It was another 3 hours of losers, boasting about their non-existent skills, before anyone interesting showed up.

A green, completely hairless man, took the seat. A Namekian? Even stranger, he had a humanoid child with him, who eagerly crawled on his lap, in the chair.

The boy looked to be Jim's age. Although his hair was more like quills... and he had a... a monkey tail. A Saiyan?

"That your pet?" Gene growled. Knowing some aliens kept humanoids as pets. Especially the exotic ones.

The little boy glared, "I'm his son!"

The Namekian scoffed, "It's irritating how often I get asked. Although it's the first time from humanoids."

Hilda shrugged, "You can't be surprised. Most humans probably have similar concerns. They're just too polite to say anything."

The Namekian sighed, "I suppose so..."

Continuing the thought, the Namekian explained. "His father was... a friend." Saying that as if the word didn't quite fit. "I took him in after the man died."

"And Kidnapped him from his mother, as I understand it," Hilda smiled. The pair kinda stood out. It was easy to piece together who they were.

"If you ever met my mom," Gohan sighed. "You'd see that's a good thing."

Gene frowned, not liking the sound of that at all.

Hilda just smiled at the kid, "So your the kid that defeated the next gen Bio Android."

The boy blushed, but nodded his head.

"Bio Android?" Gene asked, "Like Malfina?"

The two stiffened. Hilda just laughed. "Hardly. These two come from a backwater, that somehow perfected Bio androids. Managed to give them a Chakra network, that fuels a number of magical abilities.

"Their Planet just barely created a mass effect engine, but when the Space forces made contact, they found their tech was actually more advanced then most of the Council Races. Not bad for a world of Humanoids and furries. They're pretty weak, magically, but they've been a big help to the Terran Empire.

"This is the legendary King Piccolo, guys one of the new aliens that actually figured out how to reincarnate himself, without need of a mother. Conquered that mud ball, for a little while, until he was sealed for a few thousand years. Was freed, then got his ass kicked by a Saiyan Child. Was so heavily injured, he had to reincarnate himself."

Hilda sighed, "Never really heard why, but after the Saiyan died, he took on this kid, Gohan, as his apprentice. Then Gohan's dad got wished back. Only to die again," She looked at the boy, "My condolences..."

The boy sighed, "Yeah... But I got a few years with dad, thanks to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. And dad went out the way he would want... fighting."

Hilda nodded, "There is no more honorable Death, for a Saiyan... he's with Beerus now." The Kami of Destruction and Feast, the Saiyan's most revered god. As he blessed a race of naturally evolved Kaiju, with a humanoid form, and vast destructive power.

Gohan shrugged, "Dad wasn't really that religious... and besides training, he never really did anything with me... I guess training me was how he showed he cared, but I would have liked to have played games with him... maybe have him read me a story, when I was little... Piccolo did all that, AND he trained me."

Piccolo sighed. Gohan was still in mourning, not really talking to anyone in that moment... He also felt a good deal of resentment, due to what shit parents he had.

Goku loved his son... but he wasn't usually around, and the only time he was, consisted of training. Piccolo might train with the boy, but it wasn't the only thing they did together... Then the boy's mother was an overbearing, manipulative, shrew. She wasn't physically abusive, but she was obsessed with controlling the boy. Micromanaging everything he did. Allowing him no friends.

Goku had taken Gohan to train, for 6 years, in a pocket dimension. Where a day equalled a year... that wasn't really fair to Chichi, nor the boy, given from Gohan's perspective, he hadn't seen his mother in 6 years. In a life that consisted of nothing but training, since he was a toddler to a tween.

He didn't understand his mother, and resented her for trying to decide his fate for him. It was a hard situation, given Chichi had lost 6 years with her son, and Gohan had near a decade without a mother, as that wasn't the first time they were separated. Unfortunately, Chichi refused to accept Gohan didn't know her, and just tried to pick up where she left off. As a Demanding, overbearing, shrew.