Day 29: Scented Candle | Troubled Past Resurfacing

Character: Kayo

Warning: Kidnapped, Punched, Restrained

It was the whiff of vanilla that did it.

She could cope with most smells but there was something about vanilla candles that triggered her in the worst possible way.

One minute she was stalking her prey through the complex, the next minute the overpowering scent had her disorientated and blinking.

The fist to the face did the rest.

When Kayo came to she was somewhere else entirely. Her tech gloves had gone as had her bracers, and she was bound to a chair with what looked like electric cable.

Not good.

Time to take stock. The room was bare. There wasn't even a window, just a solitary lightbulb hanging from the ceiling in what was a textbook 'bad guy place' and she scoffed. She'd been placed in such a way that the door was behind her and no matter how she turned her head she couldn't get the complete doorway in her vision.

Her hands may have been restrained but her feet were not. She could feel a dried trickle of blood from one nostril down the side of her lip. It was itchy the way dried blood always was, but at least that seemed the extent of her injuries.

Now all she had to do was wait and see what this was all about.

She didn't have long.

Vanilla. She breathed in deeply and sent Penny a silent prayer of thanks.

'Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum, if I'm not mistaken. One simply cannot mistake that burst of jasmine, lavender and orange blossom with the vanilla.'

The click-clack of high heels stopped behind her and it took all of Kayo's self-control not to shudder as hands gripped her shoulders lightly. There was a warm breath by her ear.

'You have a good nose, Tanusha. One I'm sure your father helped you hone.'

Kayo's blood had run cold at the use of her name, the mention of her father had her blood turn to ice. The woman moved to Kayo's other ear.

'Talking about your father, Tanusha, when was the last time you saw him?'

Recognition hit her suddenly. The voice. The voice and the perfume. She knew it. It had been many years, but she knew the woman behind her. Kayo turned her head but the woman moved with her.

One arm snaked around her neck, pinning her neck and head in place. The perfume was overwhelming, and for a wild moment she wondered why she had thought of vanilla candles, the two were nothing alike. But as a masked man came up beside her and plunged a needle into her arm she realised.

Vanilla candles.

The woman had lit vanilla candles to smother the smell of her Ayah's cooking.

Her troubled past life resurfaced.


'Welcome home, Tanusha. Let's go get your father.'

It was the last thing Kayo knew as unconsciousness overwhelmed her.