In the year 2022 the world was on fire.

Racial tensions, corruption, sickness, war and violence were at an all time high and civilization as we knew it was reaching its boiling point.

Something drastic needed to be done in order to bring balance back to humanity…


All was well in the life of young Austin Ivory.

Austin had just turned twelve years old and he was eagerly waiting for his first year of high school to begin.

You see, Austin, like his fellow white boy peers, had all grown up together, isolated from the rest of the world. The white boys had been taught from a young age that each race and gender of children were raised separately, from birth until puberty, in boarding schools closed off from the rest of society. They weren't allowed access to the internet, and their literature, video games and shows were all heavily moderated as to not give them any hints about how the outside world operated.

White boys would be raised in one such community, white girls would be raised in another. Black boys would be raised in their own location, and black girls in another, and so on and so forth.

It was explained to them that this system was put in place so that every child could experience a calm, wholesome upbringing amongst other kids just like them. And that when they reached puberty, the WHOLE world and all of its secrets would fully open up to them.

To someone from the past, it would have sounded like segregation. To those who had grown up in this world, it was simply the way things were. You grew up peacefully among other white boys like yourself, and then one day, when you were old enough, you'd get to meet these other 'races' of people you'd always heard so much about.

Ironically, in a world where you begin your life so divided, racism was practically non-existent. The curriculum in such institutions preached the virtues of diversity and open-mindedness from the moment you could talk. These schools weren't so much about keeping children of different races from interacting, but rather about priming their youth with a basic education, and to get them excited about meeting these new races, as opposed to fearing them.

It was all the young white boys gossiped about - what black people might be like, or what asian people might be like. Hell, they hadn't even met females their age, only their mothers and their teachers. So young girls and coloured folk were spoken of as if they were mythological - something to be discovered.

Austin Ivory was one such white boy. He stood about four foot seven, had messy brown hair, green eyes and a blindingly sweet smile, framed by dimpled cheeks which were smattered with faded freckles.

All the teachers claimed he was a real cutie, which felt nice.

And for as long as he could remember, Austin wondered and dreamt about what it would be like when he was allowed to integrate with the rest of the world, and what it would be like to meet a white female his own age.

All in all, Austin was a very happy little boy, and was well-liked by his classmates and the faculty. He had no real complaints save perhaps one…

Austin was pretty sure that he had a very, very tiny penis.

It was hard to tell, because all the other white boys were similarly secretive when it came to their genitalia. None of them ever brought it up and they had an unspoken agreement to pointedly avoid looking when changing clothes in their rooms. When you've never even SEEN a penis other than your own, it's hard to tell how you measure up because you have no point of reference.

And for whatever reason, the teachers at Austin's school were suspiciously reluctant to discuss such matters. Whenever anything regarding sex was brought up, the staff would wave their hands dismissively and say that they would learn all about that in high school.

Austin stood nude in front of the full length mirror of his bedroom, using his thumb and index finger to examine his dainty white penis.

He had never really gone out of his way to properly measure it, perhaps out of fear of confirming how small it was, but if he had to guess, it looked like it was a mere two-inches long…

He sighs to himself. 'No, that can't be right. It HAS to be bigger than that…'

Just as he turned to his side to see how his little wiener looked from his profile, his dormitory door shot open and Austin's mother, Tilda Ivory, barged inside without looking.

"Hey, sweetie! I know you're starting high school tomorrow, so I wanted to come wish you—" Tilda's eyes widened as she took in the sight of her naked white son, blushing furiously and looking mortified.

"Mom!" Austin whined. "I told you to knock before coming in!"

Once the surprise wore off, her eyes brimmed with barely concealed mirth. "Pfft! S-Sorry, honey," Tilda choked back a snort, looking at her son's micropenis. "Mommy prom—hahaha! Mommy promises to be more careful from now on!"

"Well…thank you," Austin pouted, moving to cover his privates.

Before he could manage to do so, Austin's mother batted his hands away playfully. "Oh, it's nothing I haven't seen before, baby!" Tilda knelt down to eye-level with Austin's penis and began making cooing noises.

"Well, hello there! It's been so long since mommy has seen the little white worm!"

The freckled boy flushed pink and looked to the side. Ever since he could remember, his mommy had called his penis 'her little white worm.' Austin obviously hated it, but it seemed to make his mommy happy so he put up with it.

While he was thinking on his past embarrassments, Austin had just barely noticed that his mother had taken out her cellphone before he heard the telltale sound of the camera clicking.

He swiped at the phone to try and snatch it but Tilda held it just out of his reach.

"Moooom! What are you taking pictures of my thing for? C'mon, delete it!" Austin pleaded.

"Baby," Tilda placated, soothingly. "I'm only taking a photo so that I can keep track of your growth. I promise I won't show it to anyone else, m'kay?"

Despite himself, Austin was touched by his mother's concern with his physical development. "Well, I suppose that's alright," he smiled.

"Yep! Just let me save it real quick…" Under the pretence of saving the photo, Tilda posted the image of her son's tiny white dick to her social media, where she had over one-million followers due to her line of work. Her caption read; My twelve y/o son's "penis…" LMAO He's so cute! #BNWO #babydick #typical #swc #whiteboi

Once she was done with her bit of harmless mischief, she sat down on her sons' bed and patted the spot next to her. Austin obligingly sat beside her.

"So, are you excited about tomorrow?," Tilda inquired.

Her son noticeably perked up. "I sure am! I can't wait to meet people with different skin colours! And girls! And I can finally learn what the outside world is really like! And—!"

His mother cut him off with a chuckle. "Settle down, now. I'm glad you're looking forward to it, hun. I just…It's going to be a very…interesting time in your life."

She grabbed him gently by his bare shoulders. "I want you to know that no matter what you learn about yourself, I will always love you. Okay?"

Austin, too naive to pick up on the ominous subtext merely grinned and nodded.

Tilda smiled fondly in response and ruffled his soft brunet hair.

"Good luck, Austin," she paused for effect before teasingly wagging her finger down at his prick. "And you stay out of trouble, little worm!"

Austin blushed bright red and covered himself up. "Yeah, yeah…"

His mother laughed brightly and blew him a kiss as she took her leave. "Bye-bye, hun."

Once she was gone, Austin let out a deep sigh and gave his penis one last side-glance in the mirror, pondering what mysteries the following day might bring.

All the white boys woke up bright and early the following morning, packing their bags and chattering excitedly.

"What do you think the black boys will be like?!"

"They'll probably look like us, just…brown? I guess? And less cool, obviously."

"Uh-huh, and way shorter too!"

"Yeah, haha!

"Oh man, I can't wait to finally meet some girls! I bet you I'll kiss one in the first month!"

"No way!"


"I feel kinda bad for the black boys…there's no way any girls will wanna smooch them once they see us, right?"

The confident group of white boys collectively sighed at their soon to be classmates misfortune.

"Maybe we can help them kiss a few girls? That'll be a good way to become friends with them!"

They all agreed that was a wonderful idea. Their enthusiasm was cut short once one of them unwrapped their new high school uniform and saw what they were meant to changed into. "Uh, guys?"

The other boys examined their own uniforms and shared a similar reaction.

They were evidently expected to wear thigh-high socks, a button-up lilac shirt that was shortened to expose their tummies, a short black pleated skirt and a whisper-thin pair of white cotton panties.

They called in their teacher to inform her that there had been a mistake with their uniforms, but the teacher assured them that this was, in fact, their new uniform.

One time Austin had heard about something called a kilt on television…Apparently they were skirts that were still considered masculine. Maybe these skirts were something like that?

Austin slipped the panties up his smooth legs and grimaced when he looked down at them. They were so tight on him that he could even see the slightest little bulge where his tiny pale cocklet rested, and no matter how many times he adjusted them, the panties always ended up wedged up his buttcrack, exposing his plump, rosy bumcheeks.

For his sake, he hoped the skirt covered everything…

"Well…" Austin finished putting them on. "It won't be so bad if the black boys are wearing them too, right?"

His friends nodded apprehensively, feeling their first hint of unease at their new life.

It was a bittersweet affair as the group of white boys piled onto their school buses and bid farewell to the only home they had ever known. But after a few somber moments, the excitement built back up and they all eagerly rode towards adulthood together.

Having never been beyond the perimeters of the Whiteboy Elementary grounds, the whole bus drank in the brand new sights of the countryside with childlike wonder.

However, just as they could start to see the tip of the city's skyline crest over the edge of the road, the windows all tinted pure black, blocking their view of the outside. Lights turned on overhead so that the bus could stay illuminated.

"Hey, what gives?" Austin asked the bus driver. "We've waited our whole lives to see the city!"

A chorus of agreements joined him, and the attractive blonde driver shouted back at them.

"You aren't ready yet, dears. High school is all about slowly introducing you to the way the world works. If you can see the advertisements on the street, the people, the buildings, it'll all ruin the surprise and overwhelm you!" She chided. "You'll gradually learn all about the world in school, and only then will you he prepared to experience it for yourself."

The white boys, excited, impatient and full of curiosity continued complaining regardless.

The driver winked back at them in the rear-view mirror. "You'll learn all about the city soon enough. You should learn to enjoy the anticipation."

Though frustrated, the boys understood her reasoning and saw that there was no point in arguing so they went back to chatting amongst themselves.

Austin privately ruminated on just how crazy the world must be, if just sneaking a peek at the city would apparently be too much for them to handle.

The bus finally finally pulled in at their destination some fifty minutes later and everyone was practically vibrating with excitement.

The driver wished them well with a strange glint in her eyes as they all stormed off the bus and laid their eyes on their new school for the first time.

"Whoa!" Austin stared up at the towering structure in awe.

The building was easily three times the size of their whiteboy elementary school. And with the beautiful brickwork, black marble pillars and gold-accents, it practically looked like a palace straight out of a storybook!

The only blemish on the otherwise opulent grounds was an ornate bronze fence dividing the high school straight down the middle.

Austin was only able to ponder the function of the fence for a moment before a second bus pulled up on the other side.

The group of white boys all ran to press their faces against the fence, watching the bus door with bated breath.

And they were soon rewarded.

One by one, another group of white children exited the bus. Austin thought they might be other white boys at first, until he noticed their long hair and the budding breasts under their blouses.

He struggled to form words, choking on air in his excitement. One of his fellows beat him to it and shouted, "Girls! Girls! No way!"

That seemed to set the whole group off, and all the young boys began hollering, trying to catch the white girls attention.

The noise startled them and they all glanced over at the ruckus. Once they saw the white boys their eyes widened like saucers and they pranced over with matching eagerness to greet each other.

Once they all stood face to face through the chainlink fence, both the white boys and girls were momentarily shocked into silence as they examined one another before they all began rapidly firing off questions and observations.

"What's it like to have boobs? Does it hurt?" A white boy asked.

"I always thought they'd be taller…" One girl whispers to her friend.

Another boy pipes up. "Can I touch your hair? Please?"

The girls being addressed tittered and tossed her hair over her shoulder. "They're so cute! Like puppy dogs!"

The sheer chaos of their first contact had rendered Austin mute until he spotted the most beautiful girl with shoulder length brunette hair standing in front of him.

"I-I'm Austin!" He stammered, fiddling with his thumbs.

The girl blushed faintly and responded in turn. "Nancy."

Before the two groups could continue their many conversations a sharp whistle sounded and they all immediately turned to face it.

A stern looking platinum-blonde bombshell of a woman wearing a black-leather skirt suit, an officer's cap and black aviators loomed over them from the front steps. She had a silver whistle hanging from her neck and a riding crop tightly grasped in her gloved hands.

It appeared as if she was about to tell them all off before sighing and urging them apart with a motion of her arms.

"I understand that you're all excited, but the boys and girls are only permitted to interact during predetermined periods. You are to distance yourselves from each other unless interaction is first approved," she firmly stated.

Both groups deflated slightly, knowing that their meetings would be less substantial than they had hoped for, but just that little taste was more than worth it in their eyes.

"My name is Olga Snow. I will be your new headmistress. You are to address me exclusively as Headmistress Snow," she stated, looking specifically at the white boys.

The boys all stood to attention and nodded obediently. The girls giggled quietly at their beta behaviour.

Headmistress Snow continued. "For future reference – boys and girls may only interact during recess, and only through this fence. You will attend separate classes, sleep in separate dormitories and generally live separate lives."

Some students, mostly the boys, groaned at their get-togethers being so infrequent. But they all quickly shut up once Snow glared at them and pointedly smacked her riding crop against her palm.

"As I said," she grit through clenched teeth. "You will be permitted to speak through the fence during recesses. That's fifteen minutes, twice a day and you should be grateful for it."

The girl who Austin had briefly met, named Nancy, asked the headmistress, "Will that really be the only time we get to hang out with the boys?"

Snow's eye twitched in annoyance and Austin marvelled that none of the girls appear intimidated by her! They seemed so brave!

The headmistresses stared down at Nancy before grudgingly admitting, "…You will also have extended interactions in person during holidays, special school events and on rare occasions you will share classes when the subject matter calls for it."

All together, the boys cheered at the prospect of getting to eventually be in the same room as some cute girls!

Snow, irritated by the boy's outburst, shouted something truly shocking. "But you white boys had better be on your best behaviour during these events! That means keeping your tiny little weewees in your skirts!"

There was a heavy pause where all the white students were left dumbfounded and slack-jawed by Snow's mockery.

The awkward tension in the air broke when a white girl had to stifle a giggle.

Two more shushed her but sounded as if they were holding back laughter themselves.

A sporty looking blonde couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out in full-on belly laughter. Her laughter was contagious and all the girls started laughing so hard that they had tears streaming down their flawless faces.

"T-Tiny weewees! Write that down, write that down!"

"Hehehe! Do white boys really have small ones or is she just teasing them?"


"—might be true! One time I overheard my mom say that they look like scared turtles, whatever that means…I think—"

"Aww, I hope it's not true! That would be so sad for them…"

Headmistress Snow threw one final sneer in the boys direction for good measure before turning her attention to the still-snickering girls and hiding a motherly smile behind her hand.

Meanwhile, the white boys were are all left beet-red and quivering with embarrassment, whispering to each other worriedly.

"Did-Did she just call our dicks small? Did I hear her wrong?"

"Is that…Do we really have small…?

"She's just giving us a hard time. I'm sure…"

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Austin was on the verge of having a panic attack. He had been stressing out over his little pink nub of a penis since forever, and the Headmistresses' words had really struck a nerve in him.

He took several calming breaths. Even if he was small, he was only twelve years old! He'd have plenty of time to develop physically.

Once everyone had calmed back down, Snow gestured towards two sets of double doors. "You will now attend your respective orientations. Head straight down the main corridor, the auditorium is at the very end."

Without further adieu Headmistress Snow marched back into the building. The boys and girls shared a quick goodbye and headed inside the school.

As the girls entered their half of the building, the boys could hear a fresh round of laughter break out just before the doors shut. None of the boys acknowledged it, hoping to preserve some of their dignity.

Austin couldn't help but feel as if they had already lost something significant. First impressions are important and he felt nervous about the way the girls looked at them after the penis comment.

Brushing those thoughts aside for now, Austin and the boys walked to the auditorium with renewed purpose. Maybe they could turn this around and end their first day of high school on a high note!

Yet when they opened the doors to the auditorium they were immediately confronted with the curious stares of a hundred black boys.

For the second time in less than fifteen minutes, the impressionable young white boys were confronted with a brand new type of person they'd never seen before.

And Austin was very intimidated.

His first impression of black boys was that they were very physically imposing. In pretty much every way.

Despite being only twelve years old, they looked as if they were fifteen or sixteen. The black boys each had to have been at least one full head taller than even the tallest white boy in their grade.

And whereas the fair-skinned children had retained much of their boyish features and baby-fat, the black boys appeared to be built sturdily, with lithe frames and wiry muscle starting to show even through their shirts.

Which was another strange thing — the black kids had completely different uniforms than them! For some reason they all got to wear standard slacks, tucked in button-ups and cardigans.

Austin instinctively tried to pull the hem of his skirt down further to cover more of his creamy, smooth thighs but it was no use. He may as well have been wearing booty shorts!

And if the whites were staring at the blacks in growing insecurity, the dark-skinned boys seemed to be sizing their new classmates up with the lazy scrutiny with which one might observe a new species at the zoo — they were interested, but not at all nervous. Like they had nothing at all to be afraid of.

Austin felt like the ground was going to swallow him whole…Why weren't they warned growing up that black males were so effortlessly masculine?

The black students exchanged a few quizzical looks, wondering why the little pale boys seemed like they'd seen a ghost.

Hoping to break the ice, one of the more athletic black boys approached them. Austin was still frozen in place and didn't see the rest of his peers step back, unwittingly placing him front and centre.

So, it didn't register that the black boy had approached him until he was right in front of Austin with his hand outstretched in greeting.

"Sup? I'm Terry."

After a moment passed with no reaction, Terry bemusedly waved his hand in front of Austin's face. "You good, bro?"

Realizing he was being addressed, Austin eeped and grasped Terry's palm with both of his hands, shaking it timidly.

Terry chuckled at the nervous behaviour, but didn't draw attention to it. "You got soft hands, man."

Austin wasn't sure whether that was an insult or a compliment. He wasn't sure of anything anymore. This whole morning had turned his worldview on its head. He mentally scrambled to think of something, anything, to say back.

All that came out of his mouth was, "B-Big…"

Terry cocked a brow and grinned at that. If nothing else, at least these whiteboys were endearing.

He was about to ask for Austin's name when the thump of someone's finger tapping against a microphone echoed throughout the auditorium.

All the boys present turned their attention to the centre stage. A kind looking lady wearing a nurse's outfit and sporting a high ponytail smiled back at them all.

"Hello, everyone! It's so very nice to meet you all! My name is Nurse Bleach and I am the school's doctor. Welcome to 'Building & Bridging Cultures High School' or 'BBC High' for short!" Nurse Bleach clapped excitedly. "Oh, you're all going to love it so much here! I can't wait to get to know you all! Please, be seated."

As is human nature, the two different groups remained separated, with the one-hundred black boys all seated on one side of the room, while the white boys sat across from them. To their credit, the black students tried to put the poor white boys at ease by waving half-heartedly as they left to hopefully show them that they wanted to be friendly.

Once everyone was seated and watching her attentively, the bubbly young nurse resumed her speech.

"Now, you all must have so many burning questions about the world and your place in it. So, do you want the good news first…or the even BETTER news?" Nurse Bleach teased.

"How about the good news first?" Terry confidently shouted back.

"Ooh! Saving the best for last — I like your style, mister~" Bleach winked. "Well, the GOOD news is that many of your more pressing questions will be answered before you leave this room!"

That statement was enough to lift even Austin's spirits so he felt brazen enough to call back, "What's the better news, then?"

Practically bursting with excitement, Nurse Bleach dropped the bomb that would change their entire high school experience.

"After receiving a VERY generous offer from The Blacked Entertainment Network, BBC High will be the first ever live-streamed high school reality show!" Bleach dramatically threw her arms apart and dozens of high-tech miniature drones swarmed out from the curtains behind her.

The drones were each about the size of a sparrow and flitted around the room completely soundlessly. Some of the white boys screamed and swatted at them ineffectually, prompting the black boys to snicker.

One of the drones stopped dead in front of Austin's face, no doubt capturing his bewildered doe-eyed face for however many people were watching on the other end.

A boy in the row of seats below him anxiously said, "Th-There must be some kind of mistake, Ms Bleach! None of us agreed to be f-filmed or anything!"

Even the otherwise cool and collected black kids seemed somewhat perturbed and voiced similar concerns regarding their privacy and consent.

Nurse Bleach looked as if she couldn't comprehend their reluctance. "I don't think you boys understand! The Blacked Entertainment Network is the number one streaming service in the world! Not only would we, the school faculty, get paid handsomely, but each and every one of you would also be paid an exorbitant salary for your participation!"

This seemed to sway the black students' opinion slightly. "Hold up, we'd be getting paid? Just to get filmed while we go through school? That's it?"

"That's right," Nurse Bleach nodded rapidly, causing her ponytail to flail around behind her.

"And you said it was a salary…We'd get paid for all five years of high school?" Terry chimed in, leaning forward in interest.

Sensing that she got some of them back on board, Nurse Bleach started a drumroll to build suspense.

"Five-hundred thousand a year. Each," she grinned innocently.

The auditorium promptly broke out into chaos.

"A half a million each?! Shit, I'd do anything for that! Count me in!"

"How is that even possible?"

"But there are two-hundred boys here!" Austin gaped like a fish, trying to calculate the total amount in his head.

"And two-hundred girls as well, don't you forget!" Nurse Bleach beamed, clasping her hands together.

"F-Four hundred students?! Five-hundred thousand each?! That's! That's like—!"

"Two-hundred million dollars a year…for five years. That's a billion overall," Terry whispered. "What kind of people could afford that shit?"

Nurse Bleach tittered happily. "Sometimes I forget how little you boys know before you arrive here. The Blacked Entertainment Network have been the kings of media for centuries now. They're multi-trillionaires! A billion dollars is like pocket change to them, especially for such a lucrative investment. Polls show that this is the most heavily anticipated show of all time! Billions of people will be watching you all every day! Isn't that exciting?!"

Austin wasn't panicked or anxious anymore. At this point he was so overwhelmed that he could hardly feel anything at all. It felt as if he was floating through a living nightmare. It didn't feel real.

"Billions of people? Watching us constantly?" He numbly asked.

"Yes, but that's a good thing! Don't you see, sweetheart? You're all going to be graduating high school as millionaires and celebrities! If you make a good impression on the folks at home, think of the job opportunities you'll get!" Bleach implored.

"But why?" A lanky black boy seated beside Terry asked.

"Hmm?" Nurse Bleach prompted, tilting her head.

"Why is the whole world so interested in watching us just go through high school? Won't that be boring?" The boy continued.

Nurse Bleach sat on the edge of the stage, facing the black boys. She discreetly hiked her skirt up and spread her legs in such a way that they could catch the slightest glimpse of her shaved pussy.

The white boys obviously weren't afforded such a view.

