The two lovebirds made it back to the palace, an ever-sighing Evelyn in tow. Two weeks later, the castle hosted a double wedding, for Julian had proposed to Evelyn the moment she returned. Parveneh was invited, and gladly came to live at the palace, but Souzan, fuming over the downfall of her mother, fell into insanity, and the creepy castle was said to be haunted in the generations to come.

At the passing of the king and queen, Adrian and Ivy came to the throne. Even though she was queen, Ivy never gave up her gardening. The palace's gardens thrived, and each one had a bed of lilies. At least five times a week, Ivy got out her apron and gloves and buried herself in dirt, earning herself the title of the Flower Queen. Adrian helped out quite often, and had made a whole set of gardening clothes for him. The two were happy, still having adventures, even as they welcomed a son and daughter into the world.

And so they lived, happily ever after.

(Perhaps Not) The End

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