AN: Money: 1 Ryo = 1 U.S. Dollar. Pet peeves of mine are corrected in the story: Actual uniforms, in the schools and on the Ninjas. They are a part of the military, therefore no fashion statements and no orange. The Academy now lasts a full 12 years. So, no pre-teen ninjas. Age adjustments: Hana is three years older than Naruto. Anko, Kurenai, and Yugao are 7 years older than Hana, making them 10 years older than Naruto.

Kushina Uzumaki Namakaze, walks with a pregnant purpose. She has found out her child's sex and like any new mom would do, she starts to plan every aspect of her progeny's life. So far, she has set up a trust fund of a little over 3.8 million Ryo. This in a numbered bank account with blood DNA access, along with all the documents, certificates and deeded titles to lands and businesses of the Clan in the Capital of Water Nation, after all she is the Princess of Whirlpool. She has sent her will to her cousin, Mei Terumi. In it proclaiming her child as the Crown Prince of Whirlpool along with blood DNA for tracing proof. Now she is headed to her best friend Tsume Inuzuka's Clan Compound to fulfill a girl's promise they made back when they were in school.

"Tsume, I finally got the results back and it's a BOY!" Kushina excitedly said.

"Well congratulations, so does this mean we will finally join the two Clans?" Tsume asked.

"Yes, your Clan Inuzuka's Fangs will be embossed over the Uzu swirl. Also, I wish you to hold a copy of my new will, and I am placing a little over 1.5 million Ryo in your Clan bank for his care and education at the Academy. If anything was to happen. Will you please be his Godmother?" Kushina pleaded.

"Of course, I will. Godmother, and in the future, Mother-in-Law, Hana will be three years old in March, and your due in October so it's a good age for them to be Betrothed." Tsume added.

"Great, let them be raised together to bond and keep them both chaste and away from other temptations. Since you are now a Royal Vassel Clan, Hana cannot be marked. She can wear face painted fangs only if she wants. I will send a copy of the contract to my cousin Mei for the Clan and also to the Hokage and Council. We both know how they will bitch but politics will not determine my Clan's way or my son's life!" Kushina says. At that time little Hana tottles into the room and looks at Kushina, then smiles.

"Ohayo, Obana-chan. HaHa what's a betreod?" She asks curiously.

"That's Betrothed, and it means you now have a fiance. The person you will love and marry when you grow up!" Tsume explained.

"That's right so no talking to other boys except family, and he can't talk or play with other girls either unless your mom or the two of you agree together, ok?" Kushina added smiling.

"Yay! I'm going to be marwied!" Hana cheered jumping around.

The day after the Kyubi attacked Konoha. An old and weary 3rd Hokage, stands in a protected hospital room looking sadly at a blonde infant, now orphaned. There is a knock at the door.

"Hokage, it is Lady Tsume" the ANBU guard says.

"Let her in please" the Hokage answers.

Tsume comes in the room and rushes over to the baby to look it over protectively.

"This is Naruto?" Tsume asks as she rebundles the child.

"Yes, and now I am so glad Kushina was an over zealous nesting mother to be." He said.

"All papers relating to him have been filed, here is his birth certificate and adoption certificate. Please sign the bottoms of each for yourself and by proxy Kushina. One final question will you raise him as an Inuzuka or Uzumaki-Namakaze?

"No, I have promised Kushina. We have already registered the Clan's ascendance to a Royal Vassel Clan. He will keep his rightful family name and be the Crown Prince of Whirlpool and Konoha. He is Hana's Betrothed. You will find the documents in the Village registry and also in the Capital's Records Department" Tsume said with her Clan Head authority.

"Is that wise with all of the enemies Minato and Kushina have out there?" the 3rd asked.

"What should that matter? How many enemies do you have from the same wars? Did you hide your children from the world? No. I have my Clan and a guarded Compound. The majority of the villages' Nin-kin are there also. We will be safe. This Crown Prince will be given his proper due! Tell the village that the Prince still lives, give them something to be happy about and look forward to, since this tragedy. The revival of the Royals of Konoha. This should help inspire some needed village pride." Tsume demanded.

"I see. Please forgive an old man for jumping to conclusions. It has been a long night. I will reclaim the Hokage seat. I will hold a council meeting in 2 days to gather all information on the who, what, when, where, and why's. That is a great idea. Let's give a much-needed boost of morale, for the village's Familial identity. I will see you then." He says.

Tsume bows, thanks him for the hard work he has and will be doing and takes Naruto to his new home. Once there she is greeted by a happy, little, three-year-old, girl who was carefully watching over her 3-month-old brother.

"Sush, Kiba is sleeping, HaHa. Is that my fiance? Can I hold him?" she asks excitedly.

"Yes, sit down and I will let you hold your Betrothed." Tsume smiles at Hana, grateful of how loving and caring she is.

"Aww, he is so pretty, HaHa. Just look at his whiskers!" Hana gleefully notices and gives Naruto a kiss on his forehead.

