Naruto: The Code

By: Jonall


Honor is the morality of the Kings, yet not all Kings have Honor. Naruto is kidnapped, beaten, raped, and left for dead, in the Great Woods, on his 5th birthday. Later, found by a man of high stature and morality, he takes the young boy in as his apprentice. How will this affect Konoha and the Elemental Nations. A man's got to have a code, a creed to live by no matter what his job. A/U; NautoxBecky (OC); Naruto with an American Western crossover.

Chapter 1:

Waking up sore, stiff, and hungry, a small, malnourished boy cringes from the pain. The physical hurt from the countless beatings, maimings, and recently the rapings. The mental hurt of not knowing why. Why me? Where are my people? Clan? Parents? Emotional hurt from the lack of friends, love, but there was plenty of social ostracizing. He doesn't care anymore, so he walks. The early morning sun was beginning to peak over the forest's edge. He just walks. It's springtime in Konoha. The air is cool and crisp, and a light rain begins to fall. He doesn't flinch. He just walks. The path leads to a cliff's edge, he doesn't stop walking. As the fog and moisture rises from the bottom, clouding the view, he walks, drops and disappears. No sound is made, and no one is even there to hear or care. Naruto, a five-year-old boy, was kidnapped, beaten and passed around like a drunk cheap whore. Abused! They slit his throat, and then left him in the Great Forest, for the animals to dispose of the body. A merchant caravan stops to rest for a lunch break and to water the horses in the river. While watching the horses drink, the cart hand sees a body lying on the river's edge. He yells back to the Foreman and a group comes to investigate.

"Why am I alive?" whispered Naruto as he awakes in a moving cart. The question was rhetorical, addressed to no one, except maybe for Kami, but she seemingly never cares or answers.

"Hey, he's awake. What's your name? I'm Becky." A cute red headed young girl with wide green eyes, playing nurse, asked.

"Oh, I'm Naruto. Where are we?" He asked.

"You're in our cart headed to our ranch between Otafuka Gai and Keishi." She said.

"Oh, is that anywhere near Konoha?" he asks with apprehension.

"That's about two days by cart the other way. We found you in the river. Did you fall off a boat?" she asked wide eyed.

"More like, off a cliff and into the river." He started to get glassy eyed, and his stomach rumbled.

"Here, have a sandwich, and some water." She helps him sit up and gives him a tray.

"Are you warm enough? Your clothes were ripped and soaked. Dad gave you a shirt, but sorry no one had bottoms for you." He nodded and laid back down to rest. He soon falls asleep with the rocking of the cart.

In his slumber, he is taken to a familiar place. A darkened messy sewer. In it is an iron gate. Behind that gate is a tall, well built, man in what seems to be his early 40's. Wearing light brown, heavy denim pants with a brown leather belt. The legs are rolled instead of a hem. A cotton, denim blue, long sleaved button up shirt. The cuffs rolled up just shy of the elbows. Over that was a brown leather sleeveless vest, opened in the front, with a faded red kerchief around his neck. A neutral grey, Stetson, cowboy styled hat on his head. On his feet, he wears brown horseman type boots adorned with heel prods. At his waist, a brown leather tooled, gun belt. A pistol holster slung down his right mid-thigh with a leather thong tie. A revolver's handle butt end can be seen. On the left side, are a series of loops, holding large caliber bullets. Holding a thin rolled cigar in his mouth and has the stern look of a disappointed father on his face.

"Partner, we gotta talk!" He says in a commanding, but matter of fact tone.

"Um, ok?" Naruto hunches over in apathy.

"No, this won't do. You need to buck up and stand tall. You're an Uzumaki, right?" The man asked a bit irritated, but yet caring at the same time.

"An Uzumaki? I don't know what or who I am! To you, I'm just a disappointment of a container, to the world, I'm you reborn flesh! This name means nothing. It was given to honor someone I don't know. Some Princess of Whirlpool and no one has even heard of it, in all of Konoha! I do understand that after 1000 years of greatness, you're not ready to die. But in just my 5 short years of hell on Earth, I am so ready to go slap that Kami Bitch in the face!" At his breaking point, he begins to yell and speak his mind no longer caring what or who will discipline him.

"Good, you have finally let it out. You have hit rock bottom, and survived. It seems you even unlocked your will to fight back. The years of your happy go lucky big smiles, emotional mask is gone. About damn time!" He grins at the defiant boy.

"I have finally opened a psychic link to you and your senses. This will make it easier to guide you properly. We will talk later. Your saviors have arrived at their destination. Go to them. Start a new and better life, my Kit." He smiles as Naruto fades to the outside world.

"Wake up, Naruto we are here. Can you move?" Spoke Becky, trying to be helpful.

"Um, yes thank you, I'm a little stiff. I might need some help till I can get moving and loosen up." Naruto answers truthfully.

"One moment, I will get mom." She hops off the cart and yells for her mom.

"Mom, he's up but says he needs help to get down. He is still weak and stiff."

The lady smiles and walks over to the cart. She knocks to let him know she is there.

"Hi, Becky said you needed help?" she asks softly, in her sweet motherly voice.

"Um, yes please, I still don't have bottoms, but the Shirt is long enough to not show the world." He warns her with a darkening blush.

The woman is in her mid-20's and very pretty with an athletically slim, but womanly figure. She easily picks up the malnourished boy like a baby. She gently sets him down and braces him. So, he can get used to standing. Naruto pulls down and flattens the shirt to hide his glory from the lady and her daughter. She smiles and giggles at his modesty. A man, thought to be the father, walks up with a smile holding out his hand.

"Welcome to "Black Steere Ranch". He firmly shakes the boy's hand, frowning at the frailty of it. No child should be this tiny.

"Naruto, is it? May I ask how old you are?" The man inquires as the mother looked on curious too.

"Yes sir, I'm 5 and will be 6 on October 10th." He looks at them a bit worried of them turning him away like so many others.

"Well, then your almost a man! You know, I need an apprentice. One to help me run this range. We have 1000 acres of prime grasslands with 2 creeks feeding a fish and a wading pond. There will be fences to check and mend when needed. The steers themselves to attend. Plus the upkeep of the buildings. Can you do this, if we teach you? I will pay top Ryo for a hard day's work. Plus, a room in the House." He offers, as he looks to his wife for her approval. She smiles and nods.

"My name is Anderson, Will Anderson. As my apprentice, you will call me Master Anderson or Master if we are alone and with family. Understood?" He said commandingly but in a fatherly teaching way.

"Yes sir, I would be honored to be your apprentice. You saved me, so I am grateful." Naruto bows deeply to the family.

"Before you take me in, there is something I want to tell you. I want you to hear this from me, rather than someone else. Only to have you think I was betraying your trust." Naruto looked nervous as he looked the man in the eye.

"Well, out with it, we are burning daylight." Will said sternly.

Naruto begins his tale. He lets them know the whole truth, of his birth night. The sealing of the Fox. How he was treated and lied too. The beatings, starvation, torture when caught, and the rapings. He even told them of how the fox saved him every time. How he can now talk with him. They are in a partnership to survive, not a rampaging fight for control of his body. Becky and her mom both started to cry and hugs Naruto, shocking him. He looks to see a pissed off fiery look in Will's eyes, but it wasn't directed to him. Will, looks to his foreman. Who was listening to the story.

"Clint, take my new Apprentice to the general store. Get him bathed, trimmed and fitted for a saddle and bags. He will need 3 full sets of work clothes. 1 formal Kimono set for dinners and church pus 2 pairs of boots. My wife will not receive a dirty Heathen. He will need a tooled gun belt, knife plus a revolver and rifle. Put it all on the Ranch's account. He will pay it back over time." Clint nodded and went to prepare the cart for another trip.

"Naruto, from your story, your looks with the same blonde hair, the same blue eyes as the Yondiame. The same cheeks and chin of your dear mother. There isn't any doubt. You are my best friend's child. Minato Namakaze, and his wife Princess Kushina Uzumaki. We were in the war together. I was his best man at their wedding. Kushina was Maureen's Bride's Maid of Honor at ours. We were to be your God parents, had we known you lived. We were told you had died at birth. I'm so sorry. Now it is up to you. You are your own man. I will help, guide and teach you The Code. The same Code as your father, the Yondiame followed. The Code to be a proper man. No matter your answer, I will still be your Master. What is your name?" Putting Naruto on the line but letting him decide his own name and fate, planted a seed in him. A seed to grow and nurture and train.

"Master, my name is Uzumaki-Namakaze, Naruto. I am the son of Yondiame of Konohagakue no Sato, and Kushina Uzumaki, The Princess of Whirlpool. The new apprentice to Master, Will Anderson of "The Black Steer Ranch." I will make my late parents proud. My Clan will live on!" Naruto stands straight and sticks his boney chest out. with his declaration.

"Good, now that's the right attitude, my Kit." The fox praises Naruto.

Clint pulls up to Naruto. Maureen picks him up again and sits him on the seat. She looks to Becky who already had her puppy-eyes in a full please let me go. She smiles and picks her up too and sets her next to Naruto.

"Now Becky, look after our apprentice, he is still injured. You are his nurse now." she says to her bright smiling daughter.

"Yes mam, bye daddy, I love you!" she waves as Clint drives off to town.

Chapter 2:

The town ride took 30 minutes to arrive at Otafuka Gai. Becky fussed over Naruto as Clint helped him down.

"First is a bath. Becky, go to the hotel and rent a room with a tub and prepare soaps and hot water please. I will help my new charge with the men's clothes." Clint tells her and she skips off to the Hotel.

"Now for you my young charge. Follow me to the mercantile. As you heard, my name is Eastwood, Clint Eastwood. I am the Ranch Foreman, as such, you are my charge, and I am your Sensei. You may call me Clint in private. In public it's Mr. Eastwood or Sensei. understood?" He speaks with authority but not down at him, as to Lord over him.

"Student meets, Sensei." He answered with a bow and Clint nodded.

In the Store, Clint tells the clerk, Davey, of their needs. Davey grabs a tailor's tape and begins to measure Naruto.

"So, my young friend, learning the Ranch business? You're a lucky man to be signed on with Mr. Anderson." He praises and starts a general conversation.

