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(Scene change)

TDI. Chapter 14: X-treme adenaline!

(Dock of Shame)

You can see that Chris is back at the Dock of Shame. "Last time on Total Drama Island..." the camera shows the campers in formation, then lifting the canoes. "Our campers had quite a military experience, courtesy of Chef Hatchet, or better known as Master Chef Hatchet."

Next, Duncan is shown bothering the cook as much as he can on various occasions, so much so that he was taken to the boathouse. "Duncan, in his typical rebellious acts, ended up bothering his mayor so much that he ended up locked up for a while for crossing the line" then Courtney enters to spend some time with him, and they end up shouting with the night vision of the camera. "But the surprises don't end there, my friends. Courtney, our polite girl, came in to give him something to eat, what no one expected, not even herself, is that a heated conversation would lead them to reveal several things between them" the host mentions, impressed, even he hadn't expected that.

We then see Duncan and Courtney stealing from Chef and then showing the girl kissing the punk, not caring anymore of what anyone would think. "After that, they stole several supplies from Master Chef, and to Duncan, all the viewers, and even my surprise, Courtney in her frenzy expressed her true feelings. It was about time if you ask me" the host rejoices when he mentions this.

Eva falls from her branch while Gwen is caught by Naruto shortly after. "Gwen finally breaks the Screaming Gophers bad luck streak, they can finally sleep peacefully, at least for one night. Meanwhile, the Killer Bass had an elimination ceremony after quite a time. The one eliminated? Courtney."

Harold can be seen changing the votes in the confession cab, and then Courtney is dragged off the island. "But in an unexpected twist of events, Harold, tired of Duncan's jokes, decides to switch the votes to eliminate Courtney and ruin their love life. Unexpected and cruel, just the way I like it" the host exults when he mentions this.

Finally, we return to Chris, who is lying on a recliner and drinking from a coconut, not caring much that he had just mentioned an unfair elimination, probably to get the home audience to talk more about the show and boost the ratings. "We're down to only 12 campers on the island. Who will stand? Who will sink? Who will prevail and win a fabulous one hundred thousand dollars? We'll have to go to extreme levels to find out, right here, on ... TOTAL ... DRAMA ... ISLAND!"

(Opening, if you are curious, see the chapter "Not so Happy Campers - Part 1")


We can see Duncan hitting a punching bag to vent his anger while Eva holds the bag in place.

Naruto, on the other hand, just sighs somewhat exasperatedly. "Dude, you've been like this since the last challenge. How much more anger are you going to vent?" he asks, only for the punk to grab him by his shirt.

"Do you have a problem with that, Whiskers?" Duncan angrily retorts, but the Japanese guy remains unfazed. He fears his slightly annoyed mother and a furious Eva (although he would never admit it) more than what the punk shows now.

"I have a couple of reasons" Naruto calmly replies. "I haven't been able to train in peace, and you're a mess, dude. Do you think Courtney would like to see you like this?" That last question stops Duncan in his tracks.

"Don't talk about her as if you knew her" the boy replies somewhat calmer.

"But I did know her" now Eva joins the conversation. "There's nothing we can do to change the situation, Duncan. Courtney is gone, accept it. Either keep your head in the game, or we'll kick you out if we lose again because of your emotional state." Eva doesn't threaten; she promises firmly.

"Fine" the punk resigns, releasing Naruto and sitting down on a rock for a moment under the gaze of the two athletes.

"Will he go through the five stages of grief?" the Japanese guy whispers to his friend.

"I don't think so. He's too rough for that. Give him a bit more time, and he'll be back to one hundred percent" Eva whispers back.

It didn't take long for the three of them to see a plane flying, obviously something to do with Chris.

"A new challenge?" Naruto asks.

"Probably" Eva replies, then she sees the boxing bear jogging in the place.

"Thanks for lending us your punching bag, Tex" the athletic girl thanks the recently named Tex, who just gives an enthusiastic roar, as if to say 'No problem.' With that, Eva leaves.

Naruto just waits for her to get far enough away to speak to Duncan. "Hey Duncan, if you ever want to talk, I'm all ears." With that, he leaves, and the punk could only sigh resignedly, but still, he smiles slightly, grateful for the help of those two.


The other campers woke up because of the noise generated by the plane, and when they went outside, they couldn't help but be surprised to see Chris piloting said vehicle.

"Incoming!" the host warns as he lands.

"Hit the deck!" Geoff warns so everyone moves aside to avoid being run over.

"Yeah! I can't wait to get my pilot's license" Chris happily announces, but he opens his eyes in surprise when he notices that the plane destroyed the confession cab in the process, although inside was a bear with bags of marshmallows on its paws, completely terrified by how close that was, when he noticed the camera he tried to hide the bags, but still, some marshmallows fell behind him.

"What the hell happened here?" Eva asks as she, Naruto, and Duncan arrived where the others were.

Returning to Chris, he finally managed to land without destroying anything else, and when he did, he took out a megaphone to instruct the others. "Just flexing your muscles for today's, X-TREME SPORTS CHALLENGE!" the host announces, although all the campers covered their ears with various grimaces on their faces. There wasn't much distance for him to use a megaphone.

"Ugh ... it's too early for this" a sleepy Gwen complains.

"You'll be competing for the best out of five extreme challenges" Chris ignores the goth girl to explain the rules. "First up, x-treme sofa bed skydiving! The participants will plummet uh ..." as he explains, the plane opens to show Chef with his face already smudged and in his military uniform prepared to give a demonstration. "skydive to awaiting sofa bed target below" Chris continues with the explanation so that the cook jumps, but he ends up hurting himself when he crashes into the place, to the grimaces of the others in pain.

"Of course, you'll be skydiving from five thousand feet, and using these" the host continues while throwing some very old and worn parachutes, "Our 'lucky' participants will be Katie and DJ", the host announces to everyone's confusion.

"Wait a minute, we're both on the same team" Katie reminds the host.

"Oh, that's right, I knew I was forgetting something" Chris mentions as he snaps his fingers remembering that "Campers, I hope you had a pleasant time on your respective teams because from now on the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass no longer exist," the host's announcement surprised everyone.

"Say what?" was everyone's surprised reaction.