"You mean he is handsome, boys are handsome, girls like you are pretty." Tsume explaining the difference.

"So do you like your fiance?" Tsume asks while sitting on the floor next to the children smiling.

"Yes, I do HaHa. I love him. This is my fiance and I don't have to share with anyone else, unless you say so right HaHa?" She kisses Naruto again to prove her point, and Tsume giggles at Hana's possessiveness.

"That's right Hana-chan, he is all yours, don't let some other girl flirt, hug or kiss him unless it is a special day and a special girl that you know and trust. You give him all the love, hugs and kisses he will need to grow up and love you back. This way he will be a good husband." Tsume smiles at her daughter.

"Can he sleep in my room?" Hana asks.

"Not for a couple years he is too little and might fall off your bed. Plus, he might wake up at different times like your brother. They will both be in a crib in my room till they get a bit older then we will change the bedding arrangements, ok?" Tsume explains.

"Ok, HaHa" Hana kisses Naruto again and he smiles at her.

"I love his whiskers; I will wear them too because I am his betroad." She says.

"Betrothed, and that is fine, it is why you don't have my marks." Tsume corrected and giggled.

Time Skip- 3 years: Hana is now 6 years old and is getting ready for her first day of school.

"Naruto, can you please get my book bag for me?" Hana asks.

"I wanna help too, please. I got your bento." Kiba says.

Everyone is excited for Hana's first day of school. She comes down the stairs with a big smile in her school uniform.

"HaHa, are my whiskers straight and even?" Hana asks.

Ever since Naruto came into her life, she has proudly worn her whiskers to prove she is the Princess of Konoha, Naruto's betrothed. To keep Enemy factions away from Konoha and the fact it is a Royally connected village. The Inuzuka Clan is now the recognized Vassel to Naruto. He was recognized as the Crown Prince of Whirlpool and Konoha by the Fire Lord, thus gaining the protection of the village ANBU and a contingent of Samurai guards sent in from the Fire Capital's Daimyo.

"Let me see, Hana-chan" Tsume checks her daughter over. She wears a pressed schoolgirl's uniform of a white blouse and a forest green knee skirt lace trimmed ankle socks and white cloth oxford shoes. Her hair is held back in a high ponytail tied off with a clan crested clip and her proud whisker marks. "You look very pretty, and you did a good job on your whiskers. Doesn't she look pretty Naruto?" Tsume asked.

"Yes, she always looks pretty to me, she's my fiance!" Naruto says making Hana smile even bigger.

"She's my sister too and she prettier than any girl at that dang old Academy!" Kiba said trying to one up Naruto.

"Ok, let's go the escort is ready and we don't want to be late." Tsume calls to everyone.

Out the door they all go. They walk towards the Academy; Naruto holds Hana's hand and Kiba holds his mom's hand. The villagers all look in smiles and awe as their Royalty makes a public debut.

"Lady Tsume, is it already that time? The Princess is going to the Academy?" Mikoto Uchiha asks as she escorts her son Itachi and his betrothed Izumi to the Academy.

Mikoto is holding her youngest son's hand, Sasuke. He is a couple weeks younger than Kiba. With the passing of her husband Fugato, during the Fox rampage, Mikoto has been the undisputed Clan Head for the Uchiha's'.

"Is this handsome young man the Crown Prince?" She asks Naruto.

"Hello Lady Uchiha, I'm Prince Naruto Uzumaki-Namakaze. This is my Big Bro Kiba Inuzuka, He's the Clan Heir." Naruto says proudly about his brother Kiba, bowing politely.

"My, what a well-mannered young Prince you are raising." Mikoto says smiling.

"Thank you!" Tsume says happy to see Naruto remembered his manners.

Giving Naruto a kiss on the cheek, Hana goes into the Academy. Seeing a couple of older girls at a table she walks up and says "Hello, I'm Princess Hana Inuzuka. I'm here as a first year, checking in."

"Hello Princess, this here is Anko Miterashi, Kurenai Yuhi, and I'm Yugao Uzuki. We are all in the 7th year. We are the Hostesses for this year's orientation. My list reads your in room 105. Anko would you please escort her?" Yugao said.

"Sure thing, this way please, Princess" Anko bows. As they walk down the hall, Anko asks.

"I have to know. Those cheek markings. Are they for Royalty, since the rest of your Clan wear fangs? How long have you known the Prince, is it true love?" She rattles off each question with teen girl's hearts in her eyes.

"Yes, because Prince Naruto is my betrothed, I wear his feral markings. Hana proudly says. "I have been with Naru-kun ever since he was a day old, and yes, I love him very much!"

"That is so cool. Well, here is your room. We do Hostess duties every day from 7-8am. Stop by and see us and become our friend. We are also in the Kunoichi Career's Club. It's a gathering of us Kunoichis in training and we help each other prepare to kick the boy wannabe ninjas' butts. We even have real kunoichis visit and discuss their jobs for us to think about. Here is a pamphlet."

