The North's White Wolf

Chapter 8

Third Person P.O.V

"191... 192... 193..."

In the center of the Winterfell training yard stood Nathan Stark.

Nathan was currently wearing a loose pair of trousers and a shirt, yet he caught the eye of a few of his guards with what else he had on.

Wrapped around his arms and legs were heavy iron guards that weighed much more than normal guards. Not only that Nathan had an iron chest plate that was in no way real armor given how bulky and heavy it was.

Yet what truly grabbed people's attention was the sword that he was currently swinging. It would have been too kind to call it a longsword, it was more like a thick slab of iron that practically weighed two stones and was too dull to cut bread. Yet despite that, Nathan continued to swing the slab of iron as sweat dripped down his face and his arms burned with every swing.

"198... 199... 200!" Nathan yelled before stabbing the sword into the ground. Nathan panted for air while looking up at the sky. "Fuck... me... I thought this would get easier..." Nathan panted as he grabbed a waterskin from his waist and took a deep drink.

Four months, that's how long Nathan has been training since the Grand Meet. With War with the Ironborn on the horizon, the North was preparing, that included Nathan. He upped his training extensively, working with Ser Rodrik and the other guards, and Nathan greatly improved.

For one thing, Nathan had a bit of a growth spurt and now stood a proud 5'6", making him one of the tallest boys in Winterfell. He spent hours every day swinging his sword and training with Rodrik and the other guard. When Nathan wasn't training he was taking lessons on Warfare, tactics, and strategies from Maester Luwin, going over past battles between the North and Ironborn.

"Um... Nathan...?" Nathan turned to see Robb and Jon, the two boys dressed a bit warmer as they held wooden swords. "Can you explain again why you're wearing that funny armor and swinging that big sword?"

Nathan gave a small chuckle as he put his waterskin down and turned to the brothers. "It's simple boys," Nathan said as he leaned against the sword. "You know how guards and soldiers practice with armor on to get used to the weight and become stronger?" Nathan asked and both boys nodded. "Well, I thought, what if I train with armor that's even heavier, then when I put on real armor I'll feel as light as a feather. The same can be said with this bastard sword," Nathan said as he grabbed the sword from the ground and managed to hold it up with one hand, though both boys could see Nathan struggling. "If I can swing this thing around, then imagine how fast I'll be when I swing a real sword," Nathan said as he swung the sword sideways before sticking it in the ground again. "This is training to increase my strength and stamina."

The boys nodded yet still looked a bit confused, making Nathan smile as he rubbed their heads, making them giggle.

"Lord Stark," Nathan turned to see Yin walking across the field with a clipboard in hand. "Your lessons with Maester Luwin will begin soon."

Yin had slowly but surely adjusted to living in the North, as the Yi-Ti girl wore warm clothes that gracefully hugged her body perfectly. When Yin walked up to Nathan the young Stark smirked as he saw how much sorter Yin was standing at barely 5'2".

Seeing Nathan laugh Yin pouted as her cheeks turned slightly red. "I am still a growing young woman Lord Stark, no need to laugh," Yin said as she lightly tapped the clipboard to Nathan's chest. "Now come along, Maester Luwin is waiting."

Nathan smiled at Yin treating him casually. Over the past few months, Nathan had to put most of his trading plans on hold because of the potential war with the Ironborn, though he did push for the easier ones. Yin had more than understood and worked to help Nathan and Winterfell prepare as best they could for a possible war. Yin had also started to take lessons with Maester Luwin and the old man admitted that if Yin could have become a Maester she would have gained a high rank in a few years.

Nathan chuckled as he turned to Jon and Robb and he started to take off the heavy armor. "Do you boys think you can drag my sword and armor to Ser Rodrik?" Nathan asked in a challenging tone as he dropped the armor on the floor.

Both boys took to the challenge with grins as they lifted Nathan's armor and slowly started walking across the field, with Robb holding the chestpiece and Jon holding the guards. With that Nathan and Yin made their way to Maester Luwin's study.

As Nathan walked he noticed quite a few guards and servants giving Yin longing looks, which was natural since despite her height she still had a young womanly face and a growing figure. Yin herself admitted that quite a few men have tried to court her, and while some were handsome, she turned them all down.

Nathan... felt conflicted when he heard that other men had tried to court Yin. On one hand, Nathan wanted the girl he saved to be happy with whatever she wanted.

On the other hand... Yin was a beautiful young woman, and Nathan would be lying if he said he wasn't attracted to her, and Nathan did care about her.

"Damn, these changes," Nathan thought as his eyes took in Yin's form before he tightened his hand and forced his eyes up. "What did Maester Luwin call it? Entering manhood, like how a girl becomes a woman when she bleeds?"

During the last few months, Nathan had started to go through some... manly changes. Changes that made Nathan look at nearly every woman in Winterfell with a pair of tits and a nice ass and his trousers always feeling tight. Maester Luwin informed Nathan that what he was going through was natural and that he would adjust with time. Maester Luwin even told Nathan he was lucky, as many young boys entering manhood often ended up with squeaky voices or pimples all over their faces.

"I'm going to need a cold bath to calm me down," Nathan thought with a small groan. "I'm just thankful these changes started after the Grand Meet. If I started entering manhood during the Grand Meet I may not have been able to hold myself back." Nathan thought with a sigh of relief as he remembered the many noble girls who tried to grab his attention.

Soon the two found themselves in Maester Luwin's study, a somewhat large room filled to the brim with books and scrolls. Maester Luwin sat behind a large table while looking over a book.

Hearing the door open Maester Luwin looked up and smiled. "Ah, Lord Stark, Yin, just in time." Maester Luwin said as he closed the book and looked from a book on the shelf behind him. "I believe we last left on-"

"You explaining past Ironborn attacks by sea and how they were able to attack the Reach a hundred years ago," Nathan said as he sat down from across from Luwin while Yin handed Nathan a warm jacket. "If I remember right, a few Ironborn stole a merchant's ship and they stuck into the port. They lied in wait and killed the watchmen at the lighthouse, allowing the Ironborn to strike." Nathan said as he poured a cup of water and gave a small sip. "While the Reach drove off the attack, the Ironborn still made off with an impressive amount of loot, even if they lost half of their men."

"Very good," Maester Luwin said with a smile as he grabbed a book and placed it on the table. "While the Ironborn is skilled in ships and fighting on them, what they lack is discipline and structure among other things." The Maester said as he sat down and opened the book. "The Ironborn are like a hoard, they hit unexpecting ports and castles as they lack the numbers for a long war. However, whenever the Ironborn attacked an enemy that was well prepared or ready, they mostly lost the battle or suffered heavy casualties."

"Not to mention that throughout the history of the Ironborn, they have never fought in a long-term war, most of their wars have only lasted a few months to a year," Nathan said as he folded his hands. "The closets that the Ironborn have fought in a long-term war was during the Dance of Dragons when House Targaryen was split between the Blacks and the Greens and Lord Dalton Greyjoy sided with Rhanyra Targaryen. Even then all the Ironborn did during the war was raid the Reach to drain the Green's forces, never once supporting Rhanyra during the war. The Ironborn could have become rich for years if they stopped their raiding when the war ended, but they continued and were put down fast." Nathan said as he scoffed. "I mean seriously, the Ironborn look down on farming and mining as if it is shameful, thus they barely grow any food on the islands and have poor mining conditions. If the Ironborn go to war with the North they won't be able to feed their soldiers or maintain their weapons. And even if the Ironborn destroys the Western Fleet, we still have the Eastern Fleet with a good 70 warships in White Harbor. If necessary we can just sail the ships around Westeors to reach the Iron Islands. We could even do a Pincer Attack and split the Ironborn forces by attacking from two sides." Nathan sighed as he rubbed his face. "By that point, the Ironborn should lose most of their raiders and a majority of their food, while we will still have more than enough to continue to war. This is not even including the Riverlands with their ships at Sea Guard."

Nathan had hoped things would change in the past few months. That the Iron Throne would intervene and the Ironborn would realize that a war with the North would end with their loss.

Yet Nathan continued to get reports of the Ironborn still stealing wood from the North and building warships without stopping. Nathan was also informed by Lord Manderly that Jon Arryn had convinced King Robert to call Lord Balon Greyjoy to King's Landing for peace talks. However, what was most shocking were the discussions of a betrothal between Nathan and Asha Greyjoy, the only daughter of Balon Greyjoy.

When Ned Stark told Nathan of the letter from Jon Arryn that requested that Ned betroth Nathan to Asha Greyjoy, Nathan was shocked and beyond furious. From Jon Arryn's thinking, he found the best way for peace between the North and Ironborn was by forming a pact of marriage and blood between the two strongest Houses in the North and Iron Islands.

Ned had asked Nathan for his opinion on the matter and told the young Stark Jon Arryn's arguments on why Nathan should marry Asha, such as ending a potential war between the North and Iron Islands and possibly lessening the raiding of the Ironborn.

Nathan gave his opinion, and then some.

"Uncle, that is the most idiotic plan I have ever fucking heard," Nathan said in a deadpan tone while narrowing his eyes, making Ned trip a bit at the blunt response. "That plan would only work if one of my children inherited the Iron Islands to create a bond between the North and Iron Islands, and seeing as Lord Greyjoy has three sons and three brothers, that is very unlikely. While the Iron Islands see Kin Slaying as taboo they aren't above such a thing if they can spin it to their favor. There is also no guarantee that the Ironborn will stop raiding the North just because I marry a Greyjoy, hell, they might try to raid more in the hopes that Asha Greyjoy seduces me and makes me turn a blind eye." Nathan said while shaking his head. "Not to mention the political nightmare that would happen with all the Noble Houses that are regularly raided by the Ironborn, they will loathe the marriage and this will damage relations with House Stark. And how will my supposed wife react when I continue to kill her people or her family, even if they attack first, she will hate me, loth me, and as soon as we have a child she may kill me, just to take control of House Stark."

Nathan then gave a morbid laugh. "I mean women from the Iron Islands are not like Southern women uncle, from what I heard Lord Greyjoy trains all his children in ships and swordplay, and she will one day become a raider like the Ironborn," Nathan said as he gave his uncle a serious look. "If I were to marry Asha Greyjoy, nothing would change, and the North would gain nothing. Balon Greyjoy may push for the war after I marry Asha and have a child with her, since if I die in the war Balon's Grandchild will become Lord of the North and he may use that connection to turn the North in his favor. And if Balon were to start a war what am I to do, kill my wife and child in retaliation since she's a 'hostage'?" Giving a small breath Nathan slumped a bit. "Trust me, uncle, if marriage could prevent a war with the Iron Islands, I would agree with no hesitation. But I will not agree to a flimsy plan that may only bring peace for a few years before a war is started anyway and endanger the North politically."

Ned was shocked by Nathan's argument before ultimately agreeing as the young Stark brought up many good points on why such a betrothed be bad for the North and House Stark, and how such a union would bring little to the North and Westeros and would put House Stark in danger. So Ned wrote to Jon Arryn that he would not agree to such a betrothal. Yet Jon Arryn still sent letters asking Ned to do right by Westeros and the Iron Throne and at the very least consider the betrothed.

It didn't stop until Ned gave a firm reply before explaining he would go to Moat Calin to see the progress of his soon-to-be home.

This was about a month ago.

"Very true Lord Stark," Maester Luwin said, bringing Nathan out of his musing. "While war with the Ironborn will be difficult given their mastery of ships, it is something the North can overcome."

Nathan nodded as he let out a breath. "So, has Lord Greyjoy reached King's Landing yet?"

Maester Luwin shook his head. "Not yet my Lord, however, I reserved a message from Lord Manderly that five Ironborn ships have been sailing around Westeros, last spotted near the Stormlands. It will take Lord Greyjoy another month to reach King's Landing."

"Balon's dragging his feet, that won't win him any favors. Still, his being there will ensure that the Ironborn don't go to war, after all, to start a war with your lord as a hostage is foolish. At best he'll send a 'Rogue Ironfleet' to attack Windhelm just to stop the North from having a fleet in the West and claim he had nothing to do with it." Nathan said while rubbing his chin. "How goes everything at Moat Calin?"

Maester Luwin brought up a letter as he gave it a look. "Quiet smoothly, Lords are sending what men and resources they can spare to the Moat as soon as possible. Last I heard, there were nearly 15,000 men at the Moat, even a few nobles and Lords." Maester Luwin said before his lip quirked. "I think they wanted to see the Moat themselves which is being brought to its former glory." The older man said, making Nathan chuckle and Yin giggle. "Lord Stark is keeping everyone in top shape and he goes over possible strategies with the other Lords. Should the war be stopped by the Iron Throne at the very least we will be prepared for the next war." Maester Luwin said grimly, as Westeros was no stranger to war.

"And how goes things in Windhelm?" Nathan asked as he leaned forward.

Maester Luwin paused before looking over some scrolls and pulling one out. "I reserved a report just yesterday. Each Lord has been able to lend their support, but because Windhelm is still small and developing, they can't hold many without it becoming overcrowded. From what Lord Glover wrote, Houses have already started sending men and bolstering the defenses of the Port. Lord Manderly even sent his most experienced sea captains and their crews to help train the less experienced ones." Maester Luwin said as he grabbed another paper. "The only problem will be feeding all the soldiers, while some Houses have started to grow the foods you have gifted them, it's not enough to feed so many soldiers for long. All the Houses have started to send food to keep the growing number fed, but it's putting a strain on all houses involved."

That made Nathan both worried and happy. Worried about the strain it was putting on the Houses, meaning they could only stay in Windhelm for so long before they had to go or risk the other Houses losing more food.

