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There were times that when Naruto woke up, it was to an annoying morning, the kind that made him wish he could go back to sleep.

And there were times that when he woke up, it was like he was surrounded by a sense of freshness and energy that coursed through his veins.

Such were the feelings that he was accustomed to being greeted to whenever he was roused from slumber.

However, there were rare exceptions… exceptions such as this one, the kind he usually experienced once or twice a week, where Naruto felt a perplexing weight on his body that simultaneously felt like a soft cushion.

It was a tough battle to force open his eyes but he managed, and with his eyelids open, the former shinobi confirmed his internal suspicions.

Shizuka was sleeping on him… again.

Being careful to not wake her up, Naruto slowly looked around the insides of the Humvee.

It seemed he was the first one to wake up.

Nestled in the other end of the Humvee, gunner was sprawled out and was in a deep sleep. Across him lay a similarly sleeping Saya who surprisingly held little Alice within her arms in a protective embrace.

Naturally, the newly named Zeke was laying down right next to the pair.

Rotten cheeseburger and Annoying orange slept side by side.

As for Saeko and Kyoka, those two were also asleep out on the front.

From what Naruto could see, Kyoka had the Humvee parked in a dark and empty parking lot so massive and surrounded by infrastructure that he deduced the parking lot was for an impressive mall or establishment.

Whatever the case was, it was a good spot to rest for the night as nobody in their right mind would have a reason to come here.

That said, it was probably a good idea if he remained awake and alert in case things suddenly headed south.


Time-Skip: One hour later

Naruto honestly didn't know how he missed it but somehow, somehow, he did!

Everyone was wide awake now and Kyoka had taken them to a spot where the Humvee needed to scale up to reach the streets, but before that, the girls were in agreement that a change of clothes was necessary.

Hence that was the reason why they were all outside and enjoying the breeze.

Now that he could take a good look at everyone without the threat of cannibals around, his eyes nearly popped from their sockets as they landed on the curvaceous swordswomen of the group.

Saeko, beautiful and deadly Saeko, was dressed in an apron and it was only now that he was noticing.

While certainly not the most voluptuous or thickest gal in the group, Saeko was still a daringly attractive woman.

A fact that Naruto happily acknowledged as he admired a set of mouth-wateringly plump and big breasts that pushed her apron outward, showing a creamy cleavage that looked ready to spill over the fabric if Saeko dared to jog or sprint.

The purplette noticed his attention and winked, drawing a grin from the shinobi who nearly whistled as she whirled around and walked over to where the other girls were at. Unabashed by the fact that she showed him a brief but excellent view of her fat round ass in a thong.

Only one other person was a witness to this scene.

Seeing as she had already changed prior to them leaving the residence behind, Shizuka was the only one who didn't need to change.

Having just left Takashi and Kohta who were keeping an eye on the streets above for any undead, Shizuka had remained rooted on the edge of the street overlooking the small hill when she had noticed the non-verbal exchange between her most precious person and the annoying swordswomen who occasionally stole his attention.

Like right now…

A scowl slithered across the nurse's lips as her gaze fretted over from the happy-struck grin on Naruto's visage to the backside of Saeko who subtly added a more pronounced sway to her hips as she strolled before disappearing behind the cover of Rika's vehicle.

Needless to say, Shizuka was not amused and a rare vein bulged on her forehead.

So that's how they were going to play the game, huh?

Flaunt their assets and see who could further entice Naruto into taking an action?

Well, that was perfectly fine with Shizuka, she was the most curvaceous of the bunch and considering everything that had happened, she was also no longer shackled by the chains of society's rules.

No longer did she have to suppress her feelings to the point of tears in order to continue her dream of being a doctor. No… she was now fully capable of expressing her feelings to Naruto and knowing that he felt the same way? Well, that certainly made the whole process easier.

Shizuka was going to fully educate whoever decided to pursue Naruto on a subject of most importance, that in the end, you could maybe catch his eyes, but you could never catch his heart.

Because Naruto's heart was in her hands.

And it would forever remain that way! That, Shizuka vowed.

Having been lost in her zealous thoughts, the nurse failed to notice the world around her until she felt warmth settle down on her shoulder, she blinked before her gaze settled on the handsome features of her fellow blonde.

"Helloooo gorgeous."

Shizuka giggled and shook her head fondly at Naruto's antics. "Hello to you too handsome."

"How are you doing on this lovely morning?"

Playfully contemplating the question, she hummed exaggeratingly before finally deciding on an answer. "I'm doing wonderful, how about you?"

Sighing morosely, Naruto sent her a faux sadden expression. "Unfortunately, I'm not doing very well."

"Awwww. What's wrong?" She immediately raised her left hand to the side of his visage, gently cupping his cheek while bestowing him with a gentle smile.