"That sounds like a good time count me in" Hana said excitedly then goes into her room.

As Hana has her day at school, Tsume takes her boys along with Mikoto and Sasuke to the park.

"Boys, while the older ones are in class let's get you ready for your Ninja studies." Tsume said with a stern voice. "Now, I want you to run around that pond three times. After each time you will do ten pushups, and ten sit ups. You will need to help each other by holding their feet, now go!"

"That goes for you too, Sasuke, don't let them out do us Uchiha's'." Mikoto says grinning at Tsume.

The park pond's track is two hundred meters in circumference, The three boys excitedly ran and ended up in a race on the last lap ending in a three-way tie. They then went to their moms for the next lesson.

"Now first to stretch out like we will show you to cool down and then we will try meditation" Mikoto explains and coaches the boys. As this happens Jade Yamanaka and Yukari Hikoshiro walks up with their daughters Ino and Tenten along with Natsu Hyuga a branch family Nanny for Hinata.

"Ohayo, Ladies Mikoto and Tsume, may we join you?" asked Jade, motioning her arm to the gathering crowd.

"The more the merrier. We have already ran three laps with ten push and sit ups on each lap. Then stretched out. Now we are learning meditation. If you would like to join and help the children. We are getting Ninja ready" Tsume said fingering quotes on the ninja part.

"We will be doing this every morning after dropping off the older ones at the Academy. Come and join us daily if you like." Mikoto said.

Soon a row of three- and four-year-olds are sitting still. Trying to learn how to meditate.

"Natsu if you would, please pass along a message to Lord Hyuga, that I would like to discuss a Betrothal between our two Clans. At his convenience, just send a messenger." Tsume said.

"I will let him know this afternoon when we return Lady Tsume" Natsu smiled.

After 30 minutes of on and off trying to meditate the children were let loose to play on the playground. Tsume allowed Naruto talk and play with the girls but no touching of any kind. At lunch time they all left for their compounds.

Time Skip 4 years: Naruto and Kiba are now seven and getting ready for their first day of school. Tsume was fussing over Kiba, while Hana was fussing over her fiance. Their school uniform consists of a white Gi top and a forest green hakimo and a white sash around the waist to show the year and level, wearing socks and cloth oxfords. They have been sharing the same bedroom for 3 years now and have grown really close. As young children, obviously nothing is happening as there is always a nanny in the room chaperoning them. Being together all the time with everyone reminding them they are engaged has led to a blossoming love between the two. Hana, being the older and just now entering puberty has become quite the possessive one.

"Kanajo, please be polite to the other girls in your class and upperclassmen, but do not and I repeat do not begin a conversation on your own. Some girls will try to take you away from me, don't let them ok, please." Hana said almost tearing at the prospect of some young whore taking her Naru-kun.

"Don't worry Onee-san, I won't let them do anything to him." Kiba said, as the Inuzuka's protectiveness of his Clan comes out.

"That goes for you too Kiba, remember Hinata is your fiance now. So you must watch over and protect her but don't be bossy. She is still shy." Tsume reminded her son.

Hiashi, Hinata's father agreed to the Betrothal between Hinata and Kiba. This has helped him in two ways. One, with Hinata engaged to the Royal Vassle Clan Heir. Hinata cannot be branded and doing this she also brings Honor and Status to the Hyugas. Two, this in turn requires Hanabi to be the next in line for Clan Heir, saving her from the demotion to the branch family.

"Now Hana please try not to jump to conclusions and pounce on anyone getting near Naruto." Tsume reminds her over protective pup.

"But mom, she hugged him. Even after I told that flea bitten skank to move along!" Hana growled through her teeth.

"Language young pup and please try." Tsume said thinking 'Kami, please ease off on her hormones before she outwrites kills a Bitch.'

A knock at the door reveals the escort is ready for the morning trek to the Academy. Naruto holds Hana's hand as they go out the door. Along the way they stop outside of the Hyugas' compound.

"Please let Lord Hiashi know we are here to escort Lady Hinata and Neji-san to the Academy" the Samurai guard said to the gate guard. When they came out Kiba grabs Hinata's hand and she smiles at him with a blush.

On the Next Stop, Hikoshino's Armory, the Samurai knocks on the door for Tenten to come out and Neji possessively holds her hand as she smiles. Neji's father had arranged for them to be Betrothed when they were two years old and they are very happy about it. They then meet up with Mikoto leading her three charges: Itachi, Izumi and Sasuke. When they reach the Academy they all went inside to the reception desk manned by the same older kunoichis in training, playing Hostess.

"Hey Princess, is this the Prince you have been bragging about?" Anko asked seeing them still holding hands.

"Yeah, and I heard you beat Shina up and down the sidewalk last week what happened?" Yugao wanting to hear the juicy gossip and Kurenai also leans in the hear.

