Hey Guys this is a new idea for a cross-over story that I have had for a while and will update after I finish my exams so in about 2 weeks. Essentially it's about a guy who has either reincarnated/transmigrated (haven't decided yet you can tell me what you guys prefer in the comment) in the world of Fairy Tail (Earthland) with the black clover system. Essentially the system will allow him to gain the abilities and skills of random black clover characters, items, and a few other surprises that I won't disclose yet. The MC will grow to become one of the strongest in the verse but not OP where he can defeat every threat like even Acnologia or the Gold Dragon Viernes with a wave of the hand (As I personally don't like those kinds of stories with no stakes).

Note some self-imposed rules:

- MC will retain his memory of all knowledge and anime outside of Fairy Tail (he wants to live a genuine life, not one surrounded by manipulation or following plot lines that would ensue if he retained his memories of Fairy Tail).

- MC will not have any romantic attraction to women in canon or heavily implied relationships and vice-verse (even though he won't remember Fairy Tail he is still a fan of the work and hates all forms of NTR)

- MC will not have a harem, I'm not sure if he will even have a romantic interest. (If he does it won't be Mirajane cause of Miraxus, probably Kagura or Cana.)

- Although MC will be the main focus there will be points of view of other characters and development for them

- This isn't a bashing story. The MC won't be continuously beating up or embarrassing people like Erza or Natsu to flaunt his superiority and strength to the reader nor will he steal their greatest moments and achievements.

- The MC isn't some chosen one or some world's protagonist. He won't be arrogant to think that everything lies on his shoulders or he has the need to interfere in everything. He's just living his own life and simply getting strong so he can be free and have fun (he's a fan of Luffy after)

- Any other OCs that appear in the story will simply be for plot convenience to get the story going and won't have any great effect on the arcs

Finally, it's not really a rule, I'm not 100% certain he will join a guild but if he does it's either he would start his own or join Fairy Tail. If he does join Fairy Tail I see him like a Mystogan Character. Not that he will hide his identity but just be more of a quiet loner and drifter. Probably puts him somewhere in between Mystogan and Gildarts.

That's all I have to say looking forward to ch 1 and hearing your guy's opinon.