"My Prince, the Hokage has requested you and your fiancé at the Council Chambers." an ANBU relayed his message.

They both looked up nodded ok and shunshined. A skill that was taught to them by Yugao. She had been inducted into the ANBU. At the Council Chambers, they open the doors to see the room full. Clan Heads, Heirs with their Promised, Team 9 (Neji, with his now wife Tenten, and Lee) who were a year older, the Jonins, Elders, and the Civilian Side, plus the Hokages 3rd and 5th.

"Welcome Prince Naruto and Princess Hana." Tsunade opened.

"Today is a special day for Konohagakure. Today we get to induct into our Village's service, for the first time a Dual Master. We have received your Academy file, Seals chart and final grade of the Medic Poisons' Test. You scored a perfect score on the medic test. A feat that hasn't been done since I was a student. Lord Jiraiya has tested, logged and verified all requirements for your assentation to Seal Master. Director Ibiki with his assistant Special Jonin Anko has offered and sign off on your apprenticeship in the I&T Department. You have completed the Commissioning packet, and it has been signed off by your Senseis: Iruka, Jiraiya, Shizune, Anko and now by myself the Godiame Hokage and the Council Elders. Now, before we continue, are there any who oppose this Commissioning?" The room stayed quiet as no one objected.

"With silence as my answer, Prince Naruto Uzumaki Namakaze you are here by declared a graduate of the Military Academy of Konokagukure. You have ranked 1st among your peers as the Recruit of the Year and due to Mastering two of the three most needed professions, Fuinjutsu and Herbal Poisons with Medicine being the third. I grant you the commission of Warrant Officer level 2 under the Medical Corp Bannor."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present to you, WO2 Namakaze!" Tsunade yells and the room explodes in cheers.

Hana was bouncing with pride and joy and hugged and kissed her newly commissioned man.

"Director Ibiki, when does your new charge report." Tsunade asked.

"He has till a week from Monday at 8am in my office for orientation, Hokage-sama" Ibiki states with pride.

Knowing his I&T department had won out big time over the R&D department, and now Shibi owes him 1000 Ryu. That know-it all Aberame will be fuming for a while.

Tsunade gives Naruto and Hana his Academy Diploma, Commission Certificate, Officer's Handbook, Orders and a script for his uniforms.

After the reception, "I have released your inheritance. Lady Tsume has the documents and financial records for you. You can get started on your Clan Compound being rebuilt. Now, go get your khakis and they better be pressed and sharp you have our family's reputation to think about." She hugged him and let them go. They run out the door with all their friends and head to Tenten's family store.

"Wow, to think you became a Dual Master and earned a Commision! That's a hell of pay scale jump from doing D-rank missions." Negji remarked.

"You do realize. That as a WO2, with its ration's and quarter's allowances, and throw in the hazard pay from working with poisons, he will bring home close to 75,000 Ryu a year, Shikamaru states.

"Oh, that's not all, my Prince sold a poison formula he designed to the Village for 300 million. Plus, he was hired by the Council as the Village's Fuinjutsu Journeyman. He gets an A rank pay as a now WO2 for every set of 200 Seals or Tags the village armory and medical store's needs. He has the makers rights to those senbon trap tags everyone is buying for their travels and missions. He is wealthy now buy his own hands!" Hana started bragging proud of her man. Everyone went wide eyed at that bit of news.

"Really, then perhaps you could share. I'm sure he has enough stamina for one more girlfriend." Kurenai teases.

"Bad Kurenai, that's my meat, go get your own plate." Hana winks and teases back.

"Once we are done shopping would you all like to see our Clan Compound?" Naruto suggests and everyone nods yes.

