Whumptober 2023 Day 18: Tortured For Information

Warnings for Voices in head, Kidnapped, Tortured for information, Blood, Beating leading to death.

Inspired by a post thread on Tumblr. Please see my AO3 account for details.

The voice in his head was at it again.

Today it was loud. It shouted at him.

This one. It must be this one

He had to find him so he could attain silence.

That man ruined your life. You had everything and now you have nothing. They came for him. But not you. Never you. Worthless piece of…

'Stop it! Stop it stop it stop it!.'

With a scream he tore open the door and rushed down through the house to the secret room and threw the door open so hard it almost reverberated back into his face.

There was a whimper from the woman chained in the corner. She tried to shrink away from him but in his frenzy he clutched her face with one hand, ignoring how his nails drew blood, and hauled her to her feet.

'Rank! Serial number!'

He spat the hated question at her and she gibbered at him. Her eyes were wide, pupils blown in fright as one hand tried desperately but ineffectually to loosen his grip.

'Rank! Serial number!'

Still she didn't answer. He back-handed her and she crumpled to the ground now she was suddenly without his support. He kicked her viciously then picked her up again, this time holding her upper arms and shaking her as he questioned her.

'The American. The pilot. Who was he? Who is he? The blue-eyed one? With the dimples?'

But she was too far gone in her terror to answer him anymore. She kept looking over his shoulder, reliving some memory.

He dropped her again with a curse. Another useless…

And then he stopped. She was whispering so quietly he almost missed it.


He knew that! He screamed in frustration and hit her again and again and again.

Idiot! She can't help you now

'She didn't help me before!'

You lost another one

He ground his teeth and pulled at his hair and screamed into the air:

'Who is Malcom Carpenter!'