(Main Lodge / Temporary confession)

"I'm finally rid of the Dweeb!" Naruto celebrates, kneeling and looking at the sky as if someone had heard his prayers.


Heather, for her part, sighs relieved. "Finally, I'm rid of the Moron. Although I have to figure out what to do now. Do I have to win all the time or stay under the radar?" the queen bee starts to decide what to do next.


"Instead, we're going to have a showdown as old as history itself, the tattle of the sexes" the host announces, causing the boys and girls to look at each other. Duncan, for his part, winks at Lindsay, and the girl just sticks her tongue out childishly.

"Well... then I guess we have to do our best" the taller of the BFFF comments, completely worried. Just seeing the old parachutes made her swallow, a sentiment shared by DJ, who still has his fear of heights.

"Moving on" Chris continues after clarifying the current situation. "We have X-treme Handkerchief Theft" he announces, as the camera changes to the beach. "The participants must ride their jet skis to steal handkerchiefs from some of our well-known aquatic friends." We return to Chris and the others as interns show a huge photo of the sharks from the first episode with handkerchiefs on their dorsal fins. One has a blue handkerchief and the other green. "Whoever steals their handkerchief and returns to the dock intact earns a point for their team. Naruto, Eva, you're the lucky ones" the host clarifies.

"Get ready to bite the dust" Eva gives her friend a challenging smile.

"Bring it on" Naruto returns the challenging smile.

"Let's continue," Chris interrupts them to continue with the day's agenda. "The third challenge is X-treme Nose Dive Gliding. The participants will put on these suits" the host exits the plane to pull out two glider suits that mostly look like flying squirrel onesies, except these have visors on the face. "And they will jump from that height straight to the Dock of Shame while Chef tries to shoot them down" the host points to the former military man who has a loaded paintball gun ready to fire. "Whoever arrives first wins" the host points directly to a wooden jump platform that looks quite unstable, and slight movements indicate that it could collapse at any time.

"How did the producers approve this challenge?" Heather is dumbfounded by what her host explains, but Chris ignores her and just throws a glider suit to her.

"Thanks for the offer, Heather" the host gives her a professional smile and throws the other one to Duncan. "Get ready, dude, because you're going to glide with her," the host asserts.

"Oh come on, couldn't you get something better than a flying squirrel pajama?" the punk complains, some campers try not to laugh at the thought of Duncan and Heather dressed as giant squirrels.

"The fourth challenge" Chris ignores their complaints to continue with his spiel, "Is X-treme Seadoo Water Skiing" he announces as the camera shows a circuit in the mud. "The participants will water ski a race course grabbing as many flags as they can before crossing the finish line, while a participant from the opposing team drives the seadoo."

"How are we going to ski without water?" Bridgette asks confused.

"It's really hard, check it out" the host confirms before pointing to the circuit, and everyone watches as Chef tries it but ends up crashing into a tree, much to Chris's amusement. "Awesome" he can't help but mention before returning to the campers. "Harold, you're skiing for the guys" the host instructs.

"Sweet" Harold cheers as he raises his arms in the air, seeming to like what he has to do.

"And Lindsay will go for the girls" the host states, causing concern among the female campers. The bombshell wasn't known for being very skilled, to say the least.

Ignoring what was happening with her teammates, Lindsay is more focused on something else. "Cool! It's my chance to model my new bikini" she declares while striking different poses.

"The final challenge is the X-treme Blindfolded Toboggan Race. The participants will ride wooden sleds down a hill and slide to the finish line. Each team will have a driver and a navigator. The driver will steer blindfolded while the navigator shouts directions" the host asserts to the incredulous gaze of the others.

Although the host ignores that. "The first team to arrive wins, and as you may have noticed, since I haven't mentioned you yet, Geoff and Owen will go against Gwen and Bridgette," he affirms so that the two pairs look at each other.

"No hard feelings?" the party guy asks the surfer girl, who just smiles.

"No hard feelings" she confirms.

"And to incentivize you to do your best" Chris continues, "No one is going home tonight," he announces, causing confusion among the others, but the host continues before they can ask, "But the winning team will have an all-paid trip to a five-star hotel until the next challenge" he announces, shocking the campers.

"Is this for real?" Lindsay asks excitedly, and this is confirmed when the host points to the Chef dressed as a pilot playing the harp next to a very high-quality airplane.

(Main Lodge / Temporary confession)

"We have to win at any cost," Heather asserts without room for objections. "Do you have any idea how horrible this place is? Having a break even for a couple of days is a blessing."


"I hope the hotel has a spa" Katie fantasizes while massaging her shoulder. She NEEDS a moment to relax.


"At last, something good comes out of this" Duncan rejoices.


"Oh man, it's a shame it's not with the previous teams. I would totally have taken Bridge for a walk at the beach," Geoff scratches his head.


"Why does it have to be a plane?" Owen asks nervously, which worried the boys.

"Please tell me you're not afraid of planes" Naruto pleads; that would greatly ruin their chances of winning.

"Weeeeeeeeeelllll ..." the oaf drags out the word, which makes the boys facepalm in frustration, but it also makes the girls' smiles increase.

"Don't worry, Owen. If you can't do it, you can be a gentleman and ..." Heather begins in a very sweet voice, but Naruto won't have any of that.

"No, no, and no, don't listen to her, buddy, just think about the hotel food if we win" the Japanese guy tries to influence him, which works momentarily as he looks conflicted while the Naruto drags him away ... well, rather all the boys pull him away from the girls, who, for once, looked at each other with a knowing look, they all had one goal in mind, winning the challenge.

(In the air)

Katie and DJ gulped when they saw the great distance from where they were to the landing zone.

"Guys" Chris momentarily distracts them as he appears by their side. "I need you to fill these out" the host points to some forms he has with him.

"But we already signed the insurance forms in the beginning of the show" DJ responds with Katie nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, but these are for organ donation. I have this cool cannibal challenge I want to pitch to the producers, and this will go a long way toward budgeting free props" Chris explains. It's worth mentioning that both campers look at him with a combination of disgust and horror at what he's asking them, but the host speaks again "Here comes the drop. To make things easier for you, I allowed those on the ground to move the sofa beds so you land better" with that, he returns to the front without giving room for objections.