In the store, he orders two black hooded body length cloaks, 5 sets of Khaki BDUs, 2 pair of black jungle boots, 2 sets of velcro ankle bands for blousing the pants legs into the boots, 2 black web belts with black buckles, 5 sets of gortex/kevlar under garments in white, a pack of 12 gortex and wool blend boot socks in khaki, 2 baseball style BDU hats, 2 wrist senbon holders in black, a Buck 110 folding lock blade with black belt loop case. Getting all the hemming done and sewing of his patches with the embroidered name and village strips. He had to show his orders and script to confirm he is allowed to purchase and wear his commissioned rank bar pins one for each hat and a subdued style for each shirt collar. The bars were golden vertically positioned with 2 red squares representing a Warrant Officer Level 2. Positioned on the center front of the hats and the Namakaze name strips were sewn across the bottom backs. The subdued bars were sewn on the right lapels and the Medic Corp Disk, with skull and crossbones, denoting the I&T Poisons' department on the left lapels. The village name strips were sewn just above the left breast pockets and his Namakaze name strips above the right breast pockets. Above the left breast pocket village strips are the Dual Weapons (Tantos) expert patches and the Thrown Weapons (Senbons) expert patches. Sewn on the left breast pockets the Dual Element (Wind/Water) Master patches. On the left arm at the shoulder are the Poison Master and the Fuinjutsu Master Tabs with the Leaf Symbol patches just under the tabs. Sewn on the right breast pockets are his Royal Uzumaki Clan patches. On the right arm shoulder are sewn the Fire Nation Kanji patch. Then to wrap it all up a newly, gold thread embroidered, Martial Arts Black Sash with the X filled Daimond, Dojo Crest of his learned style, The Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu on one end and three bars denoting his Third Dan ranking on the other end. In the middle a black with gold letters name strip sewn on the inside. Hana was having a great time, fussing over and dressing her man up in his new uniform. He looked so sexy in it. She was licking her lips.

"Third Dan in Aiki-Jujutsu? Damn that Samurai Captain Takeda must have been riding you hard. I thought Guy Sensei was intense." Negji exclaimed noticing the sash.

"My man worked hard and earned every damn bar. The captain even told him that in three more years, he can test for his Fourth Dan. Anything higher is usually for teaching the close fighting specialties or someone like our over achieving, got to learn everything, Prince." Hana said lovingly bonking Naruto on the head.

"What?" He sticks his tongue out to her.

"Ok, I knew of your senbons throwing and the Duel Wield Tantos badges, but when did you earned a dual elements badge? Do you have dual affinities? Tenten asked.

"Yes, both Wind and Water affinities. Last summer break, my Oji Jiraiya drilled and grilled me along with my Oba Mei when she came to visit, in the Water element. I was already proficient in the Wind element thanks to Baki-Sensei of Suna two years ago, although Ha-chan didn't like his other student, Tamari, so much when we trained." Naruto answered.

"Oh, you mean that blonde, sand whore who tried to sneak into our bedroom, twice, on that summer trip. Of course, I didn't like her!" Hana growled.

Naruto got an embroidered leaf messenger Nin-kin collar for Kushi the Khaki color with Black thread. It looked nice against her red fur. She yipped and pranced around.

"Hey Tenten, since your dad measured me for my new Chakra bladed Tanto set. I will need a horizontal harness to keep them in the small of my back perhaps a utility black web belt style with scroll and senbon/vile pouches. I will also need 2 boxes of the 200 count senbons, eight-inch, 18 gauge with 20 cc hollow tips" Naruto asked.

"Sure, that's a fairly standard poisoner's set up. They are over here come and pick one." Tenten points to a rack as she got the senbons.

The other Rookies also bought their uniforms in woodland BDUs. Except Sakura, Ino and Hinata, who also needed khakis because they were medics, and they purchased some field medic grade first aid gear to get ready for their new team assignments.

"Oh, congratulations you three for the acceptance to the Medic Corp." Hana beamed to her fellow medics and the girls blushed at the praise.

"By the way, I have a gift for all of you for graduating also, and for Team 9 too. I was in Suna when you graduated sorry it's late but here." Naruto hands out a scroll to each person.

"That's a complete customizable file system mission storage scroll set. When you open it, you'll see kanjis 1-12. Each kanji further opens to a corresponding scroll that can be labeled with a picture or script. Each storage scroll is high quality and rated at 1000 kilos capacity. kanjis 11 and 12 are for stasis either prisoner, medical, or perishable items also both at 1000 kilos each. This is my newest creation." Naruto explains the gifts.