"Oh, that Gold Diggin slut tried to make a move on my Konajo. Offering him 'a taste of her vanilla Chapstick' while hugging him!" Hana growled remembering the event.

"What? That Bitch!" The girls all said at the same time.

"Just wait till it's Martial Arts review. I got something for her slutty ass, messing with my imouto's man!" Anko said cracking her knuckles and getting riled up.

"Guess who's unwanted Aunty came to town" Kurenai said smirking at Anko.

"Oh Hush!" Anko turned pink in the cheeks.

"We will try to warn the others to keep away and keep an eye out for you where we can. But really though just look damn it, blonde hair, blues eyes, cute as button and Royalty rich! You scored big time Hana, and we got a big job ahead of us this year." Yugao said.

"Can you sense that Evil growing? FANGIRLS!" Kurenai teased.

"NO! not them" Naruto hid behind his Ha-chan. "You had warned me about them." He said looking around helplessly.

"Well at least he is house broken, so cute!" Kurenai said. and Anko laughed.

"So what room Senpie, I will escort him there and KI blast the girls. Just to let them know that I don't share!" Hana evilly grinned.

"Room 105 talk about fate that was your first-year room. Looks like all the Clan Heirs are there too. Must make it easier to protect them if they are all in one place." Yugao said.

When they get to the door, Hana reads the roster on it. "Oh great 25 cadets and you. 15 of them are females." Hana growls a bit. "Let's go inside so I can mark my territory."

Going in holding hands, the girls in the room immediately noticed Naruto and start to blush. Then one squealed "It's him the Prince and oh my Kami he's cute!"

Releasing a huge amount of killer intent, Hana shows her teeth. Meanwhile Anko, Kurenai, along with Yugao sensing the oncoming slaughter, runs down the hall hoping not to see blood on the first day. The classroom Instructor Iruka also runs to the room.

"Damn it, we should known better and have gone with her!" Yugao said.

"Who is that?" Iruka demands.

"It's the Princess Hana, probably doing us all a favor and killing a fangirl." Anko said.

The others look and shake their heads at Anko.

"What?" Anko asks.

"Do you girls not see me holding my fiancé's hand? Listen up. This one is off limits. Do you hear me? And while I'm at it those two love birds, Kiba and Hinata, are also Betrothed. You can make a friend but hands off!" Hana said .

Blasting an extra dose of killer intent. She kissed Naruto on the cheek and is quickly escorted out by the three Hostesses.

"That girl is scary. I better keep an eye out this year. I've got the Crown Prince and all the Clan Heirs and they will all be promised soon if not already. Fuck my life." Iruka says to himself.

"Now that's what I call a pre-emptive strike. Stopping those Bitches before they catch sent of their prey." Anko says and grins. Kurenai, Hana, and Yugao nods in agreement.

Time Skip 8 years: Hana is now a senior at 17 years of age. She has grown to be a beautiful young woman. Naruto and Kiba are in the 9th grade, and both are 14 years old and their bodies have started to gain muscle mass and definition. Hana received a set of puppy triplets called the Haimaru Brothers. Kiba got a puppy named Akamaru and Naruto had rescued a Baby fox who had wandered into the kennel one night looking for food and was cornered. After two days worth of begging, Tsume gave in and let Naruto adopt it. Being a vixen with a full red coat, he named her Kushi, believing it to be a sign, that the fox was sent from his mom to look out for him. Also for the past eight years, they kept the same morning routine, of them going from Clan house to Clan house. Escorting all the promised ones to and from the Academy. Four years ago Sasuke was betrothed to a pretty pink haired girl named Sakura Haruno. She was from a civilian family of wealthy merchants. With Itachi being promised to Izumi, who was from a branch family within the Clan. Mikoto wanting 'fresh blood' brought the Haruno's into the clan. Bonus that the two were already crushing on each other.

"So Prince Naruto, what did you decide to major in for the Academy elective?" Sasuke asked. He and Naruto were best friends as Kiba was his beloved brother in all but blood.

"I'm studying Fuijustu, I want to be a seal master and I want to minor in poisons. This will put me at a close to midrange fighter and support with my growing sensor abilities. I have gotten really good with my duel tantos, Master Marcaida has been teaching Ha-chan and I, Sinawali except she uses yantoks because she is going med-nin/ vet." Naruto answered excitedly as Kushi rides on his shoulders and neck.

"Fuinjutsu, and Poisons? Man, if you master those two your career will be set." Itachi said amazed.

"I'm going with kenjustsu and use a kodachi and nuke them with my fire jutsus" Sasuke smirked.

"Pyro!" Naruto joked.

"That's right I'm smoking hot, right Saku-chan?" Sasuke asked winking at a blushing Sakura.

"Neji, your just a straight up tank with your clan's taijutsu, right? Kiba asked.

"Oh, my man is a tank alright!" Tenten said with rosey cheeks remembering a moment, as everyone giggles.

"While I do practice my clan's style, I want to be a full-on medic." Hinata said holding Kiba's hand.