"So, what colors do you like for your outfit?" he asks.

"Um, thick denim jeans in brown, blue and black, please. For shirts the ones like Master and Sensei wears in red, blue and green please. white boxers and short sleaved tees, wool boot socks. 3 leather vests, in brown, red and black. if I may." Naruto answers and gets a nod of agreement from his Sensei.

"Hmmm, a very good set up for the range. Those are eye pleasing nice neutral colors for any mix and match outfit for daily choices. What about your Kimono." He asks.

"I want to Honor my passed parents and Clan, the Uzumaki's. So, a Black main cloth with silver trim. The Red with Royal Silver Wreathed Uzumaki Clan crest on back and the Black Steere Ranch brand on the left breast to show who I'm loyal too. The same embroidery on the Vests, if I may." He looks at his Sensei for approval. Clint once again nods in agreement. Knowing the leap into a man's world that the young Naruto is now doing.

"That would be no problem. As a bonus, I will throw in a 10-pack pocket size of your Clan crests to sew on your other items as you need. Now for your feet?" Davey smiles at Naruto.

"Thank you, sir. I would like Horseman boots one set brown one set black my 2 belts the same. The Sandal for my formal will be the same black with silver toe socks." He says and Davey measures his feet.

"No problem, young sir. You're so polite. Go to your bath. I will have your first set of cloths ready when you return for the fitting." He nodds to Clint.

"Ok, my young charge, let's go get you cleaned and presentable." Clint leads him to the hotel and the waiting hot bath.

Becky demands and of course gets her way. She has Naruto using the sage wood scented Soap, Shampoo and Talc Powder Set. She really likes the smell. She scrubs Naruto's hair and trims the dead ends and his bangs, braiding his ponytail and loaning him a clip for the end. His hair now cleaned and trimmed, to be shiny and silky smooth. It was pulled back, thick, and strait. Parted on the left side. In her eyes, he looked and smelled good! Her cheeks flushed. They all went back to the Mercantile for his final fitting.

"Oh, My Kami, you look like a real man now Naru-kun." Becky praises when he came out of the dressing room in blue jeans, red shirt, black boots, belt, and crested black vest.

"Now Miss Becky, help the young range man find a proper hat and kerchiefs." Davey asks and she blushes as she takes Naruto's Hand and walks him to the haberdashery side. She chose a cream pelt Stetson and found a silver tooled band with a crest disk on it. They ordered a jeweled Clan crest for it, since they were out. She decided on 2 kerchiefs each of the same colors as his shirts and another 6 pack of white laced ones, for a total of 12.

"For your kerchiefs you will always carry 3. One for your neck as a dust trap and your ponytail protector. One for your own use kept in your left vest slot. Then a laced one in your left vest pocket to offer to a lady in need. Your right vest pocket is for your watch." Clint explains.

"Oh, I don't have a watch or know how to use one." Naruto said sadly.

"Well, you will get one today and I will teach you. You will need it at the Range. It is a must have tool. Come here and look, they have a good selection. I recommend Sear's & Robuck's are the best and more durable for the Range. Timex is another good brand." Clint shows him.

"Naru-kun, pick the oiled bronze one from Sears. It has date, time, and a stopwatch function, which is very handy. I will make a watch braid for you so don't get a chain." Clint and Davey smirk. Becky blushes at her own boldness. The braided chains are usually done between promised ones and lovers. Well, she is hoping.

"That sounds good to me. You and Sensei know more than me. I will take that one then." Naruto pointed to the oiled bronze Sears pocket watch Becky showed him. Clint nodded in agreement again.

"Very well, here let me set it for you." Davey explains to Naruto as he winds it up and sets the date and time according to Clint's watch. So, there isn't any difference between the Foreman and his charge. Naruto puts it in his watch pocket.

"Now Becky, go pick out a trail duster for him. You did a great job on his hat and kerchiefs. We will be in the armory area." She nods and walks off. Clint leads Naruto to the armory area.

"This will be your main money drop, but it will also be your life and death on the range. Two or more knives, used as our tools, fighting weapons, and hunting-survival. I suggest a folding triple bladed huntsman knife. These Uncle Henry's are hard to beat for price and quality. Then the K-Bars' and Bowies' for both hunting and fighting. Both are full tang for durability." He shows the styles and the pros of each.

"I like the look and described function of your tool belt rig. Since I will be under you. Two of the elk handled blood grooved K-bars. They fit my hands better for now. I will also take that bone handle tri-blade Uncle Henrey with the D-ring end." Naruto chose, with Clint's proud approval, happy that the boy is thinking of his rig, instead of just being a copy-cat.

"For your firearms, you will start with black powder. Learn the basics and safety." Both Davey and Clint express their concerns for the dangerous weapons.

After a good 10 minutes of hand size, weight, and brands. Naruto opted for the 1858 Remington Sheriff edition case hardened with a 5 1/2 in barrel in .44 caliber. It came with 2 extra cylinders, giving him a preloaded 18 shots! A Hawkins black powder .44 caliber rifle, with soft leather and fringed scabbard case and a possibles bag. With both firearms in the same caliber, keeping track of ammo will be easier. He stocked up on .454 ball ammo a 1000 round box set, with number 10 primers and a lead ball tool. A complete cleaning kit box with press stand, oils, solvents, waxes, and brushes. A 5-pound bag of black power and a reload kit. Powder horn, funnel, and charge measure. He went with a right-hand belly draw holster to put on his tool belt holding both K-Bars one each side, the two-cylinder pouch and a first aide with snake bite kit. The rig was all brown tooled leather. A multi-colored saddle blanket, 2 wool blankets in green. His cooking set included a 6-quart pot soup pot, 2-quart pot, a one-quart pot, a 10-inch fry pan, and a 6-inch fry pan a coffee pot, 2 drinking cups. He picked out a lantern, a two-quart canteen, a mess kit, along with a treated canvas 2-man tent. It will take 2 weeks for the saddle to be made in the traditional western range saddle type with extra D rings for attachments of his scabbard and two bags. A thick padded stitched leather seat and a high rope horn to be adorned with his Clan Crest.

Coming out of the Armory wearing his tool belt rig and carrying his scabbarded rifle, Becky was waiting with 2 dusters. One was a light weight but strong cotton blend in a cream like his hat, and the other was a dark heavy flannel lined denim for the colder winters. After trying them both on for size, he decided to get both while he is here. After some time learning of his new trade, he will come back for the saddle and bags plus any odd and ends he may discover he needs.

"Since you're an Uzumaki, I found a couple books for you as a welcome home gift." Becky showed Naruto.

"I... I can't read. No one ever showed me." Naruto pouted.

"Don't worry, I will help you to read them. They are Your Clan History and an Intro to Fuinjutsu as the Uzumaki's were famous for it." Becky blushed and smiled at Naruto's genuine smile he gave her.

"Ca-can I call you Be-chan?" Naruto asks nervously blushing himself. Becky turned apple red and nodded her head not trusting her squeals to come out. Clint and Davey giggled at the two young ones.

Loading up the cart with all of Naruto's gear, and Becky once again fussed over him as he almost fell, trying to climb up by himself. His body still being weak and not recovered enough. The ride home was uneventful. When they reached the main house. Beckey fussed not wanting Naruto to fall again, So Clint picked up Naruto and placed him on the ground. Becky let her mom know about Naruto's illiteracy, but only being 5, they determined he was not very far behind. Will, discusses the gun safety rules in the house. He then inspected and approved of Naruto's and Clint's decisions on the clothing, gear, and weapons choices.

"Naruto, since you are recovering from ... we will just call it your adventure. For the next two weeks you will follow Clint around to see what he does and then at lunch you will come inside recover and do your studies. Clear?" He told instead of asked. Clearly setting the lines of work ethic in the house.

"Yes Master" He takes it all in to remember the House Rules. "May I ask you something?" Naruto shifts uncomfortably.

"Becky tells her mom of the promised braids for Naruto's watch and pocket-knife. How happy he was about them." she giggled lightly with pink cheeks.

"It seems you have already set your sights on our little apprentice. Hmmmm?" Maureen teased.

"Yes momma. I know we just met, but still after nursing him for 3 days on the road. Then helping him to get adjusted ... he is so nice and so cute. I'm falling momma." She admits.

"Ok, we will wait one year. Make sure these feelings are real and he stays. After that will discuss your betrothal to him. There are no other girls here for you to worry about, and by that time you two will be 6 or 7 and ready for school. He was born in October, and you were born the following January, he is only 3 months older than you. You two should share the same classrooms, to watch and keep any other suitors away, your engagement will be set by then." Maureen tells her, holding up one finger.

"Now you know, for your man, you will need to work harder to become the perfect wife. Cooking, proper cleaning of the house, you, him, and his items. You will do the inside to create a walled garden of Eden for him to relax from his day of hard outside work. He does the outside and fights to provide food, safety, and shelter, for you and the future family. You will learn to cater to your man's mind, body, and soul. As he will re-mold this world just for you. Family and him, no other boys. Same for him just you, no other girls. Just like your dad and I, always together no outsiders. Can you do this?" She asks these serious questions for her daughter to think about.

"Yes momma. Like I said, I chose him." Becky says with resolve.

"Very well, me and your father will discuss it." she says.

"I already heard. Naruto just finished asking me permission if he could court you and call you in the chan reference. So, one year, huh?" He taps his finger on the table. The question addressed to his wife.

"Yes, it will give them two the time to really grow. Understand their feelings, and then, lock the two down for each other, to stay pure and faithful. Plus, he is Minato's and Kushina's child. Were we not going to do this anyway, if they had lived?" She instigated. He sighs with a daddy's protective resolve.

"Ok, one year Becky. Prove to us that you want this. Now go tell Naruto the good news." He smiled and Becky squealed. She hugged her mom and dad then ran yelling for Naruto.

"We both got work to do. Naruto is technically royalty. I need to make a real man out of him. You need to make a real lady out of her. Not only for us or his passed parents. But because one day he will want to take back what is his." He stands and wraps his arms around her waist.

"It's ok my big man, these hands will take extra good care of you too." She winks, kissed him and led him to their room.

