The energy

For the bigger corporation the War was money and if you want more money, The Greatest Death machines is needed, until we found a new type of energy, a type coud be used in machines, we tryed on little things guns,legs and some armor, Worked at first but they eventually get destroyed (By explosion or some some differents effects of the energy in our world).

But Nothing is Perfect The energy input is greater than the guinea pigs could handle so they tried to make one that have the power contained, amd they did, but the location of the energy was coming from closed and lost, we tryed to get a hold of the energy but it eventually vanished and what was left was a military level Sandevistan.

And now i am watching am cyberpsycho use the Sandevistan, he is faster and could get a hold of the input but was getting cyberpsycho fast (an add he said that was hearing a voice saying i quote:

"User not reconized" or "Time Remaining for User 2 weeks" but we scoffed as a hallucination)

He was getting slower but killed almost all the Maxtac that has a very good cybernetic, and finnaly he was dead, we will send some of our employees to get a hold on our Sandevistan before other corporations do the same.

please if ya liked give some ideas and an comment lol