"Another good career choice, Hinata." Izumi said.

"I'm going Hunter/Tracking and play tank as needed with Akamaru, right buddy?" Woof was his response and Hinata scratches his head.

"HaHa said your gauntlets should be in soon, and then not much can stand in your way with those steel claws." Hana said to Kiba.

"I'm going to add Genjustu to my skillset. As a rear support it might come in handy for crowd control. Got the idea from my Sempai Kurenai." Hana also added.

"That's a great idea! I will do that too being a field medic with a bit of Genjutsu to support my man dishing out the pain" Sakura smiled at Sasuke.

"What's your plan Tenten?" Hinata asked.

"Me? I'm just a pure, uncensored, raging, Kunoichi DPS! I'm going for Weapons Mistress. Archery with throwing weapons and a minor in poisons. So no one won't be getting up in my face!" She gets an evil gleam in her eye.

"Ha-chan, she scares me!" Naruto says smirking and Neji nods.

"Tenten has the fangirls stopped with Neji? Any ideas, because they keep trying with Naru-kun." Hana asked as both Sakura and Hinata growled "mine" holding their promised one's hands more tightly.

"We had to do a girls room intervention last week. These whores tried to sit near our men at lunch taking our chairs." Hinata said and Sakura smiled evilly.

"You should have invited me, and no they haven't. I swear those skanks think they can compete with us! I am just a PMS away from a beheading and mounting a shank's head on a pike!" Tenten huffed with both hands grasping the air.

"Yep, really scared now!" Naruto said as every one laughs.

In the class room, in what is unofficially known as the Royal corner, sits the Prince and all the Clan Heirs together with their betrothed. Ino is always fussing over her Choji-kun. While Shiho tries to keep Shikamaru awake. Shino's fiance is from a branch family with-in his Clan, and is also an underclassman, while Hana is an upperclassman. It is now understood that the other Heiresses are to help guard Naruto and Shino both from the onslaught of the Fangirls. They keep trying and hoping for a concubine or second wife spot if either invoke the C.R.A., with their fiance in another room, so they are alone. Many times known fangirls have been found beaten bloody in the girls rooms, by Iruka and other Academy staff doing security checks with writing in lipstick on the mirrors, "they were warned".

"Today we are separating into our major electives. All medics to room 101, Jonin Shizune Keto will be your councilor. Fuinjutsu stays here, Jonin Kakashi Hatake will be your councilor. Genjutsu trainees go to room 102, T. Jonin Kurenai Yuhi is your councilor. Kenjutsu and Poisons will meet in the gym/dojo, with T. Jonins Yugao Uzuki and Anko Miterashi. We will do this for a week then swap out for your minors next week." Iruka explained.

Time skip Naruto's Senior year of school: With the 3rd Hokage getting old. Plus Naruto being her last living relative, Tsunade has agreed to return to Konoha. She is living her dream of revamping the medic program as the 5th Hokage. She also wants to spoil Naruto and his Bride Hana, like the loving Auntie she is. Jiraiya has upgraded his spy network to infiltrate the underside of Konoha. He has been helping Naruto to master his Fuinjutsu. He has already finished all that the Academy with Kakashi can teach so he can be certified a Master of Fuinjutsu, plus get some Godfather time in. Hana had graduated three years ago and was accepted to the veterinary school.

"Kyoufu why is kaa-san and obana-chan always mad at you" Naruto asked.

"The truth is, I once peeked in the girl's bath and saw them naked. Guess they still hold a grudge" Jiraiya said matter of factly wanting to see Naruto's reaction. He was a bit disappointed when nothing happened.

"Oh, did they beat you up?" Naruto asked as he kept practicing his calligraphy.

"Worse beating I ever had. Broke three of my ribs. I got to admit, seeing those beauties in the buff made it worth the beating." Jiraiya said admiring Naruto's penmanship. "Have you ever peeked in on the girls room?" he asked.

"Oh, no. I love Ha-chan to much to do that. She is all I need." Naruto said with confidence and Jiraiya frowned a bit.

"That's right, Naruto you stay sweet, just like that, a faithful, one woman man. Jiraiya, stop trying to bring that young man to the dark side!" Tsunade yells cracking her knuckles.

"You keep practicing your strokes. You are doing great. See you next lesson." Jiraiya runs off.

"Naru-kun, there is a special seal I want you to learn and put on a transfer sheet. I will need 200 of those tags please and Konoha will pay you an A ranks pay for it. As our newest Fuinjutsu Journeyman. We will keep you busy. This medical seal is for the Kunoichis' Birth Control. I shouldn't have to explain why." Tsunade said.

"Anything for you obana-chan. Oh and please check and tell me when a good time for Ha-chan's sealing. Only I can touch her." he stated.

"Ok, Naru-kun, can you and Ha-chan come to see Shizune Monday at 8 am?" Tsunade made the appointment.

