A week later, the Oto prisoner was broken. Alot of information was revealed. The ANBU special mission is now a go, and Naruto with his Ha-chan go to meet up with their team in the Hokage's office.

"Good day to you all." Hana greeted as Naruto held the door for her. At that same time, Team 11, minus one pregnant Hinanta, but plus one petite red head, Karin, arrives. Naruto holds the door for them. "Always the Gentleman Prince, I'm telling you Hana. You better hurry along with your wedding date. He won't last long out there. Kurenai grinned and teased. Naruto blushed and everone else snickered.

"Down girl, before I get the water hose." Hana teased back with a smirk of her own.

"Glad you all came on time. For those that hasn't met her yet, this is our blood lab's angel, WO1 Karin Uzumaki. She will fill in for the now pregnant Hinata as team 11's medic. Tsunade praised and advised of the situation. Karin blushed at the angel comment.

"Better keep my imouto safe, Shika, Sasuke, Sai." Naruto exageratedly waved a fist at them and grinned. Yep, she spoiled.

"Back to the breifing. Team 12, you will go to your mission destination the ANBU Commander has directed. A reminder of 3 things: One, leave no wittnesses. Two, keep the target alive if possible, dead with the head complete for the Yamanakas' jutsu if not. Three, you all come back safe." Tsunade counts off on her fingers.

"Team 11, your going to Ame. Hanzo has found himself in a Civil War. Deliver this message to the Rebel Leader. This is our chance to finally up root that old lizard. Take no chances. Defend your selves and do what is needed to gain the Rebel's trust." Tsunade stresses the last one, handing Kurenia the scroll.

"Karin, I had you sign the Clan summons contract. Use the rat summons to thier full potential. Recon, messengers to Obana-chan and give the sentries poison tipped senbons." Naruto starts to grin evily as he hands Karin a couple vials of his special stasis poison.

"That poison will place your victems in a stasis so you can seal them in a scroll for easy transport even through a messenger back to Konoha if you need Master Ibiki's special attenion." Naruto was practicly shaded in his evil.

"Itoushi, please calm down you evil is showing agian." Hana kisses and Karin hugs him.

"Thanks to you my Prince this will boost our success rate by a lot." Kurenai said.

Naruto summoned two small Rats, one black the other white. He places them on Tsunade's window sill. He then give each a small cookie.

"These two are Jais and Jasper. Use them to contact either team if something comes up while we are out." Naruto nodds at his obana-chan.

"Good idea and dismissed!" Both teams head out to the village gate.

Once there Naruto and Karin both summon two Golden Eagles each. The teams climb aboard happy for the ride.

"Both of our teams should go to Kusa. I have a mission departure scroll to give their Kage. Once there and we are rested then we go to our separate missions." Kakashi suggests to Kurenai.

"How long till we arrive, Senior Chief?" Kurenai asked as they take flight.

"On these lovelies, about an hour and a half. Naruto brags.

Later, after landing in a field outside the Kusa Gates, Kakashi and Kurenai walk up to the gate guards.

"Teams 11 and 12 from Konoha. We are here for a take off point for our missions. Here is the scroll from Hokage-sama." Kakashi hands the scroll over. The guard inspects and reads it.

"Please wait, here Kakashi-san, as our runner gets the Kusakage (never could find the correct title so I made one)." Kakashi wave the others to join him.

"Greetings, Crown Prince Namakaze." The Kusakage bows to Naruto.

"Greetings Kage-dono. These are Senseis Kakashi Hatake and Kurenai Yuhi. My Personal Master Anko Miterashi. My Betrothed Hana Inuzuka. My imouto Karin Uzumaki, and our team mates: Sasuke Uchiha, Shikamaru Nara, and Sai Shumaru, and Genma Shiranui." Naruto said falling into his Prince Political mode.

"Hmmmm, Indeed a full and impressive travel court My Prince. We have your accomindations ready in the Ambassitor Suites. Please follow your escorts here and may I invite you and your party to a welcome feast tonight?" The Kage asked trying to gain a Royal favor for the future.

"Yes we would be delighted, if your attendents would please provides us with the proper dinner attire for the evening?" Naruto answered.

"Very well then, see you around 7pm in the Suites resturant. We will have a table prepared." The Kusakage bowed and left with his guards.