They were all surprised by the Blondes creativeness with his fuinjutsu and cherished the gift they just received.

"So this is what a Fuinjutsu Master is capable of?" Itachi stated.

"Yes, also in kanji 1, there are instructions on how to label, encode, hide script, and lock with a blood seal. If you so desire or need to hide from thieving eyes."

They all walk to the North District to see the Royals' compound.

"A warning to you all it's a mess but it has four full square kilometers of land." Hana explains.

"Ino, we will need your family's horticulture expertise. For the land scaping plus a koi pond and Ha-chan loves moon lilies so that will be the theme. Can you come up with something and of course wildflowers, dogwoods and, bonsai for me?" Naruto smiled at Hana as he asked.

"Oh, that will be a fun project. I will let Chi-Chi know and we will get started on the needs and how." Ino happily said.

"Choji, I want a pit grill and BBQ party area around a swimming pool and a side smokehouse from your family's expertise." Naruto asks.

"On it my Prince." Choji smiles big at the thought.

"Shika, Hana wants a barn set up for her Veterinary practice and the pastures and forests cleaned and cultivated. Your Clan are the Ranchers can you help?" Naruto asks.

Shikamaru nodded and asks what everyone is curious about.

"Sure, but what kind of budget are you working with?"

"Just about 100 million Ryo we are thinking but can go higher if needed. This is our home, and my Bride will be spoiled." Naruto answers.

"We have the funds already set aside from his seals and formula sales so we don't need a mortgage, but Shino it would mean a lot if you were our Compound building director. You know keep the contractors happy but honest. Even though we have money, we don't want to waste it either." Hana pleads.

"It would be an honor." Shino says.

"Sasuke of course you Clans' security systems and wall designs will be needed for both the home and the Vet/ Barn."

"No worries." Sasuke smirks and kisses his pink haired lover on the cheek.

"This weekend if your available with your new teams and missions, we will have a groundbreaking and clean up, picnic. We will meet up at 9am, have lunch about 12pm and be done close to 3pm." Hana invites.

Everyone agrees and goes home to let their parents know of the incoming commissions with the construction of the Royal compound. Tenten shows her dad the gift she got from the Prince and he was very interested. If he can get the sales rights to these filing scroll systems, it would be a boon for the shop.

"Tenten, ask the Prince about getting the sales rights to this scroll system." He tells her.

"Hai, Chi-Chi" she answers with a knowing smirk.

Ino went to the flower shop and sees her dad and tells him of the landscape commission that the Prince requested at the tune of 100 million possible budget to include a koi pond and the moon lily theme for it's his Hana's favorite. Iniochi grins as he tells Jade his wife of the big project.

"Ino bring Princess Hana to the shop for a briefing of what else she wants and likes since Prince Naruto is doing it for her, we need to talk with her." Jade tells her daughter.

"Hai, Ha-ha." Ino answers.

Shino went home and tells his parents of the request he received from Princess Hana. They immediately went to the bookshelf and got the building codes and licensing laws for the village's compounds. It was only logical to study up and get the proper permits ready, so he can do this task.

Choji was literally jumping around like a sugared up three-year-old. Telling his parents of the back yard BBQ, fire pit and smoke house entertainment area for the Royal compound. And how the budget was set be close to 100 million Ryo for starters.

"Choji bring Prince Naruto in for a sit down so we can get more ideas of the layout pool and/or hot spring."


That evening in the Inuzuka Clan home. Tsume went all out on the celebration dinner. Afterall, it's not every day that any family can celebrate a commissioning and the pride of raising a Dual Master. Naruto may not have been borne from her body, but he has been in her life since he was barely a day old. Not only that, in a little over a year he will be wedded to her daughter, so he is family.

"Kushina, Minato, you two would be so proud of him. I just know you are smiling and bragging to Kami herself of your not so little boy." Tsume thinks to herself.

Her pups are all gathered around a kitchen table full of plans and pictures of weddings and houses busy planning for the future.

"I kind of like this style itoushi, but it's so expensive and extravagant." Hana toils between her spoiled desires and her mother's taught practicality.