Monday morning finds the young lovers in the clinic with Shizune.

"Shizune-nee, we are here for Ha-chan's appointment. I have also brought 200 of those Kunoichi mission seals Obana-chan requested in the satchel. I will need to re-stock on ink and papers before the next order." Naruto said.

"Very good Naruto-kun, I will have the clinic send the funds to your account on file. Is that ok?" Shizune asked.

"Just fine, nee-chan" Naruto answered.

"Now Hana-chan, go over behind the screen and change into the exam robe for me." Shizune directs Hana.

When Hana finishes changing she lays on the table holding Naruto's hand. Shizune moves the robe to expose the navel area only, to keep Hana's modesty and does her medic scan jutsu. She writes down the results on her chart. Smiling, Shizune looks at Naruto and nods. Kissing Hana on the cheek he lets go of her hand and gets a prepared seal, and puts on surgical gloves. Shizune points to where the seal needs to be positioned. On Hana's left side of the navel just below it and between the hip and navel. Naruto gently cleans the area with an alcohol wipe. He then gently places the seal on the spot and has Shizune give one last check. She nodds her head and Naruto places his hand on the seal.

"This will feel hot for a moment but should not be painful." He warns.

"I trust you." Hana says.

"Fuin: Seal" Naruto channels his chacra and the seal transfers to Hana's body. Shizune inspects the seal placement and smiles.

"Well done Naru-kun. Now Hana-chan, go get dressed, and no touchy, touchy for two days. The seal or each other. That way, the seal and your cycle can properly sync." Shizune explains and Hana blushes knowingly, covering her redness with her two hands. "nee-saaaan!"

"How is the Academy Naru-kun?" Shizune asks while Hana gets dressed.

"I am working on my minor, Poisons as I have maxed out the Academy's Fuinjutsu program. Kyoufu still helps with the advance sealing studies." Naruto says.

Well I mastered poisons too, so if you need help just ask. Who is your Poison's Sensei?"

"Anko Miterashi, she is also a friend and Sempie to Ha-chan."

"I know her. She works under Ibiki Moreno in I&T. She will make a good poison sensei. Make sure you do exactly what she says. Poisons can't be taken lightly." Shizune preaches entering her big sister mode.

"I will nee-san" Naruto smiles at her protectiveness.

Hana finished dressing and comes out and holds Naruto's hand again. Shizune smiles at the lovers and bids them goodbye.

"Two whole days, can you wait itoshi?" Hana asked a bit worried.

Ever since the fangirls found out she had graduated. The whores have been nonstop. She can now finally fight back. They have already explored each other's bodies. Learning of each other's pleasure zones and have more than once made each other very, very happy. Just one last hurdle to go, and now they are safe to go all the way. Well in two days anyways.

"Ha-chan, I have waited 17 years, two more days is nothing. No one will take me from you. Besides we can still do other things." With a teary smile Hana hugs him.

"I so love you my itoshi." Hana kisses him on the lips.

"Well hey there, it's my two favorite Royals. That doesn't look like the poison homework I asked you to do." Anko smirked as she teased the two lovers.

"Hey, Anko Sensei, mine is done. I developed a paralyzing formula that still heightens the pain receptors. you can now easily handle the prisoners and still do your thing. Show them the full onslaught of a kunoichi that knows all her pain points." Naruto says with an evil grin.

"Ok, maybe I do need to give you some special attention tonight. Your evil is showing again. I blame you, Anko sempai." Hana winked.

"Muah? I have been nothing but an Angel" Anko pointed to herself acting innocent.

"Yeah, an angel of death and no mercy." Yugao joined in as she appeared.

"Ha-ha-ha!" Anko sarcastically laughed.

"The Hokage has asked for you Prince." Yugao relaying her message.

"Ok, let's go Ha-chan you know that one admin, Shina, still looks at me like I'm the last snickers bar on the shelf." Naruto shivers and Hana growls.

"Who?" Anko asks.

"That same Shina bitch. We pulled a girls room intervention with Yugao and Kurenai. She just won't take a hint." Hana growls.

"Just wait till I find her. That man stealing whore." Anko cracks her knuckles.

Chapter 6:

At the Hokage tower, Tsunade was reviewing reports on this year's graduating Genin with Kurenai since she has been newly promoted to Full Jonin and will take a Genin squad this year.

"Bitch, Keep off my man before I kill you! and no, he doesn't need any bedroom skills taught to him!"

"Kurenai go restrain her before this escalates further." Tsunade said.

They both run out the door.

"Alright, tell me what happened out here." Tsunade asked.

"That admin worker, Shina, offered Prince Naruto a fun night of bedroom studies. Hana took a major offense to it." Shizune said walking over.

"I bet she did." Tsunade remarked.

"This whore will not leave the Prince alone. She just doesn't get it. She has been trying to bed him since he had enrolled in the academy." Kurenai chimed.

"The Prince is a big boy now and he can enter the C.R.A. so I am just staking my claim." Shina smirked at Hana.