Somehow, Naruto managed to remain in character after her recent action. "If you really must know… I am sad because I cannot bring you another flower." He pouted. "My two year plus streak is broken."

Of all the things Shizuka had been expecting, this was definitely not it.

Shaking her head, she smiled before lightly pinching his cheek. "It's alright, just having you here, alive, healthy, and by my side is more than good enough. I'm happy."

Her words evoked warmth out of the male blonde's chest, a physical manifestation showing in the rare pink hue that appeared on Naruto's visage.

It took a couple of seconds before he regained his luster. "You might be okay with it Shizuka-Chan, but I'm not. We have to fix this issue." He declared resolutely much to her amusement.

"Naruto-Kun." Shizuka tried bestowing him with a serious look but only ended up looking happy. "It's alright, I don't need any flowers or chocolate."

"Chocolate…" He quietly mumbled before his gaze skimmed past Shizuka and landed on a certain… area.

Immediately, a face-splitting grin contorted onto his visage and Naruto laughed lightly before looking back to the confused woman. "Shizuka-Chan, would you like to join me on an adventure?"

Said woman's eyebrow quirked up in amusement. "An adventure?"


Shizuka smiled mischievously. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well you see that store over there right behind you." He pointed at the place for further clarification and waited as Shizuka turned around before spotting said store. "I'm thinking we go in, after I make sure we don't have unsavory characters of course, and get some lovely chocolate which I can give you. What do you think?"

A worried expression crisscrossed her features. "Naruto-Kun, I don't think we should do this. I know you're capable but what if you get bit? I don't want you to risk your life to get me chocolate."

Naruto smiled gently. "You don't have anything to worry about, I'll be okay."

"You're not going in alone." She stated firmly, all traces of amusement gone from her tone.

He was just as firm with his demands. "And you are not wandering around inside until I make sure that the place is clear."

"Then I suppose it's a good thing that I'll be next to you the entire time when we're inside."

They glared at one another, each one not amused by the suggestion of the other.

Fortunately, the pair's glaring match had to come to an end as the sound of an engine revving greeted their ears, they looked down over the hill and watched as the Humvee sped up over the slope before landing on the road.


"That wasn't loud at all." Naruto remarked sarcastically.

Shizuka was too annoyed to reply with words, only grunting in response.

Looking away, the ex-shinobi's gaze landed on the bat-wielding member of the group. "Rotten cheeseburger, have everyone on standby, me and Shizuka-Chan are going to check out that store and see if there is anything of value that we can take."

"Roger that." Takashi saluted before his features twisted into a frown. "And stop with that ridiculous name."

Unfortunately for him, Naruto hadn't heard him as the blonde's attention was preoccupied with a beaming Shizuka who was pleased with his decision.

"Shizuka-Chan." Naruto's face radiated deadly seriousness. "Until I'm certain that the place is safe, don't drop your guard at all, understood?"

"I won't be stupid." She promised.

Satisfied, he nodded before he walked over to the convenience store, being closely followed behind by the stacked nurse.

Pushing open the door, the two walked in, Naruto cautiously looking around and finding no walkers inside. Still, one could never be too cautious, he checked every aisle, every corner and path, all the rooms.

Naruto left no spot untouched and it was only after he determined that the place was clear did he allow himself to relax. "Okay, we're good."

Turning around to face his companion with a more relaxed air, he sent her a grin and bowed playfully. "My lady, would you like to accompany me to the chocolate section of the store?"

Shizuka giggled but chose to play along. "Chocolate does sound wonderful but what if I get fat? I cannot bear the thought of putting on even more weight."

"You don't need to worry." He waved off her concerns with a wink. "You will always be the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes."

"Charmer." She shook her head and smiled. "We can get some chocolate after we finish getting and loading the necessities into the car."

Naruto grunted but otherwise agreed.

Roughly ten to fifteen minutes passed after that as the pair worked in silence and in tandem with the others outside who took care of loading the items they brought in.

Fortunately, the store they were in wasn't anywhere near depleted or ransacked and as such, allowed the group to easily stock up on all sorts of survival supply, be that water, food, medicine (What was around anyway), and so forth.

It was only the second day of the outbreak so Naruto supposed it made sense that the place wasn't looted by anyone else yet.

Though… Naruto looked over to the registry and sweatdropped, perhaps it was premature to think the place wasn't looted considering there was no money in there.

Shaking his head, the shinobi deposited the last of the food supplies within a plastic bag before he headed towards the exit and handed the bag to a patient and bored Takashi.

"That should be the last of it."

Takashi exhaled. "It was a good thing we checked out the place before leaving."

"Indeed." Naruto nodded before his countenance turned serious. "How is the situation outside so far? Any gray skinned maggots out there."

"We're still clear. Surprisingly."

"That's a little worrisome." The blonde admitted.

