The North's White Wolf

Chapter 1

21N: It is time to make The North Great again!

So I came up with this story when I noticed not a lot of GoT stories where the North comes out on top before GoT starts, and any I do find usually involve magic or learning how to make Valyrian Steel with little effort.

I want to try a more realistic approach to making The North strong, without involving magic or anything too drastic.

That's right, this is a Kingdom Building Story!

As you know this story will center around Nathan Stark, son of Brandon Stark and Rina Velaryon, giving Nathan white hair and blue eyes.

Nathan Stark will work to make the North strong for his father, grandfather, and aunt who died because the Targaryans saw The North as nothing to rival them.

I don't plan to make the North OP to the point they can take all of Westeros, but I do plan for the North to finally thrive, as they are the realm with the most untapped resources than any kingdom.

Also, I am not Lore-Friendly when it comes to GoT and books, so I will be changing a few things here and there, so please don't burn me to the Lord of Light, and try to enjoy the story.

Well, let's get the show on the road!

Third Person P.O.V

Ned Stark's face was grim as he looked at King's Landing.

The city was still burning after the ruthless sacking by the Lannisters. People were dying in the streets, houses were turned to ashes, and the smell of shit was still in the air.

But the worst part was what Ned saw in the Red Keep. The Mad King, Aerys Targaryen, was killed by his own Kingsguard, Jamie Lannister, stabbed in the back while the Golden Lion sat on the Iron Throne with a cocky grin as Ned, Robert Baratheon, Jon Arryn, and a dozen other soldiers stormed the throne room. If that wasn't bad enough Prince Rhaegar's children, Aegon Targaryen, and Rhaenys Targaryen, were killed by the Lannister men along with Elia Martell who was said to be raped by The Mountain before being killed, and their bodies were brought to Ned's best friend Robert as a show of fealty by House Lannister.

Ned was still disgusted by the smile on Robert's face when he saw the bodies, calling the children Dragon Spawn. Ned knew Robert hated Prince Rhaegar for kidnapping Ned's sister Lyanna, but Ned had never thought Robert's hate ran so deep.

Robert still looked ready to kill all the Targaryen Loyalists in the Crownlands but was stopped by both Ned and Jon Arryn. Jon said Robert needed to show mercy, as the Targaryen loyalists were only showing loyalty to the crown, however misguided it may be, Robert needed to show mercy if he wanted to be King. Robert agreed but there was also a bigger reason Ned didn't want to fight the Targaryen loyalists.

The Targaryen loyalists had Ned's nephew, Nathan Stark, son of Brandon Stark.

Five years ago before the war, Brandon had visited both Ned and Robert in The Vale and had told them of his time in King's Landing. There he met Rina Velaryon, a beautiful young woman from house Velaryon during a tourney where he crowned her Queen of Beauty. Brandon then proceeded to tell Ned and Robert of the secret wedding they had with only a few witnesses, and that Rina was already pregnant with Brandon's child.

Ned gave a sad smile as he shook his head. Brandon was always a wild man, doing what his heart wanted, he had too much wolf's blood Ned's father would say, but a man born to lead. When Ned's father, Rickard Stark, found out about the wedding he nearly beat Brandon black and blue, as Brandon was promised to Catelyn Tully of the Riverlands, to help bring more food to The North for the coming winter. Ned had heard that Rickard was close to disowning Brandon or sending him to the Wall, but held off as he worked to fix Brandon's mistake, much to Ned's relief. Rickard had chosen to keep Brandon's child and wedding secret for now until he could come up with a plan for the North.

When little Nate was born Ned had never seen Brandon happier. Whenever Brandon visited Ned he talked with pride about his son, and how he'd be a strong warrior when he was grown and a better heir, as Brandon wanted to make Nathan his heir, or planned to.

But no plan would ever come to pass, as both Rickard and Brandon died at the hands of the Mad King, Rickard who was burned alive by wildfire, and Brandon, who was choked to death trying to save his father. The two had come to King's Landing demanding Lyanna Stark, Ned's younger sister, who was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen, to be given back, only for the Mad King to kill the two in a fit of madness, sparking a war in Westeros.

Ned had called The North to fight the Mad King, along with the Rivarlands, The Vale, and The Stormlands. They fought the war long and hard, brokering deals when needed, such as Ned marrying Catelyn Tully for the Riverland's support in the war.