"I can't see the landing zone" Katie mentions alarmed. They've reached such a height that they can see the entire island.

(On the ground)

"Push!" Duncan orders as he, Naruto, Harold, and Geoff try to move the sofa, but with little success.

"Why is this thing so heavy?" Harold complains.

"Hey, where's Owen?" Geoff asks, and they all look ahead to see the oaf sleeping on the sofa bed.

"Are you serious, dude?!" Naruto complains as the girls in the distance watch this amusedly.

"Wow, we didn't even have to do anything," Heather chuckles, amused by the sight.

"Wait a minute, you were not planning to cheat, were you?" Gwen questions cautiously. While she wants to win, she doesn't want to do it at the expense of harming the guys, especially Naruto.

But seeing this, the queen bee scoffs. "Of course not, strange goth girl. That's beneath me, but I won't refuse to play a little rough" at that, Eva couldn't help but smile.

"There are no rules against playing rough" Bridgette and Gwen can't help but exchange worried looks, and Lindsay has a confused look while the athlete girl and the queen bee have identical smiles.

(In the sky)

"I-I don't think I can do it" an extreme challenge like this with his fear of heights is a very bad combination for DJ, and the tallest of the BFFF puts a hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay, DJ, you don't have to do it if you don't want to" the girl tries to comfort him, although she can't help but feel bad about it. But she really wants a break from this island.

Although without them noticing, they were pushed by Chef, who somehow positioned himself behind them. By instinct, the two campers hugged each other and screamed as they fell terrified.

"Are they on their way, Chef?" Chris asks from the driver's seat.

"Without a doubt" the cook replies, making both of them burst into laughter.

Back with the two falling, they separate to activate the parachute. "Was it the red or the blue first?!" Katie screams as they fall.

"Blue first!" DJ answers, and they both do as instructed. At first, they panic when nothing happens, but everything changes when the parachutes work, and they head towards the ground.

(On the ground)

"Oh come on, wake up, dude!" Duncan despairs as he and Geoff try to push Owen, Harold uses him as a springboard, and Naruto got enough distance to run as fast as he can and give him a flying kick to his side, unfortunately this only made him bounce to the ground, and the oaf to fart in the punk and party guy's faces making them kneel and gasping for clean air.

Heather, on the other hand, mocks them. "Looks like you have it tough, guys" which only frustrates the male team more.

"You sure enjoy their suffering" Bridgette couldn't help but remark.

"Anything that makes the Moron's life miserable is enough for my happiness" the queen bee responds with a smile, although they just then hear some screams and look up to see Katie and DJ landing.

"Ok girls, no complaints nor distractions, just let's catch Katie" Eva orders, and all of them push their sofa with all their might to arrive on time.

The guys, on their part, can only watch as DJ lands further ahead on his butt and skids a couple of feet until he stops by hitting a tree.

The girls, on their part, managed to position themselves in time for Katie to land on the sofa bed without complications, much to the celebration of the female team.

Katie, on her part, just checks her whole body to make sure nothing happened. "Is everything okay? Is everything in place?" and upon verifying that she's fine, she breathes a sigh of relief, although that didn't last long since, to everyone's surprise, the sofa bed closed, leaving the tallest of the BFFF trapped inside. Upon seeing this, the other girls just played dumb and slowly walked away from there.


Now with Katie and DJ with the others, Chris flies close enough to the campers to use the megaphone. "Alright, the score stands with the girls leading 1 to 0" with that, the female team celebrates while the guys give an awakened Owen a nasty look, making him shrink intimidated. Still, the host continues with his thing, "Alright, campers, you better head to the beach" he indicates as he prepares to land.


"Seriously, how did the producers approve this challenge?" Bridgette asks incredulously as she sees the handkerchiefs on the sharks' fins, one blue and the other green, while Naruto and Eva are on their jet skis.

"What can I say, I'm very persuasive," Chris responds with his usual smile, although he goes back to Naruto and Eva, "Naruto, you need to pick up the blue handkerchief, Eva, you get the green one, NOW GO, CAMPERS!" he exclaims for the two to start at full speed, although in the process, they soaked Chris who was behind them, much to the loud laughter of the others.

"HEY, WATCH THE HAIR!" the host complains annoyed, but they either didn't hear him or just ignored him.

"WOOO-HOOOO!" Naruto has fun as he's on his way, but things get rough when Eva crashes into him. "What the...?!" he complains, but the athletic girl crashes into him again.

"No one said we couldn't fight while going for the handkerchiefs, get ready to eat dust!" with that, she slows down a bit and then accelerates to crash from behind and on the side so that the Japanese guy somehow spins out of control in the water.

(With the others)

"Well done, Eva!" Heather celebrates while Gwen and Katie high-five.

"Hotel, here we come!" the goth girl celebrates.

"Dude, you gotta recover!" Geoff tries to cheer up his teammate.

"This is bad, buddy, what are we gonna do?!" DJ worries seeing what's happening.

"Is that even allowed?" Harold asks the host.

"Hey, I never said it was forbidden," Chris responds, but then he gets a mischievous look, "Although I also didn't say there would be hidden surprises" he continues to pull a remote out of nowhere and starts pressing some buttons.

(With Eva and Naruto)

"All right, little fish, get ready!" Eva mutters as she stretches her arm to grab the handkerchief, but to her surprise, the shark not only looked confident but a ramp surfaced, propelling her over the shark as it waved goodbye mockingly with its fin. "What the heeeellll?!" the girl screams in the air, not helping that this caused her to be separated from her jet ski and fall into the water, an opportunity the sharks took to go for their feast. However, this didn't last long as Naruto landed on both aquatic animals, using the ramp as well.

"Now that's what I call a good landing" he comments confidently before looking around. "Now, where the hell are those sharks?" he wonders, only for his jet ski to be lifted by the furious sharks. "Oh, there they are" he comments quite worriedly, only to be thrown into the air for a moment before their jaws opened, although the Japanese boy reacted in time to jump and grab his handkerchief.

When he surfaced, he saw both sharks looking at him furiously with bumps on their heads.