"Ha-chan at this point money is not a problem the funds I earned and have set aside will build that and then some. I can easily add another 100 million for the walled garden and Quadratic compound style. If that's what makes you happy then let's do it while we have the funds. Once it is built it's ours." Naruto continues to spoil his Princess.

"Naruto is right, besides I want at least 3 grand pups to spoil. So, you need the space to let them roam safely." Tsume says holding up three fingers and smirking at her rose cheeked daughter.

"Obana-chan, said the same thing and number. It must be a sign." He winks and smiles at his Ha-chan and she grows redder.

"Well, I can solve all your money worries pup-chan." Tsume says standing and picking up a file off the counter.

"This is your inheritance, Naru-kun. First of all, before you were born, Kushina placed 1.5 million Ryo in the Inuzuka's bank for us to raise you and to help pay for Hana's and yours's wedding. This of course has drawn Interest over the past 18 years and to be honest we never touched it. We were already supplemented by the Fire Lord as we were promoted to your vassal clan. You now have 3.8 million Ryo after the interest accrued from that alone. It is your wedding gift from the Clan. Now for the kicker. Your mom set up a trust fund when she found out you were on the way it is worth a little over 12 million Ryo. Your dad, Minato, was a money machine like you. His, now yours's, land holdings are the entire Northern District. All of it, to the tune of 2.5 billion Ryo. The Royal Uzumaki account; huh fuhgeddaboudit, 350 billion plus the deeds and Titles for Wave and the Whirlpool Isles. That's why Water Nation is our ally now. That and the fact the Mizukage, Lady Mei, is your Blood and Clan relative just like Lady Tsunade. Another reason the Fire Lord has kept us all safe and cozy." Tsume said smirking.

"So that's what Obana-chan meant when she said I was the wealthiest person in Fire Nation." Naruto whistles in amazement.

"So, if that's the case, how about showing a little love to you Bro." Kiba jokes.

"Sure, how about a return of 6 points on the Ryo?" Hana jokes back.

"6 points! ahh, my own Ane is a loan shark!" everyone laughs at Kiba's antics.

That evening Hana made sure the celebration continued on into the bedroom. With the placing of privacy and sound seals. She plans her assault. No longer, can an evil shank whore be able to offer anything that she can't do. She comes out of the bath with her hair down and some black lacey lingerie with a sexy smile.

"Itoushi, I got something for you" She calls out in a sultry voice.

Hana walks seductively to the bed where Naruto was staring at his sexy woman. He was so fixated that he started to drool. Hana giggled. She loves the fact that she has this effect on her man. She slowly pushes Naruto on his back and straddles him. Hana then picks up his hands and places them on her lace covered breasts. Moaning a bit at his messaging of her D-cups. Hana leans forward and starts kissing Naruto with a heated passion. Yes, this is indeed a night for celebration and Naruto is earning his bedroom commission.

Saturday has come around and all of the Konoha 12 with their parents, fiancés and wives showed up with covered dishes and blankets for the picnic. Tsunade had the sanitation dept bring three large bins for the trash and debris to be sorted. Mei Terumi and her Guards Ao and Chojuro also arrived to help.

"Oba Mei!" Naruto shouts as he and Hana run to hug his aunt.

"My, my, otouto you have grown handsome. Hana my dear you look beautiful!" Mei excitedly greets her family with love.

"Hana-chan, are you keeping this rascal in line? Keeping all the unwanted fangirls at bay? Mei teases, and Hana growls at the fangirls jab.

"Oh, she gets into a fight twice a week it seems. Even Lady Tsunade had to step in once." Kurenai joked.

"Yeah, that one needed an extra push to leave things alone. Mei-dono how was the trip?" Tsunade greets the Mizukage with a hug.

"It was good thank you. We just couldn't pass up the rebuild of the Clan Compound. Sorry I couldn't make the Commissioning. Hope you got pictures?" Mei said apologetically.

"Ha-ha, even got it on video for you watch." Hana said cheerfully.