Ned had feared that little Nathan would be killed by the Mad King, or used as a hostage. However, from what the captured nobles of House Velaryon had told Ned and Robert, they kept Nathan Stark secret for fear that they would kill the baby the same as his father, as the baby was heir to the North and Winterfell.

That brought Ned's heart at ease that Brandon's son and heir still lived, though for how long Ned didn't know.

When Robert's army along with the Lannisters had captured King's Landing a raven from the remaining Targaryen loyalist was sent. They would swear fealty to Robert and return Nathan Stark to Ned Stark, in exchange for a pardon.

Robert was angered at the Targaryen loyalists for using Brandon's son as a bargaining chip but agreed to the demands as Robert couldn't simply execute the Crownland nobles in the first place. So Robert had drafted a letter that would pardon the Crownland nobles in exchange for Nathan Stark and Bending the Knee to King Robert. Now Ned was off to Duskendal, where Nathan Stark was being kept.

"If they hurt a hair on the boy's head, you have my permission to cut them all down," Robert said as Ned readied his horses and handed Ned the letter.

"It won't come to that Robert," Jon said with a small sigh as he looked at Ned. "They agreed to bend the knee, the letter is just confirmation and for you to get your nephew back."

"Once I have Nathan, I'll make my way to Lyanna," Ned said as his eyes turned fierce.

They had found out that Lyanna was being kept in the Tower of Joy by the remaining Kingsguard in Doran. Once he ensured his nephew's safety Ned would go save his sister.

"I see Duskendal," One of Ned's men said as he looked in the distance. "And it looks like we have a welcome party."

Ned narrowed his eyes and saw soldiers in the distance along with several well-dressed men. "Be on guard," Ned said as he kicked his horse, picking up speed.

Once they were close enough Ned slowly came to a stop before demounting his horse. He then slowly walked forward before looking at the various Crownland Nobles.

"Who speaks for you!" Ned called out, his hand resting on Ice.

One Noble stepped forward. He was the same age as Ned, with long white hair, violet eyes, and sunkissed skin. He wore sea-green armor with a white gold seahorse brooch.

"Velaryon," Ned thought as he looked at the man.

"I am Monford Velaryon, and I speak for the Crownland nobles." The young man said in a firm tone. "We swear fealty to King Robert Baratheon... in exchange for a pardon."

"And you shall all receive a pardon and show fealty to King Robert on a later date, but only in exchange for Nathan Stark," Ned said as he narrowed his eyes at the man. "Where is my nephew?"

Monford was silent for a moment before he looked back and gave a nod to the soldiers.

The soldiers parted to reveal a peasant woman holding a small child in her arms. The young woman looked scared as she started to walk forward until she stood next to Mandord. She then placed the child down and Ned finally laid eyes on his nephew.

The first thing Ned noticed was the hair, which was snow white, unlike Brandon's black hair. The second thing Ned noticed was the young boy's eyes, which were a deep blue, like Brandon's. When Ned finally looked at the boy's face Ned felt his breath taken away. He looked exactly like Brandon, same eyes, same nose, and same chin, the only thing that was slightly different was the boy's cheeks, which were more defined.

The young boy hid behind the woman's leg, giving Ned a nervous look. Ned gently stepped forward before going down to the boy's level, giving him a gentle smile.

"Hello Nathan," Ned said in a gentle tone, making the boy peak out from behind the young woman. "My name is Ned Stark, I'm your uncle."

"Uncle?" Nate said in a small tone as he peeked out from behind the woman. "Did you know Papa?"

Ned felt his heart clench at the boy's words and the Quiet Wolf to hold himself back from shedding a tear. "I did know your father he was my older brother. That makes us family." Ned said in a gentle tone as Ned glanced around, noticing the lack of the boy's mother. "Where is your mother?"

"Mama went to sleep and never woke up again," The boy said sadly. "I miss Mama."

Ned felt stunned, Rina was dead. Ned looked to Monford, who gave a small sigh.

"After Rina found out about Brandon's passing she became distraught. She barely ate and could barely look at the boy without crying... she passed a few moons ago." Monford said in a somber tone about the passing of someone from his house.

Ned shook his head with a sad look in his eyes. "More death, that's all this war brought." Ned thought before putting on a smile for the boy before him. "Will you come with me to the North Nathan? Do you know what the North is?"

That made little Nate nod his head with a smile on his face. "Mama told me the North is my home, my papa's home," Nate said with a childish smile, making Ned give a small laugh.

