WARNING: English isn't my first language, but I'm going to do my best to write as grammatically correct as possible.

Well, as some of my english speaking readers may have noticed, this is the english version of my story "¿En qué demonios me metí?", I know how frustrating it is to use a translator just to read an incorrect version of the story and after giving some thought about it for a while, I said to myself "Why not?", this will also help me to practice with my English, so enjoy.

"Speaking" character speaking

"[Language] Speaking" character speaking in another language

'Speaking' character thinking

*Speaking* character speaking through an electronic device

(Scene change or location)

Chapter 1: A Last-Minute Audition

In some city within the country of Canada on a summer morning, everything is peaceful. The birds are singing, the adults are getting up to start another day of work, and the kids and teenagers are getting ready for school. But then, a scream is heard in a house revealing a blonde boy chasing his pet fox around the house for biting him on the butt, yep, just a morning like al … wait … what?

"[Japanese] Come here you fucking fox, I'll really turn you into a scarf this time!" This is Naruto, an attractive 18-year-old boy, approximately 1.78 meters tall, with spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Curious enough, he seems to have three lines on both cheeks resembling whiskers. Right now, he's wearing a light blue two-piece pajama set, consisting of pants and a short-sleeved shirt, and he doesn't look happy at all.

Naruto was having a beautiful dream, at least for him. There was ramen everywhere, and he could eat whatever he wanted, and best of all, it was all free! But no, Kurama, the family's pet fox, had to pull him out of that beautiful reality just before he could take a bite, how unfair life could be.

Naruto was about to catch Kurama near the kitchen, emphasis on 'about to' because a frying pan came out of nowhere and hit him square on the back of the head, causing him to fall to the floor with the pan returning to its thrower as if it were a boomerang. Naruto swore he heard Kurama mocking him.

"[Japanese] I think I told you several times not to run around the house Naruto" said his mother Kushina with a sigh. She could be considered a beauty by many, and some might even mistake her for a model due to her physical appearance. She has long, straight red hair that reaches her mid-back, dark purple eyes, delicate features, and fair skin. Right now, she's wearing a short-sleeved green blouse and matching blue jeans.

Normally a parent would simply reprimand their child, but let's just say that the Namikaze household's mother has her own ways of maintaining order. When Kushina sets things in order, she really sets things in order one way or another, and her favorite method, regardless of whether there's an audience, is the frying pan. A month and a half ago she was called to the school because Naruto flooded part of it, and let's just say he didn't take it well. That day, both teachers and students learned why Naruto fears his mother so much.

"[Japanese] Don't blame me, Kurama bit me on the butt!" Naruto retorted, only to receive another whack on the head with the frying pan. "[Japanese] Ahhh, it hurts! What the hell is wrong with —?!" But he fell silent when he saw his mother's angry look that promised him a lot of pain. He wasn't about to risk making her angry again, he still remembers the beating she gave him last time and he doesn't want to go through that again, at least not so soon. Although, to be honest, that time he didn't do it on purpose, for real!

"[Japanese] Come on, Kushi-chan, leave him alone, and Naruto, dress up for school, just because it's the last day doesn't mean you should take it lightly" his father called from the kitchen with breakfast ready. One could say that Minato and his son are identical if not for the marks on his son's cheeks and his facial features that are slightly more similar to Kushina's. The father of the Namikaze family has the same eye color, hair color, and spiky hair as his son, except that his hair is longer, and his eyes are more slanted. Right now, he's wearing a light blue shirt and dark gray work pants. Curiously, he also wears a pink apron, indicating that he's the one who cooked.

"[Japanese] You spoil him too much Mina-kun, but your father is right, Naruto go and dress up" the Namikaze mother added. Finally giving up, Naruto had no choice but to obey his parents, not before giving Kurama a resentful look. The fox was lying on one of the sofas in the living room giving one of its owners a mocking look.


