag he had bought with the meager Lei-No, Yen he had managed to scrape together from odd jobs and helping people with random things.

Jaune grabbed the folded sleeping bag and leaned against the wall of the underpass. He was glad that he had managed to buy this, sleeping on park benches and the hard sidewalk without any sort of cushioning was horrible.

It made him empathize with the homeless much more than he already did.

Jaune clipped Crocea Mors to his "U.A" belt and immediately got to walking. He'd been worried about people stealing is sleeping bag but it seemed everyone here was too respectful to do something like that.

It'd been a week or two since Jaune ended up… here. In this Japan, on this Earth. It almost didn't feel real, like he would wake up any second in a hospital bed with Ren, Nora and Team RWBY by his side. Or he would wake up in bed, everything simply being a nightmare.

But this was reality and he couldn't deny it.

He'd tried what Ruby would have done and pinched himself

He'd pinched himself, punched himself, ran himself to exhaustion and many other things.

He'd tried what Ren and Weiss would have done and tried to rationalize the situation but there was nothing to rationalizebesides the fact that he'd been transported to another world!He had gone to a local library, and with much difficulty, used the Mistra-Japanese computers –there were no holopads here!– to try and search up answers.

This world had no Grimm…

This world had no Aura, this world didn't have Huntsman or anything like that. There were no Faunus and everyone was considered a Human.

But that wasn't even the craziest part!

Apparently everyone had some kind of Quirk, which was basically a Semblance but way more diverse. Jaune had wandered the crowded streets of the city he was in, and couldn't help but gawk at the diversity of everyone. Some people had cameras for eyes, some people were like Faunus but way more animal-like. Some people were absolutely huge! And others were the size of hamsters.

It was insane! Everyone acted as if this was completely normal. Probably because it is completely normal for them. The ones who didn't have this Quirk, were seen as freaks. And Jaune really never understood racism. He always thought of the Faunus as completely normal people.

Even in this insane world there were people who were considered freaks.

Jaune shook his head with a sigh as he slowly walked towards the subway, his head hurting because of how much he'd been thinking lately. He had no records, he didn't have any birth certificates and he didn't have anything to his name besides Crocea Mors and the clothes given to him.

He'd only managed to feed himself by knocking on random doors of neighborhoods and asking if they needed help with anything. Jaune knew a lot of things. His father was often gone so as soon as Jaune was old enough he was the man of the house.

If anything was broken, Jaune immediately tried to fix it back home, be it with trial and error or learning from the CCTnet. So he had a lot of odd little skills under his belt like knowing a little bit of electric work or knowing how to replace doors, among other things.

It was quite easy to do this surprisingly. Jaune had expected people to shut the door in his face or tell him to buzz off, but they had all let him in with a smile, packing little gifts and lunches for him as a thank-you.

The main reason why this was happening was because Jaune was a tall, blue-eyed blonde. While the reason may sound strange, ever since a certain Number One Hero's debut, tall, blue-eyed blondes had become quite… popular you could say. In more ways than one.

All-Might had changed many things in the world, and one of those was fashion. Being a tall, blue-eyed blonde was considered to be quite handsome due to All-Might's impression.

It wasn't a coincidence that most of the people who let Jaune in were single mothers…but back to the story.

The small smile appearing on his face slowly dissipated as his thoughts drifted from the nice ladies to his family and friends again.

It was too sudden.

He hadn't been able to say goodbye, share a last hug, a high five or anything like that.

He'd never see Ren, his brother-in-arms.

Never see Nora, the girl with a personality as bombastic as her grenades.

Ruby, the little girl who always begged him to attach a gun to Crocea Mors.

Weiss, the girl who would constantly argue with Blake and Yang about one thing or the other.

Jaune let out a shaky breath, tears pricking at the corner of his bloodshot eyes. People seemed to slightly avoid Jaune, his despair being seen from a mile away.

He had to get over this. He wouldn't cry, he was a man, a Huntsman, an Arc. Arcs were stronger than this. Right? Right?

Jaune shook his head as he gripped his face to hide his tears, his self-doubt being pushed to the side for more important things.