"And it's my home as well, it's where you have more family waiting for you," Ned said as he held his hand out to the boy. "Will you come to the North with me?"

Nathan looked at the hand with a tilt of his head before he took it, making Ned gently close his hand around the small one. As Ned was about to gently pull the boy with him, Nathan grabbed the peasant girl's hand.

"Let's go, Pepper!" Nathan said while looking up at the girl with a smile.

The poor peasant girl looked shocked before giving Nathan a gentle smile as she knelt. "I'm sorry Little Nate, I can't come with you. This is where we part pays."

Nathan blinked before his lip started to wobble as tears formed in the corner of his eyes. "You can't come?"

Pepper looked at the little boy with her heart breaking as she struggled to speak.

"I plan to take Nathan back to King's Landing," Ned said as he looked at the young woman. "I also plan to travel to Dorne before coming back, I need someone to watch the boy before I return to the North. If you come I promise you will be well compensated for taking care of the heir to the North."

The young woman looked at Ned with shock and slight fear as she glanced at Monford, who gave the girl a slight nod. Pepper then turned to Nate with a small smile as she grabbed his hand.

"I can come with you Nate, but only for so long," Pepper said gently as she smiled, making Nathan smile.

Ned gave a small laugh as he stood up. He then turned to Monford and his face instantly became grim again. Ned reached into his satchel and pulled out the royal letter, which Monford took.

"I thank you for taking care of my nephew," Ned said in an honest tone as he saw not a single cut on the boy's body. "And for not turning him over to the Mad King."

Lord Monford's face became softer as he looked at Nathan. "While we supported the Targaryans... we did not support the Mad King. We had hoped for a different King on the Iron Throne." Monford said in an honest tone.

Ned gave a simple nod to the man as he gently pulled Nathan, while Nathan pulled Pepper.

"So, that's the boy?" Robert said as he looked down at Nathan, and Nathan looked up at Robert with wide eyes. "He looks like Brandon... though the hair..." Robert grumbled before shaking his head and smiling at Nathan.

"You're big," Nathan said while pointing up at Robert, getting a hearty laugh out of the new King.

"That I am, and I expect you to become as big as me one day!" Robert said with a wide smile as he looked at Ned, his face turning serious. "Now that you have your nephew back, you ride for Lyanna?"

"Aye," Ned said as his face turned grim. Ned then glanced at Nathan, who was playing with the peasant girl Pepper. "Please watch over my nephew Robert, he is heir to the North."

"No one will even look at the boy funny, you have my word," Robert said with a serious face. "I couldn't do anything for Brandon, but I can do this at least." He said before giving a frustrated sigh. "I should be going with you for Lyanna, not stuck here in this shithole of a city."

"You are needed here, you are King now," Ned said as he glared to the side to see certain soldiers walking about. "You need to hold King's Landing before others try to worm their way into power."

Robert gave a frustrated sigh as he glared at the Lannister men. Already Tywin Lannister was trying to push a marriage between his daughter Cersei Lannister and Robert, as Robert needed a powerful backer in the South if he wanted to keep the Iron Throne. Robert denied Tywin and said he would only marry Lyanna. They were good for something at least, as they were already helping in the reconstruction of King's Landing.

"Ex-excuse my, my Lords," Robert and Ned turned to the peasant girl Pepper, who was looking at the two nervously. "I was hoping to get some books for little Nate, he likes it when I read to him and he's already trying to learn."

"Ha, looks like he has his grandfather's smarts," Robert said with a laugh, making Ned smile. "I'll get you plenty of books girl, that fucking Maester has to have a few."

Ned gave a small nod to Robert before making his way over to Nathan, who was playing with a wooden horse.

"Nathan," Ned said, grabbing the boy's attention. "I need to go away for a while to pick up your aunt, so I need you to stay here and be good. Pepper, Jon, and Robert will look after you."

"Okay, Uncle Ned," Nathan said as he hugged Ned, who smiled and hugged back. "Be back soon!"

"Let us go find some books for you to read Little Nate," Pepper said as she escorted Nathan out of the room with a few Storm Guards following for protection.

"So, happy about your nephew being heir to the North?" Robert said with a small chuckle.

"It is his right by blood, I am only doing my duty," Ned said in a serious tone, making Robert laugh louder.

"And it has nothing to do with the fact you don't want to be Lord of the North," Robert snorted, making Ned cough into his hand. "If the boy is anything like his father, the North is in good hands."

