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Ch 1:

March 29, 4753. It's a day and month that I always hold close to me. It was when I was born into this world, when I first opened my eyes.

Standing before me was Daddy, smiling at his newest achievement. I wasn't first realian he made. Daddy made so many others, each with different personalities and appearances. We were all built distinctively, separate were our minds and thoughts, hearts and feelings. We truly were different from each other, our purposes in life forked into a different roads. I couldn't help but question— what was my purpose? Daddy never told me. He was too busy smiling at me, talking to his co-workers about me.

It had been while since he'd made anything new. After all the Kirschwassers were fazed out, he felt pretty depressed.

Not to mention Mommy didn't approve with all his work, so the two were constantly fighting with each other. With the arguments aside, Daddy went up to me and said. "A name, we need a name for you don't we?" "No, I won't refer you to a bunch of serial numbers, that won't do."

"...Something pink, something soft to fit your personality." Daddy then thoughtfully paced around, ignoring all the fluttering papers flying off his desk. "Perfect!"

"Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus."

If it wasn't for the weight of the test water my jaw would've dropped. What a mouthful! I'm meant to be cute not complicated!

Just as Daddy wrote my name down a explosion sounded nearby. The hallway ceiling was beginning to cave in and trap us ahead. But in the nick of time a co-worker found us.

"Joachim, we're being intruded!" "We have to escape, we—" He couldn't finish his words not whilst having a bullet lodged in his heart.

Someone from behind had shot him, and whoever they were, they weren't alone.

People suddenly surrounded me and Daddy with rifles and tasers. These people wanted me, for what malicious purpose? I had no idea, I still didn't like them. Walking past the masked men was a much taller leader. The first detail I caught on to were his eyes. One of them had been scarred by a blade, I betted that someone had tried to stop him. With a raise of his hand the bad guy ordered his men. "Release her, even if Joachim here resists."

Daddy couldn't believe what he'd said. He'd struck a deal with them once before, for something they called the Zohar Project.

The people here were betraying him, taking what he'd valued most— me. Daddy adored me, made sure that I was well nourished throughout the night. He wasn't about to simply hand me over, not without a desperate fight. With a fist, Daddy tried to fight against their leader but he was too strong. The scarred man pulled a slash against him and slit open a slash at Daddy's chest.

This was the reason why I never saw him again. Daddy died from extreme blood loss, a severed artery. Shortly after his passing, the leader released my tube and took ahold of my body. I was wrapped with a table cloth, on top of me were my clothes, still wet from the splash of water. "I suspected that this would be happen, now that he's dead we'll have to question the girl of his." "In any way possible, we'll get her to answer us."

When I awoke I saw the scarred man again, still time behind some prison bars. I felt wet all over, even the shoes had water filled in them. Each step towards him was squeaky, soaky. The first question that left me was: "Why have you brought me here?"

He then bluntly replied back. "I needn't answer you." "Tools don't have the luxury of clarity." "I merely came to place food on your table." "Accept it or don't, it doesn't bother me, as long as we get answers it matters not if you starve."

In response to his comparison I pulled against the bars, as hard as I could. I hoped that it was enough for him to let me loose. "I-I'm not a tool!"

"My name— is MOMO!" My anger brought upon a smile. Getting myself flustered like that was definitely not helping. "Marglius, chief inquisitor."

"Your beloved Joachim has heard of me." "Probably the reason why he merely rolled over like a pitful dog." To add insult to injury, Marglius left be locked and alone again. The howls of the outside wind were the only thing that kept me company, other than that I was truly alone.

I didn't bother taking a bit out of the food he gave me, it was simple mashed potatos mixed with a couple of other vegetables. From an eyes glance, anyone could tell that the dish was lazily made.

To keep myself warm, my feet huddled against me. The organisation hadn't bothered with giving me a blanket or even a pillow, most nights felt like I was sleeping on a flat pillar of rock.

To ease away the discomfort I closed my eyes.

I wishing for someone... anyone to come and get me out of this place. It was the first time that I'd felt afraid.