*Eilifr POV*

It has been a week since Momonga hadn't logged in. Is he okay? Maybe I should send someone to check on him.

Eilifr walked around the 6th floor's Royal Garden in concern, lost in his thoughts. The beautiful, meticulously maintained flora that usually brought him peace now did little to soothe his worried mind. The other guild members might have left, but Momonga was the one constant, the one who stayed.

No, I shouldn't violate his privacy for now.

Before he could think further, a familiar notification sound interrupted his thoughts. He quickly checked it, his heart racing. Momonga had logged in. Relief washed over him.

Checking Momonga's position in the meeting room, Eilifr quickly called Indrajit to his side. The person creation of his, ever faithful and efficient, appeared almost instantly.

"Indrajit, use the guild ring to teleport us to the meeting hall," Eilifr commanded.

Indrajit nodded, and in an instant, they were enveloped in a soft glow, the magic of the guild ring whisking them away to the meeting hall. As the light faded, Eilifr saw Momonga standing in the center of the room, his skeletal figure as imposing as ever.

"Momonga-san," Eilifr greeted, opening his arms slightly almost as if inviting for a hug. "I'm glad to see you're back."

Momonga turned to face him, the red glow in his eye sockets flickering slightly. "Ah- Eilifr - san, it's good to see you too. I'm sorry for my unspoken departure I hope didn't made you too much worried ."

Eilifr straightened, searching Momonga's tone for any hint of what might have caused his absence. "Are you alright, Momonga-san? You've been gone for a week."

Momonga sighed. "Yes, I'm fine. Just… had a lot to think about."

Eilifr nodded, understanding the unspoken weight behind those words. "I have an idea, Momo - Chan . Why don't we raid more guild bases? Loot them to the brink, and go after the world items just for the heck of it. It could be a good way to take our minds off things and stir up some excitement."

Momonga's contemplating the suggestion after thinking for sometime. "That… might not be a bad idea, Eilifr . It could be just the distraction we need."

Eilifr felt a surge of joy. They would reignite the thrill of adventure and power, reminding everyone of the true strength of Ainz Ooal Gown. For now, it was enough that Momonga was back he might ask Bellriver to join too. The rest don't matter, they would conquer yggdrasil together.

"Excellent, Momonga-san," Eilifr said with renewed energy. "We should start planning our next raid immediately. I suggest we target some of the abandon guilds with significant resources and those holding world items first. It will bolster our own strength."

Momonga nodded, his demeanor shifting from contemplative to focused. "Agreed. We will need to gather intelligence and prepare our forces. Eilifr use Indrajit to, gather the Floor Guardians to adjust their settings to attack strategy mods. We should also change their equipment to their divine tier full equipment you had made for them."

Moments later, Eilifr entered with the Floor Guardians, each one a masterpiece made by his friends and efficient enough to overcome whatever challenge lay ahead. Albedo, Demiurge, Shalltear, Cocytus, and the others filed in, taking their places around the large table in the strategy room.

Momonga stood at the head of the table, his presence commanding respect. "Thank you for gathering them I already have their equipment from treasury. After laying their equipment from inventory and command them "What was the key words ah- yes *Change equipment*".

'Thankfully they all had equiped their own equipment respective equipment or it's gonna be awkward seeing a demiurge or cocytus in dress or something.' Momonga was thinking this when his eye landed on mare in pants rather than his skirt.

" What ? surprised Momo Chan as you know I am not a fan of trap or femboy although it would have looked cute on him but anyway didn't you notice it when you picked their equipment"

Momonga chuckle embarrassed "Well let's say I was not paying much attention when picking them."

"Whatever let's get to topic directly. We will be raiding other guild bases preferably abandon one's, looting them ,and targeting world items. This will help us to use the increase power to complete world quest of destroying World Enemies and serve to remind everyone of our dominance and secure our position on top."

The Momonga responded with enthusiastic agreement.

Momonga raised a hand, giving a cool pose for more attention. "Eilifr. I will spearhead this initiative. Use Demiurge and Albedo, as commander to organise the army and boost the defences to max respectively for our prolonged absence . We will strike swiftly and decisively."

Eilifr more than happy comply. "okey doki, Momo- chan."

As the meeting continued, plans were laid out, targets were chosen, and the Guardians were prepared for attack forming an unstoppable force. Together, they would ensure that Ainz Ooal Gown remained unmatched in this world and any other.

*Time skip*

During this month's Momonga and Eilifr gone on destroying as many Guilds as they find increasing their total WCI by 3. After that they go on to complete all the story main and sub missions.

During this time they defeated Surter, the fire giant with party of only two getting an world achievement and a special reward to create a NPC with class Surter hier or Surter incarnate.