"True, but the North has suffered a lot in the war," Ned said while rubbing his face. "It will take time to rebuild, not to mention the headache I'll get from Hoster Tully. He wanted his blood to rule the North."

"Oh piss on him," Robert scoffed as he glared forward. "That bastard held you at The Twins and forced you to marry his daughter, his ambition is coming to bite him in the ass. If he says anything about Brandon's son, you tell me and I'll bash his fucking skull in with my hammer!" Robert said as he waved his fist.

Ned gave a smile to his old friend. "Thank you, Robert, but I can handle Hoster Tully by myself," Ned said with a small chuckle.

"As for the North itself... I owe them a lot," Robert said in a serious tone, something that was rare for the man. "Let's be serious Ned, without the North I would have no chance to gain the Iron Throne and crush the Mad King. It was Northern blood that gained me the Iron Throne," Robert said as he turned to Ned with his hand raised. "As King of the Seven Realms, I grant the North 5 Million gold dragons for its support in the War. Use it to rebuild Moat Calin, 'cause Gods know I'm going to need close friends in this viper pit."

Ned's eyes widened in shock as he looked at Robert with a stunned expression. "Robert, I can't take it, it's-"

"It's nothing compared to what was lost in the war, and it'll get the Northern Lords off your ass," Robert said with a wave of his hands. "Just take the gold and use it to make things easier for your nephew once he becomes Lord Stark."

That made Ned pause, while the Quiet Wolf would have turned down the coin for himself as he saw it as too much, he knew the North would need it in the coming future, especially with Hoster Tully no longer having his blood rule the North. Rebuilding the Moat Calin would secure the North once more, and with what money left over they could invest in food or even ships.

Giving a small sigh Ned nodded his head, making Robert laugh.

"Good, now go," Robert said as his voice turned more somber. "Go and bring Lyanna back, so I can make her Queen of Westeros."

Ned gave a nod as he left, he needed to find his sister.

1 Month Later

"With that, the reconstruction of the city is going very well," Jon said with a tired smile on his face as he put a paper down.

"Good, now if only this place didn't smell like shit," Robert said as he leaned back in his chair. "How's the boy doing?" Robert asked with some interest, the first of the day.

"Quiet well, all things considered," Jon said with a tired smile. "The peasant girl has taken good care of the lad, they spend a great deal of the day in the royal library reading books. Poor lady can't answer most of the questions the boy asks. He's always so curious."

"Isn't that why we sent the lad to have lessons with Grand Maester Pycelle? To give the old fuck something to do other than kiss Lannister's ass," Robert said with a snort.

Jon sighed as he shook his head. "We did, and from what the Grand Maester has said, young Nathan is very intelligent for his age, already able to read most words in the books," Jon said in a pleased tone, happy to see a bright noble would inherit the North.

"Perhaps I can show the lad how to use a sword when there is some time today," Robert said with a small chuckle. "The last thing we need is a Maester ruling the North, the Nothern Lords would eat the boy alive."

Jon snorted at that. While he favored intelligence over swordplay, Jon knew lords would not respect a weak Lord. When Nathan wasn't reading books or learning under Pycelle, he was playing with swords with some of the guards entertaining the young boy, even Robert took to teaching the lad how to wield a sword. There was even an incident a few days ago where young Nate tried to wield Robert's Warhammer. Robert laughed in good-natured at the young boy's attempt to wield the heavy weapon, which the boy could only drag around, before telling the boy it would be a few years before he could lift such a thing.

Jon couldn't help but sigh in relief at Robert's treatment of Nathan. The Vale Lord had feared that with Nathan's Valyria features, Robert might hate the boy for looking similar to the Targaryans, if only slightly. Fortunately, Robert had taken a shine to the boy, seeing him as Brandon's son and Ned's nephew, and nothing related to the Targaryans.

Suddenly the door to the room burst open, and a guard entered.

"Your Grace, Ned Stark has returned."

Robert was up in an instant and nearly ran out of the room with Jon close behind. They ran through the Red Keep until they reached the throne room, and instantly saw Ned with much less of his men with him.

"Ned, where is she, where is Lyanna?" Robert said as he looked around, fear creeping into his voice when he didn't see his love.

Ned's head fell before it shook. "I'm sorry Robert, she is gone," Ned said in a somber tone.

Robert looked stricken while Jon lowered his head in sympathy, knowing how much Robert and Ned loved Lyanna.

