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Naruto was running through the tree tops with ease, learnt from his escapes as Konoha's infamous devil prankster.

He had the scroll Mizuki sensei had told him to get from the Hokage tower and now he just had to learn a jutsu from it. He stopped on one of the jutsu called Kage bunshin no jutsu (Shadow clone jutsu).

It had a variation to it that simply made a bunch of clones but that was A-rank. It used the same had sign though so he tried it anyway.


Directly in front of him ten Naruto's appeared all looking perfectly identical to each other. Soon he felt a very familiar chakra signature approaching him. It was one of the only things he never told anybody, he could actually sense chakra, it was going to be the greatest prank ever when he graduates!

"Oh, look guys, Iruka sensei is coming...we should totally wait to show him! Then he'll think we're the best and not that bastard Sasuke!"


"Believe it!"

"Ha, of course we're better than that duck ass-teme!"

Another poof, and all the shadow clone are gone. Immediately after-


Naruto's very iconic foxy grin displayed itself showing his smugness.

"Haha, I found you Iruka-sensei!"


"What are you talking about brat?! I found you! Now we're going back to the Hokage's office and returning that scroll at once!"

Naruto scratched the back of his head with a large grin on his face.

"Got me already? Not bad. You're quick, Sensei. I only had time to learn one technique."

'He's been out here practicing. I can tell how hard he's been working', Iruka thought with a wistful expression.

Naruto's grin turned even wider almost getting Iruka to smile because of its infectiousness.

"Listen, Iruka Sensei! I'm going to show you this amazing Jutsu and you're going to let me graduate and everything will be okay. That's the way it works, right? Anyone who learns Jutsu from this scroll passes."

Iruka looked at him incredulously.

"Huh? Where'd you get that idea?"

"Mizuki Sensei told me about it. Believe it," Naruto turns to show the scroll on his back.

He quickly turned back around to face Iruka.

"He told me where to find the scroll and this place..."

Naruto stopped talking seeing the shocked look on his face.

"Mizuki did what?", asked looking like he'd seen a ghost.

"Look out Naruto!"

Iruka pushes Naruto back, taking the kunai in Naruto's place. The few that caught his clothing pushed Iruka back to the wall of the hut pinning him against it revealing a kunai sprouting from his leg.

"I see you've found our little hide away."

Mizuki was wearing a devilish grin showing he didn't care about what he'd just tried to do to the academy student not what he'd done to his fellow chuunin.

Iruka looked up with a glare directed at Mizuki, he was raging on the inside at the traitor who tried to harm his student.

"So that's the way it is, huh? I should've known."

Iruka grit his teeth slowly moving his body to be discreet.

"Naruto! Give me the scroll, now!"

Mizuki had turned to Naruto from his perch up in a tree giving a nasty glare.

Naruto looks over at Iruka, then back at Mizuki confused and a little scared.

"Just what is going on here..."

Panting, Iruka pulls out the Kunai in his leg and throws it aside.

"Naruto you mustn't let Mizuki get the scroll! It contains forbidden Jutsu, jutsu that could put this entire village in grave danger. Mizuki used you to get the scroll for himself. For his own power."

Mizuki stood from his crouched position and chuckled evilly. Naruto is standing now. He looks up at Mizuki in anger at his sensei being hurt and him being used like that.

"Naruto. Iruka's just trying to scare you because he doesn't want you to have the scroll."

Mizuki extends his hand out to his sides with an emphasized flare.

"Huh?", was all Naruto could say with hurt confusion looking at Iruka.

"Stop lying, Mizuki."

He looks directly into Naruto's Carilion blue eyes and speaks earnestly, "Don't listen to him Naruto, he is simply trying to use you with his lies."

Mizuki laughed hard, placing his hand over his stomach before stopping suddenly and looking at the blonde menacingly, "Oh, I'll tell you who's really lying."

"No, Mizuki!"

Iruka was frantic now completely forgetting about the pain from the wound in his leg.

"You see Naruto. They've been lying to you your whole life. Ever since the decree twelve years ago specifically that is."

Mizuki was enjoying Naruto's shaking figure with relish.

"...What decree?", Naruto asked in an unsteady voice.

Mizuki grinned even wider at that, he couldn't wait to see the absolute pain on the demon boys face.

"Everyone knows except you really. Even now Iruka's trying to hide it from you. He'd do anything to shut me up, just look at him."

Naruto looked up at Mizuki, wide eyed and absolute confusion.

