I don't own Disney's The Owl House. I do, however own the Main OC. Hope you all enjoy my story on this lovely show.

Remember me not by AngelCerise13 on Ao3 is what inspired me to do this story

Chapter One

The battle was long and hard but, in the end… they had lost and Belos won. Belos had taken over the titan completely and all the inhabitants on the isles perished. Though a select few were able to get off the isles in time but not without injury. Landing on the nearby mainland, Eda had carried her children, Luz and King plus the Collector onto the beach. Unfortunately, the infectious mold was almost all over her body and was spreading more and more on Luz and the Collector. Waking up, King stares at Eda as she says her last words to him.

"King, I am glad to have you as my son," said Eda, cupping the side of King's cheek.

"Eda, no…" said King, getting teary eyed and holding Eda's hand. "Please don't… don't say those words."

"Listen to me, I'm going away and won't be bouncing back this time," said Eda, the mold about to cover her face as tears stream down. "Take Luz and the Collector to the Human Realm. Stick together."

"Please no…" said King, choking on his words.

"And King, thank you for being in my life," said Eda, the mold finally covering her completely before being blown in the wind.

"Noooo!" shouted King, before losing unconsciousness while one word escapes his mouth. "Mom!"

Hearing King scream, both Luz and the Collector wake up. Looking around, they spot King a few feet away from them. Crawling over to King since the mold was taking over their body, Luz cradles King in her arms, sobbing alongside the Collector.

"We lost…" said Luz, cradling King close and looking at the sky. "Belos won."

"What do we do now Luz?" asked Collector, staring at Luz with teary eyes.

"I don't know," replied Luz, before feeling her hand going through the sand and looking at it. "A time pool. Collector, I have an idea."

"What is it?" asked Collector, wiping his tears away.

"We're going to go back in time," replied Luz, looking at Collector than at the time pools. "Can you tell which one will send us back to the day I came to the isles?"

"Yes," replied Collector, looking at each time pool before zeroing in on one in specific. "That one by the boulder… Luz, what are you thinking?"

Grabbing the Collector's hand, Luz walks on over to the time pool. Hefting the Collector in her arms near King, Luz jumps into the time pool straight back to the day she came to the isles. Shifting String Bean into staff form, Luz heads straight to the isles and lands outside the tent that Eda had set up. Luz spots Eda open the portal door to the Human Realm and waits as Eda leaves the tent to attend to the stand. Running over to the portal door, Luz passes through and runs close by to her house without being seen.

"Luz…" said Collector, looking up at Luz. "I don't think I like what you're doing."

"I'm sorry Collector," said Luz, pulling Collector in close. "If I had never come to the Demon Realm, Belos would have never found you. Everyone would be safe and sound without me messing things up."

"But…" said Collector, tear up. "I would be stuck in that prison forever. Please, reconsider this… I don't want to be trapped forever!"

"I can't think of any other way," said Luz, brushing Collector's hair to the side. "Please understand."

"But…" said Collector, choking on the word before seeing Owlbert hop towards the trash bin. "Eda's palisman."

"Owlbert… psst, over here," said Luz, gaining Owlbert's attention and flying over to her. "I need you to deliver something for me."

"Isn't that the book…" said Collector, watching Luz hand Owlbert the fifth volume of the Good Witch Azura book with a letter.

"Yes," replied Luz, scratching under Owlbert's wing. "Please take this book to the one on the letter. This is the last thing you need to take with you."

"Luz..." said Collector, watching Owlbert head back in the direction of the Old House. "I'm scared."

"I know Collector," said Luz, holding Collector tightly alongside King. "I know."

The mold finally encases Luz and Collector before a breeze blows them to the wind. King follows seconds later, just vanishing out of existence. But Luz didn't predict what was about to transpire afterwards.

"No no no little owl," said a Feminine Voice, in the distance following after Owlbert. "Give back my mom's necklace."