"Damn them, damn those dragons to hell!" Robert growled as his fist shook with rage. "I wished I made that fucking Dragon Prince suffer before I killed him!"

While Robert vented his anger Jon noticed the bundle in Ned's arms, a baby.

"Who is that child Ned?" Jon asked as he stepped closer to look at the baby, seeing the baby that had black hair and blue eyes.

"This... this is Jon Snow, he's my bastard," Ned said in a somber tone, while Jon Arryn, and Robert felt their jaws drop. "His mother died so I've decided to raise him along with my true-born children."

Despite learning of Lyanna's death, Robert couldn't help but laugh. "The honorable Ned Stark bore a bastard, this is a new age," Robert said with amusement as he shook his head, making Ned cough. "Cat is going to kill you," Robert said with an amused smile, making Ned gulp.

"I will deal with Catelyn once I return North," Ned said with a sigh as he looked around. "Where is Nathan?"

"At this time, probably in the training yard, he likes playing with the wooden swords," Jon said as he glanced out the window.

"Take me to him, we must leave for the North with haste to settle in," Ned said as Robert led them out of the throne room.

"Be sure to take the gold I promised you before you leave," Robert said as he smiled at Ned. "Rebuild Moat Calin, so you can visit me in King's Landing before I go insane," Robert said with a loud laugh, while Ned nearly chuckled.

That made Jon sigh as he rubbed his face. When he found out about the amount of coin Robert promised the North, he nearly fainted. 5 Million gold was nothing to scoff at, as the money could have been used to rebuild King's Landing from the Lannister sacking, yet Robert insisted as both Ned and The North had bled for Robert to gain the Iron Throne, and it was only right that they are rewarded. While Jon couldn't fault that, as the North had done the most in the war, he wished Robert hadn't given so much gold away. At least before the Mad King died he left the treasury full.


"Very good lad, keep moving your feet!"

When Ned came onto the training ground he saw Barristan the Bold training Nathan with a wooden sword. The young Stark was hitting a training dummy while moving his feet around, the young lad panting hard while sweating up a storm.

"Control your breathing, panting so hard will only tire yourself out more," Barristan said as he stood next to Nathan.

Nathan controlled his breathing as best he could before attacking the dummy.

"Your nephew has been busy," Jon said with a smile. "While gone he has read many books, took lessons under Grand Maester Pycelle, and even trained in the training yard with various instructors, Ser Barristan has taken the boy under his wing and taught him a bit of swordplay when Robert was busy."

Ned felt pride that his nephew wasn't ideal in his stay in King's Landing, and relief that nothing happened to him while he was gone.

Suddenly Nathan turned his head as his eyes lit up at the sight of Ned.

"Uncle Ned!" Nathan yelled as he threw the sword and rushed over to the young man.

Ned laughed as Nathan ran into his waste and hugged, and carefully hugged his nephew back.

Nate pulled back with a wide smile before tilting his head as he pointed to Jon Snow in his arms. "What's that?"

Giving a small smile Ned knelt and showed Jon Snow to Nathan, getting wide eyes from the young boy.

"This is my son, Jon Snow, he's... technically your cousin," Ned said as Nathan smiled at the baby.

"He's so small," Nathan said as he smiled at the baby, who tried to reach for Nathan's face. "Hey, little one,"

Ned couldn't help but smile at the scene he saw between cousins. Ned was one of the few in Westeros who knew that Jon Snow was not his son, but his nephew instead, the son of his sister Lyanna and Prince Rhaegar, heir to the Iron Throne. Ned still remembered the cold smile Robert had when Tywin Lannister brought him the bodies of Rhaegar's children. Ned didn't know if Robert would do the same to Jon Snow, but the Lannisters would, and Jon didn't want to put Lyanna's son in danger. So Ned would carry Lyanna's son as his bastard, taking the shame so he could live.

"Nathan," Ned said in a serious tone, grabbing his nephew's attention. "It's time we returned to the North, our home."

Nathan smiled at that, making Ned smile as well. "Can we bring Pepper with us?"

Now Ned's smile turned sad, as he shook his head. "We can't, Pepper's family is here. But one day you can visit her again when you are older."

That made Nathan frown as he looked around. "Will I see King Robert and Grandpa Bold again?"

Robert gave a loud laugh as he walked up and knelt to Nathan. "You can see me whenever you are in the South Nathan Stark, King's Landing will be your home," Robert said as he ruffled Nathan's hair, making Nathan smile.