Once settled in thier rooms, Naruto sent a messenger rat to Tsunade updating her on thier safe arrival and possible mission departures in the morning. Anko, Kurenai, Hana and Karin went to the hot spring bath that the Ambassitor Suites were known for. The men just took extra long showers to get ready for the evening. Soon a knock on the door revieled a couple of attendents with a clothing rack full of Yukatas and Kimonos for the visitors to Choose from.

"Oh my Kami, these are beautiful. Anko and Kurenai gushed at the selections. I can get use to traveling with the Prince, if we keep getting spoiled like this." Anko said.

"Yeah, my nii-kun loves to spoil me. I am so lucky to have found him. I mean to be actually blood and Clan related. What are the odds? " Karin admitted.

"It's because he had lost his family the day he was born. HaHa and I did our best to give him all the love he needed and wanted. But when you came along it was as if the Shingami her self, gave his family back. To be honest, I was a bit jealous." Hana admitted.

"I would never betray you or him like that. One, we are blood. Two, that man is way too much in love with you. Talk about jealous. Three, there is this cute Doctor at Konoha General that I have my sights on." Karin turned pink in the cheeks at her last remark, and Hana smiled.

"Well, don't tell my loveable apprentice that, just yet. He is the over protective type. The next thing would happen is a private auction of your Doctor's nuts on the dockets." Anko warned jokingly. They all snickered, because they all know it's true.

"I call dibs on this one." Hana pulls out a Summer Yellow yukatta, with lillies printed on it with a Blush Pink obi.

"Oh, that's so pretty and will match you skin perfectly. Kurenai stated.

"The pale blue one is for me the obi matches my hair color." Anko said as she took it off the rack.

"Damn, you are picking all the good ones." Karin wines.

Kurenai finally decides on one that was sky blue on top and changed to lavedar then to pink on the bottom with rosed prints on the lower half and a pink obi plus an additional sky blue rope tie.

Finally, Karin finds the one she likes. A Jade green with palmtrees printed across it and a red obi to match her hair.

The men wore the black with white trim (Kakashi), navy with silver trim (Sasuke), forest green with a brown trim (Shikamaru), red with black trim (Sai), and charcoal with a crane print on the lower half trimmed in white (Naruto).

The men all stood in awe as the ladies paraded thier superior feminine beauty.

"The tenshis of Kami cry, because they can not compare, to the beauties standing before my eyes." Naruto poeticly compliments the ladies who all blush and smile at such praise bestowed on them.

Escorting his sister and fiance one on each arm. Naruto leads the group to the resturant. Kakashi is escorting Anko and Sasuke escorting Kurenai as his Sensei. Shikamaru and Sai flank the group like sentries. Meeting the Kusakage in the special dinning room, they all sit to eat a fine meal.

"So, Prince the big day is coming soon? The Kage asks for general chat at the table.

"Yes, the invites will go out within the month. Lady Mikoto, Clan Head of the Uchihas' and Sasuke's mother is our marriage co-ordinator. She and my HaHa, plus the Village Elders are double checking the guest list. You are on the list, Kage." Hana smiled at the elderly man.

"I supose with your Royal status this wedding will be one for the ages." Kurenai stated.

"To be honest, it is all for Hana. All the political bonding is just gravy on my biscuts. She has always wanted a faiy tail wedding and that is what I am giving her." Naruto smiled at his Ha-chan.

"Awwwwww, you going to make me cry nii-kun." Karin sniffled at her brother's love for his woman.

"We will host a bonfire dance after the reception so get your moves ready Kage-sama." Naruto added.

"Oh my, the wife will love that. She use to teach dance at the school of arts." The Kage said.

The dinner went off with out any problems and the Konoha teams went to sleep. At 6am Team 12 went to Ponte Tenchi Bridge for thier mission and at 8am team 11 headed stealthily towards Ame.

"Does every one have a re-breather on them?" Naruto asks.

"If this ends up as set up, I will yell and pop a solar flare tag. Guard your eyes and place your mask, because with- in ten seconds my poison will fill the 5 meter area." Naruto discusses the emergancy plan. with an evil grin forming.

"Watch your evil." Hana reminds and kisses him.

Setting up thier ambush site and activating thier stealth cloak seals Naruto made for his team. Soon 2 figures walks to the bridge one from East the other from the West. They were Kabuto and Sassory of the Red Sands.

"Did any one notice you leave?" Sassory asked.

"No, how about the gang you hang out with?" Kabuto rebutes.

"No, they are just a bunch of bandits and a few low level missing nins. All Chunin at best. I left them in Tani. It's a good spot to hit Tanzaku and give Suna a head ache." Sassory admitted.