"Hey, buddies" the Japanese gou greeted them as calmly as he could and turned to the shark with Eva's handkerchief. "Wow, what nice teeth you have, buddy. Can I call you Fang?" These compliments did little to nothing since both were clapping their fins as if to say 'I'm gonna rip you a new one.'

"Oh, shit!" was all he could say before they jumped on him in the water.

(With the others)

"Uh, that's not good" Chris murmurs somewhat worriedly as he watches, not really good for the ratings.

"HOLY PANCAKES!" Owen grabs his head incredulously and frightened by what he saw, a sentiment shared by the others, even Heather.

"NARUTO!" Gwen screams worriedly as she can, ready to go help him, a sentiment some of the other campers agree with, but Chris stops them cold when they see that a few seconds later, Naruto, scratched and with some cuts, emerged from the water riding on the newly named Fang, turning it into a kind of aquatic rodeo.

"That's awesome!" Duncan smiles ecstatically at the sight. He should try something like that sometime.

"Whooo-hooo, don't let go, cowboy!" Geoff cheers, moving his hat from side to side.

"But how?!" Bridgette asks incredulously.

"How should I know, but look at that, that kid knows how to put on a show" Chris quickly went from concern to happiness and then instructs the camera crew to focus on what's happening.

(With Naruto)

"Stop moving, damn super developed fish!" the Japanese guy tries to keep control to grab his handkerchief, but the shark started to dive and then propel itself straight to the surface to shake him off, after which it deliberately collided with the ramp to knock him off.

"Stop ... crashing ... me … there ... ugh!" the boy complains with each hit he takes.

(Main Lodge / Provisional confession)

"Suddenly I have a great craving for sushi" an annoyed Naruto announces.

(In the sea)

They continued like this for a few moments until the other shark went to help its companion.

"Oh, come on, as if I didn't have enough problems!" the boy looks at the other shark worriedly, but just before it could bite him, Eva runs it over with her jet ski.

"What mess did you just get yourself into?" the athletic girl asks incredulously.

"Do you think it was by choice?" Naruto sarcastically asks her while he holds on as best he can, but he was surprised when Eva ended up tackling the shark to take them both underwater for a fight with Fang. Shortly after, the two emerge, taking breaths of air.

"Thanks for the help, Eva" the Japanese boy thanks her as he turns, but that went down the drain when he saw the girl with her green handkerchief in hand, she must have taken it from Fang while they were underwater.

"Enjoy the island for the next two days, Naruto" the girl says goodbye before speeding off, but she couldn't get far when the other shark emerged from the water and gave her a tremendous blow with its tail, knocking her back into the water.

"More like, you enjoy your stay" the boy takes advantage to get on the girl's jet ski and leave, frustrating the girl.

"No!" the girl roars, and surprisingly she hits the shark in the jaw, knocking it out completely, quickly heading as fast as possible to Naruto's jet ski and chasing him in a race to the beach, although without either of them noticing, an annoyed Fang emerges from the water while gesturing 'I'll be watching you' with its fin.

(With the others)

"Hurry up, Naruto!" DJ shouts to his teammate.

"Come on, Evelyn, you can do it!" Lindsay supports her new teammate as best as she can.

"Very well, time for more surprises, Chef" Chris

instructs the chef who pulls a bazooka out of nowhere, to the shock of the campers.

"You're kidding!" Harold couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"I'm going to enjoy this a lot" Chef laughs a little before firing... a dodgeball?

(Main Lodge / Provisional confession)

"What can I say? Naruto's pranks are a great source of inspiration" Chris comments with a smile. He was paying attention to the boy's stories and decided to adapt his dodgeball cannon to a bazooka.

(With Naruto and Eva)

"Damn you, Chris!" the Japanese goy curses as he dodges the shots in zigzag, giving Eva the opportunity to catch up little by little to the point of reaching Chef's firing range.

"Almost there" Eva concentrates as best she can, but a dodgeball hits her hand, indirectly causing her to change direction, which Naruto takes advantage of to move forward. However, when he saw another dodgeball coming, he rose and jumped forward, so that with the momentum, he fell beside the pier. He quickly climbed up as fast as he could and handed Chris the handkerchief.

"And the guys tie the score" the host announces to the great celebration of them.

"You're pure evil, dude" Naruto was the only one who didn't celebrate and gave the host a nasty look, although it seemed that Chris didn't care much, and he even seemed a little proud of it.

Naruto was about to go to his cabin to dry off, but a sudden hug stopped him in his tracks, and not just him, but everyone saw as Gwen hugged the Japanese guy tightly.

"I'm glad you're okay" the girl clarifies, still not letting go. At this moment, she doesn't care what others might think; she's just relieved that her friend and crush is safe after the scare the sharks gave her.

Naruto honestly felt very weird at this moment, but not in a bad way. He felt a warmth noticing his friend's genuine concern. All he could do was hug her back. "I'm okay, Gwen, I'm okay" he spoke in a calm tone, but that was interrupted when someone else spoke.

"If you're done with your little reunion" Chris interrupts, pointing at his watch "We have a challenge to complete" clarifies the host to the disapproving looks of Bridgette and Katie, who had their hands on their hips for ruining the moment.

"Alright" Naruto finishes. "I'm going to change, I'm soaked" he clarifies to separate from Gwen, but he notices that the girl got wet too when she hugged him. "Um ... Gwen, wouldn't you want to come with me? I think you got wet too" the boy asks a bit shyly, not wanting his words to be misinterpreted.

"No problem" the girl understands his point and with that, the two of them start walking back to their cabin.

"Oh no, that's no ... mmm ... mmm," Heather was going to protest, but Bridgette and Katie covered her mouth and kept her quiet to not ruin the moment. The two former Bass members agreed with a look to support Gwen in her situation.

"Hey, Owen, since when does that happen?" Harold asks the oaf, not having kept up much with what's been happening with the Gophers since he left, so he's a bit lost.

"Since now, I guess. The two usually go for a walk on the dock at sunsets, beyond that, no idea" Owen clarifies, but everyone covers their ears when Chris honks his air horn nearby.

"I said you have a challenge to finish," Chris clarifies to the others' displeasure.