Barristan smiled at Nathan and gave a small bow. "While I would have loved to take you as my squire, your place is the North, young Lord Stark."

While Nathan frowned he did not cry as he nodded his head. "I'll be a good Lord, the greatest Lord of the North!" Nathan said with a big smile, making all the adults laugh.

With that said Ned started to gather his men, the 5 million gold dragons as Robert promised, and everything Nathan had such as a collection of books from the Royal Library. Ned and Robert said their goodbyes, promising to see each other again when they rebuilt what was destroyed in the war. Ned also handed a letter to Jon, telling him to send a Raven to his brother Benjen to start reconstruction on Moat Cailin, to which Jon easily agreed.

Once everything was loaded Ned hopped on his horse with Nathan and road off, heading for the North.

1 Month Later

Ned smiled as he saw Riverrun in the distance, the seat to House Tully where his Lady Wife was staying, and possibly his child. Ned was informed of Catelyn's pregnancy in the middle of the war and Ned couldn't be happier, as Ned now had something more to fight for. Glancing at Nathan on his horse and Little Jon riding with one of his men, Ned now felt some dread. Catelyn and Lord Tully wanted Ned's child to rule the North, not Brandon's child. However, Ned would not abandon Brandon's child to satisfy Lord Tully. Ned might not be the best when it came to politics, but he knew Hoster Tully put Ned in a tight spot when he held him and his army at The Twins.

Pushing forward Ned entered the castle and saw his wife and good father welcoming Ned with smiles. In Catelyn's arms was a small bundle, making Ned smile.

Jumping off his horse Ned made his way to his wife and the two shared a kiss, though Ned was a little stiff.

"Welcome home Ned," Catelyn said in a lovely voice as she showed Ned the small bundle. "Say hello to your son, Robb Stark."

Ned was blown away as he saw his son. He was small but had a tuff of red hair on his head and looked at Ned with bright blue eyes.

"Baby!" Nathan suddenly said while pointing to the bundle in Cat's arms, a wide smile on his face.

Both Cat and Hoster looked at Nathan with confusion, Hoster giving Nathan an annoyed look.

"Who is this Stark?" Hoster asked Ned with a raised brow.

Ned took a deep breath and faced his good father without any hesitation. "This is Nathan Stark, son of Brandon Stark and Rina Velaryon," Ned said as one of his men stepped forward, William, showed off the bundle in his arms. "And this is Jon Snow, my Bastard."

Both Catelyn and Hoster were beyond shocked by this information before they both became enraged.

"A bastard, you sired a bastard..." Catelyn said hatefully as she tried to control her anger for Robb, as Ned bowed his head.

"And what's this talk of Nathan Stark?" Hoster said while glaring at the white-haired boy, who was still looking at Robb in Catelyn's arms. "Brandon was never married, so this child must be a Bastard as well."

Ned shook his head and started to explain everything, about Brandon's secret marriage of passion to Rina Velaryon, and how they sired a child together before Brandon was killed some years ago.

"You knew," Hoster said while glaring hatefully at Ned, yet Ned glared back. "You knew your brother had a son and did not tell me?"

"I was thinking of the war and getting my sister and nephew back as soon as possible while they were in Targaryan hands, not debating with you as you held us at the Twins!" Ned growled at Lord Tully, yet the Lord did not back down. "If I mentioned my nephew you would have held us at the Twins until you got something out of this war. I needed to save what family I had left, not please your ambition." Ned said before his face grew distraught. "Even then... I could not save Lyanna."

That made Catelyn's face soften as she noticed Ned did not come back with her sister, who he went to war for. Instead, Catelyn saw a box in the far back of Ned's men, most likely the box that held his sister.

As much as Catelyn wanted to rave at Ned for having a bastard, she held her tongue for now. Her husband had lost much in the war, a brother, a father, and now a sister. She would hold her anger for her husband until later, as a good Lady should.

Hoster glared at Ned Stark for a long moment. "Then perhaps you should take up the Stark Lordship," Hoster said in an even tone, making Ned's eyes widen. "You have fought in the war, bleed for House Stark, you deserve to be Lord of the North-"

"No," Ned said in a cold tone as he glared at Hoster. "I will not betray my brother and steal my nephew's birthright. I will be Acting Lord until Nathan Stark comes of age, where he will become Lord Paramount of the North." Ned said before he sighed. "Once the time comes I will become Lord of Moat Cailin."

