AN: Here I am, my readers, with another story of the famous slime, Rimuru Tempest.

In this story, he will meet our favorite ninja, Naruto Uzumaki.

What will be the outcome of the encounter between these two titans? We will find out.

Naruto is set months after the Fourth Great Ninja War with slight changes.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken is set after the second season.

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The Hidden Leaf Village.

A place where ninjas live peacefully while training to perform various missions, from questing to assassination, depending on what kind of orders they commonly accept.

It had been a few months since the war that affected the entire world ended and everyone was able to return to normal.

One of them was in the Ichiraku restaurant having a bowl of ramen.

That was none other than Naruto Uzumaki.

He used to be considered the weakest ninja in the village, a kid who would never amount to anything, plus he wasn't well received by almost everyone due to the fact that he was the jinchuriki of Kurama, one of the bijuu.

However, over the years, Naruto was demonstrating again and again his enormous power and determination, which served him to bring down many enemies, save many people and, above all, help stop the war, coming to be considered a hero.

Now all that was left for him was to wait for the moment when he could realize his dream of becoming the Hokage of the village.


Said person turned his head to see his master, Kakashi entering the restaurant.

"Ah, Kakashi-sensei. What's on your mind?" asked Naruto.

"Lady Hokage wants you to go meet with her for an important matter." said Kakashi.

"Ugh. No, not again. Whenever she calls me it's always for some diplomatic matter. Lately she only sends me to those things and it's a drag. Check it out. I'm even starting to talk like Shikamaru." said Naruto.

"Naruto, even if you don't like it, diplomacy is a fundamental part of being a Hokage. If you want to become one, you'll have to learn a thing or two from it. Not to mention that right now you're the most important person in the world, so it's only normal for you to do those missions." said Kakashi.

Naruto let out a sigh of defeat as he saw that he was right, since being the Hokage wasn't just about sending ninja on missions or sitting in a chair giving orders.

"Ok. Ok. I'll go as soon as I'm done here." said Naruto.

"I'm glad to hear that." said Kakashi before leaving.

"Old man. Another bowl, I'm going to have a long day." said Naruto ordering another bowl of ramen.

The city of Rimuru.

A place that, in the beginning, was nothing more than a small tribe of goblins, but in a couple of years, it ended up transforming into a huge city where monsters of various species lived and all thanks to a single monster.

A slime named Rimuru Tempest.

He was originally an ordinary human until he died and was reincarnated in that world as a slime.

Thanks to his special abilities, he grew stronger and gained many followers, which led him to become the leader of a nation of monsters.

Many things had happened lately, such as an evil empire attacking them or an evil Demon Lord trying to destroy him through trickery and deceit, but all that was resolved thanks to the power of Rimuru who had now attained the title of Demon Lord.

However, we aren't going to start our story with him or his city, but with other people in another city.

It is the Freedom Academy, a place where children learn to use their magic for the future.

Among all the classes there, there was one in particular.

It was known as the Class S and it was the most special because all the students in that class were summoned children from Rimuru's home world.

The five of them were summoned by various realms for various purposes, but because they didn't obtain a unique skill, they were destined to die in a short time, so they were considered failures and sent to the academy.

They would have died had it not been for the arrival of Rimuru, who managed to get some spirits to harbor in them so that they could better control their power and be able to continue living normally.

Right now, the five of them were sitting in their seats looking very bored.

"Jo. How boring." said a boy with spiky orange hair.

"How about we go play?" asked a tall boy.

"Meh, we already played a while ago, I don't feel like playing anymore." said a blonde-haired girl.

"You could read a little." said a black-haired boy who was reading a manga.

"We've already read all the manga that master Rimuru left us. In fact, that's the second time you've read that one." said the boy with spiky orange hair.

"Because I want to get what happens right in my mind before I get the next volume." said the black-haired boy.

"*Sigh* I wish Lord Rimuru was here." said a black-haired girl.

"Yeah, everything was so much more fun with him here." said the blonde-haired girl.

"But he can't be here all the time. He's the leader of a city, so he has a lot of responsibilities." said the tall boy.

"That is! I know what we can do!" exclaimed the boy with spiky orange hair standing up with a smile.

"The what?" asked the black-haired boy.

"We could practice the teleportation spell." said the spiky orange haired boy.