"Here is the Guard roster for Otafuki Gai. You should be able to sudue that small vill..." He never finished his statement.

Genma crashed down on him so hard his heart tube fell out of his puppet armor. Kushi ran and scooped up the heart tube and ran back into the woods. Naruto sent 2 dozen coated senbon flying at the surprised Kabuto. All 24 hit. The Haimaru brothers perform a triple fang over fang and demolished the bridge and knocked down the bewildered medic back towards the group. Kakashi Pulled out a scroll and quickly sealed the boy in it. Anko summoned a snake and sent the scroll to the Hokage's office. Genma sends a hell flame jutsu to incinerate the broken puppet body to leave no evidence. Hana then does a quick med check on her team then signaled the retreat. In less than 30 seconds, it was over. The woods were quiet once agian.

"Where are we going now Senior Chief?" Genma asked as they were flying over the desert.

"To Suna, much to Hana's distaste. But Kushi here got Sassory. Rather what's left of him. This is a political move for us. This man is wanted. He killed thier second Kazekage." Naruto explained and as he stated Hana was not amused.

"Fine, but if that Blonde Sand Whore even drools in your direction..." Naruto hugs his jealous woman and kisses her neck.

"Shhhhh, now who's evil is showing." Naruto wispers in her ear and she playfully hits his chest.

In 20 minutes, they landed outside of Suna's Gates. Walking up to the guards Naruto introduces himself.

"I am Crown Prince Naruto Uzumaki Namakaze. I have come with news that concerns your Lady Chiyo and the Kazakage. Please inform them we are here.

"We have sent a runner, thank you for your patients, Prince Namakaze." the guard bows, showing his respect to the Royal.

Soon Lady Chiyo and the rest of the council along with Garra walks up to the waiting guests.

"You know, a small cozy guest area to wait, dust free would be a nice gesture, Garra-sama." Naruto smirked and shook Garra's hand.

"We thought about it, my Prince but the damn guards would use it to take naps, instead of thier watchful duties. Garra joked back.

"Shall we go to my tower for our discussions." Garra gestured and the group all walk off together.

In the council room Naruto made the introductions.

"This is my Betrothed and team medic Hana Inuzuka, My personal Master Anko Miterashi, My Team Sensei Kakashi Hatake and our best tank and team mate Genma Shiranui. We were on a mission near Kusa when we came across a special want of yours. Lady Chiyo." Naruto pulls out a scroll.

"A want of mine?" Chiyo answered coquetously. The long time not seen, sexy Kunoichi, is still in her blood if no where else due to her age.

Naruto passes the scroll to an attendent who checks it for safety then hands it to Lady Chiyo. "That's your grandson. What's left of him. He is still alive in his heart tube. He had made himself into a puppet."

Lady Chiyo stands and takes the scroll to a corner table and releases it. She holds back tear, Once agian showing her Kunoichi resolve. She then returns the empty scroll to Naruto via the attendent.

"I thank you for the humane capture of this criminal." Garra said and Lady Chiyo agreed.

"We are allies and I want us to stay that way. So no reward is needed on our part. I will take care of my teams' bonus myself, Besides I want to reserve a dance from the obvious long line of suitors Lady Chiyo will have at my wedding's bonfire dance." Naruto grins at Lady Chiyo.

"Such the charmer, Young Prince. You may have that dance. Lady Chiyo smiled back and nodded.

"Now for the other thing, Garra-sama. During our mission, we got to over hear of a group of bandits and Chunin level missing nins. They have been plagueing you with hit and runs and also Tanzaku Gai. They are camped in Tani. I want them gone. No trace they were ever born. They could be there to incite civil unrest and this is to close to my Hana's wedding day." Naruto once agian getting excited starts to show his evil.

Hana kisses his cheek to calm his beast, and wispers in his ear "Im right here. Now let go of the evil."

"I will pay your Village an S rank mission to solve this pest problem of ours." Naruto states as he pulls out a bag of gold coins.

"What is your villages scale for such a request?" Garra leans over to his advisor Baki.

"Normaly it's 310k Ryo but since you did us a favor, how about 258k Ryo and I get one dance with the Bride at the bonfire dance?" Garra Smirked.

"Deal!" Hana said blushing, hiding behind her Prince. Not believing she just agreed to a dance in front of her itoushi.