Now both Catelyn and Hoster became confused at Ned. "But Moat Cailin is in disrepair and abandoned."

"Aye, but I was rewarded with 5 million gold for the North's contribution to the war," Ned said, getting shocked looks from the Tullys. "I will rebuild Moat Cailin and with whatever gold is left over we will use it for the North."

Catelyn gave a small sigh of relief. While she did want to be Lady of Winterfell, she understood that Ned would not steal his nephew's birthright for himself, Ned was not that kind of man. With Ned becoming Lord of Moat Cailin one day, her son would inherit the castle that guarded the North from the South. Her family would be more than secure, even if there was a bastard near.

Hoster still grumbled and glared at Ned and Nathan, who were still looking at baby Robb. He wanted his blood in the Stark line, he already married his other daughter to Jon Arryn, Lord Paramount of the Vale, if Nathan Stark hadn't been born or died at King's Landing, his daughter would have been Lady of Winterfell and his grandchildren would be Lord Paramount instead.

As Hoster looked into Ned's eyes he knew the Quiet Wolf wouldn't budge. The North held high honor for their family, not unlike House Tully's words.

Hoster felt his shoulders slump slightly. His grandchildren may never inherit the North, but Moat Cailin would still strengthen House Tully. And should anything happen to Nathan Stark, his children would inherit the North anyway.

"We can't stay long," Ned said as he looked at the two with a sad look. "I wish to lay my sister in Winterfell as soon as possible."

Catelyn sighed as she straightened up. "Yes, my husband please come in and take a rest. We will talk later," Catelyn said with narrowed eyes, making Ned sigh.

"Come along Nathan," Ned said as he grabbed his nephew's hand. "Let us rest before we make our way to the North."

After two days of resting and restocking supplies, Ned made his way towards the North with Catelyn and his son Robb at his side.

Ned had reserved an earful from his Lady Wife on Jon. His wife practically demanded Ned abandon the baby at the nearest village and not look back.

When Nathan heard they would leave Jon behind he started crying, to which Ned had to comfort Nathan and tell him they would not abandon Jon, and that Cat was just angry.

After that Ned set Catelyn straight and told the woman he would not abandon his son to fend for himself, that it was his responsibility. That made Catelyn stop talking about abandoning Jon, but Ned still caught his wife glaring at the baby.

They stopped briefly at the Twins, not wanting to deal with Lord Walder Frey for long, and were hosted for a day. Ned did not like Walder Frey, the man was vile and slimy like a snake, old and well past his prime, yet continued to marry woman after woman to create a large number of sons and daughters to use as pawns. The man had large ambitions, but his tactics were horrid. He put people into hard situations until they gave him what he wanted, such as marrying his children off to nobles and merchants for any gain, or those people selling their children to his family. During the war, Walder Fray chose no side as the man wanted to choose the winning side without putting himself in danger, and as Lord Fray finally made a choice he sent men to a battle that was already over, thus everyone looked down on the man for his inaction, some even calling him Late Lord Fray.

When Ned and his family ate together Walder Frey was not subtle in his insults of the North and the Starks for being weak after fighting the war, which made Ned grip his hand to hold his rage. The highlight of the night however was when Nathan pointed at Walder Frey and asked if the man was dead as he looked like a skeleton.

Ned hid a laugh while Catelyn looked shocked but cracked a smile. Ned's men were not so kind as they laughed without restraint, making Walder Frey glare at Nathan and ask if that is how the Northern Nobles act.

Yet even if Walder Frey was upset the man still tried to set a betrothed contract between one of his daughters and Nathan, saying some Southern Blood would strengthen House Stark.

Ned instantly turned Walder Frey down before leaving with haste, not wanting to deal with the petty Lord and his ambition.

After leaving the Twins Ned and his family and men traveled until they reached the Moat Cailin, where Ned saw stone masters already working on reconstruction. It would be years before Moat Cailin was up to its former glory, but there was progress.

There Ned met his younger brother Benjen and introduced Nathan, his son Robb, and Jon. When Ned told Benjen about Lyanna's death his brother was devastated, but Benjen shocked Ned but telling him he was one of the witnesses to Lyanna and Prince Rhaegar's wedding, as Benjen happened to be close by. Ned had told his brother about Jon's origins, shocking his younger brother greatly.