However, Nathan did feel happy that practically all the Great Lords of the North were using the gifts he gave them and started to grow them in their lands. Some lands were growing their crops well such as House Flint of the Widow's, House Locke, House Ryswell, and even House Umber had much success with growing the crops Nathan gifted them on their lands. Other Houses struggled, however, such as House Dustin, Flint of the Fingers, and Hornwood, who struggled to grow their crops on their lands. The other Noble Houses were having mixed results but were growing something.

It was slow, but Nathan felt true joy as he saw the North improve and he had a hand in it.

"So in the end, I should follow through with my plan?" Nathan asked with a grin as he leaned back.

"My Lord, I am against this plan," Yin stressed as Maester Luwin nodded. "You are needed here in Winterfell and you remember what your uncle said."

After increasing the number of guards and soldiers Winterfell could muster thanks to the steady supply of coin and food, House Stark could bring in a force of 10,000 on their own, with help from their vessels. As such, Nathan wanted to escort 200 soldiers and a good amount of food to Windhelm to help prepare the growing town for a possible Ironborn attack.

Nathan also wanted to see the progress of Windhelm himself. He had helped make the port that had the potential to become a small city, and despite living in the North for most of his life, Nathan hadn't seen much.

"It should only take us two to three weeks if we use wagons and strong horses to bring the men and food to Windhelm," Nathan said with a grin. "And my uncle told me not to go doing anything reckless while he's away. I think making a proper plan and taking an assortment of soldiers qualifies anything as reckless."

Both Yin and Maester Luwin sighed as Nathan's adventurous side peaked out. While Nathan was studious, level-headed, and took his takes as future Lord of Winterfell seriously, he was sometimes playful, charming, and adventurous at one point or another. This often kept Yin and Maester Luwin on their toes given Nathan's mood swings.

"Very well, when will you be leaving?" Maester Luwin asked as he pushed some papers aside and grabbed a blank paper.

"Next week most likely, it won't take much to organize everything," Nathan said with a shrug. "I just need to settle some things with Yin before I can go," Nathan said as he turned to Yin. "Speaking of things I need to settle, how goes the construction of the Blacksmith Hall?"

While most of Nathan's plans were put on hold, he and Yin were able to push for a few, one of them being the Blacksmith Hall.

The Blacksmith Hall was to be a large building in Winter Town where all the Blacksmiths, Jewelers, and Glassmakers Nathan acquired over the years would work to make weapons, jewelry, armor, and glass for House Stark as they owned the building. Nathan asked the best of the Blacksmiths, Jewelers, and Glassmakers what they needed in the building to do their work and Nathan hired an architect to design the building. Everything was being paid for out of Nathan's pocket, as such he owned everything.

Because the building was so grand and would need multiple forges and workplaces, not to mention tools, construction of the building was going slowly.

"I spoke with the architect just a few days ago," Yin said with a smile. "He is confident that in another four months, most of the building will be completed thanks to the large amount of workers willing to help."

Nathan smiled at that, knowing that a lot of people in Winter Town struggled to find work and would jump at the chance to get a job.

"Most of the Blacksmiths, Jewelers, and Glassmakers have taken residence in Winter Town in the homes you have gifted them, and they continue to help with the construction of the Blacksmith Hall," Yin said before she gave a small sigh. "Though a number are unsatisfied with their living conditions and are struggling to adapt to the North."

"They knew what they signed up for when the Iron Bank approached them," Nathan said with a sigh. "I am paying for their living expenses until the Blacksmith Hall is completed, once it's done they will need to work to earn their keep." The young Stark said in a firm tone. "How is the progress of the mines?"

"We have already begun stocking both silver and obsidian until the Blacksmith Hall is completed, we have even started stocking on the quartz since mine was finished last month. We have already started stalking up on the sapphires from the mine near Moat Calin and your uncle has the mine highly guarded from potential bandits. Also, as it turns out, Obsidian is easy for all three groups to work with and has shown some impressive results." Yin said as she reached into her dress and pulled something out, showing it to both Nathan and Maester Luwin.

It was an obsidian stone, but it was smooth as a pearl and shining under the sunlight.

Nathan took the stone and gave a low whistle. "Wow, it's beautiful," Nathan said before his grin turned fierce. "If we pair this with some silver jewelry, we could sell each one from 5 to 20 gold depending on the quality."

While 20 gold didn't seem like a lot to a Great House Noble, it would keep coins flowing into the Blacksmith Hall and net a tight profit if enough people bought them. As time went on and the jewelry made by the Stark Blacksmith Hall became more famous, the price of the jewelry increased. Already Nathan was having the jewelers and blacksmiths work to make fine jewelry out of the material they were given, Nathan even gained additional materials for more extravagant works and now had an impressive number. Once the war was over Nathan would sell all the jewelry across Westeros and Essos to gain a bit of fame and coin.

Tobin had also been working on making quartz glass, which has proved very successful to the point that he started to repair the broken glasshouse in the Stark garden. He was still perfecting the technique but in a few years, The Blacksmith Hall should be able to make Glasshouses for all Lords of the North and even the South.

"How is the next part of my plan?" Nathan asked as he gave the Obsidian Stone to Yin.

This got a sigh out of the Yi-Ti girl. "Unfortunately, very poorly My Lord," She said, making Nathan frown a bit. "There are very few skilled merchants in the North, most I have found are poor in skill with little in the way of connections. The ones I have found competent belong to Lord Manderly, and I don't think you want to potch his merchants." She said, making Nathan sigh with a nod.

Nathan had a plan to strengthen House Stark and Winter Town. With the newfound Stark mines and Sweetfire and Spirits, Nathan planned to create a Merchant Guild that belonged to House Stark.

In King's Landing, there were several groups and guilds known as Trade Cartels or Merchant Guilds. These groups consisted of merchants who had good connections to goods such as food, jewelry, weapons, wine, and anything that could be sold at a high price. Because of so many merchants in King's Landing coins were always flowing into the city, making the city as a whole rich. Having a group of merchants work together would bring a steady income to the area and attract people looking for work.

While Winter Town wasn't a city it was at the very center of the North, which cut travel time by half to get to anywhere, including White Harbor and Windhelm.

Nathan's plan was for the Blacksmith Hall to make high-quality jewelry, glass, weapons, and armor, and for the Merchant Guild to sell the items in the South and Essos along with Sweetfire, Northern Spirits, and Wine. While Lords of the North would buy high-quality weapons and armor for a reasonable price, and perhaps a few would buy obsidian jewelry for their wives and daughters, most would avoid paying such prices given the average Lord's frugal lifestyle. Sweetfire and Northern Spirits I could see Northern Lords buying without hesitation. Essos and the South however would not hesitate to buy such items since most Lords of the South loved to show off to other Nobles and the Smallfolks.

Yet without several skilled merchants, Nathan's plan could not start. To be a merchant you needed talent, luck, intelligence, charisma, and experience to make a living. Training someone to be a merchant took years, so it was common for merchants to hand their connections and profits to their children to take over their work, such as Yin's father intended for her.

Nathan considered asking the Iron Bank to send some merchants to Winter Town but quickly found that to be a bad idea. While the Iron Bank was neutral in all conflicts and hated war, that didn't mean they didn't have ambitions. Nathan was certain that if he asked for merchants from the Iron Bank, they would be loyal only to the Iron Bank and slowly but surely try to make a foothold in the North and give the Iron Bank more favorable deals. While it wouldn't be anything dangerous for the Iron Bank to set up a branch in Winter Town, the other Lords of the North wouldn't like the fact a foreign power was so close to House Stark and would make a fuss. Not to mention the Iron Bank had its laws and powers, something House Stark couldn't interfere with without making the Iron Bank an enemy.

Hell, Nathan was certain that a number of the blacksmiths and jewelers were spies and informants for the Iron Bank. That was nothing to worry about since it was said the Iron Bank had much more wealth than all the North combined and had thousands of merchants, blacksmiths, jewelers, and other such people under them. Still, Nathan would keep an eye on them to make sure they didn't cause any trouble.

"Well, we knew it was a possibility," Nathan sighed as he looked at Maester Luwin. "Look's like we're going to have to go with our second plan. Do you have the list?"

Maester Luwin nodded as he pulled a scroll from his robes and handed it to Nathan. "Using my connections I have made a list of people you would be interested in."

After working with Tobin, Yin, Henry, and even Noran Norios, Nathan realized how talented some people were and how useful they could be, even if they were not from the North or even Nobles. So Nathan asked Maester Luwin and Lord Manderly to list interesting people with various skills, no matter where they were from or who they were, be it noble, smallfolk, mercenary, or all of the above. Both found the requests strange but complied and started using their connections for anything Nathan might find interesting.

Looking the list over Nathan nodded his head slowly. "So most are in Old Town and Lannisport?"

"I have many friends and old acquaintances in both cities, spending much of my youth there." Maester Luwin said with a small chuckle. "I could send some letters or-"


Maester Luwin was cut off as someone knocked on the door.

"Enter," Nathan said as he took a sip of his water.

A moment later a young servant girl entered the room. "Lord Stark, Lord Smalljon Umber is here and wishes to see you." The young servant said with a bow before fidgeting slightly under Nathan's eyes.

"Smalljon?" Nathan asked with surprise as he and Yin stood up. "Wonder what he's doing here?" Nathan then looked to Maester Luwin. "Sorry Maester Luwin, it looks like we'll have to cut this short."

"I understand Lord Stark, we can continue to review another day." Maester Luwin said with a smile as Nathan and Yin quickly followed the servant.

Nathan and Yin entered the Great Hall to see Smalljon talking with a servant. The young Stark hadn't seen the large Umbar since the Great Meet, and he still looked relatively the same, only he was dressed in Northern Armor.

When Smalljon heard the door open he turned and smiled when he saw Nathan.

"Lord Stark, good to see you!" Smalljon said with a smile as he walked up to Nathan. "And you've practically grown a head since I last saw you!" Smalljon grinned as Nathan reached up to Smalljon's chest.

"Been training every day since the Grand Meet," Nathan said with a smile as he rolled his arms, making Smalljon laugh. "So, what brings you here Lord Umber?"

"A formality," Smalljon said as he waved his hand. "I've brought a good 100 men and we plan to go to Windhelm to help in the support."

That brought a surprised look on Nathan's face. "I thought your father was already lending support at Moat Calin, he brought 300 strong men and a good amount of weapons and armor."

"Aye, he did, and I plan to take 100 men to Windhelm as well," Smalljon said with a savage grin. "House Umber rarely fights the Ironborn, it's about time we show those squids why they shouldn't fear the North."

Nathan gave a small laugh as he understood what Smalljon meant. Because House Umber regularly dealt with Wildlings that managed to sneak past The Wall, because of that their lands were harder and more savage than most of the North. It was demanded that House Umber raise the best warriors who could thrive in a battle to handle such threats. Smalljon was heir to House Umbar, as such he needed to prove his might beyond a few Wildling raids.

"Well your timing couldn't be more perfect," Nathan said, getting a confused look from Smalljon. "I plan to take a good 200 men to Windhelm myself along with some provisions such as rice and dried meat."

"Ha!" Smalljon laughed as he grinned at Nathan. "Feeling a little battle-hungry, want to stick it to the Ironborn for trying to attack your lands?"

"Something like that," Nathan stretched and winced as he felt his sore back. "Smalljon, how about we continue our discussion in the Winterfell Sauna? I just finished training not long ago and I feel sore."

After the Great Meet Nathan had a Sauna constructed out of logs in Winterfell. Only he and the Stark Family were allowed to use the Sauna and those who were given permission. After long days of training and studying, Nathan used the Sauna the most. Catelyn herself used the Sauna as she still had trouble adjusting to the cold of the North. Nathan also allowed Maester Luwin, Rodrik Cassel, Vayon Poole, Tobin, and Yin Song to use the Sauna since they did such important work in Winterfell and deserve a rest.

"Winterfell has a sauna?" Smalljon asked in surprise before he smiled. "I can't say no to a good steam room! Hope the ones in Winterfell are better than ours." Smalljon muttered the last part under his breath.

Nathan nodded and looked at Yin. "Yin, can you handle everything else?"

"Leave it to me, Lord Stark," Yin said with a bow as she made her exit.

"Follow me Smalljon," Nathan said as he led out the Great Hall.

"Fuck me," Smalljon moaned as he sat on a wooden bench. "I needed this."

Nathan nodded with a sigh as they sat across from each other in the wooden room, which was filled with steam. The sauna was simple with a single door and three long benches with a hearth in the center of the sauna and a bucket of water next to the hearth. Nathan and Smalljon currently had cloths wrapped around their wastes, as Nathan didn't want to see Smalljon's cock flapping in the wind.

"I have to say, Lord Stark, you were impressive during the Winterfell tourny," Smalljon said as he took in Nathan's form. "But compared to now, you look like a new man."

Nathan's body had many strong and well-formed muscles that any lord and soldier would be jealous of.

"The Stark blood is strong, and Ser Rodrik is a good trainer," Nathan said, looking at his arms with pride. "I have my own personal training method and it's done wonders so far. And please, call me Nathan when we are alone, you deserve that much."

Smalljon smiled as he gave a nod. "Alright Nathan, you'll have to tell me how you train, it seems to do you some good," Smalljon said while rubbing his chin before a serious look crossed his face. "So, any news from King's Landing and the Iron Throne?"

Nathan gave a loud sigh as he poured more water on the hearth, filling the room with steam. "Jon Arryn convinced King Robert to call Balon Greyjoy for peace talks, it was last reported that five Ironborn ships have been spotted in the Stormlands and are making their way to King's Landing, it should take them a month before they reach King's Landing," Nathan said as he leaned back on the bench. "There are other political nonsense I won't bore you with, but even with Balon making his way to King's Landing, the Ironborn continue to steal our wood."