Naruto threw the bag of gold on the table. "Thank you, that's one less mission I need to worry about with the wedding so close and we need to up the security for all the bigwigs invited."

"I'm happy for your nuptuals but I don't envy the political nightmare that is coming with it." Baki said.

"Thank you Sensei" Naruto bows to the man who taught him Wind manipulation.

"We have to get back to the village and report the news to our Hokage. Please send word of the completed mission and thanks." Naruto bows to the council and Kazekage. They all go out to the gates and summon the Eagles then fly off.

"Well Sensei Baki, we have an S-class mission to prepare for, get a recon team to check out his information." Garra ordered.

"Hai, Kazekage-sama.

With Team 11, running in an arrow head pattern Sasuke was in front to serve as early warning. While Shikamaru and Sai were on the flanks for a fast reaponse. Kurenai and Karin posting in the middle rear. Karin also a sensor is serving as a rear warning. As they near Ame, Sasuke singals them to stop.

"I sense three up ahead." Sasuke wispered. Karen moves foreward a bit.

"I can sense the three and two have huge chakra levels even beyond yours Sensei. The third is close to high chunin level." Karin confirms in a wisper.

"Send a messenger to them to see if we can pass? Are they rebel or Village loyal.?" Kurenai ordered.

Karin hand signs, cuts her hand with a clean senbon and summons Three rats. She gives each a coated senbon looking like a full pike to them. They run off to find peace or fight, giving Team 11 a running chance.

"My Master needs to know if your friendly or no?" the lead rat ask shocking the three.

Chuckleing, " I will be friendly, just to see who signed the legendary rat contract only us Uzumakis can do this." Nagato told Konan and Suigetsu.

"Wait are you an Uzumaki?" the rat asked.

"Yes, I am Nagato Uzumaki." He answered.

The rat sent one back to get Karin. "Please wait for the family reunion in 5,4,3.." BANG!

"Forgot her speed training", the rat said and just stood guard.

Karin in a flash of red tackled Nagato, "CHI-CHI!"

Konan instantly started to cry, "My no ko!"

"Well this makes our mission so much more easier." Kurenai said as she and the others arrive in the clearing.

"Suigetsu? Franky arrest him!" Karin yelled.

Before anyone could even blink the three rats jammed thier coated senbons in Suigetsu's back side makeing him scream then fell over paralysised. The three rats stood on his back guarding in case he could fight back.

"Damn otouto that stuff really works!" Karin praised and Kurenai agreed.

"Umm Karin-chan care to explain?" Konan asked wiping her tears.

"First is it safe here? Sasuke interupted. Sai sealed away Suigetsu for interigation later.

We were on our way to Kusa want to come along. It might be safer there.

"No, I got a better idea." As Karin summons the Eagles.

"Everyone on we are going home. Sensei let ChiChi read the scroll on the way." Karin all but ordered.

"No ko where is this home your taking us too." Konan asked as her husband reads the scroll and begins to smile.

"HaHa, I serve the Crown Prince, he is my Nii-kun. Do you remember Kushina? It's her son." Karin explains as the rest listen in.

"Kushina my cousin. The Crown Princess. She's alive?" Nagato asked hoping.

"Saddly no she isn't. Her son Naruto survives. He has rebuilt our Royal compound in Konohagakure. His father was the Fourth Hokage." Karin tells them the tragedy that is the Uzumaki legacy but the Royal family has perservered.

"Now, tell me what were you doing with that gator mouth Suigetsu?" Karin asked hopeing to not hear a certian answer.

"He had joined the us about a month ago. He was just our escort today. Earning his stripes per-say." Nagato answered.

"That waste of an abomination is a spy for Orochimaru. He even tried to barter for my purity last year. When I&T finishes with him. The Shinagami Herself will do a twerk just to get at him." Karin glared.

"Yep she's an Uzumaki alright. Only they can smile that evily." Sasuke said and the rest agreed.

"He did what? Konan now getting upset her daughter was bartered for like a farm animal.

"Let me have him. 10 minutes please" Konan begs and Sasuke backs away slowly.

Outside the Konoha gates Team 11 and 12 land at the same time.

"Good hunting? Sasuke asks.

"Yes and you?" Naruto asked as as a blue haired cannon ball bowled him over much to the shock of himself and displeasure of Hana.

Karin seeing this quickly intercepts Hana and wispers what happened and that she was her mother.

Konan once agian crying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry we wasn't there."

Kurenai dismissed her team and told the guards of the extra personel and then they all walked to the Hokage Tower.