(Jumping place)

"I look ridiculous," Heather complains, dressed in her flying squirrel suit at the top of the jumping place, which sways. That's not a good sign.

"No, I look ridiculous. You look like something to be saved for dinner" Duncan comments with a smirk, this comment was to throw her off her game and hey, he wasn't lying, that suit looks quite good on her, and since it's tight, her figure really stands out.

"Why don't you mind your own business, fourth-rate punk?" Heather gives him a death glare as she understands what he meant. EWWW!, just, EEEWWWW!

"Hey, at least this fourth-rate punk can be with someone in his life. With that attitude, you might end up as the crazy cat lady" Duncan counters, getting an indignant look from the queen bee, but she quickly adopts a malicious smile.

"And how would that lucky girl react to what you just said on national television?" Heather counters, whose smile changed to one of satisfaction when she saw Duncan's face go pale.

'Shit!' the boy curses in his mind, Courtney is going to kill him when he sees her again.

But the two's argument was interrupted when they heard Chris' voice through the speakers. "Alright, Heather, Duncan, we're all waiting for you at the Dock of Shame, so get ready when I give you the signal" the host indicates for the two to put on their helmets and get ready. "On your marks, get set ... GO!" With that, the two jumped. At first, they were scared by the fall, but soon they turned to amazement when the suits actually worked, and they headed towards the dock.

"Okay, I admit the suit sucks, but the ride is awesome" Duncan seems to enjoy this, but it didn't last long when Chef started shooting at them. "I forgot about that" the boy complains, and Heather didn't fare any better since a shot to the arm made her lose a lot of height.

"Chris, YOU'RE DEAD!" the queen bee roars as best she can; someday she'll make the host pay.

(With the others)

"Is this really safe?" Lindsay asks somewhat worriedly while she watches through the binoculars as her 'friend' loses height.

"Relax, Chef knows where to shoot to avoid them crashing," Chris responds with his own binoculars, watching as Duncan loses a lot of height due to a shot in the ribs.

"GOSH!" Harold gasps, while the other present guys yelpes as they see a bullet almost hit Duncan in his crotch.

(With Naruto and Gwen)

"I really don't know how the hell I've put up with what Chris throws at us" Gwen admits as she and Naruto sit on the steps of their cabin, taking advantage of the fact that they don't have to do anything yet.

"A complete mess, I guess?" Naruto tries to understand his friend.

"Absolutely " the girl confirms to look at him. "How are you doing after the shark attack?" she asks, seeing her friend's cuts and scratches, surprisingly, they were only superficial.

"I'm not as bad as I look, nothing I'm not used to back home" the Japanese boy's question without a doubt surprises Gwen.

"Really?" the girl finds that quite curious.

"Seriously, believe me, a lot of crazy things happen in my family" Naruto defends himself.

"What's your family like?" Gwen wanted to know more.

"Would you believe me if I told you that my mother and my pet somehow managed to make an explosion that created a crater in the center of a nearby park? We were lucky that it's now a lake that attracted a lot more people" what the Japanese guy mentioned, that only earned him an incredulous look from his friend.

"Cody can't meet you" Gwen murmurs in a combination of fear and shock, although she then remembered that she liked this guy, so undoubtedly those two will meet.

"Um ... Gwen, I already know Cody," Naruto reminds her of his geek friend.

'Damn it' the girl curses in her head when she hears that. "I meant my younger brother. I think he'll idolize you" now this makes Naruto look curious.

"Really? That's awesome. It would be great to meet him" Naruto didn't mind meeting his friend's family.

"Just don't involve him in too many crazy things. Mom will have a heart attack if he ends up in juvie" the girl warns him.

"How could you assume that of me, Gwen?" Naruto puts a hand on his chest 'indignantly', to his friend's slight laughter. "But seriously, we should keep in touch after this show ends" that undoubtedly cheered up the goth girl.

"Really?" she asks pleasantly surprised.

"Really" he confirms with a smile, all of this happening without noticing how Duncan and Heather pass above them and are getting closer to the dock.

(In the air)

"I don't like that" Heather mentions as she watches Naruto and Gwen discussing in the cabin, they're getting along better, and she doesn't want their bond to strengthen. A close friendship is another way of saying alliance, so she needs to separate them. The question is, how?

"Hey, watch where you're aiming, dude!" Duncan, on the other hand, complains as he avoids a shot that almost hits his suit's visor, but he couldn't avoid another one that hit him right on the suit's wing, causing him to lose height and collide with Heather who was gliding below him.

"Get off me, you damn idiot!" Heather scolds him in a combination of anger and fear as the two fall screaming.

(With the others)

"I hope this doesn't go way south, Chris," Eva remarks with astonishment as she watches the two plummeting.

The host, on the other hand, just laughs as he watches the two collide. "This is incredible, dude" he then grabs a radio to talk to Chef. "Separate them, Chef" with that order, everyone sees a larger projectile hitting the two and successfully separating them so they regain control of their glide.

"Alright, now they're on their way here" the host announces as those present put down their binoculars since they can see them at a distance.

(In the sky)

"Are you telling me I have to skydive now?" Heather incredulously questions as she notices that despite being close to the dock, she still needs to descend at full speed.

"Who doesn't risks, doesn't wins. Enjoy the island" Duncan, on the other hand, didn't think twice and closed his arms to go, or rather fall, straight to the dock.

(Main Lodge / Provisional confession)

"I'm not going to let my ticket to a couple of days of freedom go to waste" Heather clarifies as she sharpens her gaze. "It's time to step up the intensity."

(Skydiving towards the dock)

"Alright, time to slow down a bit to avoid turning into a pancake," Duncan mentions, only to be tackled by Heather in mid-air.

"What the hell!" he complains astonished.

"If you think you're going to win, you're sorely mistaken" the queen bee manages to position herself under the delinquent and kick him to create distance and propel herself further down.

"I'm not going to let you get ahead" though by reflex, Duncan manages to grab her ankle to pull her towards him and then attempts to toss her up.

"And do you think I will?" And with that, the two begin a mid-air brawl to reach the dock first.

(With the others)

The other campers couldn't help but sigh in amazement at what the two started doing, well, almost all of them. Harold is enjoying seeing his two most hated people on the island destroy each other.