Today was very important, he had to find someone who would forge some documents for him. Without them, he would be screwed. No documents, no job. No job, no money. No money, no food. No food, no life. Jaune smiled in slight amusement at his thought process, his smile small but genuine. His large frame needed way more food than the regular person and he was spending a lot more money on food than he'd like to.

Jaune sighed as he walked into a subway, paying the fee for boarding the train and getting ready to go to…what was it called? Hosu if he remembered correctly. He had been asking around for an underground forger, after all, this wasn't his first rodeo at getting forged documents.

Back in Remnant –Thinking about Remnant always dampened his mood horribly, wasn't his life chaotic enough as it was? Now he was chucked into another world with nothing but Crocea Mors and his rotten luck. The Universe really seemed to have a sense of humor with him, always throwing one thing after the other at him.

Jaune sighed again, shooing away his wild thoughts about Remnant. Back in Remnant, he had been hanging around the bad side of Vale to try and get some information about someone who could get him some good quality transcripts. After a few weeks of asking around and failing to find a proper forger, he had managed to find Junior, who was ironically an absolute bear of man who looked like he could wrestle an actual bear.

Jaune found himself slightly smiling at the memory of Junior as he walked into the train cart and took a seat.

Jaune had walked into The Club–Very original name right there– and been very shocked at the sheer amount of people there.

There were enough flashing lights to give an epileptic person a seizure, enough people to chase away any introvert, enough loud music to attract every single clubber in a mile radius and enough alcohol to make Qrow blush. There were also two very pretty girls that Jaune had thought about approaching but decided not to mainly because the red one had some absolutely terrifying looking claws.

"Is Junior here?" Jaune asked the gigantic bartender, Jaune wondered why he wasn't working as security as he seemed much more intimidating than the much smaller uniformed bouncers outside.

"I'm Junior, and who's asking?" The man asked in a deep voice, not looking away from the cocktail he was making.

"Uh, me?" Jaune answered nervously, not knowing how to answer the question and still reeling in shock from the fact that this seven-foot tall man was named Junior of all things.

"What's a kid like you doing here?" Junior had growled out, still repairing his club after the Blondie had torn the Club apart. He didn't have a very high opinion of blondes either, as they always seemed to either fuck up or get in his way. Or destroy his entire club.

Junior placed the finished cocktail in front of a person who was sitting a few seats away from Jaune.

"Uh, I heard that you know how to forge Combat School transcripts?" Jaune asked with a nervous smile, his fear being apparent. Junior's eyebrows rose into his hairline as he heard this, wondering what someone like him would do with fake transcripts. No armor, no weapon. Usually any Huntsman-trainee practically lived with their weapons, taking them everywhere. Sometimes even into the shower.

Junior abandoned the train of thought. Profit was currently more important.

Junior grabbed a wineglass and begun polishing it as he spoke, bartending often being a relaxing pastime of his even with the loud music and flashing lights in the background.

"Hm, I don't know exactly how to forge much of anything," Jaune frowned a deep frown, not enjoying his repeated failures at finding a forger, and he didn't have much time to send Beacon transcripts before they stopped accepting first-year Huntsman-trainees. "But I do know someone who does." Junior said, making Jaune perk up in slight excitement.

Junior then smirked as he put the wineglass he was polishing back into a cupboard, pulling out a carton of simple orange juice–Junior may participate in many illegal dealings but he had standards and wouldn't give alcohol to a kid– and pouring some into a cup and sliding it towards Jaune who caught it and took a sip while waiting for him to continue.

"For a price, of course." Jaune instantly slouched back down in despair, taking another sip of orange juice.

"How much do you want?" Jaune asked while pulling out his wallet, already know he probably would have to pay his entire life savings but was willing to do it to get a chance at being a Huntsman.

"How much you got?" Junior asked with his smirk growing slightly larger. Jaune sighed.

"Almost four thousand Lien." Jaune said with a frown, getting ready to hand over the Lien he had collected over nearly a decade of time.

"I want… a quarter of that, most people will charge you way more than that, but I'm not so low to scam a kid like you." Junior said, with his smirk softening. Jaune reminded him of his little brother, Fei. A kid who despite being born into a crime syndicate, tried to help as many people as he could.

