Getting home was the easy part.

A silent Grandma and a worried Virgil treated their wounds. Some stitches were needed and Scott - Tenebrous - had fractured his left wrist and several bones in both hands. The left arm was now on a cast from elbow to fingertips and the three middle fingers on his right hand were taped. John got off lightly with a couple of fractured knuckles.

He didn't feel lucky, though. Scott's continued absence and Tenebrous' hyper-vigilance was putting everyone on edge.

Sally had put iR on an extended shutdown and refused all contact with Val Casey. The colonel might be a close friend but this wasn't something to be known by anyone outside of family.

Now - Virgil had gladly taken Alan and Two to go get supplies and MAX was trying to stop Sally poisoning them all by stress-baking, and Gordon, Kayo and John were with Tenebrous.

They had all agreed to let John do the talking. Although he would answer their questions Tenebrous seemed slightly more at ease with John. And they really needed to get to the bottom of what danger was preventing him from releasing Scott.

Kayo thought she knew…

'Tenebrous, can you tell us why you are still here?'

'It's not safe for Scott. It's not safe for all of you but particularly for Scott.'

'Can you tell us how we can make it safe for Scott.'

It was the flat dispassionate voice that both was and was not their brother that sent shivers down their spines. Scott would be mortified if he heard himself speaking, and John was grateful that he would never know.

'You need to stop Fischler and Lemaire. Permanently. And you need to kill the Hood before I do.'