"So the Ironborn may still attack Windhelm with a fleet of 'Rogue Ironborn'," Smalljon said in a grim tone.

"If they destroy Windhelm, the Western fleet the North has invested in would be a major blow to the North as we used a lot of gold and resources to make that port, and it will take us years to build another one," Nathan said as he folded his hands. "That's why the North won't take this lying down. If they destroy or attack our fleet, we'll destroy theirs and take all their gold, silver, jewels, weapons, and anything else as compensation. And make the Ironborn remember not to fuck with the North."

Smalljon looked surprised by Nathan's last statement before letting out a booming laugh.

"HAHAHA! I have to say, Nathan, I am glad the North is in your hands!" Smalljon said as he looked into Nathan's eyes. "I respect Eddard Stark greatly, as he led the North in the Targaryen war, but you are different," Smalljon said, grabbing Nathan's full attention. "You have this drive to see the North become stronger, and it's already showing with you being just an heir. Now I understand why my Father always tells me why we follow House Stark."

"Well I haven't done everything alone, I have a great many people helping me," Nathan said with a smile as he thought of his uncle, Maester Luwin, Lord Manderly, Lord Glover, Lord Forrester, Yin, Tobin, and others who helped him achieve his goals. "Without them, I doubt I could get half of my ideas off the ground."

"Like that Yi-Ti girl, Yin you called her," Smalljon gave Nathan a playful grin, making the white-haired Stark raise a brow. "A lot of rumors are surrounding you two, the most common one is that she's your mistress, another is that she seduced you and you are simply following your cock." Smalljon said with a small laugh.

That made an annoyed look cross his face. Nathan had been informed of a few rumors circling about his relationship with Yin, and for the most part, Nathan ignored them. While gossip of the North was rare, it was still brought up occasionally, something both the North and South had in common. Nathan didn't tell Yin, as he wanted to keep her out of any scandal just because she was close to Nathan.

"Nothing is going on between us," Nathan said with a sigh as he poured more water onto the hearth. "She is a friend and council, who has helped me with quite a few plans."

"Yet your eyes were practically fucking her as she walked out," Smalljon said with a wide grin, making Nathan look at the large man with pure shock. "I was surprised you didn't bend her over with how intently you were looking at her ass."

Nathan couldn't help but feel his face go red, he had thought had better control.

"I-I can admire how beautiful Yin is without touching her!" Nathan nearly shouted while Smalljon continued to give a teasing grin. "I am under a lot of stress, alright. So sometimes I get worked up." Nathan tried to defend as he looked away.

"If you're stressed, then why don't you just go to a brothel and fuck a woman," Smalljon said simply, making Nathan look at the man with large eyes. "Nothing will clear your head like a good fuck, and honestly, you think anyone will look at you differently just because you fuck a whore. Practically every nobleman has fucked a whore in their life, me included."

Nathan bit his lip as he fidgeted in his chair. "Trust me Smalljon, I considered it but I just don't... feel comfortable."

Nathan felt conflicted about finding relief in a brothel. His uncle always told Nathan to avoid such places, as nobles would use that knowledge to undermine a noble. Yet it was sometimes encouraged for noble boys entering manhood to find relief in a brothel and learn how to please a woman. Nathan had read a few books on how to please a woman, but he had no real experience.

"The way you talk I would think you were..." Smalljon started to say before his eyes widened. "No... you never laid with a woman?" The man asked in shock.

Nathan sighed as he shook his head. "No, I have never fucked a woman Smalljon."

"But how?" Smalljon said in disbelief. "At the Grand Meet, practically every noble girl was throwing themselves at you, and you didn't fuck one?"

"Because the Grand Meet was so important I didn't want to cause any political problems, such as deflowering a noble daughter," Nathan said as he rubbed his face. "I would be honor-bound to wed her, and I don't want to deal with that."

That seemed to get a snort out of Smalljon. "I think you overestimate Northern Noble girls, Nathan," Smalljon said, making Nathan raise a brow. "Some girls simply want a good fuck and don't care about politics. I remember this one time I fucked this noble girl from House Hornwood, great tits, and was a screamer." Smalljon said casually, making Nathan look at him in shock. "After we were done nothing was said, and no marriage contracts were brought up, though her father looked like he wanted to kill me," Smalljon said as he leaned forward. "I bet a good number of those noble girls wanted to brag about fucking Nathan Stark, the Lord who changes the North."

"...Now I regret holding myself back," Nathan said with a sigh as he rubbed his eyes, feeling exhausted while Smalljon laughed. "There was this one girl from House Tallhart who had a seriously nice body."

Smalljon laughed as he stood up. "Then it's settled, we head to the brothels!"

Nathan smirked but shook his head. "Thanks, Smalljon, but I don't want my first time to be with a whore."

"Who said you need to fuck them," Smalljon said with a grin. "The girls can simply suck your cock or rub it with their hands or tits. I've heard that's how a few Maesters and Septoms stay 'pure'." He said, making Nathan pause for a moment. "Now come on, you work enough, now it's time to live!" Smalljon said as he practically dragged Nathan out of the Sauna.

"How in the hell did you drag me here?" Nathan muttered as he tightened the cloak over his head to hide his white hair. Having white hair in the North is rare, much more rare than it was in the South. As such Nathan would be easily recognized if he took his hood off.

After cleaning up after the Sauna Smalljon practically dragged Nathan to a brothel in Winter Town called The Snow Flower. It was a modest establishment willed with scantily clad girls serving drinks and food to everyone present.

Nathan and Smalljon currently sat in the back of the brothel in a dark corner. Thanks to Nathan's striking white hair people would easily recognize him, and the last thing Nathan wanted was to hear a lecture from his uncle about visiting a brothel.

"It wasn't that hard, you weigh less than my sisters," Smalljon snorted as he raised his hand, and a woman quickly came over.

The woman was older with large tits that seemed to be spilling out of her tight clothes, wide hips, and a thin waste. Her brown hair was done up pretty and amazingly her skin was clean and without blemishes.

"Hello boys~, I'm Kina," She said in a sultry tone as she smiled at Nathan and Smalljon. "What can I get you?"

"Some chicken, and what is the best drink you have?" Smalljon said as he grabbed the woman by her waist, making the woman giggle.

"Just recently the owner perchest two barrels of Northern Spirits," The woman said, grabbing Nathan's attention. "It's our more popular drink with our more wealthy patrons, some people have even mixed wine with Northern Spirits to make the wine stronger."

Nathan remembered that after he started making and stocking up Northern Spirits to sell later he had Yin sell a few barrels cheap in Winter Town, just to spread the word about Northing Spirits from the locals. Last Nathan heard Yin sold about 30 barrels to various taverns, brothels, and merchants over the past few months.

With the money made Nathan had a Spirits brewery made in Winter Town which was stocking up on Northern Spirits. There was even a separate warehouse to hold all the Spirits being stocked.

"We'll take a few mugs, a large bottle of Northern Spirits, and some wine, let's see if it's tasty," Smalljon said as he slapped the woman's ass, getting a yelp and a giggle as Smalljon handed her some silver. The woman soon walked away with a skip in her step as Smalljon turned to Nathan. "So Nathan, see anyone that catches your eye."

Glancing around the brothel Nathan saw many beauties walking around with little clothes on, showing off their figures and long legs.

"I'm... not picky," Nathan said with a cough in his hand.

Smalljon just snorted as a woman brought a tray with a few mugs, a large bottle of Northern Spirits, and a bottle of wine. "Let's get some alcohol in you to get you some courage. I did something similar with one of my cousins, poor boy could swing an axe through a tree but could do nothing to talk to women." Smalljon said as he poured the Spirits into Nathan's cup.

"I can talk to women just fine," Nathan said with a small glare as he took the mug and took a big gulp before slamming it down. "And I'll prove it," Nathan said as he pulled out some silver and handed it to the worker girl, who looked at Nathan in shock. "Miss, will you and those three lovely ladies keep me and my friend company," Nathan said as he pointed to three women who weren't occupied with anyone.

The woman quickly smiled and gave a small bow. "Right away Ser," She said before walking away.

Smalljon laughed as he took a sip of his Northern Spirits. "Seems to call this Northern Spirits was appropriate, one sip and you become as brave as a Northern Man."

"Huh, that's catchy, I'll think about using that," Nathan said as the woman returned with three others.

"Hello, I'm Lyla," The first girl looked to be a few years older than Nathan with long, dark brown hair, and big light brown eyes. She had a cheerful smile on her face to match her cheerful personality.

"I'm Sesa," The second girl said, who had dirty blond hair cut short and dark brown eyes, Nathan also noticed that she had quite a large set of tits that went well with her sultry smile.

"Call me Teena," The third girl, a pale redhead, said as she only gave eyes to Smalljon as she licked her lips.

"Oh, I'm glad I came to Winter Town," Smalljon said with a deep chuckle as he wrapped his hands around Kina and placed her on his lap while Teena sat at his side.

Lyla and Sesa sat on both of Nathan's sides, both girls playfully wrapping their arms around Nathan's shoulders and waist. Nathan felt Sesa push her breasts onto Nathan's side while Lyla rubbed his legs.

"So what brings you boys here?" Kina asked in a sultry tone as she ran her hands down Smalljon's chest. "Strong men like you must be looking for a fight."

"Ha, you can say that," Smalljon said as he poured some wine into his mug with the spirits. "Me and my friend plan to head to Windhelm and give the port a look over."

"Oh, I've heard of Windhelm!" Lyla said with excitement. "A bunch of Lords made the port to protect the North. They say it was pushed by Nathan Stark, the heir to House Stark and the North."

Nathan gave a small cough while Smalljon looked amused. "Yes, Nathan Stark sure is something," Smalljon said with a laugh as Nathan continued to drink, already feeling a warm feeling in his gut.

"And he's quite handsome," Sesa said with a sigh, making Nathan cough into his drink. "I saw him once on a horse, that hair, those eyes, he could make any lady swoon."

"Enough girls," Kina said with a small glare at the two girls on Nathan's side. "Men don't want to hear girls talk about other men." She said in a stern tone, making Sesa and Lyla wince and bow their heads. "Forgive them Sers, they are still new."

"It's... alright," Nathan said as he drank more and leaned back, enjoying the playful hand of Lyla on his leg. "I enjoy their company," Nathan said, getting smiles out of the two girls.

"No, please forgive us good Ser," Lyla said as she leaned into Nathan's side. "We should have been giving you our full attention."

"Why don't you take that hood off and show us your face?" Sesa asked while playfully rubbing Nathan's legs.

Nathan froze at the request and looked at Smalljon, who just looked amused as his hands ran down Teena's chest.

"I don't think he wants to take off the hood."

Hearing an unknown voice everyone turned to see another hooded figure standing at the end of the table. Nathan couldn't see the figure's eyes but he could see their mouth, which showed a playful grin.

"And who are you?" Smalljon asked as both he and Nathan placed their hands gently on their swords. The girls could instantly feel the tension rising and all started to look scared.

"Just someone who road into town, and when I saw you I felt I must greet you," The figure said as he lowered his hood and smiled at the two. "Greetings Lord Smalljon Umber, Greetings Lord Nathan Stark," The figure said as they revealed their face. "I am Domeric Bolton." The young man said with a small bow.

Hearing the name made Nathan's eyes widen in pure shock as he gave his full attention to the figure.

It was a young man a few years older than Nathan, he had long dark-brown hair that reached to the back of his neck, pale skin, and grey eyes. Nathan was surprised that this was the son of Roose Bolton, a man whose cold look could make winter come. While Domeric looked to have hard eyes his face was quite beautiful, something he got from his mother.

"Domeric Bolton?" Smalljon said in surprise before narrowing his eyes. "Last I heard you were fostering in the Vale?"

"Yes, at House Redfort for three years as a squire," Domeric said with an easy smile before looking at Nathan. "May I have a seat, Lord Stark?"

Nathan sighed as he brought his hood down, getting gasps from the working girls. "You may as well, Lord Bolton."

Bolton pulled up a smile and sat at the end of the table after pulling up a stool. Nathan didn't hesitate to pour the young man a mug of spirits, making Domeric look surprised before he smiled.

"So this is the famous Northern Spirits I heard you made my Lord," Domeric said as he swirled the drink and gave it a sip. "Quiet strong, I can see why most Northern men like it."

"Enjoy, and for now just call me Nathan," Nathan said as he looked at the still-shocked girls and smiled at them as he lowered his hood. "And forgive me for not revealing myself my Ladies, I just wanted to be away from my lordly title,"

Both girls turned red as they started to stammer.

"N-No need m-my Lord," Lyla said with a stutter as she fidgeted in her seat.

"Y-Yes, being a lord must be quite stressful," Sesa said as she bit her lip. "If... if there is any way to release that stress..." She said as both she and Lyla gave Nathan a sultry look.

Nathan flattened his body to become hot from their gaze as he simply smiled at them. "Let us enjoy our drinks and see where the night takes us," Nathan said as he threw his free hand around Lyla's thin waist, getting a small moan from the girl as Sesa pushed her breasts up more until they were nearly spilling out.

Smalljon grinned at Nathan becoming comfortable with the girls as he took a sip of his mug and looked to Domeric Bolton, who looked at Nathan with amusement. "So, what brings you to Winter Town?" Smalljon asked while narrowing his eyes a bit at Domeric.

Domeric just smiled as he put his cup down. "I was taking the King's Road and desired to stop at Winter Town for some rest. I was thinking of stopping at Windhelm after hearing that there may be a 'rogue Ironborn' invasion while I was at Moat Calin." Domeric said with a shrug. "I was thinking about maybe stopping at a town known as Weeping Waters before I head off to Windhelm. I heard I have a bastard brother there and I wanted to see him." He said with a gentle smile.