"Man, this is awesome" Chris couldn't be happier with what he sees; this will undoubtedly bring in more ratings.

"Shouldn't you tell them they're already too close to the dock?" DJ asks the host as everyone looks at him, awaiting his response.

"I guess you're right" the host would like to see more of the fight, but he doesn't want a lawsuit, so he takes his megaphone to speak. "Duncan, Heather, you'd better pay attention down there, you're dangerously close to becoming pancakes!"

(Falling towards the dock)

Both managed to hear the host, and when they looked down, they could see that they were indeed very close, so they momentarily separated to slow down.

"Alright, I've lowered enough" Duncan clarifies, continuously opening and closing his arms to descend at a moderate pace.

"That's not going to happen," Heather clarifies, closing her arms and diving down once more to position herself right under Duncan again. Once done, she opens her arms again so the two can fall, but at a slower pace because Heather keeps her arms open.

(With the others)

"Here they come" Owen points out as everyone wants to see who arrives first.

"Thanks for the ride, Heather, this is my stop" Duncan, seeing that the damage would be minimal, grabs Heather's arms and closes them, then hugs her in such a way that the girl can't move her arms.

"What the hell?" the queen bee tries to wriggle free but to no avail. The punk just takes advantage to spin in the air and position himself under just before the two land in the water.

"And the dudes take the lead!" Chris announces with his megaphone so the male team can celebrate.

"Oh, crap" Bridgette is already worried when she sees they lost the lead.

"Lindsay, Harold, you better get ready" Chris indicates to the guys as they acquire joyful looks. They've already won.

"Double crap" it's Katie now expressing her concern while the three former Bass members look at Lindsay with a defeated look.

(With Naruto and Gwen)

"Art school?" was the Japanese guy's question as the two ate a few candies from their supplies. They've been playing twenty questions for a while to get to know each other better. Naruto can't believe how overprotective his friend's mother is, although he thinks she and his mother will get along really well.

"Surprised?" Gwen asks back.

"No, just curious, although I'd like to see your drawings" the boy clarifies.

"Maybe you will, if you ever drop by my house I'll show you some drawings and paintings" the goth girl agrees, although inside she wonders how her mother would react when she brings the boy home. She'll have to ask her brother for help to calm her down.

"Deal" Naruto accepts, but the two move aside when Lindsay runs past them.

"Passing through!" the girl cheerfully shouts as she enters her room.

"What was that?" the Japanese guy asks.

"I don't know" Gwen is as clueless as he is.

"Oh, so you've been here the whole time" DJ mentions as everyone walks back.

"Hey guys, how's the score?" Naruto asks them just for a furious Heather to enter to change, despite still wearing the suit, some water got in.

"Great, she's more pissed off than usual" Naruto sarcastically comments only for the queen bee to open the door without caring about Lindsay's embarrassed squeal as she quickly covered herself with blankets so they wouldn't see her naked, to throw a shoe straight at his face and then close it.

"Ow, darn it!" the Japanese boy complains as he rubs his forehead.

"We're winning, bro, we just need to win the next round" deciding to ignore what just happened, Geoff informs his new teammate.

"Awesome" Naruto cheers a bit before looking at Gwen. "No offense."

"Fuck" curses the goth girl, she just hopes Harold royally messes up in the next round or they're doomed.

(Moving forward)

Nearly all campers are in the place that the fourth round will take place, they are only missing Lindsay. "Alright, this is where it can all be decided, campers. Will the girls manage to tie it up, or will the boys go to the hotel?" the host announces to those present and those at home.

"I'm ready!" announces Lindsay, who has just arrived. When they turned to look at her, the boys couldn't help but widen their eyes and drop their jaws at how sexy she looked in that green bikini. Needless to say, a couple of girls weren't too pleased, and shortly after, two slaps were heard, accompanied by two yelps of pain.

"Sorry, Bridge" Geoff apologizes while trying to avoid the surfer girl's annoyed look.

"And why was that for, Gwen?" Naruto complains as he rubs his cheek, while the goth girl's face clearly shows annoyance, although the Japanese boy gradually shows a embarrassed look as he figures out why.

"I guess that was disrespectful, right?" he asks weakly only for his friend to turn her back on him with crossed arms.

(Main Lodge / Provisional confession)

"She likes him" Duncan states with his arms crossed. If it wasn't obvious in the hug after the shark incident, the slap confirms it.


"I read her diary, I already knew she liked him," Heather shrugs.


"Should we help her?" Katie asks Bridgette.

"Let's let things progress a bit more and then decide" the surfer girl clarifies.

(Mud circuit)

"We're so dead" Heather had no faith in Lindsay until she remembered something else, "Unless I get to drive the wave jumper" with that, the queen bee gets on said vehicle to wait for the starting signal, and Harold positions himself as well.

"Alright, here's the road rules, oh wait, there are no rules, which means this is gonna be awesome, start!" with what the host said, Heather revved up the engine, so much force that Harold couldn't even hold on to the skis; he was dragged in the mud, yet he managed to grab the first flag.

"First flag for the dudes" the host announces through his megaphone.

"Good job, Harold!" Naruto congratulates.

"Don't let her shake you off, man!" DJ encourages.

"Nooo!" Heather growls frustrated and decides to take a ramp to shake the nerd off but he still is in the game.

"I won't let you win this challenge!" Harold affirms while grabbing two more flags.

"Don't let you anger take control Heather, just shake him off" Eva instructs as she more than anyone else knows how anger makes you lose your focus if not controlled.

"No, no, no, no, NO!" Gwen holds her head as she watches the nerd take two more flags, their stay at the hotel is at risk.

"Heather has to cross the finish line or she'll be disqualified," Chris announces, much to the girls' dismay, "And with that, Harold will have five flags with him," upon hearing that, the queen bee sees with horror that she's dangerously close to the finish line.

(Main Lodge / Provisional confession)

"That fucking rat can't win!" Heather roars "Chris said there were no rules, so I'll take advantage of that."

(Mud circuit)

Heather positions the wave jumper to head towards the finish line and turns to look at Harold arrogantly "There are no rules, little pest, you know what that means, right?" she asks rhetorically, taking out a pocket knife, preparing to cut the rope.