Back in Konoha:

It's been almost a month, and no one has seen Naruto. The Hokage is livid. He wanted to be with Naruto for his birthday to try and keep the Jichuriki loyal. But these idiots, on the council sent a death squad after him. While holding him in late meetings. He has had enough. He sits and writes out 3 scrolls and sends them via his monkey summon mail. One for the Andersons who were his God parents. The other two are for Jiraiya and Tsunade of the Sannin. The Yondaime's Master and Princess Kushina's cousin and Medical Sensei.

"I should have done this 6 years ago. There will be hell to pay." He thinks to himself.

In the desert of Wind Country outside of Suna:

Poof: "Jiraiya-sama?" A messenger monkey hands Jiraiya the scroll. Then poof.

River Country, Tani Village Casino:

Poof: "Tsunade-sama?" Another monkey hands Tsunade a scroll. Then poof.

The Black Steere Ranch:

Poof: "General Anderson-dono?" A monkey is now mentally scared, due to the sight of the General being ridden by a naked, sweating, Maureen, like she was in the Kentucky Derby. He slowly places the scroll on the pillow next to the General's smiling face, then poof.

Chapter 3:

In keeping with his Kit's training, the fox uses the time Naruto sleeps to train and converse using the dream state as a time altered chamber. Giving a 24 hour in the mind scape for every one hour of true time outside. This way he can review and teach without straining Naruto's delicate recovering mind and body.

Naruto's Mind scape:

"A man's got to have a code, a creed to live by no matter his station or status in life. This is The Code. These 12 Tennent's of life you should never steer from. Follow them as your life will be defined by them as a true man, my Kit:

Honor above all else. Do nothing to discredit it for you can never get it back.

Always be courageous. Cowards aren't tolerated in any outfit worth its salt.

Say what you mean, be direct so no one misunderstands you. Mean what you say, always be ready to back up your words and never back down. That would be the coward's way.

Honesty is absolute – your word is your bond; a handshake is more binding than any contract.

A true man is loyal to his "Brand," to his Clan, family, friends, and those he rides with.

Don't inquire into a person's past. Take the measure of a man for what he is today.

Always defend yourself and look out for your own. When defending show no mercy for none will be given by the enemy.

Treat all Ladies with respect, defend them from all harm physical, mental, and spiritual, for within them they can carry the future.

Remember if they are behind you, defend them with all your might. If they stand beside you, treat them as equals. If they stand in front of you, fight them with all your being while showing no mercy.

Do not practice ingratitude. Speak like you want to be spoken to. A true man is pleasant even when out of sorts. Remember complaining is what quitters do, and quitters are never tolerated.

A true man always helps someone in need, even a stranger or an enemy. Be hospitable to strangers, everyone including an enemy, is welcome at the fire and dinner table.

Never give a false witness. To lie is to dishonor yourself and your Clan.

These 12 Tenants will transpire into your everyday life. Remember them well."

"I noticed you call me Kit now. Are you adopting me?" He asked worried that he might be led to another heart ache.

"Well as I see it. I was once a part of your mother. I was resealed by your father, basically assigning me to your service. Yes, my Kit, consider me your very own guardian fox. And you better be good to that young vixen. She is a perfect mate for you." He fatherly commands.

"Hai tou-san" Naruto smiles and accepts the fox fully.

The next morning:

"Hmmm. We had a visitor last night. I guess they didn't want to ... disturb us." Maureen teased as she grinned and waved the scroll at her husband.

He takes the scroll as she pours him a cup of coffee. "It's from the Hokage. He is apologizing for Naruto. He has traitors in his council and sent this message though his monkeys. So, the letter we got about his death at birth was a fake. It seems he needs help to clean his back yard." Will explained the scroll.

"Did Naruto go out to see Clint on time this morning?" He asked.

"Yes daddy, he set his alarm and I also set mine. My man will be a good apprentice to you daddy don't you worry. There are biscuits and fried ham in the oven to keep warm. I couldn't let him go with an empty stomach. Though momma helped with the biscuits." She smugly boasted. In her mind they are already married. Maureen smirked at her husband.

"Well, coffee and ham biscuits! I should have betrothed you a long time ago." He teased. "Daddy!" Becky stomped her foot.

"Come on dear, let's get to cleaning as your daddy eats. Did you plan a lunch for your man?" She asked her daughter.

"Yesterday on the ride back from town he told me he likes my sandwiches, onigiri, cheeses and fruits. black tea and juices. I was going to ask you how to make the rice balls with those pear pickles we got?" She puppy eyes her mom.

"Ok, then you need to learn and make them for him and your daddy. He likes the cheeses too." She whispered the last part, making Becky giggle.

In the Barn:

"Naruto watch me saddle the horse. You will need to know this when your saddle gets here." Clint shows his young charge.

"This will be your horse. Your Master told me to have you two bond. She is a filly, a young female horse. Her coloring is called Buckskin. She just turned a year. You will name her, feed her, clean and brush her. Her stall best be kept spotless. If I, or any other hand sees her stall dirty, you will receive 5 lashings understood. I want your bond with her to the point Miss Becky and her will become jealous of each other." Speaking in a serious tone.

"Yes sir, Sensei." Naruto agreed and started to clean the stall.

"Nashi no iki (Pear Breath) Nashi for short. That's her name. She loved the pears I gave her." Naruto smiles as Clint nods in agreement. His little charge is working hard and learning fast.

"Nashi's pen was cleaned with fresh sawdust laid down and she has oats and fresh water. Tomorrow we will make a name sign for her stall." Good job, now it's time for lunch and your studies. I would advise you to wash up first. The ladies don't like dirty, sweaty men in their clean house. ok? Clint teaches.

"Yes Sensei" He runs to clean up.

Cleaned, he goes in the house and sits to remove his boots, then announces. "I'm Home!"

In less than 5 seconds a yellow blur runs to him and hugs him. Becky is wearing a yellow sundress. He really likes that dress style on her. "Welcome home Naru-kun" Becky smiles.

"Ok, Becky let him up, lunch then our studies." Maureen smiles at the two budding lovers.

"Mom showed me how to make your rice balls with the pear pickles. I hope you like them." she said excitedly. Naruto smiled at her.

After lunch, Maureen did her part and started the pre-school. Basic reading, writing and calligraphy skills, history and etiquette. Her two little love bundles soaked up every drop of knowledge she could give. Every day for the next few weeks Naruto did his barn work, cleaning all the stalls, adding fresh saw dust, placing a scoop of oats, and refilling the water basins. He then cleaned, brushed, and talked as he bonded with Nashi. In the afternoons, the lessons would continue. In the evenings as his body slept, the fox would review all the lessons of being a true Man of Honor and the Code to live by. Naruto found a book in the general store called the "Code of the West" by Zane Grey and a series of books called "The Sacketts" by Louis L'Amour. He has taken a keen interest in these books.

"Naru-kun, I want you to write a scroll. We found a relative of yours. She, like us, was lied to. Can you write to her. Let her know that you're doing well and are happy. Maybe you can ask her to visit, have her come here to the ranch." Naruto was stunned. He had family?

"Wh-who i-is she?" Naruto only studders when he is apprihensive. And going from a broken orphan to finding family is going to do that.

"Lady Tsunade Senju. She is your mom's cousin. Her grandma and your mom's great grandma were sisters in the Uzumaki clan. She is your true Blood and Clan Aunt! See you're not alone." Becky hugged him as he processed the information. Maureen gives him a gentile smile.

"I will write her, Be-chan help me please." Becky gets out a blank scroll for him.

Scroll: "Dear Auntie Tsunade, I know this seems strange. It is to me too. I know it wasn't your fault. You was lied to. I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namakaze, Heir to the Clan. I wish to see you and hope we can be family. Give me a chance? I missed not ever having one. Also, please as my Elder and Auntie I wish to be Betrothed to Miss Becky Anderson, Daughter of General, Will Anderson and Maureen Terumi, Anderson. They promised us in one year if my learning as Master Anderson's apprentice to the Black Steer Ranch and Miss Becky's grades are good, we can be promised. They are taking good care of me, and I even got my own filly named Nashi no iki. Included is a picture scroll of Miss Becky and me when we first discussed our promising. Isn't she pretty? Signing for now.

Love your nephew, Naruto

"Is this alright Kaa-san?" Naruto asked. He now sees Maureen as his mom. Well, one day she will be.

She looks over his letter and approves of it. She gives the scroll to Will. He looks it over, smiles and rolls it up. He adds it to his answer scroll to the Hokage. He summons a cat and tells her to go to Konohagakure no Sato in Fire Country to the Hokage. She poofs.

Konoha, Hokage's office:

At the moment a heated discussion is going on between 3 very upset ninjas and their Hokage. 2 are Sannin and one is a prized surgeon grade med-nin. Then poof!

"Hokage-sama?" Sasha, the General's messenger cat calls out.

"Sasha? Did you bring news of the General?" The Hokage asked.

"Yes, here are your scrolls, this one is for Lady Tsunade. Her's is very important." Sasha says and poofs.

Hiruzen hands Tsunade her scroll as he reads his.

"For me, most be from Maureen?" she says as she opens the scroll, and a picture falls.

Shizune picks up the picture, looks and screams. She covers mouth in joy and tears. "It's Naruto!" and she starts to cry.

Tsunade reads her scroll and breaks down with Shizune and cry's, looking at the picture of her nephew and his soon to be promised one. The picture shows Naruto and Becky both smiling brightly holding hands in front of the family fireplace. Naruto is wearing his blue jeans, a red shirt, a black crested vest and a black belt. Around that is his brown gun belt. Becky is wearing a light green sundress and ankle high lace trimmed socks. Her red hair is braided and flowing over the right shoulder with a tiny matching green ribbon bow at the end. Her bright green eyes sparkle. Tsunade hands Jiraiya the scroll and barks orders to Shizune.

"Get our cart, pack our bags. The Ranch is down between Otafuka Gai, and the Capital. It's a good 3-day trip so let's prepare. I have Clan Elder duties to do!" Shizune runs out the door carrying Ton-Ton.