Both Smalljon and Nathan looked at Domeric with surprise, never expecting the son of Roose Bolton to make such a face.

"Well, if you want to come, you can come with us," Nathan said, getting a surprised look from Smalljon and Domeric. "Smalljon and I plan to take 300 soldiers to Windhelm along with food and weapons, you are welcome to join us. But we leave in about a week."

Domeric looked surprised by the gesture before smiling at Nathan. "Thank you, Nathan, I will take you up on your offer," Domeric said before he stood up.

"So, how many men did you bring with you?" Smalljon asked as he looked around but saw no one.

"Oh, I came to Winter Town by myself," Domeric said, getting shocked looks from both Nathan and Smalljon. "My father believes if I am to become heir to House Bolton I need to be strong and travel the harsh North by myself," Domeric said with a smile before he stood up. "Forgive me, but I must use the latrine, I will be back," Domeric said before he walked away.

Once Domeric was gone Smalljon looked to Nathan. "Alright, why did you invite the heir to House Bolton with us?" Smalljon asked as he leaned forward away from the working girls.

Nathan gave Smalljon a calm look as he sipped his drink and he also leaned forward. "I've heard quite a bit about Domeric," Nathan admitted in a hushed tone, getting a raised brow from Smalljon. "I know he was his aunt's, Lady Dustin's, page for about four years, but I also heard he was ripped away from his aunt by his father and sent to the Vale with no explanation," Nathan said before he grew a glare. "Lady Dustin claims that Roose Bolton came to her hold one day and dragged the boy to the Vale without any warning."

Nathan had tried to make peace with Lady Dustin, knowing that she resented his uncle for not bringing the bones of her husband back and only a red horse. Lady Dustin was unmoving and said she would forgive Ned Stark and House Stark as soon as they brought the bones of her husband back. A hard task as Dorne was cut off from the rest of Westeros for the time being. Still, Lady Dustin was civil and treated Nathan with respect, even talking to the young boy for quite some time, one of her favorite topics was about her son and nephew.

"Not to mention Lord Bolton ordering his son to ride through the North alone... it could mean many things," Nathan said, getting a serious look from Smalljon.

To ride alone in Westeros was beyond dangerous with bandits, wild animals, the unforgiving weather, sickness, and many other things that could kill a man. That's why it was always best to travel in a group when traveling across Westeros.

Yet for Lord Bolton to make his son cross the North by himself could mean many things. One reason is that Lord Bolton wanted his son to be stronger and prove himself, some chiefs from the Mountain Clans did that to their people as a right of passage to be a warrior and to prove themselves to their clan. The second and more unsettling option was that Lord Bolton wanted his son gone, dead.

"Do you truly think Lord Bolton would stoop so low?" Smalljon asked, understanding Nathan's implications. "Domeric is Lord Bolton's only son and heir after his wife died."

A few years ago Lady Bethany Bolton died of a fever, not uncommon even for nobles, especially in the North. This left Roose Bolton open for marriage, but given his cold reputation, no one was lining up to give up their daughters or sisters to the man.

"That is exactly why I think Roose would do such a thing," Nathan said with a serious look. "If Lord Bolton cared about his son he would have protected him with at least 25 men on horseback. But to come back to the North alone... it shows how little Lord Bolton cares about his son. And as Domeric said, Roose Bolton has a bastard, and it's not unheard of for bastards to become an heir in a succession crisis." Nathan said before scoffing. "You saw how Domeric was, much more different than his father, the kind of different where it can change a House."

After meeting Lord Bolton, there was no doubt in Nathan's mind that should an opportunity come up where House Bolton could crush House Stark, Roose Bolton would not hesitate to strike. It was very well known that House Bolton wanted to be Kings of the North and had a long, bloody history with House Stark, which Roose Bolton seemed to have inherited from his ancestors. House Bolton has rebelled against House Stark before but has always managed to survive by the skin of their teeth.

Domeric Bolton however, was different. Even just meeting the young boy once was enough to tell Nathan that Domeric was nothing like his father and seemed to have more Ryswell blood than Bolton in him. If Domeric became Lord of House Bolton he may turn the House around and throw away all their ill practices.

That was exactly the reason Lord Bolton may want his son gone. If Domeric became Lord of House Bolton, House Bolton would never be the same again, and House Bolton's dream of being Kings of the North would be forever gone. That was something Roose Bolton couldn't allow.

Nathan then noticed the worried looks of the working girls and smacked himself in the head. To talk about politics in a brothel is beyond foolish.

Sitting back down Nathan smiled as he threw his arms around Lyla and Sesa, getting yelps from the girls. "Forgive me, girls, I came to release my stress and instead cause more," Nathan said with a chuckle. Smalljon also chuckled as drank his Spirits and played with Teena's tit, getting a loud moan from the girl.

"It is quite alright Lord Stark, you are a powerful man who builds up quite a lot of stress," Sesa said as her hand slowly ran up Nathan's leg before it cupped his cock through his pants, at the same time Lyla ran her hands over Nathan's chest. "Let us help relieve that stress," She whispered in Nathan's ear, making the young Stark groan.

A moment later Domeric came back with his usual smile. "It seems I missed quite a bit," Domeric said in a playful tone as he sat down and started drinking again.

Smalljon gave a small groan as he pulled out some silver and dropped it in front of Domeric, getting a surprised look from the young man.

"Get yourself a girl, Bolton, cause you just sitting there makes me feel like a bad host, and I was the one who brought Nathan here," Smalljon said as Teena brought him but to Smalljon's lips and the large man took a big gulp.

The young Bolton smiled and took the silver with a nod. "I thank you for your hospitality Smalljon Umber," Domeric said as he called over a young girl with short brown hair and pale skin. Domeric had the girl sit next to him as he gently held her side.

With that, the trio started to enjoy their time. They talked and shared stories, telling all of their accomplishments and past adventures. It wasn't long before all three heirs were laughing together.

"The three ran out of that cave fast as you can think, bare arses shining in the moonlight the whole way back to the Redfort," Domeric said as he tried to contain his laughter. "Ser Horton gave a look and just asked his sons 'Did you have a nice walk, or did you find Rose of Red Lake in that cave'?" Domeric said before he started laughing.

Nathan and Smalljon laugh while throwing their heads back, even the working girls find themselves giggling at Domeric tale.

"Alright... alright, I got one that can top that," Nathan said as he took another sip of his mug. "A few months ago, Ser Rodrik, my uncle Ned, and I were giving a speech in the dining hall to the guards and soldiers. One poor recruit was late and came running into the dining hall in nothing but his knickers. And this... profound silence fell over the hall as 50 guards and 15 servants all turned to stare at once. The poor recruit looked beyond horrified and I knew Ser Rodrik would have the boy clean the latrines for a month if not longer. So I started clapping slowly, and before I knew it a slow round of applause began and spread until every soul was on their feet, a standing ovation."

Everyone at the table laughed, Smalljon bounding the table with his fist to the point it looked to be breaking.

"What... what did the recruit do?" Lyla asked as she tried to control her giggles.

"He bowed, turned on his heel, and marched out like he was in full armor," Nathan said as he laughed, remembering the tale. "Ser Rodrik was beyond confused about what happened and just moved on with the speech as if nothing happened. I heard he didn't even punish the recruit, convinced that what he saw was just a dream."

"Fuck me, I would pay a chest full of gold to see that!" Smalljon said with a laugh as he took a bit out of some chicken that had been dropped off at the table.

"Quiet the tale, Nathan, I think you have me beat," Domeric said as the girl on his lap giggled as she wrapped her pale arms around Domeric neck. Domeric then glanced out a window to see the sky had turned dark. "It seems night as come."

Smalljon gave a massive grin as he looked at the two girls on Nathan's sides. "Perhaps you two take the young lord to go lie down, he has a big day tomorrow," Smalljon said in a suggestive tone.

Lyla and Sesa both giggled as they grabbed Nathan's arms and lifted the young Stark. Nathan stumbled as he felt the whole room spin, but he had enough sense to see where things were going.

Nathan felt his body burn and his heart pound like a drum as both girls dragged Nathan upstairs, the young Stark making sure to put his cloak over his head as he followed the two girls upstairs.

Soon, Nathan found himself and a large room with a large bed covered with animal furs that looked freshly clean. There was a full wine bottle off to the side and candles lit up the room, allowing Nathan to see everything.

"Let us take care of you, my Lord," Lyla said as she ran her hands up and down Nathan's chest while kissing his neck.

"Please my Lord, if you need relief you may use us however you please," Sesa said as she grabbed Nathan's hand and placed it on her breasts, moaning as Nathan started to fondle them.

Nathan was engrossed with Sesa's soft breasts, they were easily as big as large apples, giving Nathan more than a handful. Nathan also took notice of her hard nipples as Nathan ran his thumb over them, making Sesa moan.

"G-Girls, I must confess something," Nathan said as he took a step back, getting confused looks from both girls. "While I did come here seeking relief... I was not planning to go all the way," Nathan said with a blush as he looked away.

Both girls looked confused before Sesa's eyes widened and a playful grin crossed her face.

"Oh my, is my Lord still a virgin?" Sesa said in a playful tone as she giggled behind her hand, making Lyla's eyes widen before she too giggled. "I would have thought many fair maidens would throw themselves at you, given how handsome you are."

"Many have... but I have been promiscuous," Nathan said before his eyes turned serious, making the two girls look shocked at the sudden change. "But with a war on the horizon and my journey to Windhelm, it may be some time before I find any relief," Nathan said before he turned to the two girls with a grin, making them both turn red. "All I ask is that you ladies assist me in releasing myself before I go off to war."

Both Sesa and Lyla fidgeted under Nathan's stare, their bodies feeling hot and bothered at the powerful look the young lord was giving them.

"Y-You say relief my Lord, but what about taking us both," Lyla said with a blush as she started to lower her dress. "We would be most happy to take your first time."

Nathan smiled and lifted Lyla's chin to look Nathan in the eyes. "I am still not ready for such a thing so I will require other services."

"We understand my Lord," Sesa said as she and Lyla slowly took off their clothes until they stood naked before Nathan. "We are yours to commoned."

Warning: Lime

Nathan gulped as he took in both Lyla and Sesa's naked forms. Lyla was thinner with small breasts the size of plums but had wide hips and long legs. Sesa was much bustier with beasts the size of a large apple and her hips were much plumper. Looking between their legs Nathan saw they both had patches of hair that matched their color.

"Oh my," Sesa said with an amused expression filled with lust as she looked down. "I see you find us attractive my Lord," She said as Lyla also looked down and blushed red.

The two had noticed an obvious erection in Nathan's pants, which the two girls easily saw. Nathan felt a little embarrassed but didn't shy away from their stares. He started to take off his cloak but was stopped by the two.

"Let us take care of that, my Lord," Lyla said before she and Sesa started to take off Nathan's clothes for him.

They started by taking off Nathan's cloak, then his jacket, and finally, his shirt, allowing him to stand topless in the dim room. Both girls looked shocked when they saw Nathan's bear body.

"This is amazing," Sesa said in awe as she ran her hand over Nathan's bear chest. "I've heard of certain warriors with such physics, but never before have I ever seen one."

"You are beautiful my Lord," Lyla said with wide eyes as she ran her hand down Nathan's stomach, which was hard as a rock and full of muscles.

Nathan blushed as he felt some pride in the girls' words. Nathan had trained long and hard every day since the Grand Meet and the results have shown. His uncle and Ser Rodrik were amazed by how strong Nathan had become in such a short time as Nathan was able to beat multiple guards at once with a shocking amount of skill.

"Oh, looks like we should move along," Sesa said with a playful tone as she saw Nathan's cock twitch in his pants.

Both girls sank to their knees before Nathan and looked up at him with lustful smiles. Nathan gulped again as he placed his hands on both their heads, feeling their surprisingly silky hair.

Sesa and Lyla both gave a surprised moan as they felt Nathan's strong hands on their heads. They didn't know why, but the feeling of such strong hands on their heads made pleasure spike through their bodies, their nipples became harder, and their cunts started to become wet with need.

Without another word, both girls started to undo Nathan's pants as Nathan kept his hands on their heads. After undoing Nathan's belt both girls yanked Nathan's pants down and the girls gasped in shock.

"By the Old Gods," Sesa said in shock as Nathan's hardened cock dangled in front of her eyes. "It's so big..." She muttered in shock as Lyla wordlessly nodded her head.

"Is... is it?" Nathan asked with a small chuckle, thrown off by the gobsmacked expressions on the two girls. "I never compared, never saw the need to."

When Nathan was being looked over by Maester Luwin after catching a small fever a few months ago, he had to do it naked for the Master to gauge Nathan's health. While embarrassing it was necessary as sickness can pop up out of nowhere and Master Luwin was adamant that Nathan would grow old and have many children. One such checkup was to make sure nothing was wrong with Nathan's genitals as impotens were possible among nobles. Luckily nothing was wrong and Maester Luwin said Nathan was blessed and would make a lot of women happy. Now he understood the old man's words.

"I've seen a few cocks, my Lord," Sesa said as lust shined in her eyes. "And you put them all to shame."

"It's as if it's the size of a dagger or a small sword," Lyla said before she reached up and grabbed Nathan's cock, she squeaked as she felt it pulse in her hand. "It's... it's so hot!"

"And... why do you have no hair?" Sesa asked while gently grabbing Nathan's balls. "Most young men your age would start to grow hair down here, but you are completely bare and so smooth?"