While the young black boys eyes remained transfixed between her legs, Nurse Bleach tried to seal the deal.

"People like reality TV, and they like watching cute, innocent kids grow up! They want to see us shape your young minds. And most of all, they want to see realtime footage of you all discovering the BNWO. Plus, having your education fully documented will be invaluable in helping the government see how our current system works and if there could possibly be changes made to improve it…You boys agree to the terms, right?" She pouted, spreading her legs wider.

One by one the black boys all consented to participate in the reality show, having been swayed by Bleach's feminine wiles. Each of them were moving their heads around, trying to get a better view of the Nurse's pussy.

"What about us? What if we don't agree?" One of the white boys shakily asked.

Nurse Bleach rolled her eyes fondly and fixed her skirt before turning to address the white boys. "We already have you all signed to a contract, silly! All of your mothers signed them on your behalf."

"But that's not fair! What if we don't want to?" Another asked.

"Well…you're gonna. So, get used to it," Nurse Bleach smiled at them warmly, reaching down to pat a boy in the first row on his head.

The white boys collectively bowed their heads and slumped in their seats, knowing there was no use in arguing the point.

One of the many drones stopped directly in front of Nurse Bleach. The dozens of other cameras regularly circled through the room, getting clear shots of everyone present.

Nurse Bleach clasped her hands together and addressed her drone. "Now that the formalities are taken care of, we can finally begin the orientation! On behalf of everyone here, I'd like to thank everyone at home for tuning in! Welcome to the premiere episode of 'Blacked: BBC High!"

For the benefit of the show the black boys clapped to show their enthusiasm and endear themselves to the audience, whereas the white boys remained noticeably despondent.

"Now, for your orientation I'm going to give you all a brief introduction into the history of the BNWO. After which you'll get a quick talk about your classes and schedule. Sound good?!" She beamed at her assembled students.

Her lewd display earlier and her perky, animated attitude seemed to have put the black boys in good spirits, and they all cheered in response.

The white boys weren't as keen on the current situation, but still remained eager to finally learn some world history, so they perked back up.

To everyone's surprise, a photorealistic hologram of a city formed in the centre of the stage. Sometimes the boys forgot that they lived in the twenty-sixth century, seeing as all modern technology had been kept out of their elementary schools.

As the children all observed the little moving cars and birds flying above the sprawling digital metropolis on the stage, Nurse Bleach cleared her throat.

"You should all know that the history of the BNWO is a little sad in the beginning…but don't worry, because it has a happy ending! It's just—It's so inspiring…You'll have to forgive me if I start crying," Nurse Bleach sheepishly chuckled, already wiping at her eye with a finger.

The lights of the auditorium dimmed and all eyes focused on the hologram as Nurse Bleach commenced her lesson.

"For the first two-thousand year of recorded human history, civilization was fraught with war and political disputes. Everyone was angry constantly. People lived unfulfilling lives, drowning in their anger, insecurity and frustration. …"

The hologram shifted and transformed before their eyes, showing two men in suits behind podiums screaming at one another while the building burned down around them.

"One of the primary reasons for society's tensions was the growing resentment brewing between the different races, particularly between black and white communities…"

The two screaming politicians morphed into a white man wearing a red cap and a young black man with blue braids glaring at one another from across the room.

"Black and white aggression continued to escalate exponentially and America was on edge, even amongst those who weren't involved…"

The hologram loaded an asian woman, a middle-eastern man and a hispanic man all looking back at the angry white and black men nervously.

Austin didn't know what to make of this story. He had always been taught that white folks have lived harmoniously with black people. When he chances a glance over at the black boys he's heartened to see that they appear similarly distraught.

Why would people hold such resentment in their hearts just because they happen to be of different races?

Nurse Bleach walks the stage, idly flipping through the scenes on her holo-display from her wristwatch.

"Everything changed in 2023 when a german scientist by the name of Werner kleinerschwanz made a brilliant discovery…"

The holograms on stage all swirled into one meek looking blond man in a lab coat who was bent over a table of vials, notes and bubbling flasks.

"…He had invented what would later be referred to as The Black Pill…" Nurse Bleach said proudly.

Werner held a small black pill in his palms, gazing down at his creation reverently.

"You see, Werner was a white supremacist…Pfft! Hehehe! Can you imagine? Sorry…S-Sorry!" Nurse Bleach reined in her giggling and cleared her throat to help compose herself. "As I was saying, Werner was a white supremacist and believed that white people were biologically superior to all other races…"

The scene shifted before them once more to a still image of Werner glaring at a black man walking by his laboratory window with disgust plain on his features.

"Werner went to the United Nations to present his invention. He revealed that he had created a medicine that would force all races of humans to fully evolve and reach their true potential! Which meant that if a white man took the pill, within days he would transform into the genetically ultimate white man, whereas a black man who took the pill would evolve into something completely different, due to their physiological differences…"

Nurse Bleach briefly presented several diagrams showing that even back before the Black Pill, black people were still generally more physically impressive than white people.

Austin squirmed in embarrassment. The diagram stated it so matter-of-factly…

"The UN was impressed with his discovery, but weren't sure what Werner wanted them to do with it…"

The image changed to Werner eagerly presented the black pill to an assembly of world leaders as they gazed down at him with intrigue in their eyes.

"This was the day when Werner offered humanity a proposal; to force everyone on earth to take the black pill. Then, once all the races had evolved completely, there would be no denying which was the superior race. It would put an end to all war and political disagreements, as the dominant race would have earned the right to inherit control of the entire world as the true master-race…"

The World Leaders on stage looked at each other worriedly.

"The UN felt that it was too large of a decision for one room full of people to make, regardless of their status, and wisely put it to a vote! A global poll was put in place, asking whether or not the black pill ought to be made mandatory for the world's population…"

Several recordings flashed through in quick succession; talking heads on news stations debating the merits of the black pill, a celebrity on a talk show cracking jokes about it while the host reeled back in laughter, and several ladies of varying races discussing it over tea on the Women's Network.

"In the end, 69% of the world voted in favour of taking the black pill. Historians claim that at the time, most of the people who voted to take the pill were certain that their race would come out on top, and considered the pill a calculated risk…"

The people on stage transform into a black man and a white man grinning at each other daringly while playing a game of chess.

"It was decided that the black pill would be delivered to all households on January first, 2024. The reasoning being that the new year would usher in a new age for humanity. As the date drew closer, society became more and more anxious. But it was too late to back out by then…"

A happy white family is shown eating Christmas dinner together with their heads bowed in grace. It would be a picture perfect Hallmark moment if it weren't for the father looking nervously over his shoulder at the front door, as if he was dreading the pill's arrival.

Perhaps he knew in his heart that he was experiencing his final 'white Christmas…'

The hologram abruptly shuts off along with all the other lights in the room save for one lone spotlight shining directly down on Nurse Bleach. All the students watch with rapt attention, some leaning forward in their seats for the big reveal.

Bleach's voice quiets, barely a whisper now. "As promised, on New Years Day everyone on Earth was delivered a black pill. As one, humanity took the gamble for true superiority and all that was left was to wait for their evolution to occur…"

Austin looks over at the group of strapping young black boys then back at himself and his wimpy friends. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he's still praying that his white ancestors had somehow come out on top.

Anticipation builds, thick and heavy in the auditorium as Nurse Bleach speaks. "Initially, it was estimated that the transformation would take at least a week to complete after ingesting the pill, but the U.N. had since improved on Werner's original formula and, miraculously, the change took place overnight as people slept. Just one night after taking the pill, the human race woke up to a new world…"

"And it was a BLACKED New World!"

Many of the whiteboys let out distressed and heartbroken sounds, as Ms Bleach confirmed what Austin had suspected. When they grew up wanting to know more about their history, they didn't exactly have this in mind!

Austin could barely register his friends displeasure as he was too busy dealing with his own private devastation. Everyone took the pill and black people ended up being the dominant race? How could that be? He had always assumed that white people like him were the heroes of the story…

The black boys obviously seemed pleased, but upon looking at the whiteboys sadness, they didn't celebrate too openly — not wanting to be cruel and rub salt in the wound by gloating. Nobody likes a sore winner.

The lights all turned back on, brighter than before as inspirational music started playing.

"All over the world, everyone woke up more intelligent, more healthy and, as they would later discover, with greatly increased lifespans! However, if you were to look at most races you wouldn't really be able to tell the difference. The asian, hispanic and middle-eastern populations greatly benefited from the black pill, but their physiology remained mostly the same. There were, however, extreme mutations in both white people and black people…"

Nurse Bleach slid her finger across her holo-display and pulled up medical photos of what appeared to be two black adults. Except, they were…


Many of the white boys gasped at the sight, jaws dropped and eyes wide.

"N-No, that has to be fake! That can't be real!" One white boy loudly whispered.

Austin's face blushed a deep tomato red as he took in the two naked black holograms on stage. The black woman was gorgeous, with an hourglass figure, perfectly shaped breasts and dusky brown nipples.

One might think that Austin would be transfixed on her after spending his whole life fantasizing about seeing a nude female, but instead his eyes were glued to the black man on her left.

He was the picture of masculinity, as if he were carved out of obsidian by the gods themselves. Despite the hologram listing the man as six foot give, he remained muscular and perfectly sculpted, with a handsome face and a charming smile.

But what Austin was truly laser-focused on was the thick black python which hung heavily past the man's knees.

Austin had only started experiencing erections for the past few weeks. When he had popped his first little stiffy he had panicked and rushed to his homeroom teacher, fearing something was wrong with him. After bursting in to her office he had immediately pulled his shorts down to his ankles and pulled his shirt up high so that she could get a clear look at his hard penis.

His teacher had burst out laughing and explained that it was perfectly natural and that he would learn more about 'how his little twig worked' in high school.

Even fully hard, Austin's dick was so tiny that he could only fiddle with it with his thumb and index finger. Eventually, he discovered that it was easier to just flick it with one finger. It felt good, it felt like something great was going to happen whenever he did, but the feeling always went away and got limp again in the end.

But now, in this crowded auditorium, with his little wiener constricted in his tight panties, staring at the gigantic black cock on stage, the special feeling in his groin was building again…and this time it wasn't going down!

"With the help of the pill, the black race evolved to reach the peak of humanity overnight, their dominant genes so immediately apparent that nobody even bothered to contest the decision," Nurse Bleach said. "Black men in particular were blessed with increased athleticism, intelligence, height and, obviously, enormous genitalia. Their penises were now easily the biggest in the world by a wide margin."

'All black men are like that? God, please, no…" Austin thought to himself. "There's no way I'd ever be able to compete with that!"

Austin shifted in his seat and crossed his legs as another jolt of shameful pleasure jolted through his tummy. His tiny pink nub was twitching and pulsing madly in his panties. He didn't know why this was happening or how to make it stop!

Beside him, Austin's best friend, Kyle, a slim boy with curly shoulder-length red hair, nudged him with his elbow. He was just as flushed and embarrassed as Austin but it was clearly more from the embarrassment and not arousal like him.

"Dude, are you alright? You're sweating and panting like crazy…" Will fixed Austin with a concerned look.

"I-I'm fine," Austin stammered. "Just forget it."

Kyle nodded uncertainly and slowly turned back to listen to Nurse Bleach.

"You'll learn more specifics in your classes later on, but essentially, black people physically dominated every other race and it came with some scary consequences." Nurse Bleach pulled up graphs from the year 2024 showing that shortly after taking the black pill, all non-black pregnancies literally dropped to zero.

"You see, as females also reached their peak form, their vaginas evolved to only accept semen from black penises because all other semen was so comparatively weak…"

Austin felt an especially strong twitch from his dick and was so worried about the way his body wad malfunctioning that he discreetly pulled up his skirt to take a look it. Despite having a raging erection, there was still only the tiniest bump visble in his undies. To his horror however, there was a damp spot steadily growing from his penis! Was he peeing? This had never happened before! And the panties were so thin that the wetness caused them to become almost completely see-through, letting anyone who may have cared to look a perfect view of his small pink nub.

Austin decided he couldn't worry about this at the moment. He would just ride out this weird feeling and change his wet panties later. He pointedly pushed all thoughts of his penis from his mind and attempted to focus on the nurse.

In fact, he was so eager to avoid thinking about his predicament that he completely forgot to pull his skirt back down. Nobody else in the auditorium had noticed yet, because it was so dark, but unbeknownst to Austin, several drones zoomed in on his micropenis, exposing it to billions worldwide.

From multiple angles!

"Thankfully, the BNWO had a plan to save everyone!" Bleach praised. "While it was now impossible to create non-black babies through conventional intercourse, they discovered that women could still be impregnated through artificial insemination!"

"Excuse me, Ms? What's artificial insemination?" A black boy asked with his hands raised.

"Artificial insemination is the practice with which doctors collect weak, non-black sperm and use it to impregnate women in a lab! Through careful breeding the BNWO has effectively saved every other race, seeing as they would have died out otherwise. Sort if like the way we might save an endangered species of animal." Nurse Bleach solemnly looked over all the students.

"Initially, people were terrified. They thought that the BNWO would use everyone else's infertility to wipe us out. But that has simply never been the case! The BNWO has never been about hatred, or violence! It's about the superior black race guiding us to a better future together!" Nurse Bleach smiled, with tears in her eyes. "Saving everyone through the breeding program fostered a lot of good will among the other races, and people got on board very quickly after that."

Terry raised his hand and Nurse Bleach gestured at him to speak.

"Uh…breeding program?" He asked.

"Yes, the breeding program is the system with which the BNWO helps grow and stabilize the population — to help things stay even and fair," she replied, pulling up more charts and graphs to show them.

"Every race is permitted an equal amount of pregnancies per year. It's important to keep the world population in check, otherwise it would be overflowing with black babies! Haha!" Nurse Bleach giggled, pointing towards some charts comparing black sperm count to other races. There was a staggering difference.

"Then, the babies are made to grow up in a peaceful traditional environment. You already know that part, naturally." Nurse Bleach takes a moment to think, holding a finger to her chin. "…I'm pretty sure that's everything. You'll learn the rest in class…"

Austin let out a huge sigh of relief, unsure how much longer he could prevent his spasming penis from doing…whatever it was about to do.

"Uh…I have one more question," Kyle cautiously said.

'No!' Austin thought. 'God, be quiet, Kyle! I have to get out of here!'

He tried pressing his palm against his little package to make it stop but the pressure only made his pleasure grow, so he quickly pulled his hands back and squeezed his eyes shut. He couldn't take much more!

Several more drones had gathered around Austin now. His panties were so soaked with pre that they might as well have been invisible!

"What is it, honey?" Bleach cooed at Kyle.

Kyle fiddled nervously with his thumbs. "Uh, you mentioned that most races stayed the same, except for black people and white people? But you haven't told us how we white people changed…"

Nurse Bleach smacked her palm against her forehead. "I knew I was forgetting something! Oh, thank you so much, sweetie! You're such a good boy!"

Kyle shifted awkwardly but looked the slightest bit pleased at the praise despite himself.

"In nature, things always find a way to balance themselves out — to adapt. So, when black people evolved to be humanity's dominant race…"

Nurse Bleach displayed two holographs of standard white adults.

"White people became the submissives of the earth."

The black boys let out a few surprised laughs before politely holding them back. The white boys were shocked into complete silence.

The white girl was just as beautiful as the black woman, with a slim frame, perky breasts and flaxen hair.

It was the rotating hologram of the white "man" that was the real attention-catcher.

Despite being listed as thirty years old, he looked no older than sixteen. He had a feminine curve to his spine, pushing out his pert bubble-butt. He had his arms clasped behind his back, openly displaying his flat hairless chest and soft pink nipples.

And there was a pathetically small penis dangling between his legs. Even more humiliatingly, Austin recognized that the man's prick was bigger than his, which meant his dick was even shorter than the two inches he had previously assumed it to be!

The embarrassment made his heat pool low in Austin's belly. Without realizing it, he subconsciously spread his legs wide and started humping the air. Many of the drones were now focused on him, with some zoomed in on his jiggling little peepee as he gradually lost control of himself.

"Upon consuming the black pill, white 'men' became what we now know as white boys — that's 'bois,' spelled with an 'I' by the way, remember that because it's what everyone is going to refer to you as from now on." Nurse Bleach swiped away the hologram of the white woman.

She then enlarged the hologram of the whiteboi and typed in a command which made him squat down on stage with his legs spread wide, while flashing double peace signs with his fingers.

Nurse Bleach gestured towards the whitebois penis. "Two inches is the standard length of a white penis. Well," she scoffs. "We're not actually supposed to refer to white genitalia as 'penises' because it's scientifically inaccurate. You're encouraged to instead use more appropriate, diminutive terms. For example; peepee, weewee, willy, clitty, nub, babydick…etcetera, etcetera."

Each of the whiteboi students was now looking down between their legs, stricken. Clearly, what the nurse was saying rang true, based on their reactions.

'God, this is so depressing! Why did I have to be born a whiteboi? I want a big cock like the black guy! This isn't fair! And why does learning all this make my body feel so hot?!' Austin screamed on the inside.

"Wait!" A slender blond boy behind him shouted desperately. "The average is two inches for an adult whiteboi, right? So if I'm only twelve years old now and my peepee is already two inches, it'll get way bigger by the time I'm older!"

Most of the other whitebois heads jerked up at that, filled with hope once more.

An amused giggle came from the nurse as she held a hand over her mouth. "Sorry, Mister Two-Inches," she laughed, waving her pinky at him. "Whitebois actually reach penile maturity just a few short weeks after puberty hits. So, the little shrimpies you all have are as big as they're ever going to get, I'm afraid. Whatever you've got now — that's what you're stuck with forever."


Each of the whitebois looked absolutely heartbroken as the full extent of their inferiority set in. Many were sniffling, looking down in shame. One had even rested his head on his arms on the seat in front of him, weeping quietly.

Nurse Bleach appeared distraught and guilty at the sight of the saddened whitebois. "No, no, no! Aww, sweethearts, don't cry! Think of it like this — All whitebois have tiny, useless clitties! Do you know what that means? That means it's normal! And if it's normal, then you have nothing to be ashamed of, right?"

Austin was beside himself with humiliation and arousal. He needed this orientation to end ASAP. Precum was leaking from his tiny dicklet so steadily that it was seeping through his wet panties and pooling on the seat beneath him.

The nurse displayed a bar graph showing the range of white peepee sizes.

"If you look here, you'll notice that all white pricks are not only small, but they're actually surprisingly uniform." Bleach used a laser pointer to compare the different sizes. "You see, the large majority of whitebois fall near the two inch range. A very small portion of luckier ones get three inches. The longest white clit in the world, currently is a MASSIVE four and a half inches, but that's extremely rare. AND, get this, despite there being hundreds of millions of whitebois who go as low as one point five inches, there has NEVER been a white cocklet in recorded history that was smaller than one point five! Isn't that neat?"

"Wh-Why are you telling us this?" The crying boy whimpered.

Nurse Bleach sends him a warm, comforting smile. "Because, sweetie, I'm trying to show you that your tiny pink peckers are totally normal! There's no reason for you to be sad, hun. And because all white willies are somewhere between one point five and three inches, it means no matter what, your dick will never be that much smaller than any other whiteboi. The differences between your lengths are so negligible that they don't even matter. White dicks don't matter, so you should stop stressing over them, okay?"

Some of the whitebois actually seemed to feel better after that! Austin couldn't believe it! Couldn't they see how pitiful this all was?

And Austin connected the dots in his head! If his dick was smaller than the two inch hologram on stage, and the smallest white dicks could get was one point five inches, then that meant HE had a one point five inch dick. And if white dicks really were the smallest on Earth, and he had the smallest of the white dicks, then that mean he statistically had the smallest wiener humanly possible! The fact that millions of other whitebois shared his misfortune did nothing to comfort him.

But no matter how upset his brain was, his "little white worm" had other ideas because it was now straining so hard that he felt like he'd explode if he so much as moved.

The whitebois had been so concerned with their inner turmoil that they had almost forgotten that there were a hundred black boys also present. Black boys who apparently had thick black baseball bats smuggled in their trousers. They pointedly avoided eye contact with the black boys, not wanting to be ridiculed more than they already were.

They were forcefully reminded of their presence however when Terry chimed in once more. "I, uh, don't mean to offend or anything. I'm just curious — if white boys are…smaller…How do they…you know?"

The whitebois groaned. At this point they didn't even want to hear more but they had no choice.

"That's a great question," Bleach smiled. "There is actually a wide variety of ways for whitebois to lead fulfilling sex lives!"

"R-Really?" Another white student hopefully asked, too naïve to recognize another trap for what it was.

"Of course!" Bleach began counting with her fingers, as she rattled off different methods. "Starting off basic, there's whiteboi sex. That's when you jerk your little cocktail weenies with your fingers. If you want to 'have sex' with a girl she could always peg you. That's when a lady fucks your cute tushies with a strap-on. And then there's the most common method which is cuckolding!"

"What's cockholding?" A black boy asked.

"It's pronounced 'cuckolding,' dear. Cuckolding is when whitebois derive secondhand pleasure from watching their loved ones get fucked by big black cocks right in front of them! There are some who practice whiteboisex and cuckolding at the same time, but most simply climax handsfree multiple times, just from watching their partners get drilled by black monster cocks!"

At this point Austin couldn't contain his noises or his actions. He let out quiet gasps and mewls as gyrated his slim hips and humped the air with wild abandon.

His wanton display caught the attention of Kyle who promptly freaked out, assuming something was wrong with Austin.

"Nurse! Nurse!" Kyle stood and waved both arms. Nurse Bleach turned to the worried boy with worry. "I think my friend is sick! You have to help him! Please!"

The nurse looked panicked for a moment, fearing something serious had happened. But when she rushed off the stage to approach Austin she soon realized what was actually going on.

She was stunned silent at first, mouth agape as she took in the sight of the writhing whiteboi with his wet panties out in plain view.

Her surprise quickly turned to happiness and then unabashed pride.

She leant down and gently pulled Austin to his feet. "I am so impressed with you, angel! I've never seen this happen so soon before! Come up on stage with me, m'kay?"