After dressing up, Naruto went downstairs to have breakfast with his family, wearing his characteristic clothes: a white T-shirt under an unzipped orange jacket, simple jeans, and, curiously, only socks, in fact, all three members of the Namikaze family are barefoot, maybe because of their customs, and finally, he has green goggles on his head.

"[Japanese] Do you really plan to be on that show during all summer Naruto?" Kushina was still not entirely convinced that her son should be on one of those TV programs, you never know what they might ask you to do, not to mention that no one had heard of the program before. "[Japanese] At least enter one of those pop quiz shows."

"[Japanese] I'll be fine mom, don't worry, I checked everything and it's not so bad. Besides, we'll be at a 5-star resort, if I win, I'll have a hundred thousand grand, and if I don't, I'll be with people my age and can make friends, it's a win-win situation" Naruto said. Around six months ago, it was published in the social media auditions for a program that no one knew of, maybe a new one, there were conversations about it in the school and even some of his classmates were interested enough to submit their auditions.

Naruto was curious about what it was all about, and it wasn't too complicated, he would spend two full months at a 5-star resort competing with other 21 contestants. The last one standing in the place wins, as simple as that. He wasn't sure if he wanted to participate at first, but then his friend Devin challenged him to join the program and make it halfway through, the loser would give the winner 100 bucks, that was enough reason for Naruto to accept immediately. He was lucky enough to submit his audition video a minute before the deadline. Clearly, he wouldn't tell his mother the main reason he was joining the program. His audition video was accepted last week, and according to the email the program's start date was one week after the end of classes.

"[Japanese] Just be careful, son," although not to the same level as his wife, Minato was also worried about his son, but he understood that he was growing up and was starting to make his own decisions.

"[Japanese] Of course, well, I have to catch the bus, take care" with that, Naruto went to pick up his sneakers from the shoe compartment in the living room, and once he puts them on he leaves the house to put an end to the torture he called school, leaving his parents in the dining room.

"[Japanese] Kushi-chan, everything will be fine," Minato tried to reassure his wife knowing what was about to happen, but it wasn't working at all.

"[Japanese] I don't know, Mina-kun. What if there are delinquents among the contestants and Naruto becomes friends with them? What if the host is a jerk? What if..." Minato started to smile nervously as his wife listed all the things that could happen to Naruto in what his son and himself called her overprotective mom mode. If he was honest, he worried more about what Kushina could do to their son when Naruto did something foolish than what could possibly happen on the show. Also, the show wouldn't be that bad?









(End of Classes)

Yawning, Naruto was already bored. At this point in the year, school was very quiet with almost nothing to do. It was just about attending to have the assistance and that's it. So, when he heard the bell, it was like hearing a divine chorus "Freedom at last!"

"Come on, Naruto, it wasn't that bad. Besides, you act like this on any school day," Emma couldn't help but be amused by her friend's actions. She's a pretty tall girl, her eyes are chocolate brown, red hair albeit not as intense as his mother's tied in a low ponytail. She has tanned skin with some freckles in the bridge of her nose. She was wearing a simple white T-shirt, pink shorts, and white sneakers.

Ever since Emma has known Naruto, the guy has always looked for ways to skip classes, get distracted, or fall asleep because he gets bored quite easily. Nevertheless, he still gets good grades and no one knows how he does it. If she had to guess, she'd say that Naruto's mother must be involved to make sure he learns.

"But it's boring, Em-chan" Naruto couldn't stop complaining to his redhead friend.

"Sometimes I'm surprised by your dislike for learning, Naruto" Devin couldn't help but point out. He's about the same height as Naruto, with slightly fair skin, dark hair in a fringe, and black eyes. He was wearing a pale green shirt with blue details and a power on/off symbol in the center, cream-colored sleeves, jeans, and black and gray sneakers.

Devin wasn't joking about what he said. He saw his Japanese friend jumping out of the window once just to skip classes.