"Bitch, I will rip those Double Dees right off your body!" Hana screamed.

She charged at the girl, but Shizune used a senbon to a neck nerve and Hana dropped into Naruto's arms.

"Naru-kun take her to my office. I will be there shortly." Naruto nodds and carries his Ha-chan, bridal style, in to the office.

"Now, for you Shina, your fired" Tsunade declared.

"Fired, for what?" she screamed.

Tsunade, using a level of speed proving her status of a sannin, picked up the girl one handed, off the floor by her neck, and growled in her face.


"Now listen up you dumb skank ass bitch. Even if the Prince enters the C.R.A., do you really think you have a chance. I mean the first thing he will do is ask his first wife's permission and blessing for any other female to be chosen. That woman has been holding his hand, was his first hug, his first kiss, and giving his upbeat mood lately, his first hand job. She has been his everything, ever since he was literally a day old. No way in hell you are going to get between those two. She will never allow it. Plus you smelly cunt stain, Naru-kun is my nephew by blood and Clan. So as his senior, I will never allow it either. Now get out before I kill you myself. Better yet, ANBU, take her to Anko and let's see if she's a concubine spy trying to get close to the Prince!" Tsunade ordered then dropped the girl on her ass. The ANBU grabbed her then shunshined away.

"Mess with my otouto." growled Tsunade and the office started to clap at her for defending the Prince.

"Yeah, yeah, now get back to work!" she smirked.

Back in the office, Shizune waves smelling salts to revive the Princess and watches the show. Kushi was in her lap getting scratches.

"Naru-kun just two more ok, itoushi?" She then bear hugs him by the waste and cries herself to sleep.

Naruto lets her hold on as he plays with her hair.

"Two more?" Kurenai asked.

"She had a birth control seal applied this morning, so her hormones are out of wack. I told them to wait two days before doing anything." Shizune filled her in.

"I tried to tell her my waiting wasn't a problem. It's all these other... suitors, she feels inadequate and overwhelmed, that I would be tempted to stray. Of course, I would never do that to her. I love her. She is my everything and has been since I could ever remember." Naruto says with confidence. Still playing with her hair.

"AWWWW, so sweet. You stay just the way you are Naruto-kun." Shizune says.

"Have you two decided on a date yet, You graduate this year, right?" Tsunade comes in and asks.

"Next fall, she wants an Autumn colored wedding. While we are talking about it, Obana-chan will you play mother at my side?"

Hearing the question, the ladies in the office all gasp and place their hands over their mouths. Tsunade spins her chair to face away and wipes her eyes.

"Damn it, otouto, making me cry. Of course, I would love to!" She gets up and hugs Naruto.

"Now, I want at least three grandchildren, but wait a year before you two start re-building the Clan. Enjoy your marriage first." Tsunade says holding up three fingers.

"How big are you going?" Shizune asks.

"That's up to her. It's her day. I am just there to see her happy."

"AWWWWWW" Kurenai couldn't stand it anymore and hugged him this time waking up Hana.

"Hey not you too, this one is mine." Hana teased Kurenai.

"Well of course Kurenai, Anko, and Yugao will be my three maids. Will you, Shizune nee-chan be my Maid of Honor?"

"I would love to!" Shizune choked on tears and hugged Hana.

"Mine are Choji, Shino, Shikamaru, and Sasuke as Best Man. Kiba of course will be giving his sister away.

"We want Jiji Sarutobi to officiate it. He has already agreed!"

"With us being Royals, I'm sure the Elders will have every other Nation on the mailing list." They all chuckled.

"Oh yeah, what did you need me for?"

"Ah, two things, one we need more of those trap seal tags. The ones where we can load poison senbons. The ANBU field test came through with perfect scores. Can you do 2000 for the first order? The council has officialy set you up as our Fuinjutsu Journeyman. You will get an A ranks pay for every set of 200 just like the Kunoichi seals." Tsunade smirks with her bragging over her otouto's sealing skills.

"An A ranks pay, for every set. That's 10 sets, and no one sharing! Now I am jealous." Kurenai nodds her head.

"Traps, what traps?" Hana asked.

"It's a simple trap and warning tag, but mine can be loaded with senbons of your favorite flavor, so when its is triggered, pin cushion time!" Naruto grinned evilly.

"Your evil is showing, again." she kisses him "there better? I still blame Anko sempai." she sighs and they all giggle at her blaming Anko.

Deep in an underground room, "AACHOO, sniffle, damn, who's complaining now?" Anko, picks up a senbon. She notices her victim is the whore, Shina. Anko then happily gets to work.

"Ok tits, what's this about you trying to bed our already engaged Crown Prince?"

"Yes, I can do 2000 over the weekend. I just need to re-stock my ink and papers, so they can have them on Monday. Do you want the 360 mine stile or the directional senbon firing, and what's number two? Naruto asks.