Somewhere in the lust-filled daze of his mind, Austin recognized that he very much did not want to go on the stage and weakly pulled away. "N-No…Please…"

Nurse Bleach ran her fingers soothingly through his downy soft brown hair. "It's okay, sweetie. This is a very good thing! Come."

Her tone of voice was gentle, yet commanding. With the embarrassment and the strange feeling in his dick already clouding his mind he was powerless to refuse further.

As he stood up, his shaky baby deer-like legs caused him to stumble forward. The nurse quickly caught him, but Austin's skirt caught on his armrest as he fell, ripping it beyond repair!

Left only in his sheer precum soaked panties, Austin tried to reach for the torn skirt to at least cover some of his shame, but Nurse Bleach was already tugging him down the aisle to the stage.

Austin was a great deal shorter than the nurse and his dainty legs made it difficult to keep up. His awkward stumbling caused his wet panties to bunch up around his hips and into his crack, effectively leaving him in a transparent g-string.

His little pink dinky and blueberry-sized balls jiggled as he trudged along. The only thing preserving any of his modesty was the cotton materials covering his bits, and even that was semi-visible.

Knowing that everyone was watching this happen made Austin's blush deepen and travel halfway down his chest. Precum was now leaking steadily from his panties like a thin strand of spiderweb.

Austin still didn't know what was happening to him. His dick felt like it was on fire…but in a good way…but it also frightened him!

As the nurse guided him up the steps to the stage, each step upward caused his rosy bum to jiggle and he heard what sounded like several appreciative noises from the black boys…but that couldn't be right!

'They're probably making fun of me," Austin thought, lip quivering as he tried to cover his exposed butt with his hands.

Nurse Bleach took advantage of this, holding his arms behind his back by his slim wrists as she turned him around to face everybody.

When he looked out into the crowd he saw that the other whitebois looked at him with pity but also relief. Relieved perhaps that it wasn't them that got pulled on stage.

Conversely, the black guys were studying his form with intense scrutiny, eyes all trained on his wet little bulge.

He couldn't take the stares anymore and stared at the floor, trying his best to dissociate and pretend this wasn't happening.

Austin felt the nurse's plush lips graze against him as she breathily whispered in his ear, making him shiver and gasp. "I know it's scary, but just trust me. I know you're going to love this, sugar."

Nurse Bleach turned her microphone back on to address the students once more, holding Austin before her in the centre of the stage.

"There is actually one more way for whitebois to have sex! And luckily enough, we've been given the perfect opportunity to show you, because of this little cutie!" Bleach cooed, pinching Austin's bottom.

Austin yelped, and his dick gave a hard twitch, shooting a thin spurt of precum out of his panties.

"You see," Bleach purred. "Austin here is a sissy. He just doesn't know it yet."

A black boy eagerly raised his hand and the nurse motioned for him to speak. "What's a sissy, Ms Bleach?"

"I will answer that for you," a stern voice echoed throughout the auditorium.

Austin's face paled when Headmistress Snow marched into his field of vision, standing beside him imperiously.

"Your orientation was running long. I came to see what the hold up was. Imagine my surprise…" Snow sneered down at Austin. "Thank you, Nurse Bleach. I will finish up for you. You may stay on stage if you like."

"Of course I will, hehe! This is a very special moment!" The nurse's chipper town lowered so that she could whisper to the headmistress. "Go easy on the poor boi, okay?"

"Hmph." Was Olga's only response.

"To answer your question, young man," Snow said. "A sissy is when a whiteboi is sexually aroused by humiliation. As soon as our dear nurse began talking about big black cocks, and cuckolding and the genetic inferiority of the white race, Little Austin here immediately began leaking in his panties."

Without warning, the headmistress tore off Austin's top as well, leaving him in nothing but his panties.

He was so torn between covering his little rosy nipples and his panties that his arms froze in place and he ended up covering nothing at all.

"This is the purest form of sex for whitebois. To achieve orgasm simply through being made aware how weak they are." Olga gave his bum a swat with her riding crop, making Austin yelp.

Another spurt of precum dribbled from his panties.

Then came an onslaught of humiliating teasing from the headmistress, all while being fondled and molested in front of all the boys in school.

"Austin was born to be cucked." She pinched his nipples.

"Such a lewd boy. Do you have no shame." She grabbed a handful of his plush ass.

"His weak little precummies let us see a glimpse of the pathetic twelve-year old babydick underneath! How sad…" She gently slapped the end of her riding crop against his privates, making them jiggle and bounce.

"Actually," she hummed. "Maybe we should all get a better look!"

Austin tried his best to stop her. He really did. But she was just too strong.

Headmistress Snow tore off Austin's panties completely, leaving him completely nude in front of everyone.

There was a brief moment of baffled silence. You could hear a pin drop.

Of all people, it was the headmistress who broke first. It was the first time any of them had seen her openly smile, let alone laugh. "Pfft-hohoho! My word, it's like a little pink acorn…"

The black boys, kind as they seemed to be, tried to fight it but they inevitably succumbed to their laughter as well.

"She's right! It does look like a pink acorn!"

"I can't even see his shaft, bruh. It's just a tiny head…"

"Does it even work?" One whispered loudly.

"C'mon, guys. Leave him alone! It's bad enough he got a babydick, he don't need you making fun of him for it!" Terry defended.

Perhaps the most humiliating thing happened next.

Even the other whitebois were laughing at him! The only thing worse than being a wimp was being a wimp who was so wimpy that other wimps laughed at you! The betrayal burned deep in Austin's gut. They were supposed to be his friends!

"Phew…I thought I was going to be the smallest one in school. Thank god for Austin."

"Did he seriously get off after all that embarrassing stuff they said about us? How could he…"

"Looking at Austin up there, it's kinda hard to deny any of it…"

"They couldn't have brought up someone more impressive to represent us? This is the worst!"

Austin desperately looked to Kyle for some comfort, and his eyes welled up with tears when he saw his friend hiding his face behind his hands, his shoulders shaking under the weight of his giggling.

The abject humiliation came back at him with the strength of a mack truck. His body was shaking so much that his little "acorn dick" was wagging back and forth like a stubby dog's tail.

Every other second, a spurt of crystal clear watery precum pulsed out of his pathetic white cocklet, forming a small puddle in front of him.

As if things couldn't get any worse, he finally saw that every single drone in the auditorium was zoomed in on his sissy performance.

Billions of people worldwide were watching this! How long would it go on for? When would the headmistress let him off the stage to lick his wounds?

One of the drones flew directly in front of him, getting a high-res close-up of his leaking clitty.

Headmistress Snow looked thoughtful all of a sudden, gazing down at Austin's peepee as if she was seeing it for the first time.

She began moving his cocklet this way and that with her riding crop, as if she were inspecting it.

"No…It can't be…"

"What is it, headmistress?" Nurse Bleach inquired from over her shoulder.

"…Would you happen to have your tape measure on you, Nurse?" Olga asked quietly.

"Always! Why?"

"Do me a favour and measure young Austin's little button for me, would you? I suspect something miraculous has happened. I'd measure it myself but you know I detest coming into direct contact with white clits…"

"Okie dokie, ma'am!" The nurse immediately knelt down and grabbed Austin's dick between her finger and her thumb to hold it steady as she measured it.

"C-Can we p-please do this somew-where else? Everyone is w-watching," Austin begged, as his precum instantly coated the Nurse's hand and tape measure.

Bleach laughed fondly in response. "What's the point, hun? Everyone's already seen—"

The nurse abruptly stops speaking as her eyes go as wide as saucers when she looks at the tape measure. She slowly turns her head up to look at the headmistress.

"Is it as I suspected?" Snow's eyes are similarly wide with excitement.

"I…ye-yes! I…can't believe it. This is remarkable!" The nurse looks as if she's just won the lottery. A faint glimmer of hope reignites in Austin's heart. They think his penis is remarkable!

"What…What do we even do about this?" The nurse huddles close to her boss to discuss the matter.

"Can't you see what a boon this is, my dear? We're streaming our very first episode of BBC High. Think of the ratings! We should make the announcement now. It can be officially confirmed at a later date." Headmistress Snow is really hyping this up, from what Austin can hear. This must be a good thing! He might have a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the other students!

"Oh, that's genius, headmistress! What should I do?" Bleach asks, fidgeting in place.

Snow rests a hand on the nurse's shoulder, guiding her to the stage stairs. "Would you please hurry to my office and contact the officials? They'll want to hear from us immediately after this, I'd wager. Best to get ahead of it. I'll wrap things up here."

Without further question, the Nurse rushed down the aisle and out of the auditorium.

Austin, now feeling quite chuffed with himself and his 'remarkable' dick, stood proudly and waited for the headmistress to speak.

That's why he was surprised when he felt cold steel wrap around his wrists. The headmistress had cuffed his hands behind his back!

She bent down so that she was nose to nose with Austin. Her lips were so close that her wintery-mint breath intermingled with his own, causing another little spurt of pre to shoot out of him. "I restrained you in case you got any foolish ideas about covering yourself…" She hummed and stood back up, peering at him from down her nose.

"The sad thing is…you'll probably enjoy this."


The headmistress ignored Austin, as she turned to face the assembled students.

"Boys. You'll all recall a short while ago when Nurse Bleach informed you that the smallest clitties were merely one and a half inches…"

As the boys all voiced that, yes, they did remember that, the gears in Austin's head finally clicked into place.


'No! No! No! No!"

Austin burst forward, attempting to flee the stage, but the headmistress caught him by his elbow and pulled him back into place effortlessly.

"Well, I was looking at Austin's little acorn here and something seemed abnormal to me…" Snow drawled with a cruel smirk.

Austin's body began acting on its own. He knew what was coming and it reignited the blazing inferno building in his loins. Austin's hips shallowly humped the air rapidly, making his flushed boyclit bounce as it spurted out shots of pre like a sissy machine gun. He couldn't keep his strangled moans from escaping his pouty lips.

"I had Nurse Bleach measure his rigid little thimble and it sized up to…" Snow paused for dramatic effect as the whole auditorium watched with anticipation.

"One inch."

Austin's whole body went completely still. His eyes were wide, staring straight forward into nothing. Even his dick stopped twitching. Something was brewing inside his lower abdomen.

"We have no official records remaining of the size of genitals before the BNWO, so seeing as Austin here has the tiniest clitty of the past five-hundred years…It's official. Austin Ivory has the smallest peepee in human history!"

It was like a pressure valve burst in Austin's privates and a nuclear reactor went off in his brain.

His eyes rolled back in his head, his heart started thumping like a hummingbird and his legs buckled outward, his naturally flexible body making him land in a perfect split with his legs shot out to either side of him.

Even though his little ball-sack was resting against the cold floor of the stage, it did nothing to cool the raging heat coming from inside. It felt like liquid a thunder storm was raging in his smooth coin-purse.

His clitty, the smallest clitty ever, became impossible hard, angling up at a forty-five degree angle.

Then the dam burst.

Precum fired out of his record-breaking weenie like a railgun, spraying up three feet in the air in an uninterrupted thin stream.

Precum was shooting out of him in such a hard, steady stream that it almost looked like he was pissing into the air, but no, it was all precum!

Austin still didn't understand the concepts of precum and cumming but he instinctively knew something even bigger was coming, and that this was only the beginning. It was like whatever was going to come out of him was so big that it clogged up the works.

Headmistress Snow knelt beside Austin with one hand behind her back. "The first orgasm is always tricky. I assumed that you might need some assistance."

She brought her hand forward, revealing a sleek futuristic cellphone. With his hands cuffed behind his back and his legs spread in the splits, Austin could do nothing to stop the headmistress as she pressed the phone next to his flushed face.

"Hey, baby…" Austin's mother breathed over the phone.

"M-Mommy?!" Austin could barely understand was happening anymore. This was all starting to seem like some strange fever dream.

"I'm watching you online, baby. I'm so proud of you!" Tilda praised. Austin didn't know it yet, but their conversation was also being played on the stream, so that everyone could hear their conversation.

"W-Why didn't you warn me? Why did you sign the contract without asking me first? You said you'd always love me," Austin wept.

"Oh, baby. I do love you! More than anything…" Tilda said, sincerely. "This is just a necessary stage in every whitebois life. Remember when you used to be afraid of getting your hair cut?"

"N-No," Austin squirmed, trying to make his little button stop spraying, to no avail.

"Ah, you were too young to remember, I guess," Tilda chuckles fondly. "Well, you were convinced that getting your hair cut would hurt. Nothing I said would convince you otherwise. Until one day when you just…got over it. Out of nowhere. You pulled on the hem of my dress and asked me to cut your hair, because your bangs were getting in your eyes and it was bothering you."

"W-What does that have to do with anything? Mommy, the whole world can see my wiener! This sucks!" Austin panted into the phone, grinding against the floor.

"Don't you see, baby? It's the same thing! Right now the idea of being a physically inferior white sissy scares you, but it's just the way the world works! You'll get used to it. You'll even come to love it! Look at you, sweetheart. You were born to be a little cuckold sissy!" His mommy sounded so sincere and happy. That somehow made it worse for Austin who simply couldn't accept his situation.

"M'not a sissy, mommy…" Austin pouted.

"Oh yeah?" She was using her stern mommy voice now. The one she'd always used when he'd been naughty. "Then why are you squirting your runny boi juice everywhere?"

Austin gasped, thrusting his hips with renewed fervour. From behind it almost looked like he was twerking against the floor.

His mother was apparently pleased by his reaction as she watched him on the livestream. "That's right, baby…You know, the thing about whitebois is that their cum is weak and watery but they can also cum a LOT. That was one of the evolutionary effects of the black pill. You haven't even orgasmed yet and you're still peeing out precum like a little cherub in a water fountain…It's a wonder that you're not dehydrated yet. Make sure to drink lots of water after this, baby. You'll need to refill your sissy reserves!"

"M'NOT A SISSY!" Austin shouted as tears began streaming down his face. Why was his mommy bullying him in front of everyone? She should be helping him!

"Austin Ivory!" Tilda scolded, unamused by her son's bratty outburst. "Don't you dare talk back to me like that! Of course you're a sissy! How could you ever be anything but a sissy? You have the smallest peepee in history!"

His mommy's frank statement of the facts made him keen and his precum briefly shot two feet higher in the air before easing back down.

"What did your headmistress call it?" Tilda hummed, making the phone's speaker vibrate against Austin's cheek. "That's right! She called it a little pink acorn! That really made mommy laugh, baby. It's so accurate!"

It was happening. The feeling.

Austin began breathing heavily as his dick began twitching so violently that it was practically vibrating. His little penis felt like a red hot volcano, ready to erupt. But something was holding him back. It almost felt as if his weenie was waiting for permission, or a signal.

"But even though the acorn comment made mommy laugh, you know what?" Tilda rasped over the phone, closing in for the kill. She knew exactly what would send Austin over the edge because she'd been planting the seed in his head for years.

"W-What?" Austin asked, his whole boy tensed as if bracing for a blow.

"No matter how many other names people think up for your teeny pecker…

"It'll always be mommy's little white worm…"

Austin's eyes shot wide open at the familiar endearment. Looking back, he finally realized that his mommy was mocking his privates for as long as he could remember.

It was as if all the humiliation turned to raw energy and struck his clitty like a bolt of lightning. The tip of his willy flushed bright, bright red and his stream of precum receded completely.

Austin grit his teeth and flexed his whole body tight, trying to fight the white-hot fire burning between his thighs.

But it was too late.


Like a sawed-off shotgun, Austin's dick began firing off deceptively powerful blasts for a tool that was so tiny.

He squealed in pleasure as long volleys of watery white cum erupted from his dick like a Super Soaker. For thirty seconds he shouted and gyrated his hips wildly as he finally released his pent up orgasm.

Somewhere in the back of his mind where coherent thought still existed he thought that this would at least all be over soon.

Unfortunately for him, the orgasm only seemed to grow stronger as he went on! He was actually shooting his cum all the way past the stage and in to the front row. His weak, runny cum accidentally covered five disgusted whitebois before they all hastened to stand up and moved away from the splash zone.

And all the while, both his mother and the headmistress continued to tease and humiliate him. The phone was pressed to one ear as snow whispered in the other.

"That's it, baby. Push out all those naughty white cummies. You'll feel so much better afterwards!"

"The Blacked Entertainment Network will be pleased with this development. You're about to become quite the star, Mr Ivory…"

"Whiteboi cum is like tears. Sometimes you need to have a good cry, baby. Even if it's embarrassing…You can't hold this stuff in! It isn't healthy!"

"This will bring so much attention to our school…And think of the endorsements! We own your likeness, thanks to your mother — we could even sell merchandise!"

"Look at how much fun your little white worm is having! Mommy wishes she could be there to tickle him!"

Austin inadvertently began thrusting forward so roughly that it finally helped him break free from his splits. But his legs were so numb from being in that position for so long that he couldn't even attempt to stand! He flopped back onto his back with his legs spread wide open.

As he fell backwards, his cum shot behind him in a wide arc, before landing and splattering all over himself.

Many people in the auditorium were laughing and Austin could pick up some of the louder comments people were making.

"How can whitebois be so bad at getting girls pregnant if they can cum that much?"

"If their cum doesn't have a lot of sperm in it, I guess it doesn't matter how much they can shoot out? Zero multiplied by a hundred is still zero…"

"I-It looks like it feels good though? Can all whitebois do that? M-Maybe I should try it once I can get some privacy…"

"Damn, dude. It looks like my baby toe…Should someone help him? He looks like he's gonna pass out."

The humiliating conversations and laughter may have made Austin want to cry, but his dick responded like an excited puppy. Now that he was laying on his back, as he thrust his pelvis into the air, the whole audience and all the drones were afforded a clear view of his jiggling buttcheeks and the way his tiny dick and balls bounced around like jingle bells.

Headmistress Snow dropped her phone down next to his head and looked down on him with amusement.

"-ear me? Baby, can you hear me? Austin?" Tilda's voice could barely be heard from the phone as it was several inches away.

In order for his mommy to hear hin, Austin needed to shout, but his sissygasm was melting his brain and making him slur his words.

"Mommy! Pweashe! You hafta h-hewp me! I can't shtop! It fews so gooooood! Hnnn~" Austin's cocklet continued to plaster his tummy, chest and face in his useless watery cummies. Some of it was shooting so far that ropes of fluid were landing as far as four feet behind his head, staining the hardwood floor of the stage.

"Okay, honey. I have an idea. Just ask me for permission," Tilda urged, beginning to worry for her son's wellbeing as he continued to fall deeper into his unending orgasm.

"Ashk permission for wha?" Austin slurred, as some of his cum shot directly in to his open mouth and eyes.

"Sissies sometimes need helping coming down from their orgasms. Whitebois need a dominant partner to help them cool down. Normally that would be done with a romantic partner but I don't mind helping you, baby,"Tilda's soothing maternal nature helped Austin calm down slightly, even as he moved his head from side to side, trying to stop his cum from shooting into his mouth as he spoke. His words were barely intelligible through the slurring and the slight gargle of his own cum in his mouth.

"What do I hafta do?" A bubble of cum slips down Austin's chin and bursts.

"The idea is that your body needs to understand that I'm in charge of it for the moment. That means you need to do whatever I say to assert my dominance over you, and once that's done you simply need to politely ask mommy to allow you to stop cumming. Are you ready?" Tilda spoke eloquently and concisely, as if she had taught this lesson hundreds of times before. "I said are you ready, baby?"

"Yesh…" Austin quickly acquiesced. His current predicament was far from ideal, but this seemed like the only way to stop it.

"Good. Now, face away from the stage and lay down flat on your tummy."

Austin was actually grateful for this command as it meant his shameful penis would finally be hidden from his captive audience.

His gratitude was short-lived. "Now, keep your chest and face pressed against the floor, but spread your legs and raise your ass up as high as you can."

Austin balked at her order, immediately stammering out protests. "No, mommy! Pwease! Everyone will be able to shee everyfing! They'll shee my penis and my butthole!"

"You do not call it that, Mister! You know very well that you have a clitty, not a penis. If you call your little worm a penis again, mommy is going to just hang up on you!" Tilda warned.

"No!" Austin panicked and did as she asked, aiming his rear at the students and raising his bum high in the air. Everyone in the auditorium, and the fans watching from home, were given a perfect view of his pink little hole and dangling privates. "Pwease don' go, mommy! I shtill need your hewp!"

Unending spurts of semen shot downward from his new position, drenching his abdomen and pooling beneath his body. A wide puddle of Austin's own cum was pooled all around him, and it actually cause him to almost slip and lose his balance several times.

"It's okay, honey. We're almost there. You're doing so good," Tilda praised. The comforting words grounded him, and it was as if everything else in the whole world disappeared. It was like it was just him and his mommy again, like the good old times.

"I want you to grip your little white worm with your thumb and your pointer finger," Tilda said.

Austin obliged gladly, reaching under his raised tummy to daintily grip his dick.

"Your clitty is too small to stroke properly, so I want you to try and just fiddle with it to the best of your ability," Tilda said in an almost detached, clinical fashion. "And then you have to repeat everything mommy says back to her. This is the last step so be a good boi and don't misbehave!"

"Yesh, mommy! Fank you!" Austin used his fingers to shake his dick around, the closest approximation of handsex he could accomplish with his diminutive equipment.

"I'm an inferior whiteboi."

"I'm a infewiow whiteboi!"

"My little white worm could never please a woman."

"My wittle white wowm could neva' pwease a woman!"

"I could never compare to big. Black. Cocks."

"I could neva' compawe to big! Bwack. Cocksh!"

"Good. Good! You did so good, sweetheart," Tilda sounded so gentle and proud of her son. "All you have to do now is ask mommy if you can stop cumming."

"Pwease, mommy! Can I pwease shtop cumming? I'm going cwazy!" Austin desperately shouted, as he wiggled his clitty with his fingers.

"You may," Tilda said graciously.

Austin's eyes bulged wide open as he felt an even bigger pressure quickly built up inside him.