Jiraiya smiles and trades scrolls with the Hokage.

"What did the General say? Tsunade asked as she was showing the picture to Jiraiya.

"He has confirmed the letter from Naruto that you got, so that's very good news. Plus, he will be here in 2 months to help with Sensei's clean sweep. That will give me time to set up my internal spies in Konoha. So, we don't miss anyone." He grins at the picture and shows the Hokage.

"Oh my, he looks like a mini-Minato in a cowboy outfit. Is that his Miss Becky? Another red head? The Namakazes' and their red hair fetish." relieved that Naruto is now safe, he chuckles.

"I bet Kushina is waving her fist in heaven screaming, Red Hair FTW, Databaine!" Laughs Jiraiya.

Well, Sensei, I will be at the Ranch to raise my nephew and his promised one. You Damn skippy I will sign the Betrothal for him. Give me the inheritance scrolls. As his Elder I will be the executor for them. He already knows about his heritage, and no one will fuck with us at that ranch. Look he already has a pistol, if the picture is right. If your plan is safe enough, I will come back and help with the children in tow or we can wait till it's over, and then come to deal with the aftermath. You and Jiraiya message us." Tsunade tells of her plans.

The Hokage goes to the safe and opens it." Here is his file, with his true birth certificate and his parents' marriage and Death certificates. The scrolls are his Clan's and parent's inheritance. The box is for him and has the deeds and keys to the estate. He can visit and stay any time. Tell him I said congratulations on the apprenticeship. Gen. Anderson is no slouch and to also be promised to his daughter. I'm very proud." He hugs Tsunade and she leaves with the inheritance.

"Ok Jiraiya, let's get this house cleaning scheduled." Smiling, knowing Naruto is now safe and where he belongs.

Chapter 4:

The Black Steer Ranch:

For the next month, Naruto gets to bond with Tsunade and Shizune. Shizune and Clint have seemed to have become an item. Becky has been spoiled by studying with the pair of top medics to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a Nurse. Naruto's barn duties have become more and more but he has excelled at every task Clint has given him. Will has left for a special trip to the far side of the Ranch. Nashi has fully bonded to Naruto and is in fact jealous of Becky. She even tries to nuzzle her way between them, when Becky visits the Corral yard.

"Naruto we are going to town to get more schoolbooks and your new saddle bags, and hat crest has arrived. Can you prepare the cart, with Big Chief as our tow?" Clint told him.

"Yes Sensei, I also need some more rifle presets and a pouch for them on my toolbelt rig. And Be-chan wanted another sundress. I just can't tell her no." Naruto said as he headed to the barn to set up the cart.

"I know what you mean my young charge." as he pulls Shizune by her waist close to him. "We just can't tell you no." She giggles and pecks him on the lips.

"Kaa-san you got a needs list or are you coming too? Naruto asks Maureen.

"We will all go; the wine and Sake stocks are low. Plus, a good dinner at the Hotel diner would be nice treat." She said.

Soon the Cart was loaded, and Naruto puts the top up to spare the Ladies from the road dust and sun. Clint double checked Naruto's work and gave him a smile and a nod. This made Becky happy. Her man was learning fast. Clint was pilot and Naruto was shotgun. Using his Hawkins, but he has planned to get him the new Sears Sweet Sixteen Coach Gun. He saw it in the catalog. It was a double, for your fun, 16 gauged, blued barrels, at 20 inches of reach and hammer fired. Equipped with the newer ejectors, so no more hot fingertips. 30 minutes later they were parked and helping the Ladies out of the cart.

"Naru-kun, you're so sweet. Now remember no girls. And you too Becky, no boys. You want to be promised soon, right?" Maureen reminds the young ones of their promises.

"Yes mom." they chorused.

"They are so adorable together especially when they are holding hands like that." Shizune squealed and Tsunade agreed.

"Come on Shi-Chan the Mercantile is over here." Clint leads the way holding her hand as her face pinkens up.

"Wait till I tell the old man and Jiraiya about Shizune's newest moonlight adventures." Tsunade giggles like a teenager.

"You would blackmail her?" Maureen talking like its big town gossip.

"Oh, hell yeah!" Tsunade and Maureen both giggled.

"Auntie Tsu, come here I got something for you." Naruto yells, still holding Becky's hand.

She rounds the corner and is stopped by the sight of a beautiful Royal Kimono. Similar to his but with her Senju crest on the back with his Uzumaki crest over the heart.

"I hope you're not mad, I had Becky look at your size when she helped with the laundry. You still need to pick out your lady stuff accessories and sandals. Just tell Davey here and he will help order it." Naruto and Becky looked shyly not sure of what she would do.

Tsunade choked down her tears and kneeled to their height and hugged them both.

"It is gorgeous, let me go and get the fitting, thank you my dears." She went off with Davey and Shizune for her fitting and choosing her accessories.

Becky found a sky-blue sun dress with a matching wide brimmed hat and ribbon ties for her cloth shoes. Naruto likes that style on her, and she wants to look pretty for him.

Naruto and Clint went into the armory for his rifle presets. Sold with 200 count sleeves in a box and he got two boxes. A holding pouch for his rig belt and 400 rounds of 250 grain spire point pre greased ammo. A case of 16-gauge number 6 shot for small game, turkeys, and highway men. The shotgun he wanted was in stock. It came in a nice lined wooden box satchel. Becky put his hat crest on for him. She sees him wearing both braids she made of her own red hair, one for his watch and the other for his pocketknife. They nicely reached across the black vest he wore. She smiles and blushes remembering her boldness that night. They all went across to the hotel diner for dinner. When that was over, they then picked up the hemmed and altered clothing, drinks, food, and other goods. Loaded the cart and headed back home.

Another month passes, when Will asks Tsunade what she thinks of Naruto visiting Konoha. He is about to go with his Army he retrieved from their campus in the back corner of the ranch.

"I don't know if he is ready to face them. This wasn't some get up it's just a fight. Those people took him out of the village for execution. They had beaten, raped and slit his throat. If not for the Kyubi and the devil's luck and you passing by he may not have survived. That's a lot for a 6-year-old to overcome in just a few short months. Plus, having the clean sweep going down, it really isn't a good time for visitation." Tsunade in her overprotective motherly role claims. Maureen and Shizune both agree.

"I am in the same frame of mind. I will send a summon cat to you if we need extra medical help in the aftermath. If not stay here. We can wait till the betrothal to let him decide if he wants to accept them or shun them. That village will no longer have a hold on or say in his life." Will decrees. The three women agree.

Will rides off, and the women go back in the house. It is time for school, the children should be finished with lunch. Naruto, having been properly taught, has found the joys of reading. His favorite are the books written by Louis L'Amour. He has modeled himself like "The Sacketts" that is to be his own man. His real joy is the Clan history book Becky got him that first night and the two will sit for hours together and study "their" Clan. Learning from his books, picking up on the Morals, Honor, and Code to live his life by. His lessons of manhood were taught by his Master, and Sensei, Will and Clint. All of this is then reinforced by his adopted father and inner guardian, Duke. The fox had told him his real name.


Sitting in the Hunter's Cabin style home, on the meadows edge that Naruto had re-shaped his mindscape for his tou-san.

"Kit, I want you to know my real name. You deserve to know it, and I find it an honor to tell you. My name is Duke." He says.

"Thanks for telling me. It really means a lot, but..."

"Hmmm, what's up?" Duke asks.

"Since you have claimed me as your kit, can I still call you Tou-san?" Naruto asked a bit shyly worried he may have crossed a line.

Duke smiles, "of course you may, Kit."



"What's honor? I see that word in my books, and I hear you, Sensei, and Master throw it around a lot during my lessons." Naruto asks with sincerity, really wanting to know.

Duke gets a serious face, takes a deep breath and begins.

"Honor is the very core of being a man. The true ideal of the very Code we strive to live by. It is what no man can give, and no man can take away. Honor is a cherished gift that only you can give to yourself. You earn it. Through your actions, morals and deeds. You can also lose it in the very same way. Honor is the morality of Kings, ones we all hope to measure ourselves. But remember, Kit, not all Kings have Honor. Now women, true Ladies, they hold the actual Heart of Honor with-in them. Therefore, we as men must cherish and protect that heart. Never mistreat a Lady. Never dishonor a man, and never ever stand by and allow others to do so, either." He gives his life lesson. (A.N. words inspired by the movie "Rob Roy" spoken by actor, Liam Neeson).

End Flashback:

Tsunade has given Naruto his inheritance. The scroll held a summoning contract. It was his Clan's The Birds of Prey. Not having unlocked his chakra yet, she decides to hold off on the signing but teaches both Becky and him to meditate and discover their chakra.

"Very good, sit just like us, close your eyes and place your hand like we showed you. The Ram sign." Shizune helped Becky as Tsunade watched over Naruto. They have decided to add chakra lessons to the curriculum. It will benefit Naruto in his ranch duties and Becky who wants to be a Nurse.

Naruto's mornings now include marksmanship and knife handling. He is using the duel wielding style from his father's scrolls and is coming along well. His marksmanship has all the hands surprised. He is a natural. Clint has decided to get extra serious with his firearms training. His natural skills needs to be nurtured for the good of the Ranch.

Time skip February, one year later:

Now that both children have reached 6 years of age, it is time for their Betrothal. As promised, Becky has worked hard at her "Wife lessons", and lady's etiquette classes that her mom, Shizune, and Tsunade, has drilled into her. Naruto with Duke, Clint, and Will hammering in the Honor Code in every aspect of his apprenticeship, has become quite the responsible little range boss in training. He has moved from the barn to the forge and is now learning smithing duties. His year of ranch work and a proper diet had filled out his body with a little mass no longer being malnourished.

"So, Fire Temple or Water Temple? It's the same travel either direction. Will asks the women of the house, since as a man he really has no say in these kinds of events. He has found it easier to ask them and then pay the bills. Most of his family was from Kiri and Whirlpool, for his Ancestors, and Mei will come with her escorts. The only ones from Konoha would be Jiraiya, Sensei and maybe Kushina's student Yugao and Kakashi his father's student. So, the Water Temple in Wave would be my suggestion." Tsunade advises.