"Making him my bastard will keep him safe from any who may recognize him as Rhaegar's child," Ned said while looking down at Lyanna's son in his arms.

"When will you tell him of his origins?" Benjen asked while giving a small smile to his nephew.

"When he becomes a man of his own, no sooner or he may be in danger of revealing his secret," Ned said with a sigh, not looking forward to that conversation.

Benjen sighed and looked at his other nephew hitting a nearby tree with a wooden sword, making him smile. "He has Brandon's spunk."

That made Ned give a small smile and laugh. "Aye, he has Brandon's spirit in him. Can hardly sit still and says what's on his mind." Ned said before remembering what Nate said to Walder Frey during their bread visit, making Ned laugh and Benjen raise a brow at him. "He does not hold back, listen to what he said when he saw Lord Frey."

When Ned told Benjen about his stay in the Twins and Nathan called Walder Frey a walking corpse Benjen couldn't hold his laughter back.

"He's Brandon's son alright!" Benjen said with a wide smile, while Ned chuckled. "I am glad, very glad..." Benjen said before he gave a small snort. "To be honest brother, I am relieved Brandon had a son. You are a good man brother, and you'll make a good Lord, but I don't think you can lead the North like Brandon would have."

"I can't," Ned agreed, getting a surprised look from Benjen. "I know my limits Benjen, I can lead men into battle and keep the peace. But leading the North... Brandon was born to do that." Ned said with a weary sigh as he smiled at Nathan. "And I think Nathan is also born to lead the North."

Both Stark men smiled at their nephew who continued to play, feeling the future was a little more secure now.

"That's Winterfell?" Nathan said with a look of awe on the young boy's face.

"Aye, my nephew," Ned said with a look of pride on his face. "And one day when you are big and strong you will inherit the North and Winterfell," Ned said before he gained a serious look on his face. "But it will not be easy, you will need to be strong-willed, and a good leader if you truly want to rule the North," Ned said before he kicked his horse, picking up speed. "But for now, we return home."

The Starks road up to Winterfell and the gates opened before Ned could even call out. Once inside Ned was greeted by Winterfell's Master of Arms, Ser Rodrik Cassel, and Maester Luwin with baby Jon in his arms.

"My Lord, welcome home," Ser Rodrik said while he and Luwin bowed to Ned.

Ned quickly raised his hand with a small smile, "I am only Lord regard of the North." Ned said, getting a confused look from the two as Ned put a hand on Nathan's shoulder. "This is Nathan Stark, son of Brandon Stark."

That made the two men and others near look at the boy in shock and awe. Ned then went on to explain Nathan's origins, bringing some amusement and understanding to those who listen.

"Now I understand why Lord Rickard was so agitated with Brandon all those years ago." Maester Luwin said with an amused smile. "Hello Nathan Stark, I am Maester Luwin, and I will be teaching you."

"Does Winterfell have books?" Nathan asked while pouncing on his feet, making Ned give a small laugh.

"The boy likes books," Ned said, gaining a look of amusement from Maester Luwin.

"Then perhaps he will learn better than his father, by the Old Gods he was near impossible to teach." Maester Luwin sighed but put on a smile. "I trust you saw the progress of Moat Cailin?"

"I did, Benjen is overseeing the construction," Ned said as his men started to unload their belongings.

"Generous of the King to give such a large amount of coin to the North," Ser Rodrik said before a sad look crossed his face as he saw the casket being brought in. "But it won't make up for what we lost."

Ned gave a solemn nod as his sister's body was carried into Winterfell, Cat walked up to Ned and gave him a comforting smile, something Ned appreciated.

The Quiet Wolf looked down at his nephew Nathan who continued to look around with wonder, a big smile on his face.

"I'll raise your son right Brandon, and your son as well Lyanna," Ned said with determination as he looked at little Jon. "I'll raise them both, and give them good lives. For the good of House Stark." Ned thought with determination.

21: So ends the origin story.

I hope you like how I wrote this story, and I plan to make the North great again. Now let's go over some of the obvious questions.

1: This will not be a Harem fic. Nathan may have multiple lovers and sleep around, but he won't have a Harem.

2: The North will not have advanced technology such as cannons, gunpowder, or somehow know how to create Valyrian Steel. They will invest in existing technology or improve on others, but nothing more.

3: The North will create a few items that will give the Kingdom some power.

4: There will be some changes to the story, mainly the ages of certain characters, but overall a lot will stay the same for the GoT show.

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