Once the feeling reached its apex it was like a rubber band snapped inside him. His ass shot far higher in the air on instinct, inadvertently making his torso rise as well. His upper body was now completely upside down, with he top of his head resting against the floor. His tiny dick was pointed directly down at his face as he intensely climaxed.

Austin's pink acorn shot a stream of cum directly down into his gaping mouth with the strength of a pressure washer.

So much of his cum was flooding his mouth that Austin felt like he needed to gulp it all down to avoid drowning.

Austin moaned rapturously, "Ah! Uhn! Uhhn! Mmm! Hahn!" as he climaxed onto his face. The pleasure was so divine that for a brief moment he thought that all the humiliation had been worth it.

His sissygasm slowly began slowing down and his legs gave out from underneath him, the awkward angle he had been in made the twelve-year old boy somersault forward, landing on his back once more.

His cummies were still shooting out like a geyser, but the stream was gradually losing power and receding, like turning off the valve on a garden hose.

Initially it was shooting past his head, then the arc of the stream lowered, covering his face, his neck, and his chest, until all that was left was a string-thin stream of cum that was weakly spattering into his belly button.

Finally, blissfully, the orgasm was over, with only a small stream of cum dribbling down his shrinking cocklet and in between his buttcheeks.

The embarrassment, the orgasm, and the sheer amount of ejaculate his body forced out finally caught up with him as the twelve-year old boy drifted into unconsciousness on stage, naked and laying in a pool of his own cummies for the whole world to see.

The last words his brain registered before he passed out from exhaustion were those of Headmistress Snow.

"Your name is Kyle, correct?" She addressed Austin's friend. "I believe you asked earlier how the black pill made white people evolve? Well, Mister Ivory here is a perfect example." Austin vaguely registered the headmistress teasingly rubbing her high-heeled boots against his privates as his glazed over eyes slowly closed shut.

"Whitebois evolved to be cucked and humiliated," Snow proclaimed.

Austin's babydick spurted out one last pitiful dollop of cum at her words and the world went black.

His final thought before falling into his cum-induced slumber?

'If this was only the orientation, how am I going to last five years in this place?'

The following day, everyone avoids Austin like the plague.

Following his embarrassing display during orientation, Austin had passed out and woken up in the infirmary the following morning around six AM.

Nurse Bleach had kindly checked up on him once he woke up, examining his tiny penis to make sure everything was still in working order after putting it through such a rigorous workout on stage.

"Yep, this little fella seems perfectly fine!" She beamed, looking down at his white dick with a magnifying glass. "You can pick up a new uniform from the headmistress. She wanted to speak with you before classes start anyway."

Austin attempted to cover his nudity with his palms, as a drone in the nurse's office circled around him. "B-But I'm naked now!" He said. "Can't you give me something to wear on the way to her office?"

"Oh, I suppose so," Nurse Bleach ruffled his soft hair and gave his penis a teasing flick. "But only because you're my favourite!"

And that's how Austin found his way into his current situation, walking down halls of BBC High in a skimpy hospital gown. The mint-green gown was tied loosely in the back, meaning everyone behind him could see his exposed bubblebutt. And the gown was so short it may as well have been a t-shirt, with the hem of the gown just barely covering his dick and giving everyone a clear view of his hairless coinpurse as he walked.

Austin kept his head tucked low, clutching his book bag to his chest as all the boys in the hall gave him a wide berth and gossiped quietly.

"—thought it was never going to stop! How could he even shoot that much cu—"

"—so tiny! I'm really glad that I was born bla—"

"—mom sounded so hot! Do you think she'd let us fuck h—"

"—Couldn't even see his peepee from where I was sitting. And I was only in the third row!"

Austin's face burns red with mortification and he hastens his pace to the headmistresses' office. As he hurries to turn the corner he bumps into a sturdy wall of flesh, dropping his books in the process.

"S-Sorry! Sorry…" he stutters, crouching down to pick up his stuff. As he bends over, a drone zooms in on his pink virgin hole.

"Nah, don't worry! That was my bad," the other boy replies, scooping up all of Austin's books back into his bag in one smooth motion and offering it to him.

Austin gratefully accepts his bag and quivers slightly when he looks up and sees that the boy he ran into was Terry. "Thanks…" Austin whispers, quiet as a mouse.

"No problem. Listen." Terry lays a comforting hand on Austin's shoulder. "I know yesterday must have sucked for you, but people will get over it!"

Austin sighs disbelievingly, though he appreciates the effort. "I have the smallest dick of all time…People aren't going to get over it…"

Terry grunts in sympathy, unsure how to respond to that frank statement. He soon brightens back up however. "Well, that just means you're special, right? One-of-a-kind! That's always a good thing if you know how to spin it!"

The young whiteboi's weewee twitches as Terry soothingly rubs his shoulder, as if to remind him of its presence. "B-But nobody will want to be my friend now! Everyone is avoiding me!" Austin's lip quivers.

"Hey," Terry bends his knees to look Austin in the eyes. "Forget them, 'aight? I'll be your friend."

Green eyes flick up to meet Terry's uncertainly. "R-Really?"

"Really," Terry confirms, holding his fist out for a bump.

Unfamiliar with fistbumps, Austin clasps his tiny pale hand over Terry's and gives it a firm shake. This shocks a laugh out of Terry who pats Austin on his exposed back and says that he'll see him in class.

With a little more pep in his step and a hopeful grin on his lips, Austin skips the rest of the way to the headmistresses' office, rapping his knuckles against the dark oak doors once he arrives.

"Enter," Olga Snow's muffled voice calls out.

Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, Austin enters the Nurse's office. Looking around, he's surprised to note that the office is surprisingly spartan and minimalistic. A woman in Snow's position could likely afford a more decadent space, but Austin supposes this suits her personality more..

As he approaches the headmistresses' desk, the sound of rhythmic, fleshy slappin and a woman shrieking in pleasure can be heard blaring from her desktop computer. From this angle, Austin can only just see a pair of intertwined black and white legs on her monitor and looks to the side, flushed.

"Hmph, it took you long enough, whiteboi," Snow sniffs, rotating her chair and pointing at the spot right in front of her. "Stand here and remove your gown."

Her tone brooking no argument, Austin reluctantly stands in front of Snow and pulls the gown over the top of his head. His one-inch cock immediately perks up with interest at standing so close to the beautiful woman and Olga snorts.

"Pathetic," she opens a drawer below her desk. "I ordered you here to discuss your new uniform."

"N-New uniform?" Austin cringes, fearing the worst at this point.

"Well, the same uniform, I suppose," Olga hands him his new clothes, folded in a neat pile. "Just altered to suit our new objectives."

Not sure what that means, Austin begins dressing. He puts on the cut off school shirt, the long cotton socks and the mary-jane shoes. There's also a black leather choker with a spade symbol clasped in the centre. He curiously puts the choker on and looks to the headmistress expectingly.

"Headmistress Snow, you forgot to give me my skirt and undies!" He says, moving his hands to cover his privates.

Austin yelps when a small shock courses through him, emanating from his new collar. Snow laughs at the sight. "Mr Ivory, we just discovered that you have the tiniest clitty ever. You've become something of a worldwide phenom overnight. The people at home will want to see it! For marketing purposes you are hereby banned from wearing bottom-wear. And should you attempt to cover your tiny little acorn, the cuck-collar will shock you. Don't fret whiteboi, you can still have handsex. The collar will only activate should you purposefully attempt to cover yourself."

"But! But!" Austin stammers.

"…But?" Snow repeats, warningly.

Not wanting to make things worse for himself, Austin bows his head as a tear drips down his cheek and lands on the tip of his dick.

"That's what I thought," The headmistress growls. "Now stay still or you'll regret it."

Austin watches with mounting unease as Snow grabs a small tub of ointment from the far side of her desk. She scoops out a generous amount of cream and begins rubbing it between her hands.

She them scoots forward in her chair, cupping Austin's cocklet and balls between her hands, generously lathering the cream all around his crotch.

Austin's prick twitches and oozes precum at the headmistresses' touch, but the boy squirms uncomfortably, feeling a strange tingling down there. "What is that stuff, Headmistress Snow?"

Olga's eyes snap up to his with a cruel glint. "Why, it's penis shrinking cream of course!"

Austin shouts in horror and tries to pull away but he is once again shocked by the collar. Olga delivers a heavy swat to his plump rear with her leather-clad hand. "I said stay still!"

Unable to take much more Austin lets out a sob. That is enough to break loose the waterworks and he begins openly weeping. "Wh-Why are you doing this? Why do you h-hate me?"

To Austin's surprise, Olga's eyes soften once he starts crying. For the first time since he'd met her, she seems to briefly abandon the dominatrix character. "I do not hate you, my boy. I must simply treat whitebois with a firm hand so that they are prepared to take on the world and all its challenges. Regretfully, someone must play the villain to toughen you up…" Olga lets out a weary breath of air. "But we'll have to keep that a secret between you and I, alright? Beyond these doors I cannot give you any preferential treatment."

Austin whimpers and nods. Being humiliated by someone who secretly cares is slightly better than a true-evil psychopath. "B-But why are you shrinking my thingy? You said it was already the smallest!"

Olga soothingly rubs a hand up his milky thighs. "The Blacked Entertainment Network is going to make loads of money off of your…special penis. Everyone is being told it's one-inch, but the smaller it looks on stream, the better for selling subscriptions."

The twelve-year old sniffles, wiping at his tear-stained eyes. "H-How small is it gonna get?"

Snow pauses guiltily. "…half an inch."

When Austin begins wailing in sorrow, Snow is quick to assure him. "It is only temporary! It lasts exactly one month. We will continue to apply it on the first of each month, but when you eventually graduate you'll be allowed to let it grow out to its full one-inch once more!"

The idea that his penis will return to normal five years from now isn't ideal, but it's better than nothing. "How long does it take to shrink?"

Olga stifles a giggle and looks down pointedly.

Austin follows her example and groans at the sight of his minuscule dick. Where before there used to be a hint of shaft visible, now it truly did look like a pink acorn. When he reached down to test it out, he could only grip onto the shaft by pressing his fingers into the plush chub of his pubis.

"I really have to walk around with my shrunken willy out, ma'am?"

Olga shrugged sympathetically and gave him a comforting pat on his bum. "Try to own it?"

The private meeting with the headmistress unfortunately dragged on for a few moments longer than anticipated, and Austin was late for his very first anatomy class!

The good news was he was all alone in the halls in his new state of undress as he scurried to the classroom, his tiny dick jiggling as he ran.

The bad news was that class was already in session, and all eyes would be on him as he entered! Because of the collar, he couldn't even cover himself up!

Austin's mind drifted back to Snow's words. 'Try to own it?' Without any other options, Austin figured that he may as well give it his best shot. He was going to be walking around with his cocklet out constantly, so the sooner he got used to it, the better.

Taking a deep breath to centre himself, Austin opened the classroom door, placed a hand sassily on his bare hip and sauntered into the class like he owned the place.

The boys all broke out into giggles at the sight of Austin entering the room with his lower-half exposed, but the only sign that he heard them was the pink blush high on his cheeks. He wasn't going to give them the satisfaction anymore.

Austin's half-inch microdick rested comfortably atop his tiny balls as he approached the front desk. The anatomy teacher, Becky Chalk, beamed proudly at the confidence the little sissy was exhibiting.

"The headmistress warned me over the intercom that you'd be running late, Austin. Don't worry," she gestured to the sea of boys looking back at him. We were just about to perform a little experiment. There are two seats still available, so sit wherever you'd like and we'll get started."

When Austin looked at the two free seats he was torn. One seat was next to his best friend, Kyle, who waved at him excitedly and beckoned Austin towards him. The other seat was next to Terry, who saluted Austin with a peace sign and a kind, toothy grin.

Austin's mind flashed back to orientation when his fellow whiteboi Kyle had laughed at his penis along with everyone else. Then he thought of Terry, who had defended his babydick and offered him comfort this morning when nobody else would.

He shot a hurt look at Kyle before bounding off to sit next to Terry. The strapping young black boy smiled and pushed their desks together, placing a soothing hand on Austin's bare thigh. "This is a good look for you, man! I'm proud of you, Acorn!"

Austin's face flushed with happiness at Terry's praise before falling at the 'Acorn' comment. Even Terry wouldn't let him live that down…

Terry must have seen Austin's crestfallen expression, because he was quick to clarify what he meant. "I ain't makin' fun of you, dude! I was just thinkin', if you let your friends call you Acorn then people won't be able to use it to hurt your feelings anymore!"

The timid whiteboi understood the reasoning, but he wasn't sure if Terry was being sincere. "…You think so?"

"For sure!" Terry nodded. "Besides, Acorn is a badass nickname, bruh! You sound like a superhero!" Terry deepened his voice and posed dramatically. "The Mighty Acorn — He can cum faster than a speeding bullet!"

Austin giggled despite himself, holding his hands over his mouth to keep quiet. Terry was so silly!

"That's enough. Don't make me split you two up already!" Ms Chalk warned, but there was a charmed look in her eyes as she saw the whiteboi and black boy becoming such fast friends.

Terry held his hands up and shot Austin a sneaky wink. "It ain't me, teach! It's this one here, he's a bad influence!"

Austin shook his head with a smile and turned to face the professor, thankful that Terry was here to lift his spirits.

"Well," Becky drawled. "If you two are so keen on getting attention, maybe you can help start off our little experiment. Come to the front of the class, please."

Austin may be trying to become more confident with his body, but he's still afraid of being put on display again, not wanting a repeat performance of his sissy meltdown yesterday.

He is about to make up some excuse to stay seated when Terry wraps a friendly arm around his shoulder. "I'll be right there with you, Acorn. Don't worry."

Nodding with determination, Austin strolls back down the stairs and faces the class with his head held high. He'd like to see these dummies say anything with Terry backing him up!

Predictably, everyone keeps their mouths shut once Terry moves to stand beside him. Austin pushes down the urge to smile smugly.

Ms Chalk points at Austin's puny nub with a laser pointer. "After Mr Ivory broke the smallest penis record yesterday, I thought it would be an appropriate first lesson to compare the white peepees and black cocks of boys your age!"

The teacher types in 'one inch' under a column on the holoboard which reads 'Team Whiteboi.' Another column soon appears adjacent to it which simply says 'Terry.'

"Looking at Austin's clitty now, I'd swear it's actually LESS than one inch," Becky frowns, yet ultimately shakes her head and moves on. "But no, I'll trust Nurse Bleach's measurements…"

She then claps her hands together happily and addresses the classroom. "Today's experiment is this — I am going to call on whitebois at random to join little Austin here, and we're going to add all of your peepee inches together! Then, we'll see how many white babydicks it takes to measure up to what Terry is packing!"

The whitebois in the class all shift and squirm uncomfortably and Austin can't help but feel a small pang of schadenfreude. Let's see how funny they think it is when they're up here!

"But, lets not get ahead of ourselves," she stands in front of Terry, tugging at the hem of his slacks. "May I?"

Terry nods without a care, as if the teacher was asking about the weather.

And with a swift pull of his pants, out flops Terry's big black cock and Austin feels another sissygasm start to build immediately.

The dark brown pillar of meat swings freely between Terry's legs, the plum coloured head actually hanging LOWER than his knees. His huge ball-sack has an admirable heft to it, looking as if it were filled to the brim with thick, virile cum. A wide, pronounced vein can be seen running down the full length of Terry's shaft and Austin is pretty sure that just that one vein on Terry's BBC is thicker than his entire white clitty.

Austin panics when his hips start thrusting of their own volition like they did yesterday. He's about to burst all over again when Terry grips his elbow with his hand, grounding him. "Hey, none of that, okay? Enough."

It seems like a minor miracle when Austin's tiny dicklet seems to actually listen to Terry, his rapidly building ejaculation slowing down to a low-simmering arousal.

'This must be like the thing mommy did to make me stop,' Austin thinks to himself, wondrously. 'Terry is dominant over me, so he can stop my peepee from squirting!'

Austin looks at Terry like he hung the stars for him, eternally grateful that the black boy had saved him from another humiliating incident. Terry merely shakes his head in that universal 'it's no problem' fashion and smiles back humbly.

"Ahem!" Ms Chalk clears her throat. "If you want to spend all class staring at Terry, why don't you do me a favour and measure his cock for me, Austin?"

As if in a trance, Austin takes the tape measure from Becky and drops to his knees in front of Terry. Panting heavily, he grabs the shaft with one hand and measures with the other. His stubby fingers can't even reach halfway around Terry's girth.

Measuring from root to tip, he balks at the number the tape measure shows. His little white wiener starts drooling onto the floor at the result.

"F-Fifteen inches, ma'am," Austin says as he stands back up and faces the class. In a haze, Austin presses himself hip-to-hip with Terry, subconsciously wanting to compare dicks.

It was like the empire state building next to a garden shed, Austin thought, cheeks flushed red at the fourteen and a half inch difference. Terry took advantage of Austin's close proximity, throwing a chummy arm over Austin's shoulder and bringing him in to cuddle close to his chest.

"Very impressive, young man!" Ms Chalk praised, causing Terry to puff up with confidence. "Unlike whitebois, who reach penile maturity at age twelve, black boys keep growing for a few more years. Usually at your age, black cocks will be about seventy-five percent of their adult length. So by the time Big Terry here turns eighteen, his BBC will be about twenty inches long!"

None of the black boys in the class seem surprised at this revelation, probably having grown accustomed to the mammoth organs between their legs. The whitebois are all trying to make themselves look small, wanting more than ever to not be called up.

Seeing no volunteers, Becky begins by calling up Kyle. Austin can feel Kyle trying to make eye-contact with him as he stands beside him, but Austin isn't ready to talk to Kyle — not until he apologizes for betraying Austin's friendship.

Austin can hear the sound of a skirt and panties hitting the floor next to him, as Ms Chalk exposes Kyle's penis and takes his measurements.

"Wow!" Becky exclaims. "Exactly three inches! Like Nurse Bleach told you all yesterday, that's pretty much as big as whiteboi weewees get, outside of world record holders!"

Austin huffs, puffing his cheeks out as the total score for Team Whiteboi changes to four inches. 'Of course Kyle would have a big dick for a white boy,' he thought angrily. No wonder he laughed at Austin's yesterday…

The lesson continues as Ms Chalk calls more random whitebois to the front of the class to measure.

"Benny, two inches. Average."

"Sam, one point five. The smallest possible, not counting our special guy, Austin!"

"Mike, one point five."

"Alex, another one point five."

"Gabriel, two inches!"

"Dylan, another one and a half! So many pindicked whitebois in this year! How cute!"

With Team Whiteboi still only clocking in at fourteen inches altogether, the teacher was forced to call up one more student in order to surpass Terry.

"Hmm," she pondered, looking out at a sea of red, mortified white faces. "Toby! Come on up!"

Unlike all the other whitebois, Toby eagerly pranced up to the front, shucking his skirt and panties off himself. He even took his shirt off as well, despite the fact that it wasn't required.

Toby posed for the drones streaming their class online, shaking his hips to waggle his clitty around. "It's only one point five inches, ma'am! I measured it myself! Hehe!"

Becky cooed at the boy and kissed the crown of his head. "As you can see, Toby here is the first whiteboi in the class to get mindbroken by the BNWO. It happens to all whitebois eventually, so there's no point in fighting it! Austin came close to being mindbroken yesterday but his mother stepped in and interrupted, unfortunately…"

Austin looked at Toby curiously. That was what was going to happen to him during orientation? But that was so scary, and yet Toby looks so happy!

'Maybe being 'mindbroken' wouldn't be so bad,' Austin thought.

He was torn from his reverie when Ms Chalk gently separated him from Terry and lined him up close together with the other exposed whitebois. When he looked to his right and took in the sight of them all he noticed that all the white babydicks were twitching and leaking excitedly.

Without Terry to help calm him down, Austin's tiny helmet also started pulsing and spurting precum onto the floor.

"As you can see, it took a total of," Ms Chalk wheezed hard, trying to control her laughter. "S-Sorry! As you can see it took a grand total of NINE little white cucky peewees to match Terry's cock!"

It would be hard to tell who started cumming first without instant replay, because seemingly in unison, all nine of the lined up whitebois started spurting their weak cummies together!

One drone slowly swept by them at a dutch angle, getting a slow, cinematic shot of all the inferior whitebois shooting their sissy loads on to the floor. Most of the whitebois seemed to be caught between humiliation and ecstasy, except for Toby who had abandoned all pride and was unabashedly enjoying jerking his dinky off with his thumb and pointer finger.

For the second time today, Austin wished he could be as carefree and uninhibited as Toby, as he shamefully shot rope after rope of cum out of his pink acorn.

It took five full minutes for all the whitebois to stop squirting, leaving them all lying down in a puddle of their shared cum together as they caught their breath…

Terry leaned down with concern to check up on Austin specifically. Because of the fact that Terry hadn't pulled his slacks up yet, he accidentally laid the full length of his cock across Austin's face as he crouched beside him. This set Austin off, as he began cumming all over again, eventually starting a second chain reaction causing the other whitebois to follow suit…

Becky Chalk held the button on the intercom down, looking at the giant pile of spasming whitebois as if this was business as usual. "Send the janitor down to Anatomy 101, please!"

After all the whitebois passed out from cumming so much, the professor had kindly used smelling salts to wake them all up so that they could enjoy their recess between classes.

Groaning, Austin got up to his feet, instinctively trying to cover up his little prick and receiving a small shock for his efforts.

Right…He had forgotten about the collar.

Resigning himself to his fate, Austin quickly resumed his previous strategy of pretending that his nudity didn't embarrass him. He left the anatomy classroom with his head held high, doing his best to ignore the snickers and whispers he heard whenever he passed by someone.

Austin's half-inch clitty isn't long enough to bounce as he walks like the other whitebois, his just sort of jiggles on top of his hairless balls with each step he takes.

Because the whiteboi had been unconscious all throughout the first day of school, this was his first time experiencing recess at BBC High and he wasn't sure what to do with himself. His only friends were Kyle and Terry, and Austin didn't want to speak with Kyle right now.