Nathan started to pant as he felt both girls' soft hand play with his cock, pleasure spiking in his body with every move they made.

"A... a trait among those who have Valarion blood, sometimes they don't have hair on their bodies no matter how old they become. It's uncommon, but possible," Nathan explained as he hissed when Sesa tighten her hand around Nathan's cock and slowly started to jerk it. "Keep that up Sesa."

Sesa's smiled seeing Nathan's pleasure. "You wish is my command, my Lord."

The blond girl took Nathan's cock in both her hands and started to jerk him off, getting a cry of outrage from Lyla. The brown-haired girl pouted at Sesa hoging Nathan all to herself until she felt Nathan pull her up.

Lyla squeaked as she came face to face with Nathan as he ran his hand down her back before cupping her ass, making Lyla moan.

"Why don't you keep me company?" Nathan asked as he kissed Lyla on the mouth.

Lyla moaned as she threw her arms over Nathan's shoulders and the two kissed deeply. Their tongues swirling over one another as Nathan's hands groped both Lyla's ass and tit, each movement making Lyla moan in his mouth.

Seeing her friend moaning like such a, well, whore, turned Sesa on greatly. Sesa then looked at the cock in her hands until she went cross-eyed, gulping at the intimidating size before she lowered her head and kissed the tip.

Nathan hissed in Lyla's mouth before he pulled back and looked down to see Sesa kissing the tip of his dick. She looked up at Nathan with small brown eyes that were filled with lust as she took the tip of his dick into her mouth. Sesa moaned around Nathan's cock, making Nathan moan in return.

"You like the feeling of her mouth around your cock my Lord?" Lyla whispered in Nathan's ear, making Nathan's breath hitch. "She's not as good as me, but I promise you that Sesa likes it rough. I once saw the girl shoving a cucumber down her throat just to feel a tingle, look at her eyes Lord Nathan."

Nathan looked down and was blown away by the lustful look in Sesa's eyes. That wasn't the look of a fair maiden, that was the look of a woman who wanted to fuck.

While looking into Nathan's eyes and pulling her mouth off with a wet pop.

"Let me show you something amazing my Lord," Sesa said before she brought her tits up and wrapped them around Nathan's cock.

"Oh fuck!" Nathan moaned with a shocked look on his face. "This feels amazing!"

Sesa's tits felt incredible around Nathan's cock, they were warm and soft, and every movement brought a shock of pleasure through Nathan's body.

"Wow, I have the biggest tits in the brothel and you still have a good amount poking up," Sesa said with amazement as she leaned down and kissed the tip that was poking out of her breasts.

"How does it feel to fuck the best tits in Winter Town my Lord?" Lyla asked as she kissed Nathan's neck, making the young Stark squeeze her ass harder.

"It makes me want to cum," Nathan said as he felt his balls tighten but held off, wanting to enjoy the feeling longer.

"Come whenever you want Lord Nathan, our bodies our yours to use for the whole night," Lyla whispered in Nathan's ear while rubbing her naked body on Nathan's side. "I hope when you finally become a full man you'll take us both. I can think many whores would fuck such a fine man for free just to feel the pleasure."

Nathan chuckled as he squeezed Lyla's ass hard, getting a moan from the girl. "You are a temptress... and it seems to be working."

"Good," Lyla said before she started to kiss Nathan's bare chest.

Feeling the two girls all over Nathan's body Nathan's started to thrust his hips, smacking them into Sesa's breasts. The girl opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, allowing the tip of Nathan's cock to enter her mouth with every thrust.

"I'm... I'm cumming!" Nathan groaned before he felt his release.

Sesa moaned as Nathan came all over her breasts, feeling his hot seed shoot with enough force to hit her face, some even landing in her mouth.

Nathan felt pure bliss as he released his seed, feeling all the tension in his body leaving.

After several seconds Nathan finally stopped cumming and felt the strength in his legs lessen as he struggled to stand.

Sesa had a dazed look about her as she looked at her breasts which were covered in Nathan's seed.

"You are quite... healthy my lord," Sesa said with shock as she liked her lips and shivered when she tasted Nathan's seed. "Very... very healthy." She said in a breathless tone.

"It's so thick," Lyla said with amazement as she ran a finger over Sesa's breasts and looked at the white glob with amazement. "My Lord, when was the last time you relieved yourself?"

"Maybe... a month ago?" Nathan said in a dazed tone, still feeling pleasure all over his body. "So much work... not enough time to myself."

That made Lyla bite her lip. "My Lord, you should take care of yourself better. Sometimes a full set of balls can be the greatest enemy to a man, much greater than a sword or arrow." She said in a serious tone.

Nathan gave a small laugh at Lyla's words, finding some truth to them. Many great men have fallen simply for thinking with their cocks instead of their heads, or are too stressed to fight with a clear mind and made mistakes. It was for that reason that during war times whores would be brought into camps to relieve the men. It was even somewhat common for commanders and nobles to take a mistress during wartime to have a clear head before a large battle. Though everything was done in secret.

"I will be sure to remember that," Nathan said before he gave Lyla a playful grin. "So, do you plan to serve me next Lyla?" Nathan asked while Sesa started to clean herself up.

Lyla licked her lips as she gently pushed Nathan to the bed. "Please give me the pleasure to serve you, my Lord."

Nathan soon found himself on his back with Lyla between his legs, his cock standing proudly in the in the air. Lyla continued to playfully giggle as she started stroking Nathan's cock with her soft hands. Lyla then started to kiss Nathan's cock, starting with the tip, then the shaft, and finally kissing his balls.

"Your balls are so big, I wouldn't be surprised if you could fuck every girl here," Lyla said with a naughty smile before she dragged her tongue over Nathan's balls.

The young Stark groaned at the new sensation, liking the feeling of Lyla's tongue on his balls. As he looked down Lyla's innocent look was replaced with a look of lust, exciting Nathing greatly.

"She has quite the mouth on her my Lord," Sesa said as she climbed into the bed next to Nathan, her naked body pressing against the Stark's. "She said I like a cock in my throat, but the truth is she's the one who loves it."

True to Sesa's words Lyla soon took Nathan's cock into her mouth before slowly going down. Nathan watched in shock and amazement as Lyla took more and more of his cock into her mouth until she took more than half. Even with her mouth stuffed Lyla bearly gagged.

"Despite her innocent face she is quite the whore," Sesa said in a teasing tone as she grabbed the back of Lyla's head and forced her down. Lyla's eyes widened as she let out a loud gag sound from her throat, yet didn't pull off Nathan's cock. "Trust me, Lord Stark, you can fuck this whore's throat as if it was a virgin cunt."

Nathan looked down and met Lyla's eyes as her mouth was stuffed with his cock. Her eyes were wide and brimming with tears, yet Nathan could see lust as her face slowly turned red.

Sesa then pulled Lyla's head up before forcing it back down, repeating the process.

"Fuck me!" Nathan moaned with a shocked look on his face. While Sesa's tits were good, to Nathan it felt that Lyla's throat was sucking his soul out of him.

"You hear that Lyla, Lord Stark likes the feeling of your throat, maybe you'll get a position as a noble's cock sucker," Sesa said in a teasing tone while Lyla glared at the busty blond.

"You girls are something else," Nathan breathed as his hands snaked between Sesa's legs as he cupped her cunt.

Nathan was amazed by how wet and hot it felt between Sesa's legs as Nathan's fingers teased her folds.

"Ah!" Sesa moaned as she crossed her legs, trapping Nathan's finger between her legs. "Your fingers are so big, and strong Lord Stark~" Sesa moaned as she looked at Nathan with a flushed face. "Please kiss me like you kissed Lyla."

And Nathan did so, taking Sesa's mouth on his own and shoving his tongue down her throat. He enjoyed the feeling of her moans as the busty blond continued to force Lyla's head down on his cock.

This continued for several minutes until Nathan felt his balls tighten.

Nathan pulled his mouth off Sesa's and gave a loud hiss. "I'm... I'm going to cum!" Nathan groaned loudly.

Despite Nathan's words Lyla continued to suck his cock Nathan noticed she did it with much more vigor.

"Cum whenever you want, my Lord Stark," Sesa whispered into Nathan's ear before kissing his cheek.

With those words, Nathan couldn't hold his release anymore and came into Lyla's mouth. Nathan watched in fascination as Lyla's eyes widen in shock as her cheeks filled up with his seed, feeling her tongue move around his tip as cum continued to drip from her mouth. Nathan heard Lyla gag as she tried to suck on Nathan's cock, the young Stark watching in amazement as she swallowed his seed.

Nathan wasn't ignorant of sex, not when he spent time with so many grown soldiers who couldn't wait to go to the brothels in Winter Town whenever they could. So Nathan knows that most girls, be they noble, peasant, and even most whores, wouldn't swallow a man's seed as it wasn't a pleasant taste.

Yet Lyla swallowed his seed with no hesitation, the young Stark watching everything as she pulled off his cock with a wet pop. Nathan saw his seed drip from her chin as she leaned her head back and swallowed.

"Wow..." Lyla breathed, her face flushed as she gave Nathan a dazed look. "I... have never done something like that."

"And it looks like Lord Stark is ready for more," Sesa said with wide eyes as she looked at Nathan's cock, which was still erect. "My Lord, are you sure you don't wish to take us? It would feel much better."

"I'm... I'm sure..." Nathan said as he panted slightly. "You two just keep up the good work." He said in a playful tone.

"As you command, Lord Stark," Lyla said, her voice slightly horse as she went back to Nathan's cock.

Sesa wasn't ideal as she also went down to Nathan's legs, both girls pointing their asses at the Stark, giving Nathan a full view of their dripping cunts. Giving a savage grin Nathan smacked both of their asses, hearing the two working girls moan as they looked back at Nathan, lustful smiles on their faces.

"I promise I won't be the only one feeling pleasure, my ladies," Nathan said as he palmed their asses before fingering their cunts, making the two moan again.

"Thank you, Lord Stark," Both girls moaned before they got to work pleasing Nathan's cock.

Lime: END

"Wa..." Nathan moaned as his eyes slowly opened, a bright light blinding his eyes.

Opening his eyes, the first thing Nathan noticed was two bodies pressed against his sides. Picking his head up, Nathan noticed that he and the two working girls were naked under a fur cover, both Sesa and Lyla sleeping peacefully.

The second thing Nathan noticed was the smell of sex in the air and how his body felt sweaty as if he had an intense workout.

The last thing Nathan noticed was how relaxed his whole body felt as if all the stress was sucked out of him.

"I suppose that is why I came here," Nathan said with a chuckle as he slowly pulled himself out of the bed.

Nathan started to get himself dressed first putting on his pants.

"Up already?"

Nathan looked back to see both Sesa and Lyla awake, the two hugging one another as they smiled at Nathan.

"I have to prepare to leave," Nathan said as he stretched his arms, hearing the cracks in his back. "Windhelm will need what I can bring them."

Both girls looked concerned at Nathan. The young Stark was barely a man yet was already going off to war.

"Lord Stark-"


"Open up!"

Nathan turned to the door with a raised brow, hearing someone banging on the door of his room.

"Oh no," Sesa said with an annoyed sigh while Lyla looked a little scared.

Nathan looked at the two girls with furrowed brows. "Is there something I should know-"

"Open the fucking door!"

Nathan gave an annoyed sigh before he moved to the door and opened it harshly.

"What!" Nathan said with a growl, seeing three figures before him.

The first one was a skinny man taller than Nathan yet he was showing a clear gut, he was dressed in fine clothes and had a head of brown hair turning grey. His face was full of wrinkles as he glared down at Nathan.

The second person was a larger fat man who was balled, menacingly folding his arms as he glared at Nathan. The third person was just as fat and large with a head of short black hair.

The skinny man looked past Nathan and at the two girls in the bed, making the older man scowl.

"So this is where you two have been, playing with this boy?" The man sneered while looking at the girls. "I expect you two to be working for people who can afford you!"

Sesa gave a huff while Lyla had a fearful look.

Before the skinny man could step forward Nathan blocked his way with his arm, making the man stumble back.

"Excuse me," Nathan said in an aggravated tone as he ran a hand through his hair. "But I am a paying customer, and I paid the two for their time."

"Ha, pay my ass!" The skinny man said with a scoff as he glared at Nathan. "How much can a boy like you pay? A few coppers? There is no way you can pay for them for a whole night." The man said with a wave of his hands. "Remove him, and I'll talk with you two later."

The bald man stepped forward but was stopped by the fierce glare in Nathan's eyes.

"I warn you, you try to touch me, and it won't be pretty," Nathan said in a soft tone, yet everyone in the room felt the weight.

Both of the large men took in Nathan's build, while both men were taller and larger, Nathan was nothing to scoff at given his bare body showed a lot of muscles. Glancing back the two thugs looked at their boss and saw the man's expression did not change.

"Enough talk, just take him out of my brothel." The skinny with a gut said while waving his hand, making the thugs shrug as they reached forward to Nathan slowly.

"By the Old Gods Dallar, that's not just some young man, that's-" Sesa tried to explain, but it was too late.

The moment the balled thug touched Nathan's arm, the young Stark acted. He punched the balled thug square in the face with all his strength, sending the man falling to the ground as blood erupted from his nose. Before the black-haired thug could react Nathan pulled the man forward by his shirt and hit him square in his throat. The man coughed and fell to his knees while grabbing his throat, a shocked expression on his face as Nathan kneed him in the face, sending him to the ground.

This all happened in the span of a few seconds. Both Sesa and Lyla looked at Nathan in shock while the man Dallar looked at Nathna with fear.