"What is this decree? Why does everyone else know about it except me?!"

Iruka was practically begging at this point shouting with all his might.

"Don't tell him! It's forbidden Mizuki!"

You see, Naruto. The decree is...no one can tell you the Nine-Tailed Fox is inside you!"

Naruto stares, shocked, his face immediately loosing color as it went pale, he started to feel lightheaded.

"The Fox spirit that killed Erika's parents, destroyed our village, killed the Yondaime Hokage, killed hundreds of innocent people...has taken over your body! You are the Nine-Tailed Fox!"

Iruka had a look of clear fear and hurt portrayed on his face for the blonde.

"They've all been sneaking around, hiding things from you your whole life. Didn't you think it was strange how they treated you? Like dirt, like nothing more than a bug, even going so far as to pretend you don't even exist. Like they hated you...for just being alive."

Naruto started to shed painfully hot tears.

"No...! No, no, no, NO!"

Naruto's hands that were out at his sides started to clutch his head, wind starting to swish around him. A red glow starting to seep out around his gut.


Irukas face was riddled with sorrow and agony for the poor blonde boy. Mizuki simply enjoyed it, all of it. The pain, the suffering.

"That's why you'll never be accepted in this village Naruto. Even your beloved Sensei hates your guts!"

Mizuki pulls the huge shuriken that was strapped to his back off and flings it with all his might.

"Now die, Naruto!"

Naruto falls back, then starts to crawl attempting to move out of the deadly weapons path.

"Naruto! Get Down!"

Naruto does, covering his head with his hands. Then, Naruto looks up. Iruka is above him, the Shuriken sticking out of his back.

Iruka coughs a little, in pain. Naruto, with drops of blood on his cheek, looks up at Iruka shocked. Still in the tree he hasn't left yet, so was Mizuki.


Naruto was shocked, hurt, and confused beyond anything he'd ever been before.

"Because we're the same, you and I Naruto."

Iruka remembers a distant memory, once when he was a little boy, with no parents or loved ones to care for him.

"When I lost my parents, no one seemed to care. They didn't have time for me. They just forgot I was there like some after thought that wasn't even worth the time of day."



We see a young Iruka, trying to cross over a small body of water on a rope, but acting stupid, he looses his balance causing the whole class to laugh at him getting him the attention he was seeking.


"My grades dropped. I became the class clown. I just wanted them to see me..."


The young Iruka pops up out of the water and laughs, scratching his head, and the rest of the kids laugh even harder


"... And know my name. My school so wasn't good enough to get the attention, I wanted more, so I did crazy things."

A look of fond sadness was lingering on his face.

"And then I had to pay for it. It was hard being alone...being but a passing thought."

Naruto is looking up at Iruka. Tears fall down onto Naruto's cheek being a mixture of his own and his sensei.

"I know that's how you feel, Naruto."

Iruka's voice broke.

"You feel lonely and it hurts inside, it hurts unbelievably. And I could've been there for you more, i could have made it hurt less."

Naruto sits up with tears still in his eye's blurry Gn his vision slightly.

"I let you down. I'm sorry, so sorry Naruto. No one should have to suffer that much. No one should be alone like that."

Naruto's lip trembles as the red cloak that was surrounding his seal grows denser, darker, revealing a second seal that of looked at closely by a seal master was absolutely shit compared to the masterpiece that is Naruto's seal.

Mizuki chuckles dispassionately.

"Don't make me laugh! Iruka had always and will always hate you. He was orphaned because the Nine-Tailed Fox killed his parents. And that beast is now inside you. He'd say anything to get the scroll from you, after all, we are ninja, not samurai."

Naruto gets up, and runs pumping his limbs as hard and as quickly as he possibly could gaining a boost from the dark chakra eating away at the second seal that could never hope to hold up to such corrosive chakra.

"Naruto! Naruto!", Iruka stretched his hand out now being brought to awareness of the pain in his thigh once again from moving it.

Mizuki jumps down from the tree laughing.

"You know once he makes up his mind, nothing can change it Iruka. You know that even better than I do."

Iruka's hand drops. Naruto was still running, loosing nothing in the way of energy and kept going.

"He's going to use the scroll to take revenge on the village, I'll make sure of it."

Mizuki stands up straight looking off towards the direction naruto left.

"You saw that look in his eye, didn't you? Those are the eyes of a beast, a demon that care nothing for the lives of us humans."

Iruka pulls the shuriken out of his back and slowly begins to stand.

