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Chapter Thirty-Six

It has been a couple of days since Danielle and Lilith utilized the time pools to meet Philip. A couple of days since being used and tricked by Philip. Danielle spent very little time around anyone since then after learning the truth. That Emperor Belos was Philip, not Caleb. Danielle barely slept the last few days. The sun has barely risen as Danielle quietly leaves the house and heads towards the beach that had the time pools. By the time she left, everyone else was stirring awake. Coming upon the beach, Danielle searches around, hoping to find a time pool that would take her towards a specific time.

"Come on, time pools. Give me the time I need," said Danielle, as she notices a time pool that was a little different from the others, a faint sparkliness to it. "Is this…"

"Danielle," shouted Collector, rushing over to Danielle. "Please, don't!"

"Collector, what are you…" said Danielle, only for Collector to come face to face with her.

"You can't leave!" said Collector, staring at Danielle. "You just can't!"

"You… figured me out, haven't you?" asked Danielle, staring at Collector. "Look, I have to do this."

"Have to do what?" asked Collector, staring at Danielle. "Leave me? Leave Eda and King? I don't want that."

"Please understand, I was not meant to be here," replied Danielle, looking at the ground. "And what happened in the past with Philip. I-I just… everything that has happened… him finding you, the Day of Unity, everything is because of me. If I never traveled into the past…"

"Then I wouldn't be here today," said Collector, looking at Danielle. "Please reconsider this."

"I can't," said Danielle, looking at Collector. "I'll set the timeline back on track. It'll be Luz here like it should be. She'll be King's big sister, Eda's student. She'll set you free. Like it should be."

"Who says that's the original timeline?" asked Collector, staring at Danielle. "Whose to say this isn't the original timeline?"

"But the…" said Danielle, looking at Collector.

"That show your past self watched, whose to say Luz even exists," said Collector, looking at Danielle.

"She exists," said Danielle, looking at Collector. "You should remember the beginning with the snakes, I met her that day. Her snakes scared the living daylights out of me."

"I won't let you go!" shouted Collector, clinging to Danielle's arm. "I won't! I'll help you find your mom right now if it means you stay. You want that don't you? I pinkie promised that day, I'll help. I…"

"Thank you, Aster," said Danielle, as she pulled Collector into a hug. "For everything. I wouldn't have known I was a member of your race or even knowing that about my mom. But I wasn't meant to know this stuff. I should be lost in my world."

"No, no you shouldn't be lost," said Collector, gripping Danielle's jacket. "Wait… ho-how do you know my name?"

"You saw a light in the cave that day with Philip, right?" asked Danielle, seeing Aster nod "yes". "Well, I heard you shouting out for your mom that day."

"Then why didn't you…" said Collector, looking at Danielle.

"I may have sneezed myself out of the cave and into the nearby forest," said Danielle, lightly scratching her cheek as Aster facepalmed.

"Of all the times for a teleporting sneeze," said Aster, a slight chuckle to escape his lips.

"Bye, Aster. Who knows, maybe we'll meet again," said Danielle, as she jumped into the time pool.

"Bye kid," said Eda, holding King as they hid behind the tree the whole time. "Till we met again."

"Żegnaj Danielle," said King, as the timeline began to fade. "No, big sister."

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, wish I could, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight," said Collector, about to fade away completely as he stares at the first star in the morning sky. "Can't I have both worlds?"

As this timeline fades with everyone and everything in it, a single lone tear from Collector drips off his face as he completely fades. But not knowing, he was heard.

"I hear you."

To be continued in Book Two… Return the Light


Żegnaj- polish for bye

Owl Pellet # 27

(Set after Ch 36 but before the start of this chapter)

"So many… people," said Danny, as the memories of the people Eda went to manifested within her area.

"Didn't think we'd end up here," said Eda's Memory Self, before looking at Danny. "Looks like you got us for the long haul."

"I understand certain people but I can only handle so many," said Danny, looking at Eda. "I don't do well with tons of people, I didn't mingle with a lot of people while I was still alive, just certain relatives and a diamond in the rough neighbor."

"Ah, don't worry," said Eda, as she watched Danny running from one place to the next.

"No, leave that be. Barcus, don't even think about it. My parent's room is off limits as is my room and sister's room," said Danny, running all over the place. "Matt, do not delete my game file. Uh, I think that's a wandering jew, Willow. Eber, don't!"

"Maybe we should help her, Eda," said Raine' Memory Self, walking over to Eda.

"You're right," said Eda's Memory Self, as she walked over to a frantic Danny.

"I better get plenty of cuddle time with King and Collector for this!" said Danny, about to pull her hair out.

"Aw man," said King and Collector, playing around with some toys.

"Pikachu! Togepi!" said Danny, seeing her toys in Collector's and King's hand. "How'd you get them? They were in my room."