"Fuck you!" the frustrated nerd shouts; he'd try to approach the bike, but he wouldn't have enough time.

Although unbeknownst to anyone, the two passed under a low branch just as the queen bee leaned over, be it fate, karma, or whatever else, the branch ends up tearing the girl's top to expose her breasts to the nerd, who was left stunned by the sight. Unfortunately for some people at home, they'll only receive the censored version.

"EEEEEEEEPPPPPP!" Heather immediately reacts to cover herself, embarrassed and furious, but the act was done; being stunned, Harold didn't notice and ended up crashing into a rock, and the girl went flying into a bush after the wave jumper crashed after crossing the finish line. She just covered herself as best as she could and ran back to her cabin completely red faced.

"Ok … I don't know what the hell Heather did to make Harold lose his focus, but that's a total wipeout for the guys" the host announces to the remaining guys, who look completely confused. What the hell just happened there?

"... Boobies" was all Harold could say, still on the rock, with a look that expressed he'd seen heaven.


After getting another wave jumper and pulling Harold out of the mud since he still hadn't reacted after the unplanned show Heather gave him, the rest of the boys agreed that Duncan would be the driver to take down Lindsay. The bombshell, for her part, looked the most determined she has been in her life.

"On your marks, get set, go!" with that, Duncan also took off, and to everyone's surprise, Lindsay not only stood her ground but had already taken two flags as well.

"Holy shit" Geoff is left dumbfounded as he watches Lindsay, who, upon taking the ramp to throw her off, does two backflips in the air and landed perfectly on the mud to keep going.

"How?" even Gwen is incredulous at this; until now, Lindsay hadn't shown any real kind of skill. What changed now?

"Oh come on" Duncan does everything he can to shake off the former Screaming Gopher, but the girl holds on and takes three more flags.

"That's five flags now, and they're heading towards the finish line. Lindsay is on fire, people" even Chris couldn't believe what he was seeing; apparently, the bombshell seems to have a natural talent for skiing.

"What?" the punk looks back to see Lindsay with the most determined look they had ever seen, while she holds her flags. That's bad, so he decides to copy Heather and heads for a very high rock for another collision.

"Hold on, Lindsay, don't fall!" Bridgette encourages her.

"You can do it, girl!" Katie also gives her support.

"Here we go," Duncan mentions to dodge the rock narrowly and head straight for the finish line, to everyone's surprise, Lindsay quickly moves to the right side and abandons a ski, lifting her left leg as high as possible, supported by her left hand holding her flags so that her boot almost touches her head in a perfect split, while leaning her body even further to the right. She was so close that a slow-motion effect kicks in to see how the bombshell narrowly avoids the rock; once she does, she just lets physics do its thing to cross the finish line shortly after.

"And the girls tie the score!" Chris announces completely impressed. Was that really Lindsay?

"Whoooooooo!" Katie cheers, and the four present girls surround and lift the bombshell.

"Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay…!" cheered the four girls, while the celebrated girl had the biggest smile on her face, with a couple of tears beginning to well up in her eyes. She wiped them away as quickly as possible so no one would notice, although those skills were mostly due to her desire to go to the hotel, she FINALLY managed to do something right, she FINALLY was able to help her team, and although they weren't her beloved Screaming Gophers, she was so glad to have been able to help win, and what a way to demonstrate it. Heather would be so proud of her, although it saddened her a little that the queen bee couldn't see her performance.

The boys, on the other hand, couldn't believe their eyes.

"Dude, I did not see that one coming" DJ admits as he rubs his eyes, with Owen beside him simply nodding, still not recovered from everything he saw.

"Alright, campers, let's head to the hill already; it's time for the tiebreaker," Chris instructs, prompting Lindsay to go change, and Harold… he needs more time to snap out of his trance.

(Main Lodge / Provisional confession)

"Boobies" mutters Harold still in his trance.

(Bottom of the hill)

"I don't believe you" Heather answers Katie and Eva while waiting with them at the finish line for the girls. Lindsay was changing, and Gwen and Bridgette were up top. They had just told her what the bombshell had done in her challenge, but she didn't believe a word of it.

"Well, believe it, because it really happened" Eva asserts with a serious look. Lindsay earned her respect with what she just did, and she won't allow anyone to belittle her achievement.

"Pfft, please, you're talking about the girl who forgot what to do with a dodgeball instantly. I don't know how the hell she managed to get the tie, but whatever the reason she did, don't expect it to happen again" those words certainly angered the athlete girl, who didn't hesitate to grab her by the arms and bring her close, something the queen bee didn't expect.

"Eva!" Katie shouts in alarm and warning, drawing the attention of the boys nearby.

"What the hell did that woman do now?" Naruto facepalms; he knows Heather is a pain, but he didn't know how much of a pain she really is.

"Listen here, little spoiled brat, I don't give a shit what you do on this island, but do something that really affects others, and you'll deal with me" Eva clarifies before letting her go and looking straight ahead. In doing so, she missed a furious glare from the queen bee.

(Top of the hill)

"You know what's really dangerous, Bridgette?" Gwen starts a conversation and makes sure everyone around hears her.

"Being on this show?" the surfer girl responds.

"I won't argue with that" admits the goth girl, but continues shortly after, "I mean flying. Isn't that extreme?" Owen couldn't help but swallow nervously, something Geoff noticed.

"Don't listen to them, dude; they just want to mess with your mind" Geoff tries to warn, but Bridgette continues, knowing what's going on.

"Oh, yeah, before coming on the show, I heard there was a problem with the turbine on a plane; they had to land before it overheated" the surfer girl continues.

"I'll guide you, Owen!" the party guy interrupts to distract him for a moment.

"Do you think that was enough?" Bridgette asks Gwen, who shrugs.

"I don't know, but I had to try, even if just a little" the goth girl comments, nothing against Owen; she just wants to rest in a hotel.

"Alright, you four, enough chitchat; Chef, all set?" Chris interrupts so that the cook, who has just greased the bottom of the sleds, places them on the ground.

"How fast can you react?" Gwen asks her new teammate.