Seeing Terry hanging out at the end of the corridor with some of the other black boys, Austin bites the bullet and approaches the group. The whiteboi was nervous that the black boys would make fun of him, but Terry must have warned them all to be nice to him, because when Austin shyly walks over to them, they're all smiles.

"Hey, Acorn!" Terry grins, clapping him on his slim shoulder. "What's up?"

By now the black boys, each more than a full head taller than Austin, had surrounded him in a tight circle. Some of them are so close to him that he can feel their massive bulges brushing up against him from all angles.

Nobody can probably notice, because it's so incredibly small at this point, but Austin's weewee hardens at all the attention.

The whiteboi twiddles his thumbs together, shyly peering up at Terry through his fluffy brown bangs. "I just—I was wondering if…I don't really have anyone to — to hang out with during recess and — and I was wondering if—"

Before he can even finish, Terry is already placing a friendly hand on Austin's lower back and guiding him down the hall. "Course you can hang out with us! We're buddies now, after all!"

Austin flushes with happiness, enjoying the warm feeling of Terry's masculine hand pressed so close to his bare butt. "Where are we going?"

"We were gonna head out to the courtyard and spend some times with the girls through the fence!"

Austin tries to skid to a stop at Terry's words but the black boy encourages him to keep going with a light friendly smack on his bum. The whiteboi eeps and reluctantly continues walking towards the school entrance.

"But Terry, I don't wanna see the girls!" Austin whines.

Terry looks at him as if he's grown two heads. "Why would you ever not want to see girls?"

"Well, I guess it's not that I don't want to see them…" Austin pouts and looks down at his pale willy sadly. "It's that I don't want them to see me…"

Terry slows for a moment to look down at him sympathetically. "You can't hide from them forever, Acorn…Wouldn't it be better to be the one to make the first move? To show them you aren't afraid? Besides, I'll be right there with you if you need back-up!"

Austin can't help but feel emboldened by Terry's convincing words, feeling his body fill with resolve. He's right! The girls are going go see him eventually, and the longer he hides from them, the worse it will end up being!

As they exit the school's double doors, the cool breeze causes Austin's peepee to shrink impossibly further…It must be about a quarter of an inch long now!

'At least it'll go back to half an inch when I go back inside and warm up,' Austin muses ruefully. Small mercies.

The black boys that had come along with him and Terry all rush over to the chainlink fence, where the girls are waiting on the other side. Austin watches with embarrassment as one by one, the white girls appear to ask the black boys to see their cocks, and the black boys oblige, dropping their slacks and shoving their gargantuan appendages through the holes in the chainlink for the girls to examine.

"Same thing happened yesterday," Terry explains, standing beside Austin on the stairs. "After orientation, when we came here for recess all the girls wanted to see our stuff in person."

Austin sighs, looking at the way the white girls eagerly stroke and prod at the BBCs with their young fingers. For the hundredth time in the past few days, Austin wishes he had been born black.

As his eyes scan along the length of the fence, Austin's green eyes widen at the sight of one white girl who was all alone, at the very end of the fence, sitting in the shade of a tree.

Terry notices his expression and follows the whiteboi's gaze. "You know her?"

"That's Nancy!" Austin exclaims, shifting in place excitedly. "We had…I don't know, we had a moment or something, when she came off the bus!"

"Well, shit. Go talk to her then, man!" Terry encourages, pushing him forward.

Austin stumbles to a stop, turning back to his new friend anxiously. "I can't! I'm too nervous!"

Terry ruffles his hair and guides the boi onto the grass. "I'll come with you! We can both talk to her!"

"Wow, thanks, Terry! You're the best!" Austin doesn't know what he could have possibly done to earn the black boy's kindness, but he isn't complaining.

As they get closer to Nancy, Austin blushes and turns around, walking backwards the rest of the way. He wasn't technically covering his little pink tic-tac this way, so the collar didn't shock him.

The girls along the fence all giggle at the sight of the silly whiteboi walking towards them ass-first with no bottoms on.

Soon, he reached the fence near where April sat and leaned against it, trying to look as casual as you can when you're naked from the ribs down. "H-Hey, Nancy…"

Nancy turns to her right and jolts to her feet when she sees Austin's plump rosy ass. "Whoa! You're that whiteboi from before, right?"


"That's so cool!" Nancy exclaims, breaking out into a smile. "Everyone is talking about you!"

"Ah, really?" Austin chuckles nervously. "E-Everyone?"

"Totally!" Nancy nods, pressing up against the fence to get a better look at him. "Can I see it?"

"S-See what?" Austin tried to play dumb.

"Your tiny white dick!" She shouts eagerly, causing Austin to flush with embarrassment.

"I don't…I don't think so…" Austin mumbles, beginning to walk away.

As Terry starts to move forward to comfort him, Austin hears Nancy call out to him. "Please? Please let me see it! It's so cool!"

Feeling hope reignite in his chest, Austin looks over his shoulder at her. "You…think it's cool?"

"Duh!" Nancy says, moving her head around to try and sneak a peek. "It's the smallest penis EVER. How often do you get to see something like that?! You could probably sell tickets!"

Feeling an odd sense of pride over Nancy's reaction to his minuscule boyhood, Austin takes a deep breath and turns around to show her.

"AWWWWW! It's so cy-uuute!~" Nancy shouts, beckoning him to her. "Bring it closer! Bring it closer! It's too small to see from over here!"

Seeing as this was the most positive reaction to his dicklet yet, Austin blushes happily and obliges her, moving to shove his pelvis against the fence.

Just as he's about to put his cocklet through the hole, Terry worriedly holds him back. "Careful, bruh! Whitebois aren't allowed to put their dicks through the fence!"

It was true. When all the black boys had been putting their cocks through the chainlink the day prior, several whitebois had attempted it as well. But the fence was designed to shock any cocks that passed through it which were less than eight inches.

Terry's warning startles Austin and he jerks in response. The sudden movement makes Austin slip on the wet grass, still covered in morning dew. Before he can stop himself, he lands face-first into the fence. When he realizes his tiny dink has slipped through he braces himself for the inevitable shock…but it never comes!

"I don't understand…" Austin whispers, looking down at his little nub poking through at Nancy.

"Wow!" Nancy says, examining his clitty which twitched an inch from her face. "Your thing must be so small that the technology in the fence doesn't even register it as a penis!"

"How about that, Acorn?" Terry whistles, looking down at the scene playing out before him. "You're the only whiteboi in school who is able to put your dick in the fence. I told you being special was a good thing!"

"O-Oh, I guess that's…good?" Austin blushes, feeling his micropenis twitch.

Seeing this, Nancy curiously poked at the tip of it, causing Austin's clitty to twitch wildly in response.

"Haha! It's like a little light-switch!" Nancy giggles, before examining it more closely. "The rumour was that it was only one-inch long, but it actually looks way tinier!"

Given Nancy's positive reaction, Austin almost feels proud of his little shrimpy for the first time. If this cute girl likes that he has a tiny cocklet, he'll happily play into it. "Yeah, it's one inch normally, but the headmistress shrunk it down halfway…and then the cold air made it shrink down even more. It's probably like a quarter-inch long right now," Austin puffs up, proudly.

"A quarter inch?!" Nancy gasps. "That's insane! Terry, take yours out so I can see the difference!"

Austin has to bite back a sigh of disappointment as the attention is shifted from him, but if it makes Nancy happy, he's glad to play along.

Terry whips out his black anaconda and slides it through the fence next to Austin's. Seeing them right next to each other, it looked like the Washington Monument next to a doghouse.

Nancy blushes beet-red and runs her hands down the massive shaft. "Whoa…how long is it?"

"Fifteen inches," Terry casually shrugs.

Nancy's eyes widen comically. "Hold on…" she moves to retrieve a calculator from her bag.

"Fifteen…divided by zero point twenty-five…" she lets out a delighted laugh at the result. "Austin, Terry's cock is SIXTY times longer than yours at the moment!"

Austin can't help it — the humiliation burns bright in his crotch and he lets out a mewl as he begins spurting his cum like a sprinkler, his watery seed coating the grass on the girls' side.

The whiteboi frantically humps the chainlink fence, and all the ruckus causes a group of girls to gather 'round and watch the display.

"Is this that 'acorn' kid? I can see why they call him that…"

"I don't know, it looks too tiny to be an acorn. It kind of looks like a white pill-bug to me!"

"I didn't understand the appeal before, but maybe it would be hot to cuck some whitebois if they all react like this…"

"Wahaha! Look at him go!"

"So small…I seriously think my nipple is bigger."

The girls comments only fuel Austin's orgasm and he feels his control start to slip before Terry firmly grasps his asscheek to hold him in place and stop him from thrusting. "Chill, Acorn! You don't want to squirt yourself unconscious again!"

Terry's command makes his sissygasm slowly taper off, until there's only a thin stream of cum flowing from him, almost looking like he was pissing cum.

As he's twitching and spasming, waiting for it to die down completely, Nancy approaches him through the fence, their breaths intermingling.

"Between you and me?" She hesitates, whispering to him. "I don't know about all this BNWO stuff…All of these massive black cocks look like they'd hurt real bad! I'd much rather date someone with a pathetic babydick like you!"

Austin can hardly believe his ears. "Wh-What are you saying?"

Nancy blushes, looking down at his leaking willy and tittering. "Would you…want to be my boifriend?"

Austin gasps, his peepee starting to cum more forcefully again. "R-Really?! Me? Of course I would!"

"Good…" Nancy leans forward and gives him a small peck on the lips through the fence.

Austin's cum sprays down so hard in response that it starts making a hole in the dirt! The dent in the grass rapidly fills up and overflows with the frothy cum and mud combination.

Terry has to forcefully pull him away from his new girlfriend (His girlfriend! He still can't believe it!) as the school bell rings.

For whatever reason, Terry seems almost downtrodden as he guides them back to the school entrance. Maybe Terry liked Nancy as well?

"C'mon, dude…" Terry pouted, moving Austin through the halls. "We got sex-ed next. I heard a rumour that there are gonna' be some special guests…"

Austin allows Terry to guide him along to their sex-ed class, still riding the high of acquiring his first girlfriend. With Terry there to ground him, Austin's climax has simmered down, but as the memory of Nancy's kiss plays on repeat in his head, his weewee still leaks out a small steady stream of cum, dribbling a trail behind the whiteboi as he walks the halls.

Terry has been supportive of his brand new relationship and even congratulated him on it, but Austin can't help but notice that Terry seems saddened as well.

"Terry?" Austin prompts, nervously rubbing his thumbs together. "Did you also want to ask out Nancy? You just seem upset it all…"

The black boy gives his buttcheek a reassuring pat, shaking his head. "Nah. It's just…Actually, I was kinda planning on eventually asking you—"

Their conversation is interrupted when they turn the corner and almost walk straight into Headmistress Snow. For a split second, Austin believes he sees a fond smile on Snow's face as she looks at the two of them before she shifts it into her usual grimace.

"Good, I was hoping to catch you before you started class, babydick." She cants her hip and crosses her arms, glaring down at him. It hurts Austin a little less now that he knows it's all an act, but it's still embarrassing. "I was watching the stream when you were out at recess and I noticed something. I forgot to tell you about one of the side-effects of the penis shrinking cream I applied to you."

Austin's face pales, shooting a nervous glance down at his leaking peepee. 'What now?' He thought.

Snow holds up his little acorn with the tip of her riding crop. "You should know that any further shrinking will last until the cream wears off in a month. Seeing as how it's shrunk down to a quarter of an inch because of the cold air outdoors, that's what you'll be working with for the next four weeks."

Well, she could have warned him about that before! He wouldn't have gone outside! "But…what do I do now?"

Turning to walk away, Snow shoots him a parting smirk. "I'd recommend that you avoid any cold showers, unless you want it to stick until October…"

Somehow, his already pathetically tiny white dick twitches with excitement at the thought of being shrunken even more. But it can't possibly shrink much further…It's already a fourth of an inch!

Like a gentleman, Terry holds the door open for Austin as they enter the sex-ed class together and go sit at their desks. At this point it was a given that they would be sitting together whenever possible in their studies.

As the other boys gradually enter the class and the bell rings, Austin can't help but gawk at their sex education teacher — Professor Mitsuru Kuro. She was Japanese! This was Austin's first time ever seeing an asian person and he drank in the exotic sight.

Kuro's silky black hair trailed halfway down her back, contrasting against the white button-up blouse she was wearing with her black pencil-skirt. She looked to be all business, yet at the same time her delicate eastern features made her hauntingly beautiful.

"Good afternoon, class. I look forward to teaching all of you about the ins-and-outs of sexual intercourse over the next five years." She gives a humble bow, showing off her cleavage to the drone levitating in front of her.

With a few taps to the holodisplay emanating from her wristwatch, Kuro causes a massive screen to descend from the ceiling as the lights dim.

"We're going to start today's class by watching a video about an experimental form of raising children in the BNWO. This is a relatively new study being researched by the worlds leading expert in child psychology — Doctor Tilda Ivory."

"Mommy?" Austin breathes out in disbelief. His mother had never told him the specifics of her job before, but he didn't know she was THIS important.

A video begins playing on the massive screen for all the boys in attendance. Austin's eyes widen at the sight of his mommy on some talk show, sitting opposite a big burly black man in a suit.

"I want to thank you so much for coming here to speak with us today, Dr Ivory!" The host stands up and moves to sit right beside her on the couch.

"The pleasure's all mine," Tilda winks, resting her hand on his thigh.

"So, tell us about this new research of yours," the black man prompts, looking interested.

"Well, I've been working with children my whole life, boys in particular. And I fully support the twelve year period where they get to live simple lives before they hit puberty. I think it's an important part of the growing process." Tilda runs her hand up and down the man's leg as she speaks.


"But," she continues. "The eventual transition into the BNWO can be very stressful, especially for whitebois. So, when my son Austin was born I saw it as a unique opportunity to try out some new methods to better prepare whitebois like himself during their formative years."

Dozens of photos flash by the screen as Tilda speaks. All the images are of Austin between the ages of zero to twelve, and he's naked in every single one of them.

Feeling his face heat nuclear red as the class giggles at his embarrassing childhood photos, the only thing preventing Austin from cumming like crazy is Terry's supportive hand gripping his bare thigh.

The black host rubs his chin contemplatively. "Interesting…And your son still doesn't know about the BNWO, correct?"

Tilda shakes her head. "He's only starting high school tomorrow." Ah, so this is a recent recording then, from only a few days ago.

"So, you're still keeping your son oblivious to the BNWO until he hits puberty, as the law states you should. Then, what exactly have you been doing differently while raising young Austin?"

Tilda smiles warmly at the black man, moving her hand down to cup his impressive bulge. "I love my son more than anything. I want him to be happy. I believed I could make his life easier with this idea of mine, and the results speak for themselves! Ever since Austin's conception I've worked tirelessly to subtly encourage behaviour conducive to the BNWO. All throughout his childhood, without actually revealing anything, I have chipped away at his subconscious, turning him into the perfect little sissy!"

"This sounds truly inspired, Ms Ivory." The man's cock visibly hardens and swells in her hand as she fondles him through his trousers. "And what do you call this new practice of yours?"

"I've been referring to it as Pre-Cuck," Tilda beams proudly.

Even with Terry's hand on him, Austin can't help but start thrusting up in his chair. He has never been so embarrassed before, and after the past two days that's really saying something…

His mommy had really been turning him into a cuck his whole life? But he can't remember anything like that! Except for maybe the 'little white worm' comments, but that's it!

The show cuts to what appears to be a home movie of a younger Tilda Ivory with a big baby bump in her stomach. It's surreal for Austin to see footage of himself before he'd even been born.

He watches in confusion as his pregnant mother opens her laptop and begins playing a video of what sounds like a hardcore interracial gang bang. It's especially shocking because of how vocal the woman in the video is, as she screams about how fantastic black cocks make her feel, and how pin-dicked whitebois could never satisfy her.

Tilda then pulls out a pair of headphones and plugs it into the laptop. Austin's jaw drops in surprise as his mother fondly presses the headphones against her pregnant stomach.

"Walk us through what's going on here." The host's eighteen inch erection is fished out of his fly by Tilda.

"I theorized that playing BNWO approved videos for my unborn child would help to get him started on the right foot. From the moment I found out I was pregnant until the delivery date I played pornographic videos for Austin to listen to in my womb twice a day. Cuckold porn, sissy hypno, small penis humiliation — the basics. For obvious reasons, it's hard to quantify the treatment's effectiveness, but I noticed from birth that he was noticeably more effeminate than the other babies, so I stand by the experiment."

A traitorous spurt of precum dribbles from Austin's weenie. His mommy had been cuckolding him IN THE WOMB?!

The next scene that plays helps to calm him down slightly. Tilda can be seem cradling an infant Austin in her arms as she feeds him with a bottle. Seeing his mother care for him warms his heart, but the feeling is short lived.

The video cuts to Tilda using both hands to jerk off a gigantic black cock as she milks thick ropes of pearly white cum from it. The problem is, Tilda holds one of Austin's baby bottles in front of the man's cockhead. The bottle quickly fills to the brim and Tilda hastens to fetch another empty bottle. By the time the black man has finally stopped orgasming, Tilda has filled up fourteen baby bottles. Which a thankful smile, Tilda places them all into a tray and slides them into her fridge. "There's my son's food for the week!"

Switching back to the talk show, where Tilda is absently stroking the hosts BBC, his mother begins explaining the clip they'd just seen.

"You see, I wanted to get Austin used to the taste of superior black cum from birth. After the black pill changed our physiology, black men's sperm became almost as nutritious as a woman's milk, so I thought 'why not?' From here on, I fully endorse feeding young whitebois nothing but cum while a woman's milk would be reserved for black babies." There's a brief video of Tilda breastfeeding two black babies at once while she explains this.

The host nods along, not even seeming to acknowledge or appreciate Tilda taking the time to stroke him off. "And how long did you do this for?"

"Oh, I never stopped." Tilda laughs, swiping her thumb across his wide tip. "I fed him cum for every meal until he was four years old, because I knew he wouldn't remember. Since then, I've mixed a generous amount in to all of his drinks and meals. He's so used to the taste that he's never noticed!"

Feeling betrayed and unbearably aroused, Austin tries to pinch the tip of his dinky to prevent it from squirting. It works as a temporary fix, but it almost feels like a rushing flood threatening to topple a dam.

"Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, I wanted to talk about the importance of chastity training," Tilda implores, spitting on to the hosts cock to lubricate her strokes.

"Chastity training?" The host frowns. "A great deal of adult whitebois are caged of course, but what does that have to do with your son?"

Austin pouts sullenly. He remembers chastity training…Mommy had promised him that the device would make his thing grow really big but clearly that didn't work, so he doesn't know why she's bringing it up!

Tilda pulls out a set of cock cages, each of them is smaller than the last until she finally retrieves the tiniest one — a micro-chastity device that isn't meant to contain a penis so much as push it flat into your pubis. It resembles a quarter with holes drilled into it so that you could still urinate without having to take it off.

"I told Austin that these would make his penis bigger. If you've seen my recent photos and videos of him that I post to my social media, you know that was clearly a lie…" she drily jokes, as the studio audience chuckles.

"The shrinking effects of chastity in adult males are only temporary unfortunately. They'll make your penis much smaller, but after spending a few weeks out of chastity, it'll gradually return to its original size…"

Photos pop up on screen of his mommy fastening chastity devices onto his tiny prepubescent dick over the years. It stops on a still of Austin when he had been six years old, smiling trustfully as his mommy locks a tiny pink cage around his prick.

"My hypothesis was that if my whiteboi was caged all throughout his childhood, it would help to stunt his genital growth. From when he was in diapers to a couple months after his twelfth birthday, he was constantly caged, preventing his clitty from growing naturally." A video from Tilda's Clitter account shows Austin completely naked with the micro-chastity equipped. He is sitting at a table with his legs spread, not knowing that his mother had been filming. He happily blows out the candles on an Oreo cake in front of him with the number twelve on top. The post has half a million likes and one hundred thousand retweets.

"And? Was your hypothesis proven true?" The host asks, unbuttoning his trousers and sliding them down to his knees to give Tilda better access.

Tilda laughs brightly. "You tell me!" She pulls up the photo she had discreetly taken of Austin's babydick when she'd gone to visit him the day before school started. Everyone in the studio audience bursts out laughing at the sight of the shocked whiteboi trying to grab his mother's phone away from her as his meagre weewee jiggles around.

"Wow…To think he's stuck with that for the rest of his life…" the host muses, squinting and pulling out his glasses so that he can actually see Austin's penis. "You know…It actually seems abnormally small now that you mention it. Have you measured it yet?"

Tilda coyly taps the side of her nose. "That's a secret for now, but I'm sure you'll hear more about my son's length tomorrow!"

"Well, I've got to say, this is some outstanding work Ms Ivory! Did you have any closing advice for parents at home before we need to cut to commercial?"

"If anyone is interested in starting Pre-Cuck with their own white babies there's hundreds more tips and tricks in my book! For example, splicing secret frames of interracial porn into your son's cartoons, having him walk around naked when spending quality time together to get him used to nudity, and you should ALWAYS be teasing your white son about his limp little shrimpdick, 24/7. But you should also do it kindly, that way he'll come to associate penis humiliation with positive, warm feelings. I've been calling Austin's peepee my 'little white worm' for years as a term of endearment and you should see the way be blushes!" Tilda gives a motherly smile to the camera.

Tilda stands and wiggles her panties down her legs from underneath her skirt, she moves to stand in front of the black host but has one final parting statement for the cameras beforehand. "More than anything, I just want my little Austin to be happy. And the only way for a whiteboi to be happy in this world is to be a wimpy sissy. Well, if that's the case I'm determined to make him the wimpiest sissy there ever was! My sweet, kind-hearted boi deserves it!"

Slowly, Tilda begins lowering herself into the black man's lap with a long drawn out moan. Thankfully, Professor Kuro cuts the video short there, despite the groaning from the black boys who wanted to see Tilda get fucked.

