Hello their just a Idea stuck to me

General POV

In a dark ,silent void a little soul floting calmly " Hmm it's quite dark maybe I am in a lucid dream it's have been quite the long time i had one "

someone sayed "No this is reality and before ask you are dead"

"?! who are you "

? "straight to questions huh anyway what you need to know is i am someone who is bored you May call me ROB and I decide to give you 3 wishes and throw you in some world and no overboard wishes now shoot".

" Wait wait wait can I atleast ask some questions first ? " MC said

"Fine just be quick" ROB replied

"So how did I died , what about my family how are they? and do I have to make a wish for choosing the world,how to get their and what identity I have in that world and can I keep my memories " MC said

" you died because of a heart attack cause due to your day to day stressful life. As for your family they got insurance from your death so they are doing good

Next no you don't need to use a wish for going to a world and it's include ID, documents, family, House and other depends on what way you decide to go their like reincarnation, transmigration etc but you have to use a wish if you want something specific like want to be muscular, poison immunity,some bloodline etc which is not racially integrated ability of that's species and yes you can keep your memories now speak your world and wishes and yes you can choose anime world too " ROB finished and wait for MC to speak.

" My first wish to give me a skill which can make me and everything or everyone I want to travel from one world to another of my choice,can merge one or more different worlds or make a portal or gate connecting them which I can close any time and when I go from one world to another I and others I want can get integrated in that world reality and always having pros and no cons like example if I have electricity immunity in one world then if i go to another world and this new world electric attack can damage or can cause effects like numbness,stun and others which I should be immune and after integration in the world system or reality I will be immune to electricity again like in previous world and can acquire that world ability , magic, skills etc and use in other worlds too and ofcourse I should be able to write, speak and understand any language of that respective reality and lastly any powers I acquire can't be sealed, stolen,removed,edited and copy without my honest will without any kind of tempering like magic, torture or anything this is my first wish " MC finished

" you made multiple wishes in one wish so i will let it slide for this time and yes your wish is done next one " said ROB

" I want to go in the world of overlord and want to be born as a youngest third healthy son of a maga corporate CEO who is 100 % directly or indirectly share holder of almost all company's in Japan and who is very rich and can do anything he wants in Japan and no one in or out of Japan can stop him and I want my family to be loving to the point they spoil me rotten and I want my memories to return to me when I am 5 years of age and 20 years before yggdrasil release date " MC said

ROB looking dissapointed said " Tipical of mortals. Now go on tell me your last wish"

" and my last wish I want no matter what no one can control or manipulate my destiny,fate or future etc

"Sigh i can't grant you all things as you born in overlord earth so your last wish will come to effect when you transfer to new world

"that fine sir" mc said "

"Now Get lost and try to be a good entertainment for me " MB said and open a portal and throwing mc in it and closing it .


Hello this my first fic it just for entertainment for mine and your and to practice and improve my decaying English skills,constructive criticism is welcome but if it's just criticism mah do you think i care about some idiot brat comments