"Pretty well, if surfing taught me anything, it's to react constantly to changes" Bridgette responds. With Bridgette's answer, Gwen decides to give her the bandages, and then the four participants go sit down.

"Get comfortable, campers, because the tiebreaker begins" the host announces, as he and Chef push both sleds downhill.

"Left … right!" Gwen instructs as they dodge a tree and then a rock.

"Right, dude, and don't stop!" Geoff indicates as Owen narrowly avoids a bushy area.

"Left, Bridgette, quick!" the goth girl instructs as they dodge another log, but without noticing, they both head for a natural ramp. "Oh no, no, no" Gwen forgets for a moment to give orders, and they end up using the ramp, shooting through the air for quite some time.

"Why do I feel so light, Gwen?!" Bridgette questions unknowingly as the goth girl screams at the top of her lungs, and shortly after they land in a lake, although Gwen's relief is short-lived when she sees they're heading for a waterfall.

"I'm not ready to die!" she screams before they fall, and fortunately, they bounce off a loose piece of wood and return to the track.

As for Geoff and Owen, it seems they're in their own situation.

"Owen, watch out!" the party guy warns, forgetting for a moment that his partner has his eyes blindfolded, so the oaf could do little when they collide with a group of three raccoons who cling on to them as they scratch, all in an effort to make them stop.

"What are these things?!" the oaf yells in pain as they descend uncontrollably.

"Little buddies, chill out; we're gonna crash!" with that, the four who can see stop fighting and look ahead to see a tree, and they couldn't help but scream, "Left, Owen, left!" Geoff shouts for the oaf to obey, although shortly after, an explosion is heard from behind.

"Geoff, what was that?!" Owen yells alarmed, but the party guy and the raccoons just hug each other when they see something explode behind them.

(Top of the hill)

Somehow, the host had a detonator in his hands. "What can I say? I like to keep things interesting" he admits to the camera with a smug smile before detonating again, this time near Bridgette and Gwen.

(With the others)

"It's official, Chris has lost it" everyone unanimously agrees with Katie as they're left with their mouths wide open seeing both pairs narrowly escaping the explosions.

"Is this even legal?" a now recovered Harold asks.

"Holy …" DJ comments, still dazed.

"You can say that again" Eva mentions, equally stunned.

"Holy …" the Jamaican repeats the phrase.

(Down the hill)

"Left… STAY THERE!" Gwen shouts the last part as they narrowly avoid another explosion that appeared beside them.

"Right, man!" Geoff instructs as they dodge a rock, but as they keep going, an explosion happens right beneath them, sending them flying.

"What the hell was that?!" Gwen asks upon hearing a rather peculiar explosion, although she doesn't notice the boys and raccoons flying through the air.

(With the others)

Duncan looks impressed. "That's not something you see every day."

"Depends on who you ask, but I agree," Naruto nods beside him. After a terrifying few seconds of falling for those in the air, they eventually land at the finish line, although they don't move at all. So much so that a raccoon clinging to Geoff's head falls off but doesn't move an inch; it's as if the animal were a statue. It's not until half a minute later that the girls arrive.

"Wait a minute, how did you guys get here before us?" Gwen blinks in confusion, swearing they were behind them just moments ago.

"Who cares about that? Just imagine the ratings we'll get for this episode" a very cheerful Chris comments as he arrives with Chef in his mini-jeep. He had a lot of fun this time, and well, he just needs to make his announcement. "Owen, Geoff, congratulations on arriving first. Thanks to you, the dudes take the victory today," this undoubtedly makes the remaining boys cheer and the defeated girls groan, although the party guy and the big guy are still in their statue poses.


"Oh no, I've had enough airtime for today; call the police, a lawyer, my mommy…!" but suddenly, Chris whacks Owen on the head with a frying pan to shut him up, and Chef and DJ team up to take him to the plane.

"I promise to bring you a gift" while that was happening, Geoff was chatting with Bridgette.

"Really?" she asks curiously, but still couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face at the kind gesture.

"Of course, although I would have preferred if we were on the same team in this challenge" he admits while scratching his head.

"You're not doing this because you were ogling Lindsay, are you?" Bridgette accuses him with an accusatory look, which alarmed the party guy.

"What? I mean … umm," the guy tries to defend himself but then blinks as he realizes something. "Wait a minute, you're not jealous, are you?" this undoubtedly makes the girl lose her composure.

"Me? But what are you…?!" the girl tries to defend herself, but Geoff was smiling.

"You totally are!" he exclaims cheerfully, which makes the girl turn her back to him while crossing her arms, although she does it more to hide her blush.

"Don't try to twist my words, Geoff!" the surfer girl scolds him to mask her embarrassment; she wished the ground would swallow her up right now.

"Sure" this undoubtedly brightens up the party guy's day, so he just grabs his luggage and heads straight for the plane, although Bridgette couldn't help but smile; he's a goofball, but he's a goofball with a big heart.

"I can't believe that even though we're going away for a couple of days, they won't return our phones" Naruto complains to Duncan beside him.

"The sneaky bastard probably uses it as an excuse to make us come back," the punk affirms.

"At least you guys are going to a luxury hotel; I have to endure two days with Heather and Lindsay in my cabin," Gwen reminds them only for Katie to take her shoulder.

"Don't worry, Gwen, you can spend time with us if you want" Katie invites her as Eva nods in agreement while looking in a specific direction, or rather, at a specific girl.

Heather is giving Harold a death glare, who responds with the most shit eating grin possible from inside the plane, today was undoubtedly a great day, and to add more salt to the wound, he just flips her off, another thing that will be censored for the people at home, which angers the queen bee even more.

"Ignore him, Heather, we'll win next time" Lindsay tries to cheer up her 'friend' as she puts a hand on her shoulder, but the queen bee only brushes her hand off roughly and goes to her cabin without caring about the blonde's sad look.

"All right, dudes, everyone on board" Chris announces so the rest of the guys get on the plane, and it only takes off, leaving the five girls who stayed behind to just watch as the plane disappears into the distance, wondering what they're going to do from now on.

End of the chapter


Guys: DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Harold, Naruto, Owen.

Girls: Bridgette, Eva, Gwen, Heather, Katie, Lindsay.

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