"I agree. I also got gossip from our last trip to town that some Uzumaki's were found Near Ame and in Kusa, The Fuma Clan was seen there too so that might have been a settled camp from the Great Exodus of Uzushio." We will send Invites to all the Old Allies of Whirlpool for the Ceremony. Maybe get word to some lost family." Maureen adds.

"Great idea, I will get on those scrolls right away, what's our ceremony date?" Shizune asks.

"The March Moon so the 12th in Wave Temple. 10 am reception at 11:30-1pm." Tsunade reads off her notes.

"That gives us a month to plan, get hair, nails, and facials, plus order new Kimono's. The two lovers have outgrown theirs, and we also need a new one for the ceremony. This is just too important for any old rag." Maureen says and all 3 agree.

The next morning:

The Mercantile is bustling with the women and Davey looking through the Catalog as they all get re-measured for the formals being ordered All the invites have been sent out from the town's messenger service. Naruto buys Becky a high-quality Sear's woolen cashmere cardigan in a cream color, then has his Clan's crest embroidered over the left breast area. They also order a new signet ring modeled after his grandfather's, that Kushina left him sealed in his inheritance. He had a case made to hold the Clan heirloom with a Clan crest patch and the picture of Kiku Uzumaki the last Uzukage, his grandfather. This will go to the Clan Shrine, to honor his ancestors. He also ordered a ruby and gold swirl, with a garnet for her, and an opal for him, jeweled Clan Crest for Becky's engagement pinning. She publicly kissed him on the lips when she saw the cardigan. She vows to wear it everywhere. The adults smile at the young lovers always holding hands.

Two days later, Iwa:

Onoki reads the invitation.


The Betrothal Ceremony of Miss Becky, Daughter of General Will Anderson and Maureen Terumi to Prince Naruto of Whirlpool, Son of The Late Princess Kushina Uzumaki and The Late Yondaime Minato Namakaze.

To be held at the Wave Water Temple March 12th at 10am Reception 11:30-1pm.

We Honor your Witness and attendance.

Tsunade Senju, Sannin and Uzumaki Clan Elder

Onoki smiles, here's a chance to mend old wounds and gain possible Royal and political favor. He yells for his secretary.

Suna Council Room:

Baki calls order as Rasa walks in with a smile and a scroll. He reads it out loud.


The Betrothal Ceremony of Miss Becky, Daughter of General Will Anderson and Maureen Terumi to Prince Naruto of Whirlpool, Son of The Late Princess Kushina Uzumaki and The Late Yondaime Minato Namakaze.

To be held at the Wave Water Temple March 12th at 10am Reception 11:30-1pm.

We Honor your Witness and attendance.

Tsunade Senju, Sannin and Uzumaki Clan Elder

"It would be political suicide if we were not there. Prepare travel, quarters and a proper gift. My family, Baki Sensei, and Lady Chiyo will Attend."

Lightning Daimyo Palace:

"Lord, you have a Royal scroll." The Minister handed him the scroll.

Lord of Cloud,

The Betrothal Ceremony of Miss Becky, Daughter of General Will Anderson and Maureen Terumi to Prince Naruto of Whirlpool, Son of The Late Princess Kushina Uzumaki and The Late Yondaime Minato Namakaze.

To be held at the Wave Water Temple March 12th at 10am Reception 11:30-1pm.

We Honor your Witness and attendance.

Tsunade Senju, Sannin and Uzumaki Clan Elder

"I will attend, let the Reikage know for he will come and provide escort and to also bring a proper gift for the lovers."

Kiri, Godiame's Office:


The Betrothal Ceremony of Miss Becky, Daughter of General Will Anderson and Maureen Terumi to Prince Naruto of Whirlpool, Son of The Late Princess Kushina Uzumaki and The Late Yondaime Minato Namakaze.

To be held at the Wave Water Temple March 12th at 10am Reception 11:30-1pm.

We Honor your Witness and attendance.

Tsunade Senju, Sannin and Uzumaki Clan Elder

"AO! Prepare for our travel and stay in Wave. I will not miss my Neice's Betrothal. I'm going shopping for a new Kimono and a proper gift."

Chapter 5:

Konoha, Council Room:

The Hokage and Jiraiya walk in the chambers. After the big sweep with General Anderson's help, Danzo and Fugaku Uchiha were executed along with several Civilian Councils and their Aides.

"I hold here a Royal Invitation." He reads aloud.


The Betrothal Ceremony of Miss Becky, Daughter of General Will Anderson and Maureen Terumi to Prince Naruto of Whirlpool, Son of The Late Princess Kushina Uzumaki and The Late Yondaime Minato Namakaze.

To be held at the Wave Water Temple March 12th at 10am Reception 11:30-1pm.

We Honor your Witness and attendance.

Tsunade Senju, Sannin and Uzumaki Clan Elder

"This is an olive branch, given to us. We all know of the poor treatment of the young child because of certain loose lips. Yes, Naruto is in fact our own Crown Prince. The Late Yondaime's son. We are granted 10 slots as the Village of his father. The Daimyo, his Wife, Jiraiya, Myself, Kakashi and Yugao as the last Students of the Princess and Yondiame. That leaves 4 slots left." He leaves the floor open for diplomacy.

"Hokage-sama as Genin teammate of the Princess I would like to go." Tsume asks.

"Hokage-sama as Genin teammate to the Yondaime I wish to go." Mikoto requests.

"Hokage-sama as the Elders and diplomatic adviser we should go also." Koharu and Homura step forward.

"Very well the slots are now full. If any Clan would like to extend a gift to be sent. Please allow Koharu to collect and record." Dismissed.



The Betrothal Ceremony of Miss Becky, Daughter of General Will Anderson and Maureen Terumi to Prince Naruto of Whirlpool, Son of The Late Princess Kushina Uzumaki and The Late Yondaime Minato Namakaze.

To be held at the Wave Water Temple March 12th at 10am Reception 11:30-1pm.

We Honor your Witness and attendance.

Tsunade Senju, Sannin and Uzumaki Clan Elder

"Let the Uzumaki camp know their Royals have returned. Prepare a gift, I will attend." The Kusakage orders.



The Betrothal Ceremony of Miss Becky, Daughter of General Will Anderson and Maureen Terumi to Prince Naruto of Whirlpool, Son of The Late Princess Kushina Uzumaki and The Late Yondaime Minato Namakaze.

To be held at the Wave Water Temple March 12th at 10am Reception 11:30-1pm.

We Honor your Witness and attendance.

Tsunade Senju, Sannin and Uzumaki Clan Elder

"A chance to heal old wounds. Prepare the delegates and gifts. Let the Fuma Clan know they are going home."

Time Skip March 6th Black Steere Ranch:

"Let's go! Naruto, you ride in back with us. Now the world knows who you are, this is testing the waters. Bring your "Sweet Sixteen" ride tail gate guard. Clint will be Shot gun and I will pilot." Will barks his orders. Taking no chances, he has a platoon of his Calvery Samurais in escort.

"It will Take 2-3days if the rivers are not flooded, then all the fussing to get everything perfect like the mothers want. MOVE OUT!" He commands.

"Naru-kun, what are you and Be-chan going to do for school?" Shizune asked now they are now 6 and can join an Academy or Primary.

"We discussed this just last night. We will continue our home schooling. I am staying as Master's apprentice. I will keep up my training and family jutsus, but I don't want to become a ninja. Ranching is in my blood now. I want to study agriculture, forestry, and land management. Be-chan still wants to be a Clinical Nurse. We want to travel do a couple summer learning camps in different countries as long as it doesn't interfere with the harvests and round ups." Naruto answered and Becky proudly nodded.

"That reminds me, I will get Jiraiya to send you the intermediate Fuinjutsu books. You have blown through all your intro and basics." Tsunade boasted and one armed hugged him.

"How's the smithy training," Maureen asks.

"Hondo Sensei has allowed me to start shoe farriering." He said.

"Already, Hondo is very particular on proper farriering techniques, good job." Clint praises.

"That's my man, he can do it all." Becky smiled and kissed his cheek. All the ladies giggled at Naruto's red face.

A few days later at the rehearsal dinner:

Naruto and Becky stand together holding hands. Naruto wears black slacks, black polished boots, black belt, white long-sleeved shirt, red vest, and his Clan crested bolo. Becky is in her red sundress, white laced ankle socks, white cloth women's oxfords with a matching red ribbon for the shoe ties. Her favorite cream Uzu crested cardigan. The two are in the receiving line shaking hands with all the guests for tomorrow's ceremony.

"My don't you two look just adorable together. Just like smaller versions of you mom and dad." Koharu and Homaru smile fondly at the two soon to be promised as Kakashi and Yugao have flash backs of their Sensei holding hands at the training grounds as the two teams learn to work together. Tsume and Mikoto both look on with teary eyes at the resemblance.

"Did you know my parents well?" Naruto asked, always looking for a family connection. Becky squeezes his hand and thumb rubs it to help him be calm.

"Yes, they were our Sensei, when we were fresh Genins out of the Academy." Yugao explained with a gentle smile.

"Hey, your Cat and Dog, I remember your chakra when you would rescue me. Thank you so much." The two lovers bow to the Konoha ANBUs.

"So, my young Namakaze, have you decided on a school or career? Onoki asks.

"Tsukage, you Honor us. I am apprenticed to General Anderson. Learning the Ranching trade. We are home schooled for that reason. My Auntie Tsunade is also teaching Becky to be a Clinical Nurse. We do plan on visiting the different Villages to experience the summer career camps. You know, to also strengthen our political bonds as we grow and learn." Naruto smiles as he firmly shakes the Kage's hand impressing him.

The next in line were the Daimyos all happy to meet and greet the new young power couple. The other Kages are happy to know he is studying diplomacy and agriculture. Soon the Fuma Clan Chief and Elders arrive and swear fealty to the Royal couple. A man with red hair escorting a pretty lady with blue hair arrive. Tears in their eyes. The couple kneels.

"Crown Prince, we are Clansmen. I am Uzumaki Nagato, my wife Konan. My grandfather and your grandfather were in fact brothers. We also have a child, your cousin about your age, Karin. She will be at the ceremony tomorrow.