In the tower Karin knocks on the door. "Enter"

Naruto holds the door agian as they all file in.

"Team 11 and 12 back from missions Hokage-sama" Kakashi reported.

"You did recieve the special delivery? Kakashi codedly asked.

"Yes it was well recieved by Ibiki." Tsunade said.

Kurenai handed a scroll to the Hokage and explained how Karin and her rats captured the slippery Suigetsu.

"Be warned he can morph his body to water." Karin tells them.

"Anko, here take this and have fun. Oh and please save some for Karin's parent's and the Prince here. I believe from the evil he is leaking, he wants to play." Tsunade smirked handing her the prisoner scroll.

Hana and Karin both hug Naruto to ease his KI. Hana kisses him "Calm down, we are all safe see."

"Oh, Anko, you have my permission to use Naruto's new seal. They have all passed the trials." Anko grins evily to that and she shunshins out.

"Oh that reminds me." Naruto pulls a file out for the Hokage.

"That's the special Kunoichi seal design and report for you to read over there also ten trial seals for testing once you sign off. I finished them while we out on the mission." Naruto said smiling.

"Really," she stood up "you did it?" My dear otouto, Kushina would be so proud?" Tsunade hugged him.

"Wait! what Kunoichi seal" Hana was getting upset thinking the wrong thing.

"No my dear, This is a special project I put him on. This, in this file is a first generation anti-rape seal!" Tsunade spoke with extream pride.

"With the realization of You and Karin there, going out and possibly being hurt in that most heinous of ways. Naruto got very upset and promised to creat a special kunoichi seal." all three Konan, Karin and Hana, sniffled and hugged the man that so desparately tries to make thier world a better place.

These seals with provide a blinding solar flare, a chakra shield, a maiming or even death blow to the actual offender depening on your body position at that time, and then an adrinlin boost to help fight and escape it also provides a sealed set of tantos to fight with incase you were stripped.

"So you are a true Fuinjutsu Master then?" Nagato asked.

"According to my Sensie, Jariaya of the Sannin, Naruto showed him his Tab.

"He was also Konan's and my Sensei. Once we all get settled, I have the clan's Fuinjutsu scroll to give the true Crown Prince. Only your blood will unlock it." Nagato told him.

"Is Sensei in the village?" Konan asked.

"Not at the moment, He is on a survalence mission in Rice." Tsunade said.

"Why don't you take them to your compound. We can talk tomorow. I want to read over your seal and see if we cant get the tests done. Be expecting an order soon.

"No charge for the Kunoichis or police of Konoha. They shouldn't have to pay for peace of mind like that. When it's we that place them in that situation. Once you allow for it to be a perscribed seal to allied villages and Civilians or merchants then we can monitise it. ok obana-chan?" Naruto once agian showing his care of his service men and women. She hugs him agian.

"Just like your mom, Kushina. Always trying to help others." Nagato said proud of his nephew.

"Let's go home and give Kaa-san another reason to cook a feast." Naruto says to the ladies of his life and his new uncle.

Once in the Clan Compound thay are amazed. The Manor is about all built just a few more touches in the interior and the surrounding Koi and lilly pond.

Karin shows her parents her new home and the decorations she and Hana did to it. Even her mad science lab as Naruto calls it, getting a look from Karin.

"If you like, the unit 5 next to her is open and the unit 2 across the street is open." Naruto said shocking them.

"Your giving us a unit?" Konan started to tear up.

"You are family. Are you not Uzumakis'?" Hana answered knowing what her husband to be would say.

"I want to be right next to my NO KO" Konan said looking at her husband expectingly.

"Yes, we will take Number 5 Arashi Street, please and thank you!" Nagato said.

"Go and do a walk through. I think it has a basement also. Karin can show you the contractor for any ajustments you want in your unit. The unit, furnishings, basement completion, paint in and out will be on the Clan." Konan, Karin and Hana all had one thing on thier mind. "Girl Time" they all giggled.

"Oji once we finish this Ame business and free the world of Hanzo like obana-chan wants. I am declaring you our 1st Elder and my Proxy Chair on the Council. I will set you up at 7200 Ryo a month and Obana-chan will receive Hostess pay of 4100 Ryo a month. The house unit is yours. We expect good representation on the Council and there had better be lots of festivities and Clan dinners. Ok?" Naruto said smiling.

"We will be happy to serve our Clan and our Prince." Nagato kneeled.