"As you can see, Tilda Ivory is a true visionary," Mitsuru states, sending the giant monitor back into its slot in the ceiling. "Given Austin's exemplary demeanour and outstandingly small willy, the government has since taken Ms Ivory's research more seriously and has been looking to her for advice on how to improve our curriculum. We will be testing one of her new sex education methods today. Please welcome a very special guest, Tilda Ivory!"

Austin's eyes widen when his mommy saunters into the classroom, quickly wiggling her fingers in a cheery greeting to him. The pressure builds in his red -hot wiener as Austin struggles to hold back his orgasm.

Mitsuru bows in deference to Tilda and allows her guest to momentarily take over the class.

"Hello, boys! It's so nice to meet you! Now, none of you have actually seen any real sex happen yet. The thing is, you're going to be seeing A LOT of it soon, so the sooner you're exposed to it, the better. I thought it might make it seem less scary if you all get to see what it's like first!" Austin jolts at the sound of his desk whirring in front of him. A panel opens in the side of the desk and a startlingly realistic white pocket pussy pops out in front of Terry. A quick look around the class reveals that identical pocket pussies have appeared before all of the black students.

"Go ahead! Don't be shy! Give them a whirl, that's what they're there for!" Tilda presses a button and all of the fake pussies glisten with lubricant.

Ever the leader, Terry is the first one to shrug and drop his slacks. Austin's breath catches at the sight of his friend's fifteen inch shaft sinking into that tight pussy.

One by one, the other black boys follow Terry's example, inserting their massive cocks into the fleshlights in front of them. The whole classroom is soon filled with the noise of desks shaking as the black boys roughly fuck the fake pussies. Every whiteboi is flushed red, not sure what to do with themselves.

"M-Mommy?" Austin asks, raising his dainty hand.

"What is it sweetheart?" Tilda turns to him affectionately.

"What — What about the white students? Where's ours?" He shyly inquires. He has a girlfriend now! He needs to learn this stuff!

Tilda and Mitsuru both let out endeared laughs. "Honey, whitebois don't get pussy," His mommy reminds him. "All of you are going to practice whiteboysex today."

"Wh-Whiteboysex?" Kyle stammers from across the classroom.

"That's right!" Tilda moves to the front and centre of the class, making sure everyone obeys. "Would all the whitebois please drop your skirts and panties?"

Knowing they have no choice, the boys all acquiesce. Austin feels comforted despite everything. At least now he isn't the only whiteboi naked from the waist down.

Tilda pulls up the official whiteboysex instruction guide from the web domain, projecting it from her holo display so that everyone can see the helpful step-by-step diagrams.

Still, Tilda is kind enough to walk them through the process herself. "Now, I want you all to grab onto your tiny little peckers using your thumb and your index finger. This is the most effective way for whitebois to have handsex."

From his peripheral vision, Austin can see all of the whitebois do as commanded. Austin tries to grab his own weewee but with its shrunken state and all of the slippery precum dribbling from it, he can't get a good grip on it.

Tilda holds her left pinky in the air and runs her fingers up and down it to demonstrate. "Now just start stroking your widdle weewees. Don't worry if you cum early, that's normal for whitebois. Just keep stroking and I'll tell you when to stop."

Soon all the whitebois are stroking their little cocklets in unison as the black boys pound the artificial white pussies. The black boys are still going strong, despite the fact that several whitebois have already prematurely ejaculated.

Austin needs to raise his hand again for help. His mommy walks over in front of his desk to speak with him. "Yes, honey?"

Her son leans back, giving her a good look at his problem. "My thingy is too small to stroke…May I please be excused from whiteboysex?"

Tilda gasps with delight when she sees her son's shrunken dick. "Wow! It looks like the little white worm has turned into a little white maggot!"

Austin looks to the side and flushes, resisting the urge to cover up. "So can I be excused from—"

"Of course not, baby." April tuts, grabbing him by the wrist. "Here, let mommy show you. Stick out your index finger and your middle finger, keep them close together."

He does as he's told and Tilda moves his hand down so that his two fingers are pressed against the tip of his tic-tac.

"Now, just rub your clitty around in circular motions. It's a bit unorthodox, but it'll work just the same way!"

Slowly, Austin begins massaging his little acorn like a woman would rub at her clitoris. Initially, he doesn't care for it but soon he gets caught up in the pleasure of it, spreading his thighs wide and fingering at his little nub eagerly.

Tilda gives him a proud smile before raising her voice to address the whole class once more.

"Sex can be kind of intimidating to look at the first time you're exposed to it. Today, we'll be testing out one of my new theories to try and find a way to make it less scary for you boys." Tilda begins unbuttoning her blouse.

Austin watches in shock as his mommy strips naked in front of everyone. Many of the drones circle around her, streaming her exposed body to billions worldwide. The whiteboi had never seem his mommy naked before, and when her perky tits and shaved pussy pop into view his microdick starts spraying cum between his two fingers.

The fit blonde woman sighs fondly as she watches her son fumble around with his spasming cocklet. Honestly, it takes so little to set her son off…

"The idea I've been rolling around is that seeing people have sex for the first time would be less traumatic if it involved people you loved!" Tilda explains, gesturing at the door to the classroom. "The mothers can come in now!"

All the whitebois watch in horror as each an every one of their mothers walks into the classroom, completely naked. Each of the nude women approach their respective white sons, standing in front of their desks as they subconsciously continue to jerk their tiny dicklets.

"And now the fathers!" Tilda calls out.

Much like the mothers, the fathers of all the black boys enter the room. They're all towering, athletic figures with hefty pillars of meat swinging between their legs.

All of the parents soon pair up accordingly. In front of Austin's desk, Tilda and Terry's father stand next to each other.

"You're going to watch all of us have sex now, okay? It's going to be a beautiful moment between parent and child! What could serve as a healthier introduction to sex than seeing your own family going at it?" Tilda rests her elbows down on Austin's desk, leaning forward so that her face is but a few inches away from his. Terry's father strokes his cock to it's full twenty-five inches and moves behind Tilda.

"No matter what, none of you stop what you're doing while you watch! That's an integral part of this. The black boys should continue fucking their pocket pussies and the whitebois have to keep stroking their winkies!" Tilda moans as the head of the black man's cock presses into her.

As several thick inches squelch into her, Tilda manages to choke out a final warning. "When women are getting blacked, sometimes they say some mean, crazy things. It's important to remember that your mommies don't mean what they're saying, okay? It's the BBC frenzy talking, not them…"

Tilda groans right into Austin's face as Terry's father drives his obsidian spear all the way inside of her. Austin furiously rubs at his stubby nub as watery cum gushes through his fingers.

His mommy's eyes have already glazed over with untold pleasure. The sound of moaning and wet fleshy slapping echoes through the classroom as a hundred mothers are blacked right in front of their twelve-year old sons.

"So fucking big," Tilda gasps, her tits bouncing in front of Austin's red face. "You'll never be able to make a woman feel like this, you impotent bitch!"

Austin's lip quivers, thinking of Nancy. "D-Don't say that, mommy! I—"

His words are cut off when Tilda spits at his face, the warm liquid dribbling down his cheek and onto his pouty pink lips. "Don't talk back to me, needledick! Just sit there and squirt away like a good little pinkskin."

Terry's father smacks Tilda's ass before gripping her by her hips, drilling her tight white pussy with increased force. Austin can see his mommy's buttcheeks rippling with the strength of the man's thrusts.

Austin loses his control of his body, his arms falling to his sides as he spurts his cummies hands free. His cum fires up into the underside of his desk like an impotent firehose.

Terry's father picks Tilda up off the ground, holding her up in the air in a full-nelson while he jackhammers her sopping wet pussy. The new angle forces her to squirt all over Austin and his desk as she is repeatedly brought to orgasm.

"Oh, that's right, I forgot! You don't even need to touch your little willy to cum! Mommy is so proud of her little white cucky princess!"

Austin is caught between rapture and despair when his mommy says such cruel things to him as he shoots his juices all over the place. Tears start to run down his face. He doesn't care if his mommy is in a 'BBC frenzy!' She shouldn't speak to him like that if she really loves him!

"Yo, Acorn!"

Austin looks to his right with a sniffle, desperately humping the air while he releases his sissygasm. All around the classroom he sees the other whitebois in similar circumstances but he tries to focus in on Terry.

His black friend is still pounding away at his fake pussy, and Austin realizes with great shame that Terry is in no danger of cumming yet. Why do black boys have such great endurance? It isn't fair!

"Forget them," Terry says, earnestly, as he thrusts into the synthetic pussy with long languid motions. "Just focus on me and we'll get through this!"

The whiteboi grabs onto Terry's offer like a lifeline, turning in his seat to face his new friend. "Wh-What do I do?"

"Just…Instead of watching our parents, how about we both imagine something else?" Terry suggests, gripping onto the edge of his desk for leverage as he drives his pelvis against it.

"Like…Like what?" Austin stammers, as his cum shoots up into the air.

"I don't know…" Terry looks around, struggling for anything that could distract Acorn. Eventually he settles on the pocket pussy he's currently using. "You like Nancy, right? Why don't you just pretend that this is Nancy's pussy, and you can finish cumming to that?"

Austin balks at the suggestion. "But your dick is in it? Why would I imagine that it was Nancy's?"

The black boy flinches regretfully at his faux-pas. "Well, just imagine it's your dick going in instead of mine?"

"Yeah…I could do that!" Austin focuses his gaze on the synthetic pussy next to him.

But no matter how hard he tries, he can't suspend his disbelief and shake away the image of Terry relentlessly shoving his big black cock into it.

The thought lingers in his mind and soon he can't help but imagine Terry fucking Nancy senseless for real. It's shameful, he knows, but there's also something exhilarating about it.

Clenching his eyes shut in humiliation, Austin whispers. "…Talk about having sex with Nancy…"

Terry's eyebrows shoot up, certain that he'd misheard his friend. "Uh, what?"

"Pretend like you're fucking Nancy's pussy! Please!" Austin desperately shouts, a nearby drone capturing his first foray into the world of cuckoldry.

"Are you…sure?"

"Please…" Austin begs, leaning back in exhaustion as he squirts all over himself. "I need it to finish…"

With a concerned look, Terry reluctantly obliges as be fucks his fake white pussy. "Oh yeah…Nancy, you're so tight!"

"Nnnn~" Austin whimpers, biting at his lip as his dicklet pulses forcefully.

"You're probably not used to getting stretched out like this…You got too used to Acorn's babydick!" Terry gets more into character for Austin's sake, but he'd really rather not demean his friend like this.

Austin pants heavily, squirming in his seat as an endless stream of cum fires from his pindick like a laser beam. "Jusht…Jusht need a widdle bit more…pwease, Tewwy," he slurs, feeling his climax approaching.

Feeling bold and insanely horny because of the show Austin is inadvertently putting on for him, Terry feels the sudden impulse to pull out of the pocket pussy, and aims his big black mamba at Austin instead. "Maybe it's time you learned what real cum felt like!"

Long, virile ropes of Terry's cum begins covering Austin from head to toe. The hot goo feels so much more thick and substantial compared to his own watery sperm that Austin finally climaxes with a drawn-out mewl.

After coming down from his high, he sits back up, covered in cum and realizes that everyone in class had been watching him and Terry in silence, as they'd all finished up minutes ago and they never noticed.

Tilda snaps a quick photo of her son for her social media before running around the desk and picking him up for a big hug. An extra little spurt of cum spills from his peepee when his mommy presses her sweaty tits against his face, but she either doesn't notice or doesn't care.

"Oh, you are such a good little cucky!" Tilda coos. "Mommy is so proud of you!"

Austin takes as much comfort as he can from the hug, already dreading the conversation where he's have to explain himself to Terry…

Why had the thought of Nancy being blacked by his friend excited him so much?

The walk out from their sex-ed class is silent and awkward. Neither Austin nor Terry know how to bring up the topic of what had transpired near the end of the lesson.

Terry suggests that they go to the dining hall together to grab some food before heading back to their respective dormitories and Austin quietly accepts the offer.

They walk down the hallways side by side, and Austin just about works up the courage to explain his actions when they see a large black man hooking up a monitor high on the wall. Similar monitors have been spread out along all the hallways. Curiously, Terry approaches the worker. "'Scuse me, sir. What are those TVs that you're puttin' up for?"

The big black man climbs down the ladder he was standing on and brushes his hands off on his uniform. "New tech courtesy of the Blacked Entertainment Network." He taps the B.E.N. logo on his lapel. "The chat log from the 'Blacked: BBC High' stream will be displayed on all of these. That way you kids can see what people are saying about you in real time! Pretty neat, huh?"

The man tips his cap so that he can peer up at the monitor as he flicks the power button. Instantly, the screen is flooded with comments from viewers watching around the world.

QoS93: i wish the black kid would take out that gorgeeous cock of his again…

Tinkerballs: this is bullshit dude. the resolution on my monitor isnt gud enough to see acorns dick. they need to zoom in more!

SBunnyMummy: Oh, little Austin is so sweet! He reminds me of my son when he was that age! Can't wait to see the little darling get cuckolded for the first time 3

Blk-king: 😂

[Whiteboi6969 donated $1500.00!] fuccck, take my whole paycheck this is so hot~ Please make fun of the white kids clit some more, I'm really close!

LeeroyJenk: show feet

Austin turns away from the monitor with an offended blush, angrily marching down the hall as his bare bum jiggles. At this point, he hardly notices the nudity anymore unless someone pointedly draws attention to it.

Terry easily catches up to Austin in two strides thanks to his much longer legs. "Whoa, chill! What's the matter, Acorn?"

Turning to face his friend with an adorable huff, Austin crosses his arms frustratedly. "I'm not a cuck! I wish everyone would just stop saying that!"

Holding his hands up placatingly, Terry slowly moves forward and places a comforting hand down on Austin's head. "If you say you're not a cuck, then you ain't a cuck, man. I believe you…"

Embarrassingly, Austin feels tears start to well up in his eyes but he blinks them away before the drones can get footage of him crying. "It's just…" His voice catches and he quickly wipes at his eyes. "It's like…My heart doesn't want me to get cucked, but my peepee does! All that stuff I said at the end of class? I swear I didn't mean it! I only said that because I was excited! Please, don't take Nancy away from me, Terry…"

A large finger holds Austin under his quivering chin and tilts his head up. Terry looks him straight in the eyes. "I swear that I will never do anything that you don't want me to do. Okay? I promise. If you don't want to be a cuck, then we'll work together to figure out a way to get rid of the urge."

A big strong capable guy like Terry promising that he would help Austin overcome his cuckold instincts was such a relief.

Unable to hold himself back, Austin flings his spindly arms around Terry's waist and hugs him tight. The black boy is so much taller than him that Austin's cheek is mushed into his abdomen and Terry's big bulge is pressed against the whiteboi's torso.

"Thank you so much…Nobody has ever been this nice to me before…" Austin murmurs into Terry's shirt.

Terry reassures him that he's happy to help and throws an arm around the boi's shoulders as they enter the dining hall together.

Guiding Austin over to a table filled with Terry's friends, the black boy seats Austin down at the end of the bench, sitting next to him almost protectively.

"But where do we get the food?" Austin asks, looking around for some sort of kitchen.

"I forgot you missed dinner yesterday," Terry chuckles, looking over at the wall. "Just give it a second."

Austin almost jolts out of his seat when a robotic female voice speaks up from a speaker in the side of their table. "Black male detected. Whiteboi detected."

A panel in the wall at the end of the table opens up and Austin watches in astonishment as two trays begin rolling down the centre of the table on a conveyor belt. The pastel pink tray of food stops in front of Austin, whereas Terry is given a black tray.

Austin frowns at the differences between their meals. Terry has been given a t-bone steak, mashed potatoes with gravy and what looks to be a protein shake.

The pink tray in front of Austin has a carton of soy milk, a cup of fruit, some green beans, almonds and a small salad. The salad is doused in a thick white substance, so Austin assumes it must be caesar.

"How come you get better stuff?" Austin sulks, poking at his salad with his plastic fork while Terry picks up his silverware.

It's the AI in the table that responds before Terry can even open his mouth. "If a whiteboi were to ingest a black male's meal, it would surely upset his tummy. Should you attempt to trade foods, you will be punished."

Terry shrugs apologetically and begins cutting into his meat.

"Fuck you doin 'in my seat, pimpledick?" A voice growls to his left, causing Austin to jump to his feet in fear.

When he turns around he's confronted with a stocky black boy in a letterman jacket. The guy is only a few inches shorter than Terry but he's built a bit wider. He also looks like he's about one second away from socking the whiteboi, so Austin moves to flee from him. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't—I didn't know! I'll go—"

Terry's hand grips Austin by the shoulder and gently forces him back down into the seat. "You don't have to go anywhere…" Terry glares up at the other black boy. "The hell's your problem, Dante?"

Dante spreads his arms disbelievingly, as if Terry is being unreasonable. "My problem? My problem is this little bitch is sitting in my spot!"

"Just sit on my right, nigga! What's the big deal?" Terry stands up and glares at Dante.

"Ever since we was babies I been sittin' on your left," Dante scowls, flicking his gaze down to Austin. "You spend one day with your new pet whiteboi and that means nothin' all of a sudden?"

Terry shakes his head and moves closer. "It's not that deep, bruh. Just sit on my right and get over it."

Dante doesn't back down, he moves forwards to square up with his friend. "Maybe I lay you out — take your seat. Since this shit don't matter apparently…"

Towering over the other black boy, Terry glares down at him, quickly losing his composure. "You really want to do this? How you think that's gonna turn out for you?"

The shorter black boy seems to consider this for a moment before scoffing and pushing past Terry's shoulder. Before he walks away, he turns back to point at Terry. "I'm goin' back to the dorm right now and I'm moving my shit to a different room! Have fun bein' alone for the next five years, Judas!"

Dante trudges out of the room and Terry stares after him for a moment before shaking his head and sitting back down.

Terry must notice how shaken up Austin is because he's quick to reassure him. "Don't worry about Dante. He's all talk. His pops died when he was young, so mine kind of unofficially took him in. He gets mad jealous when I make new friends…He'll get over it."

Austin nods shakily before registering the wetness on his thighs. When he looks down he sees that his dinkie is twitching and dribbling precum down his leg. He doesn't know why but seeing Terry lock horns with Dante had been sort of exhilarating.

He frantically swipes a magenta napkin from his food tray and holds it over his peepee until it calms down and goes limp.

The rest of their meal goes by without a hitch and Austin finds himself relaxing more and more in Terry's company. Turns out, they like many of the same movies and video games! They're both eager to see what kinds of new media they'll be able to experience now that their lives aren't being sheltered from the outside world anymore.

Austin is about to wave goodbye to Terry and head over to the whiteboi dormitory when, as if sensing his thoughts, Headmistress Snow appears before him.

"Mr Ivory. I regret to inform you there has been a small mishap," she states, looking down at him through her aviators.

"Wh-What is it?"

"Just before the school year commenced, the board had some renovations done in the students' living quarters." Snow idly smacks her riding crop into her palm as she speaks. "There was an error made by the workers. They had accidentally built rooms for ninety-nine whitebois, and one-hundred and one black boys."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"Use your head, boi!" Snow scowls, cracking her riding crop threateningly. "It means that one whiteboi must live in the black boy's dormitory for the duration of their BBC High career. Seeing as you were unconscious yesterday when rooms were being picked out, you'll be the one living with the black boys."

Austin is so taken aback by the news that he doesn't notice Terry pumping his arm excitedly. The headmistress does, however, and shoots a discreet wink over to the now blushing Terry. "That will be all," she states, turning away.

Staring off into the distance, Austin gulps. "They're going to eat me alive…"

Terry happily rushes over and starts pulling him along to the black dormitory. "No way, dude! Most of us just want to be friends with you guys! There's a couple of people like Dante, but they won't do shit to you because they know I'd beat their asses!"

His friends happiness is sort of infectious, and Austin feels a hopeful grin bloom on his face. "Really? They want to be friends with me?"

"Yeah!" Terry beams, performing an endearing hop down a flight of stairs in his excitement. "Oh man! With Dante throwing a tantrum you can move in with me now! It'll be so much fun! Like a year round sleepover!"

Austin is too delicate and unathletic to hop the stairs, so he just giggles and quickly skips down them, making his little twig and berries bounce around.

Maybe it won't be so bad after all! Terry is a great guy and Austin sure would feel safe rooming with him.

They soon reach their destination and Terry smiles, holding the door open for him. Austin thanks him and enters his new dormitory.

And stops dead in his tracks at the dozens of black boys walking around the common room naked.

Each and every dark-skinned youth has forgone all of their clothing — hanging out, playing games, watching TV and chatting while completely nude.

Austin's jaw drops at the sight of all the muscular twelve-year olds walking about with their prodigious cocks swinging around freely. The length varies, but Austin can't spot a single one that isn't in the double-digits of inches.

Speaking of double-digits, a familiar fifteen inch BBC enters his peripheral vision and Austin turns to face Terry who is in the process of shucking his uniform off as well.

At Austin's tomato-red face, Terry feels the need to explain things. "Hope you don't mind, but when it's just us guys in private, we prefer to chill naked. Our cocks are so big that most clothes feel very restrictive…It's just way more comfortable this way."

The whiteboi nods shakily, willing his wiener to stop leaking like a busted faucet. "I g-get it. It's cool…"

Terry smiles gratefully at Austin's understanding attitude and has an idea to make the boi feel more included. "You should strip too!"


Terry shrugs, gesturing down at Austin's bare lower half. "You've already got the fun bits out, right? May as well take the shirt and stockings off too!"

Austin can see the reasoning…It'd almost be more weird if he only kept the shirt and socks on…And the idea of 'being one of the guys' makes him want to fit in.

Shyly, Austin strips naked and places his folded clothes and shoes into a nearby empty locker. The only thing he has on is the choker — he doesn't dare try to pry it off in fear of getting zapped for his troubles.

"Everybody!" Terry shouts, drawing the attention of their peers. "You already know Acorn! He's gonna be staying here with us. Now, if I hear any of you are disrespecting him — you may as well be dissing me. Get me?"

There's a chorus of agreements from the naked black boys, save for Dante who scowls at them from his seat near the fireplace.