"You seem like an alright kid," Junior said with a nostalgic smile. "Be careful with fake transcripts, most headmasters won't tolerate something like this. Comeback tomorrow, same time and I'll discuss what to include and what not to include in these transcripts. After all, they have to be convincing." Jaune nodded, eagerly handing over the money and pumping his fist.

He had later been caught by his mother and received the scolding of a lifetime.

Jaune smiled at the memory, hoping the next person he met would be as reasonable as Junior. But probably not, his rotten luck wouldn't allow it.

"さて、石川県鳳珠郡に入ります" The automated announcer boomed from the speaker, jolting Jaune out of his thoughts as he got up and slowly pushed his way out of the train cart while apologizing in Valea-English and hoping they would understand, his large frame causing him to need to squeeze his way through the crowd.

He got out of the train cart after what felt like a century and the train speeded off, almost seeming to disappear with how advanced the transportation here was.

This world seemed so different but so similar at the same time.

Jaune sighed.

He walked out of the subway and begun making his way towards the more…unfortunate parts of Hosu. As he walked, he saw countless sky scrapers and malls, crowds of people–each one looking so unique– and countless heroes on patrol. Some flew overhead, some ran with extreme speed and others merely walked.

Jaune wondered how these Quirks appeared with a thoughtful hum, but waved the thought away.

After walking for nearly an hour, he begun entering the more…unfortunate parts of Hosu.

The clean sky scrapers, crowds of laughing families and heroes instead being replaced by dilapidated buildings, a complete lack of heroes and people who smelt of alcohol and some kind of smoke that Jaune didn't recognize–He didn't know anything about drugs in general, only knowing people used them to relax and unwind.

The people all seemed to be constantly frowning and looking around every corner for threats, heroes not being here to protect them. The buildings would be five stories tall at most and covered in cracks, the streets seeming to narrow and become more cramped.

It was depressing, making Jaune that much more tired.

The people in the bad side of town seemed to avoid him, whispering and slipping into alleys as soon as they saw him, but Jaune just chalked this up to Crocea Mors intimidating them. It couldn't be further from the truth, his sword actually being seen as something valuable they could steal.

The actual thing that stopped a group of people from trying to mug Jaune was his U.A belt, lowlifes and scum alike avoiding him due to the Reputation U.A had garnered for being a Hero School that churned out dozens of high-ranking heroes every year.

That didn't mean it discouraged everyone from trying to steal from Jaune.

As Jaune was walking, a black-hooded person ran by and tried to swipe Crocea Mors from his belt.

Jaune, in his physically and mentally exhausted state, felt a small flash of anger spark within him. He frowned deeply as he grabbed the person's forearm as he tried to run away with Crocea Mors, one of the only things he had left from Remnant. This person was trying to take away the only reminder he had of his family, his friends, his previous life. It made Jaune grit his teeth in anger, his eyes nearly flashing with the white glow of Aura.

He squeezed. Hard.

The person's forearm crumbled with wet squelch beneath Jaune's grasp, the screams of the man startling Jaune out of his angry haze.

The person dropped Crocea Mors and began beating on the hand holding his forearm, making Jaune let go not due to pain but due to pure shock. The man ran away screaming, cradling his limp forearm and not giving Jaune the chance to even process what he had done.

Sometimes everything felt so fragile when he was angry. This reminded him of when he'd been training in the dead of night, listening to Pyrrha's recording when he had swung his sword at a thick tree in anger, expecting Crocea Mors to get stuck in it. Imagine his surprise when Crocea Mors had cut the tree in half smoothly, as if there was no resistance from the tree at all.

Jaune numbly stared at the direction the man ran, having not even seen the man's face beneath the hoodie. He looked at his hand, callused and covered in dirt from sleeping in abandoned buildings. Hands that could heal with his Semblance.

But also hands that could destroy. Memories of him cleaving through Ursai in a single swipe, each swing of Crocea Mors whistling through the air and causing powerful gales of wind.

Jaune sighed, feeling numb. Simply too tired to hate himself, too tired to react. He picked up Crocea Mors and begun walking towards a park, the trees green and lively in contrast to the lifeless grey of the sidewalks and buildings, wanting to have some peace and quiet.

Himiko sometimes really hated her parents, a thought she'd had a lot even as her parched throat cracked and itched.