"What? Why would we do that?" asked the blond-haired girl.

"Didn't you say you missed master Rimuru? We could use that spell to send him a message asking him to come visit us." said the spiky orange-haired boy.

"What a good idea!" said the black-haired girl.

"I don't know… Won't we be bothering him?" asked the tall boy.

"It's just a message. Just write down the answer and send it to us. It won't be that complicated." said the boy with spiky orange hair.

"Well, it might not be so bad." said the black-haired boy with a shrug.

"Then let's go outside and do it." said the blond-haired girl with a smile.

Later, the five children were in the academy courtyard in a pentagonal position.

"Okay. Do we have the letter?" asked the black-haired boy.

"Here it is." began the black-haired girl showing a letter. "I've written how we are and that we'd like to see him again."

"Perfect. Now, put it in the center so we can get started." said the spiky orange-haired boy as the black-haired girl put the letter down at the center point of the pentagonal position.

"Hey, are you sure it will work?" asked the tall boy.

"Of course. As long as we think of master Rimuru, everything will be fine." said the blonde-haired girl.

"Then let's begin." said the spiky orange-haired boy as he and the others stretched their arms forward.

The next instant, a magic circle with a pentagon inside and a star inside the pentagon formed on the floor, with the points of the pentagon and the stars under each child.

The children began to concentrate as a glowing sphere formed around the card.

Everything was going well until, suddenly, the sphere containing the letter began to glow brighter and brighter.

"S-Something's not right." said the boy with spiky orange hair.

"Yes, I feel it's overflowing." said the tall boy.

Soon after, the sphere glowed brightly before an explosion of energy happened, pushing the children backwards.

By the time they stood up, they saw that the area where the magic circle was formed was slightly scorched and the letter was gone.

"What happened? I thought it was going well." said the black-haired girl.

"I don't know either." said the spiky-haired boy.

"Uh… M-Maybe I know what happened." said the black-haired boy raising his hand.

"Oh, yeah? What happened then?" asked the tall boy.

"W-Well, you said we had to concentrate on master Rimuru, but while I was thinking about him, I started remembering the manga I was reading and his story about a powerful ninja saving the world. I think that's what messed up the spell." said the black-haired boy.

"Argh. Great. So, we've done this for nothing." said the blonde-haired girl very annoyed.

"I'm so sorry." said the black-haired boy with his head down.

"Don't feel bad. If anything, we can send you a letter in the normal way." said the black-haired girl.

"If we could do that, why didn't we do it from the beginning?" asked the blonde-haired girl.

"Because the letter would take less time to get through that spell." said the spiky orange-haired boy.

"Well, looking on the bright side, we can learn from this. It's something master Rimuru would say." said the tall boy.

"Yes, you're right." said the black-haired girl with a smile.

Back in the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto was in the attic of the Hokage building, with Tsunade, the current Hokage, in front of him as she gave him instructions about his new mission.

"And lastly, Killer Bee, the jinchuriki of Gyuki, wants to travel the world on an Enka-Rap tour, which the Raikage doesn't want. So he asked me to tell you, as his friend and fellow jinchuriki, to convince him otherwise. Not to mention…" said Tsunade.

"Blah, blah, blah. When is she going to stop talking? I wish I had created a clone to take my place." thought Naruto.

"You know she would have caught you right away." said Kurama.

"Yeah, but I'd be long gone by then." thought Naruto before feeling a sharp punch to the head. "OUCH!"

"Listen to me when I'm talking to you, brat! You're lucky you're needed right away or I would have sent you to clean the academy bathrooms with a brush." said Tsunade.

"Y-Yes, duly noted." said Naruto nervously.

After that, Tsunade turned around to look at the village.

"I'll send a messenger hawk saying you'll be there in a few days." said Tsunade.

"Okay, I'll leave right away." said Naruto.

However, before he went to take a step, a sphere immediately surrounded him.

"Huh? What?" asked Naruto completely surprised just as the sphere began to glow, which Tsunade noticed immediately.

"Naruto!" shouted Tsunade before the glow intensified and when the glow disappeared, so did Naruto.

Tsunade's eyes widened in shock before she noticed something on the ground.

Picking it up, she discovered that it was a letter and it had a name on the back.

"'To Master Rimuru'?" asked Tsunade looking at the letter with a narrowed gaze.

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