"Y-You Bastard, I'll call the guards!" Dallar screamed as he looked at Nathan with fear while being unmoved. "Y-You'll be thrown out of town-"

Dallar was cut off when Nathan threw something into the man's face, making him fall to the floor.

"W-what is-" Dallar picked himself up and looked at the object that was thrown in his face. "GOLD!" The man yelled in shock as he saw a gold coin lying on his chest.

"Hey, dumbass," Nathan said in a low tone, making Dallar look up in shock. "In case you haven't figured it out, I'm a noble. Which is why I was able to bring those two without any trouble." Nathan said in a slow tone as he stepped forward and crouched before the now scared Dallar. "I'm about to go to Windhelm and prepare to fight the Ironborn, so I decided to enjoy your service before I left, but I picked the wrong brothel."

"W-Wait, my lord, please-" Nathan cut the man off by slamming the door in his face.

"Fuck," Nathan sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. "And I was having such a great morning." Nathan looked at the two girls who started to dress. "Is he always like that?"

Sesa sighed as she helped put on Lyla's pants, who still looked slightly shaken. "Yeah, Dallar is an ass and only cares if we can make coin."

"I remember one man who beat Sally so badly no one wanted to use her," Lyla said in a sad tone. "Dallar wanted to throw her out but we managed to keep her as a cook."

Nathan sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. "Is he going to cause you two problems?"

The young Stark knew that most brothel owners treated the girls like slaves and threatened to kick them out if they weren't good or didn't make the brothel enough money. Brothels were a dirty business, but without them most of the girls, servants, and guards working for the brothels wouldn't have any way to make coin to survive.

Still, there was a right way and a wrong way to run a business, and most brothel owners ran their businesses wrong in Nathan's opinion.

Sesa huffed as she slipped her clothes on. "He'll complain, saying we should have told him or say we should have gotten even more coin, but he won't lay a hand on us. A bruised whore is very unsightly and doesn't sell well." The blond said as a fact while Lyla nodded.

"Still, Dallar can be quite scary," Lyla said in a small tone as she poked her fingers together.

Nathan snorted at Lyla's innocent tone, wondering if that was really how she was, or if it was just an act. He then looked at the two girls who spent the night with Nathan. Both were young women older than Nathan by a few years, but still relatively young by brothel standards. Still, in a few years, or when they stop bringing in enough coins, they'll be replaced without much thought by the owner.

Suddenly, Nathan had an idea and he slowly grinned.

"Girls, can I ask you a question?" Nathan asked as he sat on the bed and looked at both girls.

"You may ask us anything, My Lord," Lyla said with a smile as Sesa nodded.

"If you had enough coin, would you buy the brothel?" Nathan asked with a wide smile, while Sesa and Lyla looked shocked. "I don't like Dallar very much, so maybe it's time for the brothel to be in new hands."

Both girls struggled to speak, looking at Nathan in shock. "M-My Lord, while we would love to run The Snow Flower, we don't have the experience to run such a place," Sesa admitted with some hesitation.

"Then who here does?" Nathan said, his smile never falling.

Both girls looked thoughtful before Lyla perked up.

"Oh, Kina would be perfect!" Lyla said with a big smile. "She's been here the longest and is the one who runs the girls here, we all trust her. The only thing Dallar does is collect the money and yell at the girls... actually, that's all he does." She said with a confused look on her face. "So if anyone could run The Snow Flower, it's Kina!"

"So if I were to hand you girls over some gold, how much would you need to buy this place from Dallar?" Nathan asked while folding his hands.

Now both Sesa and Lyla looked hesitant, looking at each other before Sesa spoke up.

"To by the brothel from Daller would take... 50 gold?" Sesa asked with hesitation. "Things have been slow lately, we even had to let go of a few girls who weren't making enough. Dallar would jump at the chance to sell if 50 gold."

Nathan nodded slowly, to him and many nobles, 50 gold was nothing but a drop in a very large bucket for most nobles. While 50 gold could last a lifetime for some smallfolks.

"Okay, now you have two options," Nathan said as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a sack of coins, making the girl's eyes widen in shock. "You two can take this gold and take over the brothel and run it how you want with the other girls. Or you can turn it down and return to how things are. The choice is yours." Nathan said as he opened the sack to show off all the gold.

Lyla looked like she was about to faint while Sesa gulped at the sight of the gold.

"Why... why are you doing this," Sesa said, glaring at Nathan a bit. "You can't be doing this just because we sucked your cock last night. You have to want something in return... my Lord." Sesa said, fidgeting under Nathan's eyes.

Nathan grinned at Sesa and gave a small nod. "Of course, it won't come free, but I promise not to ask for much," Nathan said while waving his hand. "I just ask that whenever I come over with guests we're treated to a private booth and room exclusive to me and only me, away from prying eyes. Sometimes I might need to get away from Winterfell and I need a place to relax."

After spending just a night in the brothel and with the girls, Nathan felt beyond relaxed as he forgot about his troubles. Something Nathan would need again once things became hectic once the Ironborn trouble was over.

Sesa bit her lip, a hesitant look crossing her face. To take so much coin from a noble was very dangerous, but to take it from Lord Stark was even more dangerous.

"We'll do it!" Lyla said while smiling at Nathan while Sesa looked shocked. "Come on Sesa, Kina already runs everything and with us in charge, things will be much better. I can lead the kitchen, and you can entertain with your lute, music would make the place much better!"

Sesa looked to struggle with Lyla's words, conflict running through her hand. Sesa didn't want to be a whore for the rest of her life and neither did Lyla. This was an opportunity to improve their lives for the other girls in The Winter Flower. Yet Sesa was still weary, one wrong move and everyone could end up on the cold streets of Winter Town.

"...No one ever got anywhere by being craven," Sesa said while giving Lyla a smile, whose smile widened. "We agree Lord Stark, we'll buy the brothel and by the time you return you'll have a private booth and room that will be exclusive to you."

"And we promise that whenever you come by, we'll be available only for you," Lyla said, her expression changing from innocent to sultry in an instant, Sesa giggled as she also gave the same look.

Nathan laughed as he threw the sack of gold to Sesa, who caught it and held it close to her breasts. "There's about 60 gold in there. Try to haggle the place from Dallar and use what gold is left over to improve the place before winter hits." Nathan said as he stood up.

Nathan knew it might be wasteful to use so much gold on a brothel, something his uncle would no doubt have a heart attack. Yet in the end it was Nathan's gold, and he found the whole situation interesting.

Sesa smiled and hugged Nathan, shoving his face between her breasts. "I hope you can visit us as soon as you get back. We'll give you a return fitting of a warrior."

Nathan groaned as he reluctantly pulled away. "Take care girls, I hope to see someone else running the place." The young Stark said as he made his way out.

Exiting the room Nathan made his way downstairs to see Smalljon and Domeric talking to one another. Smalljon noticed Nathan and grew a big smile.

"And the warrior has returned," Smalljon said with a laugh as Nathan rolled his eyes and Domeric chuckled. "I take it you had fun with those two?"

"It was certainly a... new experience," Nathan said while giving a small cough. The young Stark then looked to Domeric, his face turning serious. "Domeric Bolton, have you decided on what you will be doing? Will you follow us to Windhelm or return home?"

Domeric looked thoughtful before he gave a small smile. "I will follow you, Lord Stark. My father didn't give a time for me to return home, so going to Windhelm will not be a big deal."

"Then we will return to Winterfell and prepare our departure," Nathan said before he started to walk out of the brothel with Smalljon and Domeric in toe. "It would take us until noon before we can leave."

"Let's try to leave sooner, the faster we reach Windhelm the better we can prepare," Smalljon said as he also gained a serious look.

"Are your soldiers prepared to fight the Ironborn?" Domeric asked, his face finally losing its smile. "Fighting on ships is a lot different than fighting on land."

"The soldiers are outfitted with leather armor with light chainmail. Good protection, and light enough where if they fall in the water they can swim." Nathan said while rubbing his chin. "The only downside is that it's easy to get stabbed, but that also applies to the Ironborn," Nathan said as he gave a small sigh. "On our way over to Windhelm we can talk more about possible strategies." The young Stark said before a grin crossed his face. "Then again, the Ironborn may not attack at all with their leader heading for King's Landing. Still, better to be safe than sorry."

With that, the three young nobles made their way to Winterfell to prepare for their journey to Windhelm.

After returning to Winterfell, Nathan met up with Ser Rodrik to ask about the situation of the soldiers.

The Master-of-Arms had readied the men the previous day and they were ready to leave as soon as they reached Winterfell.

200 soldiers dressed in dark brown leather armor with chainmail.

100 of the soldiers were pikemen, wielding long well-crafted spears. 50 of the soldiers were swordsmen, most wielding swords and ironwood shields, and a few wielding longswords. And the last 50 were archers, all wielding Yew bows with shortswords at their hips.

Henry was also adamant about going along with Nathan, and wouldn't take no for an answer. It didn't help that Ser Rodrik claimed that Henry's archery skills had improved greatly to the point he could beat most adult archers in a long shot. So Nathan agreed to take Henry along as his Page but was clear that Henry should avoid combat and only fight directly if there was no choice. The young boy was soon dressed in brown leather armor to fit his height.

Ser Rodrik would not be joining Nathan as the young Stark ordered the knight to prepare the soldiers to move should anything happen in Windhelm.

Smalljon's 100 men consisted of warriors wielding swords, axes, maces, and hammers. All wore thick fur armor that would protect from a few slashes, but not much else.

Nathan also wore new armor, similar to the one he wore at the White Harbor tourney, once again forged by Tobin. It was black steel armor mixed with chainmail, black leather, and a dark fur cloak thrown over his shoulders. Nathan forgo his wolf helmet that usually covered his face and instead wore a wolf helmet that looked like a wolf on the top. It offered better visibility which was crucial in long fights, though it was necessary Nathan would throw the helmet away without much thought. The armor itself was heavier but thanks to Nathan's training it was barely noticeable, it was also lighter than normal steel armor where if Nathan fell into the sea he should be able to swim.

Once the horses, wagons, and supplies were ready Nathan gave his last instructions to Maester Luwin, Yin, and Tobin. Nathan told them all to continue their plans with the Blacksmith Hall and stock up on silver jewelry and minerals such as obsidian, quartz, silver, and sapphire.

While Nathan was confident the North could win if a war started he knew it would be draining on the North's resources even with the spoils won, which wasn't much as the Iron Islands are the poorest realm in all of Westeros. So while in a normal war, one side would gain spoils such as gold, treasures, grain, or other such items, the Iron Islands had little in the way of such things.

So after the war came to an end, Nathan planned to sell as much jewelry as he could, using the fame of beating the Ironborn to sell the jewelry to curious nobles and merchants. Nathan may have to bring Lord Manderly into the fold and cut him in to use his merchants and ships, but it would be worth it just to make something.

After setting everything straight Nathan said goodbye to Jon, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Catelyn, and Baby Bran. He also put Catelyn in charge of Winterfell for the time being as Catelyn was one of the few people who had experience in running a hold, he also asked Maester Luwin to keep on Jon and protect the boy should Lady Catelyn turn her ire onto the boy.

With that taken care of Nathan, Smalljon, and Domeric left Winterfell on their journey to Windhelm with 300 soldiers.

Thanks to Maester Luwin, Nathan had picked the fastest route to reach Windhelm. Using dirt roads and known paths, the journey to Windhelm was cut short.

During the journey, Nathan talked with Smalljon and Domeric and the three got to know one another. Nathan even went over what to expect when fighting the Ironborn with the two. Such as how they almost always wear only leather armor and their greatest strength is fighting on ships. The Ironborn's greatest strength was their surprise attacks, and how they usually only attacked unsuspecting villages and holds. Domeric listened to every word carefully while Smalljon said that the Ironborn were weaklings for using such petty tactics, yet knew they were dangerous since Wildlings did something similar.

After two weeks of travel, the army arrived at Sea Dragon's Point.

"Damn, I hope Windhelm has a tavern already, I could use a drink," Smalljon said with a huff as he rode next to Nathan and Domeric. "How much longer before we reach Windhelm."

"Given we entered Sea Dragon Point two days ago, and Windhelm is built on the south side of the land, about half a day," Nathan said as he looked up at the setting sun in the west, finding where south was. "If we push our men, we could reach Windhelm in half that time, but it's better to let them rest-"

"Lord Stark, people approach!" A soldier ahead of Nathan called out, grabbing anyone's attention.

Nathan road up to the front and saw a crowd of people approaching. Quickly taking out his glass eye, Nathan saw a few guards but mostly smallfolk, women, and children with a few elderly men. Nathan, Smalljon, Domeric, and a few soldiers road up ahead, stopping the group in their tracks.

"Halt!" Nathan called out, stopping the crowd from approaching. "I am Nathan Stark of the North, who are you?"

An older guard marched forward and quickly bowed to Nathan. "We are people of Windhelm My Lord. We were ordered to evacuate the women, children, and elderly to Deepwood Motte, on Lord Glover's orders."

"But why do that?" Domeric asked with confusion in his voice, yet Nathan felt dread building in his stomach.

"We were told the Ironborn were on their way to attack Windhelm, so we evacuated everyone who couldn't fight."

Silence blanked over the group as everyone gave the guard a shocked look.

Nathan felt the most shock, however it was quickly replaced by pure anger.

"Balon Greyjoy, you fucking fool!" Nathan thought with anger before he held it tightly. "Do you need an escort to Deepwood Motte, provisions?"

The guard looked hesitant before he shook his head. "No my Lord, most of the smallfolk have already left a few days ago, this is the last of them. We have enough provisions to last us until we reach Deepwood."