"Rise my family, he then bypasses the shake and gives a good manly side hug as is proper for male relations. Becky hugs Konan.

Mei Terumi the Mizukage stayed by their side for the night catching up on her family Maureen and spoiling her niece and her Prince.

With the word of the young Prince wanting formal summer career education abroad. The Aids and Secretaries all took notes on his skills and her medical level to send future invites to their Academy's summer courses. All promising not to interfere with the annual fall harvests and round ups.

The ceremony the next day was a complete success; Hiruzen as Hokage of the Prince's Late, Father's Village gave the Father's speech with pride. A few more Uzumaki's found their way to Wave, and Mei Terumi agreed to help train the volunteers of the reuniting Clan as they along with the Fuma Clan head back to Uzushio to clean and rebuild the Clan's Ancestral lands. Naruto, with the advice of Tsunade, commissions Nagato and his family to rule in his stead. At the reception, Becky allowed him to dance once with her new friends Tamari of Suna, Kurotsuchi of Iwa, and once with Karin, his cousin. The rest of the dances belonged to her. Soon it was over, and the people went back to their rooms to get ready for the trips back.

"Naru-kun, Be-chan, now that your officially promised, we will combine your rooms, but there will be a nanny, to keep you two in chaste as you grow together. Meet Anko Miterashi and you already know Yugao Uzuki. Anko was the adopted daughter of your father, they were close. Now the two have volunteered to Chaperone and guard you two. Both, as you know, are highly trained Kunoichis." Tsunade now explains the changes in their lives as not only promised ones but as Royals being the new power couple in the five Nations.

"Ladies you are here by inducted into the branch clan Namakaze as Dominas only three people are above you when it comes to the promised couple. General Anderson, His Wife Maureen there, and me the Sannin and Clan Elder. You may wear the clan crest and claim the Clan name as your rites in the Branch."

Naruto thinks and asks his Dominas, "Do either of you have a summons?"

"I have the snake summons, my Prince." Anko answers.

"You two now have access to the Birds of prey, as my Clansmen. I already had Becky signed. Auntie also, but she had to get an ok because of her Slugs. You might want to check and see to if the snakes will work with them so you can summon both. We will do this tomorrow on our first rest stop to have room for summoning." The Dominas bowed and thank him. Then it was bedtime as Becky was beyond tired from the big day and dancing. Anko took first nanny night.

On the ride back, the Konoha delegation tagged along since from Wave it's the same road traveled. Jiraiya rode in the cart with Naruto to quiz and check his Fuinjutsu level. He was very happy with the results and gave him the middle books. He promised to check in at least every 2 months to check on his development. The snakes allowed Anko to sign the Clan contracts as long as the Royal couple will sign theirs. Naruto and Becky were only too happy to do it. Kakashi spared and gave a few pointers in his knife skills. Everyone was impressed with his marksmanship. He was able to down a buck with one shot at nearly 200 yards with his Hawkins .44. All agreed the black powder weapons were effective, but too loud and with the smoke plume, they are not good for Ninja work but maybe for the Gate guard it would be perfect. The boom is both a deterrent and an alarm. The Hokage got to shoot his Remington 1858. He just might order some of the 8-inch barrels from this Davey they know for the gate guard. An even dozen 2 per gate at 3 gates and a pistol for each of the 4 ANBU Captains for escort duties, One for Dragon and one for him hee-hee. Koharu and Homura offered their etiquette and Diplomatic classes for this year's summer camp and the mothers agreed it was necessary for their proper growth in their station. At the river's fork Clint got on his knee and asked Shizune to be his. She glomped him, as everyone cheered. The Daimyo's wife, ever the romantic demanded an invite, they all agreed.

The Black Steere Ranch 3 months later:

Clint has been helping his young charge in the breaking and training of Nashi. She is now going on 30 months old and has started to size up. With a head harness in light green and a saddle blanket on her back. she trots around the round pin.

"Ok my charge, cool her off and wipe her down. Then get ready for classes." Clint says as Shizune carrying a covered food basket and Anko come up to the corral area.

"Yes Sensei" Naruto walks off to the barn and stops at the water basin to let Nashi get a drink along the way.

After caring for Nashi, and cleaning up himself, Anko escorts him to the house.

"I'm home" he yells as he takes off his boots. Becky runs to attend to her man.

"Welcome home Koi" she pecks him on the lips and pulls him to the table. Anko smirks at the lil lovers. She has grown very fond of them.

Maureen comes to the table with a pitcher of lemon aid. "Becky set the table, Shizune is eating with her Bo again so don't worry on her placing."

"Yes momma" She goes smiling as her man nodds to her.

"Today is the last school day so that means quizzes." Tsunade says when she comes to the table with Yugao.

"The Dominas have been reviewing us on our histories." Naruto said confidently.

"We will see, you know what Clint said if you get below an 80, what will happen?" Tsunade reminds.

"I get 5 lashes." Naruto frowns.

"We got this!" Becky kissed his cheek and cheered him on as she poured his glass of lemon aid.

"She just won't let me have my fun." Tsunade teased.

"Nope she is very protective of her Prince." Yugao smiled at Becky and winked.

"What did you fix me, hime?" Naruto asked his promised.

"With the heat today, we decided on finger sandwiches and sliced fruits." She sets a tray down as her mom brings in the other.

They all eat the good food; Naruto really enjoyed the ham salad sandwiches the most.

So, we still doing etiquette and diplomacy this summer in Konoha? Naruto asked a bit apprehensively. Everyone noticed his mood change.

"Naruto, are you worried because of the past?" Yugao knelt to his level to look him in the eyes. He nodds a bit ashamed.

"It's ok to be worried, it was a bad past. You have me and Domina Anko with you now. Plus, your own skills are really good." She talks to him like a big sister.

"Remember your Code, what are those two tenants?" Anko asked sweetly.

Naruto takes a deep breath and recites:

Always be courageous. Cowards aren't tolerated in any outfit worth its salt.

Say what you mean, be direct so no one misunderstands you. Mean what you say, always be ready to back up your words and never back down. That would be the coward's way.

He smiles feeling better. "Thanks, Dominas." They both smile back and nod.

"We requested Kakashi to aid in the guard duties so you will have a male figure that you know." Tsunade says.

"Homura-san says there's a planned turkey hunt so bring along your Sweet Sixteen." Maureen said putting a smile on his face. The boy simply loved to hunt.

"Becky, we all know you two are promised, but don't jump everyone who tries to make a friend. Most of the children you will meet are the Nobles and Clan Heirs and are all probably promised too, ok?" Maureen warns not wanting a Ninja-Range war Konoha Edition.

"We will watch out for each other kaa-san." Naruto adds.

"That goes double for you too, I remember having to heal a boys broken nose in town." Tsunade scolds.

"Well, he tried to grab her arm." Naruto pouted and Becky kissed his cheek. "My hero."

"Kami, don't encourage him. Clint and his Western Pugilist lessons." Tsunade rolls her eyes.

"It was that or Hondo's Greco-Roman grappling." Anko reminded with an evil grin and Tsunade shuddered at the thought of cleaning up after that kind of fight.

"Ok, let's clear the table and take these quizzes. You may keep your drinks." Maureen gets the children back on course.

Two days later:

Naruto summons 2 Eagles. The promised couple and Anko on one. Yugao, Shizune, and Tsunade on the other. Clint, Will and Maureen will join up in two weeks. They are going to Uzushio to check on the rebuild and pick up Karin for the Summer Camp.

"Naruto you got the number 4 Fuin book packed Jiraiya will be by next week." Tsunade checks.

"Yes Auntie" Then the birds lift off. What was 2-3 days by cart, is 2 hours by bird. Naruto pulled out his cream duster and wrapped Becky up in it and then wrapped his arms around her pulling her into his chest letting her happily snuggle plus keep her warm during the flight.

Chapter 6:

"Konoha Gates 2 hours later.

Landing, having the eagles dismissed, the ladies smooth out their Yukatas and check their hair. Naruto re-seals his duster, as Becky puts on her beloved cardigan. Her yellow sundress lapel shows her engagement crest pinned perfectly for the world see that she is promised. Tsunade goes to the guards.

"Prince Namakaze and entourage have arrived for Summer Camp. Please call our escort. We also have two ranking Dominas with us." She says pointing to Anko and Yugao who smirk at the guards.

"The Hokage and his ANBU detail are on the way as we speak." The guard answers.

"Sorry to not be here your birds are faster than we all thought he chuckled." The Hokage walks up. Getting his hugs from them all he smiles and motions them.

"Prince, Ladies, this way please." They all head to the Council Chambers. Becky whispers in Yugao's ear. She nods.

"Pardon, Hokage-sama, we need to stop at the refresh room. Anko if you please, I'll go inside, you at the door?" Anko nods and they do a sweep for the hall and room in seconds. They escort the Princess to be inside.

"Actually, not a bad idea after that 2-hour flight. Tsunade and Shizune both go in too.

Very efficient, so proud of your promotion to Domina. The Hokage praised, as they all come out and go in the chambers.

"All Rise!" The ANBU caller announces. "The Hokage with Prince Namakaze and his Entourage."

The room goes quiet at the site of the mini Yondiame and Princess.

The Hokage sits and says "With the Prince and his Promised one, Miss Becky Anderson, Daughter of General Anderson and Maureen Terumi, being here for the Academy's extended Summer Camp. The Daimyo has paid for round the clock guards. Chunin and higher to be paid at A rank for every 8-hour shift. Both Shinobi and Kunoichi are needed as you see. Please refer to Domina, Anko Namakaze for consideration. As of today, the Namakaze estate road will be patrolled due to the Royals occupation of their Summer Home. Lady Koharu, if you please, let the visitors know of the education schedule?" He turns to her.

"The Ninja class reviews are from 8am-9:45am. Even if you're not an Academy attendee, you are welcome to observe and learn as long as the mothers agree to that day's lesson." She looks to Tsunade, who nods her approval.