And this was accompanied by other World Enemies and the only reason they were able to do that was because of Momonga who can fight the World Enemies on equal footing in his dragon form which make him a Titan even against giants among World Enemies. And while Momonga occupy the World Enemies Eilifr get enough time to summon an army of High tier summons like Angels, Undead, Demons and so on specialized in ranged attacks like mages and archer's to chip their HP.

And at last they challenge the World Eater Niðhöggr and this was the first time Momonga and Eilifr was beaten by a World Enemy it was because unlike other World Enemies Niðhöggr's physical and magical defence are on a another level with his second phase AOE skills targeting large groups destroying all the summons.

If they have to say the Shitty Dev's and truly some bunch of sadist obsessed with making players life miserable by make final boss too broken and that comes out of the two player's which are reported constantly for cheat because how impossibly strong they are compared to other PvP build level 100 player's.

After their defeat they try to device the new plan they first try to fight with different kinds of NPC combination Tank type NPCs taking aggro of AOE attacks while Momonga deal with physical attacks and magic casters attacking with spells specialize in bypassing defences.

But this still was not enough. They used hundreds of cash shop items but all for not Niðhöggr have just too much HP to the point all the summons started hitting their time limits and both the player's themselves at limits of their own mental capabilities afterall they still need to sleep, eat, and go to work.

After many attempts they decided to create dozens of new NPCs of all kinds of races and job classes combination only thing they have in common was they all are DPS and high damage builds and they decided to hunt all the rear class players and World Disasters making NPCs land last blow to get their classes.

And many of the Players happily given their classes for a sweet sum of donations and some which just need some push to be more compliant.

And at last they got high damage dealing class holder NPCs in their team and some other Tank and DPS classes for some NPCs as a bonus.

After all that was done. They equiped this NPCs with divine tier items they looted from other Guilds from head to toe suitable for their build although with mix of multiple equipment majority of NPCs were looking ridiculous but looks are just a small sacrifice for slaying the final boss.

After that they again challenged the Niðhöggr for 67th time they did all perfectly afterall they already memories all of Niðhöggr attack pattern to heart.

And they triggered Niðhöggr into it second phase at HP below 30% and it start using AOE skills like a thunderstorm in a dark sky.

Thankfully tanks and magic barriers were able to absorb the attacks giving all the 30 World Disaster class holder NPCs led by Ulbert himself, who have comed back hearing the news of his guild mates challenging world eater and with Ulbert comman all NPCs attacked with highest attack spell in yggdrasil world the great catastrophe.

This combined attack was enough to down the Niðhöggr HP to 10%. And before Niðhöggr was able to go in it's final form Momonga use all his skills and used his special skill 'One Wing Angel'.

A skill that strips all of the Momonga wings, but one. Depending on how many wings is used the power of the Spell increases. The skill then summons up a Ball of Brilliant Light that explodes covering the entire area in Destructive Holy Light. All who are in range of the attack are affected. This skill bypasses Immunities and does extra damage equal to negative Karma level and who is more Evil then the devavorer of world's.

And with that finally the last boss of the main story quest of yggdrasil was finished. the World Eater was killed by 4 players no less.

Their was server wide announcement of this achievement with multiple notification of rewards putting smiles on the faces of four player's and even creator of yggdrasil (YC) who conguratulated them and even given them the 4 request they can ask for no limits.

After discussion Ulbert and Bellriver decide to give their wishes to Momonga and Eilifr as they were the most active members who done most in keeping the Nazarick going.

After some contemplating Momonga asked to remove limitation placed on Eilifr so he can finally join the guild officially.

For second request Eilifr ask the YC to make all guild members of Aniz Ooal Gown who have deleted their character avatars into NPCs with a AI giving them fighting skill equal to real deal and make them as shadow of supreme beings which had left their fragments to protect their home.

And for Third request they decided on asking for a roleplay item, The Sapling of Yggdrasil with following attributes

1st produce fruits which remove level cap who ever consume it.

2nd able to change the aspects of yggdrasil like construction and large changes in guild bases and remove NPC level cap and can expand the areas length, breadth, and height without any cost or limit that's mean if he want he can make Nazarick floors to infinite Labrinth like from dnd world atleast hypothetical because of games limit.

And last final request was GM level account for Ainz Ooal Gown members. And YC accepted their request because yggdrasil is shutting down in two weeks so 'what can go wrong ?'

Ohohoho he gonna learn how wrong he was because even if Ainz Ooal Gown is now holding 1st rank in guild ranking but still they can be destroyed although it will required World Enemies in the attacker's ranks but why stop at that.

Hint - Nazarick now gonna become the dungeon of hidden final bosses and home, prison, and shrine of many god's and making Ainz Ooal Gown the ultimate final bosses till the end.

In this last two weeks all the Nazarick gone into many changes to the point I say many evil gods if observe it gonna be having quite a 'fun' for them.

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