A Supergirl/Robin Story

Author's Note: This one-shot is set in the universe of the current Batman/Superman: World's Finest series published by DC Comics, written by Mark Waid with art mostly by Dan Mora. It deals with the reprecussions of Supergirl and Robin's tumultuous first date from the series' 12th issue, and how both young heroes come to grips with said reprecussions. And also, it's an early birthday gift for my ever-loyal friend, Kelseyalicia. Please check out her stories when you can, because her creativity is amazing.


It was a disaster that waited to happen for Kara Zor-El of Krypton, alias Supergirl, and Dick Grayson, alias Robin, some months ago. It wasn't because of their superhero roles, as they were pretty good at giving their all to save the lives of other people. It was because they were incompatible as a couple. Their first date had gone horribly wrong and would traumatize them somewhat for a long time. A man looking for his monkey had played some part in the chaos, but it was mostly by Supergirl and Robin's own hands. Thankfully they confided in Superman (Kara's cousin) and Batman (Dick's partner) in the date gone wrong. Now the youngsters needed to face each other again in private, this time without any pretense.

It was currently a partly cloudy afternoon when Kara, with a ponytail, glasses, and dressed in a beige sweater, green pants, and white sneakers, was sitting on a hill of green glass in her adoptive hometown of Midvale. She was known there as Linda Lee Danvers, the daughter of Fred and Edna Danvers. As her cousin's adoptive parents knew his secret, her own adoptive parents knew hers. She had as much to learn as anybody, but as long as she believed in herself, anything was possible. She was waiting on Dick Grayson to pay a visit to her so they could both say what they wanted to say to one another.

Kara's super-hearing picked up the sound of a limo below the hill pulling up on the street. She stood up and smiled. She didn't need to use her X-ray vision to see who was inside. Dick had arrived. The black-haired teen opened up his left door and spotted Kara up the hill.

"Thanks for the ride, Alfred," Dick said to Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's lifelong butler and ally. "I'm not gonna be long. This is just something that Kara and I need to work out by ourselves."

Alfred turned to his young ward with a smirk and replied pleasantly, "I understand, Master Dick."

Dick stepped out fully of the limo and gently closed his door. He was wearing a black t-shirt, blue pants, and grey sneakers. He made his way up the hill to face Kara directly.

"Hey there, Dick," Kara greeted to her fellow superhero. "Thanks for coming to Midvale."

"I wanted us to deal with this head on before it gets any worse than it already is," replied Dick.

"I agree," Kara said with a nod. She sat down on the ground again, and Dick sat right next to her. Not wanting to beat around the bush any longer, Kara stated, "I know that you and I suck as a couple. The past few months have been pretty hectic for the both of us. We've gotten so used to helping others that I wondered if we could ever help ourselves on a personal level."

"Romance is something that neither of us are capable of," lamented Dick. "I guess that we're more in love with being heroes than anything else."

"That's certainly true," said Kara with a smirk. "Heroism is a part of us. Whatever threats come our way, we can handle them."

"We sure can, Kara," replied Dick. "With a little bit of help, of course."

Kara chuckled at that. She found herself wondering what might've been if she and Dick had been an actual couple. This prompted her to ask him, "How would you truly feel about us as a couple, whether or not we're in costume?"

Dick thought hard about Kara's question. With the way their first date ended, it had actually given him pause to think about how to talk to girls. While romance wasn't in his vocabulary, he felt that if he weren't so full of bravado, things between him and a girl would progress as naturally as possible. He responded to Kara, "Honestly? I'd feel like we'd actually get to know each other better. We'd learn to appreciate our differences and lift each other up whenever we feel down. We're from different worlds, yes, but bonding is essential in any relationship - romantic and otherwise."

"That's a great response, Dick," Kara complimented. "For being the Boy Wonder, you can actually be brilliant with words."

"And for being the Maid of Might," Dick added, "you have a ton of empathy for people who need and deserve all the help they can get."

"Well, I have to, don't I?" replied Kara with a smile. "Even those who do bad need to be rescued."

"I sure wish we could say the same for bad guys like the Joker and Lex Luthor," stated Dick with a bit of an edge. "Those two are absolutely loose cannons."

Kara nodded, not having anything to say regarding Batman and Superman's two greatest, most deadly enemies. Changing the subject, she asked, "Do you believe that Batman has any time for an intimate relationship? You're his partner, after all."

Dick had been Batman's partner for quite some time that he became used to how the Dark Knight operated. His response to Kara was, "I'm not really sure if he'll ever make time for romance. I don't bug him about it because I know how much he values his privacy. He's pretty much married to his work. I can understand that pretty well."

"Well, Superman is just as much married to his work," added Kara. "He doesn't hesitate to spring into action to help others no matter how tough things can be. It's a good thing I, his sensational cousin, am around to help him whenever he needs it. You, me, Superman, and Batman - we're all willing to protect other people, just in different ways."

Dick beamed, "That's exactly right, Kara. With the four of us, as well as the Doom Patrol and the Justice League, there's nothing we can't accomplish."

The two youngsters looked at each other and smiled. The expressions they were giving off were more sibling-like than romantic, which reaffirmed the belief that they were better off as friends instead of lovers. It was something neither of them minded. As they stood up, Kara said sincerely to Dick, "Thank you again for coming here, Dick. This is just what we both needed."

Dick replied, "You're welcome. I'm glad we got to talk for a bit." He and Kara hugged each other. It certainly felt good for the both of them to say what they wanted to say to each other before things got more awkward between them. They broke off the hug, and Dick added with a wink, "See you around, Supergirl."

Kara replied with a thumb up, "You, too, Robin."

And with that, Dick headed back down to Alfred's limo. He and Kara waved to each other before he got inside the limo. Alfred turned the limo around and drove immediately back to Gotham City.

Inside, Alfred couldn't help asking Dick, "So I take it that you and Kara's talk went well, Master Dick?"

"Better than even I expected," Dick responded honestly. "It was like a huge weight had been lifted off of our shoulders."

"Very well, sir," Alfred replied firmly but fairly.

Kara watched the limo drive off before it vanished completely. She stretched out her arms and floated a bit, then rested herself on the grassy ground. She stared at the partly cloudy sky not only to admire it, but to imprint in her mind her and Dick's conversation about them just being friends. It was a good day for them both, something they would never forget. Kara closed her eyes and pictured herself and Dick as Supergirl and Robin looking ahead to the future (Supergirl with her fists on her hips and Robin in a kneeling position on one leg, their capes billowing in the wind).

We are best friends - now, and forever, Kara thought with pride. Her and Dick's legacies as superheroes would live on, as would those of every other superhero, including Superman and Batman.


Dick's outfit in this story was a deliberate reference to his Nightwing persona in the canon DC Comics universe. :)