"Right, I still wonder how you haven't been sent to juvie after the last time" Carrie agreed with her cru -, best friend. She's a bit shorter than Emma, with blonde curly hair, fair skin, and black eyes. She was wearing a dark green sweater over a light green long-sleeved shirt, navy blue pants with a belt, and black sneakers.

She couldn't understand how her Japanese friend always got away with his pranks. Naruto sometimes took things too far, and teachers had tried to send him to juvie multiple times, but somehow he always got free.

"Emm... what are you guys doing this summer?" Naruto was a bit nervous. He really was about to be sent to juvie last time, but he agreed with the principal and detective Lilly to help clean up and fix the mess, although it was more that his mother ordered him to do it claiming that her son won't have a criminal record, that, and also he couldn't help but be curious about what his friends would be doing while he was on the show.

Rolling her eyes about that obvious change of topic, Emma cheerfully mentioned what she would be doing. "I applied to work at the Surfer's Paradise Ridgemount Resort. I love surfing, so this is an opportunity to be near the sea and learn to surf."

"Great, I'll probably be at home and occasionally visit Shelly" Carrie couldn't help but feel a bit disheartened when Devin's girlfriend was mentiones, but she quickly composed herself.

"Well, I might get a job at the mall," Emma could only shake her head. She knew that Carrie had a huge crush on Devin ever since they were kids, but she can't gather the courage to tell him. The fact that he got a girlfriend two years ago didn't help, and her two male friends were too freaking dense to notice.

"Something is better than nothing, I guess..." Naruto shrugged. "Now, I recommend you to stay in the classroom a little longer," making his friends raise their eyebrows.

"Why?" Carrie asked just before an explosion heard in the hallway obtaining the attention of all the nearby students who saw the principal and several teachers covered in paint.

"Damn it, Naruto, just when we were celebrating that you were finally leaving!" The principal's voice could be heard, and he sounded extremely angry.

The three teenagers and everyone else looked at Naruto again, who was innocently smiling.

"You couldn't resist, could you?" At this point, Emma wasn't surprised by Naruto's pranks.

"Hey, we are graduating, I have to leave a farewell gift as a thanks for welcoming me into this sacred educational institution, after all, manners like this are proper of a gentleman" none of those who heard him believed those words.

(Muskoka, Ontario, one week ago)

"Interns with a contract that will save me from any lawsuit... check."

"Facilities..." it could be seen that both the cabins and the bathrooms needed urgent maintenance "Check."

"Feathers for my pillows... maybe a few more."

It has been a productive day for Chris McLean. Everything was going well. A few years ago, he explored this archipelago and found a treasure that he used to buy the location that would become the set of the show and two more islands. The complicated part was convincing the producers and executives to accept the idea of this reality show. It took him several long months of planning what to say, but it wasn't until two weeks later that they gave him the green light for it, and he wasn't going to waste this opportunity.

After reviewing the costs, he went to check the remaining auditions. He had already selected the 22 contestants for the program that he will be sending their acceptance mails, but before that, there was one that didn't quite convince him.

Ezekiel, a farm boy by the looks of it, was too boring in his opinion, Chris didn't think he would attract a lot of audience. However, the other teenagers he was looking at were either too common or seemed like watered-down versions of the ones he had already chosen. The drawbacks of hosting a show that no one had heard of before.

"Well, this is the last one..." at least the teenager was physically attractive. He could attract more female viewers along with Justin. "Show me what you've got, kid." With nothing else to do, Chris played the video.


Naruto could be seen with his typical outfit and his goggles on his eyes near what looked like a school. There was a toolbox and a water gun. In the background, someone could be heard saying, "Hey, where's my toolbox?" but it seemed like the blonde either didn't hear it or chose to ignore it.

"Hey, how's it going? You might be wondering, 'Hey dude, what can you do to get into the show?' Well..." Now, the scene showed Naruto assembling what seemed to be targets. "... let's say that I'm pretty good with tools..."

