Tropetember day 29: Fusion/Crossover

Warning for Canon MCD in chapter 1

Scott was 14 when he ran away from home.

The trader he'd managed to bum passage on by promising to do *anything* if only they'd take him away turned out to be a sweet ride of a ship, and the crew were much nicer once he'd proved his worth – and that he could keep a secret.

The Mercury Argonaut was a beautiful ship. She was a Corellian light freighter, part of small fleet of smuggler ships out there. Most weren't allied to any person or nation or idea, but Mercury had a higher purpose.

Scott had been delighted to find that the group of smugglers he'd fallen in with turned out to be part of the banned Medicines Sans Frontiers interplanetary group, known for wading into areas others – the Jedi – would not go into, bring medicines and foodstuff.

By the time he'd been with them a year Scott had worked up the ranks and held equal footing to most of the crew. His ability to fly the small speeders and shoot with deadly accuracy whilst doing so on some god-forsaken rock somewhere had saved not only the crew's hides but, more importantly, their precious cargo too. Numerous times.

Travelling the galaxy held a deep thrill for him but he also saw more and more evidence that confirmed his mounting suspicions.

The Jedi weren't keepers of the peace. They were elitists, staying in their ivory towers and not involving themselves in the issues of the planets they were supposed to be assisting unless orders came from in high.

He'd seen whole peoples ravaged by disease or famine and watched as Jedi had defended the market sellers rather than feed the populace. He'd heard stories of the religious order staying in their temples while those around them died or worse.

Scott also learned pretty quickly to fence off his thoughts and feelings. Jedi mind tricks might work on some, but they would not work on him. He practiced and practiced until every thought and every feeling was carefully hidden.

Scott Tracy didn't smile anymore.

He still had melancholy days. He missed his brothers deeply. Their absence was a physical pain he carried with him always. But there was nothing he could do now.

Having never forgiven his parents for giving John up to the Jedi that had visited them, he'd ran as soon as he was old enough to get boarding. Not eight months later his home planet had been ravaged by a disease that killed almost everyone. Those who hadn't died had been forced to relocate to other planets.

His Mom had died, as had his Grandpa. Of the rest of his family there was no trace. He asked and looked every planetfall they made but there was nothing.

It took almost an entire year before Scott could make it home. The planet was barely alive, its inhabitants now gathered into the major cities. The Mercury had dropped him off with a promise to return in three days.

It took a day to reach the farm on his borrowed speeder. It was completely desolate. The whole place had been green and thriving when Scott had left but it was a desert now. He wandered around the empty house full of ghosts, running his fingers along dusty surfaces and remembering.

Virgil's little pudgy fingers banging tunes out on the piano, his eyes alight with wonder at the sounds.

Gordon splashing around in the little pool their Dad had built for him.

Baby Alan cooing at him as he pulled funny faces.

But John – John was everywhere.

His telescope was still in their shared room, pointing to the sky. His astronomy books still filled the bookshelf. There were still some of the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck on the ceiling.

Scott didn't know he was crying until he walked outside the back and saw the two grave markers. He fell on his knees on his mother's grave and howled.

He slept that night in his own bed, hollow and worn out from grieving.

The next day he looked over the neighbouring farms to see if there was anyone who was still around that knew where his Dad and brothers and Grandmother may have gone, but there was no one anywhere near the Tracy Farm.

He made his way into the town and asked around but again there was nothing. No one left who had known the Tracys. No one who knew where they had gone.

No one knew anything.

The next day Mercury was back for him. There was a new crew member, a Trandoshan. Scott knew better than to look at an individual's species, but there was something about this one that set his teeth on edge and fired up his Scooter sense.

Scott didn't have time to learn the name of his new crew member. Less than 24 hours later the Trandoshan had let his team on board and the crew of the Mercury Argonaut found themselves in chains.

The Mercury burned while they were introduced to their new life.

For the Trandoshan were slavers.

And Scott Tracy had just been sold.