"Directional for now, those are safer. Second is the poison you developed for your class project. Anko showed it to Ibiki. He wants it. He wants it bad. I have read the report on it and his ... trial test results. I have to agree. I would like you to sell Konoha the formula. It will be listed as an A-Class secret poison used for the most stubborn and dangerous detainees. Because we want the rights to the formula, and not ready made vials he has offered you three hundred million."

"Three hundred million? Ten A ranks to be paid? Ok itoushi, I will let you leek that evil out every now and again." Hana joked and kisses him again.

"I see, you have your ways, to bring him back to the light." Kurenai teased and Hana smirks.

"Speaking of evil." Tsunade continues.

"You have been offered two different Apprenticeships. I agree to both as a good fit for you. But you need to choose. One is with the mentioned Anko and Ibiki for I&T with your seals and poison skills" She holds up a finger.

"Two, is R&D under Shibi Nara for the same thing, but more boom boom, if you know my meaning. She holds up a second finger. So chose how you want to grow your evil as Hana-chan puts it." She smirks, as Naruto looks at his wife to be, wanting for her input. Hana sighs.

"We just got a huge payday plus your income as the Village's new Fuinjutsu Journeyman, with the clinic's and now ANBU's orders. Let's just stick with the evil we know and pays well. I'm not sure, that I don't want you going boom boom, with anything else but me." Hana jokes and Naruto kisses the tip of her nose.

"Obana-chan we accept I&T's offer and yes, I will deliver the scroll tomorrow. Since it's now a sensitive document, do I deliver it here to you or straight to my new Master, Ibiki?" Naruto smiles and ask.

"Very well, deliver it to me in the morning. The I&T Poison and Seals Position falls under the Medic corp. That means khakis for you and it's a Warrant Officer's position. I will need you to get with Jiraiya to sign off on your Seals Master form and get with Shizune to fill out the Warrant Officer packet and then she will tutor your studies for the W.O. medic poisons' test. You have two months till test date." Tsunade orders and Shizune gives him an evil look.

"Um, Ha-chan, her evil is showing now." Naruto gulps and all laugh at him.

"Don't worry Naru-kun, I will make sure you pass and get your WO2 up front." Shizune grins evilly.

"Wait WO2, that the equivalent of a special jonin in pay and rank!" Kurenai said amazed.

"The props of being a genius in two of the three hardest career fields the other being a Full Doctor." Tsunade said proud of her otouto.

"Let's see school grad check, high paying career with a boost to WO check, wedding in the plans check and check, big starting bank account check. That leaves us with one thing Ha-chan...a home of our own." Naruto counts off on his fingers.

"Well, you do have a Clan Compound as your inheritance. It was damaged during the Fox rampage but with your other inheritances, these sales and future career, I believe you are the wealthiest person in Fire Country." Tsunade reveals.

When do I get the inheritance? Naruto asks.

Tsunade looks in her desk and grabs a set of keys and hands them to Hana.

"You two go to compound #4 in the North district. It's all yours. I will have the rest to be released on the day of your Commissioning. Get with Lady Tsume on your Trust Fund that Kushina had set up when she found out you was going to be a boy. She had given all those records to Tsume to keep for you when she had also set up your Betrothal. Go and see what you need to do for a cleanup, rebuild, or start a new construction project. Once again I am so happy for you two" Tsunade sniffles.

"Thanks Obana-chan" and the young lovers leave still holding hands. with Kushi following.

On the road to the Northern District. Hana with her head on his shoulder asks, sing song happily.

"Itoushi? Can I brag a bit? Would it be bad?"

"Brag, about what?"

"All of it of course, our wedding, my veterinary school, your commission, you becoming both Seal Master and Poison Master. Already making us big bank, as the Village's Fuinjutsu Journeyman position and now our own compound to rebuild, and if get my way, fill it full of laughing children." she smiled and giggled at him.

"Go ahead Ha-chan, if you can't brag then who can, hmmm. Make them all jealous." He smiled at her.

Coming up to the gate and unlocking it, a 984 plus acre area (four full square kilometers) is revealed. Going inside a few buildings are barely standing from the erosion of weather and time of the last 18 years.

"Well, a rebuild is out of the question, any foundations left would be molded and rotted. Sad, but look at the bright side my love. What we build will be all ours. Now for the fun part design it how you want, honey. We have a year to plan build and christen it with our love." Naruto told her.

"Oh, itoushi we will make this our home." Hana purred in his ear.

"You're making these two days hard, my bride" Naruto teases.

"Well, I still have my other skills." Hana seductively whispered in his ear.

The next two months were hell for Naruto. Jiraiya wasn't the problem. He signed off on his papers stating he was a Seal Master with 12 years of logged study. He had already taught him all he knew and watched him create his own seal, the senbon trap tags. No, this hell came in the form of a pretty, petite, brunette, medic named Shizune. She was an evil task master on the same level as Anko, when it came to medicine and poisons, but when it came to test day, he got his perfect score.