Wanting to make a good first impression, many of the black boys crowd around Austin to introduce themselves. Because of the stark difference in heights, Austin soon finds himself completely surrounded by giant black cocks directly at his eye level.

The circle of black boys are pressed so close to him that he can feel their gigantic members brushing against him from all sides. At one point he think he even feels a shaft bounce between his plump bumcheeks.

Austin is overwhelmed by these sensations. His mind unwittingly conjures up the image of Nancy being drowned in a sea of BBCs like this and Austin's hips begin thrusting against his will.

Terry spots the impending sissygasm and hastens to pull Austin away from the group. Looking for some excuse to drag the boi away, Terry pulls him over to the exercise room. "Check it out, Acorn! Pretty great, right?"

Austin looks around the room, breathing heavily as his weewee calms down. All of the weights and equipment were…kind of intimidating. The most exercise he and his friends had ever done at Whiteboy Elementary School was just…kind of aimlessly jog around.

Wanting to show off some of the gear to his friend, Terry plops down on the benchpress and lays down, causing his massive cock to flop heavily against his abdomen.

The whiteboi is about to warn Terry that the barbell is loaded with what looks to be four-hundred pounds when, to his amazement, his friend effortlessly bangs out ten reps!

Austin hops in place and claps excitedly. Terry was like Superman!

Terry straightens up, feeling pretty chuffed with his tiny friend's reaction. "You wanna try?"

Immediately sobering, Austin waves his hands in front of him. "No way! It'd kill me!"

Chuckling, Terry removes all the weights from the benchpress. "I wasn't gonna start you off with four-hundred pounds, bruh. Just try lifting the bar on its own for now. Without any weights on it, I think it only weighs forty pounds."

Puffing his flat chest out, Austin determinedly lays prone on the bench and grips the empty bar. Forty pounds doesn't sound so bad!

He hesitates when he sees a drone hovering nearby, streaming his actions. Austin sighs. "They even record us in our dormitories?"

Terry shrugs, swatting the drone away. The machine easily readjusts in mid-air and goes right back to filming Austin. "Just pretend they aren't there."

Austin nods and pushes up with all his might. The bar doesn't even budge.

Taking a deep breath, Austin tries again, straining himself with how hard he's pushing. His legs are kicking with exertion before Terry stops him. "Here, I'll spot you!"

The black boy stands right behind Austin's head on the bench and grips the centre of the bar with one hand. The new position causes his cock to be draped across Austin's face, but the boi feels it would be impolite to ask him to move it while Terry is going out of his way to help him.

This time, the whiteboi easily benches the barbell! "Look, Terry! I'm doing it!" he exclaims, his voice slightly muffled by Terry's shaft.

"I know! That's a great start, Acorn!" Terry is doing one-hundred percent of the lifting, essentially doing bicep curls with the bar. But he lets Acorn believe otherwise. The poor boi could use the confidence boost.

After doing ten 'reps' of his own, Austin hops off the bench, his frail body glistening with sweat. "Thanks, Terry! You're the best!"

Terry grins and ruffles the boi's damp hair. "You worked up a great sweat, Acorn! How about we go hit the showers?"


His muscular friend guides him to the showers. Terry informs him on the way that the bathrooms and showers connect the black dormitory to the whitebois. The thought soothes Austin. Being among other whitebois for a bit will help him calm his nerves.

The showers are very spacious and clean, which Austin appreciates. He gazes around the white-tiled room, looking at the various naked whitebois and black boys as they go about their business. Austin blushes heavily at the way all the minuscule white peepees pale in comparison to the wet, swaying BBCs. Seeing them all together like this really drives home their differences…

His brow furrows when he spots a group of students crowding around a mirror at the far end of the showers. "What're they doing?"

Terry laughs and pats him on his bubblebutt. "Go see for yourself. Enjoy…"

As Austin scampers closer to the mirror, he realizes that it isn't a mirror at all! It's a giant window spanning the full length of the back wall!

And on the other side is the girl's shower!

Austin hurries over, almost slipping in his excitement, to press up against the foggy glass.

On the other side of the window he sees his first ever naked white girl — dozens of them in fact!

He drops to his knees and lets out a feminine gasp as his peewee begins spurting cummies against the glass. Several of the nude white girls point at him and laugh, which only makes him squirt harder.

He scoots forward on his knees, humping his dinky up against the glass for some much-needed friction. This angles his dick up, causing his jizz to shoot up under his own chin, but he doesn't even care anymore. He'll be able to shower it off anyway.

Most of the twelve-year old white girls are preoccupied under the shower-heads as they bathe themselves. However, a couple are bold enough to stand in front of the glass rubbing at their little titties and waving their butts teasingly.

All of the girls showing off their stuff happen to be stood in front of the black boys on the opposite side of the window.

The black boys unabashedly hold eye contact with the girls, languidly stroking their godly meat. Many whitebois like Austin are frantically rubbing at their babydicks, cumming against the glass.

One such whiteboi is Kyle. Kyle is using THREE fingers to tug at his peepee, the arrogant jerk! One thing Austin notices about Kyle's privates is that, while very long for a whiteboi at three inches, his penis is also very thin. It's the very definition of a pencil dick and it gives Austin a small feeling of satisfaction.

Seeing his former best friend who had abandoned him in his time of need is enough to stop Austin's climax. He stands back up on wobbly legs and returns to Terry before Kyle can notice him.

He's about to step underneath a shower when Terry beckons him over to join him in his. "C'mere, Acorn! I'll get your back for you!"

Austin nods and presses close to Terry's wet body. The shower stall they're in doesn't have a lot of room, so they frequently bump into each other as they wash their bodies.

The feeling of Terry's big masculine hands soaping up his butt and massaging shampoo into his scalp makes Austin sigh in pleasure and soon he feels something big and hard press against his chest.

The whiteboi eeps and leans back against the stall when he sees Terry's enormous black erection bobbing right in front of him.

"God, I'm sorry man," Terry winces. "I can't help it — ouch!" Terry hisses through his teeth, cradling his giant ballsack.

Austin's shock turns to concern at his friend's pained expression. "What's wrong, Terry?"

"It's just — ah!" Terry frowns. "It's been a problem since I was like…eight. My cum refills so fast that I have to jerk off a LOT to stop my balls from aching…" Terry sighs forlornly, looking down at his huge cock. "It's just a lot of work. I'm so sick of it…"

Austin hates seeing Terry in pain like this. After the endless kindness that the black boy had shown him, he'd be a real jerk not to offer to repay the favour. He can't fix Terry's problem, but the least he can do is share the burden.

"Let me help!" Austin says with determination.


"It stinks that you have to deal with this…" Austin reaches forward and cups one of Terry's big testicles in his palm, rubbing it tenderly. "I could help you out sometimes so that you can have a break!"

Terry's eyebrows practically shoot up to his hairline. "You'd…do that for me? Doesn't that make you…uncomfortable?"

Shaking his head, the whiteboi grabs on to the solid black shaft with both hands. "Why would it? It's like a medical issue, right?"

Thanking whichever god is listening that Acorn was so naive, Terry nodded rapidly. "Y-Yes! Like a…like a clinical treatment or something! God, thank you so much, Austin!"

The boi blushes but smiles wide, happy that he can be of use to his friend. "After everything you've done to help me, how could I ignore this?"

The next ten minutes are spent as Austin determinedly works his lily-white hands up and down that thick black cock. Austin is so focused on performing the task well that he forgets that their shower stall doesn't have a door. Several drones and many male and female students alike watch the impromptu handjob with interest.

Austin frowns curiously when he notices Terry's sack begin to tighten and raise up but his thoughts are interrupted when he's blasted in the face with a mighty jet of pearly white cum.

His mouth opens in surprise and Austin gurgles and coughs at the cum that floods into his mouth. He quickly repositions Terry's cock lower, so that Terry's black python blasts against his chest instead.

Austin flinches in slight pain. It's not too bad, but Terry's cock feels as if it's ejaculating with the strength of a pressure washer and it stings Austin a little as the BBC drenches him in its thick, virile cum.

Despite his discomfort, Austin dutifully continues stroking his friend's spasming black cock. This is for Terry!

All in all, it takes five minutes for Terry to ride out his earth-shattering orgasm as Austin strokes his black horsecock like a breeder would stroke a stallion at the farm.

Shooting one last sneaky rope of cum directly onto Austin's pinkydick, Terry's cock finally softens as he leans against the stall to catch his breath.

"Dude…Thank you so much…" Terry gasps, his firm pectorals heaving. "God, I needed that!"

Austin grins happily as thick waves of cum drip down his face. "Happy to help!"

The whiteboi feels like he was a very good friend today! Just bros helping each other out — that was the basis of his and Terry's friendship!

Terry says he could help wash the layers of his cum off of Austin and the whiteboi graciously accepts the offer. Next time they did this in here, they ought to deal with Terry's problem BEFORE showering, that way Austin would only need to wash himself once.

The two of them eventually begin chatting about their favourite shows again as they leave the showers to turn in for the night.

As they near the door, Austin feels an ache between his legs and cups his pale winky with a wince.

"What's wrong?" Terry immediately picks up on his discomfort.

"I need to pee…" Austin murmurs shyly.

Terry grins and gestures over towards the urinals. Austin nods and prances over, holding onto his pea-sized balls.

As he steps in front of the urinal, a metal sheet slams down, preventing him from using it.

Austin frowns before the same female AI from the lunchroom addresses him through a speaker in the wall. "Whiteboi detected: Please assume proper tinkling stance in order to access the urinal."

The sissy anxiously hops from one foot to the other, barely holding it in. "I don't know what that is," he grits through clenched teeth.

"Observe," the AI states. A monitor activates above the urinal, playing a short instructional video titled 'A Guide to Whiteboi Tinkling'

In the video, a black stick figure with a giant stick hanging between its legs is shown approaching the urinal, before peeing into it. "Black cocks are long enough to urinate standing up with no mess."

Next, a much smaller white stick figure approaches the urinal with a barely visible dot between its legs. It starts to pee standing up, and the little penis is so far away from the urinal that the stream splashes against the porcelain. A buzzed sound plays as a big red X is stamped over the scene.

"Whiteboi dinkies are so small, that their weak urine stream causes extreme splashback unless they're very close to the urinal. In order to prevent unnecessary messes, whitebois are required to use the special 'tinkling stance.'"

The white stick figure approaches the urinal again, but this time it drops down on all fours, lifts one leg and pees into the urinal like a dog. A dinging sound plays, accompanied by a green checkmark.

"Keeping your tiny weewees close to the ground when you tinkle helps keep the area more clean and hygienic for everyone. Please assume the tinkling stance, whiteboi." The AI commands.

"No way!" Austin shouts, outraged. "Just let me pee normally!"

Unfortunately, his loud complaining draws the attention of a nearby drone which flies over to hover near him.

"Please assume the tinkling stance, whiteboi." The AI repeats, not budging.

Austin's cute face screws up in pain as he hops in place, clenching his wiener tightly.

Glaring down at the closed off urinal, Austin petulantly drops to all fours. Blushing bright red, Austin lifts a shaking leg high in the air like a good little puppy. The collar around his neck feels painfully appropriate.

"Good boi," the AI praises. "To open the shutter and commence urination, please use the voice activation code — 'Arf! Arf!'"

Austin almost stands back up in protest, but the only thing more embarrassing than this would be him peeing on the floor…

"Arf! Arf!" Austin desperately barks.

The shutter opens and Austin blissfully relieves himself into the urinal. A thin, feminine stream splatters into the drain as the drone zooms in on his mini penis and ass from behind.

From across the way, he can see naked girls giggling and pointing at him through the window. Austin's raised leg shakes so hard from the embarrassment that it makes his rosy butt cheeks jiggle.

As his pee finally draws to a close, Austin clambers to his feet and rushes to the door of the black dormitory to escape this mortifying incident.

The lock on the door clicks shut as the AI speaks aloud. "Don't forget to wash your hands!"

Keeping his flushed face low, Austin moves to the sink and quickly washes his hands. After a fast rinse he leaves the showers with Terry by his side.

Allowing Terry to guide him to their shared room, Austin keeps quiet.

"It's messed up that they make whitebois go to the bathroom like that…You okay?" Terry inquires, rubbing at Austin's lower back.

"…I don't want to talk about it."

His black friend nods solemnly before smiling as they reach their room. Terry is hoping that spending their first night together as dorm mates will cheer Austin up.

His optimism is short-lived, because when he enters the room he sees that Dante had completely trashed his side of the room before leaving. Even Dante's bed frame had been cracked and it looked like he had poured soda all over the mattress. The sheets were also missing.

Alarmingly, he hears Austin begin to sob when he enters behind him.

"Why can't anything ever go right…" Austin sniffles, wiping at his eyes. "Now I'll have to sleep on the floor!"

Terry shushes him, urging his friend to stop weeping. "Forget that, man! Just sleep in the bed with me!"

Shuffling in spot nervously, Austin peers up at Terry with his shimmering forest-green eyes. "It won't be too weird for you?"

Snickering fondly, Terry gestures at their naked bodies. "Can't be any weirder than what we've already done, bro."

Austin giggles at that, holding a hand over his mouth and blushing slightly at the memory of jerking Terry off in the shower. "I suppose you're right!"

Heart swelling at his friend's mood brightening, Terry wants to keep Austin laughing. The big black boy surges forward and grapples Austin around the waist.

Effortlessly picking the tiny whiteboi up, Terry tosses Austin across the room and onto the mattress as the whiteboi squeals with laughter.

Not giving him any time to get his bearings, Terry pounces on to the bed, tickling at Austin's ribs and his neck.

Austin squirms and wriggles around, wheezing as Terry tickles him half-to-death. Terry grins at the whiteboi's little dick as it bounces around. He's inclined to agree with Nancy — it IS cute.

Very soon, Austin is all tuckered out because little whitebois like him have almost no stamina. He slumps down on the pillow, facing away from Terry as he dozes off.

"Thanks, Terry." Austin yawns, shifting to get more comfortable.

"What for?"

"For being my friend…"

Terry smiles up at the ceiling, enjoying the warmth that spreads through him at his sweet friend's words. "You too, man."

Austin mumbles something and Terry scoots forward to hear him better. "Didn't catch that."

"M'cold…" Austin shyly mumbles, as Terry watches the tips of his ears turn pink with a blush.

Huffing out an amused breath, Terry spoons against Austin's back, enveloping him in the warmth of his much larger body. Terry discreetly tilts his pelvis, so that his giant black cock rests in between the whiteboi's soft buttcheeks.

They both let out identical sighs of contentment as they drift off, having cemented their new bond.

When Austin wakes up his ass feels drenched for some reason. Rubbing at his tired eyes, he reaches back and feels around his wet ass. He really hopes he hadn't wet the bed, he'd never be able to look Terry in the eye again!

Austin brings his hand close to his face to examine it and shivers at the masculine scent that assaults his nostrils. Seeing the thick white goo slide down his fingers, Austin deduces that Terry must have cum again in his sleep.

Apparently, Terry is awake as well because he embarrassedly apologizes against Austin's ear from where he's still cuddled against him. "Sorry, man…It's that problem we talked about yesterday. I can hold it in during the day, but at night…"

Ah, poor Terry! Having such plentiful, strong cum must be a real burden. Austin sits up with a big yawn and a stretch, patting the black boy on his testicles. "It's okay! I know you can't help it…At least your balls won't be hurting for a while because you emptied them in your sleep, right?"

Beyond grateful for Austin's understanding nature, Terry sighs in relief. "Right!"

Squirming around, Austin feels Terry's voluminous load squish between the crack of his bum, and his cheeks are also coated in the substance. "I'm going to go take a quick shower before class…"

"I'll come with!"

Much like the day before, Austin and Terry take turns washing each others bodies. The showers are mostly empty because of how early they'd woken up, which Austin is grateful for. It's nice to just get through an activity without orgasming or getting humiliated for once.

Once they've returned to their bedroom all freshened up, the two boys unwrap their respective gym uniforms that had been stored in their bags. This morning they'd be having their first gym class and Austin was nervous…Physical education was one of the classes they'd be sharing with the girls…

The whiteboi takes out his gym uniform and he can hardly believe his eyes! All the whitebois have been provided with are a pair of pink and purple sneakers, some ankle socks and a skimpy high-waisted pink speedo!

Things get even worse when he tries to put on the speedo and gets shocked for his efforts. He isn't even allowed to put bottoms on while he exercises? This is getting out of hand!

All the girls would be able to see his tiny dick jiggle around! This wasn't fair!

Austin sighs forlornly and sits down on the bed to put on his sneakers. He wonders if he'll ever be allowed to put bottoms on at school again…He'd need to try and convince the headmistress to give him a break.

The B.E.N. Producers wanted everyone to see his record-breaking peepee, so they had him go bottomless — he understands that, even if he doesn't like it. But surely everyone has seen it already? Austin doesn't think it's too much to ask to wear the same uniform as everyone else…

As he's lacing up his pink kicks, Austin tilts his head up to ask what Terry thinks on the matter. His mind stutters to a halt as he takes in the sight of his friend wearing the black boy's gym uniform.

Terry was also nude, except for a speedo and shoes, but the black boy's uniform was still very different. The trainers were black and white, and designed more with intensive athletics in mind. The black and white speedo he was wearing wasn't as skimpy as the whiteboi's but it had a large pouch in the front instead.

Austin flushes pink at the way Terry's gigantic cock and balls struggle to fit within the fabric. The speedo was designed with young black cocks in mind and Terry's bulge was still straining with skintight tension. It looked like he was smuggling a melon in his trunks!

The whiteboi clears his throat to break free from the spell Terry's outfit had cast on him. He stands up, moving to wait by the door. "Should—Should we go?"

Terry nods and escorts him out of the dormitory. They exit the common room with the rest of the black boys who are similarly dressed in their bulging speedos.

Walking down the corridors to the gym surrounded by all these hung studs makes Austin feel horribly inadequate and he curses the collar around his neck for denying him the right to cover his shameful white peepee.

Seeing Austin's downtrodden expression, Terry frowns and looks over at one of his pals, staring at him pointedly before jerking his head towards Austin. Making some more friends would do wonders for Austin's self-esteem, Terry thinks.

The black boy on Austin's other side, thinner than most of his peers, sporting something like a toned swimmer's body nods in response to Terry and moves close to the whiteboi, holding his hand out.

"Hey! I'm Michael. You can call me Mike or Mikey if you want to though."

Startled at being addressed by a black boy other than Terry, Austin takes a moment to register what Michael had said before clasping his palm with both of his dainty hands around and shaking it. "H-Hello! I'm Austin!"

Michael fights back an amused huff at the eager white kid. He can sort of see why Terry likes him so much. He's like a little puppy.

"So…Acorn, huh? That's sick. I wish I had a nickname like that!" Michael smiles, looking down at Austin as they walk.

Austin grimaces, looking down at his quarter-inch clitty that's jiggling with each step. "Really?" He says, doubtfully. He has a hard time believing anyone would think the name 'Acorn' was cool…It's not so bad when Terry says it, but that's because Terry is Terry.

"Definitely!" Michael nods as his fingers accidentally brush against Austin's bare hip. "Terry gave it to you, right? You should give him one too!"

Austin's eyebrows raise as he looks over to Terry who grins back at him encouragingly. Austin is horrible at thinking up nicknames, but he'll give it a shot.

Placing a slim finger on his chin while he thinks, Austin considers the boy beside him. Terry is almost overwhelmingly kind…and huge…and well, black.

"How about…Terr-Bear?" Austin suggests with a sweet smile.

Terry blushes as the other black boys who had overheard him snicker at the cutesey-name. "That's…an option. We'll…We'll work on it!"

Pouting, Austin crosses his arms as they approach the gym doors. He thought that had actually been a pretty good name!

The group enters the BBC High gymnasium together for the first time. Unlike the rest of the futuristic building, the gym looked relatively standard, but Austin was sure there were some tricks to it that were hidden beneath the surface…

Scanning the room, Austin can see that the other whitebois have already arrived, as they're all huddled close together in their skimpy pink speedos.

Austin's heartbeat starts fluttering like the wings of a hummingbird when he sees that the white girls were also present. Just seeing the girl's gym uniform almost sends him spiralling into a sissygasm, which Terry thankfully prevents by telling him no and holding onto his shoulder.

All of the white girls were wearing white cotton gym t-shirts, but they were cut off across their chests, leaving the bottom half of their budding breasts exposed!

They were also fitted with pairs of spandex micro-shorts. The thin strip of fabric only just barely covered their hairless virgin pussies, and most of their pubic mound was exposed! From behind, almost ninety percent of their asses were exposed, revealing their tight cheeks and bumcracks.

The uniform only just barely covered their lewd bits and it was painfully enticing. All around him, he can see the black boy's pouches expand as their trunks struggle to contain their semis.

Over in the corner, all of the whitebois also have barely visible bumps in their pink speedos.

"Austin!" A high voice shouts.

The whiteboi barely has the time to turn around before he's being enveloped in a big hug by Nancy.

This was the first time he's seen his new girlfriend since recess the day before, and blood rushes to Austin's head as his face is pressed against Nancy's half-exposed tits while they hug.

From this close, he can see the slightest hint of a soft pink circle peaking out from under the hem of Nancy's high-cut shirt.

Just that small glimpse of his girlfriend's areola makes Austin inadvertently hump against her, as precum starts oozing from his dingaling.

Nancy looks down at his twitching pink weenie with a laugh and orders him not to cum at all during gym class. His sissy brain registers it as a direct order from his romantic partner and his stream of precum immediately cuts off. The pressure was still there, building inside of him, but his peepee stubbornly refused to spurt any more juices until Nancy allowed him or the gym class ended. It felt like someone had put a kink in his garden hose.

Nancy lifts up his little pecker with her pinky finger to examine it. "Wow…I guess that actually works, huh?"

"I g-guess so!" Austin stammers, as his clitty twitches happily against her finger, like a dog wagging its tail when it sees its master.

His girlfriend gives him a tiny smooch on the lips, as all the other boys watch on jealously. "If you think this uniform is something else…wait until you see our swimsuits when we go to swim class in a few days!"