The scene changed with Naruto now changing parts of the water gun. "... and with them, I give a unique touch to things that interest me." He said, finishing the change and closing the lid without realizing it wasn't placed correctly. He then aimed and fired at the targets destroying them with the water pressure much to the surprise of those who watched and the camera returned to Naruto lifting his goggles and smiling wide for the camera.

"Oh yeah baby, I'm also skilled in martial arts, so if you put me on the show, I assure you this and many more surprises." He said confidently, only to see his water gun starting to shake and, was it overheating?, that worried the blond. "Oh no," he said, just before throwing it somewhere, barely realizing it went through one of the school windows.

"Oh, crap," he could only say as he saw his water gun explode, getting some scared screams and a lot of water came from some of the windows. It seemed like the explosion had damaged some of the school's water pipes. "Double crap."

"Narutoooo!" He could hear his principal's scream, and he sounded way too angry for his liking.

"Triple crap," he could only say before police sirens could be heard in the background, they undoubtedly wanted to know what the hell had happened. He was so worried that he spoke in his native language without realizing it. "[Japanese] Oh, man, I'm really screwed this time ..." he said, worrying about how he could get out of this situation.

"You can edit this, right?" He asked the camera guy who just nodded if the image of the recording moving up and down is any indication. "Good, now, if you excuse me. I have to figure out how to get out of this alive." That was the last thing he said before running away from the scene.

(Back with Chris)

The soon to be host is now laughing his ass off at what had just happened. There was nothing better than seeing someone's plan blow up in their face, almost literally. After laughing for a few more minutes, he had to think for a moment.

The kid is undoubtedly entertaining, quite smart, and skilled at transforming a water gun like that. He was also charismatic, given the crowd that he had gathered to watch, add that to his looks, and bingo! Chris had found someone to replace the farm boy.

"Alright, Naruto Namikaze, I hope you don't disappoint me," Chris said, sending the acceptance to the blond boy and the other 21 campers who would make his show one of the most popular and memorable in history.

So far, that's where my first chapter of my first story ends. I'll try to publish as soon as possible, so I might post another chapter in 3 days, then another in 5 days, and so on, completely irregular. I'm really experimenting with writing stories for the first time, so please be patient with me.

Honestly, I never thought I'd do something like this. I believe that the stories of Mumei Mu with her/his story "What a Dramatic Life" and Mirio with his story "Uzu: Drama Total" were the ones that inspired me, add that with the recent 2023 reboot, and I got the final push for me to start doing this.

To make clear some things is that, yes, Naruto has a family, and they are normal people in the Total Drama universe, although not exactly "normal" as you could see. There are no ninjas traveling between dimensions or anything like that. Regarding whether characters like Jiraiya and others from Naruto exist, I think my future self might answer that.

That brings me to another point: cameos. I might do them, and I've already done some in this chapter. Let's see if you can find them. As for the characters and the original story, I'll be using both the Latin Spanish version and the original language. Double work? Yes. Will the results be worth it? Maybe.

Another thing is that I won't focus solely on Naruto. I'll do my best to give equal screen time to all the competitors since all of them are the protagonists. That's why some characters who don't participate much will have a more significant role in next seasons when the show aired.

What about the Aftermath show? I'll integrate it, as for me, that show is the connection between Total Drama and the world, an opportunity to find out what people think of the show and everything else. But you'll have to wait until the second season for that, if I get that far.

Now, the couples, well, I let the readers choose and they decided to make it harem so there's that, also the maximum number of girls is 6, so think carefully about who you're going to choose. And who's available? A lot of girls from Total Drama, including Ridonculous Race, with some exceptions: Lindsay x Tyler, Geoff x Bridgette, Mike x Zoey, Shawn x Jasmine, and Devin x Carrie, are some examples since I like the couples.

Finally, lemon? Sorry to disappoint some of you, but that's not my style. At most, there might be some accidental touching, but nothing more than that, this along with harem number are not negotiable.

That's it for now, and I look forward to your comments, accepting constructive criticism and interesting ideas.

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