Nathan cut not before he looked back. "Make way for the smallfolks, then be prepared, we make haste to Windhelm!" Nathan yelled to the soldiers who quickly started to move to the side of the dirt road, allowing the smallfolk to slowly walk through.

"Fuck me, so Balon is going through with it," Smalljon said with a chuckle as his eyes turned fierce. "He's going to attack with Rogue Ironborn fleet. How did Lord Glover find out before they attacked?" Smalljon asked Nathan, who gave a frustrated sigh.

"We'll ask him and Lord Blackpearl once we reach Windhelm," Nathan said as he gave a low growl. "But how foolish can Balon Greyjoy be? He'll reach King's Landing soon but launch an attack on the North. King Robert will hold him responsible."

"But what if Balon Greyjoy simply denies everything," Domeric said, grabbing Nathan and Smalljon's attention. "Without hard evidence, the King may not be able to hold Lord Greyjoy completely responsible so Balon may escape with his neck. If their goal is to simply destroy the Western Fleet of the North to continue raiding, then as long as Balon leaves King's Landing as a Lord that will be his victory."

"Damn," Nathan said as he clicked his teeth, finding weight in Domeric's words. While King Robert may yell and condemn Balon and hold him responsible, without obvious evidence of Belon's involvement he would still be Lord of the Iron Islands. "That's a rather cunning plan by Lord Greyjoy, that must be why he's been dragging his feet to King's Landing, to give his people enough time to strike the North just as he reaches King's Landing. By the time he reaches King's Landing, he will claim to have nothing to do with attacking the North and will try to convince King Robert to stop the North from going to war with the Iron Islands. Jon Arryn will agree as he doesn't want any war no matter what," Nathan said as he chuckled. "It's a rather cunning plan, who knew Balon Greyjoy had it in him, but it won't work."

"Aye, we'll kick the teeth of the Ironborn and take all their ships. I like to see Balon complain to King Robert for the North to give their ships back after they fail in the raid." Smalljon said, getting some chuckles from Nathan and Domeric.

While Nathan laughed he felt worry in his heart. If the Ironborn attacked and they lost the battle, all the hard work would go up in flames.

"I'll protect the North and what we have built," Nathan thought as he glanced back to see all the smallfolk had moved past the soldiers. "Alright, prepare to move faster! We'll reach Windhelm before sundown!"

"Yes, Lord Stark!" These were the cries of soldiers before Nathan turned his horse and led the men to Windhelm.

"So this is Windhelm... I like it!" Smalljon said as he, Nathan, and Domeric saw Windhelm in the distance.

After Nathan gave the order to rush to Windhelm they were able to make it to the settlement in half the time, though Nathan could tell his soldiers were exhausted. Fortunately, it didn't look like Windhelm was being attacked.

Windhelm was simple with several wooden buildings littering the area and well-crafted docks. However, what grabbed everyone's eyes were the ships at the docs, dozens of ships were anchored at the harbor and Nathan could see many men still working the ships. Windhelm was also protected by a defensive wall of wood with two entrances.

Looking up at a hill Nathan saw what looked like a castle that was in the middle of construction, but was halted mid-way.

"Let's not waste any time and find out what is going on," Nathan said as he turned his horse and road down to the main entrance of Windhelm.

Instantly they were greeted by several guards who held their speaks up defensibly.

"Who goes there!?" The head guard called out in a serious tone.

Nathan road ahead and quickly took off his helmet. "I am Nathan Stark, Heir to House Stark. I have brought men and provisions for Windhelm!"

Seeing Nathan's white hair the guard instantly dropped their spears. "Lord Stark, please forgive us for not instantly recognizing you, but tensions are high."

"I was informed that there was an imminent Ironborn threat by some smallfolk," Nathan said as he jumped off his horse and walked up to the guards. "I and a few others wish to be taken to Lord Blackpearl and Lord Glover."

"I will have one of my men escort you to the main lighting where the other lords are at the moment."

"Other Lords?" Nathan thought in confusion before he nodded as Smalljon and Domeric walked next to Nathan. "Have a guard escort the soldiers to where you are keeping the men."

"I will show him the way," The guard said before he handed another guard and started to escort Nathan, Smalljon, and Domeric into Windhelm.

As Nathan walked through the streets of Windhelm he gave the settlement a lookover.

"Tensions are high," Domeric said as he pointed out a few young men with grim looks on their faces.

"They can tell a battle is imminent," Smalljon answered. "Smallfolk may not always be educated, but they can tell when there is danger on the horizon... or the lords informed them."

The guard escorted the three to a large wooden manor which was most likely Lord Blackpearl's temporary residence with a few guards guarding the main doorway. The escort walked up to the guards and after a brief conversation, they opened the door for the group.

Entering the manor Nathan instantly saw a large table with several people talking around the table, people Nathan recognized.

"Lord Stark!" Lord Glover called out, making several heads turn. "What are you doing here?"

Nathan saw six people surrounding the table, Larence Blackpearl, Galbart Glover, Gregor Forrester, Maege Mormont, Rodrik Ryswell, and Helman Tallhart. There were other people in the room Nathan didn't recognize, but from how they dressed they weren't lords.

Remembering Lord Glover's question Nathan stepped forward. "I and Smalljon Umber came to Windhelm to lend our support and have brought 300 men. Domeric Bolton has also decided to join us."

That brought some sighs of relief and smiles among the lords. Domeric smiled at his grandfather Lord Ryswell while the older lord smiled back.

"Your timing is perfect my Lord," Lord Forrester said with a smile.

"I know," Nathan said as he and Smalljon walked to the table, Domeric decided to hang back but keep his ears open. "We ran into some smallfolk and guards on the journey here, they told us that an attack on Windhelm was imminent, that's why they are evacuating those who can't fight," Nathan said as he looked at all the lord. "Now I must ask... what the hell is going on?"

Lord Glover sighed as he sat down. "Sit you two, we'll explain everything."

Nathan and Smalljon sat at the round table as the other Lords followed suit.

"To make a long story short, just before the Grand Meet came to an end I talked with Lord Flint of the Fingers on a possible plan to warn us of an impending Ironborn threat." Lord Glover said as both young nobles listened carefully. "He agreed and had a few watch towers built on his lands, I even had our Maesters train a raven to fly directly here to warn us of any impending Ironborn threat. We even had Lord Manderly lend Lord Flint a few Glass Eyes to better our chances... though the Fat Lord had us promise to give them back once everything was taken care of, or we'll be paying for it." Lord Glover said with a grumble while Larence paled a bit.

"So much gold..."

"And I take it they did their job and warned you?" Nathan said more as a fact than a question.

Lord Glover reached across the table and grabbed a paper while throwing it to Nathan. "Read this, it was flown in just a week ago."

Nathan took the paper and read it over. It told of one of the watchmen spotting several Ironborn ships heading North, all warships. The ships ranged from Longships to War Galleys, a majority being Longships. The watchmen weren't able to get an exact number of the ships, however, he was confident there were more than 50 ships.

"50 warships heading North, I doubt they are coming here to trade." Smalljon snorted as he read the note over Nathan's shoulder.

"Let's assume they are bringing at least 60 ships," Nathan said as he placed the note down, better to prepare for the worst when fighting a battle than hope for the best. "A majority of those ships are Longships, let's say about 40 are Longships and 20 are War Galleys. A good Longship can hold at least 50 people, and a War Galley can hold about 70. Given these numbers, that should bring the Ironborn army coming to Windhelm at least... 3,400, perhaps more with an even 3,500." Nathan said, counting the numbers in his head swiftly as Lord Manderly taught him.

That brought grim looks to all the Lords present, all coming to the same conclusion as Nathan.

"How many men does Windhelm hold? Lord Smalljon and I brought 300 men."

"House Glover has brought 600 soldiers and 300 archers thanks to Lord Forrester," Lord Glover said in a grim tone as Lord Forrester nodded. "I need to have more men at Deepwood in case the Ironborn try to hold my home hostage in the chaos."

Nathan nodded in understanding, while the Ironborn weren't tactical geniuses they were cunning enough to take a castle hostage and use it as leverage. The stories of the Ironborn taking women and children hostage weren't pretty, and any Lord, husband, and father would take precautions. If the Ironborn took Deepwood hostage it would drag the fight on, and Lord Glover wasn't going to risk his family's safety.

"Bear Island is the same, while I have brought half of our warships I could only bring 150 men." Lady Mormont said with a frustrated sigh. "Jorah has taken 200 men to Moat Calin along with half our ships to ask Ned Stark for Steel weapons and armor, by the time he reaches the Moat the fight will have been long over. Bear Island needs all the men it has if the Ironborn desire to take the Island hostage." Lady Mormont said as Nathan nodded in understanding.

"House Tallhart has brought 400 archers," Lord Tallhart said, said with a sigh. "While I had promised another 100, the whelps were not up to par and will only be a hindrance, I am sorry my Lord. I have sent a raven for reinforcements but they won't be arriving for weeks."

"I understand Lord Tallhart, if you believe they will only hold us back I trust your judgment," Nathan said as he looked to Lord Ryswell.

"House Ryswell has brought 500 soldiers, the rest are being manned by my sons and protecting our lands if the Ironborn desired to raid before they reach Windhelm." Lord Ryswell said with a hard tone as he seemed to control his anger. "I will not leave my lands unprotected from such a large threat.

Nathan felt sympathy for Lord Ryswell, out of all the nobles in Westeros House Ryswell was possibly raided the most given that they had little in the way of ships, a lot of land, and an abundance of wood. The Ironborn loved to raid Ryswell's land to gain wood, food, and wealth, meaning Lord Ryswell couldn't bring all his men without putting his lands in danger.

"It should also be noted that Mountain Clans have sent 250 of their strongest warriors and their longships here to Windhelm." Lord Glover said with a sigh. "We've gained a few wanders, anyone who wanted to stay and fight, mercenaries who are looking to prove themselves or help such as Kodlak Whitemane and his group, giving us another 200. Lord Manderly has also sent 300 skilled sailors, though I don't know how useful they will be in a fight. Their skills lie more in handling ships rather than fighting."

"So in total, we have about 3,000 men protecting Windhelm, possibly 500 less than the Ironborn," Nathan said in a grim tone as the air in the room became somber. "When are the Ironborn expected to arrive?"

"The letter arrived about a week ago," Larence said as he pointed to the map on the table. "Lord Flint wasted no time sending the raven, so at the swift speed, the Ironborn were traveling, they should reach Windhelm in a day or two, three if we are lucky," Larence said as he bit his lip. "I have already sent ravens to Houses Dustin, Cerwyn, and even Karstark, anyone who can send support. They agreed but they won't be able to reach Windhelm in weeks, even if they march night and day."

Nathan sighed as he felt his heart hammer in his chest. The odds were not in their favor, the Ironborn had at least 50 ships to their 55 but the Ironborn had more men, and the Ironborn could have more ships. The only advantage Windhelm had at the moment was that they knew the Ironborn was on their way.

"We need to plan carefully," Nathan said as he looked at a map of Sea Dragon Point. "While the Ironborn have more men they don't use tactics, or have any real discipline. They rely only on superior numbers and surprise attacks to overwhelm their enemies, but thanks to Lord Flint we can prepare and turn the tables." Nathan said to the lords as he looked at everyone. "So, how do we fight the Ironborn?"

That brought a lot of looks from those at the tables.

"To tell you the truth Lord Stark, that is what we have been discussing for the past two days," Larence said with some hesitation as he looked to the other Lords.

"I say we meet the Ironborn at sea!" Lord Ryswell practically yelled as he slammed his fist into the table. "We have the ships, and superior archers, and even several Scorpions! If we can simply rain arrows down on their ships until their nothing more than pincussions!" Lord Ryswell said with a growl. "With this, we can prevent Windhelm from sustaining any damage. And ships we lose can be replaced by the ones claimed from the Ironborn once we've won."

"And I have been telling you, you are a fool Ryswell!" Lady Mormont yelled at the man, getting a surprised look from Nathan while Lord Ryswell looked livid. "The Ironborn are strongest at sea, they have more experienced sailors in their ranks than we do! They'll be sailing circles around us as we struggle to take down one of their ships while they sink several of ours!" Lady Mormont said as she shook her head. "To fight them at sea will be suicide, we need to draw them in the land, into Windhelm. We'll use the ships to block them off or send a majority away to draw them in. If we fight them on land we'll have a much better chance, and once we kill them all we can claim all the ships they left behind."

"Are you mad?!" Lord Ryswell yelled as he glared at Lady Mormont, who glared right back. "The whole point of those ships is to protect our lands! Why would we give up Windhelm for the ships that are meant to protect it!"

"Because we'll need those ships and more when we go to war with the Ironborn!" Lady Mormont yelled as she pointed to Lord Ryswell. "Bear Island has been fighting the Ironborn for years! We have never beaten them at Sea, few have. But we have beaten them on land, on our terms. If we fortify Windhelm and be smart, we can keep the damage to a minimum," She then gave a low growl that sounded like a mother bear. "However, if we fight them at sea and lose, or if some slip past and make it to land, we'll lose Windhelm anyway!"

This went on for several moments, the two arguing with such heat that was common among Northern Lords. Looking around the table, Nathan took the other Lord's reactions.

Lord Blackpearl and Forrester looked at the two with some worry, Lord Glover looked annoyed, and Lord Tallhart kept his face blank. Nathan then looked to Smalljon and saw the large man with a grin on his face, looking amused by the two fighting. Glancing back Nathan saw Domeric look at the two with a small frown, as if displeased.

Seeing the conversation was not going anywhere, Nathan acted.

"Enough!" Nathan yelled while slamming his hand on the table, grabbing everyone's attention and cutting off the argument. "You are Lords of the North, yet you are arguing like children when we should be planning to protect our lands! So enough!"