Hana and Naruto let their nin-kin run and roam the acreage to get use to their new territory. Naruto starts off with 20 shadow clones and combs the wreckage for artifacts, buried heirlooms, and salvageable pictures. Hana showed the plat and design concepts to Inochi and Jade for the planning of the landscaping. Naruto shows Soba and Choza plans for the backyard entertainment and outdoor cooking area. Shino and his parent took notes for the contractors and city hookups needed for the project. They also sent out their bugs to mark the actual property lines.

"The old main gate and fencing will be replaced as construction begins. The entire property will be walled. We want at least two compound side gates, plus a side entrance for deliveries to Hana's Vet/Barn. She will show you those plans and of course the main gate to the family compound. Hana has decided on a Traditional Chinese Quadradic Manor." Naruto tells the plan.

Soon everyone was working hard on the demolitions and separations of what needed to be recycled and what needed to burn. Naruto also asked Ino about the food garden plot and got both Anko and Shizune to help plan the green house for his poison plants. That will need a locking door for obvious reasons. By lunch time everyone had worked up an appetite. It was during this time, that Sasuke gave Naruto a small package.

"What are you two up to?" Sakura asked getting everyone's attention.

"Well, if everyone gathers around with your cameras, I have a quick thing to do" Naruto looks at Sasuke and the two smirk.

"As you know, Hana and I have been promised to each other literally all my life." Naruto jokes and everyone giggles.

"With the fact we do everything together, it was not easy to get this done. Now, thanks to my best man Sasuke, we got this for my beloved." getting down on one knee, Naruto looks up to his promised.

"I wanted you to have it all so here I go. Hana Inuzuka, will you do me the Honor, of having your lovely hand in marriage? Naruto asked.

He held up the ring. Showing the huge pink diamond with opals surrounding it all on a band of white gold it was stunning. The whole picnic was silent holding their breaths waiting for Hana's answer.

"YES, YES, YES, I WILL MARRY YOU!" Hana yells choking on her sobs. She then hugs her man and cries big happy tears. Because an arranged marriage or not, every girl dreams of being proposed to by the man she loves. The picnic all cheered and breathed again.

For the next 20 minutes the happy couple gets handshakes, and hugs. Hana got huge bragging rights as all the ladies rushed in to see the ring up close.

"Damn girl, is that what you get for bedding, I mean bagging a warrant officer?" Yugao teases, as Anko and Kurenai giggle at the double meaning.

"You did well, otouto! Seeing you do that, made us so proud of how you have grown." both Mei and Tsunade said with Aunty love tears.

"I love both of you!" Naruto hugs both his aunts.

"Thank you for making my pup so happy." Tsume cried as she hugged Naruto.

"You know I love her and you too kaa-san" he said in her ear.

After the grand moment died down it was back to the property work.

"Lady Yoshino, do you think we can get a few deer to help clear out the denser forested areas.?" Hana asked the Nara Matriarch, after the lunch picnic was over.

"Sure, we would be happy to, right Shika? And don't you troublesome me." Yoshino glares at her lazy son, while waving her patented "Nara attitude adjustor", the iron skillet. Shikamaru groans, he knows his mom won't let him hide and nap.

During the cleanup they found a few family pictures and two albums in the wreckage. One for the Namakazes' and the other was the Uzumaki's'. Luckily both had preservation seals on them. Mei and Tsunade were tearfully going down memory lane explaining the family they so dearly missed. Sakura's mom just so happened to own a camera and photo center and offer to cleanup the photos and make copies for the Prince and the two Kages who accepted happily. As planned by 3pm and a few earth jutsus, the property was cleared, cleaned, and readied for the construction phase.

"We have all the necessary information to get this project started. We will do the wall and gates first to secure the compound and The Naras can deliver the Deer to the back pasture area at any time. It is already fenced off." Shino confirmed.

Naruto goes to his Kaa-san and tells her that Shibi was ready. Tsume walks over to the Aburames'.

"Here is the bank card for the construction account. We have a little over 120 million Ryo on it. Please itemize all payments and receipts for their taxes and thank you for your help on this." Tsume said bowing and handed Shibi the bank card. He bows back.