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Note: This chapter contains depictions of suicide, depression, and abuse please be advised this book is intended for mature audiences.

Naruto the Jinchuriki. The power of human sacrifice. A fate some would say, is far worse than death.

A young boy abused, battered, attacked, left alone...one would wonder what would happen to such a child-; would they become bitter? Rage filled? Depressed? Broken, hurt, suicidal?

Well, suicidal seems to be the answer for this circumstance. Lying on his lumpy bed, blood once oozing from open wounds caused by a rusty kunai that have quickly closed painted the sheets in sorrowful red, is our protagonist.

Barely breathing, a heart beat so faint, one truly would not know whether death was slowly welcoming him into its warm embrace, or trying to prolong his suffering...

Fate unfortunately had other plans, until that is, a power known to all creation for it's ability to bring forth destruction unlike any other or prosperity that is rivaled by very few, decided that being the Jinchuriki of the Nine tailed demon fox is price enough to gain its strength.

Let's see what a boy that was meant for something grand already, is met with a power granted to those who were meant for nothing...for Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki, has become the final Gamer to come to existence which leaves him with a few boons.


You have slept in a bed. Your CP and HP have been restored. All negative debuffs have been removed.


Naruto groggily opened his eyes, with the scene that's been playing over and over in his mind.

Flash back to yesterdays exams.

"You have failed the exam. Please return to the class room where you will wait for further instructions."

Naruto felt his mind finally shatter. The abuse, hunger, cold, even spoiled food that poisoned him many times... It finally boiled over his melting point.

He rushed home refusing to believe all of the hard work he had been putting in amounted to nothing. He failed the one thing he still could never get right, the Bunshin no Jutsu(Clone Justus).

He passed the shuriken throwing test by the skin of his teeth, the knowledge test at about average, and the physical test being third top of his class.

He slid his key into the door handle and quickly twisted it to open the door. Hot and scalding tears were burning his beautiful blue eyes, reddening his sclera, and stinging his nose.

The ache in his chest was suffocating, threatening to drag his mind into the depths of suffering that this was causing him.

He flopped onto his dilapidated bed, feeling the warped springs and lumpy cushioning digging into his side as he curled into a fetal position. He sobbed uncontrollably, whimpering and releasing anguished contortions of his vocal cords that were now starting to hurt.

Memories of everything he had suffered so far ran rampant in his already shattered mind, sending the boy into despair unlike anything he'd felt so far. Slowly, he reached for kunai sitting on his dresser wanting it all to go away...the fear, the anguish, the pain that hurt unlike anything else.

He just wanted to be free from his torment, begging for help even if it was subconsciously as his agonizing sob echoed through out the empty apartment. Wracked with tormented tremors from his crying, he brought the rusty kunai point to his left wrist.

He pushed hard and pulled as roughly as he could purposefully missing his tendons so he could do his right wrist. The pain actually was welcome as it reminded he was in fact still human.

He wasn't some demon all the villagers called him. He bled just like they did, and now we was going to ensure he didn't feel hurt anymore.

He completed his assault on his right wrist, before switching the kunai point towards his face. He was scared now, so scared of dying, but he hated the pain he had to suffer for no reason. The agonizing, torturous, desolate pain would be gone soon.

He pushed the tip right to his jugular, before applying strong pressure and a quick, harrowing and absolutely wretched pull. Blood spurted from his self inflicted wound, and he flopped onto his back before smiling... a real smile, for the first time in his life, and closed his eyes.

Flash back end.


Naruto croaked out with painful tears stinging his eyes once again. The tears in his eyes blueing his sight so badly he didn't see the blue boxes in front of his eyes.


His throat spasmed for but a moment before he started screaming at his ceiling in despairing rage. He reached for the kunai immediately once again, his finger tips starting to wrap-

*Knock Knock*

Naruto flinched as he hard the unmistakable knock at his front door. The flinch and pause however were broken through as he brought the kunai to his neck again. He pushed forward and-

*Knock knock knock*

The knocks almost seemed desperate. He hesitated longer this time, long enough for a thought to pass his mind.

'What if...it's Jiji? I can talk to Jiji, I'll ask him to let me do the test again- Yes, that'll work!'

Naruto quickly wiped his eyes and froze stock still. His now closed eyes weren't affected by the blurriness tears caused.


Would you like to initialize the Game?



'I'm probably hallucinating from the blood loss...but I don't have anything to loose because I'd much rather play a game then live here any longer.'

He imagined clicking the 'Y' just incase he opened his eyes and the boxes were gone.


Game initialized. Gamer functions have been constructed. Gamer functions will now be utilized at full capacity.

Gamer function list:

Gamer's body(Lv- Max): You now can live your life like a game. You don't need to sleep, eat, or use the restroom. Your body will never naturally deteriorate so you will never loose strength you gained even if you no longer exercise. Once you sleep in a bed your status will be removed of any negative ailments, and your CP and HP will be fully restored. Lost limbs will be grown back.

Gamer's mind(Lv- MAX): You are immune to any and all psychological attacks, disruptions, and/or manipulations. Allows for logical and critical thinking at all times once utilized at fully capacity. Prevents emotional influence/interference.

Inventory: You gain a pocket dimension that will allow you to hold nearly an infinite amount of things. Time is frozen inside(Can be changed). Living things cannot be stored inside, curtain things my bypass this.

HUD: The HUD (heads-up display) or status bar is the method by which information is visually relayed to the player as part of a game's user interface. Shows HP and CP. This also reveals the nature of someone. Black=Traitor. Red=Spy. Yellow=Enemy. White=Neutral. Green=Ally.

Appraisal (Lv-1): Appraise anything you set your eyes upon. Reveals information about anything you look at. Others that have a higher level than you show less information.

Would you like to open your beginners pack?



Before Naruto could click yes-


Knocking rang out once more but this time it almost felt like the hinges would come off from the power and desperation that was behind them.

He popped his eyes open before a fear rose but immediately dissipated. He felt utterly calm, and looked at the boxes still in his view.

"I'm coming!"

He raised his voice enough to be heard. He got out of bed, went to the door still utterly calm and opened seeing Ji- not Jiji.

A black and red color was surrounding the box hanging in front of the man's face.


Name: Mizuki

Age: 27

Level: 34

Mizuki is a chunin for Konohagakure. He wishes to gain power no matter the cost.

REP: -10 Hate.


Naruto paused in his place as did Mizuki from seeing the blood on the blondes body. His neck, both wrists, and spattered on his orange monstrosity of clothing.

He immediately put two and two together but didn't let anything show on his face. This just meant he had to go through with his plan all that much faster.

"Hey, Naruto-kun. Uh, I'd ask what happened but seeing as you look totally fine I won't. Anyway, I've come to about some good news. How would you feel if there was a way to graduate even now, through a hidden test?"

If the evil smirk didn't give away that he was lying, or the black and blood red coloring of his information box, then the blue box that popped up sure did.



Your second instructor form the academy is going to use you to execute his nefarious plans. Don't let him get away with it!

Objective 1: Don't let Iruka Umino die.

Objective 2: Learn a jutsu for the forbidden scroll of seals.

Hidden objective 1: ?(Hidden modifier removed due to a title you hold). Learn more than one jutsu from the forbidden scroll of seals.

Hidden objective 2: Kill Mizuki before he can harm either you or Iruka Umino.



'What the fuck?'