That brought a look of shame across Lady Mormont and Lord Ryswell's faces as they sat back down.

"Forgive us, Lord Stark," Lord Ryswell said in a calmer tone.

"Yes, that was not very noble," Lady Mormont said as she took a breath and let it out slowly.

"No, but it was very Northern," Smalljon said with a grin, getting a chuckle out of Lord Glover and a small smile out of Lord Tallhart. Lord Blackpearl and Forrester sighed in relief.

Nathan's lip quirked but he kept his face straight. "Do the other lord have anything to add?"

Lord Forrester and Blackpearl looked at one another before Lord Forrester spoke. "Out of everyone here, we have the least experience fighting the Ironborn, we leave judgment to the others."

"I am the same," Lord Tallhart said while folding his arms. "Both plans will need House Tallhart's archers, I am fine with whatever we do."

Nathan then looked to Lord Glover, who rubbed his chin. "Both plans have merits and drawbacks. If we fight them at sea, we may lose some ships and may end up fighting on land anyway. If we fight them on land they will burn any ship in their path and will attack the port and try to destroy it. Both plans offer losses, yet also victories." Lord Glover then looked at Nathan. "What do you think we should do, Lord Stark?"

In an instant all eyes were on Nathan, looking at the young Stark with some expectations.

Nathan took a breath as he stood and looked at the map and papers on the wooden table. There were maps of the North and a few detailed maps of Sea Dragon Point and even Windhelm.

"Out of the two plans... Lady Mormont brings the strongest argument," Nathan said, a look of victory on the woman's face while Lord Ryswell frowned. "The Ironborn are most experienced when fighting at sea, and on land, we will have the advantage. We will also need every ship we can muster to fight the Ironborn in the coming war." Nathan said as he rubbed his chin. "Still, to not use the ships would be a waste. As Lord Ryswell said, with the amount of archers we have we ran rain arrows down on the ships and dwindled their numbers before they reached land. It's the best way to deal with the Ironborn." Nathan said, getting a grin from Lord Ryswell now.

"Any chance we can do both?" Smalljon asked as he looked at the map with Nathan. "Draw them into the land and rain arrows down onto them from the ships?"

"...No, that won't work," Nathan said as he shook his head. "The Ironborn will attack the ships first and kill the archers, and we need our archers more than anything in the coming war with the Ironborn," Nathan explained making Smalljon click his teeth.

"So our only options are a fight on land or a fight at sea," Domeric said as he came over, getting a few looks from the lord. "The Ironborn don't know that we know they are on their way. Perhaps we can set a trap?"

Nathan nodded at Domeric words, a trap would be ideal in their situation. With a trap, they could dwindle the Ironborns' numbers before the fight started. The question is how.

"We can't simply lie and wait, the Ironborn may not be educated by they are not foolish, perhaps a blockade-" Nathan cut himself off as he looked at the map of Sea Dragon Point before his eyes widened. "Wait..." Nathan then reached across the table and grabbed small wooden figures. "Wait, wait, wait!"

Nathan's sudden actions grabbed everyone's attention as they watched the young Stark move the pieces around the map. After a few moments, Nathan grew a large grin.

"I think I have a plan," Nathan said with a confident look on his face. "Smalljon, Domeric, you were both right."

"We were?" Smalljon said as he scratched his head with confusion while Domeric also looked confused along with the rest of the Lords.

"We'll attack them both at land and sea after they fall into our trap," Nathan said as he pointed to the map. "As Domeric said, the Ironborn don't know that we know they are coming. As soon as the Ironborn arrive they won't hesitate to attack Windhelm and our ships as they need the element of surprise to win." Nathan said as he moved the wooden ships around the map. "I am suggesting leaving a few of our weaker ships at the docks to draw in the Ironborn. Then when they are close enough we surround them with the rest of our ships and rain arrows down at all sides."

"But where do we hide the ships?" Larence asked as he looked at the map. "The coves can only hide a ship or two, but ones that can be easily spotted." The young man said while Domeric's eyes widened in realization.

Nathan grinned as he pointed to the map of Sea Dragon Point, making all the Lord's eyes widen as they saw Nathan's plan.

"Windhelm is built on the southside of Sea Dragon Point, to hide our fleet, all we have to do is move it to the northside," Nathan said with a grin as he saw the shocked looks on everyone's faces. "Well make a ship blockade for the Ironborn to deal with before they reach Windhelm. While they are dealing with the blockade we'll move our ships behind them before they can react, trapping them at all sides."

Nathan moved the pieces around and showed a small group of ships surrounded by a large group.

"Once we surround the Ironborn we'll rain arrows on them, we'll sink a few with scorpion bolts to make it difficult for them to escape," Nathan said before he looked up, seeing wide eyes on everyone's faces. "Most may try to escape, but we won't let them." Nathan then picked up another paper. "How many arrows and Scorpion Bolts do we have?"

"Last..." Larence looked over the stack of papers in front of him before pulling one out. "Last count, we had about 120 barrels of arrows, thanks to Lord Tallhart and Ryswell," Larence said getting nods from the two lords. "As for Scorpion Bolts, we have just over 500."

Nathan nodded at this, while 500 scorpion bolts would last through the coming battle, it might not be enough for the coming war. As for the 120 barrels of arrows, a single barrel could hold up to 200 arrows, giving Windhelm a stockpile of 24,000 arrows at the least. Again, this was more than enough but more would be needed for the war.

"I say we should start moving the ships now," Nathan said as he pointed to the map of the North. "We don't know when the Ironborn arrives, today, tomorrow, or next week, it's best to move our men and ships now."

"How do we alert our hiding ships to strike?" Lady Mormont asked as she pointed to the North side of Sea Dragon Point. "The ships will be too far away to hear anything, and a messenger will take too long, even by horse."

"Perhaps a smoke signal," Lord Ryswell said as he pointed to the center of Sea Dragon Point. "If we use leaves, grass, green sticks, and branches, we should be able to create a large spoke signal that is easily visible on the north side of Sea Dragon's Point."

"That'll work," Nathan said while nodding to the two lords. "Now we need to know who will go with the ships and who will stay behind."

"The archers should be split between the two," Lord Tallhart as he looked at Nathan. "Half will go with the ships and the other half will stay behind, with that we can rain arrows down from all sides."

"And while the Ironborn are too busy hiding from our arrows we'll around them and sink a few of these ships with our scorpion bolts." Lord Glover said with a nod. "I believe my men and the mountain clans should stay on land, they fight best with solid footing."

"It's best to keep a majority of our forces on land for the Ironborn to see," Nathan said as he sat back down.

"But what if the Ironborn sense something is wrong when they see we don't have all our ships?" Lord Forrester asked with a worried look on their faces. "They came here to destroy our ships, but if they see most of them gone they may become suspicious."

Nathan shook his head at that. "The Ironborn don't have the luxury to be cautious," Nathan said while shaking his head. "Remember, one of the Ironborn's greatest strengths is their ambushes on unsuspecting enemies. They know they are weak against a well-prepared enemy, so they need the element of surprise to win. They know if they hesitate and try to play it safe, they lose their one advantage."

Throughout most of the Ironborn history, all of their greatest victories can be shocked up to ambushes, blitz attacks, and their superior skills with ships. However, there were a lot more failers in recent Ironborn, mostly against well-prepared enemies that were well-fortified. The Ironborn knew their strengths and they knew their weaknesses.

"There's also the fact that the Ironborn are known for their arrogance," Domeric chimed in, grabbing a few eyes. "If they see a poorly defended port they may not be able to resist hitting a weaker enemy."

"Ha, cravens, all of them," Smalljon said with a scowl. "Even the Wildlings have more honor than this lot, a Wildling will charge head first at a castle, it's dumb but they have more guts than the Ironbron."

All the Northern Lords agreed as Nathan grinned.

"Where will you be standing Lord Stark," Lord Glover asked Nathan. "With the ships or on land."

Nathan leaned forward with a thoughtful look on his face, everyone waiting for his answer.

"I'll be here, in Windhelm," Nathan said as he looked at the map. "I have little experience on ships, there's also the fact that the leader of the raid will be leading the largest ship in the front. If we kill him and any others who may be leading, the Ironborn will be in chaos and may be forced to retreat." Nathan said as he looked at the lords. "I will be on a ship with our strongest men and attack the lead ship with a few of ours. If we kill the leader swiftly the Ironborn may retreat without much trouble."

"You do you think will be leading the Ironborn raid?" Larence asked as he looked at the map.

That made Nathan pause as he rubbed his chin. While the Iron Islands were small they had multiple experienced lords and captains who could lead such a raid.

"It'll have to be someone Balon trusts," Nathan said slowly as he rubbed his chin.

"Would Balon send his sons, or perhaps his brothers?" Lord Glover asked as the other lords looked thoughtful.

Because the Iron Islands were not isolated, news and information were scarce. Only big news that involved a noble captured in a raid or involving House Greyjoy ever reached the rest of Westeros, and even then it was limited.

"...Balon is said to have three sons, two of which are of age to fight," Nathan said as he rubbed his chin. "I don't think Balon would risk his sons for a raid like this... then again, it's common for Ironborn to send their sons to raid to become a 'man', and I've heard that how many Iron Houses met their end. His brothers... perhaps." Nathan said while thinking hard. "However, it's most likely Balon will send a bannermen, someone experienced that Balon trusts, we'll never know until they show up," Nathan said as he looked up at the Lords with hard eyes. "Expect a hard fight."

"Yes Lord Stark," Everyone said from Lord Glover to Domeric.

"I'll be going on the ships, that's where we can fuck the Ironborn over," Smalljon said with a grin.

"I will join you," Domeric said with a grin. "I am quite good with a bow."

"I am going to get some sleep," Nathan said with a sigh as he stood up. "We'll ready our men in the morning and prepare for what is to come. They should rest until then. We worked them hard to get here." Nathan then looked to Lord Glover. "How's moral?"

Rest was needed for soldiers, a tired soldier was about as useful as a broken spear. Moral was also needed, as a soldier without a will to fight would be met with a quick death.

"Moral is good for the most part," Lord Glover said with a hard tone. "Thanks to the warning from Lord Flint, we are preparing and have a fighting chance, so everyone is raring to kill some Ironborn."

"Good," Nathan said with a smile as he stood up. "Now I'll go rest, and get out of this damn armor."

Nathan had been forced to keep his armor on for the past few days, only taking off a few pieces when they made camp as taking the whole armor off took too much time. Now all he wanted to do was strip it off and take a nice bath.

"You can sleep here Lord Stark, while the manor is modest it does have several rooms," Larence said with a smile.

"I'll take any bed as long as I can get a bath," Nathan said as he followed Larence, but not before looking back to Domeric and Smalljon. "We'll talk tomorrow and go over the soldiers."

"Yes Lord Stark," The two said with grins as they exited the manor.

Larence led Nathan to a modest room with a single bed, a large trunk, and a candle on the wall.

"I know it's not much-"

Nathan cut Larence off by raising his hand and giving him a grin. "What do I look like, a southern lord? Give me a blanket and I can sleep anywhere."

Larence laughed as Nathan threw his helmet into the trunk. "I will have a servant draw a bath." Larence turned to leave but seemed to pause. "Lord Stark, may I say something."

"Speak your mind Larence, and when we are alone, you can call me Nathan," Nathan said as he threw his chest plate onto the bed. "We're about to go to war together, you deserve that much."

That made Larence ease as he smiled at Nathan. "I just wanted to say... you are quite amazing Nathan." Larence said, grabbing Nathan's attention. "You're younger than me and all of the lords here, yet that didn't stop you from talking to them like a Lord of the North."

Nathan gave Larence a small smile. "While I might make this look easy, I learned a lot from my Uncle, Lord Manderly, and Maester Luwin," Nathan said as he gave Larence a somber smile. "I... love the North," Nathan said as he looked at his armor. "I love its history, our culture, the Old Gods, our people, I love it all," Nathan then grew a frown, something Larence noticed. "Yet I also know our weaknesses, and how the South sees us as nothing more than savage barbarians. It makes me angry. It's why I try to make the North stronger, to show Westeros that we are more than we seem." Nathan then looked to Larence with a savage grin as he stuck his hand out. "So let's show the Ironborn why they shouldn't fuck with the North."

Larence looked at Nathan with a stunned look before he gave his grin and took the young Stark's hand.

"Let's, my Lord."

With that Larence exited the room, leaving Nathan to his thoughts.

Once alone Nathan took a breath and looked to his hand to see it was shaking.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Nathan felt fear grip his heart. War was different from a simple fight with a few thugs or slavers, war was hell. All it took was one wrong move, a stray arrow, or a sword in the back for everything to end. Not to mention the same thing could happen to Smalljon, Larence, Domeric, and anyone else.

Nathan had secretly hoped that Balon wouldn't go through with attacking Windhelm, that he would see how foolish it was since the North had the backing of both King Robert and the Riverlands. And that Balon wouldn't be foolish enough to attack with a fleet of 50 ships and a couple thousand men. While everyone in the North expected 10 to 20 ships, the usual number for a 'Rogue Ironborn' raid, Balon was bringing in 50, practically 1/3 of his fleet.

Nathan could feel the impending danger of fighting the Ironborn.

"Get a grip Stark," Nathan said with a low growl as he tightened his fist to stop the shaking. "Remember House Stark's words, 'Winter is Coming'."

Hearing his house Words Nathan felt a calmness wash over him. Many Stark Lords have faced similar situations and they have all prevailed, and Nathan would not be different.

Taking the last of his armor off, Nathan then left to take a hot bath.

"Rest now, fight tomorrow," The young Stark thought with determination.

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