She often heard them talking behind her back when they thought she couldn't hear, her father –Toga Kiyabu–talking about how she had a strange Quirk, and her more religious mother –Toga Matsui–saying they'd been cursed with a vampire as a child. Whispering behind her when she wore her headphones, as if Himiko's cat-like hearing wouldn't hear them. It made her feel like she wasn't wanted in the house.

Even then, Himiko tried to like them. She liked her father more, he seemed to be at least trying to accept her, granted he wasn't trying very hard but still. It was her mother she hated more. Always looking at her as if she was a stranger in the house, ignoring Himiko when she tried to help her mother with the chores or help prepare food.

It was as if she didn't exist to her mother.

And even when her mother did talk to her, it was always about how she should stop trying to drink blood and how she should be a normal girl. How she should never use her Quirk because it's evil or it's freakish.

It made Himiko feel… lonely.

Made her feel like she wouldn't ever be enough.

She always had highest grades in the class, she always came out on top in Athletics, Gymnastics and Piano clubs. She was well liked by her classmates and everyone said she was the prettiest girl in the class.

Even as she coughed and coughed, trying to get the horrible thirst to stop.

She always tried her hardest to get the attention of her mother. And her father just wasn't home long enough to try and help her. Himiko knew that her father was trying to spend time with her but he just wasn't home long enough. He was always swamped with work, always having to work as the Air Traffic Control here in the understaffed Hosu Airport.

She was grateful that her father cared about her, trying to smile at her whenever he came from work and bringing gifts, trying to spend his time with her no matter how over worked he was.

But… it wasn't enough! Her mother kept forcing her to try and be normal. To be regular. And whenever Himiko tried –She swear she tries as hard as she can– she would start to get headaches, her throat would feel dry and she'd start seeing red in the edges of her vision. Her father tried to buy her blood bags from the hospital but her mother quickly put a stop to it, saying that it wouldn't help her blood cravings. Saying it would make her want more blood.

It was the exact opposite! After her father had given her the blood bag, she hadn't needed blood for an entire week! It was the best week of her entire life, free of pain, she could think clearly and she was even able to focus well enough to ace all her tests with complete ease.

It was cathartic being able to simply lay in bed and think without the constant headaches.

She told her mother about this but she would never listen, Matsui seeming almost desperate for her to stop, nearly hitting Himiko before Kiyabu had stopped Matsui.

So here she was, sitting on a park bench, curled into herself and hugging her knees. She saw kids playing on the swings and gritted her teeth.

She'd seen her mother treat completely random kids better than herself, what had she done?! She always tried to help and have good grades but it was never enough and it never would be–

Why wouldn't her mother just–

Himiko burst into tears, burying her face in her knees as tears streamed down her face.

She was never good enough… but what if she became someone who was enough? A manic smile began to stretch across Himiko's face. She hadn't discovered this until recently but if she drank someone's blood she could transform into them if she thought about them. She had been able to transform into Matsui after she had cut her finger and rushed into the bathroom to put a band aid on it.

The pain had been becoming too much so Himiko quickly licked the blood off the knife to try and at least weaken the thirst. She had then briefly thought if her mother was okay before she suddenly felt herself… change, or transform into her mother.

It had been strange being taller so suddenly, but she immediately transformed back before she could note anything else.

She could become someone better! If she became someone better than herself, Matsui would surely like her? Right! RIGHT!?

Who was the best person she knew?

It was Saito! Her crush! Right?! She'd drink his blood, empty him of it! She just needed it! Blood was so sweet and was such a pretty color and it was so sweet and the color was so cute and–

"You okay?" A male voice asked, making Himiko briefly stop grinning and look up curiously. She saw someone who looked a few scant years older than her, and looked sort of like… All-Might? Just a lot shorter and didn't have the awesome haircut.

Himiko's grin then returned even larger as she looked at the person who looked on worriedly at her. If this person was worried about her, and came to help her, surely he was a good person. Right? Right?!

Her headache began to get more intense, the dryness in her throat became unbearable and her vision began to tint a slight red, her eyes narrowing in pain and manic glee.

Her fangs seemed to sharpen.


"さて、石川県鳳珠郡に入ります。"/"Now, we will enter Hosu District, Ishikawa Prefecture."

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