His admission surprised the black haired teen. "Worrisome? Why would you say that?"

"Maybe I'm thinking into it a little bit too much but something I've noticed, a very consistent trend if you will, is that these zombies or walkers or whatever, we'll just call them walkers, tend to always be concentrated in small areas, and it wouldn't be too far off to think that they are usually close to survivors."

A frown crossed across Takashi's features. "You think there's a good possibility that they're around Saya's home."

Naruto nodded. "I could be wrong, but whether I'm correct or not, we need to be vigilant at the first sign of trouble, no matter how small that sign may be."

"Let's hope we can take a break." Takashi muttered out loud before he walked away.

Seeing as he was done, Naruto figured he'd check over and see how it was with his favorite nurse, just one problem, he had no idea where she was in this store.

An easy fix.

"Shizuka-Chan, where are you!?"

"I'm here Naruto-Kun!"

Following the direction of her voice, Naruto gave himself a pat on the back. Sometimes simple problems like these just needed simple solutions. There was no need to complicate the matter by trying to search the entire place and wasting energy.

Cutting the next corner, the shinobi turned and… Oh…

What a beautiful sight

As impressive as Shizuka's tits were, they paled in comparison to her greatest womanly traits. Her ass.

Shizuka Marikawa had an absolutely huge ass, comprised of two massive and round cheeks that jiggled and wobbled everywhere whenever she so much as took a step.

A fact that Naruto himself was abundantly well aware of.

Seeing that ridiculously fat booty on a normal day would have sent his mind into… funny places, add in the fact that said booty was compressed in tight blue yoga pants and Oh My God.

It didn't help that she was bent over, just a slight bend in the knees and practically shoving all that junk in the trunk in his direction.

Naturally, Naruto's eyes were as wide as dinner plates, jaw touching the floor as his gaze remained rooted on Shizuka's giant ass.

Time itself lost all meaning and value as the seconds themselves seemed to have stretched for hours. It could have been eternity for all the ex-shinobi knew, and yet that still wasn't enough to quench his thirst as he greedily drank in the sight of the fattest, thickest, and roundest rear he had ever had the pleasure of coming across.

Unfortunately, paradises couldn't forever remain on Earth as Shizuka slowly straightened back up before she looked over her shoulder. The pink-tinted cheeks on her visage told Naruto everything he needed to know.

He grinned teasingly. "So what you wanted to tell me in regards to us having a long talk about your butt, is that I can look and enjoy to my heart's content, ehh?"

Shizuka's blush worsened. "Baka, I only bent over this time so you can remember who it is exactly that has the best tits and ass in the whole group, not Kyoka, not Saeko, and not any other woman in the whole world, just me."

Embarrassing it most definitely was to admit, but sometimes, honesty was the best policy and that rang ever more true when it applied to her most precious person who was all about honesty. Even at the times when he shouldn't be.

"Trust me, I know." He replied with a wink. "Now let's go get you some fine sweets to eat."

Nodding shyly, the nurse walked past him, trying to summon the confidence within as she added an extravagant sway to her hips.


"Eeep!" Shizuka squealed as a rush of pain and pleasure assaulted the nerves of her rump, she looked back at the assailant and scowled.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "In my defense, it was hard to resist after the teasing."

"I'm fine with the… y'know, getting spanked." Shizuka blushed madly at her own admission before her eyes narrowed in annoyance at her fellow blonde. "It's fine if it is you who's playing with my ass. But if you're gonna spank me, at least be a bit more gentle!" She stipulated a bit irritatedly before bustling away.

Leaving behind a shell-shocked delinquent who was still processing the fact that he was now allowed to play and slap the fattest and shapeliest ass in the world.


It lurched forward, one step at a time, a single destination wired into its brain as it moaned and groaned.

The reason for its existence was not known to itself.

Life, the birth of an organism, was something that it had just experienced hours ago. Prior to that, all that had been was a deep encompassing abyss.

Only the barest of knowledge flowed through its thought process, gifted by the ravenous nature of an angry world that sought to start anew.

It didn't even know anything about the world or what it was.

But there were a few things that were unmistakably clear. It was stronger than most of its kin, smarter than most of its kin, and it possessed a deep seated hunger that was unrivaled and could only be quenched through a single means.

By eating the plague, the disease, that afflicted the soils of mother earth for millennia.


A terrible plight upon nature.

They're continued existence could not be further tolerated.

Nemesis. A name.

Groans, particularly loud in nature, carried with it a roar of approval as the crimson skinned monster exhaled through the nostrils, ferocious hungry white eyes locked onto a moving destination.

With a start, the crimson menace bolted, a lurch of screams emanating from its own throat as it seeked to exterminate and feast on the flesh of humanity's strongest warrior.

Nemesis, that was the name it decided to wear.


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