Mind already reeling with the possibilities, Austin feels himself salivate. "C-Can't wait!"

Someone shoves Austin away from Nancy and he pales when he sees Dante standing in front of his girlfriend. He's so close to her that the massive bulge of his speedo presses against her barely-covered pussy. "You should ditch pimpledick over there and trade up. It's only a matter of time before you get blacked anyway, why not start now?"

Nancy blushes and tries to push Dante's bulge away with both hands. "Get away from me, creep! I don't want anything to do with your gigantic black cock! Austin's little white peepee is way cuter!"

The whiteboi clasps his hands in front of him, charmed by his girlfriend defending his honour from that brute. He only wishes he was strong enough to make Dante go away…

"T-Terry?" He shyly asks, looking up at his friend through his bangs.

The black boy nods, surging forward to pull Dante away from Nancy. Dante struggles against his grasp but ultimately relents, walking away with a murmured "Whatever, bitch…"

Austin is about to hurry forward to thank Terry and make sure Nancy is okay when he sees the look his girlfriend is giving the black boy.

"Wow,Terry…I knew you'd be strong, but I didn't know you'd be that strong! My hero…" Nancy bites her bottom lip and looks up at Terry with hearts in her eyes. Almost in a trance, her hands slowly move up to grip the top of Terry's speedo, pulling it down and revealing the base of his shaft.

Austin is stunned at her behaviour but Terry is quick to pull away. "Whoa, whoa! You're dating my friend!"

Blinking rapidly, as if shaking off a trance, Nancy looks over at Austin with confusion. "I'm sorry…I don't know what came over me! Maybe I haven't been getting enough sleep or something…"

The whiteboi gulps when he spots the wet trail streaming down Nancy's leg. At least she stopped before going too far, right? That must be proof of her loyalty to him!

"It's—It's okay. I understand." Austin is grateful for his temporary inability to cum, because he thinks he'd have probably just squirted in front of the whole school at the idea of Nancy actually following through with revealing Terry's BBC and testing it out in front of everyone.

Their chat is interrupted by the shrill sound of the gym teacher's whistle as she enters the gym from the adjacent storage room.

Nancy says goodbye with a kiss to his cheek and returns to the rest of the girls. Austin and all the whitebois watch with rapt attention as her mostly exposed butt jiggles as she jogs away.

Terry returns to his side and whispers to him quietly as the gym teacher approaches them. "Look, Austin…I didn't mean to—"

"I know," Austin shoots him a sad smile. "It was her, not you…"

His friend opens his mouth to comfort him some more, but he clamps it shut once the teacher approaches the front of the gym.

Professor Cherry Cloud is a tomboy in every sense of the word. She was rather petite for a grown woman but she compensated for it with moxie and presence.

Cherry had a short brown pixie cut, hidden underneath a black and white baseball cap with a 'Q' patched on to the front.

Chewing her bubblegum, Cherry blows a quick bubble and begins removing her grey hoodie once it pops. Underneath the hoodie she was wearing a Blacked brand sports bra which hugged her modest breasts tightly.

Coupled with her skintight black yoga pants, students were treated to a perfect view of her tanned, lightly-muscled midriff. Austin was sure that she wasn't wearing panties beneath her bottoms, because the yoga pants looked painted on, with the material riding all the way up her buttcrack.

"Alright, listen up!" Cherry crosses her arms as she blows another bubble. "You should be aware right off the bat that there will be no divisions in this class. When it comes to competitive sports, you will all be required to go against each other, regardless of race or gender."

Several of the whitebois shift nervously, and Nancy is the one to pose the question they're all too embarrassed to ask. "Isn't it unfair to have the whitebois play against the black boys?"

Cherry shakes her head at the girl. "Competing in sports during your school years isn't about winning, it's about participating. Sports have proven to be effective in building bonds between people, and that's what you're all here for. Obviously the white students will lose every single time if they're playing against black guys, but it's all about having fun together!"

"What about the girls?" Kyle pipes up, frowning. "Won't they get hurt playing with the guys?"

The gym teacher lets out a boisterous laugh. "White girls are way more physically capable than whitebois. If we're going to allow whitebois to play against black boys, it stands to reason that the girls may as well join in too."

Austin's dinky jerks hard at being so blatantly emasculated, but nothing comes out because of Nancy's orders. He bounces from foot to foot, clutching his weewee. Cumming constantly may be embarrassing, but no longer being able to cum was its own unique brand of suffering.

Cherry's eyes flick over to him as he does his little sissy dance and she snorts, rolling her eyes before retrieving an object that had been resting against the back wall, hung up on a hook.

She holds up the small device in her hand by its grip. It almost resembles one of those radar guns that policemen used to use back in the twenty-first century to measure how fast cars were going.

"This little doohickey is able to scan brainwaves. Don't worry," she chuckles, looking at the students' nervous expressions. "It can't read thoughts. It's only able to measure your general feelings based on the synapses your brains fires off when you think."

"This specific machine is attuned to gauge feelings of effort and exertion. That is to say, it can let me know whether or not you're giving this class your all," Professor Cloud gives them a warning look from under the brim of her cap. "And I want to see some hustle from you kids. If I use this and find out you're holding back you will be punished."

Austin lets out a small sigh and slumps his shoulders. He'd been hoping that gym class might be a fun reprieve from the other stressful lessons, but Cherry seems like a total hardass so far…

Focusing in on Austin's displeasure like a hawk, Cherry beckons him forward. "Oh, do you have a problem with that, 'Acorn?'" She mockingly drawls out his now infamous nickname. "Tough. Here, I'll use you as an example."

Shyly standing in front of the teacher, Austin looks to the side and waits for her instructions. Cherry points the device at him and says, "Go ahead and jump as high as you can."

Austin obliges, hopping a couple inches up in the air, making his tiny dicklet bounce like a spring when he lands.

Pointing the scanner at him, the device beeps twice and Cherry scoffs, turning the screen towards them. "See? I can tell that you weren't doing your best there. Now try again and do it right this time or I swear I'll give you a spanking right here, right now."

Many of the white girls titter at Cherry's threat and adrenaline surges through Austin's veins. Bending his knees, Austin yelps and springs up a mere seven inches off the ground.

The teacher's machine beeps one time and she rolls her eyes, sending him away with a wave of her hand. "That was pathetic but you did try you best, so whatever."

The whiteboi blushes and scampers over to Nancy's side for comfort. His girlfriend smiles comfortingly and threads their fingers together, giggling at the way Austin's weewee waggles in response.

"Now, the main reason that I intend to use this device is so that I know for sure you kids aren't pulling your punches." She looks meaningfully at the black boys. "You might feel bad for utterly dominating your white classmates with your superior genetics, but I expect you to give them everything you have or there will be severe repercussions."

The black boys appear vaguely guilty at the fact that they'll be spending the next five years dunking on their white peers, but it can't be helped.

"I don't care if you're going up against a friend—" she looks between Terry and Austin. "—And I don't care if you're going up against a girl," she nods to the assembled females in their scantily-clad outfits. "You will bring your absolute best to every portion of this class or you'll have to deal with me!"

All of the black boys nod in acceptance. Terry takes a moment to mouth an apology to Austin, but the whiteboi shakes his head. He knows Terry would never be needlessly cruel if he were given the option. Austin can't blame Terry for following the rules, can he?

"Alright," Cherry smiles, pulling up a holo-display from her wristband and pressing some buttons. "Now that we got that out of the way, we can get started. I thought it would be fun if we kicked off your first gym class with some good ol' fashioned wrasslin'."

One by one, the wood panels off the court raise and flip over, revealing a thick black material on the other side. Soon, the entire floor has changed to the black mats.

"This," she stomps her sneaker against the mat. "Is a state of the art synthetic material that uses nanomachines to greatly dampen any impact. You could fall on this thing from two stories up and you wouldn't even bruise. That means you don't have to worry about hurting your wrestling partner, the worst that'll happen is you get the breath knocked out of you…So, go crazy!"

Cherry adjusts her sports bra, and Austin is fortunate enough to catch a peek of her nipples before it snaps back into place. She blows her whistle to get the class' attention, pulling out a clipboard with all of their names on it.

"Now, I'm going to pair you all off. Then, I want you to find a spot with plenty of space and hop to it…" Cherry taps her pen against Austin's name on the list. "Austin Ivory. Do we have any volunteers or do I have to start picking randomly?"

Uncertainly, Austin turns to Terry, but the black boy shakes his head. "You heard her…If we wrestle I won't be able to hold back. I don't want to fight you, dude…"

After a moment of silence, Cherry shrugs and starts looking through the crowd. "Alright then. Let's see…how about—?"

"How about me?" A voice interrupts from behind Austin.

Austin pales when he sees Dante approaching him, looking back to the teacher with scared eyes and trying to non-verbally ask for help.

"Great!" She chirps, waving them off to the far corner of the gym. "Have fun, you two!"

Before Austin can try to weasel out of it, Dante pushes him along, forcing him to follow. Once they arrive at their spot, Austin holds his hands up and tries to reason with him. "I don't — I don't want to fight! Please, I didn't even do anything!"

"That's right!" Dante scowls, dropping into a wide wrestling stance. "You didn't even do anything and you still managed to get Terry wrapped around your finger! He's MY brother, not yours!"

"Just — Just hold o—WAAAH!" Austin shrieks when Dante dashes around behind him with the agility of a panther, gripping him around his waist and suplexing him backwards.

Austin's legs and arms spread wide as he is helplessly tossed backwards. He braces himself for the painful impact…but it never comes.

Landing hard on the fancy black mat, Austin could hardly feel anything! It was like being thrown onto a soft mattress. It turns out the teacher hadn't been lying — no matter how hard they roughhoused, nobody was in any danger of getting hurt.

Dante seems frustrated by Austin easily recovering from his suplex and makes up for it by utterly overpowering Austin for the remainder of their match. The punk black boy spends fifteen minutes tossing Austin around like a ragdoll and placing him in embarrassing positions to teach him his place.

Austin may not be feeling any physical pain, but the emotional agony of Dante manhandling him like a little toy as the drones film their exhibition is crippling. The whiteboi can't seem to manage to score even one point.

With a belly-to-belly throw, Dante slams Austin to the ground, moving to straddle the boy's slim chest. "You got Terry's attention, you're the most popular student on the show so far, and you managed to get a girl somehow. Explain this shit to me, because I sure don't get it!"

Dante scoots a bit further up, dropping his hefty bulge down onto Austin's mouth and grinding down as Austin struggles to break free.

Austin's babydick is dancing happily at the rough treatment but his brain is starting to get scared.

"I don't know how, and I don't know when…but I promise you one day soon I'm gonna split your bitch open like a wishbone and show her what a real cock can do." Dante stands, but he places a foot on Austin's torso to prevent him from getting up too.

With catlike reflexes, Dante swipes at a drone in midair, grabbing it and gripping on to it like a camcorder. "Our match is over. Before you go looking at the scoreboard, spoiler alert: you fucking lost, badly. Now, for my victory celebration…"

Dante rolls the whiteboy over with his foot and raises him up onto all fours by lifting underneath his tummy. Kneeling down, Dante whispers in Austin's ear. "Don't move, I mean it. You move, and I hurt you for real."

Whimpering, Austin nods slightly, resigning himself to his fate.

He can feel Dante crouching behind him, spreading his legs wider. Austin yelps when Dante gives his bum a firm swat, before holding his cheeks apart.

"Nooo, dont!" Austin cries, as Dante holds the captured drone close to his rear, streaming his tight pink boyhole to billions worldwide.

Dante lets his cheeks go, as they jiggle back into place. Getting a close-up shot of Austin's quarter-inch dick, Terry begins flicking at it mockingly while he films with his other hand.

Austin is certain he'd be blasting cummies everywhere right now if it weren't for Nancy.

Finally, Dante relents, standing up and pointing the drone back at his own face like he was recording a vlog. "You want real star power? You want to be entertained? Forget this babydicked chump and remember the name Dante Johnson!"

With a sniff, Dante tosses the drone away and leaves. Austin stands up on shaky legs, thankful it was over. He can't believe the whole world got such a close view of his boyhole though…If he had just been allowed to wear the gym speedo this could have been prevented!

Austin huffs, deciding then and there that he would go to the Headmistress' office after gym class to demand the right to wear his uniform again!

Suddenly, Austin hears a lot of chattering and curiously walks over to the group of students gathered in the middle of the gym to see what's going on.

His jaw drops when he pushes his way through the students and finds Terry and Nancy standing opposite each other in the centre of the circle, preparing to wrestle with Professor Cloud serving as the referee in the middle.

"Terry!" Austin hisses through his teeth.

His friend turns around and looks at him with genuine remorse on his face. "I'm sorry!" He whispers. "The teacher is making us do it!"

Austin frowns, frustrated, but won't take it out on his friend. It's the professor that's making them do this. At least Nancy won't get hurt because of the mats…

Gazing across at Nancy, Austin mouths 'Be careful!'

His girlfriend lifts one calf up behind her and flashes him double peace-signs, which he assumes means 'I'm okay, don't worry.'

"Remember," Cherry waggles her scanner gun at Terry. "I'll be able to tell if you're holding back. Don't test me, kiddo…"

Terry nods, then takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. When he opens them he has them intensely focused on April, as he drops into his wrestling stance.

Cherry blows her whistle and Terry surges forward, trying to tackle Nancy to the floor. With surprising quickness, Nancy dodges at the last minute and Terry misses, tumbling to the ground.

Nancy cheers at having baited Terry like a charging bull, jumping and clapping excitedly.

Unfortunately, the girl's gym shirt was so skimpy that even just that slight movement was enough for it to bundle up, fully exposing her creamy A-cup tits.

Many of the whitebois begin thrusting slightly as they stare at Nancy's perky little boobs. Several of the black boys watching are shamelessly rubbing at their bulges.

"Nancy!" Austin shouts, holding his hands to his chest to let her know that her breasts are exposed.

Nancy frowns, misinterpreting the gesture. "You? You what? What do you want?"

Austin shakes his head, tapping his chest with more emphasis. How can she not feel the cool air on her tits?!

"Ohhhh…" Nancy smiles knowingly. "You want to cum, huh?"

His eyes widen and he his waves his hands in front of him. He's been building up cummies all gym class. It'll be a disaster if—

"Okay! You've been a good boi," Nancy smiles. "Go ahead and squirt!"

Austin's eyes roll back in his head as he experiences his strongest orgasm yet. His winky fires cum straight up in the air as other students move away to avoid it.

The sissygasm is so strong that Austin temporarily loses control of himself again, reaching down to rub at his clitty like a good cuck.

Austin bites his lip and unabashedly fondles his peepee as he stares at his girlfriend's cute tits. He wants to suck on her nipples like a baby, but his mommy said that whitebois don't deserve milk…

The sight of Austin's mind starting to break is distracting enough for Terry to get back on his feet and grab Nancy from behind, slamming her down to the ground.

Not wanting to lose, Nancy scratches at Terry's face, causing him to flinch, giving her the opportunity to escape.

Knowing that she had to do everything in her power to win, in order to avoid getting in trouble, Nancy wasn't above playing dirty. Terry may be way bigger and stronger, but she was scrappy.

While Terry is clutching at his scratched cheek, Nancy dives forward and pulls his speedo down to his sneakers!

Terry's lengthy black cock flops free as he trips over the speedo caught on his ankles, falling face first to the mat.

"Ms Cloud, Nancy's cheating!" Kyle shouts.

Cherry nods, laughing. "I know! It's great! More of you dweebs should follow this girl's example." The teacher cups her hands over her mouth, shouting to Nancy. "Sweep the leg! No mercy!"

Nancy moves in to press her advantage on Terry, but the black boy glares up at her, losing his patience and grabbing her by her slender ankle.

Terry shoots to his feet, flinging Nancy's foot up as he does and sending her sprawling on her back. As Nancy gets up to recover, Terry grabs her by the the thin fabric of her micro-shorts.

"Let's see how you like it!" Terry growls, ripping Nancy's bottoms right off of her.

The force of Austin's sissygasm strengthens as he gets his first ever view of his girlfriend's cute little pussy. None of the labia was visible, it just two puffy bits of flesh surrounding a slim slit between her legs.

Austin will come to regret what he's saying later, but right now his brain isn't in charge — his little peepee is.

"Nnnn~ Tewwy, put it in her, pwease! Put your big bwack cock in her pussy!" Austin drops to his knees and leans back, cumming hands-free onto the ground.

Terry gazes worriedly at his white friend. Normally Terry is there to help him cool down from his sissygasms, but now Austin has been left to fend for himself! Terry needs to finish this match quickly before Austin loses his mind.

He also vehemently ignores Austin's moaned requests. The whiteboi couldn't consent in a state like this and Terry wouldn't betray his trust.

Nancy shrugs off her shirt, seeing as it wasn't covering her up anyway, and the two of them are soon naked, circling each other once again. Terry won't underestimate her guile this time.

Between the naked white girl in front of him and his sissy friend cumming and begging for Terry to cuck him, the muscular black boy can't help but get an erection, no matter how hard he fights it.

The gym teacher takes in the scene before her with a shrewd look on her face. She turns to look at one of the drones filming the whole thing. The more excitement they can drum up, the more they'll get paid in the long run…

Thinking on the fly, she clears her throat to announce something. "Actually, I've decided that this match will be held under, uh, traditional BBC High wrestling rules! Yeah!" No such rules exist, but the kids won't know that. "The only way to win the match is to make your opponent climax!"

Terry pales at the news. He only hopes that his friend understands that he has to do this so he can finish the bout and go save him.

Terry just won't fuck her, that's all. Maybe that will make it sting less for Austin later if he shows restraint now.

Nancy feints and then lunges at Terry, trying to catch him off guard but he's ready this time. He uses her momentum against her to get behind her and wrap his arm around her neck — not putting enough force to choke her, just to keep her in place.

She tries thrashing in his grasp for a while but then Terry reaches around and starts roughly rubbing at her clit and she goes boneless in his strong arms.

"Hahn~" Nancy gasps, leaning against Terry's chest. "What'sh happenin' to meee?"

Terry sighs and rolls his eyes. He just wants to get this over with so he can bring Austin down from his high. Thinking it should speed things along, now that Nancy isn't fighting him off, Terry moves the hand that had been grabbing her neck to knead at Nancy's little titties.

Nancy instinctively humps against his fingers, trying to get them inside her. Terry refuses to indulge her, stubbornly rubbing at her clitoris instead. He wouldn't put anything in Nancy without Austin's approval, when he was in his right mind.

Terry looks over to check on Austin and is shocked to see that two new whitebois, Toby and someone else he hasn't met yet, have stripped naked and joined him on the floor, as they fiddle their white babydicks together.

Feeling a drop of sweat drip down his neck, Terry realized that this was bad. This situation was getting out of control, fast, and he needed to do something drastic to put an end to the madness.

Picking Nancy up under her thighs, Terry holds her in the air with her legs spread wide and grinds his fifteen inch pole against her pussy lips.

Nancy reaches down impulsively and grabs the tip, pulling up so she could get more friction. "Ouuu~ Your bwack cock feelsh sho good! Aushtin, look how longer hish ish than your wittle pink peepee!"

Austin nods fervently with glazed over eyes. "I know~ It'sh sho much bigger!"

Terry looks down at Austin with pity, knowing how much this memory will hurt his friend once he returns to normal.

Determination floods through Terry. He would do everything he could to help his friend — and right now that means making his girlfriend cum!

Terry hikes Nancy's legs up higher still, until he can lock his hands behind her neck in a full-nelson. Nancy's legs are trapped practically behind her head and her tight little pussy is presented outward for everyone to see.

Rocking his hips up and down, Terry thrusts his dark baseball bat of a cock in such a way that it continuously slaps against Nancy's sopping wet quim.

Nancy is shivering in his hold, with her tongue rolling out of her mouth in ecstasy. Terry knows she's close so he doubles his efforts to bring her to the edge.

Terry's godly black cock smacks against Nancy's pussy for a good thirty more seconds before Nancy climaxes with a drawn out moan.

Her virgin pussy sprays outward with the force of her orgasm. Her squirting completely douses the three whitebois kneeling before them, as they eagerly hold their tongues out to catch some of her girly ejaculate in their mouths.

Terry places the blissed out white girl on the ground and turns to Cherry for approval.

The gym teacher nods with a smirk, blowing on her whistle. "Match — Terry! Congratulations, big guy~"

The school bell happens to ring then and Terry drops down in a squat to help Austin up.

Austin looks at him with cum-drunk eyes and tries to paw at his still-erect black cock. "Why didn't you put it in her, Tewwy? You should have bwacked my girlfriend…It was making my weewee go cwazy…"

Snapping his fingers in front of Austin's face, Terry gives him a quick shake of his shoulders. "Austin, stop."

The whiteboi frowns up at him with flushed cheeks and a little furrow in his brow. "Wha—?"

"I said — stop!" Terry commands, pulling Austin's hand from his dribbling clitty.

As if waking up from a dream, Austin rapidly flutters his eyes, taking in his surroundings with confusion. "Terry? What—"

Austin's eyes fall down to the naked shivering form of his girlfriend on the floor, and then to Terry's BBC, which is still covered in her pussy juice.

It all comes rushing back to him and Austin lets out a cute growl of anger. "That's it! I've had enough!"

Guiltily, Terry rubs at the back of his neck. "I'm sorry, man! I didn't know what else to do!"

The whiteboi's eyes briefly soften at Terry's words. "I'm not angry at you, Terry. You did everything you could…"

The dark-skinned boy lets out a relieved sigh. He had been so worried that Acorn would hate him after what he'd been forced to do! "Well, what're you going to do then?"

The fire returns to Austin's green eyes and he looks like a sissy on a mission. "I'm going to go have a talk with the headmistress!"

The whiteboi does an about-face, turning around and sassily walking out of the gym with purpose in his step.

The words take a moment to fully register before Terry's eyes widen like saucers. "You're gonna what?!"

The black boy hurriedly retrieves his speedo and tugs it back up his legs before sprinting after his friend.

What was Austin thinking?