"No. Naruto...", Iruka begins to turn, "-Isn't like that!" And throws the giant shuriken at Mizuki.

Mizuki dodges the Shuriken easily turning his body to the left causing it to fly off into the tree.

"You're a joke. As soon as I eliminate Naruto and get the scroll, I'll be back for you."

Mizuki jumps away running after Naruto quickly. Iruka thought for but a moment about a strategy to defeat Mizuki in his wounded state.

"I won't let you. You'll have to go over my dead body to get to my student."

Iruka is running after Naruto, through the trees minutes later. Naruto is running with everything he has. Iruka soon comes up behind him looking worried.


Said blonde turns to look at his sensei.

"Everything Mizuki said was a lie, he's simply trying to get into your head. Hurry and give me the scroll so we can get out of here!"

Iruka closed the distance with his student quickly.

"He's coming after you to take it away. You'll be safe handing it to me so I can defea-"

Naruto stops on a branch, then jumps, head first right into Iruka, sending Iruka flying back. Naruto lands on his feet, and slides to a stop panting harshly.

Iruka stayed there for a second on his hands and knees with a bewildered look echoed upon his face.

"It can't be..."

Naruto takes the scroll off his back, and puts his back up against a tree, sliding down to the ground with his hand supporting him from either side.

"How did you know, Naruto?"

Smoke goes up around Iruka, then disappears, revealing Mizuki with a terrible snarl plastered on his features.

"...That it was me, and not Iruka?"

Naruto chuckles, then-


smoke goes up around him, revealing the real Iruka, and beside him is a small log used to fool Mizuki as the scroll of seals.

"Because I'm Iruka, you evil bastard."

Mizuki stands up with anger clearly shown through his demeanor and voice.

"You're a fool."

Little did either shinobi know that the subject of this entire matter was merely a few metered away hidden behind one of the tree.

"Why are you protecting that demon freak? He's the one who wiped out your family, murdered them in cold blood along with hundreds of other innocent people!"

Iruka smirked knowing he'd stalled long enough for Naruto to get away safely.

"I don't care what you say, cause' you're not getting your hands on that scroll."

Naruto leans forward in anger, apparently the stupid scroll was worth more than his life.

"As if you could stop me Iruka. Don't you get it? Naruto is just like me."

Iruka with a goading look simply asked, "Oh yeah, and tell me, how's that you scumbag?"

Mizuki grit his teeth but then continued with his minor villain monologue.

"He wants the scroll for his own power, and his own vengeance against the retched villagers who hurt him. That's how beasts are. He'll pour all his rage into the scroll and destroy everything we know and love.

Humming slightly Iruka have a thoughtful look.

"You know...you're right."

Naruto gasps, in agonizing shock, then hugs the scroll with all his might.

'So it's true. Iruka Sensei never believed in me. He thinks I'm some beast. Some kind of freak!'

Naruto's body shook. The seal that has been revealed on his stomachs original seal started to disintegrate, along with any facial expression from Naruto.

He felt his mind clear, all the clutter and clatter of thoughts constantly moving erratically and irrationally came to a calm stop.

He felt his sensing range expand, his chakra seemed to respond to his every movement, he started to think of ways to kill-

"That is how beasts are."

Naruto's eyes widen at the emphasis.

"But that's not who Naruto is."

Naruto's breath hitched and the calm that came was filled with emotions once more as the last reminantes of that horrible add on to his original seal disappeared.

"He's nothing like that. Naruto's one of a kind. He works hard. He puts his whole heart into everything he does. Sure he messes up sometimes, and everyone jumps on him because of misguided hate and stupidity... But his suffering only makes him stronger. That's what separates him from being the beast you claim he is. So you're wrong. Completely. He's nothing like the Nine-Tailed Fox. He's Naruto Uzumaki, of the village hidden in the leaves, my precious student... And if you want to harm him you'll have to get passed my cold dead body."

Naruto's eyes and emotions finally settle on a similar feeling. A joyous sorrow of relief, pain, and hope. His eyes started to burn painfully from the tears...or so he thought.

If one were to look closely many changes could be seen taking place in his irises and pupil. Minute purple veins seemed to start forming. Soon five black teardrop shaped tomoes formed, each resting in between the depression between each point of the nautical star that encased his pupil.

His pupil lightened to an obsidian-purple, type color, while his irises turned electric blue. The last change to occur, was a ring that lined the inside of his iris, turning pure white, just like a Hyuuga's.