"I will personally hold Etiquette and Manners class from 10am to 12:45pm this is to include the luncheon that begins at noon for practice of Tea Ceremony and Host/Hostess serving duties. Parents and guardians are aloud and encouraged to participate to give the students live practice." She looks to Tsunade who nods her approval.

"Lastly 1pm-3pm, Homura-san will hold Humanities and Diplomacy training. All Clan Heirs and their seconds are asked to attend. For obvious reasons, The Prince and his Promised will be there also." She looks to the Clan Heads who all nod their agreement.

"Now this year as a bonus and by request of Lady Tsunade, Yoshino Nara and I will be offering a Wife Preparatory class for the Heiress and the Princess to be. Every Tues and Thurs 4pm-6pm. At that time the young men will join Homura and Asuma-san for Chivalry and Honor classes. All are welcome to attend as these classes are not Station specific but will cover Status." She bows to the Hokage.

"Thank you for the camp run down this summer should be fun for the children's learning. Now, the Prince and Miss Becky will do a brief introduction." He turns to a nervous Naruto. Holding Becky's hand, he begins.

"Hello Council, some of you may remember me, some may not have been here back then. I am Prince Naruto Uzumaki-Namakaze. I am learning Ranching and Range Management. Apprenticing under my Master, General Will Anderson." The room murmurs at the great General's name. "My career choice, other than my Royal duties, is Ranching, Forestry and Agriculture. My Wife to be, wants to be a Clinical Nurse and is currently learning from both Lady Shizune Keto and my Auntie Tsunade Senju." Becky smiles brightly at the mention of being his wife. "I have been learning to live by a Gentlemen's Code. One of the 12 Tenants is: "Don't inquire into a person's past. Take the measure of a man for what he is today." With that being said, I will hold no grudge. Hokage Jiji, and yes, he allows me to call him that." the room chuckles. "He said there was a major house cleaning. That's where it ends. I'm here to enjoy my Late Father's Great Village and hope to make it a second home. For me and my Bride." He smiles, and the room applauds his maturity. Becky leans over and kisses his cheek.

"AAWWWW" The women Councilors gush at the cute lovers.

"Hokage is Dragon here in shadow can you summon Her? We have something for you two." He looks to the surprised Hokage and the Dominas smirk knowing what's going on.

"I am here young Prince. How did you guess I was here?" Dragon comes from the shadow behind the Hokage.

"With Domina's help I have unlocked my sensory ability that I inherited from my mother. I remembered your chakra from the past when I was taking shelter in your office, as you had always helped me." he answered, and the room murmured more.

"A sensory at age 6 now that's talent, young Prince. The room agrees as heads nod.

"I have here two special boxes, one for each of you as a thank you for all you have done for me in the past." He unseals two very nice oak presentation Boxes with the COLT emblem burned into the lids.

Hiruzen opens his box to see it red felt lined. A Colt 1873 SAA in .45 long chambering, a 7.5-inch polished blued barrel and case-hardened steel frame. The walnut checkered grips with the gold inlaid disk. The Fire Kanji and The Sandiame engraved on disc. The Dragon opens hers to see the same but having Ivory grips with a red dragon inlaid and painted. Both came with a box of 100 rounds of ammo. Both are stunned and try hard to hold back tears.

"These are the new smokeless cartridge firing revolver. The pistole is bigger and more powerful than my 1858 Remington in .44 that you tried out on the road with us. The new all in one cartridge makes it an easy one step load instead of the 5 steps I need. He then opens another seal for 10 more boxes but blue cardboard with a white lettering Colt. These are for you and Dragon to distribute to the Gates and the Patrolling ANBU Captains. The soft lead round nose weighting at 250 grains, penetrates and deforms to transfer all that kinetic energy turning their organs into pudding. There isn't a Ninja around that can dodge a bullet at close to 1000 feet per second. An arrow can travel only 300-400 depending on the draw." Naruto explains the goodies he has brought. "For your practice range put a 2-foot-thick earthen wall behind the archery targets and your safe to fire."

"The 10 Gate and ANBU guns are basic models painted case hardened steel, OD green composite grips. Leather thong on a D-ring, 5.5-inch barrel like mine" He held up his and an opened box to compare.

"Let's go to the range out back for a demonstration." They all file out following Dragon, who was grinning evilly, under her mask. She has always fancied having a pistol.

Using Doton to create a safety stop wall behind the wooden dummies. They prepare.

"Please guard your ears these are loud. My Reminton 1858 in .44." plugging his ears he cocks and BOOM!

The dummy is knocked off it stand, and a huge 2-inch hole is splintered through the wooden chest. Showing the Hokage and Dragon how to load, unload, and operate, they place the supplied ear pods and cock and fire "BOOM!" The same thing but a bigger 3-inch hole and much more drama coming off the stake.

"For Ninja missions these are too loud, but for guards, escorts and patrols or even front-line battle. These are the future. The loud noise will serve as an alarm if a gate guard has to defend against a charging horseman. Or if a prisoner breaks out." He closes. The Councilors all clap nodding. Back in the Chambers the 10 boxes and 3 cases of ammo giving 3000 rounds total. Are taken to the ANBU armory till the guards can be taught and sign for.

"I have seeded your guard, it's up to you to get them and your self holsters. Jiji" He smiles.

The council is dismissed, and the ladies all ask to see Becky engagement crest. She is all too happy to show it off. The guard detail shows up and the Royals all goes to their summer home.

The Next morning Naruto, Becky, and Karin who arrived late last night goes to the Academy escorted by Kakashi and Yugao.

"The Sannin said no weapons fighting, but Taijutsu is ok. You can demonstrate weapons." Yugao relayed.

"Hai Domina" the three said and go to the training field to observe the Ninja review classes.

Lee, seeing the newcomers goes over to meet them. Kakashi stops him from being to close. " I have come to greet the newcomers, who are they?"

Yugao decided to get this over with. She yells at Gai and Kurenai, who were conducting the review.

"Sensei please gather your students."

As they all gather around, Kakashi motions them all to sit. Class Starting today this summer camp is Hosting Prince Naruto Namakaze and his Bride Lady Becky Anderson with their cousin Lady Karin Uzumaki. The three waves at the class, bow and say, "Please take good care of us."

"Wait, Namakaze? as in Yondaime's son?" Ino squealed tasting the juicy gossip she will get.

"Yes, He is. His mother was the Princess of Whirlpool, Kushina Uzumaki." Becky answered for Naruto. Ino was just too pretty to give a chance.

"Prince, are you moving to Konoha or just visiting?" Gai asked.

"I'm doing a summer visit and also joining your learning camp. This is so I can see my dad's Village and build a connection. We continue to live at the Black Steer Ranch, were I am apprenticed to Becky's father, General Will Anderson. Karin lives with my uncle, her father the Count of Uzu isle" That caught everyone's attention.

"Nope, I can't compete with her. Besides they look so happy together." Thought Tenten.

"So, you're not joining the Forces?" Shino asks.

"No, I am studying Ranching Agriculture and of course diplomacy and Etiquette for my Royal duties. Becky and Karin are going into medicine, Clinical Nursing. My Auntie Tsunade Senju and Lady Shizune are their Sensei. This wide eyed everyone. The two best med-nins in the Nations are their Sensei!

"You're telling us that Lady Tsunade of the Sannin is your Auntie?" Kurenai asked.

"Yes, she is at the Hokage's office now, something about doing a first aid class for all the med-nin hopefuls. Yugao confirmed.

Hinata, Sakura, and Ino all got stars in their eyes. A chance to learn from a Sannin.

"You see, my mom's Great granddad and 2nd Uzukage Kenta and your village's Mito Uzumaki-Senju, Tsunade's grandmother were brother and sister." Naruto explains they all nod.

"So, you are of the actual blood lineage, Crown Prince and Heir?" Shikamaru was asking.

"Yes, I'm 6th generational lineage direct Royal Family line. Me, to my mom Kushina, to Kiku the Yodiame, to Ren the Sandiame, to Kenta the Nidiame, to Arashi the Founder of Whirlpool, and he was the great grandson of the Sage of Six Paths." Naruto shocked them all again just spitting the facts. And Becky was beaming proud of her man.

"To think we not only ran off the Yondaime's son, but a direct line to the Sage?" Kakashi thought as he sighed hard.

"Lady Becky, how long have you known each other till the Betrothal." Sakura asked, wanting to hear the fairly tail.

"Our Betrothal was back in March. It was in Wave..." She tells her fairy tale romance story of how almost 2 years ago they pulled him from the river, and how she nursed him back to health. Getting squeals from all the girls and a few gasps for Yugao and Kurenai who was just now hearing the whole story. How she tells them of when he asked her, and he gave her the cream crested cardigan she always wears. He even put a temperature seal on it, so she doesn't get hot wearing it in the summer. This made them all gush. Then she shows them the actual jeweled engagement crest he pinned her with. "SQUEEEEEEEEEEL!"

"Lady Becky, are you related to Mezukage Mei Terumi or is that a common name in Water? Gai asked.

"Oh, she's, my Auntie. My mom's first sister. Mom was the 2nd there were 3 girls and 2 boys from Grandma Terumi.

"So, you two are like the who's who of the Nations?" Negi said impressed of the pedigrees in the two Royals.

"Yeah, you could say that." Naruto admitted.

"So will you proclaim RCA to..." Kiba is quickly cut off.

"Like hell he is. This Prince is all mine!" Becky possessively holds on to him and Karin shakes her head.

The girls giggled at the growls Kiba had gotten from this tiny Princess.

"Prince, do you practice a fighting style?" Negi asked.

"I've been training in Western Pugilism and learning my dad's Mantis' duel wield Knife kenjutsu. Both need work though. I'm better with senbons and my marksmanship. Domina Anko has been helping with the senbons and Domina Yugao over there has helped in my Kenjutsu. Kakashi-san spars with me giving pointers also, when I see him." He answered. Lee was now bouncing, like a sugared up 2-year-old.

"Can we spar, Prince?" Lee asked.

"I don't mind if the Guardians allow it, Auntie gave them specific instructions." He looks at Kakashi who sighs.