He opened his eyes revealing...a world of colors, ethereal things, shapes, and hues he'd never seen before in his life. He saw through the trees, the earth, he saw red, brown, blue, yellow, and green colors flowing through the air.

He saw the chakra flowing through Iruka-sensei, he saw the chakra flowing into Misukis arms, strengthening his muscles, bones, blood vessels, everything. Then the world slowed down, almost like someone turned everything into syrup.

The animals he saw skittering about in forest for about fifty meters, in a complete 360 view of his surroundings. What was most startling however, was the absurdly clear memory he was now receiving.

Every sight, sound, smell, feeling, and even the taste he had was perfectly captured in a memory, like a moment in time was frozen and stored to be able to play back at anytime Naruto wanted. It was a perfect edict memory of the highest scale.

Mizuki slowly reached around to his last Shuriken on his back, giving Naruto another surprise, he could imitate what Mizuki was doing, perfectly, in real time. It was extraordinary.

"Hmph! You really believe that dribble?"

His words sounded almost slewed like he was drunk, and then everything resumed to a regular speed.

"You know Iruka, I was going to save you for later but I've changed my mind," Mizuki spun his last giant shuriken around his hand showing Naruto how to do it himself.

"You're finished!" Mizuki runs at Iruka.

'So this is it, huh?' Iruka thought.

Naruto suddenly jumped in between them, swinging his left leg out in a beautiful roundhouse, catching Mizuki directly in his chin recreating the chakra strengthening he saw earlier rattled the hell out of Mizuki's brain.


Naruto stood straight, revealing his mesmerizing glowing eyes, and got into a proper stance. Mizuki glared at the Jinchuriki with hate clear in his eye.

"Not bad, for a little demon punk."

Naruto stared at Mizuki, half of his face shadowed.

"If you ever lay a hand on my Sensei again... I'll kill you!"

"Such big words for such a little demon runt. I can completely destroy you with a single move!"

Naruto in his stance was placed his two first fingers from both hands crossed to form a "" in front of his face.

"Try me traitor. I'll give it back to you a thousand fold."

"Let's see you try! Show me what you can do, Nine-Tailed Fox!"

Iruka watches, shocked, mouth slightly opened as Naruto made a "" with his first and middle finger with both hands.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"


Iruka's eyes widen in utter shock. Surrounding them are hundreds of Naruto clones. In the trees and on the ground, even some standing atop another's shoulders.

'Naruto... Those aren't just Illusions. They're solid clones! He's mastered an extremely advanced Jutsu- the forbidden Justus: Multi-shadow clone jutsu!'

Mizuki looks around confused and overwhelmed; gone was his bravado replaced with fear. All of the clones are calling out "over here" and 'come on" driving home that ominous feeling even more.

"Huh?", Mizuki stumbles around feeling week in the knees.

"What is this? No... THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!"

Mizuki falls back landing on his ass as he try's to back away.

Clone 1: "If you're not coming..."

Clone 2: "Then we're gonna come after you!"

Mizuki looks around, then screams. The sounds of fists heavily connecting with flesh echoing throughout the clearing.

Mizuki was beaten on the ground, with Naruto standing above him. Glaring at the traitor the blonde reaches for a kunai that he'd nabbed from earlier when Mizuki was first confronted by Iruka.

Quicker then Iruka cold reach Naruto held the kunai in a reverse grip, plunging it downwards into Mizuki's heart. A squelch signified the chuunins death along with Naruto turning to look at Iruka.

"Sorry sensei... I guess I kinda got carried away. You okay, Iruka Sensei?" He asked while dropping his blood soaked hand with a light far away look in his eyes.

Letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding from what he just saw Iruka opened his mouth to say something but through better of it.

Instead he simply said, "Yeah..."

'He's amazing, even now he's still keeping a vigil watch of his surroundings. I can't imagine what he's going through right now and to still worry about someone else... He wants to surpass all the Hokage, and I'm starting to believe he might do it.'

Iruka let go of another breath but this time it was accompanied by a smile.

"Naruto. Come here a minute. I've got something I want to give you."

Said boy walked over still slightly despondent and looked at his sensei.

"Close your eyes."

Naruto felt his goggles get removed before being replaced with something soft.

"Now open them."

He did as instructed while reaching a hand up to his forehead. Low and behold, there rested a Hitai-ate, announcing to the world Naruto Uzumaki, is going to be Konohagakure's newest genin.

'Believe it.'