"Alright, one round, 3 minutes, Tiajutsu only knock out, tap out, or mat out. The ring here is round but close to the size you're used to. No weights or seal removal. They are on for a reason, so you keep wearing them. These are to train your body for speed and strength. Gai if you proctor, please?" Gai nodds and goes to the ring everyone gathers around as Kakashi helps Naruto wrap his hands and wrists. Becky gives him a quick lip kiss for luck. Naruto takes off his hat, vest, gun rig, and outer shirt, handing them to Karin and Becky. Leaving a short-sleeved tee on revealing his hard muscled arms from honest ranch work. Becky and Karin turn pink face as do the other girls.

"Ready Hajima!" Naruto goes into his footwork. Clint has helped him work on it. Gliding across the ring weaving left to right his hands up in a guard. Lee was so mesmerized he inadvertently let Naruto get first blood. Naruto let out a triple jab with his left. Then skirted out and around him. Lee turned to face him and got another triple jab and Naruto skirting aside. The Jabs have busted Lee's lip. This amazed everyone, because no one but Negi could go toe to toe with Lee. Naruto this time rushes in and gives a 1-2 combo. Left and right to the gut check and then ducks under Lee's counter. He then glides back out. Another rush in and 1-2 combo gut check. This time Naruto shifts inside getting under his guard traps his arm swing and leg hooks for a take down. Naruto slams into the mount and gives 8 flurried succession hits to the mat instead of his face. Done Gai calls. The crowd all claps. Naruto stands and offers Lee his hand. Lee smiles and accepts the hand.

"Interesting you didn't use chakra to enhance you pouches." Negi commented.

"Chakra or not those jabs hurt." Lee admitted.

"Two things, one it's a spare so bone breaking punches isn't needed, two it keeps the special eyes watching confused Right Uchiha-san?

"You got a point, but my eyes can see more than you think, Prince. I'll try you in tomorrow's class." Sasuke smirked.

Becky bounces happy for her man and helps get him dressed again.

"Kakashi, can you clear us for tomorrow?" he asked as he tucked in his shirt.

"I will check, one, one round match a day should be forgivable." he eye smiles.

"You mentioned Senbons? Kurenai asked.

"Yes sensei, Domina Anko has been helping me with those." He answers.

"Ok then, how about 10 needles at the dummies, aim for the accu-points." Kurenai instructed.

"Yes, Sensei, one at a time or all at once?" He asked.

"Yep, you're her student alright. All of them." She said.

Naruto adjusted 5 per hand and gains his site picture He flick is wrists left then right. all 10 senbons fly and strike scaring the crowd at the crazy accuracy. One in each eye, two in the Adams apple, one each collar bone, and one in each underarm main artery and vein, and two in the nethers.

"Was that what you were hoping for, Sensei?" Naruto looking apprehensive.

"Yes, that will do young Prince." Kurenai sighed; he is definitely HER student.

"What's wrong, Prince?" Ino asked, seeing his scared look.

Becky and Karin goes to him and hugs him. They whispered in his ear. Naruto smiles and nods.

"Sensei was sighing and Naruto thought she wasn't happy with his performance. The fact she is an adult. Naruto has some bad memories of the village. It's in the past, so he doesn't want to dwell on it." Karin said.

"Also, Domina Anko told him to do her proud or she will be upset. He really likes his Dominas and doesn't want to upset them. I'm a bit jealous really." Naruto looks down and holds her hand. She giggles and kisses his cheek.

"AAWWWWW! TOO CUTE" the girls all chorused.

"Sorry, my Prince, I wasn't showing attitude for you. I know Domina Anko, she is one of my good friends. A crazy one at that. The way you executed the senbons and the accuracy reminded me of her. Trust me you did her proud." Kurenai smiled at the now smiling Prince.

"Lesson review moment, who can name the accu-points the Prince hit and why?" Kurenai asked to change the subject for a perfect opportunity for a lesson review. Tenten raised her hand.

"From the top, the eyes for blinding, can't see, can't fight is the rule. Next the Adams apple or larynx. painful, cuts the air flow and can drown, from the internal bleeding. Can't breathe, can't fight is this rule. Next the arm pits two things there, both are nasty. Major nerve bundle extremely debilitating and painful. Two, are the access areas to the upper thoracic vein and artery. When ruptured can lead to full bleeding out or internally within 20-30 seconds. Dead don't fight is this rule. Next are the cervical nerve bundles, once again very painful and can disable the arms, rendering them useless. He just can't fight is the norm. Lastly ... the nether region. Very painful for a male or female. Major nerve center that when hit can scramble the entire system in pain and shock. That's just a nope, might as well be tortured to death." She scrunches her face at the last part.

"Correct, very good Lady Tenten." Kurenai smiled.

We have time for one more demonstration if the Prince will grace us with his marksmanship, Gai suggested. Everyone went puppy eyes on Naruto.

"Ok, geez. Back off with those eyes. Kaa-san was right those are deadly weapons." the crowd giggles.

"This," unholstering his pistol. "Is my 1858 Remington Sheriff chambered in .44 caliber then charged by 30 measured grains of Black Powder. There is an Army and Navel edition. Both have 7.5-inch barrels, and the Navy has brass parts for saltwater resistance. Mine is in a 5.5-inch barrel. I would like someone with earth jutsu to pull up a safety wall behind the dummy target please." He announces, and Kakashi raised a 2-foot thick 8-foot-high dirt wall.

"Like how your artillery rocket's function. I have 6 pre-loaded charges. A lead ball at .454 diameter, weighing 140 grains, with 30 grains of Black powder can propel to ball at 900 plus feet per second and generate 250 ft/lbs. of energy. Yeah, it gets real. Really dead." He takes out a lead ball and passes it around for all to see and feel.

"I carry 3 pre-loaded cylinders, one in the pistole two here in my side pouch. Giving me 18 shots before a sit down reload becomes necessary. Now please guard your ears this is very loud." He puts in his ear pods, cocks, aims, fires, "BOOM!"

The target, an 8-inch ripe watermelon, 20 yards away. It explodes in a violent manner, raining down chunks of fruity goodness. Naruto turns and asks, with a big smile.

"Who wants to try?" everyone's hand went up even Kurenai's.

"I have 17 more shots left so let's have fun." Then a squad of ANBU shows up.

"Guess we should put a sound barrier up" they all chuckle as Kakashi calms the patrol.

Placing the seals along the courtyard and activating the barrier, Naruto allowed the Sensei to go first. Even the ANBU squad got a chance.

"Dragon will be happy if the ANBU responds well to gun fire. See instant alarm" Naruto grins. Then everyone packed up and went inside for the Etiquette class.

"You know Fuinjutsu? I saw the seals you put up." Tenten asked.

"He first started with Auntie Tsu then as he grew out of the intro and Basic books, she got Lord Jiraiya to teach him. He is on book 4 of 10, so he can go to the advance stuff." Becky answers.

"Wow, Lord Jiraiya as a Seals Sensei!" Soooooo Lucky. Tenten now getting a bit jealous.

"Lady Becky, I noticed you answer for the Prince, are we girls a threat? Ino asks a bit upset.

"I'm sooory!" she wines. "Yes, I'm a bit jealous. You are all so pretty, especially you, Ino. I saw Naruto's reaction when he first saw you. At home it's just us on the ranch and Karin is his cousin who is happily promised to a Fuma Clansman. We only go to town for supplies once, maybe twice a month if something needs attending like a birthday or something. I finally got use to the Dominas, who I already said made me jealous. But here, just look there's you Ino, Sakura, Tenten, Hinata, Shiho and Renni. Not to mention Miss Beauty Queen of a Sensei. I know my Prince is faithful. It's just me, an almost seven-year-old, newly engaged girl. Yes, I can be a little possessive and protective. Friends?" she meekly asked.

Kurenai got wide eyed at the remark of her being a beauty, not that it's a secret. "Promised ones who are properly bonded are scary." Yugao snickers at her.

"Well if you put it that way, ok us Pretty Girls need to stick together and keep our men safely away from those SDWs." Ino giggled and all the other girls gathered to hug Becky.

"Umm, glad to see your all friends now but what is an SDW? Yugao being curious.

"That's girl code: Skank Dirty Whore." Karin whispered to the Kunoichis, who just nodded in understanding the need to defend against such a true threat.

"Lady Becky, you're free of worry here. We are all in the same status as you. Tenten has been betrothed to Negi there since she was two. Trust me, your protectiveness has nothing on her." Tenten looks up.

"You mean, when I side walked that slut. She came on to my Negi-kun, offering him a taste of her flavored ChapStick. Not on my watch." She growled, Ino giggled.

"Most of us are Clan Heiress' and were promised before our birth or as toddlers. We only hang with each other and like you are escorted everywhere. Renni to Shino they are from the same Clan. Choji-kun is mine, make no mistake. So, I feel ye honey. Hinata would kill a hoe for Kiba." Hinata nodds with an evil grin.

"Shiho all but owns Shikamaru, and Sakura the pink beauty, was recently scooped up for Sasuke. Lee there is promised to pretty civilian girl from a noble family, her mom owns and runs the library. Even our local Beauty Queen Sensei as you labeled her, and I am oh so gonna use that. She is smitten by our Hokage's son Asuma-san." Kurenai was livid.

"Where did you hear that!?" Kurenai trying hard to keep her Ice Queen reputation.

"Really? You forget just who I am? I'm not the gossip Queen of Konoha for nothing. I'm engaged to the Heir of the clan whose restaurant you like to spend your dates in. My clan runs the flower shop. I litterally help Asuma-san pick the flowers you get, score one for the gossip queen on your match making." Ino lists off her points.

"Was you just schooled by a 6-year-old Clan Heiress?" Yugao teased Kurenai.

"Oh, Thank Kami, there's Lady Koharu, now in the classroom you all go." Kurenai, trying to save face quickly pushed them in.

The rest of the summer went like this. The young royals gained many friendships as they vacationed and attended the summer classes. Exchanging mail route information, they all promised to keep in touch. The summer ended with the scheduled turkey hunt. Naruto with his "Sweet Sixteen" bagged the limit of 3. Becky showed her skills in the kitchen by cooking the birds for the summer picnic and fireworks, getting praises and requests from the other ladies for her recipe.

Chapter 7: